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XS++ FSX Tutorial/Guide

Using FSX you can upload anything to FS of the phone. Its Just like FAR MANAGER.

You can add flash menus, change camera driver, change acoustics, add languages with FSX

The Video Tutorial attached explains how to upload stuff to the phone. Download Video

If you not made GDFS backup then please do it first, you also need have to have USB Flash Drivers Installed

You can upload stuff to phone either with own_custpack method or via FSX

Rest all remain same. Here is a list a of directories with information. Download the stuff and upload them

ifs/settings/acoustic/ >> Acoustics file
ifs/settings/camera/ >> Camera driver
ifs/settings/display/ >> Display driver
tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash >> flash menus

tpa/system/layout/ >> layout.xml
tpa/system/system/mutlitmedia/mp/skin >> Walkman 2 skins
tpa/system/preset/multimedia/pe >> frames , clipart etc
tpa/system/preset/multimedia/av >> visualizations

tpa/user >> stock pics and themes…

tpa/preset/system/settings >> startup and shutdown screens ! all are GIF but with no extension tpa/preset/system/sound >> all sound files
tpa/preset/system/menu >> the famous
tpa/preset/system/fonts >> fonts !

/usb/audio >> locked music (can be deleted with FSX only but not with phone)
/tpa/user/audio/ locked music
/tpa/preset/default/audio/ locked music

/USB/IMAGE >> locked images.. can be deleted
/tpa/user/image/ >> locked images
/tpa/prest/default/image/ locked images

;Locked Themes -> /USB/THEME
;Locked Themes -> /TPA/USER/THEME
;Locked Themes -> /TPA/PRESET/DEFAULT/THEMECheck out the FS for more directories and locations 😉

Please check out the customization of phone tutorial for more. You can use either own_custpack method or FAR MANAGER to FSX to upload files to FS

As said you can download stuff from my download area or from topse russia or se-nse download area !

Regards Akshay

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  1. akapu says

    Nice Work Bro……
    Can i use your Video on my web site?
    Good Luck…

  2. ravi kumar says

    thanks for you to using FSX method my phone
    k750I (R1DB001) accoustics uploading by your instruction

    with this files

    1.farfield_play.apf (R1CA021)
    2.farfield_Ring.apf (R1CA021)

    this two files only i uploaded

    its enough or more any files uploading?

    please tell me?
    thanks for again your instruction

  3. Akshay says

    apaku u can use the video but with credits and linkback 😉 thanks !!

    ravikumar .. upload all acoustic files .. the above two files control only back speaker play and ring there are many other files still .. upload all if u want over all change

  4. ravi kumar says

    what a azaing my phone headphone (loud)sound is again back. very very thanks for you
    now i am very very happy .


    and again

  5. Peti says

    hehe, i can’t change what you wrote with this account… 😀
    “tpa/preset/system/settings >> startup and shutdown screens ! all are GIF” is wrong, bro, splash is png. 😉

  6. Jason says

    Is XS++ free software? Where do you get values for the username,password and IP fields in the XS++ software and why are they needed? Is an active internet connection required during the flash?


  7. Akshay says

    its free software of course…
    you don’t need internet connection to use XS++
    the password thing is just to create database server .. which was not created .. no time and resources for developers

  8. Jason says

    Can you please post in more detail about the flashing? The video is pretty descriptive, but there are certain things like upgradation of cidp, files and firmware to be downloaded etc. That would be very much helpful.


  9. dirtiwhiteboi says

    i’m just browsing right now – anticipating experimentation with a few SonyE’s from eBay. i was thinking i might just jump headfirst right into all this, but after reading through a few tutorials here & there, i’m coming to the realization that i’m not even 1/10th as familiar with these practices as i led myself to believe. i’m almost a bit scared now – lol. from what i gather, however, you have done astounding things for this community regarding R&D and my hat is off to you… even if i don’t know what you’re saying all the time 😛

    thanks a lot 🙂

  10. Akshay says

    yeah take your time and hv fun !!

  11. Vedant says

    I have w810i
    main:-R4EA031_GENERIC_HN (DB2010)

    i would like to have custpack of CDA102494/139_R4ED00_S_ASIA_LEVAN

    can i get it anywhere ?

    thanks in advance

  12. Akshay says

    you can get it from se-nse download area

  13. Vedant says

    thanks Akshay………

    One more Q………

    As i just want to load Camera n Accoustic driver, is it required to do the flashing business ?

    or just accesing FS and loading the driver will sufficient ?

  14. Akshay says

    just upload cam driver with XS++ .. or FAR MANAGER

  15. Ian says

    First of all, I’d like to thank you for your tutorial! It’s been great and very useful; I managed to flash a useless and locked k550im to a powerfull w610i and I’m amazed by it!

    I’m trying to upload the acoustic and camera drivers using FXS. Do I have to delete the default files before uploading the new ones or do I only have to copy-paste them?
    Can I add languages from different language packs, lets say French, German, Spanish and Greek?

    Thx again, you’re the best!

  16. Ian says

    Thx for the tutorial. I haven’t tried it yet but it should work fine!
    I have a question: when uploading flash menus and drivers, do you have to delete the default files or just copy-paste and add them to the ones already there?

  17. Akshay says

    no .. there, its just an example on how to delete a file using XS++
    no need to delete any files . just upload as much as you want ! you can upload till your phone Internal Memory is full !
    for example w610 has 70 MB internal memory .. just upload max to 70 MB of flash menus and etc

  18. Ian says

    Thx, but this is my point: do I obtain maximum peformance from the acoustics and camera drivers by simply adding the new files to the list? I did flash the xaeromaloud drivers yesterday and didn’t see much of a difference, sound wise. Is it the same with the camera?

  19. Akshay says

    ian you can add extra languages .. see its tutorial in pimping sction !
    xaero ma loud if flashed properly .. u will certainly feel the difference . the loudness and the bass !

  20. Ram says

    Very great site!! You are doing very well akshay…. Hats off for your contribution!!

  21. prinxes says

    wah!!! wenever i connect the fone, it’s saying “Error: Cannot open phone communication port. Unplug your phone.” im using k810i. do i have to install a cd first? bcos i lost the cd that comes with my k810i. pls HHEEEEEEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!! thanx!:-)

  22. Peti says

    Have you installed the USB flash drivers?

  23. MANnDAaR says

    peti i hv great stuff for k770.i hv craeted gfx patches for k770.i dont think so gfx patches for k770 is available on any i want to share this stuff with u guys. u may add my downloading link under k770 patches in ur new website. i will keep updating my folder with k770 lighteffects once my presentation gets over in next week. i m glad to share my

  24. Peti says

    How about putting your stuff on instead? With snapshots of course (I will implement snapshot function on the site).

  25. MANnDAaR says

    ya sure!!!!!!!!!!!thats great.go 4 it. thanx

  26. Peti says

    Hey, don’t get too excited yet. The site has no upload function yet… YET, it will have it sooner or later, this weekend, I hope. 😀
    Then you will be able to upload your stuff with pictures, and you will be able to descibe them, manage comments for them.. It will be fun, trust me. 😀 😉

  27. Peti says

    But you should first register.-.-

  28. MANnDAaR says

    okl dude

  29. amal says

    hi ive tried many times to connect my phone to the software im still unable to connect… can some 1 give step by step instructions to follow.. plzzzzzzzz

  30. Akshay says

    have you installed usb flash drivers ?

