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Hello There !!

Welcome to The Sony Ericsson Flashing Tutorials, Guides and Resources Website !

My Name is Akshay Hagargi !
More About me at My Orkut Profile !
I am a Student of Information Technology and Engineering At PESIT

About Major Péter
“Peti as he is known is an Author and an expert who contributes to the blog ! He is from Hungary !” – said Akshay. Might be a little bit of exaggeration… I seriously doubt the expert thing, but considering when I started, my progress is pretty good.
Akshay is something like a mentor for me, when I started learning the art of flashing, he was the one who I could rely on, also when my friend’s phone died in my hands, I could count on his advice (and now it is alive again:D). I decided to join and repay him this way somehow, I hope I will be able to someday.:D It’s an honor to be an author here, and provide the type of content we do.
I also hope you like this site, we do have some work in it, but it is worth doing it, definitely. Tell your friends about this site if you like it, let our community grow!!
And play with your phone, make it alive!

Now its my turn, BHUVAN GAUR ! I am stuyding in grade 12th in science maths stream in Rajasthan>India. I got into the world of flashing when i got my w580! Came here followed the tutorials and today i am into every field of flashing and running through the complications  of the guyz here! I wish that u get your phone to the max and let the world around you know about the brains behind all this! I would also like to give big big thanks to akshay and peti both for guiding me when i was a noob! And  for me akshay is some one more than google to me ! lol

… and finalization by HX_unbanned ( a.k.a HX ) … I am from Europe, Latvia. Studying in Colledge. I am following my life-style and as sony ercisson is pretty close to its principles, I am following sony ercisson, too 🙂 Hobbies – as usual – various sport activities, programming in Delphi … developing my grand project:
SEDev Patch Studio 1.2
What else? … hhmm … well, sometimes I blog at my place
That’s it in general. ( P.S. I am single … 😀 :* ).

For more u can get me on my orkut profile or catch me on Facebook .

And we do not take the responsibility if you don’t follow these tutorials precisely thus convert your phone permanently to a brick. But before you finally put it to the junkyard, ask for experts’ advice, bricks are rare, and most phones can be brought back from death itself. Be brave to ask! And do b patient! you need to comment your query for once and we will answer them as soon as possible! 🙂

Also if you have a problem a replying back to us after couple of days or more than that do post whole the problem back again. As we have to deal with so many queries a day we do not remember one thing after dealing with few after them! This would be convenient for us and will provide you more. 😉



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