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GDFS Backup

This this tutorial is about GDFS and how to back it up for safety reasons

GDFS is the phones “stash”, where all settings and calibration data is stored (this also goes for the firmwares IMEI-resource as well as the SIM locks). Similar to other brands use of NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory).

GDFS contains a very important variables need to start phone ! If the gdfs is corrupted then starting the phone will not start turning to a dead phone ! GDFS rarely gets damaged ! But as a precaution we make a backup of GDFS so that in case your GDFS variables are messed up then we can restore the backup and save the phone !

Your phone’s GDFS is unique to your phone

Before we backup GDFS you need to Install USB FLash drivers required for programs like XS++, SeTool 2, and Far Manager. Please Install USB FLash Drivers ! Follow this tutorial ! Also Another Tutorial here !

Ensure that your phone is charged to 100%

We will now use XS++ to backup GDFS. Download XS++

Backup of GDFS !

Shutdown phone .. Reinsert battery !
Start XS++
Click on connect in XS++
holding C connect phone to USB cable ! don’t leave C untill XS++ says ready for operation !

Connecting phone to XS++ is the same as connecting phone to SEUS.

Now In configuration select GDFS..
Click Backup GDFS…!
wait for few seconds..!! you get your GDFS back up file in XS++ backup Directory !
Keep the copies of your GDFS safely !!!!

Checkout the pictures of XS++ in action backing up the GDFS.

Here is a video tutorial of GDFS Backup, made by Peti, enjoy the music. 😉

Note: You can use XS++ to backup gdfs of any Sony Ericsson db2010,db2012,db2020 phones.

Backup GDFS only Once for the first time !!

Warning > Do not try to write a GDFS. First Read This Tutorial and Make your choice.

That’s It Folks. Your First Time with XS++.
Now you go ahead and flash your phone. Check out the tutorials section for customizing your phone with flash menus, Walkman Skins, Menu Modding etc.

Picture Credits to Rekoil of Se-nse


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