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SEDev Patch Studio

I am pleased to introduce you to brand new application, silently developed for about year and now finally available to public. Let me present you: SEDEV Patch Studio 1.2, Release Candidate 3, build ( also tagged ” Nightly Build” ).

As title says, application should  close to IDE class applications. Would be great to have RAD capabilities, too, huh?

At first approach to Projects Homepage @ Google Code source, you will read list with application usage examples. Looks promising. Will it be the same in action?

Project mainly is intended to deliver on-the-fly VKP Recovery Patch generation in the case when:

  1. Sony Ericsson mobile phone does not function properly after VKP Patch has been applied;
  2. Sony Ericsson phone needs to be restored to original firmware state in case of Official / Warranty Repairs in Service Center;
  3. Sony Ericsson phone flash files needs to be verified prior flashing them using any Flashing program
  4. Sony Ericsson phone patch files data and / or comment part extraction and modifications
  5. And more…

So the thing what this application should do is enough clear to continue. Shall we, ladies and gentleman?

In this review I will not post any screenshots due fact that this then would be very lengthy review, so only essential screenshots will be placed!

Application offers very extensible additional content. At startup, if there will be no Splash Screens in folder “%AppPath%/Splash/”, you will not see them, otherwise – if there is at least one Splash Screen ( in this case – “BlackSplash” in folder, you will have this look on your screen:

SEDEV PS BlackSplash Screen by ~HXunbanned on deviantART

After application has been launched, you will see its main Window. As documentation states, Application is designed by 3-CLick system, which in this forum blog is describes like this:

3-Click User Experience allowing to do all Special features using at minimum 3 mouse clicks!

Developer has been implemented this design specific in the matter of fact that you have three input fields from which one is optional, therefore, all main tasks really can be done with ONLY 3 clicks! Try it yourself! 😉 Also – to even more go further with on-the-fly usage, Application supports Command-Line interface functionality, which includes:

1)  /f – Fast Mode – for fast loadup and generation. Used to make patch at one session.
– automatically checks FastMode .

2) /d – Debug Mode – for logged loadup and generation. Used to control Applications activities and system stability.
– automatically switches Warnings .

3) /s – Safe Mode – only non-platform-dependent algorith used with minimum hardware and Operaiting System stress or overall resource usage.
– warns about GDFS and Phone Data backup. Also switches Just-In-Time dubugger. Also supports flash software direct launching. See part “Features ” below.

4) /p – PatchCredi Only – to access PatchCredi Module directly. Used for comment editings.

Okay. SO we have successfully opened and launched the Application. What next?!

To make main functionality more visibly separate, I will touch it in the end of this review, therefore, if you do not care about other Graphical User Interface features, just scroll down.

Next, we have the wides button, which is slightly in the middle of Application. As of title and the look of it it is very obvious of what it does – it actually performs task you have chosen. If you will click right mouse button on it, you will be provided with “Compilation / Generation Briefing” Window – all information and configuration used to perform the task.

In the bottom area of Application are located two buttons – “Advanced” and “Program Credits“. Buttons “Program Credits” purpose is pretty clear, but what about “Advanced” ???

Button “Advanced” contains PatchCredi mouse, Output file Creation mode options and Private Patch input field ( as of version Release Candidate 3, build ). Note that this application features Private Patches – encrypted .vkp files with .pvkp extension! Pretty fancy.

Interesting that all main work is done by one developer:
1. Main Application ( incl. SE-Lifestyle PhoneDB support );
2. Help system
3. Latvian, Russian and English UserGuides @ Project Homepage!
4. VideoGuide @ YouTube
5. Design, coding and testing ( incl. multi-platforms )
6. Plugins Framework and Plugins test file

Additional content:
1. Splash Screens by ThillinaC ( )
2. Spanish translation for UserGuide by LiNkMaN ( )

Forums and Blogs, which was used to make this review:
1. Public and Original Post.

Additional information:
1. VKP File Extension Description ( uploaded by Developer! )
2. Embarcadero Delphi Application Showcase.

As it seems, Projects from its first day has been evolved pretty much. Check it out by yourself:
Screenshot contain all main Windows and Dialogs ( excl. Compilation/Generation Briefing and Legity )

I really liked the look and feel, though some areas needs to be polished and tested, but be honest – this guy has made outstanding job – all by himself. It would just fair to donate to him some cash if you use his developer application! As of information I have found – Developer needs additional help in Windows Vista / Windows 7 testing.

Support him and SE Modding!

Thanks for reading.
Best wishes.

UPDATE #1 : Developer has been made his own blog @

UPDATE #2 : Developer has been made important post @ SE-NSE Forums,

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