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Free Sony Ericsson A2 Unlocking !

This project has ended. The new tutorial to unlock A2 phones will be written in a few days. Use this tool till then


Aerix team has now come up a free A2 unlocking client. It supports all the latest Sony Ericsson A2 and A2 v.2 phones !

Phones Supported !

C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905, G905,
G705, K630, K660, K850, K858, T700, TM506,
V640, W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902,
W908, W910, W980, Z750, Z770, Z780

You can download it from Rapidshare, their official link or from filebase. You have to register at Aerix website to get access to free unlocking, you will need your username and password to login to the client. Using this tool is pretty easy. You should first Install USB Flash Drivers. Then Start Aerix Client and Click Unlock, Then shutdown phone,  connect phone holding 2+5 and wait. It should unlock within 2 minutes !

Here is a screen shot of Aerix tool.

It has been tested with w910, g502, k850 by many guys in our modding community. It works well ! Clears the SIM Lock successfully.

A note though, this is full unlock and not patch unlock, you will lose your phone warranty if you perform a full unlock. Temporary patch unlocking is not yet out for free ! Patch unlocks can be removed by reflashing the main firmware.


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146 Responses

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  1. ikermalli says

    I keep getting “Configuration error. please contact your service provider or service center

  2. Akshay says

    don’t worry, config error happens some times. its can be fixed easily with full re-flash of FS.
    and also by de-branding.

  3. bhuvan says

    upload cda files

  4. habz99uk says

    when i connect it come up with cannot connect with server, i have tried both servers, anyone else has the same problem?

  5. guy with k850 says

    i dont recomend doing it 5 times
    it just shuts of your phone and it wont start

  6. guy with k850 says

    ooo my fault i took the battery out

  7. Joe says

    Wow, great works fine with C902. No problem, only turn off your cell phone and press hold 2 and 5 at same time. Plug to USB with buttons pressed and voalá!

  8. ion123 says

    c’mon people .. what do we do if the server is down ?
    trying to unlock a c905 as well, from tmobile UK, but no luck… I have an account, but nothing seems to be happening when i press 2+5 … nothing at all

  9. I LOVE SE W910i says

    “guy with k850″……..there was a flash problem or you took the battery out…

  10. Akshay says

    the server was down, its backup now. no worries.

  11. guy with k850 says

    no it works great but i forgot i took the battery out

  12. newbie says

    does unlocking reffers to the sim of the phone ?

  13. Akshay says

    newbie, yes sim unlocking.

  14. Alex says

    for k750i works? if what not what you recomend me?

  15. Akshay says

    Alex, there is another tutorial for k750. not this one ;)

  16. habz99uk says

    i unlocked my w890i phone and now it says “inactive Sim”, i then reinstalled the software via SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) and the problem is still there, what can i do?

  17. thaproxinator says

    your SIM card is “Inactive” which means your providor has cancelled your SIM card because of inactivity (havent recharged within the period that is set e.g. 30 days)
    either get a new SIM card or try to get that SIM card fixed.

    this is usually the problem in your case but if not, then the unlock might have done some damage (not likely though)

    good luck!

  18. Akshay says

    now de-brand and use some other sim card.

  19. DaviD says

    What a great program. Unlocked my w910i with ease. It would be great if ou could create a program that can unlock the r306 . If have made such a software or no one can you please give me a reply. All help will be greately appreciated

  20. khaleel says

    i tried the software and it was succsfull…..but afterwards the mobile doesnot turn on again !!!
    plz help

  21. habz99uk says

    i have de-branded it and tried 5 different network Sim cards but still don’t work!, this happened only after i unlocked it!

  22. thaproxinator says

    post you identify log at se-lifestyle then link to it here.

  23. yoyo says

    does it work for the sony ericsson k850i too? i dont know the differences between the k850i and the k850

  24. Akshay says

    DaviD, That’s ODM, not SE platform. sorry!

  25. Akshay says

    are you sure you have unlocked your phone successfully or not ?
    unlock correctly then it certainly works, your phone is not really special. ;)

  26. Akshay says

    yes it does work. i means international, a means america ! that’s all.

  27. ab12345 says

    i tryed to unlock, but it gets the connection to the server and says user does not exist on server, also the cid number is in red (52)

    aerix registers me and i confirm their email but yet i cant logon to there site/server and the details are correct, i even rest the password but still same problem.

  28. guy with k850 says

    the k850 and k850i is the same phone
    and yes this tool does work
    i inlocked my phone and it works perfectly

  29. SEnoob says

    is the server down?? can u give me another server address and the port.. thanks..

  30. SEnoob says

    nvm that just got a successful.. thanks very much

  31. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    its db2020

  32. Karthik says

    I proceeded to try to use Aerix. I registered for an account and logged in and everything…included activation

    But when I try to unlock, using 2+5 buttons , I get the following error:


    Action journal
    20:17:30 Instructions
    20:17:30 Please connect the phone via USB while holding 2-5…
    20:17:30 . The action name is ‘Unlock’
    20:17:30 . The action started waiting for the user
    20:17:36 . The action finished waiting for the user
    20:17:36 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB1) (ver.
    20:17:36 Connecting to the baseband…
    20:17:36 Entering service mode…
    20:17:37 Detected chipset: DB3210 P1A/P1B
    20:17:37 Boot-ed via: ROM
    20:17:37 Sending loader…
    20:17:43 e Failed!
    20:17:43 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 628294B8B19C2AA4

    Error details

    42 5A 3F E6 D1 BD 93 DE AB A6 B9 8A 17 65 45 8D
    C3 08 41 B7 AF 94 E3 98 A2 01 14 3C E9 7D F5 36
    0D 4A BC 41 BE 83 9D E3 F5 38 E7 88 8B 7D B1 1A
    73 51 71 CA F1 46 48 A4 BF F4 67 0F A7 44 AB A0
    57 A8 11 91 91 DD 2D E2 6B E2 80 D5 13 C3 AB FB
    7D 90 2F E0 78 FE 78 CA 35 19 29 32 07 D6 1F E9
    6B F9 2F 67 9F E4 73 34 AA E5 11 82 99 F5 9B FA
    E3 9A 19 17 5C 06 93 0F FB E8 77 5C 99 04 15 6A
    13 60 1F 66 AF 51 13 A2 D5 D6 39 1F 97 F4 3B 26
    42 EB 3F 7A 2F EC 63 1C 5B 38 E9 76 73 F4 E7 31

  33. Karthik says

    I forgot to mention, my phone is C-905a (originally branded from Rogers, but unbranded)
    has the following details in the Service Menu ….
    Software Info…
    R1EA033 prg1205-9079_GENERIC_SI R1EA033
    EROM: 1200-4341

    1212-6123 R4A
    1205-9083 R1EA033

  34. bhuvan says

    thats strange!!!
    take ur problem to few more xpert guys at our forum!

