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De Brand your A2/db3150 Sony Ericsson phone

Alright finally A2 (db5150) debranding after all the adventures with db2020/db2010 !  Now this is the tutorial to de-brand your A2 phone and get rid of the branding ! And get a neat and clean phone without any restrictions. By de-branding all the restrictions imposed by your operator will be removed. Well but kindly note de-branding is not unlocking. Your phone will still be locked. To unlock your phone, check out the Aerix Tool.

A2 phones are C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905, G905, G705, K630, K660, K850, K858, T700, TM506, V640, W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902, W908, W910, W980, Z750, Z770, Z780 ! So make your sure phone is in this list. We will update this list as and when new phones are released.

Necessary stuff. Download all of them.

There are 2 ways to de-brand your phone.

1.You can use change your phone CDA and use SEUS to update your phone.
2. Else you can directly flash firmwares of your choice using A2uploader.

The first method is recommended for new users. And 2nd method for advanced users. My choice would be the 2nd method.

1. Using CDA Hack to de-brand phone.

To de-brand your A2 phones, you need to know how to use A2 Uploader !  We will use A2 uploader to upload the de-branding files to your phone’s protected file system.
You can manually create the de-branding file or else you can use CDA Generators  ! I recommend new users to use the tool created by CodeClaw or by thaProxinator, that should make your life easier. Also make sure you have enough space in your phone memory, so that we can upload some files to it.

Part 1

  • Download a CDA Generator.
  • Then start the program in Administrator Mode in VISTA, if XP then just open it.
  • Select your phone, region and click generate XML.
  • You will get a file with name customize_upgrade in your CDA Gen folder. Keep that file.

Part 2

  • Now start A2 Uplaoder
  • Click File System in A2 Uploader
  • Connect the phone to USB via  A2 Uploader holding the keys 2+5 !
  • Don’t leave 2+5 until A2 uploader detects your phone and starts.
  • Navigate to tpa/preset/custom/
  • There you will find 2 files, customize.xml and preloaded_config.xml
  • Right click on these 2 files and click Read. This way you have a backup of your old customization.
  • Then Upload the Customize_upgrade xml file to the phone file system —
  • — In  directory tpa/preset/custom in the phone.
  • Now Shut Down the File System Manager in A2uploader. Dis-Connect, Re-insert battery,  Start phone for CDA changes to happen.

Start your phone now, wait for some time, then later you can shut it down. You won’t find any changes yet. Don’t forget to backup all your contacts, pictures and every thing important to you. Use MyPhoneExplorer to backup things that you may need. Better safe to backup up then sorry.

Part 3

I hope you have installed Adobe Flash Player ! If YouTube works for you then you certianly have installed Adobe Flash Player. Else get it from Adobe Website.

Download and install SEUS. And Start SEUS. Then update your phone via SEUS. Using SEUS is very easy, all you need to do is follow the on screen instructions. SEUS is very pretty program to use. Its made in Flash. It will download firmwares from the internet and flash your phone according to the new information in customize_upgrade file. The customize_upgrade specifies generic firmware for your phone, along with correct region code. So make sure you selected correct Region in CDA Generator, else you will face language problems later. Update the phone. That ends the de-branding process.

If this method is not working for you and if SEUS says Phone is Updated and having latest firmware, then flash firmwares manually, in short use the 2nd method.

2. Flashing Firmwares to de-brand.

Just go to topsony or seusers and download the firmwares that you want according to the language of your choice. And flash the firmwares using A2uploader. See the a2uploader video tutorial provided in the a2uploader tutorial, it shows how to flash firmwares. That should be it.

3. Re-branding your phone.

Lets say you want to re-brand your phone back again, Then all you need to do is, open the customize.xml file and note down the cda numbers in it and copy it into a customize_upgrade.xml and upload it back to phone and then again update it with SEUS. Its as simple as that. The newer versions of CDA Generators also support re-branding, check it out too.

Now all the features of your phone should work ! Also you should now be rid of all operator crap. You can download settings, if missing from sony ericsson website. Enjoy your de branded phone.

Regards !
Akshay !

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  1. Nisal says

    Hi akshay! I was wonderin if db3150 main firmware could be disassembled & parts such as da walkman player 4 (?) could be installed in db2020 phones. 🙂 & are acoustics in these phones any better than the w880 files you recommend, & if so, is it possible to get these files to work in the k530@w660 i mentioned earlier?

  2. Akshay says

    No things in this phone are different. Different acoustics and content. You can get them at many forums including our own forum.
    this is no walman player 4 at all.. 😉
    also now with A2 uploader you can customize this phone.

  3. Nisal says

    Where can we find patches & drivers etc. for a G502, K630 ? Going 2 get 1, but nearly all we have in sri lanka is with CHINA main. 🙁 No patchin on them rite? Is any crossflashing possible on any A2 phone? & sorry, it was walkman 3. 🙂

    & can u pls help me with da k530 tld bout in da k530@w660 tutorial?

  4. Akshay says

    no patching yet for A2 phones man.
    G502 already has Walkman 3. So no use flashing.

  5. bboyzahid says

    hey Akshay

    thanks for posting my program on your website.

    just a note to all users of my program:
    you may need .NetFramework 2.0 or higher

  6. bboyzahid says

    the files in the installers on jockep’s site are wrong
    i’ll get him to fix that sometime soon.

    download from here for now:

  7. Akshay says

    Sure, added that link.

  8. Ged says

    Hi Akshay,
    I’ve just bought aG705u from Orange in France. The phone is unlocked, but the branding means among other things that the wifi is seriously hampered, I can only connect to an Orange hotspot. I’m a total noob but is it possible to debrand , or install a basic G705 firmware that would allow me to connect to any wifi source?

  9. bhuvan says

    yup…u can totally debrand it…as it is a2 thing..follow the tutorial!

  10. Jockep says

    The only file on my site wich where wrong was the readme… anyways nice guide Akshay 🙂

  11. Advoor says

    Hey just debranded my phone but was wondering if this means sim lock aswell? I just tried my vodafone sim in my orange w910i which I just unbranded, but still gives the ‘insert correct sim’ message.. Any way to get rid of this?

  12. SE G502 US says

    Uploading a cusom file was no problem, but what to do if SEUS said no update available, you got the latest! Some forumthreads talk about a “continue anyway” buttom, but I have not that option?

  13. bboyzahid says

    this method only debrands(remove operator icons etc.) it doesnt unlock your phone

  14. G502 says

    First part worked, but what to do if SEUS said, no update available, already got latest, dont have any “continue anyway buttom”

  15. bhuvan says

    @SE G502 US
    get the latest version!

  16. bhuvan says

    get the latest version!

  17. bhuvan says

    u need patching in case for it…which not availble fr free yet….!

  18. bhuvan says

    hey jockep sorry for gtting my leg in…but which read me?

  19. mahjikk says

    umm..i got the debranding part..but what if you wanted to rebrand it. i already have the original customize.xml (prior to debranding) available…do i just rename that file to customize_upgrade.xml, place it in the phone, and let SEUS do the rest? will i get all my original settings back (AT&T) too? thanks, im really considerin on debranding this phone 🙂

  20. MjrPainless says

    I would just like to mention, after trying, and trying to Unbrand my K850i. Follwing the instructions i was unable to succesfully update it.

    I finally figured out that you SHOULD turn on the phone after you apply the customize_upgrade.xml.

    Once i did that. SEUS worked perfect!


  21. bambi says

    ok.this method only debrands,but did it relock phone.I have SE v640i(simfree-unlocked).Thanks.

  22. bhuvan says

    nope….it cant!
    cuz unlocking needs patching….n no patching for cid:53 yet!


  23. bambi says

    relock=unlocked phone(but vodafone branded),after update with seus,phone is again locked to vodafone.Is this true???for db2050(if patch unlocked) is,but for db3150????

  24. bambi says

    ok.i have SE V640i(db3150) and he is unlocked phone(accept all sim),firmware is still vodafone,if i debranded phone with k630i firmware via SEUS,phone will be simlocked or not?Thanks bhuvan.

  25. bhuvan says

    can u plz more precise???i am seriously not getting u!
    unlock vodafone branded????together???
    and in db3150….u can only debrand…bt cant unlock it yet!

