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A2 Patching, JJPatcher(A2 Run Time Patcher) Tutorial/Guide

Note: There is an updated method for patching permanently. Still you can remove patches by reflashign firmware, just in case. A2 Permanent Patching .

A2 Phones also can be patched now, Thanks to JJPatcher by den_po.
Here is a list of current A2 platform Sony Ericsson phones; K630, K660,ย  Z750, Z770, Z780, w595, W890, W910, W980, C702, C902, C905 etc.

You can verify your phone platform from the Phone Database.

Required Downloads:

USB Flash Drivers.

Install USB Drivers via ggsetup.
Copy Patcher.jar and Patcher.jad to phone.
Install Patcher.Jar
Move the application from memory card to phone memory.

Shutdown phone, Re-insert battery.
Start A2Uploader, Click Identify.
Connect phone holding C to USB Cable.
Read your phone information. Just toย  know more.
Disconnect, Unplug the phone. Re-Insert Battery.

Start A2uploader, click FileSystem Tool
Connect phone holding C.
Navigate to /tpa/preset/system/ams/
There you will find a file with name jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b
Copy this JAB file to your computer, Just drag and drop to desktop or computer folder.

You may now disconnect by pressingย  Shutdown in A2uploader.

Now drag and drop the JAB file on bpatch.exe ! It will be patched by bpatch.
If drag or drop does not work, Patch it using command line (DOS).

Upload back this patched file back to phone, back to /tpa/preset/system/ams/
Use A2uploader, connect phone via FileSystem holding C and navigate and upload using drag and drop to phone.
Close A2Uploader correctly. Via Shutdown/Close function.

Then Re-Insert battery, start your phone, Go to File Manager And then Others.
In other folder in the memory card, create a folder with name patches. card\other\patches\

Then place the patches in patches folder in Memory card. Find VKP patches for your phone, copy to notepad and save them as .vkp file

You can find lots of VKP patches at mobilefree Russia, You can use Google translator if you have problems.

You must note that this is Run Time Patching. Patches are applied dynamically during run time. If you restart your phone all patches are erased. After re-starting your phone you should run JJpatcher again from Applications. So some patches may not work properly.

Notes for w980 users and phones with no memory card slot :
The application will be installed in phone memory, you can’t have a memory card and also create the patches folder in phone\other\memory. Also The patcher given above does not work for w980. So you should use a different Patcher.jar. Download ! Thanks to Karlingen for the modified patcher.jar.

Thanks to den_po for making this possible once again.

For more guidance download the video tutorial.



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142 Responses

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  1. smiley989 says

    will patches for w610i r6bc002 work on a w760i r3da028?

  2. bhuvan says

    patches are truly firmware dependent!!
    so dont even dream of it

  3. smiley989 says

    Can anyone make a patch to make the message tone length longer for w760i r3da028

  4. bhuvan says

    @ smiley989
    get your request on our support forum

  5. Benny says

    How do I read files from the system/ams folder on the memory card? How do I copy them to the phone memory?

  6. Akshay says

    hmm, i think you missed something in tutorial. you should copy jab file from phone FS using A2uploader.

  7. Benny says

    I understand. But my need is for something else. I want to copy jar files installed on the MC (as they are protected by DRM or something). Can this be done with A2uploader? It seems like only the phone memory is visible from it. Thanks.

  8. afsiza says

    Dear Akshayy, I have K850 with R1FA035, if I update with SEUS, it can still allowed customizing with A2 uploader or patching?. Thanks Akshayy

  9. Akshay says

    yes sure, you can still customize.

  10. Ted says

    I own a w760i and succefully patched the file and got it to upload. Got some W760 SW-R3DA028 patches for my phone but patcher.jar tells me that it is a bad vkp file! Best regards.

  11. bhuvan says

    many patches are damaged or corrupt
    better try from another place

  12. Ted says

    Alright, Got like 8 patches installed but none is working! D:

    Got R3DA028 and as i said jjpatcher installs them.. hm. Any idea?

  13. Jamal says

    I have a W910i (branded on vodafone). I am not able to copy the file jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b from the phone. I tried to drag and drop it to my desktop as well as to other locations but nothing happens. Plz help.


  14. Jamal says

    Well at last I succeeded in copying the file the phone using a2uploader, but not by the mean of drag drop, rather by right-clicking on the file and selecting the read this file option. This option saves the file to a2uploader\ph_out folder.

  15. Jamal says

    Now the next problem… and I am not able to patch the extracted file (jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b) by drag n drop option but this option is not working for me, so can someone tell me how I can patch using DOS.

    Anxiously waiting for a positive response.


