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Creating backup of phone’s FS Contents

With the solution provided here, you can easily create backups of your phone’s FS or parts of it, like pictures, sounds, flash menus etc.

First you need FAR Manager and my application, Sony Ericsson Sripter (1.1).

If you don’t know how to use FAR Manager, the first read Akshay’s tutorial about it.

So open FAR Manager, connect your phone and navigate to FS directory like this:

Then navigate to the path of the files that you want to copy, if necessary.

Copy the stuff you want with FAR Manager, for example select the tpa directory, select a place on the other panel and hit F5 to copy it. This way FAR Manager creates 0 bytes big files. That is bacause it can’t read the FS, only copy to it and delete from it.
Now you can disconnect FAR Manager but it is not necessary, because soon you’ll have to upload a file to it.

Open SESC (Sony Ericsson Scripter, my app 😉 ) .
Click Select button and open the directory where you have put all those 0 bytes big files with FAR Manager.
Then wait for a while, according to the number of files…
The program makes the script on the bottom panel.
It should look like this.

The top panel should contain file names that begin with tpa, ifs, system etc. If not, then modify the “Directory on Phone FS” textfield as necessary. Also if you are downloading only the camera driver, then you must write the path there, paths must be correct!

When the file list looks OK, you can Save XML file with the button at the bottom, save as customize_upgrade.xml (as default).

Then you open FAR Manager again (if you closed it), navigate to tpa/preset/custom folder and upload customize_upgrade.xml there. Then disconnect FAR Manager with the usual method (navigate up and up, till it asks about disconnecting, select yes). Unplug the phone and reinsert battery.

Start the phone. It will say ‘Please Wait’ as it copies the selected files to the usv directory.

Now connect your phone to the PC (do not shut it down), we’ll do a file transfer.
When it asks, choose File Trasfer mode, and download the data to the PC from other\FS folder. (You can also use MyPhoneExplorer and then you don’t have to switch to File Transfer).

That’s it, you have the backup of the FS. It wasn’t that hard, now was it? 😀

Note: As far as I know this only works with CID 51 and 52 phones, but I’m not sure about that. I couldn’t download my ifs folder but tpa is downloadable for sure (Sony Ericsson K550i -> W610i), the application SESC is a beta, so it is not perfect yet!



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