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Menu Modding

In this tutorial we discuss changing the SE Menu Icons and more !!

In the File System (FS) of any SE firmware you will find a MENU.ML file at FS\TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\MENU\**MENU ML HERE**

The xml file controls the complete behavior of the SE phone menu.

You will get lots of ready made Menu packs with which you can change your main menu. Depeha’s blog has some cool menus check them out

To install a pack. Just flash in the Menu ml to its location along with the icons that came with it. You can also download lots of menu ml packs from Topse Russia or From Se-nse.


That’s it .. Restart your phone and the new menu will greet you.

Now lets see how these amazing menus are created !! MENU ML hacking !
We will edit the menu ml to have custom icons, custom text labels, own programs at the menu !
You can get your menu ml from your FS by extracting the FS. Please follow the FS extraction of FS tutorial.
All hacks here apply for all no matter what phone. It must be Sony Ericsson phone though πŸ˜‰

Here i have uploaded an example This is the w610i menu ml. In the menu ml i have inserted lots of comments so that you understand it well.

Original . Commented

now go through both Menu ml . I have inserted lots of comments in one of them. Comments in code won’t affect it. Note view commented menu ml in MS Word or Wordpad and not in notepad.

Take the second element Internet Services for our analysis

<element lock=“icons” id=“InternetServices”> <!– Line No 1–>
<label type=“name” textid=“OLP_TITLE_TXT” /> <!– Line No 2–>
<icon pos=“unselected” source=“internal”>DESKTOP_WAP_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 3–>
<icon pos=“selected” source=“internal”>DESKTOP_WAP_SELECTED_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 4–>
<icon pos=“shortcut” source=“internal”>RN_SHORTCUT_LIST_WAP_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 5–>
<link type=“internal” /> <!– Line No 6–>

now if you want FM Radio in place of Internet Service then just edit this line

<element lock=“icons” id=“InternetServices”>


<element lock=“icons” id=“FMRadio”>

You should basically replace the Element ID, If you want Write Message or Email Instead of Internet Service then replace element id as Msg_WriteNew or Messaging_Email respectively ! so here you learnt how to have any element at main menu. You can have Timer, Applications or Anything in phone at main menu. You must just know the element id. You can find out element id from the menu ml easily.

Now we see how to change the text label of any Element in any menu

See the Line No 2

<label type=“name” textid=“OLP_TITLE_TXT” />

change that to

<label type=“name”><text>YOUR LABEL HERE</text></label>

so to have your own label for any element whether its in main menu or a submenu you must replace it this way

Now we see how to change icons in the main menu

see lines no 3 and 4

<icon pos=“unselected” source=“internal”>DESKTOP_WAP_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 3–>
<icon pos=“selected” source=“internal”>DESKTOP_WAP_SELECTED_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 4–>

Change them as follows

<icon pos=“unselected” source=“file”>Your ICON.PNG</icon>
<icon pos=“selected” source=“file”>Your ICON2.PNG</icon>

Now both the Icons will be replace by Your ICON.PNG !!

Changing the Shortcut Icon

<icon pos=“shortcut” source=“internal”>RN_SHORTCUT_LIST_WAP_ICN</icon>

change line 5 this way

<icon pos=“shortcut” source=“file”>Your Shortcut Icon.PNG</icon>

That way you change Icons !!

Now lets say you wanted a Java Application at your main menu. For example Opera mini instead of Internet Service. Then you should change line no 6 this way !!

Change Line no 6 from

<link type=“internal” />

To This

<link type=“java” javasuitename=“Jave Suite Name” javasuitevendor=“Vendor” javasuitepoint=“Suite Point”/>

So to get opera mini do this

<link type=“java” javasuitename=“Opera Mini” javasuitevendor=“Opera Software ASA” javasuitepoint=“Browser”/>

Using the methods given above change it for all menu ml creating a menu pack with icons for each element. and upload all the icons and menu ml using FAR to FS. Then start your phone and enjoy your menu.

Also note that by patching you can place the menu folder outside the FS and in your memory card, in that case you just need to replace the new menu and icons just in your phone memory card. This method is recommended so that you change your menu very fast and easily.

Yes lastly you must check out this Menu Editor Program ! You can use to create preview and also make correct links if you want to use java programs.

That’s it guys. happy menu Modding.

Regards. Thanks for Reading.

Have fun.

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  1. SiMpLe SuMeGhβ„’ says

    nice topic…. very informative…..

    can i change menu icons of k510i by this method….??

    reply me in my mail…..

  2. Akshay says

    well check out the far tutorial and also crossflashing section
    reply sent in mail too

  3. Vignesh says

    Can I change icons in K550i ? Does replacing the above said files is enough ? What software to use and what are the steps ??

  4. pratik says

    yup. u can.
    softwares used r xs, far & setool
    steps 2 upload r given in d tutorials

  5. Peti says

    Nice tutorial, but what about flash menus?
    On my k550i@w610i I love flash menus and this thing olny applies to the non-flash menu themes.
    Are there flash templates out there that we could edit? And also do we have to use Macromedia Flash for that?

  6. Rakesh says

    Hi akhshay i need ur help i have k790i i want to download flash menu and flash wallpapers to my phone how can i do that.

  7. Akshay says

    no flash menus for k790 !! sorry

  8. Nikunj says

    hello i want to use flash themes for k810i i have copy the swf file in flash folder in phone memory and also changed xml file of theme but my flash menu does not appear so should i have to flash my phone to get the flash menu

  9. Akshay says

    sorry no flash menu for K series !
    i mean they won’t work on it
    its only for w series !

    but some k phones have if you phone came with flash menus since start then it might support !

  10. Nikunj says

    hi akshay i have seen couple of videos on you tube of k810i phones which have flash menu so i think its possible i have also flash my phone using ur tutorial so there will be some way to get it right

  11. Akshay says

    yeah then try out ! first copy swf files to phone and try to open them if they open then they work

  12. Nikunj says

    hi akshay can i upload new menu to my phone by downloding file to it desktop folder

  13. Peti says

    No. is in tpa/preset/system/menu directory.

