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Any/ALL CID Patching Tutorial/Guide DB2020

This tutorial is for Patching db2020 Sony Ericsson phones and all CIDs. So you can now patch your CID53 phone with this guide. You can also use this method to patch CID49, CID51 and CID52 also. Thus you can unlock your phone with unlock patch if you want to do so.

This tutorial is written for new and intermediate users. Advanced users may find this tutorial a bit lengthy, because of  the details.

You can find out your phone platform, if its db2020 or not from the SE-LifeStyle Phone Database. Select db2020 in the left column and it will show all db2020. Or else select All in Platform and Click on phone in the Right column, it will show information about your phone platform and also possible CIDs. Its a pretty easy to use tool.


Install USB Flash Drivers( You must install usb flash drivers, if not already installed.)
JD Flasher (Updated for AnyCID). (The main tool)
All CIDs Patching Files. AnyCID.ZIP
Video Tutorial, Download.

Read the tutorial, and don’t forget to watch the video to learn ! If you have any problems discuss them at our support forum 🙂 !

Part 1 : Preparations and Basic Setup.

Charge your phone to 100%. At least 95% battery levels are necessary before patching or unlocking or flashing.

Extract the AnyCID.ZIP. In your phone folder, you should find a zip file which contains executor.b !
As an example you can find the following zip file in w580 directory  R8BE001_CXC1123362_GENERIC_LA ! This is the ByPass Package for w580 R8BE001 Firwmare.
Here RBBE001 indicates the  main firmware version for which the executor.b works. So you better make sure you have a main firmware for which executor.b is available. If there is no ByPass package for your firmware, then you need to read instructions given later at the end.

Download the main firmware .mbn from the Internet. You can easily search in esnips, 4shared or for firmwares.
Download Jdflasher, Extract it.
In the directory Far\Plugins\jdflasher\rest you will find mkrest2.exe.
This is the Make Rest Tool. Its used to create the Rest file for your firmware. Rest is short for ReStore.
Copy your main firmware, MBN to Rest Folder and drag and drop the main firmware file (.mbn file) onto mkrest2.exe !
It will create the rest file for your firmware. Keep a note of this file, The Rest file for your main firmware. We need this file later.

Now in jdlfasher\2020_52 folder you will find qamaker.exe, drag and drop your main firmware onto qamaker.exe. You will get the Quick Access Patch for your phone.

We continue with our example phone, Enter AnyCID\w580. Extract the zip file  R8BE001_CXC1123362_GENERIC_LA to get tpa\preset\custom\executor.b !

And in the you will find executor.jar and customize_upgrade.xml ! These files are also needed.

Also in the AnyCID folder you will find a file qa2020.xml copy it to jdlfasher\scripts\**here**; Over write the old qa2020.xml with new one from Any CID.

Part 2: Flashing, Copy Breaking files to File System.

We now have to copy the 3 files executor.b, executor.jar, customize_upgrade.xml to tpa\prest\custom in the phone’s file system. This is pretty easy with Jdflasher.

Shutdown phone.
Re-Insert Battery.

Start Far.exe
Press ALT+F1
Select your db2020 in Script option, Select port as DCU-60, And select Maximum Speed 921600.
Also Uncheck the RSA option, this can cause problems.
Now Jump Down Into A Large Rabbit Hole. I mean Click that option ;-).
Jdflasher will initialize and you will will get few options on the left side. Right side is your computer’s file system.

Now Double Click OFS. Jdflasher will start the file system loader and finally you should enter the phone file system.
Enter tpa and then preset and then finally custom folder.
You should now be in tpa\preset\custom\ folder in the phone file system.
Now copy all the the 3 files to this folder, executor.b, executor.jar, customize_upgrade.xml

Copying is easy, on the right side in Far Manger navigate to plugins\jdflasher\AnyCID and then drag and drop the individual files to the Left Side to the phone in tpa\prest\custom\
Before leaving make sure that you have all the 3 files in the phone file system, i.e On the LEFT hand side in tpa\prest\custom\.

Its now time to exit from file system. To Exit you need to go back to the root. You should on double click  ” .  . ”  until you reach root, then click one more, you will get a message in RED. Its the option to shutdown file system loader, so click OK. Basically it says you should re-insert battery.

Disconnect phone and re-insert battery and start phone.

Part 3: Installing Quick Access !

Go to Entertainment and then Games. Run the executor in games. Your phone will turn off.
Now Re-insert Battery. Don’t start the phone.
Start Far Manager.
In The Script option select script as qa2020 ! And Enter the Rabbit hole once more 😉 !
Enter bflash this time.

Naviate to rest folder in jdflasher. Its time to flash the Rest file.
Click on your Rest File.
Press F5 on the keyboard, then click copy, then in 2nd screen click flash. (Flash as a BABE).

Now Navigate to 2020_52 folder, click on your quick access patch, so that its selected.
Hit F5, click copy, hit flash ! It should be flashed as a VKP.

JDflasher will now flash the Quick Access VKP and Install it !
Exit bflash through ” . . ” option.

Unplug phone, re-insert battery. Re-start phone.

Start phone, navigate to games, Delete executor.
Quick Access has now been installed into your phone. Patching the phone now becomes very easy.

Part 4: Patching !

You can now apply any number of patches you want.

Shutdown phone. Re-Insert Battery.
Select qa2020 as script.
Start Jdflasher, jump in rabbit hole.
Enter bflash. Navigate to patch.
Select the patch, press F5 and then click copy and then click flash. Flash as  a VKP.
Apply any number of patches in the session.
Exit bflash.

Dis-connect phone, Re-Insert Battery and Start phone.
Repeat only Part 4 whenever you want to apply a patch.

Optional Part 5: Removing a Patch.

Start jdflasher enter via qa2020. Select the patch on your computer which you want to remove. Press F5, Click copy, then in the flash window, select flash as a vkp and Tick the option to remove patch and click flash it. The patch will be removed.

Note: If ByPass Package is not available for the firmware of your choice, Read Carefully.

We have bypass pacakges only for few firmwares. If you don’t find one for your phone firmware, then there is a other way to get around and apply patches. The method is the same, but there are few changes. Here is the Small Tutorial… Its almost the same as above. But you need to re-flash firmwares twice.

1. First Flash your phone with the firmwares for which the bypass package is available. You can download firmwares from topsony or seusers. Flash both the Main and FS. Use db2020 Script, Oflash as told above.
2. Upload the bypass files, executor.b executor.jar and customize_upgrade.xml to FS as told above using JDflasher. Start your phone.
3. Run Executor in Games. Phone will shut down.
4. Connect phone with qa2020.xml and Flash the Main firmware via COPY (F5) of your choice which you wanted. Don’t flash Rest File. Its not needed.
5. Flash Quick Access VKP via COPY(F5).
6. Disconnect. Connect again with db2020 Script OFLASH. Flash the FS of your choice.
7. Connect again with db2020 Script and Enter OFS, upload CDA files. Close. re-insert battery and start phone.
8. Now you can follow Part 4, to apply more patches.

Patches, You can get lots of patches from many forums.

Copy the patches to notepad and then do save as, all files, then save it as patch.vkp.  Don’t save as TXT file.

Use Google translator Use it, since some sites are in Russian. But don’t copy from translated russian sites, copy from actual russian site. Not from google translator. mobilefree maintains the most comprehensive database of patches. Most patches are developed by russians.

K530 SW-R8BB001
K550 SW-R8BA024
K610 SW-R1KG001
K770 SW-R8AA018
K790 SW-R1GB001
K790 SW-R6BC002
K790 SW-R1KG001
K790 SW-R1JC002
K800 SW-R1KG001
K800 SW-R8BA024
K810 SW-R6BC002

W580 SW-R6BC002
W580 SW-R8BA024
W610 SW-R6BC002
W610 SW-R8BA024
W660 SW-R8BB001
W710 SW-R1GB001
W710 SW-R1JC002
W850 SW-R1JG001
W850 SW-R1KG001
W880 SW-R8BA024

Z610 SW-R6DA001
Z610 SW-R1ED001

1. To unlock phone apply the unlock patch. Unlock patch can be generated using SIMOX tool with your main firmware mbn file.
2. If you re-flash main firmware, all patches will be erased, you will have to re flash Quick Access vkp again and then flash  all patches again.
3. You may want to read the Jdflasher tutorial for help on flashing and customization.
4. You can’t apply patch that is not for your phone. You should also ensure that the patch is for your firmware, else phone will crash.
5. Some patches may de-stabilize your phone, be careful.

I have provided the video tutorial, so am not adding pictures. That’s cool enough.


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  1. Danijel says

    Thanks. There’s also den_po’s version at SE-NSE…

  2. Bart3z says

    i’ve got small problem my phone is [email protected] cid53 and when i select qa2020 and start it’s popup a error “openplugin <connecttophone<getcid>>

  3. Bart3z says

    ok problem solved, solution copy qa2020.xml from anycid to \Far\Plugins\jdflasher\scripts
    but i still cant apply QA because of SetDirectory<setdir<setmode<doscript<run<gethello<IOusb:getblock>>>>
    any ideas??

  4. jordyzzz says

    hey i got a problem…
    after do steps above, my phone wont turn on!
    it’s infraport doesn’t blink and screen doesn’t blink…
    what’s wrong?
    i will try reflash…

  5. Akshay says

    Sorry man, fixed, there were 2 errors. OFS and qa2020 copy, i have fixed them.
    Thank you.

  6. Akshay says

    ok this issue is due to Badly Installed USB Drivers.

  7. jordyzzz says

    after reflash, my phone went fine…
    but why does it won’t turn on???
    i’m confused in this step:
    Navigate to rest folder in jdflasher. Its time to flash the Rest file.
    Click on your Rest File.
    Press F5 ok keyboard and then click copy, then in 2nd screen click flash.
    flash as what>
    babe, raw or vkp?
    i choose babe…

  8. jordyzzz says

    this is still oflash:
    “Enter bflash this time. Yes Its BFLASH now. Not oflash as in Part 2.”


  9. jordyzzz says


  10. mechexpert says

    yes i too have same problem .. my fone(k800i cid 53red) won’t start up after flashin + qap 🙁 🙁 🙁

    i tried many tymz now .. but it wont start …

    den i reflashed in db2020 mode & it started but no patches applied

    tell me where i went wrong ??????

    plz some1 help me ..

  11. Danijel says

    jordyzzz, this is the den_po’s original version

  12. Akshay says

    ok, i will talk to you. let me see what’s wrong, and what’s not working.
    you should follow things carefully.

  13. Akshay says

    Yes you should flash the Rest as A BABE.

  14. bhuvan says

    well bro do one thing…post the whole procedure here!what u did!
    ill try to figure out the error if u did!

  15. jordyzzz says

    ok, wait!

  16. jordyzzz says

    Allright akshay, this is my procedure…
    1. Create qa patch and rest for k800_r8bf003_main_generic_WI_red53
    Problem in this section:
    1. Mkrest2 didn’t create any rest file, so I downloaded them from 4 shared (the name is just mkrest). Is this a problem?
    2. Qamaker makes quick access of my main, but the name of qa patch is:
    Xyyy should be k800 right? What’s wrong?

    2. Change my qa2020.xml
    3. Upload customization_upgrade.xml, executor.b and executor.jar into tpa/preset/custom
    4. Run executor and release battery
    5. jdflasher, qa2020, bflash…
    6. flash REST as babe
    7. Flash xyyy_r8bf003_main_generic_WI_red53.vkp as vkp patch
    The log:
    When putting customize upgrade
    create session object
    used script: db2020.xml
    turn off the phone, hold “c” button and plug usb cable
    found EPIUSB2
    got response
    protocol: 0301 baseband: 9900
    cid detect
    <- cid=53 color=red platform=db2020
    qhldr: 070703 1229 DB2020_SEMC_RECOVERY_P3N.2020_1_BLUE
    <- hello: 070703 1229 NPA4_CXC1329130_DB2020_SEMC_RECOVERY_P3N
    cmd3c: 070904 1245 DB2020_CSLOADER_R3A013.2020_53_RED
    /tpa/preset/custom/customize_upgrade.xml (531 bytes)
    -> /tpa/preset/custom/executor.b (3692 bytes)
    -> /tpa/preset/custom/executor.jar (43534 bytes)
    Ls cd .. ls cd .. ls cd ..

    When flash rest and qa:
    create session object
    used script: qa2020.xml
    turn off the phone, hold “c” button and plug usb cable
    found EPIUSB2
    got response
    protocol: 0301 baseband: 9900
    cid detect
    <- cid=53 color=red platform=db2020
    qhtry: 2020_prologue
    run flashed loader
    <- hello: DB2020_PRELOADER_FOR_SETOOL2
    let’s say thanks to mr laser 😉
    cmd3c: 2020_f_R2A005
    <- hello: 061201 1314 HA…_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005, den_po
    flashID: 897E (Manufacturer: Intel)
    <- OTP: status 0 locked 1 cid 51 cert 1 IMEI 35427102xxxxxx
    flashing babe:
    flashing 1 blocks
    1 blocks flashed ok
    reading 8 blocks
    making a patched babe
    flashing babe: quick_access_XYYY_R8BF003.vkp
    flashing 8 blocks
    8 blocks flashed ok

    8. try to turn on phone, phone won’t start, no red light blinking and no screen blinking…

  17. jordyzzz says

    i’m sorry, BHUVAN…
    or akshay too…

  18. Akshay says

    Am on it !