  35. Karthik says

    bhuvan – I know it’s strange, tell me about it, I will definite ask around on the forum, but I believe, I also run across several forums on Davanici, WotanServer, etc. and they meniton their paid services can not unlock the c905a

    I believe it has something to do with this: DB3210 P1A/P1B

  36. john chung says

    i wonder how this program work . i try to unlock but it say No device found and i am unlocking the W980 Lock on Vodaphone Brand new seal Box.

    If anyone knoe how to do it please post a youtube video and i really appreciate that.

  37. bhuvan says

    try what jock says

  38. Troels says

    Hi, the service is currently down and I’m in bad need of it :(

  39. bhuvan says

    dude keep trying
    ull succeed

  40. suresh says

    can i unlock w980 sony ericsson mobile

  41. bhuvan says

    this is the way

  42. Tarod says

    Same problem than Karthik here, the only diference are the numbers in “error details”:

    Error details

    30 D3 C7 AB 06 78 62 17 8C 4B A6 2B 30 24 56 87
    95 26 3C 3A 48 97 0E B3 E3 4C B5 3F 6E 20 3A 21
    A4 C7 83 70 57 C0 D0 96 AC A5 3A 29 AC A6 20 D1
    1A 62 72 3B D8 3D D9 8F C6 89 F8 4C A0 DF 5A 35
    C6 E5 2C 5C B6 98 5E 29 34 F1 1D F4 54 DE 44 70
    D4 DD AE 6F EF 05 95 9D 72 54 8A B3 80 8B 2E FE
    3A 0A 6C D4 F8 27 3E 3D 8D 86 CE A1 3E 2E 0A CF
    F4 C9 18 E4 8B 85 FC A6 04 15 6A E3 A0 E1 9A FF
    04 13 5E 2B 86 94 1E 69 0C CB DA 42 50 91 2A D1
    15 26 40 F7 38 17 8E C9 E4 75 B6 77 0A 57 2A 26

    The phone is a W715 from Vodafone Spain.

    Just a minute before I unlocked succesfuly my wife’s W595 (Vodafone Spain also).


  43. andy says

    Very nice – worked first time on my uk vodafone W890 – tested with an -02 simcard after, only had to do a manual battery pull as the phone didnt auto restart after the unlock.

    many thanks!

  44. Vishal says

    Hi All,

    Could you please help me? could you please tell me is there any way to unlock w950i by any method on this website?


  45. tanirul says

    iv used the aerix SIX TIMES now on my c902
    but it doesnt unlock
    i put a vodafone sim in and it says inactive sim!
    what shall i do

  46. bhuvan says

    is the process successfully getting completed in aerix?
    if server is low then try again n again

  47. gabbie says

    Hi. Um, I tried unlocking my phone. (G502) It stated that the process was SUCCESSFULL. But, my phone won’t start anymore. HELP! :(

  48. bhuvan says

    reflash using seus
    then have a look

  49. tanvirul says

    yes it says successfully completed but everytime i put a sim other than t-mobile it says inactive sim
    and by the way my c902 is a cid53

  50. bhuvan says

    that sim works fine on other phones???
    try the whole process again
    before that reflash for once

  51. Nikhil says

    Excellent ! It worked for me. I was able to unlock Sony C510 in 1 minute. It was locked on 3UK.

  52. bhuvan says


  53. tanvirul says

    bhuvan iv tried the a few differnt sims too
    they all work on other phones but not on mine.
    I also reflashed it using a2
    but still no luck

  54. bhuvan says

    man many points can be the answer
    better discuss it at our forum

  55. dianalopez says

    I´m trying to unlock a k850i with this Aerix method but I always get an error message #536910AF005BDA74 It seems the problems is that the phone is boot via EROM instead of ROM.
    Can you tell me how to change the booting?

  56. bhuvan says

    u are pressing ‘c’ key?

  57. bhuvan says

    if yea
    then jump onto our forum
    im not into a2 unlocking!
    people there will help u out

  58. dianalopez says

    Thanks bhuvan to tell me to jump to the forum, but where? I’m n00b and after quite a long time searching for a similar forum I found nothing. Only one post of a specific problem, but nothing related with switching the boot via from EROM to ROM.
    Do you have a link to somewhere? I’m sick of trying to find something in many of the flashing zone topics.

  59. dianalopez says

    Hi again bhuvan, I no longer need the link. There’s no better way to find something than first giving up and stubbornly try once more. I found someone with almost the same problem and that gave me the clue. I’ve always press the “c” key with many of the programs you use to use because when I’ve tryed whit 2+5 never worked. Now I’ve found that when pressing “c” you boot EROM and when you press 2+5 you boot ROM.
    Everything worked ok.
    Thanks! :)

  60. bhuvan says

    thats great
    akhshay uses the same way in his one of the a2 phone!

  61. calv00 says

    the flash of my phone was have an error that couse to my program to be invisible can this program fixed my phone?

  62. bhuvan says

    i m seriously not getting ur query!

  63. bhuvan says

    this should not happen
    try try flashing
    may get ur phone back as locked
    now unlock again

  64. Bruno says

    hi guys, just trying to unlock a C903 from 3 UK network, but it is not working.

    The error message is as follows… what am i doing wrong?