  16. Akshay says

    Am sorry which phone ? btw this technique really does not work on few phones. And many patches don’t work. Since its RunTime. Many things are already loaded in memory.

  17. bl4d3_cro says

    when i open /tpa/preset/system/ams/
    i dont see any jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b
    i have some .b files but not jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b
    what should i do?

  18. Akshay says

    well which phone ?? i don’t know why you can’t find it really.

  19. Ted says

    Darn, No patch is working.. I get “7 patches installed” but nothing happens.. Help me please. //Ted

  20. Kayde says

    Hey, For DAYS now I Have been trying to do this.. firstly how the heck can you “drag ‘n drop” the files out?? You CANT okay! I used the program you provided. You have to do it Jamal’s way. Secondly; HOW THE F*%#@ do I patch the jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701
    I Have Bpatch.exe (from another thread in another forum) but drag ‘n drop wont work and I cant work out the dos commands!

  21. bl4d3_cro says

    w890i R1FA035

  22. Ted says

    I finally did it! I just used another a2 patcher called “a2uploaderV2 read”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Akshay says

    Kayde, Am sorry. don’t get frustrated. Relax. lol.
    You can learn DOS commands easily. its just like cd Desktop, exit, mkdir, dir, cls, etc. Check out.

  24. deepak says

    done correctly but not working in w595,shows 1 patch installed

  25. Kayde says

    Mate, That helped in no way.

    Im trying to say that

    Cd [folder]
    bpatch jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b

    Dose not work
    And when I dragged ‘n Dropped the file onto bpatch, and placed it in my phone it says that the patches are installed. but they do nothing

  26. jasmin says

    will this f*** my new c902 fne

  27. sagar says

    hey akkshay,i cnt copy dis ab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b file using A2 uploader….what shud b d problem…dis applcatn dnt allow me to drag n drop files to copy..

  28. Kayde says

    Quote: From user ‘Jamal’

    “Well at last I succeeded in copying the file the phone using a2uploader, but not by the mean of drag drop, rather by right-clicking on the file and selecting the read this file option. This option saves the file to a2uploader\ph_out folder.”

  29. Kay says

    I do exactly as the guide says, i patch the file and put it back into the phone, put patches on the memory card and i run the program

    After running the program i get “Please Wait” for the longest time.
    That screen does not dissapear. Nothing happens.

  30. bhuvan says

    how much time did you wait??

  31. Kay says

    I dont know.

    It seems that regardless of time i wait, the screen stays like that.

    I gave up and pressed cancel.

    Any ideas anyone?

  32. bhuvan says

    is seus detecting your phone?

  33. Kay says

    I dont want to use SEUS.

    A2 detects fine. I’ve modded the acoustics of the phone already.

  34. mamalfeshfeshe says

    how can download a2uploaderV2 read

  35. bhuvan says

    @ mamalfeshfeshe
    link is there in guide

  36. Oskar says

    I cannot seem to find the file jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.bon my phone :/ there are a lot of other .b files, but not that exact one. I would really like some help on this, as soon as possible.

  37. bhuvan says

    any file which matches max with this name?
    try with that

  38. Prabhav says

    Hey Akshay I really need help!…I’ve flashed my w550i and after flashing my phone is not starting-up. It is identified by setool but it is not starting. I’ve flashed it using setool. What can be the problem? Please E-mail me the solution or post it here!

  39. bhuvan says

    what is problem??
    red light blinks??
    screen comes up?
    if red light then post it and no then re flash your phone

  40. alin says

    hey akshayy i try to copy the jab file but drag and drop doesn`t work,do you hae any ideea why?i have se w595s,branded on orange network.thx

  41. bhuvan says

    @ alin
    try on other drive
    other than c:\
    also u got to have admin rights

  42. mckalyster says

    hi everybody. I’m having a problem with A2Uploader. the drag and drop doesnt work so that i cant copy the from the fone to my pc. please help

  43. mckalyster says

    @bhuvan i need adimn rights… Which rights is he talking about?

  44. bhuvan says

    @ mckalyster
    admin rights…u need to login to windows as administrator not a simple user!

  45. senjeru says

    you cant drag and drop it using a2uploader guys.

    All you have to do is right click the file when you see it and then click read after that go to the folder where you put the a2uploader then you can see a folder their named ph_out. if you didnt see that folder then you are using the nonupdated one. You must download the a2uploader that was given up their.

    Now my problem is when I drag and drop the copied jab file to the bpatch.exe it didnt do anything it just flash and nothing happened.

    can anyone tell me what am i going to do after i drag and drop it.

    do i have to wait for another jabfile in some folder beside the one i copied from the phone?