  19. romario says

    it doesen’t work for cid 53,it stop’s on step 4 , the executor in the games dir won’t start:| ,i will look for updates…

  20. Akshay says

    no ! you made some mistakes then
    when you start executor the phone should shutdown.

  21. Geo says

    So can we use elf packs with there there any method to install elf pack in cid53 W580

  22. Akshay says

    yes now you can install elves into the phones. you need to apply the elf pack patch and elf libraries.

  23. Andy says

    I’ll have a couple of strong esspressos and try to follow this guide…

    *I’m going in, keep me covered…*

  24. Akshay says

    I have verified this method, it works, i am now going to post video tutorial in few hours. have fun !

  25. Fire2Hot says

    is there a tutorial for db2010/db2012 phones like w200?

  26. Akshay says

    Video tutorial added. Now don’t ask me if this method works.

  27. Andy says

    Cant seem to find phone.
    Drivers wont stay installed.
    Where phone is connected (E:) get message:
    cannot read the disk in drive E.
    What am I doing wrong?

  28. Akshay says

    oh god many many errors. install drivers using ggsetup its the best and easy way.
    go to start and sony ericsson and rest ports if not workig.

    what E: ?? what phone do you have ??

  29. Andy says

    k770i – R8BC004
    The ‘E’ refers to where the computer assigns the usb cable.
    I’ve installed with ggsetup but computer still wont access the phone.

  30. mechexpert says

    well for all dos who have error dat fone won’t start is dat u have 2 flash rest file first & den main firmware ..

    for further clarification ..

  31. Andy says

    Ja haaa…
    The reset helped, as did some more coffee.
    Now I’m progressing…

  32. Andy says

    Now it wont make a rest file.

  33. romario says

    i have a question. i drop the main firmware into mkrest2 but the rest file didn’t show:D i should download another mkrest2.exe file?

  34. Akshay says

    making rest file is so easy. download correct main firmware and then try. just google search for main firmware you will get it 😉

  35. Akshay says

    no download other main file. working one with correct header.

  36. Akshay says

    its not necessary to flash rest file. I am certain.

  37. adhaar says

    when i enter bflash it gives me error……………..
    i have coied the qa 2020 script from any cid folder to plugins\jdflasher\scripts but still no success………….
    i tried the whole procedure again and again for abt 20 times………………
    earlier i used to patch my w580i cid 52 but now cid 53 is giving me errors……………..
    i also unchecked the rsa option…………….
    i am even unable to flash my fs with the help of jdflasher…………………..

  38. Fer says


    I have a phone is k550,i want to flash it to w610,but i can’t find the file executor.b for my fone (my software version:w610_R6BC002_CXC1250670_GENERIC_CHINA_LI) in
    There’s only for R88A024_CXC1250747_GENERIC_NA.
    Is that possible to flash using that file?if not,could u give me the link where i can download that contain my fone version?

  39. Fer says

    sorry,my phone version is k550_R6BC002_CXC1250670_CHINA_LI not w610_R6BC002_CXC1250670_CHINA_LI

  40. Fer says

    I can’t found the executor.b for w610_R6BC002_CXC1250670_CHINA_LI in that u give.
    Could u give me another AnyCID that support my phone?my phone is k550,CID53,software version:R6BC002_CXC1250670_CHINA_LI.
    Or i can use the other software??
    pliz help me,,

  41. FiddoDido says

    Hi there,,, i stuck on the rest file generation.. i Drag the MAIN firmaware on the mkrest2, a black window opens for a moment and then nothing happends… I downloaded 2-3 mains from differnet sites but again nothing happens.. Any idea? can any1 give me a link to downlaod the rest file for W660_R8BB001_MAIN_GENERIC_FY_RED53 ?
    Thx in Advantage

  42. Akshay says

    ok, few people are having issues with w580. don’t know why.

  43. Akshay says

    yes, i have a solution for that. I will post it.. check back.

  44. Akshay says

    download w610 R8BA024 CID 53 Main and flash it. Then download w610 R6BC002 FS and flash it. Flash the correct CDA.
    Then use w610 R8BA024 break files, executor.b etc. After flashing rest files flash w610 RBC002 main and then continue with Quick Access. Then rest tutorial is same.

  45. bhuvan says

    one more w580 user having the same problem which i have!!!
    now number reaches to 4!!!lol
    dont know but this is the only one problem in the world of flashing i saw so far with no fix yet!

  46. Bart3z says

    bhuvan i’ve got the same problem but w610 and few other users from polish forum so there more of us 🙂 but i hope that someone find solution for this

  47. LOKI says

    Using z710 firmware. Can’t make a rest file.

  48. Fer says

    Flashing R6BC002 FS using what??bflash,oflash or ofs?

  49. bhuvan says

    we can only wait for den_po now
    let him read all of this problem at se-nse as he his there!
    as sson as there will be cure out ill make a new topic here!

  50. bhuvan says

    what are you facing??
    which os?

  51. bhuvan says


  52. romario says

    hi there again. i made all that processes but still won’t turn off after i click executor on games dir. is another file’s like executor.b/executor.jar/customize.xml for k550i r8ba024 cid 53 db2020 because i think that is the problem. tx

  53. paoli says

    does anyone had w850 main and fs firmware R1KG001 cid 53??

  54. Deejay1210 says

    I had alot of problems using any cid but cracked it finally!!! I followed the vid tutorial EXACTLY but i couldnt make a rest file using mkrest so i used the one that comes with se tools lite and bingo!!

  55. bhuvan says

    its because u must have installed the executor file!
    do one thing
    re flash your fs!
    now upload the three files to ur fs [db2020 folder one and your mobile\firmware model one]to tpa\preset\custom!
    and then u will see a executor file in games folder run it and your will turn off!

  56. bhuvan says

    w580 dont have any such firmware!

  57. bhuvan says

    you must be using xp as os!
    there you have to get it done by manually getting on cmd

  58. EverWin says

    hey guys with ur support i have flashed my w580i and patched so much tht two joint butons above walkman button stopped working, so i get repaired from serive center as it was under warranty!
    but now they flashed me r8be001 cid53 from r6b cid52.
    i wanna do some patching and modification is it a rite time or should i w8 for sometime and is it safe to do it???

    akshayy and all thanks 4 ur support.

  59. bhuvan says

    [:o] not at all possible!
    patching is just a part of few tweaks in software of your phone!
    aint got any link with keys!
    and you can do patching whenever you want!but in limit…if number goes damn high and your device is not able to manage it then your phone will hang or restart!
    and i too got w580 and had the same problem!right now having in the right navigation key!

  60. EverWin says

    hmm… thanks 4 reply so i can unlock my phone and add some of flash themes and can use few patch can i??? can i use cid52 patches 4 my phone

  61. paoli says

    do anyone had fs and main for w850i firmware cid53 color red?

  62. paoli says

    Uhhhmmmm @ bhuvan, it’s not w580 it’s w850i… my current firmware is RIKG001 cid 53 (because of SEUS update), i want to try patching it, but i don’t have cid 53 fs and main file (.fbn and .mbn)…
    Is it okay for me to use cid 52 firmware to flash the phone (sounds scary)

  63. paoli says

    Oooppp sorry it’s not RIKG001 it’s R1KG001 mistype “1” by “I” there…

  64. K12 says

    Hi there,

    I have followed your tutorial carefully, cross-referencing with other sites just to make sure.

    But I run into a problem after I flashed my [email protected] with the R8BB main firmware as stated after flashing with R8BE rest file.

    The problem is that I can’t enter Bflash. As soon as I enter it, the phone turns on and I get an error in FAR manager.

    A screenshot of the screen can be found over here:

    I have already updated JDFlasher to v Jun 30 2008 and I am still getting the same problem.

    Hopefully you have a remedy for my problem 🙂
    Awaiting your reply, K12

  65. bhuvan says

    ya!sure no risk
    and payches are firmware dependent not cid dependent!
    so choose ones acc to your firmware

  66. bhuvan says

    ohhk my mistake!
    well go for topse…there you will get it easily
    user name:vishnuhost
    pass: danger

  67. bhuvan says

    @ K12
    well bro i am too having cid:53 w580!
    though you may find me as an expertise but i am too facing the same error!
    we guyz are trying our level best to cure out of this problem but no luck yet!
    so if there will be any chances then we will definately post a new topic here regarding this error as many people are getting the same thing!

  68. paoli says

    @bhuvan thanks for referring to, but i can’t use the username and password, so i try to register… It’s quite hard to register since i’m having problem with the language :p So i use babelfish to translate it for me. :p
    After registering, i go to and choose w850, but it seems they don’t have the firmware for cid 53 too. They only had cid 52. I’ve searched through googling for 1 week, 4shared, rapid, mega and anykind of file server, and still haven’t found it… I guess, there’s nothing that i can do right now.
    Hey, bhuvan, where does these firmwares coming from?? I mean who is the person that distributed it?? Is there any way for me to take out (or copy) the firmware directly from my phone?? (the .fbn and .mbn files), i’ve been googling and haven’t found the answer to these questions.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for giving me a help bhuvan..

  69. paoli says

    OMG, Bhuvan, i look at w830 which has the same model as w850, and found out that w830 has their cid 53 firmware in
    It’s R1KG001 cid 53, the same exact that i’ve been searching too.
    I wonder if i can use it since both w850 and w830 has same model?
    I’ll wait for your answer, since i’m afraid that i’ll lose some feature in w850 if i flash it with w830 firmware 🙁

  70. paoli says

    Hahahaha never mind what i’ve said bhuvan, i’m googling about flashing w850 using w830 firmware, and it seems even both model has the same interface, the filesystem is of totally different and there’s been a lot of case where people flash w850 using w830 firmware and they totally brick the phone :p
    Back to patiently-waiting-for-w850-cid-53-firmware mode :p

  71. bhuvan says

    the main difference between both of them is w850 is 3g phone and w830 not!
    thats the only difference!! so you can use w830 firmware on w850 or w850 firmware on w830!and thats y topse people have uploaded only one model’s firmware as the other one will too b same!
    so without worries go one and get it done!

  72. EverWin says

    thanks to you,
    i ve successfully unlocked my w580i (r8be001 (cid53))
    now am gonna try some other patches and let u know
    u rok

  73. Akshay says

    That’s cool.. Finally a reader has got it.

  74. Akshay says

    Tutorial updated, now its even better.

  75. Chris says

    Hi. I can’t seem to find the executor on my phone even though I’ve copied the 3 files mentioned above. What’s the likely problem? Thanks!

  76. Chris says

    sorry…missed out customize_upgrade.xml …doh! please disregard above…thanks.

  77. chintanbtech says

    After patching my K790i CID53 R8BF003.., I have a problem my phone automatically restart anytime…, How to fix this problem without using MAIN.., The patches are work good only problem is just phone is restart automatically….,

  78. Akshay says

    its coz you applied a wrong patch or a bad patch, remove it or reflash main

  79. Ritesh says

    For Those who are getting “Time Exceed” Error.

    I used to get the same error, but i finally managed to successfully patch my W610 R6BC002.

    I did 2 things differently
    1–> install ggsetup (Flash Drivers for SE)
    2–> when i run executor , the phone used to restart.
    But this time i removed the battery before it would restart.

    after that i didn’t get the “Time Exceed” Error, i was able to patch my phone successfully.

    May be this would help u guys as well.

  80. Akshay says

    hmm thanks, also if you had R6 FS and Main it would haven’t be there at all. i guess so. because even i researched the same and many settings.

  81. saikoboy says

    Thanks! akshay. That flash tutorial was impressive.

  82. paoli says

    @bhuvan, no bhuvan, w850 (using 3g, no EDGE), w830 (using EDGE, no 3g)… well at least that what i read from guys in se-nse…
    And some guys in se-nse has given warning regarding cross flashing between these two model…
    Cause it will certainly damaged the signal function and the phone will receive no signal at all if it’s being cross flashed… 🙁

  83. sanzou says

    akshay , if i have r6 system in my w610 , can i use the elves ??

  84. Akshay says

    yes you can.

  85. sanzou says

    thanks akshay !!

  86. ed says

    Hi all… I followed the tutorial, and everything is fine until I copied the 3 files into tpa\prest\custom after this i removed my battery and restart my phone but when i try to run the executor app in games it show “Operation failed”.. I haven’t got a clue what have i done wrong.. I have tried so many times and same result… btw, my phone is DIC53 and locked to vodafone, does it affect anything??? Pls email me if u know the solution


    many many thanks….!!!!

  87. Akshay says

    hey ed. did you delete customize.xml and preloaded_config.xml files from tpa\preset\custom ??
    try to put them back. or else re-flash your file system and and upload cda files. check out the jdflasher flashing and cusotmization tutorial.
    don’t worry nothing serious, it can be fixed easily ..

