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Menu Modding

In this tutorial we discuss changing the SE Menu Icons and more !!

In the File System (FS) of any SE firmware you will find a MENU.ML file at FS\TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\MENU\**MENU ML HERE**

The xml file controls the complete behavior of the SE phone menu.

You will get lots of ready made Menu packs with which you can change your main menu. Depeha’s blog has some cool menus check them out

To install a pack. Just flash in the Menu ml to its location along with the icons that came with it. You can also download lots of menu ml packs from Topse Russia or From Se-nse.


That’s it .. Restart your phone and the new menu will greet you.

Now lets see how these amazing menus are created !! MENU ML hacking !
We will edit the menu ml to have custom icons, custom text labels, own programs at the menu !
You can get your menu ml from your FS by extracting the FS. Please follow the FS extraction of FS tutorial.
All hacks here apply for all no matter what phone. It must be Sony Ericsson phone though 😉

Here i have uploaded an example This is the w610i menu ml. In the menu ml i have inserted lots of comments so that you understand it well.

Original . Commented

now go through both Menu ml . I have inserted lots of comments in one of them. Comments in code won’t affect it. Note view commented menu ml in MS Word or Wordpad and not in notepad.

Take the second element Internet Services for our analysis

<element lock=“icons” id=“InternetServices”> <!– Line No 1–>
<label type=“name” textid=“OLP_TITLE_TXT” /> <!– Line No 2–>
<icon pos=“unselected” source=“internal”>DESKTOP_WAP_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 3–>
<icon pos=“selected” source=“internal”>DESKTOP_WAP_SELECTED_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 4–>
<icon pos=“shortcut” source=“internal”>RN_SHORTCUT_LIST_WAP_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 5–>
<link type=“internal” /> <!– Line No 6–>

now if you want FM Radio in place of Internet Service then just edit this line

<element lock=“icons” id=“InternetServices”>


<element lock=“icons” id=“FMRadio”>

You should basically replace the Element ID, If you want Write Message or Email Instead of Internet Service then replace element id as Msg_WriteNew or Messaging_Email respectively ! so here you learnt how to have any element at main menu. You can have Timer, Applications or Anything in phone at main menu. You must just know the element id. You can find out element id from the menu ml easily.

Now we see how to change the text label of any Element in any menu

See the Line No 2

<label type=“name” textid=“OLP_TITLE_TXT” />

change that to

<label type=“name”><text>YOUR LABEL HERE</text></label>

so to have your own label for any element whether its in main menu or a submenu you must replace it this way

Now we see how to change icons in the main menu

see lines no 3 and 4

<icon pos=“unselected” source=“internal”>DESKTOP_WAP_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 3–>
<icon pos=“selected” source=“internal”>DESKTOP_WAP_SELECTED_ICN</icon> <!– Line No 4–>

Change them as follows

<icon pos=“unselected” source=“file”>Your ICON.PNG</icon>
<icon pos=“selected” source=“file”>Your ICON2.PNG</icon>

Now both the Icons will be replace by Your ICON.PNG !!

Changing the Shortcut Icon

<icon pos=“shortcut” source=“internal”>RN_SHORTCUT_LIST_WAP_ICN</icon>

change line 5 this way

<icon pos=“shortcut” source=“file”>Your Shortcut Icon.PNG</icon>

That way you change Icons !!

Now lets say you wanted a Java Application at your main menu. For example Opera mini instead of Internet Service. Then you should change line no 6 this way !!

Change Line no 6 from

<link type=“internal” />

To This

<link type=“java” javasuitename=“Jave Suite Name” javasuitevendor=“Vendor” javasuitepoint=“Suite Point”/>

So to get opera mini do this

<link type=“java” javasuitename=“Opera Mini” javasuitevendor=“Opera Software ASA” javasuitepoint=“Browser”/>

Using the methods given above change it for all menu ml creating a menu pack with icons for each element. and upload all the icons and menu ml using FAR to FS. Then start your phone and enjoy your menu.

Also note that by patching you can place the menu folder outside the FS and in your memory card, in that case you just need to replace the new menu and icons just in your phone memory card. This method is recommended so that you change your menu very fast and easily.

Yes lastly you must check out this Menu Editor Program ! You can use to create preview and also make correct links if you want to use java programs.

That’s it guys. happy menu Modding.

Regards. Thanks for Reading.

Have fun.

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