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Applying patches with JDFlasher (on DB2020 phones)

Tutorial to Apply Patches using JD FLasher for db2020 phones, for k530 k550 k610 k770 k790 k800 k810 and w580 w610 w660 w710 w830 w850 w880.

For New Sony Ericsson phones please check out the updated guide, for a2 uploader + jdflsher cxc patcher

If you are new to patching your phone, then please first read the Tutorial on patching with SeTool 2 lite completely, It covers the basics like GDFS backup and Other Information, here we directly take to how to apply the patches with the more advanced and faster tool JD Flasher. Using JD Flasher you can apply the Sysgrafix patches quickly !
FAR Manager,
JDFlasher plugin For FAR Manager.

All of the programs we need are included in these 2 files, so download them, unpack FAR Manager, and unpack JDFlasher to FAR’s Plugin directory (as said in its info.txt). Start FAR Manager. Press Alt+F1, and choose Just Da Flasher

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Note: All Images in tutoirial are thumbnails, click to enlarge !

JD Flasher will initilizse and you get the following dialogue and you can select db2020 or q2020 as script, DCU-60 as port, and the highest, 921600 as speed.
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Part 1: Applying Quick Access Patch.

IMPORTANT: If you already have applied the quick access patch then don’t apply the quick acces patch again directly jump to part 2, if you have not applied Quick access patch with db2020 script in Setool 2 lite then please apply it. Quick Access patch is applied with db2020 script and all other patches are applied with qa2020 script.

Using your phone’s main firmware create the quick access patch using qamaker.exe ! Just drag and drop your phone’s main firmware .mbn file on qamaker.exe, qamaker is located at JDFlasher\2020_52\qamaker.exe ! Start FAR Manager, hit Alt+F1, select db2020 as script, and hit jump down into a large rabbit-hole ! Then connect your phone, holding C button.

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Phone will connect and you JD flasher starts.
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Click or select bflash, and click yes. It will ask you to remove cable, and reinsert battery. Remove phone then click ok, and then connect the phone holding C button.
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It will the db2020 bypass procedure, in the process you will be asked to remove phone and reconnect phone twice again, hence totally 3 times, and at the third time you will be asked to reflash your phone’s main. Its because main firmware is damaged during bypass, hence it has to be reflashed. On the right panel of Far Manger, navigate to the place where you have the main firmware file (mbn). Select it, and hit F5. On the dialog do not change anything, just press Enter. On the next dialog “as babe imageMUST BE selected. (and click “yeah, flash it“)
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After a successful flash you get the following message. Click Ok
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Now you the db2020 bypass is done we now apply the Quick-Access Patch. Navigate to the directory where you have the quick_access_XXXX_XXXXXXX.vkp file, select it and hit F5, again do not change anything on the first dialog, press Enter, and on the second “as a vkp patchMUST BE selected.
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After the quick access patch its applied you should get the following dialog !
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So on the left panel we select “..” and hit Enter, then click yes.

Part 2: Applying Patches !

Start FAR Manager, press Alt+F1, select “just da flasher“. On the dialog select qa2020 as script (DCU-60 and 921600), click “jump down into a large rabbit-hole“. Connect the phone, holding C button. Select bflash and press Enter. On the right panel, navigate to the patch file(s) you want to write into the firmware. Select a vkp patch, press F5, press Enter on the first dialog, don’t change anything; and on the second, select “as vkp patch“, click “yeah, flash it“.
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You can flash several vkp patches in one go, without quitting the program. Now if you’re done, flashed everything you wanted, just select “..” on the left panel and hit Enter. On the dialog click yes.
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PS.: This JDFlasher can also be used to access the phone’s FS, so you can upload splash screens, sounds, flash menus and such stuff with it.

Regards !

SE flashing Team !

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263 Responses

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  1. Yogesh says

    U are fast dude. Thanks I will try patching this tomorow.

  2. fisherman10 says

    man!!!u shud’ve made this tut earlier. i went into much hassle when patching for DB2020 wuz first released. But nevertheless, gud work. :DD

  3. Peti says

    Also note that 2 dudes were concerned.XD

  4. Yogesh says

    I appreciate the hard work of both, Akshay and Peti.

  5. Peti says

    And we are going to release a video tutorial also, just a few days from now. πŸ˜‰

  6. coolbloke says

    Hey Akshay and Peti… Has anyone of you used SWF Layer v2 beta.. i mean it say its for flash lite phones but the .swl files it creates cannot be set as wallpapers or something…!?

  7. Peti says

    I have tried it, and it is working. Export the swf file in SWFLayer, upload it to the Memory Stick, pictures directory, enter that in File manager. Select the file (it should have a grey orb with an f in it as icon, hit the right button (More), select Use as, and Wallpaper. It worked for me on my K550i@W610i. πŸ˜‰
    I guess we need a new topic for this program. πŸ˜€

  8. coolbloke says

    No it’s not a .swf file.. it’s coming as a .swl file..! And when i tried putting the file in the Phone’s memory stick, it’s showing it as an unrecognized format and doesn’t show the option of putting it as a wallpaper…!

  9. Peti says

    Man that hurt.XD
    Open the swl file in SWFLayer, and hit the bottom button – Export, it exports the swl project to a single swf file, this is necessary because swf’s can’t be edited to easily, so SWFLayer uses its own filetype (swl) to save projects. πŸ˜€

  10. Irfan says

    When I’m applying quick access patch and come to part 2 it ask me to “Flash Main”. I’ve already appleid quick access patch successfully. please reply.

  11. Peti says

    The tutorial is clear anyway. You connect the phone with DB2020 security bypass, then upload main as babe image, and then upload the quick_access patch as a vkp patch. So what is the problem here?

  12. Irfan says

    Thanks for reply…
    I’ve followed tutorial very carefully, with my k800i. I’ve Bypass DB2020 Security, removing battery 3 times, then flash main firmware as “Babe Image” then flash .vkp of firmware. Everything is ok upto now.
    But when I want to apply new patch following Tutorial Part2, I hit Alt+F1, then just da flasher…….and when reach to bflash and hit Enter it show me this message “You Should Flash Main First”. That is the problem that I can’t understand.