    Thank you for any help…

    Action journal
    15:40:33 Instructions
    15:40:33 Please connect the phone via USB while holding 2-5…
    15:40:33 . The action name is ‘Unlock’
    15:40:33 . The action started waiting for the user
    15:40:45 . The action finished waiting for the user
    15:40:45 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB2) (ver.
    15:40:45 Connecting to the baseband…
    15:40:45 Entering service mode…
    15:40:46 Detected chipset: DB3210 (ID E9000401)
    15:40:46 Boot-ed via: ROM
    15:40:46 Sending loader…
    15:40:52 e Failed!
    15:40:52 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 628294B8B19C2AA4

    Error details

    4B 2C 2C 79 F0 16 34 05 E6 73 90 20 EA B9 2C E9
    52 C6 A6 C8 32 F9 24 41 F1 0A 03 B3 28 7E 1C 8D
    3E 3F 85 5C 5D 10 BA 7A FA E3 70 C5 0A E6 1E 1D
    9C 1A E8 77 52 93 37 C3 10 CF 0E FE 9A FF 04 19
    58 E3 16 0E 4C 88 0C C5 DA B7 57 18 12 20 BA 7C
    12 A5 C8 1D 99 15 47 11 18 6C 40 41 BA AB 88 2C
    58 F2 E6 78 02 09 D4 D1 DB 40 F8 4D 18 90 34 03
    F2 B1 7E A8 01 2B 92 14 D6 D3 20 AF DA BF 44 AD
    9E 15 98 07 70 FA B4 7B 66 F3 F0 50 6A 11 AC A3
    D3 5E D6 FB 4E 87 A4 C5 0A CD 00 FB B0 09 F0 8A


  65. bhuvan says

    i am not at all into a2 unlocking
    jump to our forum
    ask there

  66. dianalopez says

    Hi bhuvan, I just want to correct my last post: the life of my k850i battery after unlocking with Aerix is working as normal. I guess I was on holidays and using the phone a lot (installing new software and new tools, and checking the improvements) Now back to normal-working-life I’ve check that there’s nothing wrong with the battery. Sorry about the panic notice (If someone wants to delete it… I’d not mind) Thanks!

  67. bhuvan says

    thanks for posting this back

  68. Srikanth says

    Tried on my Sony Ericsson C510 , locked to Three UK , works like ca charm ,

    Cheers m8

  69. sam says

    may i know what is the script of my f305

  70. bhuvan says

    which script u are talking about?

  71. Yuvi says

    Hi people

    Does anyone know how to boot by ROM of C903 instead of EROM…every combo I try only boots in erom?

    Would appreciate it?


  72. bhuvan says

    i really dont know what all u are talking about

  73. Zaheer says

    Hi Bhuvan can help me unlock my C510? Do i hold “c” or 2-5?

  74. Yuvi says

    Bhuvan yaar….the thing is I have a SE C903 on 3 network. Now I try unlocking it but it gives me error codes…
    Error code
    # 628294B8B19C2AA4
    First it kept booting into EROM but now managed to boot it in ROM…Now it gives me this error…

    Forum koi help ni karta!

  75. bhuvan says


  76. bhuvan says

    well man this is creepy and confusing
    so i suggest u to go to our support forum

  77. dinnu says

    Hi, I successfully unlocked my W595 using Aerix. After this, I doubt and of course I am feeling that my battery is draining faster than it was doing before. I also found a comment in the SE Life Style forum that “Aerix is bricking phones, it is making changes to the phones GDFS wich is making the battery to drain really fast”. Does anyone know about this?

  78. edu says

    gracias ya lo prove y me funciona de maravilla

  79. bhuvan says

    thats just a rumor!
    so many more than thousands of users have used aerix without any troubles!
    read the old comments
    one more user was here complaining the same thing!
    wait for few days
    or a reflash would help u!
    i suggest u to wait

  80. bhuvan says

    only english!

  81. dinnu says

    Thanx bhuvan, I will observe the battery for a couple of days more and will post back :)

  82. Lovey says

    where to find .vkp patch

  83. bhuvan says


  84. RC Mishra says

    Hello Akshay,
    I have just baught a SE W705 It is unlocked but is ‘3 Network’ Branded (HonkKong).
    I tried to use the customize upgrade method using SEUS it said your phone is already upto date.
    I wish to flash my phone with firmware for debranding, I’m not sure which one to use, I need only the main to be flashed, would it be enough for debranding?

    Please help,


  85. bhuvan says

    RC Mishra
    get firmware from or!!!!
    download simple fs!
    also get cda pack generator from our filebase!
    generate cda pack acc to ur region!
    remember everything has got to be non branded!

  86. jeffrey says

    ik heb dit getest op een c902 en het werkt tot mijn groote verbazing

  87. bhuvan says

    english please

  88. Sharlane says

    I have a Sony Ericsson W595 and I am trying to unlock the network, but I have been unsuccessful, when i connect the usb cable do i hold the 2and 5 and the phone is off or on? On the Aerix site it says there is no device found? Why is that? Could you please tell me step by step on how to get it working? and how long does it take for it to work?

  89. bhuvan says

    it should not turn on!
    switch off the phone
    take battery out and reinsert it
    then try!
    also dont forget t install flash drivers!

  90. SD says

    Hi I have tried unlocking by c510 locked to tesco mobile(UK) and it errors after sending loader and get this error code 628294B8B19C2AA4. I have looked through numerous threads, and no answers. Please could someone help.

  91. bhuvan says

    u are performing that on aerix?>
    post the whole log!

  92. SD says

    Aerix Log as requested

    15:07:29 Instructions
    Please connect phone via USB whilst holding 2-5…
    15:07:49 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB1) (ver.
    15:07:45 Connecting to the baseband…
    15:07:45 Entering service mode…
    15:07:46 Detected chipset: DB3210 (ID E9000401)
    15:07:46 Boot-ed via: ROM
    15:07:46 Sending loader…
    15:07:52 Failed!
    15:07:52 An error has occured. Use the Report button to export details.
    15:07:52 Error code: 628294B8B19C2AA4

    Tried numerous time same message!
    Thanks Bhuvan

  93. bhuvan says

    this is creepy!
    are u sure u are using 2+5 keys?
    if yes then jump to our discussion forum!
    ull get guidance there as m unable to get it

  94. Selva says

    Hi, Does anyone know, if we are unlocking SE mobile using Aerix, will it change the IMEI number of the phone?

  95. Tiffa says

    There was a server communication the first time I tried it on my SE C510 (locked by PCCW in Hong Kong). I hit the restart button, followed the instructions again, and I worked! I haven’t noticed any problems with my phone service or the phone itself. Thank you!

  96. bhuvan says


  97. lilchynadoll says

    Worked flawlessly with my k850i… :D

  98. Rob says

    I have the SE c903, And it fails right after it says SEnding loader, =( any help?

  99. SA says

    i am trying to unlock SE C510 but don’t have the username and password, as the one I was given has expired and Aerix are not allowing any new registerations.

    Please can anyone supply me one ?


  100. trish says

    got a wrong password issue unlocking W595.
    Would love some help.

