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Applying Patches

UPDATE: Sony Ericsson Update Service links removed, Don’t Update your phone with SEUS.

In this tutorial we discuss how to apply patches

Using patches you can improve the features of your phone and also change the graphics of the phone. You can remap folders in FS to phone memory and change acoustics, camera drivers and other stuff easily. With patches you can also disable many messages and bypass them to continue. For example you can bypass the “Insert handsfree message” to start the radio without the handsfree. And many more.

Patch is a piece of code which is applied to the Main firmware. By Applying a patch the parts of main firmware are modified. Main firmware consists of many flash blocks. Each flash block has an address and information stash. A patch is applied to a particular flash block to change the variables and codes in the flash block. A patch contains the address of the flash block to be patched and the code to be changed in a flash block

Patching with db2020 bypass security takes lots of time. Hence den_po came with the idea of quick access patch and implemented in his Jdflasher. Which was then taken by the_laser and implemented in his Setool 2 lite.

db2020 phones are k530 k550 k610 k770 k790 k800 k810 and w580 w610 w660 w710 w830 w850 w880 etc.

Patches for firmwares are available here english or here russian

I have included the video tutorials in the Setool 2 lite download archive. Here we have the text tutorial with explanations of actions and important information.

The Tutorial

Direct Download Download Link.

UPDATE: SEUS now updates all phones to CID53 hence disabling SeTool 2 lite and XS++ support for your phone. So Do Not update your phone with SEUS. SEUS was used to install USB Flash drivers, now we have to manually do this.

Hence now Please follow this tutorial to install USB Flash drivers !

2. Shutdown phone. Reinsert battery.
3. Choose Your phone in Phone type. Click Read GDFS.
4. Connect phone to Setool 2 lite holding C.
5. Wait for few seconds. Leave C when phone is detected.
6. When Setool is done it says “Elapsed:xx secs” , Then unplug phone. Reinsert Battery.

Note: Backup of GDFS to be made only for the first time. Backup GDFS once with Setool 2 lite and also once with XS++ if you have not done yet. Then store your GDFS safely. You can also go through GDFS backup in tutorial section for more on gdfs.

In phone Model you can choose any db2020 model .. if you have a k770 .. you can choose phone model as w610 or w880 or any db2020 phone mentioned earlier !!

Apply Quick Access Patch

First we enable quick access patching for your firmware using db2020 security bypass and from then on apply other patches using quick access patch.

Drag and Drop your Main Firmware on qamaker.exe , it will generate the quick access patch .vkp for your firmware. Qamaker is included in the Setool 2 lite download archive.

Note. Download the Main firmware for your phone from if you don’t have. Or Goto Contact Section of this website and make a request for the Main firmware for your phone. I will get back to you.

Now start SeTool 2 Lite
In Files box click add and add the main firmware you used to generate quick access patch.

Now in Misc Files click ‘….’ and add the quick access vkp patch generated.

Check Bypass db2020 Security ! Press Flash. Reinsert Battery and connect phone holding C. Leave C when phone gets detected and operation starts. Wait for db2020 security bypass operations

When done setool 2 lite asks you to unplug phone, reinsert battery, Press READY and then connect phone holding C. Do it in order, Correctly.

SeTool 2 lite Flashes the Main. When main is flashed it starts to apply the patch.
It asks you to Click NO to apply the patch and YES To Remove the Patch. Hence Click No. Wait for a few minutes. Patching will complete and you have successfully applied the quick access patch.

Once you applied quick access patch you apply all other patches by the method given below


Now get patches from (from here) . Patch is basically a text code.

Find out patches for your firmware. If your firmware is a w610 R6BC002 then look out for w610 R6BC002 patches.

Copy the code in notepad and click ‘save as’ and in Save as type choose >> ‘All Files’ and then save it as >> patchname.vkp give any name of your choice

Start Setool 2 lite. Select Phone Model. Check use “quick access” patch.

In Misc Files click ‘….’ and select the patch that you want to apply. the patch that you just now saved as patchname.vkp

Click Write Script.

Reinsert battery and connect phone holding C, Leave C when phone is ready . Then setool 2 lite asks you to click No to apply the patch and click yes to remove the patch. Hence click no. If it says some patch values differs then click yes and continue applying the patch.

The patch will be then applied. After patching is done setool 2 lite says .vkp executed disconnect phone reinsert battery and start your phone.

Also go through the video tutorials included in the setool 2 lite 1.1 archive. !

You must also know how to extract an FS because some patches require that you place some files in M2 Card. Such as to use a patch that replaces /tpa/preset/system/desktop to /usb/other/flash

you must first create folder “flash” in Other folder in phone using file manager and then copy the contents of FS/tpa/preset/system/desktop To /usb/other/flash and then apply the patch or else phone might fail to start the menu !!

So Learn to Extract an FS from here and study the FS of a phone

Links For Patches !!!!!!!! Firmware Specific !

NOTE: There are problems if you access the russian sites using google translator, the code that you copy is copied twice over. So while copying codes use the russian version of the sites.

K530 SW-R8BB001
K550 SW-R8BA024
K610 SW-R1KG001
K770 SW-R8AA018
K790 SW-R1GB001
K790 SW-R6BC002
K790 SW-R1KG001
K790 SW-R1JC002
K800 SW-R1KG001
K800 SW-R8BA024
K810 SW-R6BC002
W580 SW-R6BC002
W580 SW-R8BA024

W610 SW-R6BC002
W610 SW-R8BA024
W660 SW-R8BB001

W710 SW-R1GB001
W710 SW-R1JC002
W850 SW-R1JG001
W850 SW-R1KG001
W880 SW-R8BA024

Z610 SW-R6DA001
Z610 SW-R1ED001
Important >> Always press correct button. Many have killed their phones by pressing Write GDFS instead of Write Script. See that you press Write SCRIPT button while patching !

Note : If you make a mistake, your phone will mostly get bricked ! In that case you should reflash your main with XS++ or SeTool 2 lite ! If Your phone is completely dead when no Tool like XS++ or SeTool 2 lite can detect it or when red light blinks ! Red Light blink problem can be fixed ! Please be careful and don’t use wrong files and wrong button !

For applying sysgrafix path use JDflasher, Its faster and better in every respect and ease of use once you used it 😉 !

That’s it folks !

Regards !!

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