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Video Encoding

This is not really a flashing subject, though many people would like to know how to do it. So convert your SE phone to a media center where you can watch movies!! Or at least watch video clips.

The application I suggest using has the slogan “does for FREE what other encoders CAN’T do for money”. It’s worth a try.

It is SUPER © Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer, the best you can find. A very nice application, with very frequent updates. That is the main reason why I’m not uploading it to the download site.

So you have to get it from their own site, which is pretty hard to do, the first part of this tutorial will be about obtaining the newest SUPER.

Obtaining eRightSoft SUPER ©

1. We go to this site:
2. Then Scroll down to the bottom where you can see this link “Start Downloading SUPER ©“, click it.

3. On this page, look for the link “download and use“, click it.

4. Now scroll down to the bottom and look for “Download SUPER © setup file“.

5. Do so. 😉

It is about 27 MB to download, so if you have a dial-up connection… it will take long.

Using SUPER ©

If you have some experience in video encoding, you must know that the better quality you want, the bigger your video will be. On phones with small displays, we don’t need DVD quality. That 176×220 LCD is not a 20″ (1680×1050) widescreen LCD monitor… So we can use low bitrates. Also using high framerate makes the result file bigger, and loads our cpu, yet there’s no need for it. Audio is the same, you can use low values.

Of course if you want great quality, you can do it, but your file will be 4-5 times bigger than a file encoded with low settings, think wisely. 😉

So now we have SUPER on our PC, let’s start it. It will check for updates, and then list a couple of problems, like low free space on hard drive, no prob.

Sony Ericsson phones support 3GP and MP4 formats, camera records in 3GP. So choose 3gp (Sony Ericsson) as Output Container at the top. According to my tests, Video Codec should be MPEG-4, and Audio Codec should be AAC. These are compatible with SE video player.

As for bitrate and fps and sampling frequency, choose what you wish, depending on what size you want.

Then drag your video file to this window, below this text: “DROP A VALID MULTIMEDIA FILE HERE“, and click Encode (Active Files).

The bar that indicates the progress of encoding, is not “reliable”, it shows 10% when you are almost done and then jumps to 100%… so don’t worry if it doesn’t move for a while.


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