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Any/ALL CID Patching Tutorial/Guide DB2020

This tutorial is for Patching db2020 Sony Ericsson phones and all CIDs. So you can now patch your CID53 phone with this guide. You can also use this method to patch CID49, CID51 and CID52 also. Thus you can unlock your phone with unlock patch if you want to do so.

This tutorial is written for new and intermediate users. Advanced users may find this tutorial a bit lengthy, because of  the details.

You can find out your phone platform, if its db2020 or not from the SE-LifeStyle Phone Database. Select db2020 in the left column and it will show all db2020. Or else select All in Platform and Click on phone in the Right column, it will show information about your phone platform and also possible CIDs. Its a pretty easy to use tool.


Install USB Flash Drivers( You must install usb flash drivers, if not already installed.)
JD Flasher (Updated for AnyCID). (The main tool)
All CIDs Patching Files. AnyCID.ZIP
Video Tutorial, Download.

Read the tutorial, and don’t forget to watch the video to learn ! If you have any problems discuss them at our support forum 🙂 !

Part 1 : Preparations and Basic Setup.

Charge your phone to 100%. At least 95% battery levels are necessary before patching or unlocking or flashing.

Extract the AnyCID.ZIP. In your phone folder, you should find a zip file which contains executor.b !
As an example you can find the following zip file in w580 directory  R8BE001_CXC1123362_GENERIC_LA ! This is the ByPass Package for w580 R8BE001 Firwmare.
Here RBBE001 indicates the  main firmware version for which the executor.b works. So you better make sure you have a main firmware for which executor.b is available. If there is no ByPass package for your firmware, then you need to read instructions given later at the end.

Download the main firmware .mbn from the Internet. You can easily search in esnips, 4shared or for firmwares.
Download Jdflasher, Extract it.
In the directory Far\Plugins\jdflasher\rest you will find mkrest2.exe.
This is the Make Rest Tool. Its used to create the Rest file for your firmware. Rest is short for ReStore.
Copy your main firmware, MBN to Rest Folder and drag and drop the main firmware file (.mbn file) onto mkrest2.exe !
It will create the rest file for your firmware. Keep a note of this file, The Rest file for your main firmware. We need this file later.

Now in jdlfasher\2020_52 folder you will find qamaker.exe, drag and drop your main firmware onto qamaker.exe. You will get the Quick Access Patch for your phone.

We continue with our example phone, Enter AnyCID\w580. Extract the zip file  R8BE001_CXC1123362_GENERIC_LA to get tpa\preset\custom\executor.b !

And in the you will find executor.jar and customize_upgrade.xml ! These files are also needed.

Also in the AnyCID folder you will find a file qa2020.xml copy it to jdlfasher\scripts\**here**; Over write the old qa2020.xml with new one from Any CID.

Part 2: Flashing, Copy Breaking files to File System.

We now have to copy the 3 files executor.b, executor.jar, customize_upgrade.xml to tpa\prest\custom in the phone’s file system. This is pretty easy with Jdflasher.

Shutdown phone.
Re-Insert Battery.

Start Far.exe
Press ALT+F1
Select your db2020 in Script option, Select port as DCU-60, And select Maximum Speed 921600.
Also Uncheck the RSA option, this can cause problems.
Now Jump Down Into A Large Rabbit Hole. I mean Click that option ;-).
Jdflasher will initialize and you will will get few options on the left side. Right side is your computer’s file system.

Now Double Click OFS. Jdflasher will start the file system loader and finally you should enter the phone file system.
Enter tpa and then preset and then finally custom folder.
You should now be in tpa\preset\custom\ folder in the phone file system.
Now copy all the the 3 files to this folder, executor.b, executor.jar, customize_upgrade.xml

Copying is easy, on the right side in Far Manger navigate to plugins\jdflasher\AnyCID and then drag and drop the individual files to the Left Side to the phone in tpa\prest\custom\
Before leaving make sure that you have all the 3 files in the phone file system, i.e On the LEFT hand side in tpa\prest\custom\.

Its now time to exit from file system. To Exit you need to go back to the root. You should on double click  ” .  . ”  until you reach root, then click one more, you will get a message in RED. Its the option to shutdown file system loader, so click OK. Basically it says you should re-insert battery.

Disconnect phone and re-insert battery and start phone.

Part 3: Installing Quick Access !