  13. Peti says

    In part 2, you select just da flasher. On the dialog, do you select qa2020?

  14. Irfan says

    That’s mistake. I select db2020 instead of qa2020.
    Thanks for solution.

  15. v@msi says

    hi akshayy..can we apply vkp paches using xs++ ??
    plz reply here or mail me

  16. Peti says

    As far as I know they are working on it, but the latest XS++, 3.1, is not capable of patching. Use JDFlasher.

  17. vamsi says

    first i applied Applying Quick Access Patch.
    when i connect my fone it shows u must reflash main after patching..and once again it asks me to remove the battery for three times and it continues but i am not able to apply patches ..please help….

  18. alibi89 says

    im trying to set some vkp patches, but i just keep getting a mesage that some bytes mismatch?
    Whats wrong?
    Great work guys!!

  19. Peti says

    After applying quick-access patch, when you select JDFlasher, you MUST use qa2020 as script.

  20. Rajeev says

    nice bt i find FAR strange

  21. Peti says

    How about explaining your problem? πŸ˜‰

  22. pratik says

    hey . …
    i havent installed this yet …. but i’ll install it
    2day in ma frnd’z comp.
    the doubt is … can we remove patches using jd flasher … like in se2l ..??
    if yes, then how ?

  23. Wizkl says

    I’ve applied quick access patches in my phone with setool2.but when i’m applying patches with FARjdflasher,it’s always show “error in line 6”..what’s wrong with these?
    Do i hav to apply quick access patch again using FARjdflasher?
    Please reply..

  24. Akshay says

    no something wrong in patch.
    should work

  25. Wizkl says

    I’ve applied the same patch using setool2 and it’s work..
    I’m just curious why i canot apply it with FARjdflasher..can u help me?

  26. Peti says

    Open the patch in notepad, and look for lines that should be comments, like they should have semicolon as their first character, but they don’t…

  27. Peti says

    @ pratik: yes, it can, when you copy the vkp file on the phone, where it asks if you want to flash it as a vkp or babe or raw, next to vkp there is a checkbox “remove patch”.

  28. anan says

    can i apply patch on my w610?
    mine is cid53(darn that SEUS)

  29. Akshay says

    sorry CID53 nothing can be done

  30. reinerh says


  31. Tamzeed says

    After I generate a quick access patch from my .mbn, open Far.exe, press Alt+F1 and then select just da flasher (I press 0 instead of using the arrow keys), I get the following error:

    What should I do now? I dragged my .mbn file to qamaker.exe to generate a quick access patch (.vkp). As you can see I am using Far with jdflasher plugin

    My phone is K800i CID 52 and my firmware (.mbn) is R8BF003.


  32. Akshay says

    i don’t know what does Pressing 0 Does
    start JDF
    press Alt+F1 then select JDflasher with your mouse. click it. use mouse every where. to copy instead of FS you just drag and drop the file to phone then click copy instead of hitting enter and then yeah flash it.
    so all done with mouse only .. !! LOL !!

  33. Peti says

    I like using keyboard better. Though I would love a TC port.:S

  34. Aashish says

    hey ive heard there is an update for the cid53 phone on could you tell me how to access phones fs by jd flasher??

  35. Peti says

    You need the newest JDFlasher, select db2020 as script, and then go to ofs directory.

  36. Li Syaoran says

    JDFlasher won’t work on my phone anymore. Whenever I select bflash (after just da flasher, of course) then the phone automatically go to File Transfer mode. I do off the phone, but it suddenly turns on and file transfer mode. When I pull off usb cable, it will off back. Same problem also happen when I want to write script using setool2. What could might happen? Hardware brokendown? πŸ™‚

  37. Peti says

    Is it a DB2010 phone, like K750? When I used SEFP on a phone like that, it also turned on, it must be flashed with an ssw file before doing it.

  38. Li Syaoran says

    Nope, its DB2020 k770i. Before this I use JDflasher it was ok. But now the phone is crazy, suddenly file transfer mode. I don’t know where did I screw up. Anyway Peti what do you mean by flash with ssw? What is ssw? πŸ˜›

  39. Peti says

    SSW files are Breakin-Loaders, which were necessary on DB2010 CID49 phones, to access file system with FAR Manager.
    Is FAR Manager (SEFP) working?

  40. Li Syaoran says

    Hmm. Far Manager is working, JDflasher also doesn’t have something wrong with it. :O

  41. Li Syaoran says

    Test it on my dad’s k800i, but also same problem. It turns on to file transfer mode. Help? πŸ™
    p/s – I saw ‘read SSW’ option under read setup in setool. Is that what you mean Peti? What might happen if I enable it?

  42. Peti says

    That is something else, it has nothing to do with the current (DB2020) situation.
    I say you download JDFlasher from somewhere else, try, because the working FAR Manager means that the phone is ok.

  43. Li Syaoran says

    Tried it, still file transferring mode. πŸ™

  44. Peti says

    Which script are you using in JDFlasher? qa2020 or db2020?

  45. Li Syaoran says

    qa2020. DCU60. 921600 -_- how about changing qa2020 to db2020? Phone will damage?

  46. Peti says

    The phone won’t be harmed, it never is…
    Have you applied the Quick-Access Patch? (qa2020 is only working after that)

  47. Li Syaoran says

    Of course I have. I applied quick access patch using setool2. Then I use FAR to apply vkp patches, because FAR is easier. It was ok at the beginning. After a while, I can’t use FAR anymore, because of the file transfer mode. Battery charged 100%, but still no use πŸ™

  48. Peti says

    Can you upload patces with SeTool 2? And can XS++ detect the phone?

  49. Akshay says

    that’s wired.
    Li Syaoran…. you reflash main
    and start fresh applying patches using Jdflasher. first QA then other patches.

  50. Li Syaoran says

    Yes I can upload patch using setool2 (and FAR), that is 1 week ago. But now setool2 also can’t, same problem occured like using FAR, file transfer mode πŸ™ XS++ can detect the phone. FSX also working on my phone. But applying patch with setool2 or FAR is… πŸ™ will try Akshay’s suggestion. I’ll tell you the result later.