  14. crot787 says

    please video tutorial for moding icon… step by step with xs++

  15. crot787 says

    and how change menu icon only with phone

    need explain and tutorial

    Using FAR or XS++, copy the shortcuts to tpa/preset/system/menu
    2. create a folder in usb/other called ‘menu’. Create a folder in usb/other/menu for each of your custom menus. Menu icons must be named in the format icon1_selected.png, icon1_unselected.png etc.
    3. The menu set that will be displayed, will be the one at this path: usb/other/menu/live, so before disconnecting far, name one of your custom menu folders to “live”
    4. Exit FAR, then start your phone.
    5. In future to to change menus, simply rename one of the menu sets in the menu folder to “live”, then restart the phone. To add new menus simply copy them using the usb cable or bluetooth to “phone memory/other/menu”

    You only need to do this step if you want to create your own shortcuts for different named menu icons or to make the shortcuts point to another location for example card/others/menu/live (if you want to use your mem card instead of phone memory).
    Included is the menu shortcut creation program. To use it, run a command prompt and type se_shortcut /path/file (where path is the path you want the shortcut to point to, and file is the name of the file you want the shortcut to point to.) You will end up with a file called file.@ (or whatever the name of the file you are pointing to example icon1_unselected.png.@)

  16. Akshay says

    the shortcut method ?
    yes that works ! we do the same in my k550 and !!
    i have not put the shortcut method here just to keep things simple ! anyway will fix this then !

  17. crot787 says

    please visit this youtube.. and how this modding work

  18. Akshay says

    he has flashed the k800 with w850 firmware
    he gets walkman player but loses 3.2 mp camera
    i have my k550 flashed to w610 and it has walkman

  19. Nikunj says

    hi akshay can u explain what crot787 has said above regardin changing menu wit phone only

  20. Nikunj says

    thanks man u r doing great work

  21. Azhar - SE k790i says

    I am a beginner to this.
    Ive read ur “Customize your phone” part. And i havnt worked it out, coz i thought i will do a thorough study on ur website and then begin!

    So, doesnt the flash menu’s change the icons of the menu?
    If it doesnt what does th “.swf” file do????
    and does my fone – k790i support flash menu???

  22. Peti says

    K790 doesn’t support flash menus. Flash menu (swf file) is a totally different GUI than the original SE menu. They are sort of like active content on websites…

  23. Luv says

    Hi, can i do this to a branded w580i? Also, is there a way i can get my original icons back on my w580i? Thanks in advance!!

  24. Peti says

    Yes you can, but I suggest that you should reflash FS to get rid of branded stuff, and get original icons (of SE) back.

  25. Azhar Umar says

    hey Peti…thanks for ur info..
    so is there no way by which i can change the look of my menu????

  26. Azhar Umar says

    Watch these…
    this guy is using a k790i..and look at his menu..its indeed very kool…how do u do it without swf file support?

    Now look at this
    look at this guys menu…its the walkman menu!!!

    how do u do this on a k790i??? if id does not support swf files????

  27. Peti says

    The first two can be done by menu modding and sysgfx patching. The third is a fake. πŸ˜‰

  28. flipboi says

    Hi! I have done my own menus thru adobe photoshop and haven’t edited the (original w610i menu for my k550i@w610i) so that i won’t mess up the lines of codes. everything went fine until i pressed the minimize/maximize button near c button and right menu button. the icons for my shortcuts (bluetooth, infrared, etc.) have the same icons which are arrows that point towards the northeast much like the shortcut icons for windows. how do i change these? the icons still work as their respective shortcuts (infrared opens the infrared menu, bluetooth opens the bluetooth menu, etc. ) though the icons look the same.

  29. Peti says

    No modding? Then you used vkp I guess. You may have deleted pictures that were in use all right. Remove your patch and use menu modding.

  30. flipboi says

    hi Peti. I just edited the icons and uploaded them to FS\TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\MENU\ maybe i’ll download someone else’s menus with their and i’ll see what happens..

  31. Peti says

    Only use menu for your phone type, others are not appropriate.

  32. flipboi says

    yup. i used the k550@w610 custom menu where camera is named cybershot and media player is named walkman for now. the icons i have uploaded in the directory FS\TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\MENU\ is now not my icons for the desktop of my k550@w610 but the shortcut icons for the minimize/maximize button has become normal. how do i make my edited menu icons appear again without making the shortcuts icons in my minimize/maximize button appear the same again (looking like the same icon for windows shortcut icon with the arrow)?

  33. Peti says

    Shortcut icon?? SE has no such thing. Probably you used a theme that had something like that on those menu items.
    Also what is this minimize/maximize button???

  34. flipboi says

    minimize/maximize button is the button with the small square and an arrow beside the “c” and right menu keys..don’t you use that button in your k550i?

  35. Peti says

    I use that button for bookmanager elf… And I would rather call it Shortcuts key or so, because it is not possible to minimize things with it (only java apps and walkman are handled as processes).
    But at least now I understand the question! πŸ˜€
    I think the only way to make it work is sysgfx patching, because those shortcuts are not from the file…

  36. flipboi says

    so, does this mean that when i edit my menu, those shortcuts will always look the same – looking like the shortcut icons from windows? maybe i’ll try making sysgfx patches then.. πŸ™

  37. Akshay says

    hey you can change the shorcut icons if you editing menu ml
    if you find small icons use them…


    that line is for shortcut icons.
    change source to file and put file name…
    use any methods.. etc.

  38. flipboi says

    hi Akshay!

    Yup! That is what I figured out just now. I was comparing the k550i@w610i with a custom file (from – thanks guys! eventhough I don’t speak russian, this site rocks!) and noticed that line. I am now looking forward to doing small icons via adobe photoshop. I’m in the office now (1:00 PM Manila time) and would let you know once I have edited my shortcut icons. thanks, man!

