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Creating backup of phone’s FS Contents

With the solution provided here, you can easily create backups of your phone’s FS or parts of it, like pictures, sounds, flash menus etc.

First you need FAR Manager and my application, Sony Ericsson Sripter (1.1).

If you don’t know how to use FAR Manager, the first read Akshay’s tutorial about it.

So open FAR Manager, connect your phone and navigate to FS directory like this:

Then navigate to the path of the files that you want to copy, if necessary.

Copy the stuff you want with FAR Manager, for example select the tpa directory, select a place on the other panel and hit F5 to copy it. This way FAR Manager creates 0 bytes big files. That is bacause it can’t read the FS, only copy to it and delete from it.
Now you can disconnect FAR Manager but it is not necessary, because soon you’ll have to upload a file to it.

Open SESC (Sony Ericsson Scripter, my app ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) .
Click Select button and open the directory where you have put all those 0 bytes big files with FAR Manager.
Then wait for a while, according to the number of files…
The program makes the script on the bottom panel.
It should look like this.

The top panel should contain file names that begin with tpa, ifs, system etc. If not, then modify the “Directory on Phone FS” textfield as necessary. Also if you are downloading only the camera driver, then you must write the path there, paths must be correct!

When the file list looks OK, you can Save XML file with the button at the bottom, save as customize_upgrade.xml (as default).

Then you open FAR Manager again (if you closed it), navigate to tpa/preset/custom folder and upload customize_upgrade.xml there. Then disconnect FAR Manager with the usual method (navigate up and up, till it asks about disconnecting, select yes). Unplug the phone and reinsert battery.

Start the phone. It will say ‘Please Wait’ as it copies the selected files to the usv directory.

Now connect your phone to the PC (do not shut it down), we’ll do a file transfer.
When it asks, choose File Trasfer mode, and download the data to the PC from other\FS folder. (You can also use MyPhoneExplorer and then you don’t have to switch to File Transfer).

That’s it, you have the backup of the FS. It wasn’t that hard, now was it? ๐Ÿ˜€

Note: As far as I know this only works with CID 51 and 52 phones, but I’m not sure about that. I couldn’t download my ifs folder but tpa is downloadable for sure (Sony Ericsson K550i -> W610i), the application SESC is a beta, so it is not perfect yet!



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  1. Akshay says

    excellent there.. i resized the pics and added few tags tht’s it ..!!

  2. cool bloke says

    I guess we don’t need this coz we already have extracted our FS using the FS extractor Tools…>>>

  3. Akshay says

    not exactly … there are many files that are created after phone is started first time

  4. Peti says

    Thanx, Akshay. ๐Ÿ˜€ Right, and we can download installed apps for example. But it will be useless, AFAIK XS++ 3.2 will support downloading. Though I don’t know how good it will be…

  5. akapu says

    Thanks for the tutorial…….
    Its awesome……:d

  6. somnath says

    if my k790’s software crashes then what should
    be done to get back in work of my phone.
    please tell me the solution.

  7. pratik says

    reflash ur phone.
    with the main , fs & customisation

  8. Peti says

    somnath! Is that because of this technique?
    If so, try to delete the customization_upgrade.xml from tpa\preset\custom.
    But reflashing only main won’t help this.

  9. somnath says

    I have got the main(.mbn) firmware RED_CID 52
    asian_leavan R1KG001 but i have not collect the fs(.fbn).please can you help me to get this .please Pratik.

  10. Peti says

    I improved the application, it is more stable now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. mrdoa says

    hello mr akshayy i’ve try this step as in your tutorial and fs file has been success copied to usb/other/fs (i’ve seen in XS++) and i saw in phone status the phone memory is reduce,but the problem i can’t find the fs folder in the other folder, i’ve try use MyPhoneExplorer,PCSuite SE but i still can’t find it. Can u help me to solve it? My phone is K530i (i’ve bought it 2 day ago) but without M2 external card, is it cause the problem? and does it required M2 card to do it? I want to backup all fs before i flash it to w660i. And can u tell me the link to find VKP patch for main W660_R8BB001_MAIN_CHINA_FY_RED52 ? Must it the vkp patch match with the region of main? or just match with the version of main for all region? Please help me, i’m newbie..Thnks b4 for your help and i like all yuor tutorial. Regards

  12. Akshay says

    yeah files go into M2 Card ! if this is not working then i will get my people to verify this again !
    but now files might have gone into phone memory ..

    no use to backup all files before w660 flash
    you can directly go for it . just backup contacts and everything through file transfer mode and my phone explorer
    other stuff you can get it by extracting an K530 FS which is much easier and is done offline .. with off the USB Plug ๐Ÿ˜›

    this tutorial is written by Peti .. who works here for this site .. and my name is actually Akshay ! LOL !