  88. rochi says

    hello, im newbies dont know how to patch my k810i.
    this my k810i info
    05:57:27| Baseband ID: 9900
    05:57:27| Protocol Version: 3.1
    05:57:27| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:K810)
    05:57:27| …using GDFS name
    05:57:27| Profiling SEMC phone…
    05:57:27| Platform: DB2020
    05:57:27| OTP CID: 51
    05:57:27| EROM CID: 53
    05:57:27| EROM Color: Red
    05:57:27| IMEI: 35315302xxxxxx
    05:57:27| Phone ID: K810
    05:57:27| Region: APAC
    05:57:27| CDA: CDA102568/1 R2A
    05:57:27| Firmware Version: R8BA024
    05:57:27| EROM: R3A022
    05:57:27| Ready for operation!

    R8BA024 -prgCXC1250904_CHINA_SM

    i try the tutorial JDflasher but stuck in first step to mkrest2.exe please help me!! tolong..

  89. Akshay says

    hmm, i can’t really help then. try making the rest file via command line
    or download ready made rest file from internet.

  90. Fire2Hot says

    Perfect thanks for this now i modified my sister’s k770 R8BA024 phone yey! more power akshay

  91. Andy says

    I’m looking for k610i Hutchison TH R1JE001 firmware.
    Anyone have?

  92. romario says

    hy again. another problem i found:D i reflashed my k550i Red53R8ba024 with K550_R8BA024_FS_CENT_EUROPE_RED53.fbn and after reflashing my display show:Configuration error.Please contact your operator or service centre.” please tell me what to do to return to old setings.Tx

  93. romario says

    also when i go to OFS i get this message

  94. romario says

    also when i try to run ofs i get this message :

  95. Andy says

    The executerb for my k610i isn’t in anycid, do I pick one of the ones thats there?

  96. Akshay says

    for k610, use the firwmare for which the executor.b is available. you can get it from topsony or seusers.

  97. Akshay says

    while using OFS, use script as db2020 and enter. try to re-flash man and fs.. then enter OFS.
    to clear config error you need to flash those 2 files, customixation and preloaded_config.
    strange that oflash works but not ofs.

  98. Akshay says

    romario, probably you should download latest jdflasher.

  99. romario says

    it doesnt work . i flashed thru Oflash ->Main with K550_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_LI_RED53.mbn and Fs with K550_R8BA024_FS_CENT_EUROPE_RED53.fbn

  100. bhuvan says

    the error is coming because you havent uploaded the cda pack
    get it one of your region
    they contain few netwrk tweaks…
    google it
    like cda [fone model] region

  101. EverWin says

    thr’s nothing tht is not worked yet everthings is working fine all patches are working even elfpacks working fine not a single reboot on using desktop dock, sound-slider, logo-changer, i ve tested everythings working fine except i cant able to flash FS on my phone
    any comment!

  102. Damjan says

    Hey people! I’m not sure how these things go, but is there a chance someone will release the cid53 firmware for SE W850i? It’s an old model, so I’m wondering if it’s worth waiting for a firwmare, or should I just toss it into the trash can and start looking for a new phone? 😀 🙁

  103. riyaz says

    how to backup and restore gdfs for cid 53 ???

  104. Akshay says

    what error do you get when you flash the FS ??

  105. Akshay says

    what’s the error you get ?

  106. Andy says


    “You do not have permission to access this entry.”
    Said seusers and topsony gave me the runaround too.

    I’m trying to dl the main firmware for my k610i phone in order to flash it with FAR manager.
    The two instances in Anycid are:
    Both of which I am not allowed to download, I’m running in ever decreasing circles…
    Can anyone help?

  107. imanuel says

    I’m looking for k610i Hutchison TH R1JE001 firmware.
    Anyone have?

    tutorial abt executable.b

    Tell me where i can download them

  108. imanuel says

    Jan 29 at 20:23

    I’m looking for k610i Hutchison TH R1JE001 firmware
    CDA:CDA102497/48 R17A

  109. Akshay says

    @Andy, topsony or seusers do allow, i don’t know why what’s the problem. can you try again.
    also you usually get files in rapidshare or 4shared or enisps or some free hosting site. you can try google search the exact name. you will get definitely.

  110. Akshay says

    imanuel. you can get firmwares from topsony or seusers websites. 🙂

  111. hellboy says

    What is the difference between a rest file and a MAIN file (.mbn)??

  112. bhuvan says

    @ hellboy
    main directly works in flashing

  113. akif says

    hi akshay….
    yar i cant able to make rest files from my main file…when i hold my main file and drag into mkrest2 then nothing would happen….and after done all the neccessary steps for patching cid-53 when i select qa2020 then suddenly i got an error message plz help me out…

  114. bhuvan says

    u must be using xp
    go for manual cmd commands

  115. anshgmbtech says

    where to find W660 R8BE001 patches??
    plase help me akshayy

  116. bhuvan says

    google it…
    join our forum…get a topic there…and a lot of sutff will be provided
    topse too

  117. anshgmbtech says

    i cant find it for W660 R8BE001 ca u help me by giving some links please Bhuvan.
    Bhuvan r u from India,which state?

  118. bhuvan says

    @ anshgmbtech
    what u want???
    u mean…that main and fs???
    go for topse…
    the best place for downloads!
    and yea…i am an indian….for rajasthan

  119. ani says

    can the patches of cid 52 applied on cid 53

  120. bhuvan says

    patches are firmware dependent not erom

  121. thatinsaneguy says

    How do I do this with my w810 CID50 db2010? :O
    I feel pretty lost…

  122. bhuvan says

    1) use mkrest to make rest for your fw
    2) extract contents of {yourplatform}.zip and {yourphone}/{firmware}.zip to your phone
    3) turn your phone on and run games/executor
    4) reinsert battery

    5) start jdflasher, select right script (don’t forget to edit cid num value in it), uncheck “rsa” box, connect, enter to bflash
    6) flash rest
    7) do whatever you want
    continue from the step 3 further
    bfs doesn’t work

  123. romario says

    done it:P finally, now i’m looking for some louder sound drivers(patches) . can i flash a driver zapf for k550 with bflash?:|

  124. bhuvan says

    @ romario
    patches can never configure sound drivers!
    what all you need to do is just find out a good acoustics pack..upload it to
    and for db2020 i would recommend w880 extreme
    best and well balanced
    i am too using hat one only!
    get it from filebase
    many more are there

  125. Tahir says

    i have k550i cid53 . does i use above tutorial for flashing k550 to w610 as same in video

  126. Tahir says

    is it possible to flas k550i cid53 to w610i cid52

  127. bhuvan says

    no erom cant be downgraded
    secondly…yea…same method but use you phone’s files

  128. EverWin says

    sry i didn’t replied ur question early, i was quite busy—here’s wht i get when i try to flash FS

    PutFiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 15)))))

    my firmware version is W580_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED53

    and FS version

    am using Far—>db2020–>OFlash

    Thank You

  129. Manmeet says

    Hi, I have crossflashed my K530i CID 53 to w660i. I have some custom acoustics for w660i, can i update these acoustics on my K530i>>w660i using JDFlasher+FAR??

    Please help!

  130. bhuvan says

    what are you doing????????/
    i mean…i rply so many posts everyday…so i forget the old ones

  131. bhuvan says

    @ Manmeet
    why not?

  132. Manmeet says

    @ Bhuvan

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  133. bhuvan says


  134. bogdMan says

    after copy executor and all stuff in my k810i, restart the phone, but when i go to games, and try to start executor, says “Operation failed” and the phone don’t turn off…please anyone can help?

  135. bhuvan says

    which all files did u copied to your fs

  136. bogdMan says

    everything worked just fine, but i cant open executor…operation failed…
    in anycid, for k810 are 2 files:
    who both contained executor…I put in my phone executor from R8BF003_CXC1250811_GENERIC_SM
    I should try with another? please help, the phone is for my nephew as a gift…

  137. bogdMan says

    please bhuvan, give me a clue…something…

  138. bhuvan says

    first of all flash your phone to supported firmware
    which u gt???
    flash to one which are provided in anycid folder…in k810
    any one of them
    then try it

  139. bogdMan says

    uffff I have only this firmware: K810_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_SM_RED52 which is in my phone too…I cant find R8BF003_CXC1250811_GENERIC_SM firmware for k810i, and I need a tutorial to flash my phone with it…(if i find it)…I use windows mobile and it’s a lot easiear to apply anything…

  140. bogdMan says

    I dont want to unlock the phone, I only want to apply patches

  141. bhuvan says

    to apply patches u need compatible firmware
    u need to flash to any one of them,!
    tutorial is there
    look in our site
    jd flasher flashing

  142. @john says

    i have this problem :
    i drag n drop the .fbn firmware to mkrest2.exe but no file generates,and qamaker drag and drop no file come up:( just a error
    with “cmd” it says that can not recognize it or something similar 😕

    Tryied also with Vista 32bit,and qamaker says :”file can use XS++to flash it”
    but nothing comes up 🙁

  143. hamstern says

    When im trying to start executor in games i get an error message “operation failed” WTF is wrong??

  144. wufei says

    how come may jdflasher only have ofs and oflash?i don’t have bflash

  145. bhuvan says

    u must have uploaded the whole .zip package!

  146. bhuvan says

    completed the new qa script thing?

  147. Lahiru says

    Thanks 4 u.i understood it.1)please tell me have any way to read m3g(3d file) file in my K530i or w660.some thing like a patch.
    2)please give a other download link for Qamaker.exe without on 4shared.because im download them using my K530i.???

  148. bogdMan says

    bhuvan thanks very much, finnaly it works…

  149. bhuvan says

    m3g file??there is no such file!
    qamaker…well…google it
    if u r not having net on your pc then connect using your mobile
    install pc suite

  150. bhuvan says

    any time

  151. hamstern says


    No i dident do that, just uploaded

    executor.jar and customize_upgrade.xml

  152. hamstern says

    This is my phone

    Profiling SEMC phone…
    Platform: DB2020
    OTP CID: 51
    EROM CID: 53
    EROM Color: Red
    Phone ID: K770
    CDA: 1202-4371 R5A
    Firmware Version: R8BC004
    EROM: R3A022

  153. sanzou says

    akshay, if i want to flash my w610 back to R6, what quick access VKP do i need to use?? is it R6 or R8 ?

  154. EverWin says

    i cant able to flash FS on my phone
    w580 cid53 when i try show me error

    PutFiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 15)))))

  155. bhuvan says

    of right firmware version????????/

  156. bhuvan says

    well do one thing
    take a backup of your phone
    re flash your fs
    now upload custpack…acc to your region
    turn on the phone
    now shut it down and upload anycid files

  157. bhuvan says

    reflash main and fs to that firmware

  158. bhuvan says

    get the latest jd flasher from our filebase!

  159. Manmeet says

    Hi, I have cross flashed my k530i>>w660i, just wanted to know if i can change the camera button to the Play/Pause button (which is missing in K530i). Is there any patch available for doing so? Please help!

  160. bhuvan says

    afaik its no there
    for that…join our forum
    and request there

  161. sanzou says

    @bhuvan, if i flash to R6, then i need to flash Firmware R6’s quick access VKP patch ?

    how do u guys backup ur cid53’s gdfs ?? do i need to backup gdfs for my w610 cid53 R6 firmware?

  162. bhuvan says

    @ sanzou
    cid:53’s gdfs cant be backed up!
    so…forget about gdfs
    r6 firmwares backup..look at fs exacting tut
    vkp patch can be made with your firmware itself….

  163. hamstern says

    cant make a backup dont know why.

    looked at some tutorials but still cant make it work

    Cant find i custpack for my R8B 🙁

    help plz

  164. sanzou says

    is it ok for me not to backup gdfs and follow the unavailable bypass package guide??? or do i need to wait for XS++ 3.2 ??

  165. bhuvan says

    vkp can be generated with main
    so get it
    no way of taking cid:53 phone’s backup!

  166. bhuvan says

    @ hamstern
    for custpack go for se nse
    or topsony!
    or google it like
    cda pack [model no] region
    backup of what

  167. bhuvan says

    if u use linux then u can use phonexs
    if no then no way!
    u can follow the way it is here
    till now no one faced problem regarding gdfs yet in this procedure!

  168. sanzou says

    oh…but theres no guarantee that i will not facing any problem rite?
    what can cause gdfs error ?

  169. bhuvan says

    till now no one faced in cid:53 phones!
    so keep moving!
    go the way it is written here

  170. sanzou says

    okay…i’ll try it tomorrow… =)

  171. sanzou says

    thanks akshay for the guide n bhuvan for helping me… =) i have successfully patch my w610 main R6 n FS R8 🙂

  172. bhuvan says

    @ sanzou

  173. sanzou says

    akshay, for the unavailable bypas package tutorial….you should upload Custpack after you flash the firmware n fs in the 1st step….people will get configuration error… 😉

  174. bhuvan says

    @ sanzou
    for that ull have to join our forum
    as this is special for only tuts

  175. rohani1366 says

    hi i see your tutorial film and do exactly what you do.but occur two important problam.first:i am sure i have correct main but when i drag it on mkrest2(without .exe)dont generate rest file how ever i can make quick access by draging main on the qamker.second:when i do part 2 and select executor in the game part of my phone and torn off then select qa 2020 in the jd flasher show me eroor:open plugin/connestto phone/get cid/cant fine device info in xml[5red]>>>.help me plz

  176. bhuvan says

    which phone are u having?
    for that mkrest thing
    are u having admin rights????and try on other drive

  177. sethzen says

    Hey :O

    The rest file doesnt show when i drap the main onto the mkrest2. Just need to clarify that i am using the correct file.