  39. Mathew says

    i need these in english language (UK) i mean the menus and others such as message,filemanager etc and plz send it to my mail

  40. Peti says

    Use the download site, request stuff there. Still, who am I to send things in mail?:O

  41. jinJun says

    Menu ml to its location along with the icons that came with it. what mean by it ? i still cant get it how flash in

  42. Peti says

    Use FAR Manager or JDFlasher to get to TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\MENU\, there upload the menu pack’s file and all other graphic files, in the same directory.

  43. Hamza says

    hey peti/akshayy

    using se menu editor

    how do you insert the ‘videoplayer’ into the entertainment section (that has musicdj, picturedj ect) i was modding a file someone else had made and couldnt do it.
    do you create a container or single item?


  44. Hamza says

    its ok now i’ve done it! πŸ™‚

  45. Peti says

    Well I always loved menu editing the old-school way, text editor (notepad++). πŸ˜‰

  46. JorJ says

    Ive edited my k610@w660 to have a link to MeBoy insted of Play Now and the link works fine but when i acsess the menu a mesage pops up saying “Errors occur in the file. This may render the menu unusable.” What have i done wrong? I think ive made the link right. Any ideas?

  47. Akshay says

    that’s because of incorrect java linkage.
    just put back original menu ml.
    you can get it from an w660 FS.
    inside w660 FS you will find menu ml.
    use this tutorial to get read the contents of w660 FS.

  48. amigo says

    too bad, i can’t mod my k800i menu as of now coz it’s EROM is CID53 and also i cant download from coz i dont understand the site coz itz russian and you need to register first b4 you download stuffs. btw, i have some question.

    1. how should i know if the packs that i have been downloading is compatible with my k800i? which one of these resolution is for k800i? 240×320 or 176×220?

    2. what kind of menu is shown in this video in youtube and where i can get that kind of menu.

    3. are there any sites like where you can download cool stuffs for free?

    many thanks!!!

  49. albus says

    hi, i have w700. when i try to load menu the process stops with “activating filesystem”. after this the process is not going……….. plz help me.

  50. albus says

    can i crossflash my w700 to antother phone? if so what phone? thnks

  51. Akshay says

    sorry no crossflashing
    for W700 please use XS++ 2.2
    it won’t stop there in XS++ 2.2
    just google search download XS++ 2.2 for download link

    else search in
    its available.

  52. Luv says

    Hi, i was successfully able to flash my phone with the R8BE001 firmware and now my display is normal. Thanks sooooo much for your help man ur awesome. BTW, what part on india do u live in. Like what country?

  53. Peti says

    He lives in Bangalore. AFAIK.
    But W700 can be crossflashed to W800. As K750,D750,W700,W800 hardwares are mostly identical.

  54. Luv says

    Can the w580i be crossflashed with the W910(new phone that came out)? Also Can i use the w580i accelerometer to play games that use that as a sensor?

  55. Peti says

    W580 can’t be crossflashed to W910, totally different architectures (DB2020 and 3150). I don’t know about that accelerometer…

  56. Luv says

    oh ok, thanks

  57. amigo says

    anybody please answer my previous question? also please recommend some cool menu packs for k800i! thanx!!

  58. yogesh says

    hi amigo. Very first thing. K800i has a 240×320 screen. SO the menus that u download should have a 320 by 240 resolution. They might not necessarily be of your K800i. But they would support your phone.
    SEcondly your menu on youtube. Look no one can say where that menu exists. U better speak to the owner of that video. Top se is a really good site for se flashers. Look u can register there in english. But if u want to download then u have to login through russian site. In your second window open google translater and translate stuff. Ok bye.

  59. amigo says

    thank you very much Yogesh! i really appreciate your help!! finally i’ve been downloading menu packs from that site. i’ve also seen java games in that site but i don’t know if it’s for free coz i’m not able to download them.

  60. Peti says

    I could download them, strange.

  61. amigo says

    thank you guys!!! using google translator, i was able to understand that russian site & im having no problem in registering. i was able to download those great games for my K800i and i can play them in full screen unlike the games that i’ve been downloading before. hope they also have some great apps for my phone like converter, world clock etc.

  62. azim says

    hi… im kinda lost here..
    i just got my W350i yesterday, and the menu was boring, so i was wondering if it was possible to get menus like the walkman ones.. where the icons were rotating around the screen and stuff..
    is it possible to flash it?
    if it is possible, how?
    really appreciate it.. thanks..

  63. Peti says

    W350 is a pnx5230 model (AFAIK). So yeah, it can be flashed, but probably only with JDFlasher, so get that. Does your phone have flash menus? If it has, you can use different ones, by uploading their swf files to tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash dir, and there themes somewhere on the memory stick or phone memory. Use flash menus with your screen resolution. Get them from and

  64. ika says

    if im not flash main/fs using jdflasher, can i customized my phone using Ofs only?is it work?

  65. azim says

    thnx peti… but how can i tell if my phone have flash menus?

  66. Peti says

    @ika: Why would you want to recustomize your phone?:O (that means uploading CDA) It is possible by uploading it and then doing a master reset. But I think you meant pimping.
    @azim: It’s hard if you don’t know what they are. :S I’m almost sure it has them. Check your desktop icons, default SE menu has 3×4 icons on the desktop and they are always the same, no matter which theme you use, and their layout is constant, too. Try changing the theme and check desktop icons.

  67. azim says

    yup.. i changed to a couple of themes, and still got the same desktop icons..
    so does this mean i have flash menus or not?
    sorry for being a total noob..
    i used to own a L7 and fully modded it.. but when i recently switched to SE, im confused..
    cause there arent any forums on the W350, so i dont know if it is moddable or not.. or how to mod it, and stuff..

    but first things first.. you would be a big help if you could help me change my menu..
    the original SE menu is boring..

  68. deepu says

    i want to change icon of my k will possible with this software

  69. Peti says

    @azim: yes, well connect to jdflasher in ofs mode. Check tpa/preset/desktop directory, if it has swf files, then you can use them. Though I don’t understand how you want flash menus when you don’t even know what they are…
    @deepu: certainly, this works for all DB2020 (and many other) phones.