Go to Entertainment and then Games. Run the executor in games. Your phone will turn off.
Now Re-insert Battery. Don’t start the phone.
Start Far Manager.
In The Script option select script as qa2020 ! And Enter the Rabbit hole once more 😉 !
Enter bflash this time.

Naviate to rest folder in jdflasher. Its time to flash the Rest file.
Click on your Rest File.
Press F5 on the keyboard, then click copy, then in 2nd screen click flash. (Flash as a BABE).

Now Navigate to 2020_52 folder, click on your quick access patch, so that its selected.
Hit F5, click copy, hit flash ! It should be flashed as a VKP.

JDflasher will now flash the Quick Access VKP and Install it !
Exit bflash through ” . . ” option.

Unplug phone, re-insert battery. Re-start phone.

Start phone, navigate to games, Delete executor.
Quick Access has now been installed into your phone. Patching the phone now becomes very easy.

Part 4: Patching !

You can now apply any number of patches you want.

Shutdown phone. Re-Insert Battery.
Select qa2020 as script.
Start Jdflasher, jump in rabbit hole.
Enter bflash. Navigate to patch.
Select the patch, press F5 and then click copy and then click flash. Flash as  a VKP.
Apply any number of patches in the session.
Exit bflash.

Dis-connect phone, Re-Insert Battery and Start phone.
Repeat only Part 4 whenever you want to apply a patch.

Optional Part 5: Removing a Patch.

Start jdflasher enter via qa2020. Select the patch on your computer which you want to remove. Press F5, Click copy, then in the flash window, select flash as a vkp and Tick the option to remove patch and click flash it. The patch will be removed.

Note: If ByPass Package is not available for the firmware of your choice, Read Carefully.

We have bypass pacakges only for few firmwares. If you don’t find one for your phone firmware, then there is a other way to get around and apply patches. The method is the same, but there are few changes. Here is the Small Tutorial… Its almost the same as above. But you need to re-flash firmwares twice.

1. First Flash your phone with the firmwares for which the bypass package is available. You can download firmwares from topsony or seusers. Flash both the Main and FS. Use db2020 Script, Oflash as told above.
2. Upload the bypass files, executor.b executor.jar and customize_upgrade.xml to FS as told above using JDflasher. Start your phone.
3. Run Executor in Games. Phone will shut down.
4. Connect phone with qa2020.xml and Flash the Main firmware via COPY (F5) of your choice which you wanted. Don’t flash Rest File. Its not needed.
5. Flash Quick Access VKP via COPY(F5).
6. Disconnect. Connect again with db2020 Script OFLASH. Flash the FS of your choice.
7. Connect again with db2020 Script and Enter OFS, upload CDA files. Close. re-insert battery and start phone.
8. Now you can follow Part 4, to apply more patches.

Patches, You can get lots of patches from many forums.

Copy the patches to notepad and then do save as, all files, then save it as patch.vkp.  Don’t save as TXT file.

Use Google translator Use it, since some sites are in Russian. But don’t copy from translated russian sites, copy from actual russian site. Not from google translator. mobilefree maintains the most comprehensive database of patches. Most patches are developed by russians.

K530 SW-R8BB001
K550 SW-R8BA024
K610 SW-R1KG001
K770 SW-R8AA018
K790 SW-R1GB001
K790 SW-R6BC002
K790 SW-R1KG001
K790 SW-R1JC002
K800 SW-R1KG001
K800 SW-R8BA024
K810 SW-R6BC002

W580 SW-R6BC002
W580 SW-R8BA024
W610 SW-R6BC002
W610 SW-R8BA024
W660 SW-R8BB001
W710 SW-R1GB001
W710 SW-R1JC002
W850 SW-R1JG001
W850 SW-R1KG001
W880 SW-R8BA024

Z610 SW-R6DA001
Z610 SW-R1ED001

1. To unlock phone apply the unlock patch. Unlock patch can be generated using SIMOX tool with your main firmware mbn file.
2. If you re-flash main firmware, all patches will be erased, you will have to re flash Quick Access vkp again and then flash  all patches again.
3. You may want to read the Jdflasher tutorial for help on flashing and customization.
4. You can’t apply patch that is not for your phone. You should also ensure that the patch is for your firmware, else phone will crash.
5. Some patches may de-stabilize your phone, be careful.

I have provided the video tutorial, so am not adding pictures. That’s cool enough.


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