    I have a W580i CID53 and using :

    Also, while im here :P, would i be correct in using :

    I downloaded these a while back, so..umm..let me know 😀

  178. bhuvan says

    @ sethzen
    files are correct
    r u having admin rights??????
    try on other dirve

  179. sethzen says

    I do have admin and i tryed another, but it still doesnt work.

    What happens is that the command prompt pops up says the mkrest2 by den_po or something, flashes something else up but then closes too soon before i can get a good look at what pops up.

    I can create the qa thing though (VKP file).

  180. sethzen says

    nevermind, it saved the file to a random place on my hardrive which i found by searching for the file 😀 thanks anyway

  181. bhuvan says

    where was it saved?
    and u can still solve it by working on cmd manually!

  182. Manmeet says

    Hi all… I have recently cross flashed my [email protected] CID 53. I want to apply some patches to the phone and I followed this tutorial and copied the 3 files into tpa\prest\custom after this i removed my battery and restarted my phone but when i try to run the executor.jar from the games folder, it shows “Operation failed”.. I am unable to proceed after this!

  183. bhuvan says

    thats not possible
    u are committing some mistake
    check out that have u uploaded right files
    still doesnot works then reflash and then try

  184. hellboy says

    Check again if you are uploading the files for W660 and not K530.
    If the files are for W660, then see if the firmware you have in your phone is either R6AD001 or R8BE001. Upload correct files 😉

  185. Manmeet says

    I have uploaded the files for W660i only and the firmware i hv is R8BB001.

    I have also applied custom acoustics and they are working fine.

    Just wanted to clarify, after crossflashing we need to copy the cust pack, i only copied two files from the folder i.e. “Customize.xml” and “preloaded_config.xml”.

    Have i missed out anything here? or do i reflash the fone again?

  186. bhuvan says

    thats nthng wrong
    well…now if still it si not working then re flash your phne…and now try

  187. Bharat Kumar says

    Hi! thank you! i finally mannaged to mod my k550i CID 53 DB 2020, after reading your tutorials, the video was especially great! Thank you Akshay!

  188. John says

    Ah, I upload the files, and try to run executor on the phone, with no results. I just get the error “Operation failed”. Why? This is with CID53

  189. SilverLeos says

    I am using the below MAIN and FS but I have some doubts with the bypass package method.


    1. Flash my K800i with K800_R8BF003_MAIN_GENERIC_WI_RED53 and

    2. Upload the bypass files, executor.b executor.jar and customize_upgrade.xml using JDflasher. Start the phone.

    3. Run Executor in Games. Phone will shut down.

    4. Connect phone with qa2020.xml and flash K800_R8BF003_MAIN_CHINA_WI_RED53.

    5. Flash Quick Access VKP via COPY(F5).

    6. Disconnect. Connect again with db2020 Script OFLASH. Flash K800_R8BF003_FS_APAC_RED53.

    7. Connect again with db2020 Script and Enter OFS, upload CDA files. Close. re-insert battery and start phone.

    8. Follow Part 4, to apply more patches.

    Please correct me if my steps are wrong. I need to read and write Chinese on my K800i so I prefer to use K800_R8BF003_MAIN_CHINA_WI_RED53 and K800_R8BF003_FS_APAC_RED53.

  190. bhuvan says

    heard this many a times earlier too!
    well…take backup of ur phone..
    reflash…upload cda
    now start the phone…
    now turn it off…now upload anycid files
    and now try

  191. bhuvan says

    afetr the first step upload right cda pack to your phone
    start it
    and now continue with 2nd step
    look there are a lot many mistaked u are making
    better look at whole the guide again
    from 4th step onwards
    and yea
    download the video tutorial also
    that will help u a lot!

  192. SilverLeos says

    Ok, I will read the whole guide again and download the video tutorial. Btw, can I still view and type chinese on my K800i after flashing successfully?

  193. hellboy says

    Flash with the chinese main if you want to type chinese.

  194. bhuvan says

    @ SilverLeos
    hellboy is right

  195. Manmeet says

    I have reflashed my fone but still i am not able to patch it!
    Do u think i shd use D-Ultimate unlocker and downgrade to CID 52. I think CID 53 has hell lot of problem for patching.

    Please suggest.

  196. bhuvan says

    @ Manmeeti agree…cid:53 got a lot of problem in patching
    D-Ultimate unlocker
    whats that?
    well there is no way of downgrading erom yet for free

  197. hellboy says

    Go to Top Sony to read about D-Ultimate unlocker 🙂

    No need, follow the tutorials carefully n you won’t have any problem patching….

  198. Manmeet says

    No its not for free, i will be paying 10 euros for the app. But i think its worth it!

  199. Manmeet says

    @Bhuvan – Here’s a link to that sw:

  200. bhuvan says

    @ Manmeet
    what all can u do in that app?
    and if u can do that for free then why pay so much amount??
    instead…give me a dashing party!

  201. Manmeet says

    I have cross flashed my [email protected] twice, and followed the CID 53 patching tutorial step by step, but i still get “Operation failed” when i run the executor.jar from the games folder!

  202. Alexe_01 says

    hii, i have a k550 cid53, when i run the executor in games it says OPERATION FAILED, what i do?Plz help!!!

  203. bhuvan says


    reflash your phone…upload cda files…start your phone
    now turn off….and now upload anycid files
    now give a try
    remmber firmware compatibility

  204. Sammy says

    Hey i have a s500i CID53 and after step two, my phone is still locked…it says:
    “please insert correct sim”

    anyone help?

    o btw, i couldnt make a rest file after dragging it in…i dont know why…think that could be the reason?

    also just noting in case its important, my executor.b was in like purple when i was in the far.exe program…

  205. bhuvan says

    check the extionsion of executor…purple color shows that file is in rar format
    for mkrest…try manula cmd commands

  206. Sammy says

    wait, so it cant be in a rar format when you drag it? then wat format should it be in?

  207. bhuvan says

    it should have extension .b
    extract the rar file

  208. afsal says

    am a newer in patchng…
    my phone is k550i, cid 53…..
    i have flashed it to w610i (W610_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED53)……
    if am applying patches den which patch files should i use? w610 or k550? pls rply……….

  209. afsal says

    i dont get reset file…… am usng d firmware

  210. bhuvan says

    patches are firmware dependnt…so use w610 one
    if u are using xp then ull have to use manual cmd commands to get rest file

  211. amigo2008 says

    this tutorial is very confusing to me. maybe only geeks can only immediately understand this tutorial. i really want to patch my K800 cid53 phone so badly especially the awesome vista menu pack and i want to change the annoying almost whispering sound of my phone. sob

  212. bhuvan says

    this is the simplest!
    every one used to say that!
    well u are new i other words…noob!
    want some live help then jump onto our forum

  213. best says

    i have a k800 and when i copy the three files to oflash and turn on my phone its says incorrect sim card so how am i to access the games folder?

  214. bhuvan says

    ull have to use the old one sim..which was supplied with it..

  215. best says

    but thats from another region……i cant use it where im from

  216. best says


  217. amigo2008 says

    the first thing that confuses me in this tutorial is this: at the beginning of video tutorial, there are three folders: far, firmwares and patches. i want to know where can i get/download the appropriate firmware with mbn file for my K800 cid53 R8BF003. could you please give me a link where can get this file. i would like to ask also if the stuffs in are for free coz i tried registering on that site and tried to download some stuff but there’s a price on it. btw, is there a tutorial on your site on how to install linux and how to use phonexs in linux OS? thanx!!!

  218. bhuvan says


  219. bhuvan says

    no tutorial for installation of linux…only flashing stuff..
    and for firmware…
    search on 4shared or google it
    mobilefree mostly comprise of free patches…not all stuff is for free..
    far contains jdflasher
    firmwares contains of course firmwares…
    and same with others

  220. holy_knight says

    hello master, i’v just completed CrossFlashing my K550 > w610 before this tutor out. and now i want to flash quick access patch into my phone. i want to ask about the flashing main and fs, is it necessary if i rollback/re-flash my main and fs???? or do i need to re-flash them???

    my k550 status now at w610 without QAP….

    help me out, thanks

    sorry my english is bad

  221. bhuvan says

    just apply qap…and reflash using rest file…that will repair ur main…and phone will work

  222. amigo2008 says

    sir bhuvan, i would like to ask how do i know if im downloading the right firmware for my phone. when i tried entering R8BF003 in the search bar in 4shared there are many search results like
    K800_R8BF003_MAIN_GENERIC_WI_RED52, K800i_R8BF003_FS_CENT_EUROPE_CID53, K800_R8BF003_FS_C_ASIA_RED52 etc. how do i check my phone to know the exact R8BF003 and what is the approximate size of the firmware to be downloaded?

  223. best says


    i see in this tut that there is no mention of the sim-lock-patch for cid53… you need it so any sim can be used instead of using the old sim that came with the phone………and how to apply the sim-lock-patch?

  224. bhuvan says

    u need one main and one fs
    version are correct..
    get which matches ur erom version
    like if its cid:53 then red53
    if cid:52 then red52

  225. bhuvan says

    after u do this procedure….u just need to apply that patch…
    download the patch generator from our filebase

  226. Duy Pham says

    Hello Akshayy, I also have K530i –> W660i, with the firmware R8BB001, and I follow your video tutorial , how to apply patch using JDFlasher. But I got problem with creating mkrest2. When I drag and drop my firmware into mkrest2.exe. It doesn’t work. Just because my CID is 53. So could you give a good solution in both here and my mail. thanks

  227. Compumad says

    Hi Akshayy, hi have a K810 R8BA024 version. i unlocked it using R8BF003 version and works fine, but if i use the workaround for installing the R8BA024 version it fails, when Changing to QA2020.xml mode the phone powers on.
    any chance to have my version Scripts on Anycid? what is the diference between R8BA024 and R8BF003?


  228. Duy Pham says

    Hello Akshayy, I still get trouble with your instruction either.

    My firmware is R8BB001 (CID53), I can’t find any bypass file for that firmware. As you mean, I have to get executor.b that match with R8BB001, or I can use any bypass file for my firmware(CID53).

    I couldn’t create the rest file for my firmware. What should I do? Please help me.

    Plz sent the reply to both this site and my mail.thanks

  229. Philintosh says

    i have k550i cid53 and i want to unlock (locked to Orange Network..) i have Main and FS of r6ca001 and also i have the costum pack…i tried flashing and patching but didnt work…when i run executor it says operation failed and i can see the executor file locked..I dont know how to solve this pls i am a newbie..I cant make rest file too..i hope anyone here can help me unlock my phone..i cant use the phone here in our country Philippines for 2 yrs now…so unfortunate….pls help me….i only have the quick access patch made..this is the only i have made….

  230. ShadoW says

    @ Duy Pham

    u can use any firmware to bypass u jst need to upload the executor.b as said in tutorial

  231. Arun says

    My K790i Dead..Due to Wrong Flashing of vkp Patch..Pls Help

    My mobile is K790i-R8b600c-cid 53

    I am flashed K800-R8b600C vkp Patches using any cid JD flasher..
    While i’m flashing i got error message like(I don’t know exactly) “Invalid memory/Address”…but i’m ignored &flashed…

    Now my phone doesn’t Turn on…I can’t connect my Phone using my DCU-60 cable while i’m tried to reflash main firmware in JD flasher…it doesn’t identify my phone…

    Pls give me d solution

  232. Akshay says

    Compumad, sorry no idea bout differences.
    hmm interesting. what workaround are you using basiclaly ?

  233. Compumad says

    Hi Akshay, i’am using the”Note: If ByPass Package is not available for the firmware of your choice” one. maybe i’am doing something wrong i, dont know. i think that R8BA024 is the latest version, if i had the anycid file for this version i’am shure that that version would work fine.

    Best Regards


  234. Philintosh says

    Hi Akshay …i have k550i cid53 and i want to unlock (locked to Orange Network..) i have Main and FS of r6ca001 and also i have the costum pack…i tried flashing and patching but didnt work…when i run executor it says operation failed and i can see the executor file locked..I dont know how to solve this pls i am a newbie..I cant make rest file too..i hope anyone here can help me unlock my phone..i cant use the phone here in our country Philippines for 2 yrs now…so unfortunate….pls help me….i only have the quick access patch made..this is the only i have made….

  235. NinJinTsu says

    I’m sorry for being a newb. But I’ve researched and read through everything, I have updated the qa2020.xml into the scripts folder, I have been using the AnyCid that is provided here, I’ve been using the W580_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED53.mbn file as main firmware so executor would work and all the rest and qa files would be created. But after the step of running executor on the phone (in games) it shuts down and then I hook up the phone in FAR and I never see “bflash”. I can’t seem to get this directory to show up. I’ve reflashed the main soooo many times already to revive the phone. What should I do?