  70. TheRealFido says

    hi guys.

    i was able to crossflash my k550 to w610
    but i realized that playnow icon is replaced with operator web page.
    can you tell me, is there any way for me to get the playnow icon back, plz

    sorry for my english

  71. Akshay says

    don’t worry. that’s the w610 menu.
    what’s the prob ?
    change the menu manually then.

    else use the flash menus which has playnow option.

  72. azim says

    @peti: haha.. i think i know what flash menus are..
    but i was just wondering if my phone supports them or not.. uhmm.. what is ofs mode?
    and where can i download jdflasher? can u provide me a link, or a link to where i can get it.. and as for the menu files.. can i just use any menu files?? or it has to be specific to certain models only?

  73. azim says

    nvm.. i found where to download jdflasher.. and i know what ofs mode is.. hehe.. read the tutorials..
    but just one question.. can i just use any menu files?

  74. Akshay says

    yeah sure.
    backup all first
    check out the extracting FS tutorial.

  75. Izzy says

    Hi, Ok..I am so lost..ok here is what I use XS++..i went to FS\TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\MENU\**MENU ML and Icons HERE**, so now I have two Menus one call and other one)..I follow everything that has to be follow..I have k790a..after uploading I turn on the phone its a same menus..also, is ther anyway you can manually change the Menu from the phone it self once you have uploaded..thx

  76. Akshay says

    ok. keep a copy of menu ml. the original one.
    RENAME to and put it in the FS.

    Yes there is way. But that’s through patching. please check out patching tutorials.

  77. Izzy says

    tHX..Akshay…it was that easy but i also want to have bunch of menu install in the phone so I can change them whenever I want..I went to patching turotials but I do not find any if about which patch to use for Menu..

  78. Peti says

    I can do such things with FileManager.elf, I suggest using that. πŸ˜›

  79. Jatin says

    Hi peti, i’m using a k790i. i used a k800i menu in my phone. when the phone starts it says error in file but the phone works normally. i deleated video conferencing in file but still the error occurs. will it cauze any unwanted errors if i keep on egnoring the problem….all softwares and camera are working fine

  80. Peti says

    You didn’t follow the rules of xml language maybe. Some unclosed tags or so. It won’t cause any problems, but it is very much likely that a block of the menu just got unavailable. I’d restore a backup of that file to fix the problem.

  81. limons says

    Hi Akshay and Peti. I am Using K550@W610. I want to change the name of camera in main menu and replace the name Cybershot .Can u guys give the the menu ml. Thanks

  82. Peti says

    I won’t host it anywhere. πŸ˜€
    Instead, check this:
    The second, optional part writes about renaming menu elements. πŸ˜‰

  83. duan says

    where i can get standby files when we push button to keypad lock, the screen show example like unloading, shutdown, etc….? my phone k810..

  84. duan says

    sori.. one more thing, when i can place that files in tpa? fsx xs++?

  85. Peti says

    FSX or JDFlasher.

  86. Joy Bose says

    My First K800/k810 Menu, After checking a lot of menus on the and se-nse , I have chosen these icons for my K810i.

    I just bought my phone 5 days ago , I haven’t done any modding yet.

    So pl. can anyone check does this menu looks goods and post a screen shot of it if possible.

    Here it is :-

    Akshay , can u personally check it as well.

    Thanks for your awosome site , very helpful for newbies like me.


  87. Peti says

    The menu seems correct. (in xml syntax)
    We both have k550@w610, can’t test it, you’ll have to. πŸ˜›

  88. Marian says

    Hello everybody. Maybe it is a stupid question but where can i find in my phone this:
    I can not find these folders in my phone..
    Thak you for the answer.

  89. Marian says

    sorry i forgot…my phone is K810i

  90. Peti says

    Use XS++ FSX, FAR Manager, JDFlasher (any) to access file system.

  91. Marian says

    I will try it…thanx…

  92. Ryan says

    hi, i edited the for my s500 but how do i upload it to my phone. i used own_custpack but my xs++ load 1 from a diff directory

  93. Peti says

    FAR Manager / JDFlasher. Or XS++ FSX.

  94. Dhiren says

    hey i m using w710i….
    so for gettin fitness application wat lines shud b edited coz the menu dat i hav downloaded doesnt contain them bcoz of dis my fitness application is gone………..wat changes shd i do…….or frm wer can i get menu for W710i???

  95. Peti says

    By extracting a w710 fs, tutorial on this site.

  96. MIL says

    Great work man. I need more help from u. where can I find menu flash in SE w850

  97. Peti says

    There is no such thing. Maybe flash menu? They are desktops for themes. Could be called flash themes anyway. Same as all other phones. tpa/preset/desktop/flash for swf files and themes for thm.

  98. MIL says

    can u please tell me the directions to instale it. B’coze after I downloaded the file, I don’t know how to make it work.pls

  99. Peti says

    Why not see my last post? πŸ˜›

  100. liam says

    hi im in the uk. i want to use flash menus n themes on my w580i on orange bought frm carphonewarehouse. can u tell me all the things i need to get for it work. and does it work wiv vista other wise i can use my bros comp he got xp. any help is much apreciated thanks.

  101. Peti says

    XP is better for it, though there is no reason not to use Vista. I’d stick to XP if I were you.
    You have to debrand the phone. There are tutorials for that on the site.

  102. liam says

    thanks for the info cheers mate

  103. Arvind says

    Hi Peti and Akshayy,
    I have installed/ modified menu icons on my k530i (CID 53) using JDFlasher. I would like to know if i can change the battery icon, signal icon the same way?.
    If so what is the path in which i have to place the icons?

    Thanks in Advance. πŸ™‚

  104. Peti says

    Can’t. Those are done by patching, which is not possible on CID 53 at the moment. πŸ˜‰

  105. Rajeev says

    hello akshay
    my phone is w200
    i changed menu using fsx and now i am getting a message like yhis in my phone
    ”errors occur in the file.this may render the menu unstable”
    now my entire menu is corrupted
    what can i do to get my original menu back

  106. Peti says

    Get an fs from somewhere and extract it. Use its menu.