  31. Adry says

    hi, can i download data from the phone using XS++ like original camdriver from the phone..i want to backup it..

  32. Peti says

    No. XS++ developers say that the next version will be able to download anything, but the current (3.1 – Darwin) can’t.

  33. Akshay says

    Adry extract an fs

  34. Raghu says

    hi Akshay,
    ur doin gr8 man, pls help me in improving the audio quality in my mobile,im using K790i

  35. Akshay says

    just install new acoustics.

  36. heritage says

    thank akshay

  37. D says

    i have a sony k790i and current soft version is R8BF003080130 I can connect it to xs++ but it shows that sorry your phone doesn’t support fsx Than what should i do?

  38. Peti says

    Use FAR Manager (SEFP or JDFlasher).

  39. sundhar says

    can we add the video streaming feature to k550i
    if any possibility pls reply

  40. Peti says

    Never heard of such possibility. And I don’t think the speed of wap or bluetooth could make it possible… But flash your k550 to w610. 😉

  41. fishbonec says

    may i know how to install usb flash player? i have downloaded the file but it’s in .sys

  42. samih says

    i need frimware for my k810i europe 2 pls tell me where i can get iy and the xs ++ softwre

  43. Akshay says

    the download page has all the links
    read em carefully
    hv fun !!!!!

  44. daraboth says

    I am in deep trouble and I’;m hoping you can help me. I got a w950i and I was playing around with the fonts. Now, my phone does not boot up and restarts constantly. I tried using FSX to delete the font files in d:\ but xs++ crashes and quits itself after it tries to open the filesystem.

    I read at xxx forums that apparently, the font loads in the RAM when the phone is loading and if the RAM gets overloaded or in my case corrupt, it restarts. And there is not way to format the internal flash memory on the W950 when it is not fully loaded.

    === what i need you help? ===

    1=how to deteted/connect my phone to pc, when it’s dead like this? which soft are compatible with sonyerisson w950i?

    2=how to delete/ remane “folder in D:/resoure/fonts” -> to other

    Is there any way I can save my new phone?

    Thanking you, and hope you reply my e-mail as soon as possible…?
    yours sincerely,

  45. Akshay says

    can you post XS++ log ?
    i think you need to reflash the firmwares.

  46. Peti says

    W950 is DB2000. It should be possible to handle it with XS, JDlasher and SeTool2.
    D:\ ??
    The ram can’t be overloaded from a single font file. I can’t find firmwares for that phone, so no reflashing is possible, I guess.
    Now try to connect the phone with JDFlasher and use a correct font.
    Though I think it was the restoration that is missing, so better get a REST file for w950.

    What is this “D:/resoure/fonts”??

  47. daraboth says

    akshay sorry that i didn’t tell u clear about : xs++

    it can connect to my phone, but when i chose “FSX” n i click “Button start FSX” it closed by itself.

    before it close :
    success! CS-loadder has been unlocked!
    Please wait while XS builds a list of directorie…
    Activating filessystem
    -‘ after it close

    Sorry for last, and for my text cos now i type my phone..

  48. Peti says

    How about trying JDFlasher?

  49. daraboth says

    -thank ur advice me to us JDflasher, but it has function to delete/upload file in to phone as SX++ FSX ?

    -how to connect W950 with FarManager-SEFS-2, cos w950, db200I, CID49 ? in that soft BOOT-SCR?PT not has that choice.
    (in SX++ i check ‘Smartphone-Connect’ , that let my phone connect wlth SX++)

    -@@@ tell me only @@
    which soft has function to delete/upload file in to phone as SX++ FSX ?
    @ cos i want to delete Folder ‘fonts’ in memory build- in-phone 4GB ‘D:\resource\fonts\’
    @ or delete files inside FONTS’S folder ‘D:\resource\fonts\’

    + + + + +many people said that
    reflash -> just format in drive ‘.C:’. ,so it can’t so my problem

    help me more…

  50. Akshay says

    jdflasher does not seem to have.

    try re flash with XS++ 2.2 and 3.0 and also 3.1

  51. Akshay says

    And you should use smart phone connect.

  52. Akshay says

    ok then use XS++ 2.2

    in jdflasher if there is no script for w950 or db2000 then don’t use it.

  53. Peti says

    Yep, reflash is the best way, but with what? I couldn’t find firmware for that phone!!

  54. daraboth says


  55. daraboth says


    + + + + +many people said that
    reflash -> just format in drive ‘.C:’. ,so it can’t so my problem in D: ((memory 4GB that build inside the phone ))
    reflash, it’s format on drive “C:”, i’m right?

    ==So i need any idea to solve this
    which soft has function to delete/upload file (SonyEricsson Customize Tool as XS++) in to phone as SX++ FSX ?

    @ cos i want to delete Folder ‘fonts’ in memory build- in-phone 4GB ‘D:\resource\fonts\’

    @ or delete files inside FONTS’S folder ‘D:\resource\fonts\’

  56. daraboth says

    akshay… try re flash with XS++ 2.2

    it show like this, and i stop it cos i don’t known when it stop…!

    14:17:58| XS++ v2.2 Ready !
    14:17:58| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    14:18:44| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    14:18:44| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    14:18:44| Master Port detected: COM7
    14:18:44| Slave Port detected: COM8
    14:18:44| Opening Port!
    14:18:44| Init master…Init OK!
    14:18:44| Aquiring phone info…Info sampled OK!
    14:18:44| Sender application header…Sent OK!
    14:18:44| Sending application…
    14:18:44| Sending db2000_application1_epoc.bin…
    14:18:44| Sent OK!
    14:18:45| Shutting down…Master Shutdown OK!
    14:18:46| Baseband ID: 7100
    14:18:46| Hardware Platform: DB2000 Smartphone
    14:18:46| Protocol Version: 3.1
    14:18:48| Speed set to 460800
    14:18:48| Sending db2000_cid03_prodid_p3b.bin…
    14:18:49| Applet ID: 070410 1354 NPACXC125871_DB2000_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3B
    14:18:49| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    14:18:49| Activating GDFS…
    14:18:49| Phone name detected!
    14:18:49| Profiling EPOC smartphone…
    14:18:49| Baseband ID: DB2001
    14:18:49| OTP CID: 49
    14:18:49| EROM CID: 49
    14:18:49| EROM Color: Red
    14:18:49| IMEI: 35286301xxxxxx
    14:18:50| Phone ID: W950
    14:18:50| Part Number: FAD-3022013-BV
    14:18:50| Phone smartphone version: R2D01
    14:18:50| Phone software version: CXC162037 R9G007
    14:18:50| Processing Unit: CXC162098 R7A04
    14:18:50| Bluetooth:
    14:18:50| Organizer: CXC162088 R6D22
    14:18:50| CDA: CDA162014/3 R6D19
    14:18:50| … and the phone lock code is: 88888888
    14:18:50| Ready for operation!
    14:19:06| Sending db2001_cid49red_cs_p1e.bin…
    14:19:22| Applet ID: 070405 1245 NPA1_CXC1327363_1_SEMC_CS_LOADER_1_P1E
    14:19:22| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    14:19:22| Activating loader…
    14:19:22| Activating GDFS…
    14:19:22| This loader is UNLOCKED
    14:19:22| Sucess! CS-loader has been unlocked!
    14:19:22| Deleting files…
    14:19:22| Uploading /files_to_upload to phone…
    14:19:22| Upload ./files_to_upload/ifs/settings/acoustic/BDSS_call.zapf to ifs/settings/acoustic/BDSS_call.zapf
    14:19:22| Activating filesystem
    14:19:29| Creating directory ifs
    14:19:29| Creating directory ifs/settings
    14:19:29| Creating directory ifs/settings/acoustic
    14:19:29| Deleting file ifs/settings/acoustic/BDSS_call.zapf
    14:19:29| Uploading file ifs/settings/acoustic/BDSS_call.zapf
    14:19:30| Done uploading
    14:19:30| Upload ./files_to_upload/ifs/settings/acoustic/BDSS_play.zapf to ifs/settings/acoustic/BDSS_play.zapf
    14:20:38| Creating directory tpa/system/multimedia/mp/skin
    14:20:39| Creating directory tpa/system/multimedia/mp/skin/Bezels
    14:20:40| Deleting file tpa/system/multimedia/mp/skin/Bezels/PlayView_Background.png
    14:20:42| Uploading file tpa/system/multimedia/mp/skin/Bezels/PlayView_Background.png
    14:20:43| Command: Error 0x02
    14:20:43| Failed
    14:20:43| Done uploading
    14:20:43| Upload ./files_to_upload/tpa/system/multimedia/mp/skin/Bezels/Rewind_Icon.png to tpa/system/multimedia/mp/skin/Bezels/Rewind_Icon.png
    14:20:43| Creating directory tpa
    14:20:44| Creating directory tpa/system
    14:20:45| Creating directory tpa/system/multimedia
    14:20:46| Creating directory tpa/system/multimedia/mp
    14:20:48| Error: FSX failed
    14:20:48| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    ==== Can you tell the step to delete some file/folde on drive C: or D:, OK Akshay? Plssss