  236. Akshay says

    Well find out for which Firmwares the ANY CID files are valid, then downlaod taht firmware and flash the phone with that firmware. As simple as that. 🙂
    then use those any cid files
    sadly we don’t have any cid files for all firmwares for all phones.

  237. Akshay says

    well, first download the firmware for which ANyCID files are valid.
    THen flash the phone with those firmwares, using jdfslaher, check out jd tutorial.
    then unlock the phone using anycid files.

  238. Philintosh says

    I am so happy just now i have unlock my k550i CID53..It was so great!!! Long Live to all behind this tutorial! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! AKSHAY !!!!

    My original firmware is R6CA001 Main Orange and i flashed it with k550i R8BA024 Main & FS red_53 w/o flashin rest …(i just flash vkp patches including simox v2.2)and it works finally!!! Thank you very very much Akshay once again…from Philippines

    This is the Guide i use to unlock my phone…

    Note: If ByPass Package is not available for the firmware of your choice, Read Carefully.

    We have bypass pacakges only for few firmwares. If you don’t find one for your phone firmware, then there is a other way to get around and apply patches. The method is the same, but there are few changes. Here is the Small Tutorial… Its almost the same as above. But you need to re-flash firmwares twice.

    1. First Flash your phone with the firmwares for which the bypass package is available. You can download firmwares from topsony or seusers. Flash both the Main and FS. Use db2020 Script, Oflash as told above.
    2. Upload the bypass files, executor.b executor.jar and customize_upgrade.xml to FS as told above using JDflasher. Start your phone.
    3. Run Executor in Games. Phone will shut down.
    4. Connect phone with qa2020.xml and Flash the Main firmware via COPY (F5) of your choice which you wanted. Don’t flash Rest File. Its not needed.
    5. Flash Quick Access VKP via COPY(F5).
    6. Disconnect. Connect again with db2020 Script OFLASH. Flash the FS of your choice.
    7. Connect again with db2020 Script and Enter OFS, upload CDA files. Close. re-insert battery and start phone.
    8. Now you can follow Part 4, to apply more patches.

  239. Akshay says


  240. Philintosh says

    Rest File Problem

    i had successfully unlocked my k550i r6ca001 cid53 without rest file..because when i drag the main firmware to makerest2 software it doesn’t make (just nothing happens) but then i found out that the location for rest file produced was not on the same folder as makerest2 software located…As i have dual boot xp and mac osx 10.5.6 (hackintosh)…i boot to mac osx and was looking for a file and i had found something with .rest extension and i don’t remember anything that i had downloaded a .rest came to my mind that it is the rest file produced by i had booted to xp again and tried to drag .mbn on makerest2 and i figured out that it does really work….the rest file located on my computer was on C:\C:\Documents and Settings\(your username here)…I hope this will help everyone!!!! or try finding anywhere else on your hard drive it might be on there…just dislocated by makerest2 software lol…Anyways….i didnt tried the rest file yet but hopefully will work and solved everyone’s problem!!! Goodluck!!!

  241. Philintosh says

    (edit) Rest File Problem

    C:\Documents and Settings\(your username here)

  242. Akshay says

    Philntosh, make rest works 100% with command line. Some times it does not work with Windows Explorer.
    ok thanks.

  243. Arun says

    Hi Akshay…
    my k790i not working due to cross flashing……

    i’m cross flashed my k790i-cid53 phone to k800..under k800 mode my phone worked well …but lost d signal…& also i can’t charge my battery using d charger…..

    so again flashed my k790i firmwares…my phone shows only d WHITE SCREEN or SONY ERICSON STARTUP SCREEN…

    again i’m cross flshed to k800 to check whether my phone work or not phone is working but lose d signal can’t able to charge my battery also..

    pls give help me…what could be d problem?

  244. bhuvan says

    flash to k790 and then re flash using seus
    then check out if ignal is coming
    if not then hardware fault

  245. ansgaiims says

    r u from india?

  246. bhuvan says

    well u need to run qa scrpit instead of db2020 now!
    akshay is not here for few days again till i am here!

  247. Dainius87 says

    HEY YAH!

    i drag my MAIN on to MAKEREST exe and get nothing, so i read carefully all comments and find out, that REST file is located on C:\Documents and Settings\ ‘username’

    as one of comments poster said 😉

    thank you all, btw im now try to patch unlock w200 cid53 😉


  248. Arun says

    Hi Bhuvan….i’m updated via SEUS but still d same problem..i don’t think it is a hardware problem bcoz in d crossflashed mode(k800) it working well except
    2.can’t charge d battery..shows d ALIEN BATTERY..

    wat may be d problem…GDFS problem..?any other way to complete flashing (EROM)…?

  249. bhuvan says

    forget about erom
    this problem is very rarely found!
    jump to our forum
    ull get a lot many expert people there
    discuss with them!

  250. md says

    Plz HElP me akash
    em was using k800i rkg001_cid52 orange and i flashed my phone to k810i r8ba024_cid52 with patch by using xs++ and setool but my phone was getting reboot when i get any incoming call n even i was not able call anyone it was jus getting rebooted jus 3 dayz back
    yesterday i updated my phone
    now it got changed to cid53 k800i when i start it
    shows the demo of k800i so i think it is now k800i …
    help me what i should do now main difficulty em facing.. it says insert correct sim

    18:10:32| Baseband ID: 9900

    18:10:32| Protocol Version: 3.1

    18:10:32| Phone name detected!


    18:10:32| Profiling SEMC phone…

    18:10:32| Platform: DB2020

    18:10:32| OTP CID: 51

    18:10:32| EROM CID: 53

    18:10:32| EROM Color: Red

    18:10:32| IMEI: 35908701xxxxxx

    18:10:32| Phone ID: K800

    18:10:32| Region: EUROPE_4

    18:10:32| CDA: CDA102511/101 R2A

    18:10:32| Firmware Version: R8BF003

    18:10:32| EROM: R3A022

    18:10:32| Ready for operation!

    18:13:30| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    18:13:30| Error: Failed to send CSLoader!

    18:13:30| FSX Shutdown!

    18:13:32| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    18:13:35| Shutting down…

    this is my phone info
    plz help me

  251. md says

    sry for the poor english

  252. bhuvan says

    y did u updated???
    use jdflasher now

  253. md says

    i have tried jdflasher bhuvan
    its say error when em trying to open ofs

    could u plz tell briefly what should i have 2 do
    add me on yahoo
    my id is yaseen_206
    or on gtalk
    plz help me out bhuvan…

  254. bhuvan says

    then no way out for that!!!
    till now…no one figured out why its happening!

  255. md says

    what you did for ur mobile i think u 2 faced the same prob ?

  256. jay_t says

    Hello to All,

    My phone is k810i r8ba024 cid53

    How can I unlock my phone? and what’s the procedure? thanks.M

  257. bhuvan says

    yea…till now m not able to figure out!

  258. bhuvan says

    procedure is in front of u!!!
    but u need original sim to make it work

  259. jay_t says

    Hi bhuvan, thanks for the reply.

    What do you mean original SIM?

    I already downloaded anycid folder. But when I checked the K810i folder, it seems that the r8ba024 is not there. The only ZIP folder I found is R1KG001_CXC1250811_GENERIC_SM and R8BF003_CXC1250811_GENERIC_SM

    And finally where I will get the firmware folder? Thanks

  260. Eirini says

    Hello pls help me i have a huge problem…
    I have R8BF003 CID53 k800i and in the part 2 I tried to flash the “” file in my mobile and because my phone didn’t have a bflash folder I went to oflash folder…When i did that I had an error “PutFiles<putfile<putfile_flash<flashbabe<get89data>>>>”

    I tried then to open my phone but it’s dead…can u please help me…I don’t know what to do

    tnx in advance!

  261. isa says

    hello akhsayy….

    my phone software : R8BB001, cid 53

    there is 2 file on patch any CID for “w660i” :

    what type is match with my w660i R8BB001 ???

    can i request firmware, .MBN for w660i that match with R8BB001 ???

    thx akhsayy…. i’ll wait your answer….

    and sorry for my poor english 😀 😀 😀

  262. isa_panwar says

    hello akhsayy i have w660i
    my phone software version is R8BB001

    there is 2 file on patch any CID for w660i

    what should i choose ?? for w660i-R8BB001 ???

    can I request firmware, ” .MBN ” for w660i that match for R8BB001 ??? please… help me akhsayy….
    and thanks for the video

  263. irfadz says

    akhsayy,can u help me??
    why i cannot open executor??
    its says operation failed??
    can u help me with this?

  264. irfadz says

    can anyone help me??
    i donno what tha probem,after i put executor,executor b. andcustomize upgrade,i open the executor at game,but it doesnt power off,but look like text

  265. Akshay says

    irfadz, relfash FS and try again 🙂

  266. irfadz says

    akshay,i try to reflash,i do all the thing in the video,
    i open the executor,but my phone wont turn off,it open like some kind text or something.
    can u help me;(

  267. irfadz says

    ok ill try reflash. if i have any prob i let u know.

  268. irfadz says

    btw,how to reflash FS??

  269. irfadz says

    what the use of simlockpathgen?
    what does it do?

  270. irfadz says

    im sooo donno what to do..
    why its so hard to do this??

  271. irfadz says

    akshay,i try so many time,but my phone wont turn off.executor open like text ;(.
    do you have any suggestion?

  272. irfadz says

    qiuck replay plsss…;(

  273. irfadz says

    akshay,do i have to delete all in my custom?
    if i delete what will happen?
    does it break my phon?

  274. irfadz says

    somebody help meeeee….

  275. irfadz says

    akshay,why i cant flash my FS?

  276. irfadz says


  277. irfadz says


  278. Akshay says

    irfadz. relax and clam down. read this once again.
    why don’t you join our forum and talk to people in there.
    may be the Fs you are flashing is corrrupt ? download another one and check again.

  279. irfadz says

    ok im relax.
    what is ur forum?
    btw,i already download new Fs.
    i do all the thing in the tutorial.
    i open tha executor,bt it says operation failed.
    its been a few days i try this.

  280. irfadz says

    i donno what to do.
    i just wanna put flash,patches,etc.shishh

  281. irfadz says

    Akshay ,
    why my phon cannot open?
    i already finish the setup.
    can u give me the solution?

  282. Akshay says

    ifradz, our forum is se-lifestyle
    come and talk to me and others over there 🙂

  283. makubex says

    does this also work for DB2010 CID50 patching? namely w810 CID50

  284. Akshay says

    Sorry It won’t on CID50

  285. mekar07 says

    I am so happy just now i success flash my k810i CID53..Now i can patch my phone..It was so great!!! Long Live to all behind this tutorial! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!! AKSHAY !!!!

  286. irfadz says

    ashkay,can u guide me?
    how to put flash themes on my phon?
    btw,i succesfully flash my phon.
    thanks to you ashkay.
    ohh yeah,how many can i put patch on my phone in one row?

  287. Roman says

    i can’t make rest file. i tried 2 flash my w880i with k810 rest file but didn’t work.
    Can any1 send me rest file for W880i R8BA024 CID53 plz?
    Should be named prgCXC1250***
    The stars i don’t know but i think it’s prgCXC1250640..
    plz help me

  288. Roman says

    forgot…my mail adress is [email protected]

    sry for doublepost

  289. DrK says

    It works! I used the tutorial on my K770i on Voda.
    I wanted to remove the SIM lock so had to use the Generic Main firmware -it means I debranded at the same time.
    The link to SIMOX tool needs to be updated for V2.2 so it works with CID53 phones.
    Also I’d point out you need a SIM for the locked network to get the phone working enough to run the executor.jar!
    Now I want to apply patches but everything listed on TopSony is for K770_R8BA024 and I’m on K770_R8BE001 does that mean they won’t work? How do I up-issue the patches?

  290. irfadz says

    akshay,what is simlock?
    explain wisely please..=|

  291. irfadz says

    why i want to put patch on my phon it syas line error??
    something like that.

  292. Thivagar says


  293. mema says

    i have the same problem as irfadz. when i try to execute executor it says operation failed.
    what did i do wrong ? can someone help me please ?

  294. mema says

    after the 5th time i found out that it is working when not to re-insert battery after the part 2.

    maybe this could help someone

  295. Akshay says

    Then you have to use R8BE001 firmware. else covert those patches to your firmwares.

  296. irfadz says

    thank to you,i now can patch any patch that i wont!!
    i also can put flash themes!!
    akshay do you have patch cyber shot for my w580i??

  297. ondrej says

    i´m following your tutorial, but have to stop at the point where mkrest2 has to make a backup – I place my firmware over the mkrest2, a window flashes, but no new file comes out. can you help?
    R8BE001 CID53

  298. ondrej says

    found it, thanks

  299. ondrej says

    me again. couldnt continue at part 3 because my phone is locked, I cant access Games->executor. any help? thanks

  300. groovepeppy says

    Help me?
    How come i still have R8BC004 in the software version menu although i already flashed it using R8BE001 ???

  301. Anderson says

    Is there a way to patch unlock a w610i cid53?

  302. Akshay says

    ondrej, that’s bad, really sorry ! i have no idea how to proceed then.