  51. Li Syaoran says

    Mission accomplished. Reflashed main, patched quick access then other patches. I can patch again! Yay! *kiss kiss Akshay* πŸ˜€ thank you thank you thank you Akshay!! πŸ˜€

  52. Li Syaoran says

    Oh, not to forget to Peti also. Thanks for helping me and being patient to a no0b like me -_- thanks so much to you both. πŸ˜€

  53. abu bakr says

    hi my name is abu bakr i have aproblem regarding jd flasher my mobile is k810i and its erom is cid 53 i dont get the option of bf lash when i connect my phone is there some thing to do with my erom cid 53 or some thing else which i have not done please please help me out here i am waiting for your reply please answer me please

  54. abu bakr says

    when you reply me about my problem
    i need the answer know

  55. abu bakr says

    mr akshay when i attached my k550i which i flashed to w610i i got that option b lash but when i attach my k810i i dont get the option b lash in JD FLASHER does it support phones with erom cid 53 can i change my erom to cid 52 if there is a way please please tell me because i really need to patch my k810i

  56. abu bakr says

    my email address is [email protected] please answer my question i realy need your help because you are a expert in these things so please answer me ian waiting anxiously

  57. Peti says

    You can’t downgrade CID, the newest JDFlasher supports CID 53, but no patching.

  58. mohammed says

    im nt able 2 use mouse………

    i cant navigate 2 choose vkp file……
    plz help me..

  59. abu bakr says

    can you tell me mr peti which of supports cid 53 paching or when new version of setool is is going to come which supoorrt cid 53 and support patching got any idea or something

  60. Akshay says

    nothing supports cid53 patching

  61. Akshay says

    use keyboard to navigate then

  62. Peti says

    At least not yet…

  63. Henry says

    when i click on bflash it comes up with error plugins need to be fully installed or something like that/ help please?

  64. Peti says

    Just to make sure: do you have drivers installed?
    If yes, try to get jdflasher from somewhere else, like se-nse or topse.

  65. Henry says

    ive done it and unlocked my phone but now once the screensavers finished the screen turns off for about 10 seconds then it comes back on, how can i fix this?

  66. Peti says

    Maybe simox’ patch-gen didn’t generate a working patch?:O
    Try to use a different unlock patch (google)

  67. wan says

    ive try dozen times to connect my phone with jdflasher..
    but it wont..

  68. Peti says

    Drivers installed? Battery reinserted?

  69. Nick says

    I have followed all the steps on this tutorial page…
    and they all have seemed successful with no errors whats-or-ever…
    however, the patches do nothing to my firmware.. all the modifications that i made via the patches did not appear on the phone….

    i’ve made sure the software version for the patch and the firmware i have are the same… only difference is that mine was flashed using the ‘CHINA’ firmware…. would this have anything to do with it?

  70. Akshay says

    NICK !! That’s a BIG mistake.
    All the patches are made for GENERIC firmware.
    And Not for CHINA firmware.

    So now reflash your main firmware before phone crashes !!!

  71. Nick says

    oppsss.. okay.. am reflashing it now….
    thanks for the great tutorial and help!
    also, is it possible to, say, compile several different patches into a single .vkp file and patch it all at once?

  72. Peti says

    It is possible but there’s no need for it. You can flash several patches in one go with JDFlasher.

  73. bhuvan says

    is there any way of changing the battery sign without patching???as i am having cid:53

  74. Akshay says

    you can’t do it. only patching can change sysgfx

  75. butt says

    can i change main firmware from china to generic firmware?

  76. ros says

    The link to the far manager is not working. Could you please upload it again. It says Bad link

    “The link you clicked on is not complete.
    If you clicked a link within an e-mail message, please verify that the link was not broken in the middle.
    If it is broken, copy and paste the entire link into your browser.
    You will be redirected to the eSnips home in a few seconds…”

  77. Peti says

    @butt: you can.
    @ros: strange, download then from the original site. (

  78. Nett says

    I am gonna patch my K790. But i have a few doubts:
    1. After applying the quick access patch, may i disconnect/turn my phone on before applying patches?

    2. After applying the patches, if I want to apply another patch at a later date, will I need to apply quick access patch again?

    3. I have downloaded generic firmware version. my current one is asia. may i flash it with the generic?

  79. Peti says

    1. not necessary.
    2. no, you will have to use qa2020 script to connect.
    3. you mean K790_MAIN_ASIA?:O If so, you may lose some functions, but all patches are made for generic ones.

  80. Nett says

    Thanks for ur reply
    Will the megabass patch replace the sysgfx for megabass icon in media player, or just the music quality be improved? If not, how to change the graphics by patch?

  81. Nett says

    I ask this because there is a megabass icon built in to the k790i (R8BF003) firmware (when opened with se image tool), so that icon will replace the current one in my K790i

  82. warezbabe says

    i have a k800i CID53 upgraded to k810i.
    i understand that quick access patches are not supported on CID53.

    but what about patching the MAIN filesystem image with those BEFORE writing all main flash?

    is it possible? patches are patches… even if applied before or after… or not?

  83. Peti says

    @Nett: Not sound quality, it’s an equalizer preset. To replace the image you’d need ARM-ASM programming.
    @warezbabe: Not possible, it would fail self-check.

  84. sepprait says

    I get error :S

    cand find decice info in xml [53red]

  85. red says

    Guys, i have one question. How on earth do I apply this quick access path?? WHere do I find the phone firmware .mbn so I can drop it to the qamaker??? Please help!!!!

  86. Akshay says

    53 is not supported in this patching.

    you can find firmware on search search

  87. kacper says

    I follow all the procedures correctly but i get the ofs and the oflash option but no bflash, why?

  88. Akshay says

    bflash depends on phone CID and phone type.

  89. naqvi says

    can any 1 plz exlpain this briefle==>(On the right panel, navigate to the patch file(s) you want to write into the firmware. Select a vkp patch, press F5, press Enter on the first dialog)

  90. Akshay says

    Far has to sides.
    left and right browsers.
    see them…..!!