  57. Akshay says

    hmmm you never reflashed any thing here.

    to delete fonts now use XS++ 3.1 only.. sounds better as you can see what’s happening.

    i don’t know about these smart phones ???

    but why do you want to delete the fonts ??
    can’t you delete using the phone itself ?

    now you delete all the files in files_to_upload folder in XS++ dir.

  58. daraboth says

    mr_rithy at yahoo dot com

  59. daraboth says

    oh god!

  60. Akshay says

    daraboth……… what happend ??
    we don’t really know about XS++ support for smart phones. as its not really complete.

    i really don’t know what you are upto

  61. hirophang says

    hello master,
    i m using w550i and window vista,
    i use XS++ then wanna start fsx….
    but it stuck at file system activaton…
    its cant start mapping the fs…
    do u have proper solution?!

  62. Peti says

    I’d try JDFlasher.

  63. daraboth says

    how to connect JDFlasher with w950i? i mean type of model, cos i don’t see my model…

  64. Peti says
    It says it supports DB2000, maybe with DB2010 script. If it doesn’t work, ask them…

  65. krunal says

    hey can u help me?
    i hav k 810i..
    i installed the usb drivers… and then connected to xs ++… it got connected and when i click on fsx and then start sfx it tells that my phone is not supported… it tells the same thing when i try to take back up through gdfs backup… plz tell me wat to do…?

  66. Akshay says

    your phone is CID53 then
    use Jdflasher.

  67. Prithvi says

    help me:
    I installed some acoustics.. n my ear piece’s microphone is not working.. i didnt delete the old acoustics. I directly uploaded the new one..
    tell me wat do..
    suggest me some good acoustic driver which had good sound n quality..

  68. Akshay says

    its correct. no need to delete first.
    just upload new ones. XS++ first deletes automatically and then uploads.

    reupload new acoustics again.

  69. Prithvi says

    thnx a ton for instant reply..
    which one(audio driver) is the best for w810i?
    wat abt cam driver which is the one best for w810i?

  70. Peti says

    No one knows. We don’t know which ones are best for k550@w610, the phones we have. Of course no idea about w810…

  71. Moe says

    I have a W580i and I just used XS++ to flash it and it was successful.

    Now I just tried to add menu files (menu.ML) but I noticed they were only pictures, not menu files. So I deleted them all and left my “menu.ML” file. But now my phone is very slow and when I’m at the wallpaper, it doesn’t show the date, time and the number of steps taken. So do you know what’s wrong? Do you know how to fix it? Or maybe a new menu file for the phone. PLEASE help me!


  72. Peti says

    It may mean that the layout.xml is buggy, maybe, too. The easiest solution is reflashing FS and CDA.

  73. Moe says

    Thanks, it worked. I reflashed my w580. But know there is another problem…

    Everytime I start the phone, there is a configuration error. I don’t get how this happened, I mean, I followed everything on the video, but I’m thinking the custom pack I put was wrong…

    Can someone give me a link to a site for the right w580 custom pack? I don’t want to try them all…


  74. Akshay says

    Moe i hope you really reflashed FS
    and also CDA.
    any cda will do . it should these two files in it cutomize.xml and preloaded_config.xml
    other file are optional.

    if problems again reflash main+FS+CDA

  75. oon says

    great job akshay…
    is XS ++ support muy k800i?!

  76. Akshay says

    yes. k800 CID52.
    connect phone to XS++ to know that.

  77. cristian says

    i uploade the .swf files to my phone’s memory with xs++

    but i still dont get the menu’s to work.. it remains the standard menu..

    any help?
    w610i , red DB2020

  78. Peti says

    To tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash? What flash menus do you use? The ones at are tested and working, try them. (the large pack) (all swf files need their thm files!!)

  79. Nasir says

    Hi Akshayy.

    I m addicted to flashing my w610i using XS++ but after getting my phone repaired due to a minor repair Im getting the following error

    After making any changes with FSX
    01:48:12| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button
    01:48:23| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    01:48:23| Error: FSX failed.
    01:48:23| FSX Shutdown!
    01:48:25| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    Plz help me out im felling like handicapped without flasing .

  80. Peti says

    It is because the service center has updated your phone’s firmware. Now your EROM CID is 53… so XS++ 3.1 won’t support it. 3.2 will. Until then, use JDFlasher.

  81. ryan says

    where is my tutorial on how to change acoustic on my W580i?

  82. Peti says

    Your tutorial? Follow this one.

  83. devvon vienna says

    help me here mate. i want to upgrade my phone to change my current R1jg001 to something like R6b or higher. but i dont know where to start.
    heres my phone info:

    R1JG001 prgCXC1250374_GENERIC_TH RR1JG001

    EROM: R3A016




    ITP SW VERSION: CXC 125 0308 R2D

    COSTUMATION CDA102568/6 R4A cxc1250376
    R1JG001 M_EAST_N_AFR

    MEM STICK: CDA102575_1



    R3B021 2006-10-12
    hope youll help me. and thanks in advance.

  84. Peti says

    Start with connecting to XS++, see the logs.

  85. duan says

    where i can place standby files in tpa?

  86. Peti says

    Standby files?-.-

  87. duan says

    where i can get patch files for radio without use handsfree?

  88. duan says

    standby files means.. when we press volume phone will show the time rite? if i wrong, get me right…
    i want that files show time and date.. thanx.

  89. duan says

    Don’t use XS++ 3.2 as it’s a leaked developer version!
    Wait until it’s officially released!

    (Using 3.2 may brick your phone.)”

    duan says: it is rite akshayy Peti?