  303. Akshay says

    groovepepy, have you flashed your FS or not ? you need to have R8BE001 FS then you can see it.

  304. Akshay says

    Anderson, this is the method if you are lucky, else don’t. seriously, i feel idiotic.

  305. Lukas says

    hi Akshay I have problem when i open bflash my phone will turn on and far say me an error what I do wrong
    p.s. my restmaker2 didnt get me any file when i drag my firmware on it its W610_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED53 can you help me??

    my mail [email protected] thx

  306. bhuvan says

    follow back the steps again
    its because ur phone’s security is not cracked!!!!
    apply qa again
    for rest file
    follow manual cmd commands
    which os u are using?

  307. Lukas says

    what do you mean follow back the steps again?? How i can crack my phone security?? and fo cmd it dont work I run it but it turn off after 1 second
    I am using windows xp sp3

    sorry fo my bad english im from czech rep :))

  308. bhuvan says

    cracking phone’s security is cracking main…so that u can apply patches
    untill u dont do that…ur phone wil start when u enter bflash
    by cracking main in other words by apply qa patch…we make main dead and phone is no longer usable….
    but by flasking rest file…it revives back!!
    and is patchable
    and on which drive u are using it?
    try using on other than on ur system drive
    if u still do not succeed…then jump onto our forum and request rest file there

  309. Lukas says

    now its ok but when i flach rest file and copy qa ptch i disconect phone but phone dont start what im doing wrong can you hel me??

    sorry im lame :))

  310. Lukas says

    iv got it first i must instal qa and then rest??

  311. bhuvan says

    yup first install qa
    then rest to bring ur phone back alive

  312. Lukas says

    but it dont work my phone dont start up but i keep try it more time . I can have a a luck

  313. bhuvan says

    discuss on our forum then

  314. nosremo says

    akshayy you are really such a great help for all of us, ur one of the geniuses ive met when it comes to modding SE (thanks u x10000000)

  315. napstar says

    hey akshay…
    in step 3(i.e.installing Quick Access) of ur tutorial(any CID patching) u have mentioned that one is supposed to copy d rest file(as vkp) into bflash folder….but in my fone no bflash folder exists! do i have to create it ? please help…i have only 2 folders – OFS & Oflash…& i am using a w580i CID53 fone…

  316. bhuvan says

    good luck
    akshay is off for few days

  317. bhuvan says

    u have to select qa2020 script
    u have selected db2020

  318. napstar says

    you were absolutely correct bhuvan…wen i chose qa2020 script,i found both the folders bfs as well as bflash…!!
    but wen i try2 access any of these folders i get the following error:

    found EPIUSB2
    got response
    protocol: 0301 baseband: 9900
    cid detect
    <- cid=53 color=red platform=db2020
    qhtry: 2020_prologue
    run flashed loader
    error: SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(run(gethello(I0usb::getblock(time exceed))))))) ”

    i replaced the original qa2020 script wit the one provided by u guys…(in the anycid package) these folders did not open then…so i therefore restored the original qa2020 script & tried opening these 2 files…but none of them opened & gave me the same error..
    please help….

  319. napstar says

    hey bhuvan,i forgot to mention that my EROM is R3A022…& as the error occurs when the flash loader runs…i checked the bin folder in JDflasher directory…the bin folder does not include any file for R3A022…i also downloaded the latest version of JDflasher(test 6) & also the addons that were available on the internet.but still there is no file for R3A022..
    can u please look into it & suggest something??
    thanks. Help is appretiated 🙂

  320. bhuvan says

    why only w580 users are getting this error
    i am really very sorry to say this but there is no way out yet for this error!!!
    even i am getting this error…so i hope…ull get that…no cure for it!

  321. napstar says

    thanks for lookin into it anyway..! i hope that somin is possible in the near future…! 🙂

  322. Claiton says

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been using this tutorial to unlock my CID53 w610i. I follow step by step of this tut and it’s all good until I turn my phone on and it stops responding when looking for the operator…the second time I tried flashing new firmware and FS (R6BC002) after running the executor, but still phone behaves the same way, it hangs when searching for the operator, I was hoping that someone could help me and if there something else I could try…Regards

  323. bhuvan says

    i guess there is problem in firmware file
    get new one
    and still if it hangs then wait for more time
    how time did u wait for?

  324. ryan-isra says

    “Go to Entertainment and then Games. Run the executor in games. Your phone will turn off.
    Now Re-insert Battery. Don’t start the phone.”
    But i can’t access the phone without vodafone SIM card.
    When i turn it on, it’s just asking fligh/normal mode.
    Both will give same results, INSERT SIM CARD / INSERT CORRECT SIM CARD.
    W880 CID 53
    Any Idea ?

  325. Akshay says

    ryan-isra, oops. sorry, try to reflash phone with SEUS and see it starts again.

  326. amigo2008 says

    good day!! im about to enable patching in my k800 cid53 phone and i was able to prepare the necessary files to be uploaded in my phone but when im about to perform part 2 of the video tutorial, when i start farmanager and selecting the db2020 script and unchecking the rsa, i can’t see a bflash option only oflash and ofs thats why i did not proceed in patching my phone. please tell me what to do so that i could see the bflash option. do you think this has something to do with the farmanager that i’ve been using??? im using farmanager with jdflasher plugin cid53 and that’s what im using for changing my phone’s acoustic driver etc. btw, for example i did not succeed in enabling patching in my phone and it got bricked, does it mean that i cannot do something to revive my phone and cannot even send it to phone repair shop here in our country??? please help me!!

  327. bhuvan says

    use qa2020 script for patching
    y dont noobs read all steps carefully?

  328. amigo2008 says

    yipeeeeeeeee!!! at last i’ve done it. many thanx to all geniuses who helped me!!! now it’s time to install those awesome elves in ma phone!!!

  329. doi says

    i have a k810 CID53 r8aba204..

    i cant find the files in anycid folder.

    can anyone help me flashing my phone so that i can upgrade my sucky camera driver? thanks in advance! 🙂

  330. doi says

    r8ba024 i mean

  331. Akshay says

    flashing is easy, just connect phone and select ofs to enter File System and also select oflash if you want to flash firmwares.
    Use other firmware to apply QA if you want to patch.

  332. amigo2008 says

    good day!!! there’s something that i would like to ask. so now that i’ve enabled patching in my cid53 phone, do i have to uncheck rsa everytime i do patches like for example if i patch the elpack.vkp or you have to just have to uncheck rsa when your enabling patching to your phone????

  333. bhuvan says

    u can do it without bringing any change to rsa

  334. totike says

    Hy all. I have trouble when i try ti open the “bflash” folder and i get this: error: SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(run(gethello(I0usb::getblock(time exceed))))))) ”

    plzz help me i need to unlock my w880i locked toa hungarian operator:|
    plz contact me by email: [email protected] or add me on Y!Messenger as totike_90
    thx before

  335. bhuvan says

    there is seriously no cure out for this error..
    even i face the same when i try ptching my cid:53 w580
    u may get ur problem at out support forum!

  336. Claiton says

    Hi guys,
    I have a locked W610i Cid53 which I will try to patch unlock, my question is after I load the necessary files and run the executor in games, is it recommended to use bflash to flash to the latest MAIN + FS (instead of keeping R8BA024) and then load the patches etc…
    Thanking you

  337. Navjot says

    I am not being able to create the “rest” file…

    I think the “mkrest2.exe” is not working properly….

    Please Help..!!

    What Should I do..??

  338. bhuvan says

    u need to flash by bflash be cause ur actually not reflashing main…but repairing it…keeping main’s security cracked!

  339. bhuvan says

    whats exactly happening?
    try on different dive other than ur main drive
    got all administrator privileges?

  340. Navjot says

    I was talking abour the rest file which we drag onto the “mkrest2.exe”

    But I got it…

    It gets saved in X:\Documents and Settings\user name

  341. bhuvan says

    njoy then

  342. Claiton says

    Hi all
    CID53 W610i unlock patch.
    After I apply the remove sim lock patch my phone starts normally but as soon as it logs onto network it stops responding and after awhile it restarts itself and this process happens over and over again…any ideas please thank you.

  343. bhuvan says

    u sure that ur patch is working one?

  344. Claiton says

    Hi bhuvan
    Yes it’s a generated patch, I used SimLockPatchGen 2.2 to create the R8BA024 remove_sim_lock vkp and I’m running R8BA024 MAIN and FS.
    The patch works because my phone quickly logs onto Vodafone (previously locked to Orange) but sometimes the phone hangs after logging in to network and restarts itself.

  345. amigo2008 says

    btw, what is sysgfx or gfx patching??? what is that for??? can i also make that kind of patch in my k800 cid53 phone. i found some cool patch in especially the walkman 2 patch and record fm patch but the first sentences are in russian. can i still save those patch in notepad and patch it in my phone or i can translate the russian characters using google tranlate???

  346. bhuvan says

    then do one thing
    after unlocking flash ur main to non branded one
    i mean generic

  347. bhuvan says

    save according to original characters
    no translation
    and yea
    u can use
    patches are firmware dependent…not erom

  348. Claiton says

    re: w610i above, but after unlocking if I flash main isn’t that going to overwrite the patch therefore locking it back up?

  349. Ryan Isra says

    Akshay, i already re-flash it.
    It’s similar with my E90 before, can’t do anything without
    correct SIM Card, even in flight mode (SE).
    For E90, i bought the unlock code.
    I think i must use D-unlocker to downgrade CID first. Thx anyway 😀

  350. jockep says

    Debrande and then apply unlock patch

  351. bhuvan says

    this is confusing!!!!
    i am telling u to do this because may be the main which was installed on ur phone earlier has something which binds ur phone to work as unbranded\unlocked!!!!
    experiments is the thing which we can do!

  352. amigo2008 says

    really? we don’t have to translate the russian characters in english?? when i save the patch with russian characters in notepad there’s a prompt ” this file contains characters in unicode format which will be lost etc etc.”. and when i open again the patch that i saved with the russian characters, it’s replaced by question mark. is this normal????? btw, how should i delete a patch?? can i double click memory and view the patches that i installed in my phone and select the patch that i want to remove??

  353. bhuvan says

    just straight forward save them and about unicode thing…just click on yes!
    it will work..even i dont have russian installed on my system
    deleting patch is given below
    check it
    its same as applying
    u just have to check remove patch!

  354. kutob says

    im have prob with my w66o…cid 53
    i run it with xs++ n far manager ,,
    it doesn’t work ,,,

  355. james says

    hi i get to the stage where i go to Entertainment-Games and then run the executor file, however it says ‘operation failed’. I have an s500i, and I am certain that i need to use db2020, and the firmware exactly matches the one on my phone? any help would be appreciated thanks

  356. bhuvan says

    ya firmware should match
    if its not matching then reflash to version to which is matches
    then upload 3 necessary files
    it will work

  357. james says

    and sorry where do i actually find the firmware that should match with my phone, is it on this site, and once i get that can you reflash in jdflasher? thanks

  358. james says

    sorry also bhuvan to bombard you with questions, but when i go to flash a different firmware the following error message arises:


    know what this means, thanks

  359. bhuvan says

    its the problem with the firmware
    its not compatible with ur phone!
    download one for ur phone from
    or topsony
    once u get them u can reflash anytime

  360. james says

    thanks for all your help bhuvan, everything went perfectly, however my original intention was to unlock my phone, however only just discovered that you can’t get a vkp patch that unlock’s cid53 phone. Would you know of any that might or could be in the near future?

  361. bhuvan says

    i guess way out is there
    check out at our forum
    or ask there

  362. kutob says

    im have prob with my w66o…cid 53
    i run it with xs++ n far manager ,,
    it doesn’t work ,,,
    please help me ,,,

  363. bhuvan says

    use jdflasher

  364. Leo says

    Hi I have the problem that my phone (k800i R8BF003 CID 53) wont turn off when I run executor.jar in games.
    It says “Operation fehlgeschlagen” (german phone) what means Cant run
    I Re-Updatet the Phone whit SE-Update Service but it still wont work

    Its whit Vodafone Branding

  365. bhuvan says

    r u sure u have uploaded all the files to correct dir?

  366. Leo says

    yes i´m sure
    when I boot the mobile it says please wait
    When I want to start the executor it wont work
    and when i look with far after the files they away

  367. lovedimpy says

    I have a K550i @ W610i (R8BA024-CID53) . and i want to install elfpacks… so i guess i have to follow this procedure and then procedure…

    1) am i right??

    I went through the page and the video….

    but when i started FAR manager and entered into my mobile, i cant see any folder named “bflash”….. i only have “oflash” and “ofs” folder (or whatever those are)

    I have not started the next steps after that, because i have 1 question about it…..

    *** will that “bflash” folder automatically appear/created after i complete “Part 2: Flashing, Copy Breaking files to File System.” and running executor from games folder????? ….


    that “bflash” folder should have been there, in my mobile already… and it has a prob….?????

  368. lovedimpy says

    In the Video there is already a folder named “bflash” at the start of jdflasher…. i am talking about that.. because my mobile does not have one currently….

  369. lovedimpy says

    By the way….. is it any prob, that i have CID53??? or these can be done in CID53???

