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Red Light Blinking, Dead ?

You try to start your phone but the red light at the infrared port blinks 5 times and phone refuses to start. XS++ and SeTool 2 lite no longer detect your phone. Your computer also does not identify your phone. ANd its seems to be completely Dead..Read On, We will fix it.

Redlight blinking is a Sign of Low Battery or a Dead EROM. Some time during flashing the EROM goes dead or corrupt due to errors.  If phone has a bad EROM it shuts down and does not start even if battery is charged to full.

Double Check that battery is not the problem before you proceed to flash the EROM.

In that case we have to repair the EROM. And now here we will discuss the easiest way to fix it.

Note: Before you use SeTool 2 lite you will need to have USB flash drivers installed. If you are visiting this website for the 1st time its highly likely that you do not have the USB Flash drivers installed. Please follow the USB flash driver installation tutorial in tutorials section to install them. And kindly borrow your friend’s Sony Ericsson Phone to install usb drivers because your phone is dead.

Using SeTool2 lite 1.11 we can fix this problem by this way.

  1. Start SeTool 2 lite
  2. Press Unlock\Repair Button, The first button.
  3. Reinsert Battery
  4. Connect phone holding 2+5
  5. Wait, SeTool 2 lite will repair the EROM, it will flash it back.
  6. Done

Now you can start your phone.

Regards Akshay.

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