    OMG !! VKP for such an odd main is impossible .. sorry !! you have to create it .. even i don’t have time to create them .. it takes lots of time .. sorry about this .. if you use generic main for which patches are available then its good !

  13. mrdoa says

    ups..i’m sorry i’m wrong type your name, thanks a lot for your explain..but do you have any idea to make path fs backup in phone memory so that it can show in file transfer without M2 Card? And can u tell me how to make a (vkp) patch for a firmware? I’m sorry my english so bad because i’m balinese..:) thx

  14. Akshay says

    hey no prob .. i just told you my name .. lol .. the site name is still akshayy .. LOL !! since you said mr and all ..
    i did not understand .. this is the only way .. sorry
    to make a patch you must have ARM processor knowledge .. to port you must know hex editing !

  15. Naeem says

    all steps are working files are copied at usb/others but it does n’t shows in file transfer mode

    ph s500i

    and further can i have radio in it

  16. Akshay says

    hmmm !! ok !! try to copy with My Phone Explorer ! am not understanding why !! or try to transfer via bluetooth .. interesting ! i have not tested this .. its tested by PETI , who wrote this tutorial here
    i will ask him .. about this !

  17. Jocke says

    ur esnips is down ๐Ÿ™

  18. Joseph says

    yes Jocke , esnips bandwidth is down.. You may download from the 4shared directory…

  19. Akshay says

    far manager download link ?
    yeah that esnips is down
    check this out

  20. Jocke says

    no i want to extract files from my phones fs but far dosent make it ๐Ÿ™

  21. Peti says

    Can you use FAR Manager with your phone? Isn’t that a CID49 K750i by any chance?

  22. Peti says

    “its tested by PETI , who wrote this tutorial here”
    Definitely it is working with a K550@W610. I’ve downloaded my TPA dir many times so far. And the files do show in file transfer mode, in phone memory, directory ‘other\FS’…

  23. Jocke says

    do u know how i can get the .fbn out of my phone?

  24. Peti says

    No way, you can’t download such a file from the phone. Fbn is a compressed Raw file, and raw is an image file. It is the image of the phone’s memory, the file system. That file system changes by customizing (first) and using of the phone. So the fbn that you uploaded (or people at Sony Ericsson did) does not exist any longer. And I don’t know any solution to create a raw file from the file system… so just download the fbn from or

  25. Jocke says

    noo the thing is every time i flashed fs i lost my menus so i want to backup the fs i dont care if its in Raw i just want to have it to take stuffs from! i heard its possible but i dont know how ๐Ÿ™

  26. Peti says

    Then simply follow this tutorial and download the tpa folder. Or you can use JDFlasher, it can download files without the xml thing. Flash menus are at TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\DESKTOP\FLASH.

  27. Jocke says

    sry for asking so much but how do i use jdflasher xD

  28. blitz says

    Hey guys..please help…i want to make a backup of my phones fs. K800i- cid:52.. software version: R1KG001…i get as far as the please wait screen..but after that my phones starts up..and when i go into the “other” folder in my phones directory there is no files there. help please.

  29. Peti says

    Check the customize_upgrade.xml, it should look like the screenshot. -> all lines at the top box should begin with ‘tpa’. Is it correct?

  30. Irfan says

    How to copy java applications from phone to my pc?

  31. isuru says

    hi.. i want to flask my k530 to w660.. i have downloaded the files. but in xs++ , when i connect the phone, it says Cannot open phone communication port. could u please post me a solution.. soon.. thx akshayy..


  32. Akshay says

    you install USB FLash drivers
    in tutorial section there is a tutorial for it

  33. Peti says

    @irfan: use MyPhoneExplorer.

  34. Irfan says

    I have My Phone Explorer 1.6.6, but it only shows me to upload java applications. I have downloaded application via WAP, but now I want to copy it in my PC!

  35. pratik says

    hey peti/akshay …..
    i was unsuccessful to upload the ifs folder …
    is there any way ??