  91. DHIREN says

    i selected bflash option(m usin W710i R1JC002)buyt nothin happens it just reads as memory n down its written as o bytes in files sumthin..wat things wil i need for my phone(qap is already applied)

  92. famin says

    hey guys..wanna ask..
    1.actually i didnt understand what mean by patching??
    2.what is the function of patching?.. phone is k550i/w610i CID 53..can i use JDFlasher??
    4. does flash wallpaper work in my k550i/w610i? can give me the tutorial using JDFlasher?
    5. how to change the battery signal and anythig in my phone by using JDFlasher?..teach me…

    thanks..hope u’ll can help me..

  93. Akshay says

    chill out CID53 can’t be patched for free now. wait for some time.

  94. famin says

    akshay…how can i change battery icon? i mean customize icon or anything in my phone?

  95. Hamza says

    akshay are you sure cid53 is not supported?

    far manager/jdmanager seem to cope with CID53 phones when into the FS

    patching must be supported???????????

  96. apoorv says

    i have k 530i CID53
    otp cid 52 i want to flash it to w660i

  97. bhuvan says

    @whats otp????

    and ya
    u can…with cid53 firmware of w660 from topse or check out in our file base

  98. k says

    on my k550i@w610i wen i selected bflash it sed dat i need to flash the MAIN to continue. is this right???

  99. k says

    is it okay to flash main firmware with XS++??

  100. k says

    everytime i click on blflash it says dat i must flash the main agen. is dis rite??

  101. hairi says

    sombody help me…why when i drop and drag main in qamaker dont work…..?

  102. hairi says

    howto install sysgfx..?

  103. apooh says

    i have flashed my phone thru JD flasher K530I to w660i …..(CID 53).. now i want to flash it back to K530 as i have to give the phone to service center….for repair ….so please can u tell me can i flash to K530i thru JD FLASHER …I have all the req files for K530 example ….RED53.MBN,RED53.FBN of asia _levan but what about the cust pack i am confused to use whick cust pack ??? plzz reply its urgent ……………………

  104. Akshay says

    you need k530 firmwares. just flash with k530 firmwares now. nothing else. and phone should get back.

  105. apooh says

    custpack should match the FS ????…my FS is ASIA_LEVAN..but I am not able 2 find cust pack of CID53..can i use cust pack of cid52 of asia_levan only…….

  106. Akshay says

    there is no specific custpack for CID52, or 53 whatever. Its the same for all CID.

  107. apooh says

    thank you …akshay .A message to all the memmber for thanking this forum helped me in flashing my phont to w660i (cid53)….it’s feel gr8…i was very happy when i crossflashed w660 to k530,,,..
    thank you ……………

  108. Akshay says

    You are welcome. hope to see you again.

  109. Nisal says

    Hey akshay, i ws tryin 2 post this 2 applying patches tutorial, bt cudnt. Sumthin wrong with it?

    Hi akshay! πŸ™‚ I’ve a k530@w660 & finds the sms storage limit of 1000 msgs really nt enuf, so i found these patches at tellin how to increase the limit, & i applied the patch for 10000 msgs. But im unsure of keeping mor than 1000 yet, will it corrupt the main or the fs as they weren’t designed to handle that much? In myphoneexplorer, it shows the capacity as 10048 msgs, so it works i think, bt i was hopin u can giv sum info about the stability of this. πŸ™‚

    Thanks in advance!

  110. Akshay says

    no don’t worry. you don’t worry about color..! red is fine.

  111. Shishir says

    How can i change or upgrade my sonyericssonk530i phone’s
    Os.And what is the maximum upgrade option.

  112. bhuvan says

    u can modify it…patch it…dats it
    read the flashing thing…and patching care fully!

  113. zahidin says

    why when i patch my phone is dead?? my phone is k800i, and i flash it to k810i orange..can i use k810i vkp patch??

  114. Fire2Hot says

    Please help can i apply quick access patch for w200?

  115. bhuvan says

    no….no patching for w200

  116. xeroxcool says

    hi,I’m trying to install elfpack onto my k810i & w660i.The problem is my phone is cid53 and SEtool don’t support it thus I can’t make quick access patch.The question is,how am I going to install the .vkp files that is included with the elfpack ?and what is quick apply pacth anyway?

    p/s:I’ve downloaded and use jdflasher to upload flash themes onto my w660.

  117. bhuvan says

    no patching for cid:53

  118. xeroxcool says

    Ohh Sugar Honey Iced Tea,that means that my k810 has to stay uncustomised.It doesn’t support flash menu either ?what kind of mod that i could do with it?

  119. bhuvan says

    yeah!even i am having cid:53!!!i can understand the pain!!!lol
    u can add fonts…change menu layout…strtup sounds n screen..acoustics cam driver…disp driver if drr is one fr ur cell!!!

  120. bambu_men says

    does jdflasher support for w200 cid53?? plz repp.

  121. Akshay says

    i don’t know w200 is db2020.

  122. bambu_men says

    w200 is db2010/2012 isn’ it not db2020?? so what can i use to customize my w200 with cid53? repp again :). btw thanks for repp mr. akshay

  123. Akshay says

    jdflasher, db2010 select some other script. that works for it.

  124. bambu_men says

    oh i see.. i’ll try it but what script you recommend to use? just to be sure.. πŸ™‚

  125. bhuvan says

    qa 2020

  126. bambu_men says

    Great, Ok then, thx bhuvan for the advise. And also akshay, thx to you to. I’ll give it try aftr i’m done with my other fone..
    I’ll come back if i face some eror :).

  127. bhuvan says


  128. lost wanderer says

    My phone is K800i CID 52 and my firmware (.mbn) is R8BF003.

    Do I need to go though the breaking loaders step or can I apply patches (.vkp) directly ??

    Should I shift to part 2 from the tutorial directly??

    Please advice

  129. bhuvan says

    lost wanderer
    do as it said in tutorial
    nothing else is needed for your phone
    keeping in mind that your phone is not branded

  130. @john says

    cid=53 color=red platform=db2020 Phone K800i

    I want to get a couple of “ELVES”,like one to be able lock my keypad and files with code πŸ˜€

    But i think that as i understood i can not patch my phone… :/ right ?