  26. bambi says

    ok.i have SE V640i(db3150) and he is unlocked phone(accept all sim),firmware is still vodafone,if i debranded phone with k630i firmware via SEUS,phone will be simlocked or not?Thanks bhuvan..

  27. Akshay says

    Well, It depends. If your phone is Patched Unlocked, Then it will get locked again.
    If phone is EROM unlocked or Code Unlocked then it won’t get locked after de-branding.
    check the type of unlocking method used first.

  28. bambi says

    Akshav:if no patching yet for db3150 phones,v640i is db3150,the type of unlocking method is EROM unlocked or Code Unlocked ….wrong thinking??Thank you.

  29. bhuvan says

    payching is available but not for free!
    the place from where u gt it cracked…they may have purchased cid:53 patching!
    so first make it sure what akshay said

  30. Wrox says

    Exuse me but, A2 File CDA Generator is _NOT_ by Jockep and Bboyzahid, see version 1.04 and 1.05, it’s by _ME and Bboyzahid_.

    Please update..

  31. Wrox says

    Oh and just wanted to correct myself, please remove the comment above Akshay:

    Excuse me but, A2 File CDA Generator is _NOT_ by Jockep and Bboyzahid, see version 1.04 and 1.05, it’s by _ME and Bboyzahid_.

    Please fix that ASAP!

  32. da2c says

    heyy, i really need your help akshay. i’ve used your WONDERFUL tutorial 70 times, and it worked PERFECTLY. now i got some errors, and i dont really understand why. I wanted to unbrand (change language) my new G705, everything is OK, i know how to make it aight? the problem is when i turn on the phone, it says “please wait” for like 2 seconds and then splash “INSERT SIM” first time i thought it was fast cda-changing, but nothing happen with SEUS, what to do? i’ve tried like 10 times….. thanks!

  33. Ged says

    Thanks for your help guys. I followed the instructions but nothing happened. Do I need a particular CDA number? If so where can I get one?
    The A cda generator xmas edition doesn’t seem to create anything.
    All the best,

  34. mlm122 says

    I had thr same problem as Ged… ran the Christmas edition CDA gen..nothing generated… what am I missing?

    Thanks for all your hard work, guys!

  35. JC says

    I tried this until i go to update my phone (w760) with SEUS but says theres no updaates for my phone and doesn’t do anythign…any ideas??

  36. JC says

    btw i have the newest and latest SEUS :[

  37. bhuvan says

    even after flashin thru seus its not going…then its some hardware fault!
    other sim are working??

  38. bhuvan says

    use the latest seus…this option is only availble in new ones

  39. bhuvan says

    it should go way right…follow the d tutorial exactly…
    stil nothing happens then do tell the xact thing

  40. JC says

    I got it to work, i deleted the extra stuff that was written with the generator (“created by…Revision”) and i uploaded it to my phone, turned it on, then turned it off and updated with SEUS..worked like a charm :]

  41. SLiCke says

    Hello there mate, now i just unbranded my W910i with SEUS but when it comes to W595i it looks that not only me have some problems doing that. Any clues ??

  42. bhuvan says

    any more qeustions?

  43. bhuvan says

    what problemn u r facing???
    it will go the same way as w910…

  44. mikel says

    where to find the generic firmwares needed to flash with the new a2 uploader?

  45. bboyzahid says

    Hey evry1
    i only have a w910i so i will release v1.06 when i get more feedback on different models.

  46. syme says

    i tried this with my vodafone sim but it didnt work.
    on seus it said update not available !
    so now i dont know how to debrand mine.
    help ?

  47. Ged says

    A2 cda file creates this file ‘customize_upgrade.xml’ :


    I put this in the right folder (tpa/preset/custom) with a2uploader.
    When I turn on my phone it starts to update something then stops and asks for my pin number.
    When I run SEUS version it tells me my phone already has the latest firmware and nothing has changed.
    I can’t see what I’m doing wrong.

  48. bhuvan says

    which fone u gt???
    look in topse

  49. bhuvan says

    download the latest version of seus

  50. tye22 says

    is their any risk of damaging your mobile when debranding it?

  51. Ged says

    Hello again,
    After trying several times to debrand using the A2uploader method, and looking around on several sites I have come to the conclusion that it won’t work on all A2 phones. It seems that vodaphone users have some problems, I use Orange in france and I wonder if they have the same sort of block.
    I have the latest version of SEUS but I am never given the option to continue anyway. As I said before, my phone is a G705u.
    Any ideas would be gratefully received.

  52. bhuvan says

    @ tye22
    no!untill u commit any mistake

  53. bhuvan says

    well never had such combination of branded fone…well never had branded fone only!lol
    so dont know
    better go for our support forum and discuss drr!

  54. agchenry says

    no one answwered mahjikk, i too would like to know mahjikk wrote :”umm..i got the debranding part..but what if you wanted to rebrand it. i already have the original customize.xml (prior to debranding) available…do i just rename that file to customize_upgrade.xml, place it in the phone, and let SEUS do the rest? will i get all my original settings back (AT&T) too? thanks, im really considerin on debranding this phone”

  55. Steve says

    if i mess up de branding my o2 uk C905. Will i be able to fix the problem??? As i am new to this and just making sure as i dont want to break it.

  56. Akshay says

    hmm don’t worry. you can.

  57. Steve says

    just another quick question as i have insurance on my C905 will de branding it course any problems.

  58. Akshay says

    I think so. But not sure, I don’t know more, Ask your company. lol.

  59. Andyf says

    debranded my k850i. Now the stupid operator shit don’t bother me anymore 😀 was a bit freaked out when the screen only said “wait” for 5 minutes after updating with SEUS

  60. Akshay says

    nice. i hope the other things also work out.

  61. Flame01 says

    Sorry I have a W910i branded by Vodafone. If I debrand it. Will it be locked ??? By the way,what does locked mean? Does it mean that it will accept only Vodafone Sim???

  62. Akshay says

    hmm no idea, you have to try. or else leave it.

  63. johnkat says

    Hi! I am trying to debrand my Z770 but for some reason i had no luck… i do everything as described, but i cannot update!i am from greece and my region is adriatic. i noticed that my current cda number is 1202-2343 and not 1209-4776 as the cda creator has for adriatic…
    i tried different cda’s but no luck SEUS just keep popping no update is available…
    also i don’t know how to find my revision number…(If that matters)
    Please help me!!
    thank you in advance

  64. bhuvan says

    the update thing is coming because u dont have the latest seus!
    download the latest one

  65. batista says

    I want to debrand my w910i, i do everything as described, but went i get to the part to upload the cuztomize_update.xml to the phone i cant upload, i drag the file to the chosen folder but it simple wont go.. 🙁 how do i solve this? please help me

    and any one know where portugal are included? s-e-europe, western-europe ou central-europe?

    please help me…


  66. batista says

    ok i solved the problem, just moving a2uploader.exe to another location.

    but now, i conect the phote to SEUS and is teeling me that my phone does not ave any update, how do i solve this?? 🙁

  67. bhuvan says

    @ batista
    download the latest seus!

  68. batista says

    alredy have it, but no luck..

    now i’m flashing with kulankendi… maby i get lucky in this method..


  69. batista says

    i made it!! =D w910i debranded here, amazing!

  70. bhuvan says

    can you post about it here more?

  71. fcs says

    heyyyy batista kual cda ek pusest pa konseguir rk eu ja pus kuase todas e nda

    es ptgx n es???

  72. fcs says

    hey batista can you post your actual cda???

  73. adan says

    can somebody help me? i do all the things in the instructions to unbrand my phone but it still branded i don’t know if i have to do something else

  74. adan says

    ei que onda ya lograron quitarle la marca de la compania el mio es telcel e hice todo lo que dice aqui pero no pasa nada despues de que uso el seus por que le quiero meter menus flash y no puedo

  75. adan says

    bhuvan i need your help im from mexico so sorry for my english.I do everything in the instructions and didn’t work and then i try again and in the part of seus it sais update not aviable and i dont know wath to do can you help me?? i had a k850i and i am trying to unbrand (Telcel is te company) and put it flash menus

  76. stefan says

    if it wasnt for this tutorial my phone would be a brick (literaly)

  77. connor says

    It doesent work for me and iv done everything correctly

  78. gg says

    hi there, is there any acoustics drivers than can increase the volume for my w890i? i try many but always prob with the backspeaker..the volume is so slow.can you help me..

    f.y.i- i try c905,w980..prob with backspeaker.