  90. Peti says
    I think there is no such expression “standby file”, what you mean is called sleep mode. That can be changed only with SleepMode ELF.
    We are two separate beings. Akshay is from India, Peti is from Hungary. That’s right, XS++ 3.2 was leaked as a beta, it is risky to use it.

  91. duan says

    elf and vkp it is same?

  92. duan says

    so how i want to make a change fsx phone wit CID53?

  93. Peti says

    Elf is UNIX binary, executable. VKP is patch, applied on the main firmware. Not the same.
    XS++ can’t handle CID 53 phones. Only JDFlasher can.

  94. duan says


  95. duan says

    sori again.. where i have to put ‘standby flash’ in tpa?

  96. Peti says

    Standby flash, this again. -.-
    Standby animations go to picture folder, simple file transfer.

  97. Amritinder says

    How Can I Put Mega Bass On My Cybershot K800i

  98. Peti says

    See the MegaBass tutorial.

  99. Joy Bose says

    Is there any way to backup original acoustics, camera drivers from K810 into pc by using XS++ ?

  100. Peti says

    Only with JDFlasher after applying Quick-Access patch. But you can get them by extracting an FS.

  101. Joy Bose says

    Till now I have only backed up my GDFS using the guide here.

    How will I know which FS I have , I bough the phone a few days ago from Mobile Store (Delhi) India. (The import month is July 2008 on the box)

    I really want to try Peter’s Acoustics but can’t backup my original acoustics.

    MY phone is K810 CID52

    Pl. guide me , I am new to modding.



  102. Joy Bose says

    Also my firmware is R8BA024.

    Top Sony has so many FS for this firmware of K810.


    As for Quick Access Patch :-

    I downloaded a file from Top Sony as the Main Firmware of size(15MB)


    Is this the correct main firmware for my phone.

  103. Peti says

    All of them have the same drivers, extract any.

  104. Peti says

    To change acoustics, you don’t need to flash main or FS.

  105. Joy Bose says

    I want to backup the exact files which are in my phone and not from other FS available.

    For that I think I have to follow the Quick access patch way and extract FS using JDflasher.

    My EROM is R3A022 and not DB2020.

    Can I use quick access patch ?

  106. Peti says

    K810 is a DB2020 phone. You tell EROM version, doesn’t matter.
    The drivers are exactly the same in all FS’s. But do as you wish. Go for QA then.

  107. Danijel says

    akshay plz help me how to flash my sony ericsson k550i CID53 ! i am flash frend phone k550i to w610i via XS++ program! i want flash my phone tell me how plz ! ! ! and give me link where i need join for teach! helpppp!!!!


  108. Peti says

    Use JDFlasher (ofs) and CID 53 firmwares.

  109. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    same problem xD xs++ sucks needs an update as well as setool xD we need to flash cid 53!!! damn well but as said Peti use JDFlasher there’s the tutorial xD

  110. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    good luck 😉

  111. Ryan says

    when i used custpack i didnt delete the stuff i uploaded. every time i uploaded the same stuff. will it have made copies on my phone cos it sais ive got 10mb left

  112. Danijel says

    i need custpack for my k550i he is CID53 but i flash him so will dont work!

  113. Peti says

    @Ryan: I think it doesn’t copy stuff, why would it? 😀
    @Danijel: Custpacks are not CID dependent, any custpack will work (that was for DB2020 phone).

  114. ryan says

    cos my s500 which i flashed to w580 sais it has 10mb left and hardly anything is in pics or vids. is it because of the main and fs size?

  115. Peti says

    The FS. Move all your stuff to card, and use less flash menus and walkman skins at the same time.

  116. Ubay says

    Mr. Akshayy help me please,… I have a little bit problem. i have just change my k530i camdriver to k800i camdriver ( in the rar file just only one file : camdriver0.dat ) but it doesn’t work !!!!!!! when i press the camera button it say : “another application is running . close it. and then start the camera” What exacctly that mean????? my phone doesn’t running any application. i have created a GDFS Backup, but i don’t know how to get back to the my k530i earlier… do you have any suggestion for this camdriver, please tell me if you have link to download camdriver, that will be WORK at my phone. sorry with my english cause I Am Indonesian and I’m still 16 years old, please reply me to my email or maybe in this forum, please reply AQAP (As Quick As Possible) Thank you very much before.

  117. Ryan says

    Best chance of getting the original camdrivers back are at or at se-nse

  118. Adil says

    hi Akshay i have a k550 it has problem.when i connect the phone to setool lite 1.11 it give me error like..
    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:52
    err: 32 (30)
    loader header not accepted
    Can’t load ID loader !
    Elapsed:6 secs.
    please tell what shuold be do..

  119. Ryan says

    did u install USB Flash drivers

  120. Dinanna says

    When I connect my phone onto XS++, it keeps giving me this error message saying “Cannot open phone communication port”
    Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks alot!

  121. Dinanna says

    Oh I installed flash drivers for my phone but when I connect my phone, there is no popup… I even Youtubed it -.-
    So is it like a problem with my phone or what?

    Thanking you coming from a computer-illiterate ><

  122. Spidey says

    Hi Can W880i CID53 be unlocked with JDflasher yet? I keep getting PutFile errors? thanks!

  123. Akshay says

    Dinanna.. what’s the prob
    did you install usb driver properly and correctly >??
    first do that
    then phonw should get detected there is nothing much to it.
    hold phone and connect after battery re-insert

  124. prashant says

    hey i gots a w580i andd im tryin to get these flash menus etc. but after dowloading the xs software and clicking connect, i hold the c button down but it says that it cannot open my communication port…does anyone knowhow to fix this problem…thanks =)

  125. Peti says

    Install USB flash drivers. 😉

  126. prashant says

    i dun got xp on my laptop, so i tried on computer and i right click and click install, it dont workk :S

  127. Saleem says

    bhai i want my k810i in megabass,what should i do

  128. Paul says

    anybody knows where i can get a custompack for my W950i phone. I want to flash and debrand it.

  129. williecan says

    excellent, clear and helpful vid.

    i’m beginning to get the swing of things.

    this is fun!!!

    also a bit scarey…



  130. nitin says

    hi i m using k530i and i change my firmware to w660i and now i hav problem with hardware headset jack of phone is too loose,
    wat i hav to do now? and i dont want to go ASC for repair, how will i get replacement, any idea pls suggest me…

  131. Akshay says

    Paul at and
    also search in works


    just go back to k530 and go to service.

  132. John says

    Hea ,i hav many elf files 4 ma w830 wer should i flash it.

  133. Akshay says

    use jdflasher for patching first.

  134. Gungclo says

    Thanks akshayy,.. I was flashing my K550i to W610i and do any thing customazion in phone, and its works… just one, when I add my walkman skin, I put skin folder in place what you say, but when I look at skin list, the name is different and when I chek, doesn’t work. Why..? help me.,

  135. Gautam says

    Hi please tell whether is possible to use X++ directly to change the menu icons without unlocking or patching with SE Tool. Please let me know cos I tried it’s not happening it keeps showing the progress bar and there’s no progress. My firmware version is CXC1250214 R1GB001 061129 CID 52 RED. When I tried to unlock with setool it didn’t generate the .mbn file in the qamaker folder. Please help me to unlock my SE K800i. I will be very grateful to you guys. Thank You.