  131. bhuvan says

    look at the main page’s posts
    ull find there anycid patching
    so u can patch cid:53

  132. amigo2008 says

    good day!! just want to ask if there is a big possibility that my phone will be brick if i apply patches on my k800 cid53 phone. and also please advice me of some of the coolest patch that i can do with my phone like the latest and best cam driver, acoustics, coolest menu pack/fonts, light effects etc coz im not updated with this things. thanx and sorry for my english!!

  133. hellboy says

    1.) When modding there is always a really tiny chance of bricking your phone, but follow the instructions and nothing will go wrong πŸ™‚
    2.) All the things you have mentioned above come under the category of personalizing the FS. Patching = Modding the MAIN. Menu, camdriver etc can be changed without patching. One of the coolest patches is elfpacks. πŸ™‚

  134. bhuvan says

    for latest and great stuff jump to our forum!
    patching and flashing two different things!
    better understand first then do something!

  135. john says

    I tryied to aply a privacy patch for my phone,jdflasher poped up a mesage that says some bytes are missing,i continued,the phone was blinking white screen.
    i removed it,it starts up,and after 20 seconds almost,after i enter the my PIN,and after 20 seconds my phone shuts down !and then restarts adn few sec. later the same again and again!

    Hurry please,how i will retrieve my phone??(sorry im horryfied :O :'( )

  136. bhuvan says

    @johni guess u were there at forum too!
    reflash main and fs

  137. john says

    Yes bhuvan,actually i were.
    It was 3 the morning that time.
    Problem occured from a bad patch about privacy.
    And now is solved,i used SEUS.
    I didn’t knew exactly how to re-flash main and fs…
    So, a member of the forum recomended me the SEUS it took 7 min. and now everything are fine πŸ™‚

  138. bhuvan says

    @ john

  139. GapY says

    i still dont get it. what do i need to do to get Peter’s Acoustic Mod v2 on my w880 CID53. must i do anything of this posted here?

  140. bhuvan says


  141. Richie says

    Hi I’m Richie
    I have a k530i
    ..EROM CID: 53..
    I started with Flashing my fone to w660, but I stopped coz I couldn’t Find bflash…
    Tried flashing the FS and MAIN again, but I’m still sitting with the same problem.

  142. bhuvan says

    post only for once!
    u have to flash suing oflash
    bflash is used for patching

  143. Wasi says

    after i applied qa patch i have only bflash and bfs options.
    how can i fully reflash my phone. guys i need it please

  144. bhuvan says

    connect using db2020 script…oflash is there…thats the way to re flash…
    and if u are continuing payching process afetr applying qa…then u have to get in bflash mode…and drop firmware there

  145. xyzclanz says

    does applying the Quick Access Patch is needed for me to do, becuz im first time patching my w660 and already backup gdfs with xs++ so i dont need to backup gdfs using setool 2 lite?

  146. marcus says

    hi ppl can sum1 tell me how 2 apply acoustic and camera drivers plz i hav a k550i/w610i cid 53 oh and if u hav good ones can u share them please… thank you all

  147. Akshay says

    Marcus, Download JDflasher, connect phone using db2020 ofs mode, or use qa2020 bfs. Enter, copy and exit.
    If you already patched and flashed the phone then you will know, check videos also.

  148. marcus says

    so you’re saying that i can either patch or flash them in? which way would u suggest? oh and what’s bfs about?

  149. Akshay says

    noooo not patch, BFS is full FS access break in access, read and write to File Sytem, BFLASH is wicked and deadly flashing by breaking into the phone’s security. Oflash is regular flashing. OFS is regular FS access.

  150. marcus says

    um… ok so drivers go into ofs or bfs?

  151. bedoel says

    i was try the entire turorial and video patching cid 53 using jdflaser_anycid
    but the last step when i am gonna flash patch file(*.vkp)there was an error warning said
    “error line 1”..i am sure with every step before is right
    i already insert quick_access.vkp before
    my phone is w610 red 53 using r8ba024 main and r6 for fs
    and i am using w610_r8ba024_***.vkp too
    can you help me solved the problem…
    thank’s and sorry for my english

  152. bedoel says

    one more if i want to flash to r6 main to my phone is necesary for me to insert quick_access_patch.vkp anymore???right now i am using r8 main and i already insert quick_access_patch.vkp to my w610 phone…thanks.

  153. bhuvan says

    well if u applied qa patch easily…then the problem is with the patch u are applying
    and flashing main will remove qq apatch..
    flashin main wont

  154. bedoel says

    well i have problem with the patch,some patch is able insert to my phone..but some patch is error..
    i will try it again thanks for reply bhuvan n thanks for this site..

  155. bedoel says

    bhuvan said:flashing main will remove qq apatch..
    flashin main wont
    is that mean if i am flashing main from r8>r6 i must insert qa_patch.vkp again?not harmed my phone??

  156. bedoel says

    thanks to akshayy bhuvan n peti too
    now my w610 r6 can use a patch.vkp

  157. bhuvan says

    ya…flashing main to any version or reflashing it will remove qa patch wont harm ur phone..its like re installing os
    when there is prob with patch then they must be corrupt

  158. bhuvan says


  159. bedoel says

    hai i am looking for fs
    does anyone know where the link so i can download it????please help me.

  160. bhuvan says


  161. ansgaiims says

    while ap[pling quick access patch through db2020
    there is no option of bflash
    then how to aplly quick access patch
    pls help

  162. bedoel says

    thanks bhuvan i found it

  163. lough says

    how make k810i cid 53 patch ?
    help me…please somebody…..
    i want patch flash….help…help….

  164. bhuvan says

    the way is in fron of u
    what else can we do?

  165. marcus says

    hi again guys… as u probably kno i hav a k550i cid 53 and already flashed it 2 w610… i applied qa patch 2 it but the main is r8ba024(cuz of anycid i had 2 change it) and fs is r6bc002… i want 2 change the main back 2 r6 cuz there’s more patches 4 that version… can i do that and still b able 2 patch? if yes plz tell me wat 2 do…. ill b greatful if any1 cud help

  166. bhuvan says

    yes…u can..but ull have to apply qa patch again!
    and all present patches will be removed!

  167. marcus says

    So what do i hav 2 do? Jus flash in r6 main in oflash and in bflash apply qa? Wat about the rest file? Is that necessary still?