  79. Akshay says

    that’s bad then. did you try other regions ?

  80. Sachin says

    thanks man.. i have k850i n one thing in this method is after updating customize_upgrade.xml ” u have switch it ON n and again switch it OFF n the seus works… thanks alot……….

  81. Jeffry says

    Hey there no Ausrtalia in the region what do i do

  82. Jeffry says

    i have optus australian phone and when i put the customize thing i shutowdown my phone and the optus logog is still there and when i got to check the cusromise thingy in a2uploader nothing is there!
    plz help

  83. Akshay says

    Jeffry, I did not understand you. you should first upload the customize_upgrade.xml using a2uploader to tpa\preset\custom and then use SEUS. did you do that ?
    after SEUS it will be de-branded.

  84. Jamal says

    Well Akshay! I have also tried to debarnd my W910i (branded on vodafone) and followed every step precisely, but when I try to update it using SEUS it say no update available for your phone. I tried everything.

    Some guys here said that after copying customize_upgrade.xml in tpa\preset\custom. We need to restart the phone before updating from SEUS. I tried this too but of no use.

    Please help!

  85. Jamal says

    Also can u please tell me the correct version of SEUS to use.

  86. fcs says

    please someone tell me in which region is portugal integrated???
    ive vfn live A firmware on my w910i

  87. Amar says

    Hi Akshay, Buvan and all other guys,

    I have been looking around to unlock my phone for the last 2 days. I now understand some fields in this term. So I wont ask unnecessary Qs.

    My Q is very simple and stupid. Where do I look to find out what software, GDFS and CID my phone is??

    I looked at the backcover(after opening the battery), <*<(something something) and got info from there as well. But couldnt see anywhere. I know what W595i is but that is all through forums. But that is not the right way. Plz help.

    Also allow me to post a link of a website which claims to unlock w595i and other A2/DB3150 phones (though it didnt work for me initially). I am new so sorry about my ignorance.

  88. Akshay says

    That’s bad then. hey if you get hold of w910 firmwares main and fs and also cda , you can de-brand it by flashing with A2uploader. Easy.

  89. bboyzahid says

    jeffry, select region apac-az for australia


    1. Make sure that after you have uploaded “customize_upgrade.xml” to “tpa/preset/custom”, you have to switch on the phone to make the CDA change.


  90. fcs says

    thanks akshay but where can i get this files and whats fs????


  91. Chase says

    Akshay, I have been trying to debrand my w760i (from 3 -Australia or somewhere in SE Asia?) for the past couple hours and I, as many others are on this site, keep getting the message that there are no new updates (after putting the customize_upgrade file in the correct place).

    I have noticed though, that when I turn my phone back on again, and if I access my FS through the a2uploader again, the customize_upgrade file is no longer there (which would be why it keeps telling me that I have the most updated software in SEUS). So my question is…when I copy the customize_upgrade file into the correct location in a2, do I need to delete the existing .xml files, security certificates, and other things from that location? (So that when the update service looks at it, it knows that I do not have the current software installed and only the newly added customize_upgrade file) Please help!

  92. Chase says

    Also, when I create the customize_upgrade file, do I have to create it in the region where the phone was originally branded in? Or the region that I want the default language to be? I have tried America and Western Europe (assuming that this will make it in English). But the phone itself is “3” which is a wireless company whose website says they are based in Australia. The languages I have currently to choose from in the phone are English and what appears to be Chinese.

  93. bhuvan says

    @ fcs
    which files???if firmware and main
    go for
    and fs is filesystem of your phone!

  94. bhuvan says

    well i am not sure about this cuz never had a2 phone but like we guyz phone db2020/10…no….we just replace the files

  95. fcs says

    thanks bhuvan but where can i get the fs???

  96. fcs says

    and you dont have a english or portuguese site or something like that i cant understand nothing of

  97. bhuvan says

    then search it on 4shared
    and if u r not able to find it there…then only topse left
    do one thing…use google translator

  98. Dennis says

    Yeah hi, i got the same prob as chase, SEUS says it cant update. Idk why.. Somebody help lol?

  99. Dennis says

    Btw what region should i take if i lvie in sweden, central europe right?

  100. fcs says

    ive got the things so what ive got to do????

  101. bhuvan says

    the place to which u are most close
    and get the latest seus

  102. bhuvan says

    thats for what the guide is here mate

  103. Mickice says

    I didn’t really mind my branded phone, but why restrict flash menus? Silly.

    Happily unbranded W910i 😛

  104. ~fcs says

    but bhuvan this guide dont say nothing about flashing manually

  105. Akshay says

    ~fcs, yes you can now flash manually with A2uploader. if you got firmwares.

  106. Flame01 says

    I debranded it… worked REALLY fine !! Fuck Vodafone!!!! (Note: When I debranded my w910i , I noticed that there were 3 games…well Vodafone had a demo)

  107. fcs says

    i know akshay but how????

  108. Liam O'Flaherty says

    Works like a charm with SEUS updating me to a non vodafone, generic FW. Thank feck 4 that!

  109. Akshay says

    Flame01. Good.

  110. Akshay says

    Liam O’Flaherty.
    Thanks for the confirm.

  111. shriram says

    i am using G502. If once a phone is be-branded, can it be reverted back to its branded status? I ask so because if i were to give my phone for a service at one of the centers, they r bound to upgrade firmware too… pls give me a clear answer

  112. shriram says


  113. Akshay says

    yes, first note down CDA number from service menu.

  114. jasmin says

    will this work for my sony ericsson C902 that is on optuszoo and im on telstra australia.. i hpe this doesnt f*** up my fne i got it 2 days ago…

  115. michael says

    I’m using a branded asia pac G705 and I have followed your instructions exactly but still can never update the firmware on SEUS. I have tried many other CDA codes but all don’t work. Can you help?

  116. michael says

    btw I’m using A2 CDA file generator v1.03, A2 uploader V3 and the latest SEUS.

  117. bhuvan says

    @ michael
    get the latest seus from se site

  118. baby says


    Am using c902.after debranding & upload flash menu, error inactive sim appears. Really need urgent help here.


  119. bhuvan says

    tried other sim?

  120. kimi says

    hello bhuvan,
    now i’m using K630. can i de-brand it to another model such as w890?
    i’ve tried like the tutorial but no update found in seus

  121. bhuvan says

    first of all…download the latest seus to get that option
    and nope!
    o cant be crossflashed to any other set

  122. kimi says

    OIC, so it is not possible to crossflashed to other model. 1 more is if i want to use flash menu with this k630, is it possible?

  123. bhuvan says


  124. bboyzahid says

    hmm, looks like my last comment didn’t get through quite well. 😛

    Anyway, A2Uploader v2 (a2tool) can debrand your a2 phones now. This method still works and i think its easier because SEUS does the flashing for you.

    so google “A2Uploader v2”

    have fun

  125. Hellrazor says

    Hi. I’m trying to debrand my c902, and i have the latest SEUS but it keeps saying there are no updates available. I have followed the tutorial carefully. I had no problem uploading customize_upgrade.xml and when i turned the phone on there was a Please Wait screen but i didn’t see the progress bar go all the way. It just stood at the begining and then it was gone. Is this correct?

  126. se owner says

    I have a W910i from 3 australia. I was wondering which number is the CDA number in the service info on the fone. >*<<*<*.
    P.S reply soon so i can debrand it.

  127. trouble says

    I have a W910i with 3 Australia. I tried to debrand it but the process did not work. I used the APAC-ANZ region CDA code that is in the generator. The SEUS told me that there is no update available.
    Is it possible to change the version of the software in the XML file that contains the data(not the one that is generated) in the phone. I followed every instruction but it did not work.
    Can you please help me on this.

  128. bhuvan says

    @se owner
    choose the region,,which suites u
    number will come automatically!