  136. bhuvan says

    no clue bro…it should work!
    i guess…akshay is off for few days…so u better come here!
    there many guyzz taken buy akshay will guide you well!

  137. Gautam says

    Thnx Bhuvan, Ireally appreciate it.

  138. varun says

    can my w700i support flash menus….

  139. William says

    My w580i walkman phone does not work. A STILL red lights pop up after many attempts of flashing it using se tool 2 lite. And it won’t come on nor be detected by my computer. I tried using the xs++ and an error reads: “Error: Cannot open phone communication port.” what do I do when I don’t won’t to use another wrecked phone around the house?????

  140. jeul says

    pls. help me, i want my scrollbar become transparent on my theme that i make….
    coz, o saw some theme that i downloaded were transparent theri scrollbar background.. so. i want it to be like it..

  141. Papiculoo says

    why my w660 is shown not supported???can anyone help me!!!!

  142. Jessica says

    I’ve follow all your tutorials but I still can’t get the menus to work, they just come up with all the boring icons! Please help!

  143. duan says

    where i hv 2 put standby flash(.swf) in fs?

  144. Akshay says

    You should edit the THM file to make use of SWF actually.
    You should put stand SWF into the theme.
    Using My Themes Creator from you use the stand by swf as standby.

    or else use SE themes creator and set SWF and standby in it. Then save the them and use it.

    No need to copy SWF into FS

  145. hairi says

    hei why my phone cannot connt to fsx….?my phone w800i cid 32 phone clor brown not red….?plse replay this msage quickly….?!!!

  146. hairi says

    how to add language……?

  147. Akshay says

    I have written a tutorial for that. Check it out. Modding is all about using XS++ and Far Manager.
    And today is the last working day !
    I have exams from Monday !! I am signing out !! My friend bhuvan should now handle comments for 2 weeks now.

    See you in New Years 🙂 !! Take care and have fun !!

  148. meich says

    uhm, it said it doesn’t support my phone…which is w910i…

  149. bhuvan says

    it will say!
    cuz ur fone is db3150\a2
    look in a2 uploader guide

  150. .di says

    this is my phone info..

    prgCXC1250316_GENERIC_HN R4EA031

    EROM: R3A005

    LCD SW versions
    Main display
    Current: 0

    Camera SW versions
    Current: 4.5

    ITP SW version
    CXC 125 0326 R1E

    CDA102555/13 R2A
    cxc1250324 R4ED001
    Memory Stick:

    Content version
    Memory Stick: R1A

    Java™ SW version

    Update service SW
    UA version:
    CRH1069179 R3BA002
    2006-08-11 10:52

    This is the info I can see on my W810i.. unbrand/unlocked.. Can I use this Tutorial to change startup/shutdown pics and sound.. and so on..?

  151. bhuvan says

    keep it going…dont worry…if things go worng..we are here!

  152. Jw says

    Hi! thx for your tutorial it works gr8! Do u know where i can find any start up screens, there don’t seem to be many around!

  153. bhuvan says

    dont remmber…better google it

  154. NITIN says

    Hi Akshay, Peti, bhuvan n all friends
    Happy new year
    Hi i got my handset back on Dec 31 which was i lost on nov 13
    hey i have been allready change firmware K530i to w660i few months before and now phone is getting hang again n again after removed and reinsert battery it works again
    its hardware problem or software issue
    wat should i do … pls tell me briefly and pls leave ur mob no. sorry i will not disturb u n also will not take ur too much time for same……thx

  155. Andanda says


    Thanks for your tutorials, I’ve debranded my phone and everything :D. But I can’t get the internet working on my W880i, I have got the settings sent from o2 but first I get a message saying data accounts full and when I try to access it it says connection failure, :S

    What has happened?!

  156. bhuvan says

    we cant leav r mobile no like that….u can contact me n akshay thru orkut!
    and if this thing is happening….format the mem card….n fon mem too!!!by simple windows method…

  157. bhuvan says

    get the settings from se site

  158. Lahiru says

    Help me, when i exit xs++ 3.1 pc is turn off automaticaly .why???i used vista starter

  159. bhuvan says

    it should not swithed off…use jd flasher

  160. mareat says

    Hi, I have flashed my sony ericsson but I can’t get walkman skins to work I put them in the right place using XS++ and they are the right skins for my phone , ive checked! But when I put them on my phone it just comes up with another ‘orange skin’ when I try to change the skin and the skin doesn’t work! Any help much appriciated! Thx

  161. bhuvan says

    ill get u d solution..plzz b patient

  162. mareat says

    ok thanks!

  163. angelhygie says

    pls help me how to flash my phone into megabass.
    my phone is a k800i..
    pls help me guys

  164. angelhygie says

    where i can download xs++?

  165. Akshay says

    angelhygie. hmmmm well this saturday will write new tutorial. Is that ok ?

  166. sushil says

    i have w810i
    i m not able to turn on my phone
    i dont know properly what i done with fsx,
    when i connect my phone with XS++, the fsx field is totally blank & all options containing file system explorer is blank only enabled one is “Make Dir”
    please help me………..what to do…….

  167. sushil says

    hey….. my FSx field contain some options…next tine when i connected………
    but my phone is not turning ON……..
    i already have the back up of GDFS….i have applied it also…..but there is no response
    what can i do……………
    plzz help me……..if there any proper solution

  168. sushil says

    this is my phone info

    17:21:45| Baseband ID: 8040

    17:21:45| Protocol Version: 3.1


    17:21:45| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…

    17:21:45| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L

    17:21:45| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader

    17:21:45| Activating GDFS…

    17:21:46| Phone name detected!


    17:21:46| Profiling SEMC phone…

    17:21:46| Platform: DB2010

    17:21:46| OTP CID: 49

    17:21:46| EROM CID: 49

    17:21:46| EROM Color: Red

    17:21:46| IMEI: 35462301xxxxxx

    17:21:46| Phone ID: W810

    17:21:46| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    17:21:46| CDA: CDA102494/139 R1A

    17:21:46| Firmware Version: R4DB005

    17:21:46| EROM: n/a

    17:21:46| Ready for operation!

  169. sushil says

    And this is status of FSX

    + ifs
    + smsdata
    + system
    + tpa
    + usb

  170. bhuvan says

    @ sushil
    use jd flasher
    re flash

  171. bhuvan says

    so whats wrong
    its all fine
    thats the drive map of your fs….
    now when u r saying that its not turning on…get your batt out…re insert it..then see..
    still doesnt works then re flash
    dont just restore gdfs like that…its will brick your phone

  172. Abhishek says

    my phone is w580i and CID is 53.. when i try to FSX.. it says my phone is not supported.. why’s that ??

  173. bhuvan says

    xs++ not supports cid:53 phones
    so go for jdflasher

  174. Lahiru says

    I used xs++ 2.2.i upload new fonts to my K530i using say uploading succesfully.but i had old fonts sure i rename fonts correctly.
    What i must do………..

  175. bhuvan says

    delet all the old files then upload new ones

  176. hellboy says

    Did you upload the edited Fonts.xml ??

  177. bhuvan says


  178. loser says

    My K750i has suddenly developed a problem. Its
    speaker output is very low and I can not hear ring or music thru speaker. Sony service centre says it can not be repaired. can FS++ fix that probelm?
    Please advise

  179. mareat says

    Hi Bhuvan just wondering if you had found the solution for my walkman skins not working on my W880i? The question was posted on Jan 07 at 18:35.