    Action journal
    10:20:40 Instructions
    10:20:40 Please connect the phone via USB while holding 2-5…
    10:20:40 . The action name is ‘Unlock’
    10:20:40 . The action started waiting for the user
    10:20:45 . The action finished waiting for the user
    10:20:45 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB1) (ver.
    10:20:46 Connecting to the baseband…
    10:20:46 Entering service mode…
    10:20:47 Detected chipset: DB3150 P3A/P3B/R3A
    10:20:47 Boot-ed via: ROM
    10:20:47 Sending loader…
    10:20:50 IMEI: 35526503434247
    10:20:50 OTP CID: 52
    10:20:50 Product type: Retail
    10:20:50 Color: Red
    10:20:51 Sending loader…
    10:20:55 Server communication…
    10:21:00 e Wrong password
    10:21:00 e Login failed
    10:21:00 e Failed!
    10:21:00 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 02E4C47C045F79A6

    Error details

    29 9F A0 BB F6 88 6E 27 C4 25 2A D9 20 4A DA 41
    BD 0F 30 F4 68 07 DE 5D C6 1F EA 93 BE B0 96 11
    AC A9 FE 0F D1 68 1C 66 A4 CB 0A C7 B1 A4 1D 11
    CA 12 42 4B 78 53 73 B7 E9 2D D4 5C 10 B1 8A BF
    74 B7 4E 6E 98 09 D3 15 2A 8A 16 93 20 6B 27 9D
    30 D3 8C 4A A8 47 9E E3 49 70 4C CC 9E D0 56 51
    6C ED 92 DB B8 69 0E 47 9C 0B 64 5E C0 3F C6 D1
    A4 32 FE 0B C8 E7 7F 32 FA F7 C6 DD B0 7F 36 F1
    4C 79 C4 D3 B4 4E

    Thanks Trish

  101. Leo says

    I am using windows 7 and when i hold down 2 and 5 it says the drivers are not found for Software Update, Where can i find the drivers???

  102. lauragubb says

    Can anyone please help me, i have a sony ericcson c510 it is currently on orange network, I have downloaded flash drivers and aerix, but do i need to have the sim card in the phone when i connect, could anyone give me step by step instructions when i connect usb to pc it still says when i open up aerix no devices found, what do i do,? any help would be much appreciated

  103. nikunj says

    hey akshay i have c510…i want to add falshing menu in my c510 but far manager is not supported so waht to do …plz give me full description and software for this functioning…

  104. HappyHippo says

    AWESOME, worked finally for my C510.But first i had to follow your ”Debranding A2” tutorial, because i got some errors when i tried to unlock it via Aerix. But after debranding it worked in aerix. thank you so much! (btw: had an ORANGE simlock)

  105. doks says

    Action journal
    08:29:43 Instructions
    08:29:43 Please connect the phone via USB while holding 2-5…
    08:29:43 . The action name is ‘Unlock’
    08:29:43 . The action started waiting for the user
    08:29:48 . The action finished waiting for the user
    08:29:48 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB1) (ver.
    08:29:49 Connecting to the baseband…
    08:29:49 Entering service mode…
    08:29:49 Detected chipset: DB3210 (ID E9000401)
    08:29:49 Boot-ed via: ROM
    08:29:50 Sending loader…
    08:29:55 e Failed!
    08:29:55 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 628294B8B19C2AA4

    Error details

    09 A5 50 63 5E 8E 8A 4F 74 4D 4E 73 68 EA 2E 2E
    7E 49 44 72 20 61 E6 75 03 2A 5D 67 06 58 62 E9
    8C B1 27 B8 4F 36 F8 4E 94 E3 92 D1 B4 BE E4 67
    CA EA CA 0D C0 35 0D 09 DE EF 50 14 38 E7 7E 83
    AE 6D F4 14 1E 90 CA 0F 4C 77 89 B2 EC 38 BC 46
    44 AB AA A7 77 F3 FD A5 6A 32 1E 95 18 73 F6 B6
    12 7C 48 9C 90 D1 EA 65 B5 3E 9A 27 56 C8 32 F9
    DC 41 A0 52 13 73 D4 A0 E4 8D 3E C5 F8 D9 3E 37
    14 65 06 1D DE 62 F6 31 F4 33 CE FA 18 89 52 99
    FD AE 38 BF 60 E1 9A F1 04 ED A2 D1 92 D1 72 EE


    please help.. i get the same error everytime
    the phone is SE C905d

  106. pradeep says

    Action journal
    21:33:20 Instructions
    21:33:20 Please connect the phone via USB while holding 2-5…
    21:33:20 . The action name is ‘Unlock’
    21:33:20 . The action started waiting for the user
    21:33:30 . The action finished waiting for the user
    21:33:30 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB2) (ver.
    21:33:30 Connecting to the baseband…
    21:33:30 Entering service mode…
    21:33:31 Detected chipset: DB3150 P3A/P3B/R3A
    21:33:31 Boot-ed via: ROM
    21:33:31 Sending loader…
    21:33:34 IMEI: 35296603047215
    21:33:34 OTP CID: 52
    21:33:34 Product type: Retail
    21:33:34 Color: Red
    21:33:35 Sending loader…
    21:33:39 Server communication…
    21:33:43 e Login failed
    21:33:43 e Failed!
    21:33:43 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 40226F73E904867D

    Error details

    24 33 48 C7 B2 B4 B6 8D C0 4F 46 4A DC 6C 82 5E
    4B 42 AC E8 2C DB BA 57 BA 6B 3A E1 9A 1C 0E BB
    A8 BD F4 A8 79 5B 78 CC 20 5F DA 4B A1 A7 2A 28
    36 C6 DE A9 4C 8B 9A 16 10 70 6A C4 57 F0 80 FA
    88 A9 4E 73 ED 6E ED C3 AE E0 FA 1F 64 07 8F 4B
    0D 6F EC 56 94 E5 7A 97 CD 53 3A 0F DA A2 B2 7B
    68 03 13 2C 96 64 44 52 E0 61 E6 71 7C 93 22 55
    58 47 62 E9 DA 16 5A 3D 30 E1 56 AE 94 E3 92 DB
    B9 2C 5C EB 64 F5 36 03 C0 3F 3A DB EE 25 92 8C