  129. bhuvan says

    @se owner
    i got your point
    australia aint there
    choose a place which is closest to your region

  130. Hellrazor says

    I managed to update my phone, and at last i got rid of that vodafone crap, it really slowed the phone. I used the same CDA but capitalized the C in the XML file to look like this Customize_upgrade.xml. I read it in another forum so the credit isn’t mine. If you’re having problems with SEUS try it

  131. bhuvan says

    @ Hellrazor

  132. Henry says

    just got my c905 with Vodafone with all its hideous branding. I want to debrand so downloaded all your apps to do it and think I understand the process, although never done this sort of thing before. Just thought I’d check if anyone had any problems with this phone/operator. any troubles anyone??

  133. bhuvan says

    well there will be no problem!
    thats what we are here for!
    dont worry
    when u upload this file to custom…it will route seus to update your phone to non branded firmware
    as this file only decides!

  134. Mz says

    Hi, I’ve followed the instructions, but when I update via SEUS, it shows “Update Not Available.”, “The software in your phone is up-to-date.”

    Any workarounds? Thanks!

  135. Mz says

    I also tried choosing different regions but still the same. Also, my SEUS is the latest version.

  136. Robin says

    hey thanks i got my c905 today and it was vodafone branded and well…. that sucked (why do they even brand it !? )

    gr8 tut, worked fine

  137. Uchihasasuke says

    I’m French student so excuse me for my bad english ^^’
    I’ll buy G705u from orange in France, like “Ged”. I would like to know if I could de-brand the phone like this tutorial or if it is possible, change the “customiz.xml” file which is in the flash and modify “false” in

    by true?

    Thank’s for reply.

  138. bhuvan says

    get the latest seus

  139. bhuvan says

    then its strange thing
    let me get it confirmed from akshay or u jump onto out forum

  140. bhuvan says

    @ Robin

  141. bhuvan says

    this tut works fine!

  142. Mz says

    Yes. It’s strange. I have registered at the forum. My user ID is samminzhi.

  143. Mz says

    Yes. It’s strange. I have registered at the forum. My user ID is minzhi.

  144. bhuvan says

    i’d spoken to akshay …wait…

  145. Mz says

    Okay thank you so much. Will be waiting patiently.

  146. Henry says

    debranded my voda c905 following your instructions and….all good. was very easy to follow and worked first time. now proud owner of a correctly functioning phone!!
    thanks a load for you help

  147. bhuvan says

    @ Mz
    no idea
    better download one today
    try with that

  148. bhuvan says


  149. Mz says

    It’s okay. I sent it to SE service centre today for them to flash it for me, so problem is solved now. Thanks for your help anyway. 🙂

  150. dweeebzz says

    This really works im on optus and have debranded mine phone with this guide. i used s-Asia-lev. ive got c902 so yea holla if u need anyhelp

  151. Danijel says

    I believe with this we’re updating to CID53 which will probably make future patching (non-runtime) impossible.

  152. Danijel says

    I mean when A2 patching will look like DB2020’s

  153. bhuvan says

    all a2 phones are cid53….
    so nothing special will happen if v upgrade through seus

  154. fc says

    no my w910 is cid52

  155. JorJ says

    I’ve tried debranding my W910 on 3 Australia many times but every time I get the “No Update Required” message from seus. I have the latest version of seus and I’m using the APAC-ANZ region. In my tpa/system/custom folder I have a file called “Customize” which includes all the stuff found in the generated file. Could this be a problem or just nothing to worry about?

  156. bhuvan says

    thats strange!
    many people faced that….i suggested them to use latest seus…
    well its better that u jump to our support forum!

  157. Keith says

    Could you please tell me the difference between Debranding and Unlocking, if unlocking is being able to use and sim card could you please tell me where to find the INFO onunlocking my P1i.
    Thanks. Keith

  158. Armaan says

    my k850i is from virgen GSm and i unlock the phone but the prob is that on my phone’s desktop ther virgen bit icon instead of the web
    and search icon instead of Play know Icon
    plz tell me how to replays these icons with the original one 😀
    Thanxx in advanced 🙂

    Armaan Khan

  159. bhuvan says

    u sure p1 in db3150???
    for more stuff…jump onto our forum

  160. bhuvan says

    flash it using simple firmware
    and i am not getting exactly what are u saying…

  161. Armaan says

    sorry for my bad English bro
    i mean to say i have purchase my k850 from Virgin mobiles so on the desktop the internet and play know icons are changed to others one’s
    so i want to ask from u that how to change that icons to normal internet and play know icon

    hope u understand know 🙂


  162. bhuvan says

    u mean the feature is unlocked by company!
    well u gotta unock it by this guide
    follow it…it will solve stuff!

  163. Armaan says

    yap the phone is unlocked but the desktop icons cant be changed so what i do for that
    i simply wand to change the icons on my phones desktop.

  164. Roboprez says

    Okay i’m following the tutorial exactly, i’m selecting America in the A2 CDA file gen because it don’t have Australia. When I go to seus it dosn’t say update anyway, I AM USING THE LATEST VERSION FROM THE WEBSITE. Please help

  165. bhuvan says

    well….many people are facing this
    better jump to out forum….and discuss there…
    cuz i really dont have any idea..
    there ull get best soltuion available!

  166. bboyzahid says

    im going to put caps lock on because im sure i have said this many times…


    yeh i think thats it

    thank you for your time 🙂

  167. bhuvan says

    what exactly u wanna say?
    a2 uploader v3 will get this problem of ‘no update available’ will be sorted out?

  168. coolperson says

    Hi jus wana thank u for useful guidelines regarding debranding c902.I jus debranded my ph and it was successful but m facing a prblem.My phone rejecting my sim card as it says no access to netwrk!!! wat can u suggest ?

  169. bhuvan says

    u gotta unlock it…
    jump to our forum…
    and yea…u must have ur original sim…which can let u run ur phone..
    otherwise u wont be able to!

  170. davetwin says

    Hey guys, have followed the instructions for de-branding my C905.

    got to the end stage where I remove and reconnect the battery and then switch phone back on to complete setup.

    The phone comes up with blue and grey screen with the message ‘please wait’ in the centre of it.

    How long should this message stay on screen, its currently been there for about 15 miuntes


  171. bhuvan says

    that should take few minutes!
    try switching on again…and then give a try..
    else re flash using seus..
    may be files are not installed properly!

  172. tonyk850icyberc902 says

    hi i was wondering of somethings.. if in the C902 says i can recieve 3g signal but the symbol never appears. I think that the operator blocks it so that leads me to the question:

    If I debrand my SE c902 would I be able to get 3g signal?

  173. bhuvan says

    if operator is blacking…then ull solve it..
    but i dont know that it is caused due to operator

  174. jack says

    how do i remove virus from my sony W910i? pls Some one help me…

  175. Sin says

    I successfully removed the branding of my c902 with A2 + Customize_upgrade.xml but somehow this trick won’t work with my c905…

    After the update with SEUS and rebooting it still has O2 startup/shutdown screen and Opera Mini installed… How do i get rid of that stuff?

  176. bhuvan says

    format m2

  177. bhuvan says

    u sure that u updated through seus fully?
    cuz they re upload the whole fs back to phone…so this should not happen

  178. Sin says

    Yes, I did a full Update with SEUS.

    When I debranded the c902 I used the customized CDA for my language listed in the CDA Generator but the c905 has no customized file for me listed yet …could that be the reason it didn’t work for the c905?

  179. tanvirul says

    hi i had done part 3 before i had done part 1 and 2
    what should i do????????????

  180. Akshay says

    Now again do part 3. lol. and your english is pretty bad !

  181. shai says

    is it possible that W705 doesn’t have an update yet?
    cause the SEUS tells me that there isn’t….
    i have the latest software..

    i’m getting desperate here… :\

  182. Akshay says

    hmm, that’s also possible, but it should work still.
    try again properly.

  183. shai says

    man i’m telling u.. i’ve tried for at least 5 times.. and nothing… so wierd.

  184. Akshay says

    alright, may be they don’t have firmwares out yet. you can wait and check out.
    i remember a friend of mine saying firmwares are not yet out for very new phones like C510 also.