  180. Sreekanth Sundar says

    Dear akshay,
    i am using a sony ericsson w850i… i want to customize my phone and want to use the cool flash type instead of the old original type menu…. pls tell me whether its possible or not…. the site is very very usefull….


  181. bhuvan says

    upload acoustics….different ones
    get one from filebase

  182. bhuvan says

    @ mareat
    what problem are u facing?

  183. bhuvan says

    @Sreekanth Sundar
    its totally possible!
    follo the tutorial
    get themes from our filebase!
    never update through seus

  184. Sreekanth Sundar says

    what is seus? i dont know abt that
    pls help me with that also

  185. hellboy says

    SEUS= Sony Ericsson Update Service, don’t ever update through that. 🙂

  186. mareat says

    I have flashed my sony ericsson but I can’t get walkman skins to work I put them in the right place using XS++ and they are the right skins for my phone , ive checked! But when I put them on my phone it just comes up with another ‘orange skin’ when I try to change the skin and the skin doesn’t work! Any help much appriciated! Thx

  187. hellboy says

    What phone do you have??

  188. mareat says

    Sony ericsson W880i

  189. mareat says

    Sony ericsson W880i!

  190. mareat says

    sorry posted twice by accident

  191. bhuvan says

    @ mareat
    try deleting the settings file in skins dir

  192. Pandula says

    Akshay,Great man Keep it up thnx a lot

  193. kulaspog says

    i have SE K770i and i want to change menu icons please tell me its possible or not… pls! reply. and i want the menu icons of iphone…

  194. AW7 says

    i tried flash my w550i “dead” phone using w200,w580,w810 firmware. i used se++ to flash it. also i tried as the tutorial video i downloaded from here. but after the first flash block it sopped. i tried many times but couldnt done it. please please help. thank you in advance to Akshayy bhai and others here.

  195. bhuvan says

    thats possible..
    get from our filebas.e.
    and upload them

  196. bhuvan says

    bhai why are u using other phone’s firmware?/
    ull damage your phone forever!
    do it with your phone’s firmware

  197. mareat says

    no deleting the settings file didn’t work! 🙁 but since then I’ve dropped my phone on the kitchen floor and it no longer works – I think there’s a loose connection somewhere so I need to take it back to the shop to be repaired but will they do it even though I’ve debranded it? Will they tell I’ve debranded it? I don’t want to take t along and then for them to say they can’t do it cos I’ve taken away the operator firmware etc..

  198. AW7 says

    Thnx bhuvan bhai for the reply. i searched many sites but could’t find w550i firmware. also my erom is brown. n some forum i’d read says can’t upload or flash red firmware to brown waala erom phone.

  199. bhuvan says

    well…if you are taking it to authorized service center then u need to worry else no need!
    wel wtz the problem u are facing?

  200. bhuvan says

    yea…wherever u found this…thats right.
    well…let me get this query to akshay…ill get back to u

  201. mareat says

    I’ll take it to O2… It’s only that my phone won’t switch on after I had dropped it, sometime it comes on briefly to the startup screen and then just goes off again… so i will be ok just taking it 2 o2?

  202. sikandar says

    i want to be apply patches to my phone but the firmware version v1.08 has not option of quick acces patch any one help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  203. sikandar says

    any one tell me through which version of firmware i apply patches on my k810i

  204. bhuvan says

    @ mareat
    whats o2???

  205. bhuvan says

    crossflash to version which supports flashing
    for knwoing which firmware supports..
    download anycid from anycid patching guide…look there

  206. shrawan says

    hey akshayy, i just downloaded setool 2 lite from 4shared. and i found out your site and finally i’m here to contact you phew!!! i feel kinda relax. btw i have w810i db2010 so do i really need quick access patch and qamaker?? i really need to learn lot from you. so will you guide me to flash my w81oi? please reply me . i am from nepal.

  207. mareat says

    o2? It’s a network….like orange, vodafone…

  208. bhuvan says

    well i would suggest u to use se tool only for gdfs backup and patching
    se tool for fs customization or jdflasher too…thts what even i use
    qa and qa maker..are there in setool…look in folders
    backup gdfs from both xs++ and gdfs
    it needs to be restored rarely…
    mostly reflashing works

  209. bhuvan says

    @ mareat
    i dont think that they will help u!
    try reflashing or seus

  210. shrawan says

    i have downloaded debranding tutorial and xs++fsx tutorial from4shared given by this tutorial above but both are in .exe file so are u sure it’s a video ? it’s application file i guess

  211. AW7 says

    Sharwan bhai just run the exe file. It’s a video tutorail in exe file.

  212. sid says

    damn where are my comments?…..ok here we go again….!

    can some temme how i can change the volume bar and the icon of battery signals. …..etc….

  213. wadan says

    hey akshay thanks for your efforts but the part i dont understand is that why do we flash tha phone and if i have a k800i then how do i know what is its cid number and please tel me about the cuts pak wat is it

  214. hellboy says

    sysgfx patches.;)

  215. bhuvan says

    lol…even i did not deleted them..i guess…browser’s problem
    for theat u need to knwo about patching
    follow the patching guide..

  216. bhuvan says

    flashing is like re isnatlling whole os
    connect to xs++
    log will be there…copy and paste here..ill tell u which cid u got

  217. tantra09 says

    i just don’t understand why does the creator of the new version of xs++ would create that software for linux only coz we all know that most pc users are using windows OS. maybe he’s trying to tease those SE users with CID53 firmware. well i just hope that sum1 will create a tutorial on how to install linux and how to use that phonexs in linux operating system.

  218. bhuvan says


  219. Popi says

    Hi, I would like to flash my phone a W580i (CID53, DB2020) and I have some questions :
    1) – What is CID xx? What’s the difference between CID52 and CID53?
    – What is DB xxxx? What does it serve to know it?
    2) If I back up GDFS with Setool (which seems to support CID53 with what I’ve read and understood) but I flash my cellphone with xs++, is it fine or with setool is better? But… what’s the difference between those 2 programs?
    3) How do you chose your firmware (main and FS)?
    4) Is it by changing FS or/and main that change the language on the phone? Or you have to download a kind of language package? (if so, are there so criteria to check before downloading it?)
    5) After flashing the phone, I can simply put back my SIM card and it will work?
    6)When you write «Download the stuff and upload them :
    ifs/settings/acoustic/ >> Acoustics file
    ifs/settings/camera/ >> Camera driver…». Does it mean, there is a file exactly named «ifs/settings/acoustic/» that I have to download on the net? Must I use one specifically for my phone?
    7)When you write «Locked Themes -> /USB/THEME
    ;Locked Themes -> /TPA/USER/THEME
    ;Locked Themes -> /TPA/PRESET/DEFAULT/THEMECheck out the FS for more directories and locations»
    What is «locked themes»? Do you mean that we have to pu the «locked themes» in a file named «/TPA/USER/THEME»?
    Thanks in advance,

  220. bhuvan says

    Popi big diffrence…only xs++ is not supported by cid:53 phones…use jdflasher..patching method is also diff in cid:53..use anycid method
    -dbxxxx are diff platforms in se phones…urs is db2020…ne ones are in a2 that is db3150 platform..old platform is db2010
    2 forget both programs…only jdflasher supports cid:53 phones!
    uve got no way of backing up gdfs…if u are lnux user then u can by phone xs
    3 choose firmware which matches your phone…and which is latest or best!
    4 u can do both…language is part of fs…flashing fs or simple uploading language files…both wil work!
    5 ya…u can…if your phone was not locked earlier
    6 there are several files to be uploaded to these folders!
    ifs/settings/acoustic/ >> Acoustics file
    ifs/settings/camera/ >> Camera driver
    these are directories
    7 locked themes are those themes which cannot be deletd through basic operations

  221. Popi says

    Thanks for your answer bhuvan! 🙂
    I have other questions :
    1) what’s patching? modding?
    2) Can you tell me how to use jdflasher? Are there any risk that the phone won’t work if I do something wrong?
    3) My phone is presently lock… so u mean that the sim card won’t work after flashing the phone?
    4) I downloaded xs++ and there is a file containing many files like SETT_WALLPAPER_HOOK_1.itm… are those files that I have to put in acoustic file or camera driver?
    7) do I have to download those locked themes? If so, where can I do it?