    (i am asking this question because in anycid folder i have to use the contents of the folder “2020-52″…. i thought that is for cid 52 only. or that is applicable to cid53 too??)

  370. lovedimpy says

    another Question..
    you said in the 2nd page…
    “the error is coming because you havent uploaded the cda pack
    get it one of your region
    they contain few netwrk tweaks…
    google it
    like cda [fone model] region”

    what is CDA and how can i update it before proceding…???

    after I press >*<<*<* i get into the systemsoftware info and looked into it. it says:-

    CDA 102568/207 R2A
    R8BA024 99E0W VFE_2

    is it ok??? isn;t it got updated when i flashed my k550i to w610 and used custpack ??? or do i need to update it in some other procedure…??? oh!!!! 🙁

  371. lovedimpy says

    when flashing k5501 to w610i
    i used:-
    W610_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED53.mbn Main…..
    W610_R8BA024_FS_VFE_2_RED53.fbn FS
    i remember i used a custpack of HB1-06_Gen_CDA102568_207_R2A_GENERIC_CENT_EUROPE

    Is these things are OK for the patching??? or i need to change the CDA???

  372. bhuvan says

    check they must be going into doja folder in custom folder there
    just dont open the custom
    just drag and drop all the files on custom
    i mean open tpa/preset/
    drag all the files on the place where custom is there!

  373. bhuvan says

    first kear how to patch cid:53 phones
    bflash will come up in qa2020 script
    follow the way it is given
    then follow how to use patches!
    to allow patches to be executed u have to patch ur phone

  374. bhuvan says

    so many queries!
    in the video bflash is there because its akshay’s phone[cid 52]
    in cid 53 phones it wont come up
    u need blash later…ull get it when u use qa2020[updated one] as the script
    u can of course use elves on cid53 phone

    if phone aint getting any error then ur cda is right
    dont worry about it
    a lot many versions of cda pack keep coming

    patching do not involve cda pack at all
    cda update in anycid just makes ur phone ready to be used by executor

  375. lovedimpy says

    you said..

    “first kear how to patch cid:53 phones”

    is there any other procedure for that??? how??? 🙁 :confused:

  376. lovedimpy says

    and thanks for answering 🙂

    i know i am questioning a lot… but i am down in bed with broken leg… cant move around..

    sorry for asking a lot 🙁

  377. lovedimpy says

    i have done all the procedure….. it went well……


    Now there is a problem after i patched the mobile with Elvpack… 🙁

    after patching it, when ever i browse through mobile to phone>other>zbin or sometimes even only into file manager….. or even browse through MyPhoneExplorer 1.7.3, mobile getting restarted 🙁

    i followed every step as said…. 🙁

  378. lovedimpy says

    should i remove that elfpack???

  379. Leo says

    i did all but it wont work
    all in the custom folder
    it says operation failed

    and after bootlogo it says i should wait

  380. bhuvan says

    i mean learn patching cid53 phones first

  381. bhuvan says

    try browsing through filetransfer mode
    how many patches other than elves one u have applied?

  382. bhuvan says

    u have to wait
    cda will be installed and phone will boot
    is ur phone cid:53?

  383. lovedimpy says

    oh. cant see my posts. posted 2 times…. 😮 am i blocked or something? 🙁

    well….. thanx 🙁

  384. lovedimpy says

    Oh.. i have done it at last… looks like my elfpack which i used previously was corrupted/outdated……

  385. bhuvan says

    if we would have blocked then i would not have been rplying this
    anyways great!

  386. John says

    Hi everyone. Can u help me with this? my firmware don’t have a bypass package. i’ve read the turorial abt this but i still don’t get what it means. Must I change my firmware? Or should i find a bypass package which suits my firmware?

  387. bhuvan says

    change ur firmware

  388. John says

    Ok Thx bhuvan.

  389. John says

    will you guys make the bypass package for r8bb001 w660? because i heard the rest of the firmwares don’t have much patches

  390. John says

    i don’t get it. if i have to change my firmware, why is patches for r8bb001 when there is no bypass package for r8bb001.

  391. bhuvan says

    ask doubts here
    for stuff go to our support forum

  392. bhuvan says

    we have given a way out for ur problem
    still cant make ur own demand at out forum

  393. aLt says

    How can I patch WITHOUT Quick Access ?

  394. bhuvan says

    no way of patching without braking main…qa helps breaking it

  395. Ridik says

    sorry for this dump questions but im still new at this so is there any executor.b for w660 r8bb001?

  396. Leo says

    i forget to look an yes my phone is cid 53
    i want to patch with this tut because its cid 53

  397. bhuvan says

    if there is no bypass package available then ull have to make one like the way it is given at the end!

  398. bhuvan says

    then what?

  399. Leo says

    I can´t run executor.jar
    the date in custom folder get lost after boot phone

  400. bhuvan says

    whats happening when u run it?

  401. Leo says

    it says operation faild

  402. guy with k850 says

    i just master rest my friends w850
    i reset it all by going to menu > settings > general tab > master reset
    but now the phone does not want to work

  403. bhuvan says

    exact error?

  404. bhuvan says

    guy with k850
    so whats happening now?white screen?lagging?
    if white screen then reflash

  405. Leo says

    the k800 just says Operation Failes
    not more

  406. bhuvan says


  407. gethorn says

    what about the w350 the flashing and unlocking?

  408. Leo says

    when i start executor.jar

  409. guy with k850 says

    well when i turn it on it stays as the wallpaper and i can’t see any thing
    but its ok now i fixed it
    i reflashed everything

  410. konstantinos says

    when i run executor it tell me operation faild…PLEASE TELL WHAT TO DO.i need HELP.PLEASE RESPOND.

  411. Enso says

    I have the same problem here. Once I move MAIN on mkrest2.exe nothing gets created :(. I read somewhere that these files get created in Documents and Settings\Administrator, but they are nowhere to be found…

    I have CID53 DB2020 and I tried to apply quick access (which, btw, was created without a problem) and jdflasher warns me that 4 bytes mismatched and asks me to continue. When I continued the QA got flashed w/o problem, but ever since then I can’t turn it on. Got panicked, of course, and cold sweat covered my back, but I tried to oflash it with firmware and luckily it helped and now I can turn it on again. But my problem still persists 🙁

  412. bhuvan says

    qa brakes the security by cracking the main
    this causes main to get corrupt
    rest file repairs it in way so that security is no more there and main gets working fine
    flashing whole main back again gets security back!
    i guess this clears ur questions more!
    and for mkrest
    try making it somewhere rather than os drive!
    drive on diffrent pc running win xp

  413. Rooster says

    Cheers, worked on two CID 53 K800i
    Copied the 3 files to phone – ran executor – phone turned off
    flashed rest – then quick access – restarted – then sim unlock
    I generated the 3 VKP files from a generic firmware with the same numbers as my original R8BF003, this was also CID53
    If I had problems I would flash the main and restart again ( I think I had to copy CDA over to avoid configuration error). I used a compatible sim after re-flashing to start again because sim lock was still active.
    By the way, I think the rest file that gets generated is saved in C:\Documents and Settings\your name here – I can’t remeber if it’s hidden – just show hidden files in folder options.

    Don’t forget to copy the files from Anycid

  414. bhuvan says


  415. klingan says

    Hello again bhuvan now i try to flash a w200i phone.Everything go well till i need to lad the correct main in the phone.I get this error setdirectory setdir setmode do2010_49 unknow cert.I have follow this guide If ByPass Package is not available for the firmware of your choice (abowe).What is wrong?

  416. bhuvan says

    the flash for one firmware for which it is given
    or look more in the guide at the end
    ull find ur answer

  417. klingan says

    bhuvan i have start a thread in i be greatful if you can read it and give me some feedback

  418. JAMES says

    my k800 when i run executor keeps coming up with operation failed. I have repaetd the process over and over again and for some reasn the phone doesn’t turn off and it keeps coming up Operation failed. What am i doing wrong!!!!

  419. bhuvan says

    reflash to a compatible firmware and upload the right files
    all three

  420. Enso says

    I’ve solved the problem a few days ago and now I have fully working unlocked phone. I had SE K770i CID53 DB2020 with R8BC004 TMOBILE and here’s what I did:

    – oflash to R8BE001 GENERIC as executor for K770i works only with this one
    – ofs executor to phone with supporting files
    – run executor from phone
    – bflash R8BE001 GENERIC (this time w/o errors)
    – bflash pregenerated quick access patch
    – bflash pregenerated sim unlock patch

    After this my phone was unlocked and working. But I have new quiestion. Most patches are made for R8BC004. So if I want to apply a new patch will it work? -or- If I oflash the phone to R8BC004 will the quick access be still there? And, more importantly, will the sim unlock be still there?

  421. Enso says

    PS. I never used rest, as I couldn’t get it created, and I read somewhere that it is not needed.

  422. bhuvan says

    find patches for ur firmware or flash to R8BC004

  423. Enso says


    Flash to R8BC004. But how? oflash or bflash? Will quick access remain, or do I have to repeat the steps all over again?

  424. bhuvan says

    through any script
    our main aim is to get firmware which suports max patches!
    of course qa will no more be there
    ull have to do that again!

  425. Nasimul says

    Hi i hav SE k810i,Cid 53. but executor is not working…

    i hav read da whole procedure & seen tutorial video of Far Manager with JDFlasher plugin….i got stuck aftr step2 …when i click da executor its show “Operation Failed”tht means i cant go 2 futher steps..

    i guess all executor.jar is 4 CID52 cos when i click da zip files it shows 2 files Cid52 & Meta-Inf…and mine is Cid53….

    so plz help me 2 go further..

    even if i go 2 step4 tht means Patching.vkp file its shows error.

    really need help…plz guide me…

  426. bhuvan says

    u r stuck upon a lot of stages!
    dude anycid is for cid53 phones only!
    first ull have to break ur main then patching vkp will work!
    well give a try
    reflash ur phone fs and main and cda!
    dont forget to take the backup
    and then upload the right firmware compatible files to tpa/preset/custom

    if still doesnt works then post back which firmware u flashed ut phone
    which files ur upload and where

  427. Nasimul says

    Its not working still showing Operation failed when i click da executor in da game menu.

    09:54:49| …using GDFS name
    09:54:49| Profiling SEMC phone…
    09:54:49| Platform: DB2020
    09:54:49| OTP CID: 51
    09:54:49| EROM CID: 53
    09:54:49| EROM Color: Red
    09:54:49| IMEI: 35315302xxxxxx
    09:54:49| Phone ID: K810
    09:54:49| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    09:54:49| CDA: CDA102779/87 R1A
    09:54:49| Firmware Version: R8BA024
    09:54:49| EROM: R3A022
    09:54:49| Ready for operation!

    As u said i hav reflash my phone fs and main and cda! and then uploaded the right firmware compatible files to tpa/preset/custom without any error!

    so i hav download da followin

    after tht once again i hav copied 3 files executor.b, executor.jar, customize_upgrade.xml to tpa\prest\custom in the phone’s file system.

    then also not workin .. now what shld i do ..

    & my mkrest2.exe is not workin its doesnot generate any file after i drag da firmware in it.i have teried many time..
    so i hav downloaded da .rest file tht is

    need help…..

  428. bhuvan says

    forget about mkrest cuz we are not upto that level yet!
    i suggest u to jump onto our forum
    many guys there
    ull get a lot of solutions
    one of them will surely work!
    i can write so much here!

  429. whiteberry says

    Hi, i have big problem
    i flash phone very coeerctly, when i disconnect phone from USB it doesnt eork ! 🙁
    please help

  430. bhuvan says

    does not works?
    what really happens?

  431. whiteberry says

    now its ok !
    I reflash my phone ! ^^ 🙂
    but i have now 1 question i flash my phone to [email protected]

    When i install programm in phone it show me operation faild
    and i have DB2020 RED53 W610_R8BA002

  432. vinayak says

    Hey what about SE W350
    i don;t know which script should i choose
    by the way what this flashing will do to my phone ??
    please help…

  433. bhuvan says

    reflashing the fs while cure it out
    it must be happening with every app

  434. bhuvan says

    u have to use pnx5230
    n which flashing?
    reflashing fs and main gets ur phone out of problems!
    u are just installing the whole firmware again in it
    else there is lot!
    be more precise

  435. jeremy says

    HI! Im planning to start on learning on copying patches onto my w580i phone. Be4 I was finding awesome flash mega packs but one of them has a battery patch (iphone). So to do this I need 2 install QA patch on my phone. just wanna clarify a few things in case of any errors… If using different MAIN firmware u get an operation failed when starting executor right? bflash option would come up with a cid 53 phone after transferring the 3 files(and selecting qa2020 on starting jdflasher)? Last when ur sim card gets deactivated, it still works on an locked phone so that u can reinstall the unlock patch after flashing and switch back sim cards( so keeping sim card as unlocking backup card)? Sorry for many questions but I want to get all the information on my head be4 I do anything extreme 🙂

  436. bhuvan says

    1.operation failed comes due to few reasons only!just upload the three files to right place which matches ur firmware
    even if u are going way right n still it appears reflash the fs and will get it solved
    2 bflash will come up when u use qa2020 as script.
    3 yea
    u can relock the phone by applying the lock patch
    still a not into locked phones so i suggest u to jump to our forum and ask the third thing there

  437. PAC2000 says

    Hi I’ve Used Your Method To Unlock My K770i But I Stuck With My W350i… I Need To Know What Executor.b File To Use, As The Tutorial Doesn’t Refer To Where To Get, Or Which File To Use… Please Help!!!