  185. bboyzahid says

    hi guys

    I have made many fixes and improved SEUS update availability (meaning, those who got the ‘No Update Available’ message will have more luck in debranding. no guarantee though
    i hope you enjoy it

    Languages for regions found at wrox’s blog

    please support me buy purchasing

    A2 CDA file generator v1.07

    only $2 USD

    thank you

  186. shai says

    hey man…
    i’ve purchased the 1.06 version..
    now i had to pay again for the 1.07… and it sais the download link is invalid!
    what should i do??

  187. shai says

    btw- my right e-mail is now in this messege..

  188. bboyzahid says

    sent you link via email

  189. shai says

    thx man…
    but still no change for me in SEUS.. even with the new v1.07 … 🙁

  190. Rodrick says

    what about SE C510???

  191. bhuvan says


    dude commenst space is exclusive for people facing problems
    u continue ur stuff through email or by other means not here
    i alloowed ur mesg…people will definately follow u!
    have fun!

  192. bhuvan says


  193. Masterchief says

    Can somebody help me? when I put the file in the telephone with a2uploader, the file do not go there, all like Batista. Would somebody have the solution?

  194. bhuvan says

    what does the a2uploader says???

  195. Thanks! says

    Thank you guys very much for this!

  196. Masterchief says

    Sorry for my english.
    A2Uploader said this:
    “a2_fsFileWrite err:0011”
    Can you PLEASE help me?

    PS: If i paste it on a diferent folder, he go there.
    Really Strange!!!

  197. bhuvan says

    connect it again
    download latest a2 uploader…3rd version
    and which file u are uploading to where?

  198. Masterchief says

    Thank you to help me.
    i try to make that 10x but always the same error.
    i’ve already the v3 of a2 uploader.
    i upload:
    “customize_upgrade.xml” to “TPA\Preset\custom”

  199. bboyzahid says

    check if your phone memory is full. make sure there is enough space for at least 1mb

    state your model e.g. “k850”

  200. Masterchief says

    i’ve 200mb in the memory card and 8 mb in the phone memory

  201. bhuvan says

    this should not happen
    jump to our forum and discuss there

  202. bhuvan says

    he is dragging and dropping…no extra space required

  203. bboyzahid says

    what i meant was, his phone memory might be full. i got an error when i tried this and my phone memory was full

  204. Masterchief says

    but someone have the solution?
    i really want to see my phone debrand and flashed.

  205. bhuvan says

    well tech stuff…lol!

  206. bhuvan says

    as i told u…jump to out forum!
    discuss there

  207. limon says

    Can Any1 give me W760_R3BA035_FS_AMERICA_RED52 w760i cust file. plz stuck with Configrartion error..Thanks

  208. limon says

    But my friends phone says
    ChipID:C900,EMP protocol:0401

    FLASH CID: 0052
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:52 PAF:1 IMEI:35479902313286 CERT:RED
    LDR:2008-07-23 12:03 CXC1250843_DB31XX_CS_LOADER_ACC_SDRAM_R2A065
    LDR:2008-07-23 12:03 CXC1250780_DB31XX_CS_LOADER_APP_SDRAM_R2A065
    writing “F:\W760\W760_R3BA031_MAIN_GENERIC_DE_RED52.mbn”
    HDR block not accepted,error:101D
    Elapsed:11 secs.

  209. bhuvan says

    what are u attempting??

  210. limon says

    just flash

  211. bboyzahid says

    i think the custpack you gave him is branded (plusgsm)

    i have read around the forums and google and it seems that the firmware may be causing the problem. try a flashing different firmware.

  212. guy with k850 says

    what region is england london
    on the a2 cda file generator
    is it central europe
    s e europe
    or western europe
    im confused

  213. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    the one which is most close to ur place

  214. bboyzahid says

    isnt picking the region just to make sure you have the right languages or does it affect anything on the phone (other than games and apps in different languages)

  215. bhuvan says

    it contains few network tweaks…i really dont know about language thing!!!
    i used america cda for my india w580!!!
    nothing wrong happened…so wasnt able to figure out!

  216. Milton says

    My Sony Ericsson w910i keeps coming up inactive sim but the sim works in over phones can any1 help.

  217. afroman says

    Worked first time on my w890i, fantastic, no more horrible T-mobile branding!!!!!!!

    awesome, thanx :o)

  218. bhuvan says

    try other sim…if doenot works then problem with ur phone.,..if only one sim is not working properly then get a new sim from service provider…they’ll provide u fr free of the same no if u show them this problem!

  219. Broken UK dude says

    thanks alot dude! works like a charm!!! GOT TESCO OFF DA c510!! YESSS!!! WOOP

  220. guy with k850 says

    i debranded my phone
    looks much better without that vodafone rubbish
    but now i cant put flash menus like i had before
    i try put them back in but they just wont work

  221. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    whats happening exactly???
    where are u uploading them?

  222. guy with k850 says

    i open it with a2 uploader then go to
    then i drag n drop da flash menus
    then on the theme i want them i
    on the second to last line like i always did
    and know it dont work

  223. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    u r doing absolutely right
    dont knwo whats happening!!!
    is that happening with every theme?

  224. guy with k850 says

    so no help
    what do you think could be wrong

  225. tanvirul says

    i have sucessfully debranded my phone but now i want it back to t-mobile URGENTLY PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP

  226. tanvirul says


  227. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    i really dont have any idea
    better try with diff cable on diff pc

  228. bhuvan says


    for that ull need branded firmware
    search it
    or jump to our forum

  229. tanvirul says

    can you please give me a link for instructions on how to do it and what to download plz

  230. guy with k850 says

    what if i take that customiz file thing out
    what will happen?

  231. MarshallM says

    Can´t update cause it says i already have the latest firmware. Now what?

  232. Shubham says

    i already have latest firmware installed on my w595.. can i still debrand my phone

  233. adono2081 says

    hello SE mates….i ve got a question….for the love of god,i tried all europe region,but no luck with the greek language.
    any idea???
    i tried the voda greek but it returned to operators menu…..
    ps Greece is in europe 🙂

  234. adono2081 says

    hi again….after several installations of updates ,now i have a message that my soft is currently update….any idea how can i pass it?anyone?

  235. jimbob says

    my phone wont show up on a2uploader when i follow the instructions…?? im holdin down 2 +5 and all that…

  236. thaproxinator says

    use the same method as debranding but pick your t-mobile cda when generating the file.

    @guy with k850
    if you take the Customize.xml out, you will have a Configuration Error. customize_upgrade.xml is automatically removed after the cda change and cannot be deleted.

  237. Akshay says

    Tanvirul, That’s what the tutorial is all about.

  238. Akshay says

    k850, what’s up ? wht’s the problem ?

  239. Akshay says

    MarshallIM try to use correct region.
    else just reflash firmwares with a2uploader, see a2uploader tutorial, get firmwares from seusers.

  240. Akshay says

    I know greece is in europe, am updating this tutorial, so wait. It because SEUS is just dumb.

  241. Akshay says

    Shubham, it should work if you do things correcttly.

  242. Akshay says

    Adono, wait, updating this tutorial.

  243. Xblade says

    Hi I have a K850i on 3 (hutchinson UK). Everything works until i get to the SEUS. SEUS says my phone is up to date and I am certain that I have the latest version because I dowloaded it directly of the SE website and when it opens up it searches for updates anyway. Why does it say my phone is up to date?
    Thanks in Advance

  244. guy with k850 says

    if your phone is up to date just re-install it
    thats what i did and it works fine
    except for that i can’t put flash menus

  245. tanvirul says

    I had debranded my phone but was a big mistake
    please can you help put a phone back to normal on t-mobile
    as the phone isnt mine and the owner wants it back to normal
    is there any way in which i can restore it to the way it was when it came out of the factory
    please dont ask why as i tried to argue with him but no luck
    so please can you just tell me what to do

  246. thaproxinator says

    you need to change the CDA back to what it previously was, then update via SEUS. If you dont have a backed up “customize_upgrade.xml” or an identify log(from a2uploader or similar program) then you will have to choose one from the cda lists

    -the new SEUS might have thrown away the “No Update Available” message so get debranding!
    -a2 cda file generator v1.9 supports platforms lower than db3150.

  247. Akshay says

    Use the new updated CDA Generator to re-brand, it even supports re-branding.