  168. bhuvan says

    listen…when ull refl;ash ur main..ull have to carry whole procedure of patching again!

  169. marcus says

    Alrite well i’ll do that later then… Thanks dude

  170. niazi says

    i dont get bflasher when i conet my s500i which i have converted to w580i and by the way it is cid53 plz help me out πŸ™

  171. Hasan says

    akashy, is it possible to apply a bflash patch ( say a unlock VKP script ) on W580i CID53 ? I have a flashed phone which is network locked and i cannot see the bflash option in jdflasher menu.
    Also I am not able to apply the vkp script ( its greyed out ) through the oflash option !!!
    DO I NEED to UPDATE FarManager ????

  172. Akshay says

    hasan, use the latest far manager, its given in tutorial.

  173. nosremo says

    Can i use this for transferring files in IFS like the one i use to do with XS++ ..
    ive read on one of your tutorial that it is possible but whenver i started jas da flasher it only shows up the “bflash” and “bfs” what do you think would be the problem

  174. nosremo says

    and the reason why i want to use it is because in XS++ u cannot download the file from the phone right , eg. camdriver , etc,,…

  175. nosremo says

    last thing akshayy what i mean is the ofs and the oflash doesnt show up arrghh why is it so i want to use far manager so that, like what i said, i can move files just like moving files in memory card

  176. Akshay says

    nosremo yeah you can. !! which script do you select ? have you applied Quick Access Patch?

  177. the_dead_man says

    It isnt working, as soon as i select justdaflasher the application exits on vista? can’t anything be done about it? πŸ™

  178. giannisv6 says

    Hi,could you help me to find a patch for my phone that it will vibrates when i choose a menu in the main menu,like the newest phones πŸ™‚ ?
    I have a K800 cid53 r8f003 , Peti have told me about the name of it, but i forgot it πŸ™

  179. sony says

    I have a k610 flashed to w660, i want to patch it, but the options are only oflash and ofs, i don’t get bflash and bfs option, how to get my phone patched then? Thanks.

  180. rajkumar.neelam says

    when i am using jdflaher it is not showing ” bflash” . i wanna apply patch for mega bass for K790i.. help me please…..

  181. bhuvan says

    use qa2020 as ur script

  182. eligator says

    using xs++,this is my hp infomation
    09:09:07| Baseband ID: 9900
    09:09:07| Protocol Version: 3.1
    09:09:07| Phone name detected!
    09:09:07| Profiling SEMC phone…
    09:09:07| Platform: DB2020
    09:09:07| OTP CID: 51
    09:09:07| EROM CID: 53
    09:09:07| EROM Color: Red
    09:09:07| IMEI: 3585xxxxxxxxxx
    09:09:07| Phone ID: K770
    09:09:07| Region: APAC
    09:09:07| CDA: CDA102568/101 R8A
    09:09:07| Firmware Version: R8BC004
    09:09:07| EROM: R3A022
    09:09:07| Ready for operation!

    my problem apply quick access patch..using db2020..(far manager)there is no bflash..huhu

  183. Akshay says

    eligator, check out jdflasher any cid patching.

  184. rajkumar.neelam says

    bhuvan.. i tried the script qa2020 .then bflash is displaying but after selecting that no “ok” option displaying . i double click that but ” set correct directory ” error was displaying…

    one more thing is i didnot applied quick access patch.. i think for that one also bflash is needed right?? i am following same procedure what u hav given…

    plz help me……..

  185. bhuvan says

    oops last time i was worng i guess
    open db2020
    now open bflash
    u may double click!
    drag and drop qapatch
    your phone is cid:53?

  186. rajkumar.neelam says

    yes..Bhuvan my phone is CID 53 and R8BF003. i will try this again.. but what is that ” set correct directory error”??
    Give me if u want to give any suggetions and precautions

  187. bhuvan says

    that was because u went into wrong dir
    read every single steptwice to thrice
    ull do fine!

  188. shashi says

    hi akshayy when i open bflash using qa2020 i get
    error: SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(run(gethello(IOusb::getblock(time exceed)))))))
    pls help

  189. bhuvan says

    thats the error which i am also facing with my w580!
    no cure for it yet…
    i guess u too have w580.or w200!

  190. aca_coa says

    well, same error with me, on K770i, CID53.
    when I try to open bflash, i get this error:
    SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(run(gethello(IOusb::getblock(time exceed)))))))

    and k770 turns on.

    But I have question, is it possible that I’m getting this error because I still did not transfered executor.b and run it from GAMES menu? Do I have to run executor in order to access bflash from FAR+JDF?

  191. bhuvan says

    u have to transfer .b file also dude!

  192. aca_coa says

    I know that I should transfer .b file.
    But, I was curious, do I get that error while trying to enter bflash because I did not transfered .b file and executed it from GAMES menu?

  193. bhuvan says

    no idea!

  194. geniusx says

    15:43:55| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    15:43:55| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    15:44:01| Attempting to open the interface…
    15:44:01| TURN OFF PHONE!
    15:44:01| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    15:44:01| You have 30 seconds…
    15:44:10| Baseband ID: 9900
    15:44:10| Protocol Version: 3.1
    15:44:10| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:W580)
    15:44:10| …using GDFS name
    15:44:10| Profiling SEMC phone…
    15:44:10| Platform: DB2020
    15:44:10| OTP CID: 51
    15:44:10| EROM CID: 52
    15:44:10| EROM Color: Red
    15:44:10| IMEI: 35344802xxxxxx
    15:44:10| Phone ID: W580
    15:44:10| Region: EUROPE_2
    15:44:10| CDA: CDA102295/1 R2A
    15:44:10| Firmware Version: R8BE001
    15:44:10| EROM: R3A022
    15:44:10| Ready for operation!
    15:44:13| After making any changes with FSX
    15:44:13| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button
    15:44:13| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…
    15:44:13| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J
    15:44:13| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    15:44:14| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid52_r2a006.bin…
    15:44:14| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0
    15:44:14| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
    15:44:14| Sending db2020_red52_cs_r3a009.bin…
    15:44:16| Applet ID: 070410 1557 HANCXC1250562_DB2020_CSLOADER_R3A009
    15:44:16| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    15:44:16| Activating loader…
    15:44:16| Activating GDFS…
    15:44:34| This loader is UNLOCKED
    15:44:34| Success! CS-loader has been unlocked!
    15:44:34| Please wait while XS builds a list of directories…
    15:44:34| Activating filesystem
    15:44:51| Device FS mapped…OK

    how to get .Rest file for this version. please help me out,i realy want to have patch for ElFn

  195. shashi says

    hi akshayy do i have to run executor.b before entering bflash to avoid error

  196. bhuvan says

    before entering bflash
    it crack the main’s security
    later u enter bflash to get the main repaired with actually repairing the security

  197. geniusx says

    please help me how to apply patches, i got the .Rest file but while i was patching my phone,sudenly at bflasher i got error message, and then suddenly it disconnect.

    after than my W580i did not starts,

    please help me my EROM: R3A022
    help me…………………………….