  438. Faizan Khan says

    how am i supposed to do this part???

    “Part 3: Installing Quick Access !

    Go to Entertainment and then Games. Run the executor in games. Your phone will turn off.
    Now Re-insert Battery. Don’t start the phone.?

    when i cant go past the “insert correct sim card”

    i have read two threads and both of these tell u to do the same thing….
    are u guys stupid or something

    if i could use my mobile i wouldnt be here

  439. bhuvan says

    it is there in any cid pack!

  440. bhuvan says

    Faizan Khan
    better mind you language!!
    we are helping noobz like u out for FREE!
    ull need the sim to which th phone was locked!
    dont have it??
    enjoy the brick!

  441. k770i problem says

    I don’t know how to do mkrest work with my k770i
    please tell easy to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  442. Chaithra Shetty says

    how do i go abt getting the bypass files for my w660 db2020 R8BB001 China_FY CID53 i know it is not on the any i understood the other steps. wud this involve flashing. i m not too confident of flashing and i dont want my only phone to die on me.pls help.and yes i m a noob but m comfortable with simple modding. hav never tried flashin thou.

  443. bhuvan says

    k770i problem
    just drag and drop the firmware file on it

  444. bhuvan says

    Chaithra Shetty
    well if u dont know flashing then u are probably jumping to higher stage!
    we are here
    no worries!
    read jdflasher flashing guide
    and flash to firmware whose bypass files are available!

    download firmwares from
    search there

  445. ASHJA5 says

    K770i Problem.
    I presume you’re talking about mkrest not working with drag and drop ??
    Had same problem, I used rest tool in xs++, drop your firmware on that and it made a file, then right click on the file and in the header add .rest to the file name.
    Now it’s a usable rest file.
    Just copy that when the tutorial tells you too and you should do fine.

    I’ve just unbranded and unlocked my K770i from 3. So trust me it can be done.

    All the best.

  446. bhuvan says


  447. Fruity says

    hi bro,
    sorry to intrude u with this noob question i got.

    first of all my problem begin when i update my k800i with sony update software..
    later after the update…any sim can’t work. from what i google around, the network extended lock.

    so i begin to flash using ur method, dl the

    for my firmware. but stuck @

    Part 3: Installing Quick Access !
    Go to Entertainment and then Games. Run the executor in games. Your phone will turn off.
    Now Re-insert Battery. Don’t start the phone.

    i still cant even past the sim lock. what should i do?

    sorry for u time.

  448. bhuvan says

    u need the original sim to run executor!
    without it u cant!
    but thats one of the main step

  449. Fruity says

    owh ok thx for your reply …
    *get other phone to use :(*

  450. bhuvan says

    cant help!

  451. wahono says

    Help me
    I have a problem with my brother’s k610 cid52:
    After opening executor, the phone turned off and then I took out the battery, but when I accessed the bflash (qa2020 script) an error message appear:
    error! bla bla bla get time exceed!
    So I did the bypassing step and applying QAP using setool lite, and got succeed, but untill now I can’t patch my brother’s phone using bflash if qa2020 script selected. Bflash can be used to patch only if I choose DB2020 script.
    The strange things is I didn’t get this problem with my own k530 cid53.

    Did this problem come from my far+jdflasher? Or it was because my brother’s phone is cid52?

    fyi: both of my and my brother’s phones are crossflashed to w660 r8bb001 generic, because there is no anycid file for r8bb001, so I used the r8be001 one, and I flashed my and my brother’s phones with r8be001 main, after bypassing step I flashed
    Back to r8bb001 and applying QAP for r8bb001.
    Note: this is only work for my k530 cid53.

    Does anybody know why this problem is happened only to my brother’s k610 cid52?

    What is the cause of this problem?

    Don’t say that I’ve done something wrong, because there is no problem with my k530 cid53.

  452. bhuvan says

    ur brother’s [hone is cid52 and urs is cid53!
    urs requires anycid method!
    brother’s phone requires simple patching guide!
    look in jdflasher[patching]guide

  453. dj516nadz says

    i am having trouble tryin to create a rest file from k800 r8bf003 cid52.

  454. lahiru says

    how i patch my k770 cid53 r8bc004 .bcz there is not exucuter.b and jar for this version in any please help

  455. Omer says


    I’ve been trying to unlock my k800i (R8BF003 cid53) for several days now (using anycid), and read several tutorials on how to do so, however I keep getting the same problem – I cant access the bflash (using the qa2020 script to connect, when I use the DB2020 I only get the oflash and ofs).
    The error message is: SetDirectory<setdir<setmode<doscript<run<gethello<IOusb::getblock>>>>>>
    I’ve came across others with the same problem (such as Wahono from this post), but no one really answered them.
    Don’t know if it is relevant, but I did succeed accessing the oflash and ofs via DB2020 script and load a firmware to the phone.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  456. Omer says

    Hi again,

    After re-downloading Far+JDFlasher+Anycid (from the links above), and following the steps exactly as in the video (also, from the above download section of the post), it worked 🙂
    Now my K800 is sim-free…

    GREAT TUTORIAL! thank you

  457. amigo2008 says

    hi there Sir Akshayy!! can you also please create a video tutorial on how to apply sysgfx patch properly coz it’s very difficult to follow the tutorial that i’ve read in some se modding site. thanx!!!

  458. Catonthewebb says

    Akshayy thanks for an easy to follow solution to unlocking my phone – a W580i !! All the best my friend………..


  459. PhoneHater says

    yes, i got this to work on a W580i with CID53.
    took me some time and i needed a SIM from the provider it was locked to, but in the end it was unlocked.
    thanks for this guide!!

  460. Narkotniks says

    were can i get patch for my w200i ? :0

  461. Narkotniks says

    Hmm..i found patch but when i try to make quick acces patch..its shows i cant :0
    got w200

  462. Narkotniks says

    it shows Unsuported platform

  463. xxxxxx says

    Iahiru… u r not even reading….!

  464. pavithra says

    very usefull and clear post. many thanks. I sucessfully unlocked K770i from this method.

    I have 2 questions:

    I have K800i CID53 unlocked phone. are there any way to know weather it patch unlocked or permanent unlocked ?
    if it patched unlocked, relock after flash main. then I need pay for unlock because I have no SIM for it.

    or any way to use phone without its locked SIM/test SIM ? to run executor.

  465. kiran says

    Symantec blocks qamaker.exe, and complains that this has a trojan.Vundo virus..:(
    any help on this.

  466. diumnbiom says

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  467. Shep says

    Hi Guys…

    I tried the above method (and thanks for the guide – really useful) to flash my k550im. I had to first flash it to K550, and then re-flash, but something’s not right. Now my phone won’t turn on and the screen just flashes on and off… Do I now own a nice-looking paper-weight, or can anyone help!?

  468. hang says

    akshay, after copy main firmware tht i want into bflash, and the quick acess,
    u mention tht we can install the fs tht we want in oflash, but u didnt mention can we install the MAIN tht we want in oflash?
    can? but must same with the one in bflash ofcuz.
    and the “FS THT WE WANT” is it include different model?

  469. hang says

    anyone here knows how to have w610 main generic na with chinese lang+writting.
    i tried flash fs china and main china, got chinese. but no patch .
    when flashed main generic, fs china ,no chinese anymore…
    help!!! anyonr knows?

  470. Anup kumar says

    can i apply this patch to [email protected] .

  471. LeoScoX says

    Hi. I have a problem with a FAR. When I start Far.exe, press Alt+F1 and then click “just da flasher” – FAR closes. Could you help me with that? :(((

  472. LeoScoX says

    My phone: SE W850;CID 53; db2020

  473. anil says

    hey guys how can i patch r8ba024 k810i? when to reflash the original firmware after patching qa? can u please elaborate it to me please.

    also when i enter bflash after reflashing the main fw, it shows the error

    help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  474. Bhavik says

    when i drag and drop the main firmware file (.mbn file) onto mkrest2.exe, the .REST file is nowhere to be seen….pleeasseee heelppppp!!!!

  475. ashu maur says

    hey guys when ever i connect my phone to jdflasher there are always 2 options oflash and ofs there is no option of bflash ,,,,,what i have 2 do now

  476. Gappa says

    hey!! can u please help me? i wanna modify the battery icon as well as volume icon. so where i put the battery icons & volume bar icons?
    i flashed my mobile k550i to w610i.

  477. Gappa says

    i flashed my mobile k550i to w610i.
    i can’t see the bflash when bypassing through qa2020. There is an error message showing.
    What is the problem i cant understand. I have R6BC002 w610i.

  478. bhuvan says

    ull have to learn patching for that!
    now tell me whats ur phone’s cid version?

  479. Gappa says

    Thanks for reply.R6BC002 CID 53 RED

  480. bhuvan says

    cid53. allright! why dont you downgrade ur erom? that will provide you max support and even if phone malfunctions we will have it in our hands!
    follow the latest guide for erom repair, its given there!

  481. Gappa says

    actually i wanna change my battery icon as well as the volume icon. so in this case what i have to do?
    thank u..

  482. deepak sharma says

    he akhsayy ,i am not found executor.b for w350 in anycid folder .please add that.thanks

  483. bhuvan says

    deepak sharma
    sorry but w350 is not patchable!

  484. Gappa says

    i have downgraded my erom CID 52. Now what to do??

  485. ppg says

    @gappa, check db2020 patching!

  486. bhuvan says

    now ur phone’s every software related trouble can be solved and many softwares are compatible, and its always good to have cid52! congrats!
    now look db2020 patching guide[not any cid method]

  487. Gappa says

    Thanks bhuvan.. it works…. can u tell me how can i delete a .vkp aptch?

  488. bhuvan says

    just copy the patch like u do when u apply it, when a dialog comes where u give command to patch, check the option saying remove patch! it will be removed

  489. Gappa says

    okay.. it works.. thank u very much….

  490. Gappa says

    is it possible to install camera driver of k790 on w610i?

  491. drey88 says

    i using this SE W705 and i copy a font using A2 uploader…and the problem is the can turn on…csn some one help me plass………..???? thx ….

  492. bhuvan says

    u mean cant turn on?
    u have to copy the .xml file also!

  493. ppg says

    but hw is it possible?
    Even u change or deleted font it starts just doesnt show anything or uses some default font!

  494. bhuvan says

    no, if there is nothing in fonts folder then sometimes phone restarts

  495. alex1432 says

    can i get bypass package for k550 red cid 53 rbbc002
    and since my phone is 2020/53, can i use the files from 2020_52 folder in anycid

  496. bhuvan says

    reflash ur firmware to other firmware version for which bypass package is available

  497. alex1432 says

    can u suggest the appropriate by pass package?

  498. bhuvan says

    dude i told, reflash to a firmware whose bypass package is there! like r8ba024

  499. vinu says

    R8BB001 file reuired and please send me full vid of thi in [email protected]

  500. APD says

    I do everything as it should in step 1 and step2. When I come to step 3 “Installing Quick Access” it says: “Go to Entertainment and then Games”, but when i re-insert battery and start the phone, something is loading and again say: “Phone Locked” “Phone Lock Code:”

    Can somebody help me to finish the tutorial?

    I Have: SE K800i CID53

    Than You!

  501. bhuvan says

    jump to forum, ask there

  502. bhuvan says

    is ur phone branded or locked?

  503. APD says

    is not branded is locked, not network lock, it’s Phone Lock.

  504. bhuvan says

    oh damn, since ur phone is cid53 anycid method is not working, and xs++ for win do not support cid53 phones!
    ull have to sit on linux and use xs4.1 i.e. phone xs, that will help u

  505. APD says

    I try on Ubuntu, but i have problems with terminal,mising package “libfltk” and i cant install it from terminal :S

  506. APD says

    I correct the problem with terminal, and i reset the phone lock code to “0000” with xs++ 4.1 and Ubuntu.

    Thx for your help!

  507. bhuvan says

    amazing u are among the very rares who tried xs++4.1 and operated successfully!

  508. apizhertz says

    is this the way to change from ‘red’ to ‘brown’???

  509. apizhertz says

    hey..i had a small problem..
    i wan to make the .res file..but..
    it does not show off when i drag and drop at the mkrest2…
    any1 know..

  510. apizhertz says

    can i skip the res file coz it does not generated??if can the how can i proceed??my phone is R8BC004..
    k770i cid53

  511. fawad says

    hi akshayy the best site you have
    this is my first time writing to you i learned flashing my k800i from ur tutorials they r best and very easy my phone is k800i cid 53 color red i wanted to apply patches toy phone i followed ur tutorials and after uploading the three files and running executor in games and then in the next step i am getting this error when i connect it using script qa2020
    “Open Pluging(connecttophone(getcid(cant find device info in xml [53red])))

  512. Tomislav001 says

    i have k800i and when i try to open bfs file my phone turns on.why?

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