  248. ashadul says

    hi errm when i downloaded the A2 Uploader on my vista computer it wouldnt let me open it!! i disabled my avg etc…. and it still wont open it says sumtink like incorrect pathway??

    can sum1 plz help me!!!
    thank u

  249. Akshay says

    Ashadul, can’t help, remove your anti virus.

  250. guy with k850 says

    i was modding my phone and accdentely put a customize_upgrade file and started the phone and did not like how it was left so i turned it off and took out that file but now when i turn on my phone it says configure error what should i do

  251. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    put back the original one if u got
    else download cda pack…and get that file

  252. guy with k850 says

    naa don’t worry i just bought a new phone

  253. guy with k850 says

    naa joking
    thanks bhuvan it helped a lot
    and i got my little brother a w850
    but i don’t know what platform it is
    ive searched every where
    is it db3150
    or db 3210
    what platform is it

  254. thaproxinator says

    w850 is db2020

  255. guy with k850 says

    sorry i meant to put w350

  256. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    so what u want?

  257. jockep says

    w350 is PNX5230

  258. guy with k850 says

    so can the w350 be modded

  259. jockep says

    Use JDFlasher, but there is no patching for it

  260. guy with k850 says

    what about de-branded and unlocked

  261. jockep says

    Debrand – SEUS and Ultimate cda generator or firmware files and JDFlasher
    Unlock – No free solution

  262. Akshay says

    yes w350 can be modded with jdflasher.

  263. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    mention whole stuff!

  264. guy with k850 says

    what do you mean whole stuff
    and can’t it be unlocked with the aerix tool

  265. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    dude…we have to deal with so many problems a single day…thats y we ask u to post whole thing..instead of posting or continuing stuff fr days!
    any ways…w350 is pnx based phone
    no aerix support

  266. guy with k850 says

    thanks for your help

  267. A Great Dane ! says

    I have never done this before, but following theese instructions was very easy, and my SE C905 is now debranded… NICE 🙂

    Thank you so very mutch 🙂

  268. Lun4t1ck says

    i have a problem. i debranded my phone and tried to install flash menus. The flash menu works but i cant seem to press any button. I tried the Eclipse theme for my C902 and when i try to press on any button in the menu, it doesnt take me anywhere. A little help please. :S

  269. bhuvan says

    the menu is not meant for ur phone!
    download compatible ones

  270. Colin Miller says

    I started using the 2A CDA generator and I followed your instructions. I selected phone and region and clicked generate. I got a dialog box asking me to put in my CDA.

  271. bhuvan says

    Colin Miller
    thats not possible!!!
    try again
    or ask at forum
    the maker of that software is among us there

  272. Jockep says

    Buhvan, A2 CDA Generator is an application made by thaProxinator a.k.a zahid,

    You can try my application known as Ultimate CDA Generator it should work, also new version comming soon,
    Happy modding // Jock

  273. bhuvan says

    dude its bhuvan!
    anyways so what u want me to do/?ill do it

  274. joe says

    Ahhh.. SEUS made my phone CID 54….. wtF? Now it wont let me hack or anything… gay…

  275. bhuvan says

    show me the log!
    cid54 aint out yet!!!!
    are u sure?

  276. TAMIL says


  277. Robin says

    Awesome! – Worked fine with w995 – on original firmware now and have got rid of the O2 piece of crap. Can now use the google maps with GPS, wayfinder, youtube applications, games etc. flawlessly as originally intended by SE before O2 fucked it up..
    Tip: Back up the original customization files using the file extractor as A2 can’t read the CID53

  278. bhuvan says

    use flash menu which is compatible with ur phone!
    there are different flash lite versions

  279. Biscuits says

    Excellent work – C510 debranded first(ish) time!

  280. Hiify w595 voda contract says

    Hi there, thank you very much for this site, I was dubious as I have previously bricked a w950i

    I’ve de-branded my phone fine. I’m using a SE W595 on a Vodafone contract. However there are some issues.

    There are STILL unwanted stuff in the menus (applications, games) that I cannot delete!

    I originally wanted to debrand because I was under the impression it would make my GUI look better. Now everything looks as if it was made for blind people! All icons are big, clunky and far from looking sleek!

    I can see on this website it’s possible to change the things I would like to (how the battery icon looks, text colours, walkman skins) but it all seems like a lot of effort for something so small so my question to you experts is:

    Should I Re-brand, is Vodafone firmware bad?
    Should I keep it as it is and then maybe consider customizing/personalizing my phone further?

    It seems to me that if I wanted to change all the icons/menus etc it would take me a lot of time AND increase the chances of bricking my phone.

    What do you think?

    Thanks a lot

  281. Bionic says

    hey i have a w350a and ive been trying to debrand it for the longest time i already unlocked it from at&t’s network (using the unlock code) but i cant seem to get it debranded using far manager and jdflasher, i cant even get it connected to the damn thing,


    Load far manager with jdflasher

    press alt + f1 selected flasher

    script: pnx5230

    port: dcu-20

    Speed: 921600

    then i jump in the rabbit hole,

    then a box comes up telling me to connect while holding “C”

    then i put back the battery into my phone without the sim (while holding “c”) (ive also tried holding “2” and “2 +5” different times none worked) now dont get me wrong i tried holding down each of these different times, BEFORE i put in the battery but nothing happens!!!, i have a dcu-60 cable.

    PLEASE what am i doing wrong and is there any hope left in this universe for me?? awaiting ur reply

    one love

  282. RWZ says

    hey bhuvan, need a little explanation here,
    1- if i use the 2nd method, i am required to download both FS and MAIN ? can i use just FS?
    2- if i use the 2nd method, can the phone be rebrand (for warranty purposes) ? if yes, how?


  283. bhuvan says

    Hiify w595 voda contract
    dont owrry
    do the way it is given here
    i too have the same phone and modding it is really simple
    also no such cases are found yet where people got there a2 phone bricked and urs is a2!
    but at the end
    it all upto u!
    do the way it is given

  284. bhuvan says

    because ur phone is pnx5230!
    a2 uploader wont work!
    use jdflasher

  285. bhuvan says

    i guess fs will work
    cuz main is not regional or branded
    first try with fs only!
    if do not works up to mark then go for main
    but only fs should work!
    for re-branding look at 3rd point there!

  286. Hiify w595 voda contract says

    Thanks for you opinion Bhuvan.

    w595 runs slightly faster on generic FW so will keep it and attempt modding when I find some motivation.

    Brilliant site. Keep it up.

  287. Møller says

    A2 uploader has a trojan…

  288. bhuvan says

    i have told that in starting of the guide itself!
    its programming is done by those softwares which are used for making trojans too!
    thousands of people are not fool!

  289. Kian says

    Thanks You SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much,
    I Hav Been Tryin To Sort This Out For Abwt A Week Now, NONE Stop,
    And Finally All The Pissing Orange Stuff Has Gone,
    Akshayy…. I Owe You One Big Time Mate, Thankss Sooo Much,
    I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT, I Thought I Wuld Neva Be Able To Do It, Or End Up Fuckin The Fone Up 😀
    Cheers Agen Bud xx

  290. bhuvan says

    good to have u happy!

  291. rik247 says

    hi guys does this work for the W995i ???
    thanx ..

  292. bhuvan says

    it will

  293. Din says

    I have a question, if I debranding my K850, the CID 52 i have will dissappear or what? What the benefit I got if I debranding my phone? Can anyone answer it…

  294. bhuvan says

    branded phone always hides a lot of capabilities or u an say functions from ur phone!
    depends upon ur operator…what all stuff it has removed!
    always go for unbranded to get true sony ericsson!

  295. Damjan says

    It worked, got a little pissed because i have never used it and it didnt work for the first time, but now I sucssefully debranded my phone, tnx

  296. sherwyn says

    thanks man it worked perfectly

  297. bhuvan says


  298. Abdul (Abu) says

    Hi. M using W705, I did debranding ma fone, but wen i use XS++ to add flash menu it shows lik ua phone disconnected.. Plz giv me a solution, i wana add flash themes 2 ma fone n enjoy… plz du help me….

  299. Munners says

    How do you find out which type of phone you have. I have two, a W595 and a S312.

    Is there a web site that shows what model is what type?