  107. pradeep says

    please any one let me know what is my next step? many thanks

  108. pradeep says

    Action journal
    21:42:58 Instructions
    21:42:58 Please connect the phone via USB while holding 2-5…
    21:42:58 . The action name is ‘Unlock’
    21:42:58 . The action started waiting for the user
    21:43:09 . The action finished waiting for the user
    21:43:09 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB3) (ver.
    21:43:09 Connecting to the baseband…
    21:43:09 Entering service mode…
    21:43:10 Detected chipset: DB3150 P3A/P3B/R3A
    21:43:10 Boot-ed via: ROM
    21:43:11 Sending loader…
    21:43:13 IMEI: 35296603047215
    21:43:13 OTP CID: 52
    21:43:13 Product type: Retail
    21:43:13 Color: Red
    21:43:14 Sending loader…
    21:43:18 Server communication…
    21:43:20 e Wrong password
    21:43:20 e Login failed
    21:43:20 e Failed!
    21:43:20 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # E0293E4FA110D747

    Error details

    6B EC FA 3B 76 08 EE A7 BC A5 AA 46 A0 F4 A6 D5
    C6 5B 4C 8A 18 79 5E 23 E4 EF 43 BC DE 30 EA 6F
    2C D7 E3 3E 1F D9 60 18 24 B5 76 47 4D 81 FF A9
    4A B2 C2 CB 08 D7 C2 DC 14 B0 FA F7 72 99 58 D0
    F4 C3 32 F1 25 6B 1E 27 52 0A 6A ED 60 15 5B 34
    16 E2 0C EA 28 39 E2 67 F4 C5 DA BD 50 91 2A 2F
    42 30 12 5B C8 19 8E C6 1C 8B B6 73 C1 FA E8 F3
    24 4D 82 85 B8 67 FE 0D 9E CD D6 DA


  109. pradeep says

    yes yes yes i done it, please don’t give up if it be on sending to failed failed… I’ve tried more then 3 times at last 5 times i got this message successful………

    hee thanks a lot for the creator

  110. Akshay says

    no idea praddep! sorry.

  111. shyam says

    bro can you please help me to unlock SEw302 for free

  112. jlc0930 says

    okay so i can even get my phone connected for some reason. i pressed the numbers 2 and 5 and then plugged my phone in and it didnt work.
    then i tried turning off my phone and doing it and it still doesnt work! : (

  113. Siddhu says

    plz help me… is it possible to unlock w350a…??? its platform s pnx5230…. is dr any way to unlock by way of patching using far manager…??? plz help me…

  114. milesc says

    hi guys i tried it with my w910i but it said it needs to boot from rom not e rom how do i change it.

  115. bluspirit173 says

    i tried to use aerix to unlock my sony ericsson c510 but an error code message keeps on 628294B8B19C2AA4

  116. bluspirit173 says

    i am a newbie to this world and trying to experiment things, help please

  117. bluspirit173 says

    Action journal
    14:56:57 Instructions
    14:56:57 Please connect the phone via USB while holding 2-5…
    14:56:57 . The action name is ‘Unlock’
    14:56:57 . The action started waiting for the user
    14:57:06 . The action finished waiting for the user
    14:57:06 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB1) (ver.
    14:57:07 Connecting to the baseband…
    14:57:07 Entering service mode…
    14:57:07 Detected chipset: DB3210 (ID E9000401)
    14:57:07 Boot-ed via: ROM
    14:57:08 Sending loader…
    14:57:13 e Failed!
    14:57:13 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 628294B8B19C2AA4

    Error details

    40 B4 FC 8F 9A C2 F2 BB A8 47 6E D7 C4 12 D6 20
    E2 D5 88 5E 44 AD 62 1F EF BE 5D 9B 1A 64 9A FD
    10 5B EB 94 CB 7A 80 04 78 A9 4E 73 A0 E2 E0 13
    AE E0 06 1F 64 F9 89 63 F2 7B EC A8 6C 1B 86 97
    EA 79 44 86 DA 5C B2 7B 98 03 D5 90 B8 9A 44 72
    E0 9F E6 75 6B 41 79 31 F6 A6 9E 17 74 B1 0E A2
    16 68 F8 B0 6C 1D 6E D1 29 74 C6 FB 32 14 36 0D
    C0 CB 10 C0 CF C1 50 34 38 E7 82 87 54 5B C6 DD
    B0 71 36 F1 1A 2E 72 C5 D8 C7 EE A6 BC 55 56 AD
    61 9A F4 93 3C 2D 1E 65 18 87 5E D3 7E ED 76 FA

    this is message i get when i try to unlock my phone

  118. Harsh says

    Hi, I am trying to unlock W595 using aerix but when i restart my phone pressing 2-5, nothing hapneswhen i go to report it says ‘error code 88EC4F8B40C547D8′, plz can some1 help n guid me to how to unlock W595.

  119. Yos Dwiatmojo says

    I try for my W705 and occurs the following message:

    Action journal
    07:08:48 Instructions
    07:08:48 Please connect the phone via USB while holding 2-5…
    07:08:48 . The action name is ‘Unlock’
    07:08:48 . The action started waiting for the user
    07:09:02 . The action finished waiting for the user
    07:09:02 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB2) (ver.
    07:09:03 Connecting to the baseband…
    07:09:03 Entering service mode…
    07:09:03 Detected chipset: DB3210 P1A/P1B
    07:09:03 Boot-ed via: ROM
    07:09:04 Sending loader…
    07:09:09 e Failed!
    07:09:09 . The action reported failure

    Error code
    # 628294B8B19C2AA4

    Error details

    37 9D B4 CC 53 33 45 A8 B7 9C 27 3B D5 23 2D 29
    A3 B2 11 5D 53 9E 15 62 7E 9B D4 86 D5 7B FD F0
    AF 9C 92 D7 3C F5 4B 99 57 4E 79 AE 37 DF D9 20
    AF 1B 1F 64 0D B4 7E 5E DD 9E E7 8D E5 86 63 1A
    B5 42 7F 43 ED AF 7B 68 F7 D8 1E 0B 51 E5 C3 01
    9F 1A 81 76 7A 0C F0 CC 17 83 E9 8C 45 50 69 4F
    C9 D3 FF 8D 1D 6E 25 42 08 13 8F 20 A5 D7 F3 40
    C1 CC 09 45 A0 0C 5B 09 E7 7E 77 A2 5B C6 23 50
    71 36 0F 4C 2D 23 3B 28 C9 1C A7 45 55 56 53 A0
    DE E1 6F 90 D3 E2 95 16 87 5E D7 C8 B1 0E EF 17


  120. Sakvith says

    Says Project has ended.