  36. Peti says

    The phone doesn’t copy the ifs folder when it executes the script. Use JDFlasher.
    @irfan. misunderstood ๐Ÿ˜› The easiest way is to move the apps to the memory stick. connect the phone to pc in file transfer mode, and use a file manager that shows hidden files or set windows explorer to show them. you will find the app, jar file on mem stick at sytem folder, system/ams IIRC. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Irfan says

    Thanks Peti!

  38. Daniel says

    Hi Peti,
    I’ve managed to back up the files to the usb/other folder ( I can see them with FAR manager).
    But how do I download them to the computer??
    I’ve tried all the softwares mentioned here and I still can’t find it! they show me the other folders.. it seems like this folder is inside like the TPA one.

    Please help me!

  39. Peti says

    When you apply the customize_upgrade.xml to the right place, the phone runs it and copies things to the Other folder on the phone, that you can download to your PC by using MyPhoneExplorer, or switching to File transfer mode. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Naeem says

    Hey i cant find it any where.
    files are copied to fs/usb/other

    must be a problem
    please help

  41. Sapir says


    Follow the instruction that are written above in this page and create the new XML file.
    Open it with notepad and copy all of its content to a MS word document. (Don’t close the notepad)
    In the MS Word press Ctrl+F > ‘Replace’. On the Find what type UBS . on the Replace with type “/tpa/user” (without the commas). select all the data (Ctrl+A) and copy it to open notepad (instead of the original content). save the file and copy it to the Phone. and follow the reset of the instructions.

    Once the process is finished you will find under Files > Other a folder called “FS” with all of your phone content. copy it (using Sony PC_Suite or Phone Explorer).

  42. Wizkl says

    I want to share a way to copy the FS directly to the pc but first you must hav apply quick access patch in ur phone.
    1. Open the FARjdflasher,press alt+f1
    2. Choose just da flasher (not SEFP)
    3. Choose scipt qa2020, port DCU-60, speed 921600.
    4. Choose bfs
    5. Just wait until all the FS foldr appear then choose which folder u want to copy to pc
    6. Then choose directory wher u want to save ur FS
    7. Drag and drop the files in the left panel to the right panel.
    8. the files copied to pc will not 0 kb
    9. Exit from FARjdflasher like usual..

  43. Wizkl says

    I want to share a way to copy the FS directly to the pc but first you must hav applied quick access patch in ur phone.
    1. Open the FARjdflasher,press alt+f1
    2. Choose just da flasher (not SEFP)
    3. Choose scipt qa2020, port DCU-60, speed 921600 and connect ur phone
    4. Choose bfs
    5. Just wait until all the FS foldr appear then choose which folder u want to copy to pc
    6. Then choose directory wher u want to save ur FS
    7. Drag and drop the files in the left panel to the right panel.
    8. the files copied to pc will not 0 kb
    9. Exit from FARjdflasher like usual..

  44. Sapir says

    It didn’t work for me. What phone are you using?

  45. Wizkl says

    Really?i’m using’s only work for db2020..i’ve just copy my foldr acustic to pc completely..and it’s not 0 kb..
    I’ve forgot to add something in step 6. You should choose the directory folder pc in the right panel of FARjdflasher. Not in the windows explorer..

    U can add this to ur tutorial if u want ^^

  46. dragoshell says

    Peti, would you be so kind to tell me what environment have you used to program the application[SESC]? Was it c++? Using addons or something?
    I would honestly appreciate an answer.

  47. Peti says

    Borland Delphi 2007 (CodeGear RAD Studio). The skinning is done with VCLSkin.

  48. dragoshell says

    Thank you very much!

  49. arif says

    i cannot apply flash menu in my sony ericsson z550i . can you help to applying flash menu in my z 550i . reply me fastly

  50. Akshay says

    your phone does not support flash menus.

  51. Ace says

    ok instead of usb at the start use “tpa/user/backup”
    but make sure you have a folder called backup in your phone memory. and you can view them on ur phone. also if you have blue tooth on ur compy, then you can get them easily.!!!!

  52. Ryoku says

    may i know wat is ifs, fs, gdfs ?? is the backup of gdfs same with the fs mention here ?? in any case if i mess up while exploring and changing the fsx using the xs++ will restore gdfs back to wat is was before ?? example if i delete the default and replace with new one then if i do a write on the gdfs (backup) will it restore back the original default ?