  107. Kia says

    I have k790i…I did not like the default icons…I like try some other icons..I am unable to follow what you are saying…because mine is Linux machine..please can you give some themes which has flash themes…if not possible..any other icons other than default….

  108. Akshay says

    Kia for linux
    there is phoneXS 4.1 πŸ˜‰
    no other way
    and your phone k790 has no flash theme support.

    this is easy, just read it nicely
    besides there are ready made packs avaiable.

  109. R says

    My SE w580i was encoded by Orange and I lost some of the features [eg: lights settings, clock size etc]. Can I add the features to the existing ones, without debranding/ changing the whole firmware? Can I get flash themes work without debranding it (I mean without losing some specific things from the network provider).
    Thanx in advance πŸ™‚

  110. Akshay says

    no you can’t
    debranding is the only way to fix all that.
    you can later put back your network settings.

  111. R says

    Can I put back the orange icons then ? Or at least the order in which they appear (as I’ve seen, their position in the menu is a bit different in the original version)

  112. R says

    Ok, please ignore the last questions and screw the orange icons. I upgraded my phone a while ago to CID53 without even knowing and now I can’t backup my GDFS. I just wanted some flash themes :-<

  113. Akshay says

    yeah you can use jdflasher for CID53.
    don’t worry gdfs backup not needed here.

  114. R says

    thanks again πŸ™‚

  115. R says

    Btw, I tried to flash my phone with JDFlasher, I flashed the main and when I tried to flash the FS, I got this error message: “PutFiles<putfile<putfile_flash<flashbabe<header<s end header error 1B”
    I managed to update the firmware with SEUS and I guess I’ll wait until all bugs are fixed and until more things will be known about CID53 (I understood it is a bit unstable).

  116. Akshay says

    yeah i will update this wait.
    its a bit outdated here. the jdflasher version
    sincce i did not get the change to verify the newer version… test6

  117. R says

    Hey, if you can, a link with the newest version of jd flasher would be great! πŸ˜€ thanx for everything

  118. Ryan says

    since the k530 and w580 have same pixel layout can i use a k530 ml on a w580

  119. rajath says

    hey can i put s500i display driver for w830

  120. R says

    By the way, do you have a working w580 r8be001 fs mediterr red53? I can’t find a good one anywhere πŸ™

  121. Ryan says

    or can u help me edit the so i can hav the vista taskbar. thats all i need.

  122. Ryan says

    go on se-nse, esnips or topsony. they all have a wide range of firmwares for all se phones

  123. R says

    se-nse doesn’t have firmware files, on top-sony you must pay and on e-snips there are few red53 fs files, and the one i’m searching for is not among them. If I’m wrong, it would be my greatest pleasure πŸ™‚

  124. Ryan says

    @R No it doesnt, just register free, i did. dont try downloading without login, then u must pay

  125. jimi says

    I wait for e-mail of reegistration – ????

  126. Akshay says

    sorry guys !! for late replies.
    if you still have queries please let me know now. again.
    am dead busy with life πŸ™

  127. Ryan says

    is there any chance of the phone to stuff up when uploading and using fonts and can u upload any font you want with the sans seriff or watever name it is. Also i want the vista taskbar as menu but know one has the menu ml for w580. where or how can i get and create 1.

  128. Ryan says

    also how can i make a flash menu for vista taskbar

  129. Akshay says

    Ryan !!!!
    I did not understand you.
    and to mkae flash menus you need to know to use adobe flash and some APIs which you get at se-nse tutorials section.

  130. Gadjo2007 says

    hy akshay,i have a w580i and i want to put romanian FS on it.i searched a lot but i did not find any. can you please help me? my phone has CID 53. thanks!

  131. Akshay says

    you can search in esnips. you will get it
    see in mirko folder

  132. Stephanie says

    I want to know how to delete an icon and word from the music menu. How would I go about doing this?

  133. R says

    @ Gadjo2007:
    choose a fs for europe. you can later add the romanian language using far manager & jd flasher (though the special characters won’t be there, at least i don’t have them anymore, but i didn’t use them anyway :P)

  134. R says

    @Ryan: no, i am registered on top-sony and when i want to download something, i get the message saying “Lamentablely you can not download bla bla bla…”. I already flashed the phone, working fine now, but thanx anyway πŸ™‚

  135. Syncronize says

    hey akshayy.. nice topic in here..

    i want to ask ?? how do i restore to the original icon ?
    are just only by deleting the icon and upload the original menu ??

    if yes can you give me the original menu for w580.. just for my backup if i have prob with my phone..

    and whats the different of my w580 menu and others SE phone ?? as u knnow, in w580 theres are fitnes in the menu. can i use custom menu for other SE phones like w810 to my phone ??

    mail me if u can..

    thx for your advance …

  136. rathod says

    I have SE w700,i’ve tried XS++ for changing pack but its showing the error message “Open Failed” please help me to fix the problem

  137. hairi says

    hey how to use menu editor….?????plse help me….

  138. hairi says

    hey how to get a original…for w660i…….?//

  139. Akshay says

    you can get it from extracting an fs or back up form phone.
    see tutorials in this site, we have both.

  140. hairi says

    hey sombody help me….how to install sysgfx icon……??plese help me…

  141. hairi says

    how to change beterie icon and signal…..>>>??plese help me

  142. Akshay says

    you post your advanced queries at our support forum ! our experts will help you !! πŸ™‚
    se-lifestyle !

  143. hairi says

    no i want to ask you how to intall sysgfx icon yo my phone using xs++…..plese help me….

  144. Akshay says

    you just need to apply the patch using jdflasher.
    get the patch, apply via jdflasher.
    check out jdflasher tutorial to apply the patch.

    sysgfx is a patch, you can also create using the ImageTool program.

  145. hairi says

    im not understand about sysgfx….how cant i change my bateris icons and signal only….so hard to do this….

