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Red light blinking? Dead phone? Any/All CID erom repair/downgrade using OMNIUS


You try to start your phone but the red light at the infrared port blinks 5 times and phone refuses to start.Far manager, XS++ and SeTool 2 lite no longer detect your phone. Your computer also does not identify your phone. And its seems to be completely Dead..Read On, We will fix it.

Phones supported : All those phones which Omnius supports. Almost all from SE. Check yours in there. 🙂

UPDATE: This method includes fixing erom version CID53 also. Which was not possible for free till date. Also if everything is fine but you want to downgrade to lower version of erom then you can follow the given steps. 🙂

Redlight blinking is a Sign of Low Battery or a Dead EROM. Some time during flashing the EROM goes dead or corrupt due to errors.  If phone has a bad EROM it shuts down and does not start even if battery is charged to full. It may happen very rare times just like that too!

Double Check that battery is not the problem before you proceed to flash the EROM.

In that case we have to repair the EROM. And now here we will discuss the easiest way to fix it.

Required Downloads:

  2. Flash drivers

Also you will need a registered account at OMNIUS (compulsory). All operations and registration at OMNIUS is free for now. If you don’t have account yet CLICK HERE.

Now when you are done with Omnius’s registration and required downloads, its time to get in real action! Follow the given easy steps.

  1. Start Up Omnius & go settings>server settings. Enter your registered account details which you entered while registering at Omnius.  
  2. Press Save changes.
  3. Now from the phone model list select your phone model.
  4. Click on the option ‘unlocks the phone network lock by reset(up to OTP CID5x)‘.
  5. Now advanced settings will come up. Keep ‘Repair SEMCBOOT’ checked. Choose which ever CID version you want to migrate to. For db2020/10 users it is highly recommended to switch to CID:52 though.
  6. Now you will see instructions given there. Connect your phone they way it is asked there.
  7. Processing will start.
  8. A several times omnius may ask you to unplug and reconnect your phone.
  9. Wait until the entire process finishes.

Congratulations!!! Now your phone’s EROM is repaired. 🙂  The phone will turn on now!



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