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Firmwares for your phones.

You now download firmwares for your SE phone from SE Users website for free.
You can download ALL firmware files for free, EXCEPT:
CID53 Firmware files
Latest complete version (with more than 3 FS) for CID52
A2 firmware files (K850, K858, Z750, W910, Z770, K660, V640, K630, W890 and others)

That’s good enough, as you can still get cid53 firmwares from
Thanks to Mauro1947 for making this possible.


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  1. Peti says

    Those idiots only let you download 3 files per 3 days!! -.-

  2. Akshay says

    oh sucks then i did not know.
    any way that’s better they nothing.

  3. Peti says

    That’s right. πŸ˜€
    By the way has improved a lot since you last came in. πŸ˜‰

  4. pat says

    CID 53 main & fw are available in ALL languages at

    and that was such a huge relief for me!

  5. Peti says

    Very lame design on the site but COOL!! Thanx!

  6. syed says

    can anyone send me d link for downloading main for R8BA024 S_asia CID 52

  7. Akshay says

    you got the links i suppose by now.

  8. syed says

    hey akshayy…i didnt receive it..??and one more question..i have a lot of flash menus…but idont have proper themes for it..all the themes i have s 4.1 version..can we convert dis to 4.5 version and add flash themes into it????plz reply??

  9. Akshay says

    yes you can use lasyk mTC . basically download any theme from zedge or some website and use it

  10. syed says

    hey frnd can u send me d firmware for” r8ba024 cid 52 asia red” plzz..plzzz

  11. Peti says

    IIRC it was a W580… then

  12. syed says

    thanks a lot peti..1000 thanx 4 u..???bye

  13. syed says

    peti…but i need a main firmware..plz help me

  14. Peti says

    Use the generic one. πŸ˜‰

  15. G-Why says

    Hello Akshayy,

    So, I need to flash my k550i to w610i I’ve found the CID53 firmware here :

    But it’s Europe 4, and I would the 2 or 5, because I need French and German. But I can handle with English too for the moment.

    So I need to download this :

    W610_R6BC002_FS_EUROPE_4_RED53 … _RED53.rar

    and that :


    And than flash the phone with this files or do I need something more ?

  16. Peti says

    you’ll need a custpack, too. According to the k550@w610 crossflash tutorial… but you will find FWs you need at, i suppose.

  17. Akshay says

    you can use any db2020 custpack/CDA.
    use one CDA from hgetis pack.

    you can download if avaialble from
    so flash MAIN+FS+CDA.

  18. G-Why says

    There are just this to files at share2flash :

    What should I do ?

  19. Peti says

    Maybe try Also not having the right FS is no prob as long as you can install additional lng files. πŸ˜‰

  20. G-Why says

    So i found this :

    But the only thing I wanna know is which files do I need to flash ? :p

  21. Peti says

    Use the generic main and an fs you wish to. It depends on what language you need.

  22. Abhi says

    Hi akshay i had a prob with w830i.the games n app. Folder isn’t openin.what shld i do,even the warranty has gone.i read tutorials but somehow didn’t got it properly.even if u can provide direct links to fs n cid49.plz help soon waitin eagerly

  23. Akshay says

    just use XS++ to Reflash Firmware.
    check this guide

  24. Me says

    hello, du you have some w980 firmware to w850i for download?

  25. gush says

    sory can u help me

  26. bhuvan says

    what u need?

  27. JP says

    Hi. I have a Sony ericsson W880i that is locked to the Orange network. Firmware R8BA024, CID 53, red retail product. I know by now that i cant unlock it with Setool lite. Can it be unlocked with JD Flasher. Thanx

  28. bhuvan says

    jdflasher is way out
    look in jdflasher allcid patching guide

  29. akbr says

    i need flash w760i

  30. bhuvan says

    a2 uploader section

  31. sherwyn says

    i need c905 R1FA035 main and fs
    i have searched everywhere for it
    please help

  32. bhuvan says

    i searched it
    it is not yet
    wait for some time

  33. nisya-chan says

    i need a w580i R6BC002 CHINA LA mbn n fbn..i found a download in rapidshare..but unfortunately it had a password..

  34. bhuvan says

    download from topsony
    use google translator for topse
    best place!

  35. khan says

    hello akshay can i get a link for the unbranded firmware for the w880i? its locked on vodafone please can you help me?

  36. bhuvan says

    get it from
    use google translator
    or topsony

  37. tamtam says

    Tolong dong firmware w200 CID53 R4H…..

  38. bhuvan says

    english plz!

  39. czar says

    thank you so much
    for u

  40. talha says

    can some 1 get w850i please

  41. apih says

    please help me, i try crossflash my se k550i to w610i but the language is in english ,i want to change it to indonesian. i’m sorry my english because me indonesian

  42. cool_ice says

    Akshay, I’m beginer here. Could you advise me how to backup a whole my phone firmware (main,fs,…etc) ? So if my phone got problem after flash, I can restore back to previous firmware safely. My phone is K750 CID36 with Indonesia language.