  121. blagus says


  122. Akshay says

    Yes, Will post the updated page soon.

  123. Kel says

    Hello when wil we beable to unlock the phones again as trying to unlock my C903 on 3 Network?

  124. [email protected] says

    Samsung secret codes

    Samsung – Service Codes
    *#06# Show IMEI
    *#9999# Show Software Version
    *#0837# Show Software Version (instructions)
    *#0001# Show Serial Parameters
    *#9125# Activates the smiley when charging
    *#0523# LCD Contrast
    *#9998*228# Battery status (capacity, vol***e, temperature)
    *#9998*246# Program status
    *#9998*289# Change Alarm Buzzer Frequency
    *#9998*324# Debug Screens
    *#9998*364# Watchdog
    *#9998*377# EEPROM Error Stack – Use side keys to select values
    *#9998*427# Trace Watchdog
    *#9998*523# Change LCD contrast
    *#9998*544# Jig detect
    *#9998*636# Memory status
    *#9998*746# SIM File Size
    *#9998*778# SIM Service Table
    *#9998*785# RTK (Run Time Kernel) errors – if ok then phn is reset,
    info is put in memory error
    *#9998*786# Run, Last UP, Last DOWN
    *#9998*837# Software Version
    *#9998*842# Test Vibrator – Flash the screenlight during 10 sec
    and vibration activated
    *#9998*862# Vocoder Reg – Normal, Earphone or Carkit
    *#9998*872# Diag
    *#9998*947# Reset On Fatal Error
    *#9998*999# Last/Chk
    *#9998*9266# Yann debug screen (Debug Screens?)
    *#9998*9999# Software version
    *0001*s*f*t# Changes serial parameters (s=?, f=0.1, t=0.1)
    *0002*?# unknown
    *0003*?# unknown
    FOR NEW SGH (R210, T100, A300…)
    if code is in format *#9998*xxx#
    try write in this *#0xxx#
    SGH-600 SGH-2100
    *2767*3855# Full EEPROM Reset (THIS CODE REMMOVES SP-LOCK!
    but also changes IMEI to 447967-89-400044-0
    *2767*2878# Custom EEPROM Reset
    Symbian Parte
    **04* change code PIN – can use **04*old_pin*new_pin*new_pin#
    **042* change code PIN2
    **05* Unblock PIN
    **052* Unblock PIN 2
    *#7780# Restore factory settings-Need lock code
    *#7370# Restore factory setting-Deep mode-Need lock code
    *#2820# Show bluetooth MAC adress -Same as *#232337#
    *#7370925538# Reset settings value in waller app
    *#92702689# Show life time of device
    Phone part
    *#[IMG][/IMG]4# Show soft version
    *#1111# Show FTA S/W version
    *#2222# Show FTA H/W version
    #9998*8376263# Show S/W version
    *2767*2878# Custom reset
    *2767*927# WAP reset
    *2767*63342# Media reset
    *2767*5282# Java reset
    *2767*3855# Full reset
    *#9998*377# Show error log
    *#9998*842# Vibrator test
    *#9998*782# Show rel time clock
    *#9998*3323# Reset the device
    *#9998*289# Buzz test
    *#9998*523# LCD contrast test
    *#9998*8378# Show debug Monitor
    *#9998*2886# Toggle auto answer option
    *#3888# Enter bluetooth test mode
    *#4357# Show help dialog
    *#9998*228# Show battery Information
    *#4777*8665# retrive GPRS setting value
    *#0*# Enter LCD test mode
    *#9998*746# Show SIM information
    *#9998*778# Show SST information
    *#06# Show IMEI

    SGH V200
    Power on the phone without SIM card and type these codes:
    *2767*63342# and press green button
    *2767*3855# and press green button
    *2767*2878# and press green button
    *2767*927# and press green button
    *2767*7822573738# press button
    Phone will be unlocked, but all trims are reseted !!!
    Mobile phone must be fully charged

    *#32436837# DAI ON Digital Audio Interference On
    *#3243948# DAI OFF Digital Audio Interference Off
    *#9324# MONITOR
    *#0746# SSMS MEMORY:20
    *#0842# vibra on
    *#0289# buzzer on
    *#4357# HELP (4357) This screen!!!!!!!
    *#7777# verze SW
    *#8888# verze HW
    *#9999# Revize HW
    *#0782# cas provozu, zapnit? a vypnit? – LIVE TIMER
    *#0523# 41 (80) menu: 12
    *#0638# SIM: f23003 F230 030
    *#0778# SST size: 10
    *#9273696# Java D/L setting
    *#92782# Wap user agent
    *#9998*5646# change operator logo at startup
    *#9998*76# production number
    *#9998*968# view melody for alarm – YAMAHA OK
    *#0778# Sim Service table
    *#9998*523# or *#9998*0523# or *#0523# Display Contrast
    *#9998*288# or *#9998*0288# or *#0288# Battery & Field Infos
    *#9998*5282# Java menu (GRPS/CSD settings for JAVA server)

    E700/S500 100%….. X100/X600???!!!???
    #*566335# Wap model ID
    #*5663352# java model
    #*5663351# model
    #*53696# java download mode
    #*536963# serial enabl others disabled
    #*536962# HTTP enabl WAPSAR disabled
    #*536961# WAPSAR enabl HTTP dis
    *663867 MF file dumped
    *335 All MMS mes deled
    *2767*77667# Spain MMS settings
    *2767*78667# Portugal
    *2767*65667# Netherland
    *2767*29667# Czech
    *2767*28667# Austria
    *2767*48667# Italy
    *2767*37667# France
    *2767*85667# Uk
    *2767*33667# Germany
    *2767*73738927# MMS Reset????