  146. hairi says

    aksay cant you find for me sysgfx patch w660i for me…?plese i need its

  147. Akshay says

    really man, i can’t do all that considering lots of things that i got to do here.
    you please join se-nse, you will get in there.

  148. hairi says

    hey cant i chage the fsx…w800i cid 32 db2010….??or i must upgrade the phone use a seus……?

  149. Akshay says

    yes try to upgrade via SEUS. maybe it can change.
    but changing brown to red ? i don’t know its hard to find that.
    try to google search ! πŸ™‚

  150. hairi says

    the colour brown….
    how to change to red…?
    why im using fsx dont work….?

  151. Nisal says

    What is this colour business anyway? I’ve CID 52 Red, bt no idea wat da last part is. Can any1 explain?

  152. hairi says

    plse tell me how to chage brown to red….

  153. Nisal says

    I think mayb u can flash a RED fs… Thats wat i saw in 1 place. Bt pls let me say, im nt sum1 so familiar with dis stuf lyk akshay, dats y im askin him. Y dnt u contact sum1 @ da forum stated in the ‘contact’ section? πŸ™‚ Juz tryna help.

  154. hairi says

    i found this website ….how to change brown to red…its available….?

  155. Akshay says

    good that you found the tutorial, now convert that to red.

  156. hairi says

    ok akshay tq for a lot idea for me….!!!!

  157. hairi says

    akshay i want to ask you how to add tab in file manger…?that is the patches…??cant you find for w660….iwant to lock all at dekstop like walkman…file manger and more…this is like this video….

  158. Akshay says

    ya you have to apply patches for that. you can find patches at se-nse forums. they are shared in forums.
    they are also listed in the russian website…!
    in tutorials section of this website, i have written a tutorial on how to apply patches. see it !!

  159. Mayten says

    Hey, your tutorials are wicked! I’m so happy I can get these menus working! Just one thing:- is it possible to save the and all the icons on my memory stick? It’s just that they seem to take up lots of space on my phone’s memory and I only have space for about 2!

  160. Akshay says

    hmmmmm, no. That’s not possible.

  161. ardi says

    hey, I’m trying 2 change my menu….lik flash menu. Is it possible in w200i
    If possible pls tell details in how
    becoz, I’m afraid if the main software damage

  162. bhuvan says

    dont wrry…just atke ur gdfs bakup…then there is no way of gtting ur fone permanently damaged!
    secondly…re flashing helps u gtting out of damaged software…that is firmware!not a big deal!
    no the main thing….flsh theme…ya!
    download one…upload the flash menu file to tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash
    and theme file to theme folder…thru pc suite or in usb mode!

  163. R says

    Does anyone know a working w580 r8be001 orange red53 fs? I urgently need one. Please help πŸ™

  164. bhuvan says


  165. R says

    but there’s no orange fs there 😐

  166. R says

    at least not for w580 with cid53

  167. R says

    oh, and btw, can i flash the orange software back to my w580 ? [it’s really an emergency, got some hardware problems and i must send the phone in service – don’t know if it’ll work, but i want to try]

  168. NEELESH says

    hey dude………thanx a lot……i succesfully flashed mah mobile to w660…..itz really nice and now its better then k530..thanx a lot!!!!!!!

  169. Ali says

    most of the time my computer doesnt recognise my phone after conecting it thru USB cable. can any one tell me the solution if theres any! thanks!

  170. bhuvan says

    whats the problem?
    and for gtting it back…orange version…ull have to search the fs and main thru google…
    best way is…jump on to r support forum….n discuss there!
    or try seus….it may gt back!

  171. bhuvan says


  172. bhuvan says

    its the problem with jack or ur fone’s socket!
    clean up the fone’s socket with a cotton using any deodrant…cuz dust a very easily deposited there!
    then try it….twist ur cable a bit…it will work

  173. R says

    it’s not that easy: it’ll never get back with seus [only if you have the orange fs in the phone, and that’s the single thing i cannot find] … and the thing with google: do you really think that i haven’t tried this yet?

  174. bhuvan says

    ohhk…then the last way out….get to r forum…se-lifestyle
    there are gr8 guyz there….peti…akshay…and many more!!!
    they will definately get rid of dis…if it is availble

  175. R says

    finally solved it … i simply went to change the camera [i didn’t send the phone to se service, it’s anyway out of warranty]. i spent about 25 euros, but at least i got it back in 2 days. thanx anyway πŸ˜€

  176. smiley989 says

    where can i get a and menu icons for a w760i

  177. bhuvan says

    look in our file base…and topse too!

  178. Lahiru says

    Dear akshay how i change sub menu icon in my K530i to my desire icon. Can i change my folder icon in all menu to like vista folder icon.

  179. bhuvan says

    sub menu icon???like?

  180. anshgmbtech says

    how to install flash menu please help

  181. bhuvan says

    @ anshgmbtech
    download the theme
    now upload .thm to simple theme folder
    and .swf file to

    tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash >>

  182. Xef says

    I have a question. I have problems with some of the desktop flash menus. I have a W760. It seems to me that if the .swf doesn’t have the GPS icon, the icons don’t work. I can get the flash menu to appear in my phone, but the icons of the ones with no GPS icon in it’s original .swf doesn’t respond to the select button. What’s the reason for this? I think my phone is not branded (orange, at&t…). I plan to edit the .swf, but I’m not so good with flash. Any suggestions?

  183. siddharth says

    bhuvan… can you please upload w610 original MAIN MENU ICONS… i need it… i tried searching on google… but i dint get…

  184. bhuvan says

    delete all the files in menu including
    and upload this one

  185. amigo2008 says

    sir, could you please tell me if this that i’ve found in topse.russia is compatible and can be directly patched in my k800 phone. i really like the menu pack but im not sure if it is compatible with my phone eventhough it says that it is for phone with 320×240 screen resolution. could you please give me some tips on how to determine if the is compatible with my phone cuz some cool menu packs that i’ve found in that site only has 320×240 description unlike the others that says k800, k750, k810 etc menu packs. anyway here is the link of the menu pack that im talking about: thank you and good day!!!