    Pls tell me.

    Because when I try the patch after running the patcher it didnt do anything.

    My phone is w910.

  46. senjeru says

    Ok i followed the instructions here but it doesnt work.

    I tried the patch of sliding sound but it doesnt work.

  47. bhuvan says

    when u drag n drop jab file…then for less than a single second…a dos dialog box must appear…that means ur file is patched…nw ull have to use…that jab file only..

  48. senjeru says

    I already did that but still nothing happened no slide sound…

    Can anyone give me a jabfile of w910 that was already patch and used to your phone(for those w910 that successfully patch their phone)

    And lastly a sliding sound so that I will put it to my phone system using a2uploader.

    Thankyou everyone.

  49. bhuvan says

    what u wanna do??
    get patches working???
    are other patches working?
    jab file is responsible only for running jjpatcher..
    may be problem with patch

  50. senjeru says

    Its been 3 days of reading forum still I cant find the answer on how to make it work.
    I mean how to make the sliding sounds work.
    I followed already the tutorial on your site but still it wont work.
    The jjpatcher recognize the patches and it says that 1 patches installed or something but nothing realy works.
    I tried other patches already like play logo into walkman logo but still not working.

    Im loosing my hope of this…

  51. bhuvan says

    our work was upto getting jjpatcer running…
    else…it must be problem with patch…
    better get onto our forum…for that

  52. wongnog says

    When you say “Copy Patcher.jar and Patcher.jad to phone”, which folder do you copy it to? Also how do you install Patcher.Jar, how do you run the file on your phone? What about bpatch.exe?

  53. wongnog says

    nevermind, I think I understand the instructions now… So with these runtime patches, every time I shut down my phone I lost the patches? That sucks, there’s almost no point in patching your phone right now is there? Also do I need to have flashed my phone with generic main/fs to patch it with this method?

  54. bhuvan says

    copy them in other folder…
    install from phone

  55. bhuvan says

    ya…u should
    ull get original features…
    and patching..yea…thats a big heck!
    but still..that works…not that bad…as u can patch!

  56. Afsiza says

    Hi akshayy or bhuvan I want to flash theme my k850, is that required main and fs can you show how to flash theme, may be with video tutorial if you dont mind. Thanks

  57. bhuvan says

    simple…upload to the directory mentioned…
    no need of havng fs or main

  58. senjeru says

    May I request for a video patching a w910?

    Using those instructions so that I can see if where did i get wrong.. thankyou bhuvan.,,,

  59. senjeru says

    ei is any1 here??? can any1 give me a clear video of tutorial in patching w910 with a slide sound?

  60. senjeru says

    why is it when i use the vkp file from that reccomended site.. it will say bad patch, empty patch?

  61. Duy Pham says

    so as the topic, A2 phone can be patch. Can anyone tell me. Those phone can be unlocked? We just creat a unlock patch and patch to that phone. Can it be unlocked?

  62. Akshay says

    Duy Pham,
    This is Run Time patching, so phones can’t be unlocked for now.
    When we have full patching then we can unlock by patch.

  63. senjeru says

    awts akshay you skipped my questions…

  64. kuluk says

    it dont work for me. when i click on jjpatcher it says please wait and nothing happens.
    Help please I followed the guide

  65. guy with k850 says

    what does the patches do

  66. thaproxinator says

    hi akshay

    i have followed the tutorial exactly as it says but my patches simply aren’t working

    my phone is w910 btw


  67. arcticbunny says

    Hi Akshayy, I did all the steps from your instruction and got the message “** patches installed” when run jjpatcher, but nothing seems to work. What did I do wrong??

  68. jonah mano says

    Dear Akshay,

    I cannot see jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b in my phone :and there are a lot of other .b files, but not that exact one.

    I am using G502 please help

  69. peter says


    Great Patches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now My SE is like a nokia!!!! jaja!!!!


  70. Akshay says

    k850, they add new features to phone.

  71. Akshay says

    thaproxinator, answered !

  72. guy with k850 says

    for example what new features do they add to the phone

  73. guy with k850 says

    is the k850i one of the phones that i can put these patches on

  74. Z1nK_cro says

    I cant find jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b
    I have K850i.. R1FA035
    I have other like jec7blablabla or j7cblablabla .b files but not that one..
    So what can I do now? ๐Ÿ˜›

  75. Akshay says

    they don’t seem to work well yet.

  76. prat says

    hi,i have a new C510.i want to lock the photos(camera album ) or the keypad with a password or both,is there any patch available?please do suggest one as i really do not want to share my personal pics with my roommates…………regards

  77. bhuvan says

    look at
    or jump onto our forum!!!!