  198. bhuvan says

    erom…say which cid?
    and what was the error
    flash ur main
    if its caused due to will be rectified

  199. Nadeem says

    Thanks Thanks Thanks..

    Best Tutorial.
    Will Donate

  200. napstar says

    hey akshay….
    i tried opening the bfs & bflash folder(qa2020 script) using JDflasher….& it gave the following error:

    “found EPIUSB2
    got response
    protocol: 0301 baseband: 9900
    cid detect
    <- cid=53 color=red platform=db2020
    qhtry: 2020_prologue
    run flashed loader
    error: SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(run(gethello( I0usb::getblock(time exceed)))))))"

    fone being used is w580i (EROM:R3A022;CID53;RED;db2020)…in the bin subfolder(inside JDflasher folder) there is no flash loader file for R3A022!!!
    can any1 find a flash loader so that one cud access the bfs & bflash folder to apply patches..replies awaited !! thanks

  201. napstar says

    wat result did u get??i mean after running executor.b were u able to enter bflash without an error?? i wanted to noe…cuz even i am gettin d same error!

  202. bhuvan says

    dude no way!
    even i am facing the same error for my w580
    no cure out yet!

  203. bhuvan says

    i also got hanged there itself at the same error
    i tried the same procedure on my bro’s k550@w610 cid:53
    and it worked
    that means we are not doing wrong
    also this error is faced mainly by on w580 users
    saw about 5 to 7 till date!
    thats kinda bad luck!

  204. napstar says

    thanks bhuvan…
    btw,can this error be caused cuz i tried to access bflash witout copying executor.jar & executor.b…??
    my 2nd question is…suppose i follow d procedure mentioned in the tutorials n yet i get d same error….then wil be fone became dead or not??or wat wil happen?
    thanks again:)

  205. bhuvan says

    what are u doing man!!!!!
    u have to copy those files ofcourse!
    and yea
    if something goes wrong flashing main again will solve it

  206. napstar says

    okay cool..i was jus tryin2 be sure b4 goin ahead πŸ˜›
    anyway,thanks again.wil get back if i encounter any error.
    see ya!

  207. roni says

    i’m having problem after removing battery 3 times. when it asked to flash the “main” first, then i clicked ok. then this picture comes
    what should i do now?

  208. roni says

    sorry i forgot to mention my phn info. its k810i , cid52 red.

  209. bhuvan says

    it should keep moving!!!
    try back again
    ur phone must have got disconnected

  210. napstar says

    hey bhuvan, for some reason ma w580i’s sound has got spoilt…i mean there is a lot of disturbance from d main speaker when i try playing any songs.& even d earphone gives the same problem.there is a lot of disturbance during calls.i jus cant hear the person on d other this a hardware problem or software one??pls help…also to mention that i recently patched ma fone using jdflasher…n d sound was working absolutely fine even after that…!it jus happend all of a sudden! please help

  211. napstar says

    also i forgot2mention that the disturbance is like some screeching sound! i am sure that d speakers are absolutely fine…but i dont noe where the problem lies.please help me resolve it.thanks

  212. bhuvan says

    this is really strange!
    hearing this first time
    try it somewhere away from some kind of magnetic filed
    like away from speakers
    try other sim

    first go for common steps

    if nothing helps restore original acoustics
    still no help then final thing is reflashing
    is ur phone cid:53?

  213. napstar says

    yeah dude…ma fone is CID53…n i also restored d original acoustics ..yet no change..!!!
    i think i’l have to reflash…..btw, wil i need 2 flash only main or also fs to correct this problem ??
    one more question is that i have patched ma fone…so does this cause ma warranty to get expired…i still have a few months i thought that if reflashing wudn’t work then i’d have2send it2 sony ericsson service please tell me if the warranty gets void after patching or not…thanks a lot.

  214. bhuvan says

    no…if ur phone was branded and u flashed it into non branded then only warranty is gone
    these are all rumors!
    try reflashing
    ur phone is cid:53
    then there is no harm in using seus also
    if u reflash through a2 uploader u need fs,main and cda pack also

    do one thing

    open a2 uploader and go to

    right click on the folder and click on read
    all the cda pack is urs now!
    ref;lash and copy all those files back
    folder is created in ur a2 uploader’s dir

  215. napstar says

    thanks dude…i have copied all the contents of my fone using JDflasher(including tpa/preset/custom) i could not use a2 uploader as w580i is not an a2 fone..anyway,bhuvan u forgot to tel me if i should reflash only my main or also FS ??i mean individual ones or both main & FS ??pls let me noe.

  216. bhuvan says

    better reflash both so that company people do not have any kind of reason to show that the problem is created by user
    service center guys are really worst!
    n i forgot ur phone
    these days my brain si totally in a2 stuff!

  217. Edmunds says

    Please help me !
    I dont have b flash button

  218. Edmunds says

    I have this error when i flash phone frimeware…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………PutFiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send headererror 1B)))))

  219. bhuvan says

    either firmware is corrupt or does not matches ur erom version
    bflash aint there?
    chose the right script?

  220. Edmunds says

    Yes i choose right script !

  221. bhuvan says

    u updated the script also?
    read each step again
    u must be doing some silly mistake

  222. constantinos says

    i dont have a bflash folder when i conect my mobile to the program.what i have to do???PLEASE TELL ME

  223. bhuvan says

    choose correct script

  224. constantinos says

    ok thanks very much bhuvan!!