  186. bhuvan says

    well give a try and keep checking!
    ull learn a lot in this way
    and big resolution will work but wont fit your screen size!
    and using different phone’s will get u different options!
    may delete other options!
    like if u get w200 to w580 then u wont be getting bluetooth option!

  187. shrawan says

    hey akshay, i have downloaded “Flash_menu_pack_ 176×220” from the uploaded by you. so how can i put them in my w810i?? i mean are u sure i don’t have to edit .thm file in order to apply flash menu? are all those menu pack are ready to use???

  188. hellboy says

    You’ll have to edit the theme.xml

  189. bhuvan says

    @ shrawan
    upload .swf file to tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash >> flash menus
    and upload .thm to ur mem stcik or phone mem…and run it

  190. shrawan says

    thanks for your reply bhuvan i really understanding step by step by asking lot i hope you won’t get bored in replyin me. ok my phone memory is 20mb and may be 16mb free to use and .swf files will be stored in phone memory if i’m not mistaken rit? so if i upload lot .swf files using xs i wont have any free space in phone memory so can i move all swf file to mem stick? if yes then how can i do? there’s patch move flash to mem stick so jus adding patch will i able to move all those swf files to mem stick which i upload in tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash ?

  191. bhuvan says

    all the stuff goes in mem stick
    and yea..such patch is available….
    for stuff go to our filebase or request at forum
    tutorial is .exe because its standby flash player

  192. shrawan says

    oh that’s gonna be great . and btw what is menu modding. it’s all about editing in so i mean memu modding makes the icon changed or what?

  193. Arpith says

    i want to ask u abt the se flash menu…..!!
    well, i did everything u said about getting flash menu, form installing a2uploader…….to drag and drop into” / tpa / preset / system / menu / “.
    but there was a “” file already in it………..i just dragged a flash menu(.ml) files into it…………….now when i switched on my phone the new flash menu worked. now i wanted the default menu, so i got a default menu from the link u gave. and i deleted the flash menu files and dragged-dropped the default file. but when i switch on the phone, and when i press the menu button, i get a message that my file is not proper and will render to be unusable………

  194. Arpith says

    please help me!!

  195. bhuvan says

    get your phone’s original
    search on 4shared

  196. Armaan says

    can i change the icons of my k850i with other icons
    and what about flash menus ?? i want flash menus in my k850i

  197. bhuvan says

    u better re flash with simple unbranded firmware….best for u!
    everything will be solved
    first get this thing done
    ill tell u about flash menus too!

  198. Arpith says

    hey i got my problen solved by updating the software……….!!!!
    thanks anyway…..

  199. sid says

    i have posted my comments now how do i go back and check where my comments are???????????????

  200. bhuvan says

    the guide under which u posted…look in comments
    thats too noob!

  201. pritesh says

    i got to knw how to chng menu..but was wondering how to take backup of the original case if we want to install the original one back..also while installing new menu do we have to delete the already existing..

  202. bhuvan says

    look in extracting firmware guide…ull have all original files.
    or search at 4shared

  203. rsensor says

    hello guys
    where can i get the original font of k850i?

  204. rsensor says

    i need the original fonts..
    plz help me….

  205. bhuvan says

    serach on 4shared

  206. Israel says

    Hello. I attempted the edits to the files, the java calculator and changing my internet icon to go to opera mini. The menu file when uploaded didn’t work properly. I didn’t to anything wrong as compared to the tutorial.

    My question is, how do I discover the javasuitename, javasuitevendor and javasuitepoint tags? I scoured my file for any hints but I got nothing. Is there any file on the w580 that would have this information?

  207. Israel says

    Hello, please ignore the question about getting the tags, I found that info at

    I do have a question though. According to both websites, I’ve edited the .ml file correctly. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work on the w580. Perhaps, I need to include spaces before the tags within quotations, ie, “Opera Mini” should be ” Opera Mini”?

    THank you for all your wonderful work, the both of you and any other people who’ve helped.

  208. Israel says

    Here are the lines I have for this element.

  209. Israel says


  210. Shubham says

    does it works in new mobiles like w595 o w705

  211. Akshay says

    Israel, there is a program that you can use for editing menu, you can find that in filebase or topse

  212. Akshay says

    yes, but things are a bit different.

  213. tuneday says


  214. tuneday says

    i feel ma brain is empty after readn these cments n thier replies,i dnt understnd anytin here pls i need a tutor pls…i use w800i

  215. GIANT says

    am comfused in understanding ur tutorial and am pissed off

  216. Akshay says

    tunedy, alright, this tutorial is bit difficult, damn. try to read once more.
    i will try to update you. and also check out our forums for help from others.

  217. tuneday says

    akshay pls do update me coz i feel lyk an ancient man.more over these files u r talkin about how do i access them through ma pc or through my fone?nd if i gt another firmware 4 w800i wil it do?

  218. himu4630 says

    helo ,

    I am using W 300 i and XS ++

    12:24:37| Profiling SEMC phone…

    12:24:37| Platform: DB2010

    12:24:37| OTP CID: 49

    12:24:37| EROM CID: 49

    12:24:37| EROM Color: Red

    12:24:37| IMEI: 35797701xxxxxx

    12:24:37| Phone ID: W300

    12:24:37| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    12:24:37| CDA: CDA102665/110 R2A

    12:24:37| Firmware Version: R4EA031

    12:24:37| EROM: n/a

    12:24:37| Ready for operation!

    I have done flash menus by FSX method , backed up my GDFS, Is it necessary to flash my W 300 i firmare before
    adding menu icons,walkman skins or change Font or for adding phone open sound?????????

  219. Himadri says

    helo ,

    I am using W 300 i and XS ++

    12:24:37| Profiling SEMC phone…

    12:24:37| Platform: DB2010

    12:24:37| OTP CID: 49

    12:24:37| EROM CID: 49

    12:24:37| EROM Color: Red

    12:24:37| IMEI: 35797701xxxxxx

    12:24:37| Phone ID: W300

    12:24:37| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    12:24:37| CDA: CDA102665/110 R2A

    12:24:37| Firmware Version: R4EA031

    12:24:37| EROM: n/a

    12:24:37| Ready for operation!

