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A2 Permanent Patching Using OMNIUS, A2uploader and FAR manager CXC Patcher


Phones supported
C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905, G502, G705, K630, K660, K850, V640, T700, T707, T715, TM506, W508, W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902, W910, W980 , W995, Z750, Z770, Z780 etc.

Finally after a long spam of time permanent patching for A2 phones is out! Earlier it was jjpatcher which helped A2 users in patching but only for run-time which meant after a restart of phone all the values are restored back to normal which caused patches to be removed. Also it was unstable as the values which were in use were not used to get totally patched resulting in unstable functioning. But now you can have a patched A2 phone.

Update: Since few days Aerix support was not there so now OMNIUS is the latest software which will be used. The new method with all detailed steps are updated below.

Required Downloads:

  2. A2 Uploader

Also you will need a registered account at OMNIUS (compulsory). All operations and registration at OMNIUS is free for now. If you don’t have account yet CLICK HERE.

If your phone certificate is BROWN then skip to direct patching using A2 tool. If its RED then start from the beginning. You can check that by plugging in your phone to A2 tool and looking at the log. Please read further to know how to connect.

  1. Start Up Omnius & go settings>server settings. Enter your registered account details which you entered while registering at Omnius.
  2. Press Save changes.
  3. Now from the phone model list select your phone model.
  4. Click on the option ‘unlocks the phone network lock by reset(up to OTP CID5x)‘. Choose CID52 if your phone is CID52 or CID53 if your phone is CID53. Do not change the version. To know about your phone’s CID version, connect it to A2 uploader and look for it in the log.
  5. Now advanced settings will come up. Choose ‘Brown certificate (developer)‘ from the Final certificate drop down list. Leave rest as it is.
  6. Now you will see instructions given there. Connect your phone they way it is asked there.
  7. Processing will start.
  8. A several times omnius may ask you to unplug and reconnect your phone.
  9. Wait until the entire process finishes.

Congratulations!!! Now your phone is ready to patch. Now we jump to how to patch the phone using A2 tool.

  1. Open A2 tool and in ‘MISC’ field browse for the .vkp patch you want.
  2. Now click on ‘E’ there, the patch’s coding will open in notepad.
  3. Add this line at the top in the beginning of the patch “;pAtChFiLe=/boot/phone_app.cxc” [without quotes]. Make sure that there is no spaces in it. May result in ACK error.
  4. Save the file and close the notepad
  5. Now click on Write script and connect the phone with ‘c‘ key pressed. If its your phone’s power button then use ‘2+5
  6. Sit back and relax. A2 Uploader takes a long time. Even with small patches. When a popup comes up click “NO”.
  7. After it says, “ELAPSED: xx secs.” it has ended, and you can unplug your phone.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully patched your A2 phone.

NOTE: Now even if you reflash the main your phone’s certificate will remain Brown.

To remove a patch at step 6 [when a popup comes up] click YES.

Method 2 : JDflasher CXC Patcher

When you have patched your phone with method one, you will find it quite long to apply one patch at one time which takes quite a long time. In a2 patching by applying patch we patch a file phone_app.cxc. By method one we apply one by one patch on it. By method 2 we can apply several patches in one time by using Far manager. We will be applying patch on the phone_app.cxc and upload it to phone to get patches working!

Before starting your phone needs to be in developer (Brown) state. For that follow 1 to 13 steps of method 1.

1. Get your phone’s firmware phone_app.cxc. Open a2 uploader and connect your phone holding ‘c’ key. Go to dir boot. There file named phone_app.cxc is there. Right click on it and click on read. Now a2 uploader will take few minutes to copy that file to your hard drive.

2. Download Far manager from here.

3. Now time to get far manager in action! On the left panel browse to place where phone_app.cxc is saved. Double click on it. Now the file is opened by far manager.

4. On right panel browse to the place where patches are saved. Now copy them to left panel. This is the time you can select several patches at a time and drag and copy them together. Right click on those patches which you wanna copy and drag them to left side.

5. When you have copied all the patches double click on two dots there on left panel. This will save the patches on phone_app.cxc.

6. Now upload the patched phone_app.cxc phone fs’ dir boot from where you copied it to your hard drive.

For more you can download video guide made by me from here to have a look at live action.

Congratulations! You have applied several patches at one time successfully on your a2 phone!

NOTE1: If your main gets cracked due to lot of patches or corrupt ones, you can remove the patch from phone_app.cxc by farmanager. Open the phone_app.cxc and delete the patch and save it again.

NOTE2: Also when you are adding new patches then apply new ones on the same phone_app.cxc on which you saved old patches.
Also thanks to Marzee_1 at Se-lifestyle forums!

Happy patching.

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