  300. Akshay says

    Munners, its easy look on the phone, it will be written.

  301. kumar says

    Hi…I want to debrand my sony ericsson T303 Vodafone (Unlocked).I am unable to connect it to SEUS. Can you please suggest something?

  302. wongnog says

    Just thought I would help others that holding the “C” or “2+5” keys didn’t work on m W760. I had to load Sony Ericsson Update Service as the wizard instructs me to hold the “5” key on my phone. Only then was I able to get A2 Uploader to work on my phone. Hope this helps others out!

  303. John K says

    Hey guys,

    I just got my ATT C905a and want to debrand it. I haven’t used it yet but have it fully charged. My only problem is that I don’t know which firmware will be best for my phone. I don’t know what my phone’s CID is and when I use XS++ to find out, i get this:

    12:05:28| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    12:05:28| Executed on Microsoft Windows Vista
    12:05:35| Attempting to open the interface…
    12:05:35| TURN OFF PHONE!
    12:05:35| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    12:05:35| You have 30 seconds…
    12:05:45| Baseband ID: E900
    12:05:45| Protocol Version: 4.1
    12:05:45| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:n/a)
    12:05:45| …using GDFS name
    12:05:45| Profiling SEMC phone…
    12:05:45| Platform: Unknown
    12:05:45| OTP CID: 0
    12:05:45| EROM CID: 0
    12:05:45| EROM Color: n/a
    12:05:45| IMEI: n/a
    12:05:45| Phone ID: n/a
    12:05:45| Region: n/a
    12:05:45| CDA: n/a n/a
    12:05:45| Firmware Version: n/a
    12:05:45| EROM: n/a
    12:05:45| Ready for operation!

    I installed ggsetup- and tried XS++ with DCU-60 and 65 cables. Ultimately, I want to take all precautions before using the wrong type of firmware.

    Also, should I back up my GDFS? I successfully debranded two of my W580i through you guys about 1.5 yrs ago and thank you for that.

    R1FA035_RED53 seems to be the newest firmware and if my phone is CID53, is this a good choice?


  304. John K says

    Nevermind, I found out you couldn’t use XS++ with C905.

    Instead, A2 gave me this:

    ChipID:E900,EMP protocol:0401

    FLASH CID: 0053
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:53 PAF:1 IMEI:35311003055680 CERT:RED
    LDR:2009-04-21 18:30 1202-0420_DB3210_CS_LOADER_APP_SDRAM_R2A081
    LDR:2009-04-21 18:29 1202-0421_DB3210_CS_LOADER_ACC_SDRAM_R2A081
    Elapsed:22 secs.

    So now I want to know if my selected .mbn, .fbn, and .xml will work with my phone:

    Last questions:
    Are there better firmwares available?
    What’s the difference between this .xml file and others available?

    Like I said, I have an ATT C905a phone in America and want the English Language. I’m about ready to begin flashing so I just want to check one last time before I continue.

    Thanks guys, you’re the best!

  305. GrYnas says

    hi, i have debranded my w595. but… how remove web’n’walk from menu, and email pro from Messages?

  306. pavithra says

    If you update your A200 phone with SEUS, it will convert to CID53 automatically. so its
    better to flash with A2Uploader.

  307. kamal says

    I want to know, Will debranding using method 1 will lock my w595 again. I am using unlocked w595 which is earlier on 3’s network UK.

  308. Liam says

    used your method to debrand my w705 and remove O2 Ireland branding – worked a charm, but realised that it removed the built in facebook widget which I quite liked, and didn’t give much extra in return.

    Rebranding was a bit trickier – the key is to remove the “cda-revision” line from the generated XML file, otherwise SEUS thinks you already have the latest updat. then paste back in the original cda-number (for 02 Ireland this is 1222-3976). So phone is O2 branded again, but worth doing anyway.

  309. Akshay says

    Liam, thanks for that, you can customize the branded phone itself if you got the skills and times.

  310. kamal says

    Akshay , Please make a reply for me too..

    I just need to know, will my unlocked W595 (3’s network uk) will get locked again if i try to update it by seus.?

    and also please tell me the best way to de-brand my phone without gettin it relocked .??

  311. A says


    By following your process I cannot go further of one step… the erros announced in a2uploader is: “can’t get ACK” how to solve this problem? where to dowload the latestes version of a2uploader for free?

  312. A says

    Hate to admit id but I’m a newie… I downloaded the latest version posted previously… should I ‘flash’ it first before reading the ‘customize.xml’ and ‘preloaded_config.xml’???

  313. allison says

    hey akshay can u pls help me! where can i get those fs tools??thanks

  314. Chaz says

    Hi there, just about to gt my new vodafone upgrade (from w850i) and I am going for the W715. I will want to de-brand it. But I will be using method 1. Question, what exactly is CID53, as someone stated that SEUS will convert it to that. Is this bad? And will it prevent me from re-branding it back to vodafone just in case I have to hand it back for some reason?

    Secondly, I’m a bit confused about re-branding…… Is it easy? And how can it be done?

    Help would be much appreciated 😉 thanks

  315. Chaz says

    hi there, what is CID53? is this bad? will it restrict anything like re-branding just in case i have to send my phobe back to vodafone? because, as spmeone stated, SEUS will automatically convert it to that?

  316. Chaz says

    sorry, also, i forgot to say, i also will be unlocking my phone….. but again, if for some reaso i have to send it back or something (but touch wood i will never have to), is there any way i would be able to lock it to Vodafone again?

  317. Chaz says

    Sorry to keep on, but last question. I have just read in a forum, that the w715 cannot be de-branded using this seus meathod because it is an exlusive to vodafone. Could anyone tell me if this is true or not? Asap would be best 🙂

    Finally, I’m in England, and for the CID generator, this may sound stupid, but I just want to be 110% sure…. What do I need to select as my region?

  318. Akshay says

    I am not sure about the w715 thing, since i never tried it cleanly. but you can try, its not really damaging, just backup the xml files that you overwrite.
    its not dangers, no issues go ahead.
    select any region, for english language is present every where.

  319. Chaz says

    ok. thanks. and i asked about the region because of networks. and ok, thanks. i shall try it, and if you are interested, i shall post here weather or not it works. fingers crossed.

  320. kiran says

    hi akshay
    can u tell me how to unlock w350

  321. Gilad Mezamer says

    hi there
    i accidentally installed the wrong firmware and my phone is f***ed up… what to do?

  322. Chaz says

    Start again. Install the right firmware

  323. Neil says

    I have a c510 locked to Orange (UK), I’ve downloaded everything you said, but when I drag over customize_upgrade.xml it doesnt add it to the phone. It does nothing. I’ve tried downloading both V1 & V2, and I tried moving the .exe to as different location (as someone else did above) but still nothing. I just will not let me upload it to the phone. Any ideas??? I just want to debrand it, and add the firmware that has Facebook etc….
    New to this, never tried anything like it before.
    Please help!

  324. Shikha says


    I am very new to debranding stuff. Recently got a new T715 from UK which operated on 3 network (unlocking was done in UK only). Now I, being in India, find 3 network’s icon’s, menus, settings very annoying and want to get rid of them asap. Also I am unable to load themes properly on my handy (like the way themes were set on my previous W580i)!

    I have been reading your blogs/ tutorials/ forums regarding debranding phones and getting back original settings however I am very scared of death of my new phone. Your tutorial abt debranding states that only A2 phones mentioned in the list can be debranded (my phone model is not listed T715).

    Please guide me with the steps to debrand sony T715. Also what are the chances of phone not becoming dead post debranding? I have no idea regarding firmware/ flashing/ CID, etc.

  325. Akshay says

    Neil, no idea, strange, try on a different computer!

  326. Chaz says

    The chances of your phone being completely dead is very slim. This can happen usually if there is a fault in a component or any part of the hardware for that mater. But by flashing or upgrading there is a chance that you brick your phone. But this can be fixed by re-flashing the phone

  327. MrQueen says

    hi there!
    How can i fix this?:
    when i turn on my W980, i have num pad light for few scond and then nothing…!
    i mean my phone wont turn on!
    thank you for help

  328. Lingus says

    I’m having trouble with A2 CDA File Generator.exe
    every time I try to start it I get this error..

