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Creating Walkman 2 Skins Easily

See the End Result !

Tool Required :

1. MS Paint
2. My Layout Files
3. An Image ( for background )
4. 2 Minutes

No need of any other graphics editor MS PAINT Is More then enough !

>> download the layout files from here
>>Zoom And Color the black borders with the color you like
>>Click on Edit and Select all >> again click edit and click copy
>>then paste the layout on any image.. Then click Image Option and click on Draw Opaque

….(because draw opaque must be disabled.. or else you will be pasting entire image instead of layout only)

Save Image as png !
done !!

i have provided both layout files for 176×220 skins and for 240×320 …!!
whenever u create a new skin.. upload them with their resolution mentioned..!

There are 2 Types of layouts for Play_View for 176×220 skins.. Use any one of them


Zoom and Color the buttons with color of your choice
Colour for text in multimedia player
USE ThIS SKIN.XML generator !!

Save the skin files.. upload to Phone !!!!!!

Layout Files for 176×220

Layout Files for 240×320

Example: A skin made using layout files.

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