  78. Capric0rn says

    I honestly can not copy the jab file to my desktop :/

  79. Capric0rn says

    Right, I’ve got it working. Though when I want to start JJPatcher on my phone it either reboots or hangs at the loading screen :/ What gives?

  80. bhuvan says

    right click the jab file and click on read data

  81. bhuvan says

    how many patches u are trying?
    sure phone hangs?

  82. GrYnas says

    hi. i’ve got a problem, i cant drag out that jab3b4…. file from my phone ๐Ÿ™

  83. GrYnas says

    even when doin’ ctrl+c, ctrl+v i can’t copy that file..

  84. bhuvan says

    right click on the file and click on read data
    go to ur a2 uploader’s folder
    there ull have it

  85. GrYnas says

    omg, thanks dude, now i have it. in the first beginning i think i didn’t get the point ๐Ÿ˜€

  86. GrYnas says

    but now.. when i’m tryin to run jjpatcher a get my phone restarted..

  87. GrYnas says

    what should i get when i run jjpatcher? maybe phone freezed?

  88. bhuvan says

    in few seconds…it should appear that no of patches installed
    get a single working patch for ur firmware…and test via it

  89. GrYnas says

    i finally understood this whole thing, when i add some pathes from mobilefreeRussia forum, in jjpatcher i get message which says X patches installed, but no one of them doesn’t work…

  90. bhuvan says

    which phone r u using?
    and which patches?
    sys gfx?

  91. GrYnas says

    my phone is w595. yes, sysgfx (is it possible to use?). and also as i said before i tried some from mobilefreeRussia.

  92. bhuvan says

    a2 patching is not that good as it is runtime not permanent
    but i am using few which are working fab!

    google sysgfx w595

    go for se nse results…there even i am there…many sys gfx which are working ull find

  93. GrYnas says

    ok, i’ll search ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for help ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. sciscor says

    guys theres no file with the name jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b…there r lots of others .b files but not this one.

    i am using w595 r3da026

  95. GrYnas says

    it’s me again. look, i tried Walkman_Battery_LT_by_Radwkw patch, but i don’t know, when i run jjpatcher i get “1 patches installed” but i don’t see no changes.

  96. bhuvan says

    first install jjpatcher on ur phone!

  97. bhuvan says

    as its runtime patching…values which are being used at that time are not patched well!
    thats y this is happening
    simple way out is plug in to charging
    ull see the difference…later all patches will go fine

  98. GrYnas says

    So first of all i have to charge phone to full? And then run jjpatcher? And it’ll should work fine?

  99. bhuvan says

    simply apply the patch
    then put on charging
    for signal…dont apply…open network connection and choose an operator which u dont use…look that network will go zero
    as sson as it starts to go to ddown level where ur network usually do not reach..apply the patch by opening jjpatcher!
    add jjpatcher to ur activity menu….
    kind of fast thing but signal will work fine
    now put on charging
    ull get the battery sign also!

  100. sciscor says

    thnx Bhuvan
    i m new here…i’v been to many forums and i’v seen patches posted in i jst wanna know how to download from there….i mean do i need to copy the whole box sumwhere?

  101. bhuvan says

    copy whole the coding to notepad and save as .vkp file

  102. sciscor says

    thnx again Bhuvan
    does anyone has any patches for w595 R3DA026?

  103. Shoaib says

    I cant copy the jab file…drag and drop is not working any other way?

  104. bhuvan says

    i too own the same
    crossflash to r3ea037 LT
    there are two versions
    LT and LD
    if u r intrested in patching thne go fo lt
    hardly no difference!!!!
    but stable ppatches are there only for lt

  105. bhuvan says

    right click on the file and click o read data
    go to a2 uploader dir and ull find a folder
    check it

  106. sciscor says

    but is dere any other way?
    i dont want to change my firmware.
    do u hav any patches for w595 r3da026?

  107. Sanjeev says

    Bpatch.exe doesn’t work for me. I open it and a box comes up, then it closes. Help?

  108. bhuvan says

    dude there are patches for ur firmware too bt vey less stable!!!and at gfx patches…no patches!
    new firmware is alwys fixed and good…its quite fast also!
    look at

  109. bhuvan says

    that file it patched now
    use it

  110. Sanjeev says


  111. baongoc says

    A2 not read my phone, t700 huhuh

  112. bhuvan says

    install drivers

  113. JAMES says

    how do i know which patch to choose; do i go by firmware version or model of phone

  114. bhuvan says


  115. deepak says

    r ther patches for t700

  116. bhuvan says

    its a2 phone
    search for patches for ur firmware at

  117. lovedimpy says

    W995 is supported or not?? i think it’s not supported. kindly confirm ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. bhuvan says

    w995 is a2v2 i guess
    no a2v2 phone is supported yet!