  43. wallace says

    hi Akshay i restore and the battery went dead. i put it on charge and power up. After powering on it is saying ” please wait “

  44. wallace says

    My phone is a C902

  45. Akshay says

    Wallace, get your phone fixed by service center, or try relfashing with A2uploader, get firmwares from topsony or seusers.

  46. Chakresh says

    guys i flashed my phn k790i but from than i’m facing a prob now. photo buttons above the screen are not wrking as this the prob of the f/w or customize.xml is not correct?? phn is taking too much time to save the image,around 15-18 sec.
    is it due to upgrade to CID: 52 from CID: 49????

  47. paul sam says

    i need a tamil language firmware

  48. Stephen Stewart says

    Need to flash/ unlock a Sony Ericsson W580i Tried flashing with xs++ and it came up with an error though the flashing was successful. It’s an AT&T phone.

  49. Sujan says

    Hi, plz give me link for download se k800i fw updates

  50. mustakim says

    HI, i m using sony ericsson w850i n i want 2 change in flash menu instead of dis boring default menu in every theme
    i have try using a2uploader but its gettin an eror that boot EROM via ROM
    so plzz help me how can i get the flash menu………………………. plzzzz……..
    fanxxx πŸ™‚

  51. bhuvan says

    use xs++ or jdflahser fr ur phone! ur phone is db2020!!!
    a2 uploader is not meant fr db2020

  52. Ashish says

    Hie akshay this is Ashish im having w910 what is latest firm ware version for it than r1fa035. And any other thing i can do with it

  53. bhuvan says

    the best firmware for w910 is W910_R1FA037. it supports max flashing

  54. Ashish says

    thanx and where can i get this firmware and i leave in india and when ever i run the sony ericsson update service its shows that i have the latest software version.and more over i want the hindi font for my w910i

  55. bhuvan says

    you can get firmware from
    for hindi font, look at our forum, search on it

  56. ashish says

    pls send me a specific link for where i can get update

  57. ppg says

    ashish check forum for adding hindi in a2!
    And rest firmware u will get at topsony as suggested by master bhuvan πŸ™‚

  58. Ashish says

    Thanks sir i have upgraded my w910 to r1fa037 and now searching for hindi font

  59. ppg says

    here is tut for that:

  60. Ashish says

    Hello im going to buy new sony ericsson mobile but im confuse which to buy between two option aino and satio im little bit confuse just help me

  61. ppg says

    go for satio(idou) with 12MP cam, but if u want best mobile with 5MP cam go for Hazel!

  62. bhuvan says

    dude satio, chuck aino, but consider vivaz also, it has really awesome processor which gets u to record hd videos! amazing cam quality! satio has 12mp cam but can record hd! also few issues were reported in satio!

  63. Ashish says

    Ok thanks

  64. Ashish says

    Ok thanks brother

  65. bhuvan says


  66. Chinnsamy.C says

    i need a firmwire and flashing s/w for k310 i immeditly…

  67. bhuvan says

    get firmwares from
    ur phone is db2010 u can use xs++ or jdflasher! i recommend jdflasher

  68. carl says

    hi i got a sony ericsson w995 but is locked i brought it from a phone stand on the market and told me i had to charge it b4 i could use anyway when i charged and turned on the phone it was locked so went back to the market but the mobile stand not there anymore ive gone to the police and made a report but they said i have bin conned and proble will not get hold of him so now im left with a phone that i cant use and was wondering is there anyway that i can reinstall the software so i can use it. if any one could help i would be very thankful. many thanks carl

  69. Sandip says

    hi i got sony ericsson sony ericsson j10i2 (elm green-heart) phone. Is it possible to install flash in my mobile?please someone help me out…if there is any way….

  70. bhuvan says

    try jdflasher sefp2 , get it from our filebase and see it connects or not!

  71. Tobi says

    please how can i flash my sony ericsson W810i with PC,. What are the necessary things i need to get.

  72. rakesh says

    hi Mr.akshay i have SE P1i cell phone,..when i try to swith it on,it gets hanged up…i learnt that its due to Error in EROM from u r website….please tell me how to debug that….

  73. rakesh says

    i need P1 flash files…please suggest me the link……

  74. ????? ???g? says

    I wanna download firmwares for my sonyericsson naite(j105i), but i m unable to get any link.
    can u help me?

  75. 4STINE says

    can i flash my w950i using a usb cable only or i need other things too afta downloading the firmware?

  76. rc says

    how to install a custom firmware.pls anyone help

  77. Alhjie says

    hi there Bosses..Sir, im a newbie here i want to reprogram my SE T700, the problem is after a open it, it stucks at the SE logo.not continueing in the menu..what should i do??pls help me..what are the requirment to reflash it?how to do it? and where i can download its firmware…pls reply.. godbless