    I have done flash menus by FSX method , backed up my GDFS, Is it necessary to flash my W 300 i firmare before
    adding menu icons,walkman skins or change Font or for adding phoe open sound?????????

  220. himadri.sharma says

    helo ,

    I am using W 300 i and XS ++

    12:24:37| Profiling SEMC phone…

    12:24:37| Platform: DB2010

    12:24:37| OTP CID: 49

    12:24:37| EROM CID: 49

    12:24:37| EROM Color: Red

    12:24:37| IMEI: 35797701xxxxxx

    12:24:37| Phone ID: W300

    12:24:37| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    12:24:37| CDA: CDA102665/110 R2A

    12:24:37| Firmware Version: R4EA031

    12:24:37| EROM: n/a

    12:24:37| Ready for operation!

    I have done flash menus by FSX method , backed up my GDFS, Is it necessary to flash my W 300 i firmare before
    adding menu icons,walkman skins or change Font or for adding phoe open sound?????????

  221. Capric0rn says

    What if I want to have “Connectivity” instead of “FM Radio”?

  222. Edmunds says

    Hello, i have a problem.
    When i install flash theme on w200
    it not woking ! πŸ™
    I install swf file correct
    and thm. file too !
    It see only theme , not flash !

  223. bhuvan says

    for patching follow anycid method
    is every single flash menu aint working?

  224. Edmunds says


  225. Edmunds says

    no !

  226. bhuvan says

    thats pity
    tell me ur phone model
    ill get u some theme
    if still doesnt wokrs then reflash

  227. Amaliady says

    I have SE W890i , please turorial komplit

  228. bhuvan says

    i am not getting u

  229. Sudipan says

    how to activate the sleep mode clock in sony w205????

  230. bhuvan says

    no modding for w205 because of different platform!

  231. Snaphyenladdy says

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  232. Bltiz says

    Can you tell me how to change menu on my J105i!!!
    I am newbie . . . . !?

  233. Akshay says

    not possible for that phone.

  234. Blitz says

    Can my j105i use that I had downloaded from web…..?! Can I debrand it?! Or flash it?!

  235. Bltiz says

    can my j105i using custom! how??!

  236. Bltiz says

    I tried using A2uploader but it dont wont to read the phone……..!?

  237. Nikos says

    Can anyone please tell me if flash menus are supported for the Sony Ericsson Elm?

  238. ebel classic says

    Well done is richer reconsider than comfortably said.
    [url=]ebel classic[/url]

    ebel classic

  239. Mahishan says

    Dear Akshay
    I’m New To This Site Can I Flash My SE K530i in to W660
    Please Send me a reply or E mail me on [email protected]
    Thank you

  240. Amir says

    Hey hi

    please tell me how to get this button back in my SE c902..
    here is the pic link please tell me..

  241. Ann says

    can my se j105i have a flash menu ? if can , can u told how to hve it please

  242. TheOneWithIdeas says

    When I want Opera instead of classic browser,phone says ”wrong file” or something like that,and only showing PlayNow icon! I’m using S500i with latest software update. Do Opera need to be in phone for it to work? Send me email please on [email protected] Please!!!

  243. TheOneWithIdeas says

    Is this stolen?

  244. usman raj says

    can i change my sonyericsson k750i menu to flashing
    please tell me
    and how can i do it
    my email edress is….([email protected])

  245. bhuvan says

    usman raj
    u have the whole guide in front of u, what else we can mail u?

  246. jonathan says

    hey…i have a phone c901..i don’t hace the play nowTM menu icon instead it has an APPLICATION menu icon…what should i do?all of the flash file that i have in my computer has a PLAYNOW menu icon…help me please..

  247. femlat says

    pls try 2 inbox me cos i need sony ericsson menu grid 2 download on my phone.

  248. sarthak says

    can i get a new menu for my sony r300 ???

  249. umar says

    akshay…. i wanted too know if i can use this method on original branded software, that came with the phone ?…. do i have too download debranded software or can i modify the branded software.. can u reply by emaill too please

  250. umar says

    is it possible too edit branded software files too have flash menus ?,, or do i have to flash it with debranded software

  251. Phalgun says

    Hey people !
    Is there any way to edit the USB menu that flashes when u connect the datacable into your Sonyericsson phone.
    I want to put phone mode instead of File Transfer mode.(due to ruined joystick) so that the menu order changes
    that is
    1. Phone Mode
    2. File Transfer Mode

    Instead of
    1. File Transfer Mode
    2. Phone Mode

    I tried the menu editor but in vain.

    help me plz.

    My phone is w200i CID53 red db2012

  252. ikhwan says

    Is it possible for me to apply my into my phone using Omnius for SE v0.16? If this can be done, how to do it? Can someone teach me? For your guys information, I’m using Sony Ericsson Zylo.

  253. Kepsibow says

    I wanna ask something. how to change languange in Flash Theme SE C510, because in my C510, the languange is Rusia, not english, please tell me

  254. valdir alves dos anjos says

    boa tarde eu nao consigo asesar o meu aparelo sony ericsson W580i como mod oque que eu devo faser

  255. chandu says

    can i change the menu icons of w200 ……..
    please let me know can any one can upload a video i am confused by reading all these stuff please can any one do

  256. naresh says

    hai i am naresh iam using sony ericsson j105 naite .can i change my menu style according the theme.if any please……… mail me.thank you

  257. zack says

    Hi…im from malaysia..guys..can u help me to turning my sonyericsson ELM…many times i try but cannot become true..plese help me..ok.

  258. shini385 says

    Please can you help me? I have a se Elm j10i2 and I really like preinstalled Melody theme and its flash menu but i cant stand the vibrating when moving trough it. Can it be disabled this way and how, where? What program do i use for accessing(flashing)

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