  53. Peti says

    ifs is the place where phone drivers are. FS is the file system, contains all files and drivers. GDFS is a set a variables, many of them are necessary to start the phone.
    GDFS doesn’t conain files, won’t restore anything. Restoring GDFS is only necessary if the phone can’t boot up.

  54. mani456 says

    akshayy how r u i m the new user i really impressed from ur tutorials the only thing i need is a video tutorial for converting my k550i to w610i from far manager+jdflasher help me

  55. Peti says

    This is my tut, not Akshay’s. I’m afraid we don’t have such a video tutorial. Only text, isn’t it ok? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  56. Random says

    New way, just install quick access patch, open jdflasher put setting on qa2020 then connect, press BFS select folders and press copy. Then go to the folder where you copied and there you go. No 0kb files!!

  57. Akshay says

    Random !!! you got some probs ??
    thanks for your solution other wise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. K.K says

    Thx peti for ur nice tutorial.. I followed ur tutorial step by step. When i switched on my phone (W580i) i saw the screen saying “Please Wait” and then it went off and my phone started. But unfortunately i could’nt find any folder by the name of /FS in both phone memory and card memory. However my phone’s memory decreased from 5.5mb to 810kb.

    I applied these steps again for the second time but this time my phone doesn’t go further than the “please wait” screen. I took the battery, reinserted and switched it on again, but still it hangs at “please wait” screen.

    Could you (both peti and akshay) please provide any solution for both of these problems?? Should i delete the customizaiton_upgrade.xml file to solve the second problem??

  59. Akshay says

    forget. just reflash our FS and Main and CDA all will go right. you won’t loose much.

  60. kk says

    hi akshay.i dont know how to transfer sms from phone mem to mem stick.pls help it advisible 4 a first time user to use the far manager.and how shud i take backup of all my system files to avoid any type of risk while using the far manager

  61. Akshay says

    naa its not possible on db2020
    you can move SMS from phone to computer using myphoneexplorer.

    nothing to worry, you will loose only content that you added. so just backup Memory card.

  62. Soham Dutta says

    Hey Akshayy, i had the same problem as KK. i couldn’t find the folder either in the phone memory or card memory. Also my phone memory got reduced. i think i got it copied to the FS as when i start FSX in XS++ an additional directory called USB is shown which has the same TPA inside it as the one outside. Can i delete this directory to regain memory.

  63. Robburdon says

    akshayy, to download the IFS part of the filesystem, you need to specify it in capitals. like, IFS not ifs, because the FS differentiates between the two

    hope that helps..

  64. Robburdon says

    sorry, Peti even

  65. Akshay says

    soham.. chill out. nothing wrong with memory
    newer firmwares take more memory.

    ok.. lol

  66. jaypea1 says

    Hi all, just some feedback. First of all i have successfully debranded and unlocked my k610i(THANK YOU ALL). Following on from the above threads, for backing up ifs needs to be IFS for script to work. Farmanager did not work for me for backing up fs. I copied fs from phone memory to M2 memory(it took a while…) and then they were visible. After flashing main, fs and cda, i had to transfer my backup tpa\preset\custom file to avoid config error.
    Hope this might help some of you.

  67. Mr Kira says

    so exactly what is the FS? sorry bout the noob question i seriously dont know and need to know. I think my phone sim doesnt work anymore coz i didnt install the EUROPE 2 FS. btw do u hav a EUROPE 2 FS available for download coz i really need it

  68. ashok says

    Platform: DB2020
    EROM CID: 52
    EROM Color: Red
    Phone ID: K790
    Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    CDA: CDA102568/110 R6A
    Firmware Version: R1KG001
    EROM: R3A022

    i need erom and cda files for my phone (details are as ablove).can you get those files for me. waiting for yr reply. thank u.

  69. mateiuli says

    Hallo. I maked the backup of Fs and iti is stored in phone memory not in my M2. I can see the folder backup from phone but from pc i can`t do it. With bluetooth don`t works becouse it don`t download and folders. have anybody same solution to download the backup from my memory card? or other solution to going the backup directly in my M2. thanks. … sorry my english…I`m from romania

  70. Ermal says

    hi, my phone (k800 @ k810) said please wait with the loading bar, but it keeps saying please wait without the loading bar.
    Please help

  71. bhuvan says

    @ Ermal
    loading bar??
    where you get this?