  222. bhuvan says

    1 patching gets ur phone to max!!!u can add visual effects and big features like…increasing mesg mem…n a lot more
    when ull see the,..ull learn…modding id midifications!
    2 follo guides given here for jddflasher!untill n unless u dont commit any problem…nothing will go wrng…
    3 for that ull have to apply a patch…for will b unbranded..but u wont b able to use other sim…patching will solve this
    4 file which u mentioned is not the part of acoustics nor cam driver..u have to download them seperately
    5 locked themes?

  223. prabhu says

    hi buddy my w580i mobile is dead. battery is good. i want to flash erom. plaese help me how to flash erom on my mobile. i downloaded xs++.
    please help me

  224. Rusputin says

    hi dude where can i get the patch 4 megabass 4r my s500i,pls help me…

  225. bhuvan says

    crossflash to w580…best way!

  226. Gborase says

    I my sony ericsion W550 mobile has some problem, it not starting only white screen are appear, pls tell me how can i rid out? how & which tools i need to reset. i have Win XP operating system

  227. gemini says

    hey i did as u said
    but mine is cid 53
    can u plz help me out ?

  228. bhuvan says

    use jdflasher!
    xs++ do not supports cid:53 phones

  229. moonflake says

    heyy!! good thing i found this site.. sooo
    juz a simply question..

    if i wud like to add an addtional language to my SE mobile phone, what exactly do i need/do?


  230. bhuvan says

    get the language files
    upload them in

  231. akbar says

    i cant start fsx on my w880i,can u teach me how to do that

  232. bhuvan says

    whats happening?
    show us the log

  233. adjie says

    I’ve download camera driver, n I upload it with XS++..
    after I upload,my camera phone doesn’t work..
    what’s the problem.?
    give me solutions pliz..

  234. bhuvan says

    whats happening with phone??

  235. blagus says

    And why don’t you write that we can use XS++, it asks to upgrade to CID52, click yes and done! Works with any phone, not only from that list!

  236. VILAS says




  237. senthil says

    i couldn’t select the GDFS option it is disabled. only settings option is enabled. pls advise

  238. ANUP says

    I dont know how to use FAR manager. Can you tell me how to use these kinda softwares? I’m stuck man

  239. Akshay says

    learn using the tutrails and vidoes. no other way out.

  240. john says

    i need mega bass software for my w995 .is it possible

  241. Akshay says

    you could tyr some mod for media player files in the file system, try explore via a2uploader

  242. Karthik says

    Hi… Have been trying a lot to install falsh menu into my K790i…. is it reall y possible? If yes…. then could you please give me a detailed tutorial?? M not a techie and M not even used to this XS++….

  243. Mr. A says

    hi akshay can u tell me how i increase my handfree sound ?`

  244. Mr. A says

    from where i get walkman player mod files i want to increase my handfree sound

  245. Ljubisa says

    Hey i have Sony Ericsson K800i (R8BF003)
    I start XS++ / connect / FSX / Start FSX / and they tell me that my phone is not supported

    send me on e mail a reply please

  246. vagelis>O says

    MY PHONE IS K530i IS (DB2020 CID53) FSX ERROR ?????? for why??? help 🙁

  247. karthi says

    how t creat sony ericsson w580i flash menu themes…plz explain me..

  248. Bharath says

    hi! its BHarath here. i own a k750i. my phone switches off all by itself. and when i switch it on near the signal indicator i see a weird icon. its like a big & small white ball overlapped on each other. also it connects to the internet when i switch it on. it started happening after i switched it on while holding the “c” button. PLEASE help me…Also please post a download link for xs++. GREAT WORK YOU ARE DOING DOWN HERE……………

  249. X says

    can i flash c510??????????

  250. Bhoot says

    I tried to change the menu of k810i….using xs++ and now i m getting the configuration error…….
    The log created by Xs++ is as follows:
    01:44:16| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !


    01:44:23| Attempting to open the interface…


    01:44:23| TURN OFF PHONE!

    01:44:23| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    01:44:23| You have 30 seconds…


    01:44:31| Baseband ID: 9900

    01:44:31| Protocol Version: 3.1

    01:44:31| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:K810)

    01:44:31| …using GDFS name


    01:44:31| Profiling SEMC phone…

    01:44:31| Platform: DB2020

    01:44:31| OTP CID: 51

    01:44:31| EROM CID: 52

    01:44:31| EROM Color: Red

    01:44:31| IMEI: 3531xxxxxxxxx

    01:44:31| Phone ID: K810

    01:44:31| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    01:44:31| CDA: CDA102779/87 R1A

    01:44:31| Firmware Version: R8BA024

    01:44:31| EROM: R3A022

    01:44:31| Ready for operation!

    01:46:23| After making any changes with FSX

    01:46:23| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button


    01:46:57| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…

    01:46:57| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J

    01:46:57| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader


    01:46:57| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid52_r2a006.bin…

    01:46:57| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0

    01:46:57| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader


    01:46:57| Sending db2020_red52_cs_r3a009.bin…

    01:46:59| Applet ID: 070410 1557 HANCXC1250562_DB2020_CSLOADER_R3A009

    01:46:59| This is a CHIPSELECT loader

    01:46:59| Activating loader…

    01:46:59| Activating GDFS…

    01:47:17| This loader is UNLOCKED

    01:47:17| Success! CS-loader has been unlocked!

    01:47:17| Please wait while XS builds a list of directories…

    01:47:17| Activating filesystem

    01:47:43| Device FS mapped…OK!