    “The application failed to initalize properly (0xc0000135). Click ok to terminate the application”

    Does anyone know why and what I should do to overcome this problem?

    Thank you

  329. Marko says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you !!! I can’t say it enough :))))))))))
    Thanks to this tutorial I managed to remove the ugly stinky m*f*ing vodafone software and get the original SE software 😀
    I <3 <3 <3 SE
    For those of you who can't pay for the CDA generator (e.g. don't have a credit card) here's a link to an older FREE version:

  330. AmlanR says

    aah!!i too got the seus prob “latest software installed”…but i remember that before tryna debrand i had updated my fone using seus n i had the option “continue anyway” but i dont have it now??
    y so???

  331. Huwy says

    Hello, everybody!!

    I want to debrand my W995. But, i don’t see it in the list of A2phone above!

    I’m welcomed all of you to show me how to debrand my W995 safely and succesfully. N how to back-up before debranding has been taken??

    Please, help me!! 🙂

  332. AmlanR says

    hey huwy.i can help u debrand a w995 cus i hav one myself…well wat do u wanna backup?
    for sms,contacts and all…use my phone explorer
    for the file system (FS)….use the A2 uploader to “read” by rightclicking and clicking read on the file u wanna backup….well u wont need a backup cus itz openly available for download at se-nse

  333. Huwy says

    OK, then. Can you tell me how to debrand my W995 step by step?? 🙂

  334. Brick says

    Im plugging my phone in, A2 is finding it but im not seeing any files or anything…
    anyone got any ideas?
    im using a w995 and the pc is on xp

  335. popoola oluwaseun says

    hello akshay.i followed the process to flashing phones and i was able to flash it successfully.Thanks.
    I later discovered that i could not use the phone to will tells me to “open the lens cover” even when the lens is opened n would refuse to snap/video.
    please what can i do

  336. tillaz says

    hello any 1 no how to de brand a s312 + unlock please? im having no luck searching the web


  337. kevin says

    Download the new Omnius software

  338. sehrish says

    hey can anbody help me i have a soni ericson x 10 not mini but there is simlock what can i do ????

  339. bhuvan says

    sorry but its brand new phone, so no customizations for it yet!

  340. Jitu says

    hey when i connect my W705 this error are coming when I try to read customize.xml

    ChipID:E900,EMP protocol:0401

    FLASH CID: 0053
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:53 PAF:1 IMEI:************** CERT:RED
    LDR:2009-04-21 18:30 1202-0420_DB3210_CS_LOADER_APP_SDRAM_R2A081
    LDR:2009-04-21 18:29 1202-0421_DB3210_CS_LOADER_ACC_SDRAM_R2A081
    a2_fsFileRead err:000A
    can’t get ACK
    can’t get ACK

  341. Jitu says

    anyway i can’t upgrade SEUS cause I already have latest version

    can you tell me how to change flash firmwares directly ?
    I want to run flash menu.

  342. bhuvan says

    right click on the file, and click on option like this there —> set____
    now read the file
    and to flash the firmware
    download firmware from 4 or topsony and flash using a2 uploader
    just load the files and click on flash

  343. Jitu says

    Thanks Bhuvan
    how do select firmware?

  344. bhuvan says

    select firmware??
    i am not getting u!

  345. Annafee says

    I have a k850i…i happen to have read ur tutorial many times but when ever i try to connect my phone using data cable..with A2 uploader…it doesn’t dot work..the bar keeps moving and moving nothing happens…..(I disabled my antivirus) and after that my pc hangs…..please help

  346. Jitu says

    sorry for spelling mistake
    I mean there are lots of firmware out there, i don’t know which firmware I need.
    can you give link to specific firmware from which flash menu will work?

  347. bhuvan says

    weird!!!! u didn installed the drivers???
    try cleaning the port of ur mobile

  348. bhuvan says

    get the latest one. but its recommended that the one which supports the max patches that is best if u are into patching!!!
    else the latest one, to know which one is best for go to our forum and ask there!
    as i dont own one w705!

  349. Annafee says

    But when the cell phone is switched on and when i use SE pc suite everything works fine..i can access my pictures on phone memory….so that means my data cable and usb port is working right???Moreover when i use SEUS i also cannot connect holding ‘c’ or 2+5…my pc hangs…

  350. Annafee says

    And i installed gg setup that comes with A2 uploader….

  351. bhuvan says

    dude then the problem it with the os u have installed!!!
    this will be solved by a simple reflash!

  352. Annafee says

    But about a month ago my cellphone went to BROD(blue ring of death) and i fixed it by simply reflashing it with the SEUS,at that time it easily got connected with SEUS by holding ‘c’…..and thank you very much Bhuvan for ur input……..

  353. Annafee says

    thank you very much after reinstalling my system the problem is over but when i try to open CDA generator it says application error…????

  354. bhuvan says

    os can go wrong at any moment!! but its not always corrupt!!
    i hope u get it 😉

  355. bhuvan says

    thats great!
    now for cda generator, try opening it as admin, if still does not works and urs is win 7 or vista then run in compatibility mode! if still no hope then manually download cda pack from

  356. gnarkil says

    like anafee, cant run cda file generator. im using windows xp. help me bhuvan. send me lastest link that will run cda

  357. bhuvan says

    download from

  358. gnarkil says

    tnx. now i have my file from cda. now my problem is, is it okay if i run the update_service first before pasting customize_xml? (i move to your step 3 before step 2). because when im using update service to my phone it says i have my latest update in my phone and there’s no re-install to be clicked.

  359. ppg says

    @gnarkil, better if you go by 2nd method, if not possible for u then follow 1st method correctly!

  360. jay says

    this workd great here in ireland i got my mobile unlocked yesterday from o2 network here and wanted to use the 3 network in it however the internet would not work kept giving me errors even tough the settings where correct so did this debranded it from o2 and it works great now whooo :):) thanks again

  361. bhuvan says

    great to have u happy!!!

  362. Chrischi[ger] says

    Woooooooooohoooooooooooooooo!!!! thanks man! i hatet these f**kin branding, but now sony did debrand my phone with SEUS…..

  363. kura2 says

    Hi, anyone know why SEUS always said that my c510 had a latest software always?Does this mean I cannot debrand my c510?Is that has another method to debrand c510?thanks

  364. nini says

    hi I have SE T707. can I use this program as well???

  365. bhuvan says

    give a try, connect ur phone to a2 uploader in current situation only, if it successfully opens the fs then yes, it should!

  366. bhuvan says

    jump to our forums

  367. gdg says

    where to get the k850i custpack files? plssss helppp!!

  368. Tahirz says

    i want to know that how i apply .vkp patchen in my w595?
    i debranded it using a2uploader.
    can vkp patches applied with a2uploader????

  369. IT WORKS!! says

    Your are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT WORKS i just debranded my C902 from Orange !!!! 🙂 LOVE U

  370. Tahirz says

    my W595 DOESN’t play its own recorded videos.
    i update it with seuu and then flash using a2uploader but problem still remain.

  371. jervy says

    how about sony ericsson J108 (Cedar)? will this still work?

  372. Daudy says

    hi akhsay, i can’t find my customize.xml and preloaded_config.xml In directory tpa/preset/custom….what should i do? Thx btw

  373. Torben says

    Nothing works, i have just wasted a lot of time.
    Also extremely bad explanation.
    Thanks for nothing 🙁

  374. mee says

    It has completely killed my phone. After boot up logo, nothing happenes, but the screen flashes black. How do i fix it?

  375. Glass Koala says

    I have followed the instructions, everything went fine except my G502 still has 3 (Three) Mobile branding. I tried again but now when I use Sony’s update service the program tells me I have the latest version and will not let me flash anyway.

    What am I doing wrong?

  376. niclas says

    i cant read the telephones real cusomize ,xml file:/ but now ui ahd two generic , files and så it maybe that easy to delete my created xml, and get the three network in the telfphone one more time 🙂 i dont now answer me please

  377. Nishshanka Prabhath says

    I’ve did everything but still “NO UPDATE AVAILABLE” FROM SEUS! 🙁
    my phone is SE C902, recently flashed by a shop.

  378. Nabil says

    i cant open a2 uploader in my windows 7 !! please help

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