  72. gregt says

    Hi Peti,
    Can you tell me how to go about copying a section of the FS to my computer – I don’t have any problems connecting the ‘phone or seeing the FS, but I want to copy a part of the FS that ISN’T displayed in files. I want to copy/save/move, or at least READ, deleted SMS messages. I think the FS range is something like 45400000 – 45EFFFFF, but I’m not sure. Would it be possible to extract the FS with SETools2 lite by “read flash” in a binary file? If I could manage to get a copy of it to my computer I could then worry about finding an application to open it as text, but FIRST I need to get a copy of it, and this is what I’m having trouble with. Can you help, PLEASE.

  73. Akshay says

    GregT, SMS are not stored in filesystem. its stored some where close to gdfs area.

  74. Jims says

    Hello peti…Can u display a xml file of a 0byte big file..So that i can get the correct path of all the files..
    S der any any update in u r application…?
    Nice,simple GUI design in SESC 1.1..Keep it up:)..

  75. bhuvan says

    contact him at the forum!

  76. Jims says

    K..Bhuvan..So how to extract fs from a db2010’s .fbn file

  77. bhuvan says

    tutorial is there dude
    check it out
    dont forget to write extension of every single file in cmd!

  78. Jims says

    Ya..But i found only 2020’s extraction method..Using babe2raw nd sefs4..
    Can’t able to extract 2010’s using dis method..
    S der ny other way to extract(fs) it directly from phone.?

  79. bhuvan says

    u can try dragging and dropping thing…
    but if files extensions are same…in db2010 then u can give a try
    i never tried it on db2010 firmwares…extensions are same…i hope this will work!
    else google ur firmware with word extracted…ull get many downloads!
    also at

  80. Jims says

    Dragging and dropping is not supported in these models..S there any tutorial for se z200.?Coz d mainfile which i’ve downloaded is in .arm format. Is flashing s same as like of other se phones.?

  81. bhuvan says

    its arm platform!!!
    no flashing supported

  82. jockep says

    Bhuvan, all Sony Ericsson runs Arm processor

  83. bhuvan says

    but its platform is ARM!!!!
    saw in phone db….

  84. Jims says

    So s there any way to repair the red light blinking problem.?

  85. bhuvan says

    as far as i think NO!
    but u can give a try by going at our support forum
    like jockep said something
    i really dont know much about ur cell phone
    so may be u can get something there

  86. kapil says

    Hello akshay. I’m using w350i. Its a pnx5230 and cid53 phone. I want to know how can i backup my original “ofs” folder using farmanager + jdflasher. I came to your tutorial backup files from fs ( ). But the problem is theres no 0 byte file created when I copy from tpa folder. Please help as I want to save the original “ofs” directory.

  87. bhuvan says

    thats not exactly possible for ur phone
    because of platform
    get original fs file and extract it
    best way

  88. kapil says

    so, from where can I get the original fs file. I think its quite difficult to find fs for pnx5230 phone and cid 53 as well…

  89. Kapil says

    Ok I got the fs from ( ). By the way what is gdfs. In far manager there’s “ofs” and “oflash”.

  90. bhuvan says
    or from topsony

  91. jondel says

    hi, does anyone know where i could get the fs file for my SE w610i?

  92. bhuvan says

    post for once
    use google translator

  93. Ravi says

    12:14:27| Platform: DB2020
    12:14:27| OTP CID: 51
    12:14:27| EROM CID: 52
    12:14:27| EROM Color: Red
    12:14:27| IMEI: 01127100xxxxxx
    12:14:27| Phone ID: W580
    12:14:27| Region: CINGULAR
    12:14:27| CDA: CDA102774/102 R17A
    12:14:27| Firmware Version: R7AC001
    12:14:27| EROM: R3A022

    i am trying to debrand my at&t w580 and i’m new.Plz help me! All info on it iz above, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. bhuvan says

    so what?

  95. Ravi says

    ok got through, thanks everyone. But now i face a huge problem. In games there was a java application called the executer which i opened and now my phone phone won’t boot. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

  96. bhuvan says

    u were following anycid patching?
    thats the way it goes
    read the full guide
    if u were just playing then reflash the main

  97. Ravi says

    YES! Thanks bhuvan. Got through finally. The GDFS just needed restoring! Thanks everyone.

  98. gulabatu says

    i want backup my fs firmware from my k850i, but i donโ€™t know how to backupโ€ฆ.
    can u help meโ€ฆ.?

  99. Kiran says

    Hi, can somebody tell me how to back up the original font in SE w580
    [cid52 db2020 ] phone using xs++ 3.1 darwin

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