  119. popoinzaghi says

    hai im looking for z770 vkp patches
    can anyone tell me

  120. Sajid says

    i can’t copy this file “jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b” Help !! please

  121. bhuvan says

    and why are u going for runtime patching when permanent is there
    more easy fast and stable!

  122. Rajneesh Gadge says

    Hi Bhuvan and friends I have C510 having firmware R1FA035,
    I’m very new to patching so plz help me out how to patch ma C510, I have got a link for ma firmware’s patches but don’t know how to use them ,
    Link is ..

    And one more thing what is the relation between the firmware of phone with the patches, I mean it is written somewhere that this patch is only for blah blah firmware…….
    Thanks in advance…..

  123. Rajneesh Gadge says

    One more thing the above download links are not working for me…..

  124. bhuvan says

    Rajneesh Gadge
    yeah man
    look at permanent patching guide
    its easy and also more stable!
    download firmware from
    patches are firmware dependent

  125. bhuvan says

    Rajneesh Gadge
    which download links?

  126. Rajneesh Gadge says

    Thanks for replying mate……I’lm posting ma queries now to Permanent Patching section.
    Plz do answer those whenever u get tym bro….

  127. w705 user says

    i saw i website and they gave me patches in code form. do i just copy the code to notepad and save as .vkp file?

  128. PiNoYz says

    How come when I try to run jjpatcher, it says operation it supposed to say that or its not compatible with my phone?

  129. TaTae3e says

    Help…I`m using k850: ChipID:C802,EMP protocol:0401

    FLASH CID: 0052
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:52 PAF:1 IMEI:35182902******** CERT:RED
    LDR:2008-07-23 12:03 CXC1250843_DB31XX_CS_LOADER_ACC_SDRAM_R2A065
    LDR:2008-07-23 12:03 CXC1250780_DB31XX_CS_LOADER_APP_SDRAM_R2A065
    LDR:2008-05-23 12:10 CXC1250779_DB31XX_EXPLORER_LOADER_APP_SDRAM_R2A059
    My problem is that, when the patcher ask for write data, i press yes, and then it reboot…again, again and again…i dont know what to do…please help!!!!!!!!

  130. Akshay says

    there some issue with k850, seems so. i will get back later, ask some body else also mean while. ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. Hizi says

    hi Akshay
    do u hv w910 privacy patch?

  132. K J says

    does it work for cid 53? i hav c901 cid 53 RED.. how do i copy de jab file?

  133. ashish says

    by doing patching through j patcher weather i have convert certificate red to brown for w910

  134. MiumiX says

    too lazy to read all what is writen here… so, if someone gets that “Please wait” problem with jjpatcher, just delete all comments from a patch and leave only a code of the patch.
    For example we have this patch:

    ;j10i2 R7BA076
    ;Rename files with extension
    ;Now when rename shows full filename including extension
    ;(c) IronMaster
    ;(p) MikaJel
    147C12C0: 401B 321C
    147C13B6: 86F1C2ED C046C046
    147C13DA: 86F1B0ED C046C046

    we have to leave code only:

    147C12C0: 401B 321C
    147C13B6: 86F1C2ED C046C046
    147C13DA: 86F1B0ED C046C046

  135. MiumiX says

    P.S.: sorry for my bad english…

  136. tomas says

    is there any probability to crash whole phone while doing this?

  137. hx_unbanned says

    Crash would be any kind of Power failure of phone / unsuccessful flash operation / GDFS corruption. What differs is the chance to revive your phone …

  138. Shahrukh says

    Hi when i open jjpatcher in my phone my W595 gets restarted why please help

  139. wan says

    what is patches actually ? i mean the function of the patches for the phone .

  140. Alap says

    Worked EXACTLY….
    Thanks Man.. I don’t Mind if its Temporary..
    Using C902
    State: Retail
    Cert: Red
    CID: 0052
    FW: R3EG004 AO

  141. santosh says

    hey when i connect my naite phon to a2uploader for system files by holding c
    it is not showing system files instead it s showing this
    phone status:: “RETAIL”
    flash id :: 0053

    can anyone help me for getting system files

  142. akhil says

    I own a w595. I think my firmware is eror. I cant acces camera and i cant recieve and snd msg. I hv tried to flash firmware using a2uploader. Bt i cant. A2uploder doesnt idetify ma fon. Pls any one help me