    *2767*77927# Spain WAP Setting are applied
    *2767*78927# Portugal
    *2767*29927# Czech
    *2767*65927# Netherlands
    *2767*28927# Austria
    *2767*37927# France
    *2767*48927# Italy
    *2767*85927# Uk
    *2767*33927# Germany
    #7263867# Ram Dump On
    #*3232# Current Mode – DCD mode
    #*3231# DCD en TRACE dis
    #*3230# TRACE en DCD dis
    #*6428# MIC measuremnt CMD: Set, DSPMTCV11, MICHDW in cihard. opt
    #*6422# MIC dep RXdata CMD: Set, DSPMTCV11, MICHDW in cihard. opt
    #*6421# MIC on CMD: Set, DSPMTCV11, MICHDW in cihard. opt
    #*6420# MIC off CMD: Set, DSPMTCV11, MICHDW in cihard. opt
    *#7465625# Secret Menu
    #7465625*28746# ?
    *7465625*28746# ?
    #7465625*2827# ?
    *7465625*2827# ?
    #7465625*2877# ?
    *7465625*2877# ?
    #7465625*28782# ?
    *7465625*28782# ?
    #7465625*28638# ?
    *7465625*28638# ?
    #7465625*228# ?
    *7465625*228# ?
    #7465625*746* ?
    *7465625*746* ?
    #7465625*27* ?
    *7465625*27* ?
    #7465625*77* ?
    *7465625*77* ?
    #7465625*782* ?
    *7465625*782* ?
    #7465625*638* ?
    *7465625*638* ?
    *#8377466# SW + HW info
    *#8888# HW info
    *#9999# SW info
    *#8999*8376263# komplet info
    *#8999*636# IPD info
    #*2677# ARM state: None
    #*0000# ??????
    *#8999*324# Net monitor??
    #*7200# neplatn? ?roven pr?stupu
    #*6100# command #*6100# Executed
    *2767*3700# SGH-E700 BSI
    *2767*7100# SGH-S100
    *2767*8200# SGH-V200
    *2767*7300# SGH-S300
    *2767*226372# Camera Reset
    *2767*688# MEP off
    *2767*927# WAP
    *2767*2878# E2P Custom reset
    *2767*3855# E2P Full reset
    *2767*2878# Sec reset
    #*7828# C??? Midi Ri51
    #*5111# PI 0813 33 99 MSI 7 NA 0 18 P99 T00 CffHff
    #*2562# nejakej reset
    #*2565# no blocking General Defense
    #*3353# General defense Code Erased
    #*3837# reset ???????
    #*3849# reset ???????
    #*3851# reset ???????
    #*3876# reset ???????
    #*7337# reset ???????
    #*5376# reset All SMS Deleted
    #*7222# Operation Typ: Class C GSM
    #*7224# Error!!!!
    #*7252# Operation Typ: Class B GSM
    #*7271# multi Slot Class 1 GPRS
    #*7274# multi Slot Class 4 GPRS

    #*2787# CRTP on – Batery options
    #*3737# L1 AFC DeltaF -36 NbAfcCorr 0 AdjustFoi 0 CumFoi 0
    #*3825# Command #*3825# Executed
    #*5133# L1 HO Data Async HO 83 Sync HO 0 HO Fail 0 TCH 40
    #*7288# GPRS Detached
    #*7287# GPRS Detached
    #*7666# SrCell data RAC 255 NMO 255
    #*7693# Sleep Deact
    #*7284# Class B
    #*2256# Calibr – info
    #*2286# DATAbattery
    #*2527# GPRS switching set to class 4
    #*2679# Copycat feat. Activated
    #*3940# External looptest 9600bps not avalible in SYSOL2!
    #*4263# handsfree mode Activated
    #*4700# Half rate deact
    #*7352# BVMC Reg vaule Set BMVC to 00H For Cmd set DEBUGBATTERY in cihard.opt
    #*8462# Sleeptime sinc SwitchOf
    #*2558# Time ON For Cmd set DEBUGBATTERY in cihard.opt
    #*3370# EFR Deact
    #*3941# External looptest 115200bps not avalible in SYSOL2!
    #*5176 L1 Sleep TOI N:5 TOI P:0
    #*7462# SIM phase 3
    #*7983# Vol***e/Freg Deact
    #*7986# Vol***e Activated
    #*8466# Old time
    #*2255# Call failed mode: Command not Implemented
    #*5187# L1C2G trace Activated
    #*6837# Official SW version: 120107A1
    #*7524# KCGPRS: +data
    #*7562# LOCI GPRS: +data
    #*7638# RLC allwazs open ended TBF Actiated
    #*7632# Sleep mode Debug: +data
    #*7673# Sleep mode RESET
    #*2337# Permanent Registrtion Beep: NOT YET IMPLEMENTED
    #*2474# For Cmd set DEBUGBATTERY in cihard.opt
    #*2834# Audio Pth Mobile Normal
    #*3270# DCS support Deact
    #*3282# Data Deact
    #*3476# EGSM Deact
    #*3676# falh volume formated
    #*4674# IMSI: +data
    #*4760# GSM Activated
    #*4864 pro tento model nic
    #*5171 data
    #*5172 data
    #*5173 data
    #*7326# Accessorz: vibrator
    #*7676# Command #*7676# Executed
    #*7683# Sleep variable
    #*7762# SMS Bearer CS Activated
    #*7957# Command #*7957# Executed
    #*8465# Time in L1 +data
    #*9278# Command #*9278# Executed
    #*9795# WTLS key Reset
    #*2252# Current call: +data
    #*2836# AVDDSS Managment Deact.
    #*3877# Dump of SPY trace: +data
    #*7728# RSAV done

  125. [email protected] says


    On the main screen type

    *#06# for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
    *#7780# reset to factory settings.
    *#67705646# This will clear the LCD display
    *#0000# To view software version.
    *#2820# Bluetooth device address.
    *#746025625# Sim clock allowed status.
    *#62209526# – Display the MAC address of the WLAN adapter. This is available only in the newer devices that supports WLAN like N80
    #pw+1234567890+1# Shows if sim have restrictions.

    *#92702689# – takes you to a secret menu where you may find some of the information below:
    1. Displays Serial Number.
    2. Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture
    3. Displays (if there) the date where the phone was purchased (MMYY)
    4. Displays the date of the last repair – if found (0000)
    5. Shows life timer of phone (time passes since last start)

    *#3370# – Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) activation. Increase signal strength, better signal reception. It also help if u want to use GPRS and the service is not responding or too slow. Phone battery will drain faster though.
    *#3370* – (EFR) deactivation. Phone will automatically restart. Increase battery life by 30% because phone receives less signal from network.
    *#4720# – Half Rate Codec activation.
    *#4720* – Half Rate Codec deactivation. The phone will automatically restart

    If you forgot wallet code for Nokia S60 phone, use this code reset: *#7370925538#
    Note, your data in the wallet will be erased. Phone will ask you the lock code. Default lock code is: 12345

    Press *#3925538# to delete the contents and code of wallet.