  225. azmy says

    my sone ericsson phone is k610i please unlock my phone mail: [email protected] imei 35463701-646729-3-65

  226. bhuvan says

    look in the given guide

  227. Edmunds says

    I have cid 53 red DB 2020
    And i dont have bflash button ! πŸ™
    Can i install driver on ofs??

  228. kieronn says

    i had completed the flashing of k550i to w610i. now iam trying to apply patches for it .
    i had choosen qa2020 and when iam pressed jump to rabbit hole it is loading and displaying a error message as ” qa2020.xml file not found” what to do ????
    can anyone resolve this problem

  229. kieronn says

    k i downloaded the qa2020.xml and copied to jdflasher scripts .
    now when iam clicking on to the bflash it is displaying time out and phone is starting

  230. kieronn says

    hey i got the same error that napstar had ………
    but my mobile is k550i how to overcome this
    plz ……….. thanks in advance

  231. kieronn says

    my phone cid is 53
    i had tried the executor.jar but it is dispalaying operation failed

  232. bhuvan says

    download latest jdflasher from filebase

  233. bhuvan says

    reflash the whole main and fs
    upload new cda pack!
    now follow anycid again

  234. phierce says

    HELP i cant detect my phone,did anything wrong?

  235. bhuvan says

    whats ur phone?
    and isntalled usb drivers?
    check the usb connection!

  236. AlexP says

    Btw you can use JDFlasher + FAR to debrand via the customize_upgrade.xml trick (as per A2). Just generate the xml file and copy to the “tpa/preset/custom” area. Restart the phone, then shut it down. Then use SE update serverice to re-apply the firmware. Just tried it on my K800 and hey presto all the rubbish branding gone!

  237. chapunq says

    have tried applied quick access patch and pass the db2020 bypass procedure, but when try apply the quick access patch i have an error says bytes missmatch, then i click continue, after done, i disconnect the phone but the phone is dead, help please what’ is wrong, my phone is w850 and i have followed the tuts carefully

  238. ANUP says

    Hey! after clicking jump down into large rabbit hole and turning off the phone holding c button process. I get an error msg OpenPlugin<IOusb::open>

  239. Dedo says

    I have a K550i and now with:

    FLASH CID detected:53
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:51 PAF:1 IMEI:35934601318324 CERT:RED
    MAPP CXC article: R6BC002 prgCXC1250747_GENERIC_NA
    MAPP CXC version: R6BC002
    Language Package:AMERICA_2
    CDA article: CDA102743/54
    CDA version: R5A
    Default article: cxc1250671
    Default version: R6BC002
    Network LOCKED

    Is there anything I can do to unlock it?

  240. Disco Verer says

    I’ve a K810i and I bought the phone in India. The firmware version I’ve is R8BA024. But, in the Cyber-shot 4shared folder, there are so many R8BA024 versions like MEDITERR, EUROPE etc. Which one should I download? I want the firmware for applying the quick access patch.

  241. hang@K550 says

    does jdflasher support cid53 patching?

  242. Syawal says

    i have applied qa patch to my phone k810 r8ba024 use setools.
    i want to apply gfx patch, that u know, i won’t be in setools. so i use far with jdflasher and i get this error message :

    can any1 tell me please, what should i do?

  243. Syawal says

    this is the complete error message

    SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(unknown command(ldr))))

  244. hang@K550 says

    akshayy, if bflash not there, can i apply quick acess in oflash?
    can guide me applying patch to cid53?

  245. hang@K550 says

    current: r8ba024, need to install which firmware? any one also can?R8BA024, R6BC002 or R1KG001?
    how to apply quick acess patch if no bflash/bfs?
    error: putfiles<putfile_flash<flashbabe<header>>>>
    unable to flash now…
    need help!-regradds-sry for disturbing…

  246. hang@K550 says

    serious question,pls reply. the prob is red”52″ not supported,
    now i’ve flash w610 r8ba024 main generic red53 onto my k550, must i flash fs?
    can i flash w610 r8ba024 fs c asia red53? must the fs same with main? wht is fs?

  247. hang@K550 says

    and i cant find w610 cda for generic asia.
    so if i flash fs c asia red53, there will be no cda for it?
    pls reply

  248. hang@K550 says

    AKSHAYY, CAN I HAVE W610 CDA102568_16_R8A_ASIA?
    or no need to upload cda???
    or upload generic america’s cda?
    i’ve flash fs c asia, now last part, no cda.

  249. hang@K550 says

    AKSHAYY,I NEED K550 R6BC002 FS CHINA RED53.MBN & its cda.
    or easier, are there chinese language pack for k550

  250. hang@K550 says

    sorry, not china, is k550 r8ba024 fs c asia red53 and its cda.

  251. Tuhin says

    Check Out Far manager’s Link
    Probably It’s a broken Link………….

  252. Gappa says

    i don’t have bflash. i do have oflash & ofs. i flashed my mobile k550i to w610i. My phone’s cid version is 53 red.

  253. bhuvan says

    yeah, like i said first downgrade the erom, then go ahead with patching! that will be much safer and easier!

  254. Gappa says

    how to do this???
    can u paste the link of tutorial??

  255. Gappa says

    Thank u very much Bhuvan…….

  256. bhuvan says


  257. jarjit says

    after me refill mbn+quick accses to first time & now i will to refill vkp other!
    What me now reffil file mbn+quick acsses to second time!

  258. isuruk810i says

    hey i cant patch my k810! it’s cid53.. when i trying to patch with jd flasher or se tool phone is turning on! why??? pleace help me!!!

  259. ryan says

    uhmm.. dude.. everytime i use q2020 after that,
    bfs appeared right?
    i click the the bflash.. then its error, my phone is turn on
    its says.. SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(run(gethello(IOusb:getblock(time exceed)))))))

    what will i do? to patch my phone?

  260. Suraj says


    i’ve applied quick access patch on my w580i using ur tut..

    but after i select bfs or bflash in qa2020 mode i get an error

    “setdirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(unknown command(ldr)))))”

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