    *#7328748263373738# resets security code.
    Default security code is 12345

    Unlock service provider: Insert sim, turn phone on and press vol up(arrow keys) for 3 seconds, should say pin code. Press C,then press * message should flash, press * again and 04*pin*pin*pin#

    Change closed caller group (settings >security settings>user groups) to 00000 and ure phone will sound the message tone when you are near a radar speed trap. Setting it to 500 will cause your phone 2 set off security alarms at shop exits, gr8 for practical jokes! (works with some of the Nokia phones.)

    Press and hold “0” on the main screen to open wap browser.

  126. [email protected] says


    LG all models test mode: Type 2945#*# on the main screen.
    2945*#01*# Secret menu for LG

    IMEI (ALL): *#06#
    IMEI and SW (LG 510): *#07#
    Software version (LG B1200): *8375#
    Recount cheksum (LG B1200): *6861#
    Factory test (B1200): #PWR 668
    Simlock menu (LG B1200): 1945#*5101#
    Simlock menu (LG 510W, 5200): 2945#*5101#
    Simlock menu (LG 7020, 7010): 2945#*70001#
    Simlock menu (LG 500, 600): 2947#*

    Code to read phone version :
    – Phone without SIM
    – Enter 277634#*# or 47328545454#
    – Select ‘SW’
    Code to reset phone :
    – Phone without SIM
    – Enter 277634#*# or 47328545454#
    – Select ‘Factory Reset’
    Code to enter UNLOCK MENU :
    – Phone wit SIM inside
    – Enter 2945#*88110#
    Test Menu 8330 : 637664#*#
    Test Menu 8180 V10a: 49857465454#
    Test Menu 8180 V11a: 492662464663#
    Test Menu 8130-8138: 47328545454#
    Test Menu 8110-8120: 277634#*#

  127. [email protected] says


    IMEI number: * # 0 6 #

    Software version: > * < < * < *

    Default Language:

    Enter to phone menu without SimCard – after Wrong PIN: press NO: * * 0 4 * 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 * 0 0 0 0 #

    Information about SIMLOCK: < * * * <- <- * means press joystick, arrow keys or jogdial to the right and <- means left.)

    You'll see phone model, software info, IMEI, configuration info, sim lock status, REAL time clock, total call time and text labels.

    You can also test your phones services and hardware from this menu (main display, camera, LED/illumination, Flash LED, keyboard, earphone, speaker, microphone, radio and vibrator tests)

    IMEI Number: *#06#

    Lockstatus: <- * * <-

    Shortcut to last dialed numbers: 0#

    Shortcut to sim numbers: On main menu type a number and press #

    If you change the language from default to any other language, then it may be difficult to switch to default language. The shortcut is very simple. Just press . stands for right arrow button or joystick.

  128. [email protected] says

    NOKIA N95 Secret Codes

    IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
    Firmware version and date, Phone Model and Operator Variant
    Life timer (W A R 0 A N T Y) – The amount of time your phone has spent sending and receiving calls.
    Wireless MAC Address (M A C _ W L A N)
    Bluetooth MAC address (B T A 0?)
    Format phone (R E S 0 ?)
    Factory Reset (R S T 0 ?)
    Format phone restores phone to as if it was out of the box. Retains firmware version and operator Variant changes but wipes all applications you have installed. Does not format the memory card so any apps on there may reinstall once powered back up again.
    Another way to format some symbian phones: Power off phone. Press and hold Green, * and 3 and keep them held whilst powering on and for a few seconds after.
    Factory Reset resets all settings to defaults but keeps any applications you have installed and photos etc. Both need the Security code, which, by default, is 12345.
    N95 picture viewer:
    2 – Scroll up (when zoomed)
    4 – Scroll left (when zoomed)
    5 – Zoom in (12.5%/25%/50%)
    6 – Scroll right (when zoomed)
    8 – Scroll down (when zoomed)
    0 – Zoom out
    Press and hold (in Standby):
    Right selection key: Voice commands
    Multimedia Key: Now Playing
    1: Voicemail
    2-9: shortcuts to address book you need to set up first
    0: Web
    #: Switches between General and Silent modes – not supported by all Operator Variants (when composing messages will switch between character and number input when held down)
    12# (etc) in standby will dial the number held in location 12 on your SIM address book

  129. libro says

    AERIX PROJECT IS OVER, But if there is one exchange for aerix! and if he knew any of you does not work, I know that you shoot in the head, which had never before unlock? tnx

  130. geoff says

    11th June now whats happening with new project? thanks

  131. max says

    when is the new tutorial gonna be availible? :(

  132. Aj says

    Hey all. im using a c905 and it seems if i press 2 and 5 similtaniously then inserting the usb cable aerix does not pick up my cell, plz help tnx

  133. Duy Pham says

    Need Help! Aerix Project has ended, how could we unlock A2 phones without it???


  134. blagus says

    Use Omnius.

  135. bhuvan says

    paulo correa dos santos
    english please!

  136. devang says

    Site is no more available and i want to unlock my TM506

    So is there any way to unlock it.

    Help me ……………

  137. bhuvan says

    guide will be here soon!
    u can use omnius

  138. christ says

    Omnius doesn’t logging in what can I do? please help.

  139. bhuvan says

    check the log in id, it needs to be that which you used in logging in at cruiser!

  140. Andy says

    Hi! Will there be soon a tutorial on how to unlock A2 plataform since Aerix and Omni are no longer free? Cheers!!

  141. bhuvan says

    as soon as there will be a free way, there will be a guide! :)

  142. clint with g502 says

    excuse me boss, i lost my g502 lock code, any tools to make it default.
    i tried mater reset and ‘ repair the phone ‘ in pc suite they did not work .

  143. laurent says

    is there a way to unlock sonyericsson w595 for free

  144. nikky says

    this error occured during unlocking my w595. its server communication error regarding port number i m using port number 9299.

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  1. Debranding A2 Sony Ericsson Phone tutorial/guide | SE Flashing linked to this post on May 11, 2009

    […] Alright finally A2 (db5150) debranding after all the adventures with db2020/db2010 !  Now this is the tutorial to de-brand your A2 phone and get rid of the branding ! And get a neat and clean phone without any restrictions. By de-branding all the restrictions imposed by your operator will be removed. Well but kindly note de-branding is not unlocking. Your phone will still be locked. To unlock your phone, check out the Aerix Tool. […]

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