    01:49:43| Accessing file /tpa/preset/system/menu/

    01:49:43| Deleting file /tpa/preset/system/menu/

    01:49:43| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:10| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Phonebook_unsel.png to /tpa/preset/system/menu/Phonebook_unsel.png

    01:50:10| Creating directory /tpa

    01:50:10| Creating directory /tpa/preset

    01:50:10| Creating directory /tpa/preset/system

    01:50:10| Creating directory /tpa/preset/system/menu

    01:50:10| Deleting file /tpa/preset/system/menu/Phonebook_unsel.png

    01:50:10| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:10| Uploading file /tpa/preset/system/menu/Phonebook_unsel.png

    01:50:10| Done uploading

    01:50:11| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Settings_sel.png to Settings_sel.png

    01:50:11| Deleting file Settings_sel.png

    01:50:11| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:11| Uploading file Settings_sel.png

    01:50:11| Done uploading

    01:50:11| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Settings_unsel.png to Settings_unsel.png

    01:50:11| Deleting file Settings_unsel.png

    01:50:11| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:11| Uploading file Settings_unsel.png

    01:50:11| Done uploading

    01:50:11| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\SMSettings_sel.png to SMSettings_sel.png

    01:50:11| Deleting file SMSettings_sel.png

    01:50:11| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:11| Uploading file SMSettings_sel.png

    01:50:11| Done uploading

    01:50:11| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\SMSettings_unsel.png to SMSettings_unsel.png

    01:50:11| Deleting file SMSettings_unsel.png

    01:50:11| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:11| Uploading file SMSettings_unsel.png

    01:50:11| Done uploading

    01:50:11| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\video.gif to video.gif

    01:50:11| Deleting file video.gif

    01:50:11| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:11| Uploading file video.gif

    01:50:11| Done uploading

    01:50:11| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\video.png to video.png

    01:50:11| Deleting file video.png

    01:50:11| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:11| Uploading file video.png

    01:50:11| Done uploading

    01:50:11| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\applications.gif to applications.gif

    01:50:11| Deleting file applications.gif

    01:50:11| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:11| Uploading file applications.gif

    01:50:11| Done uploading

    01:50:12| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\applications.png to applications.png

    01:50:12| Deleting file applications.png

    01:50:12| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:12| Uploading file applications.png

    01:50:12| Done uploading

    01:50:12| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Applications_sel.png to Applications_sel.png

    01:50:12| Deleting file Applications_sel.png

    01:50:12| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:12| Uploading file Applications_sel.png

    01:50:12| Done uploading

    01:50:12| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Applications_unsel.png to Applications_unsel.png

    01:50:12| Deleting file Applications_unsel.png

    01:50:12| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:12| Uploading file Applications_unsel.png

    01:50:12| Done uploading

    01:50:12| Uploading C:\Users\bhoot\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Calls_sel.png to Calls_sel.png

    01:50:12| Deleting file Calls_sel.png

    01:50:12| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:12| Uploading file Calls_sel.png

    01:50:12| Done uploading

    01:50:12| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Calls_unsel.png to Calls_unsel.png

    01:50:12| Deleting file Calls_unsel.png

    01:50:12| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:12| Uploading file Calls_unsel.png

    01:50:12| Done uploading

    01:50:13| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Camera_sel.png to Camera_sel.png

    01:50:13| Deleting file Camera_sel.png

    01:50:13| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:13| Uploading file Camera_sel.png

    01:50:13| Done uploading

    01:50:13| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Camera_unsel.png to Camera_unsel.png

    01:50:13| Deleting file Camera_unsel.png

    01:50:13| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:13| Uploading file Camera_unsel.png

    01:50:13| Done uploading

    01:50:13| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\cybershot.gif to cybershot.gif

    01:50:13| Deleting file cybershot.gif

    01:50:13| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:13| Uploading file cybershot.gif

    01:50:13| Done uploading

    01:50:13| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\cybershot.png to cybershot.png

    01:50:13| Deleting file cybershot.png

    01:50:13| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:13| Uploading file cybershot.png

    01:50:13| Done uploading

    01:50:13| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Entertainment_sel.png to Entertainment_sel.png

    01:50:13| Deleting file Entertainment_sel.png

    01:50:13| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:13| Uploading file Entertainment_sel.png

    01:50:13| Done uploading

    01:50:14| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Entertainment_unsel.png to Entertainment_unsel.png

    01:50:14| Deleting file Entertainment_unsel.png

    01:50:14| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:14| Uploading file Entertainment_unsel.png

    01:50:14| Done uploading

    01:50:14| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\FileManager_sel.png to FileManager_sel.png

    01:50:14| Deleting file FileManager_sel.png

    01:50:14| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:14| Uploading file FileManager_sel.png

    01:50:14| Done uploading

    01:50:14| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\FileManager_unsel.png to FileManager_unsel.png

    01:50:14| Deleting file FileManager_unsel.png

    01:50:14| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:14| Uploading file FileManager_unsel.png

    01:50:14| Done uploading

    01:50:14| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\FMRadio_sel.png to FMRadio_sel.png

    01:50:14| Deleting file FMRadio_sel.png

    01:50:14| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:14| Uploading file FMRadio_sel.png

    01:50:14| Done uploading

    01:50:15| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\FMRadio_unsel.png to FMRadio_unsel.png

    01:50:15| Deleting file FMRadio_unsel.png

    01:50:15| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:15| Uploading file FMRadio_unsel.png

    01:50:15| Done uploading

    01:50:15| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\games.gif to games.gif

    01:50:15| Deleting file games.gif

    01:50:15| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:15| Uploading file games.gif

    01:50:15| Done uploading

    01:50:15| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\games.png to games.png

    01:50:15| Deleting file games.png

    01:50:15| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:15| Uploading file games.png

    01:50:15| Done uploading

    01:50:15| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Media_sel.png to Media_sel.png

    01:50:15| Deleting file Media_sel.png

    01:50:15| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:15| Uploading file Media_sel.png

    01:50:15| Done uploading

    01:50:16| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Media_unsel.png to Media_unsel.png

    01:50:16| Deleting file Media_unsel.png

    01:50:16| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:16| Uploading file Media_unsel.png

    01:50:16| Done uploading

    01:50:16| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\ to

    01:50:16| Deleting file

    01:50:16| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:16| Uploading file

    01:50:16| Done uploading

    01:50:16| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\music.gif to music.gif

    01:50:16| Deleting file music.gif

    01:50:16| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:16| Uploading file music.gif

    01:50:16| Done uploading

    01:50:16| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\music.png to music.png

    01:50:16| Deleting file music.png

    01:50:17| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:17| Uploading file music.png

    01:50:17| Done uploading

    01:50:17| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Operator_sel.png to Operator_sel.png

    01:50:17| Deleting file Operator_sel.png

    01:50:17| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:17| Uploading file Operator_sel.png

    01:50:17| Done uploading

    01:50:17| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Operator_unsel.png to Operator_unsel.png

    01:50:17| Deleting file Operator_unsel.png

    01:50:17| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:17| Uploading file Operator_unsel.png

    01:50:17| Done uploading

    01:50:17| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Organizer_sel.png to Organizer_sel.png

    01:50:17| Deleting file Organizer_sel.png

    01:50:17| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:17| Uploading file Organizer_sel.png

    01:50:17| Done uploading

    01:50:18| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Organizer_unsel.png to Organizer_unsel.png

    01:50:18| Deleting file Organizer_unsel.png

    01:50:18| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:18| Uploading file Organizer_unsel.png

    01:50:18| Done uploading

    01:50:18| Uploading C:\Users\Tuhin\Desktop\???? (Opera)\Phonebook_sel.png to Phonebook_sel.png

    01:50:18| Deleting file Phonebook_sel.png

    01:50:18| Deleted…OK!

    01:50:18| Uploading file Phonebook_sel.png

    01:50:18| Done uploading

    02:00:36| Shutting down FS Services

    02:00:36| Shutdown…OK

    02:00:36| Disconnecting phone…

    02:00:36| You may now unplug your phone.

    02:00:38| FSX Shutdown!

    02:00:38| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    02:00:55| Shutting down…

    i did not flash my phone…….just deleted the original Menu ml file and dragged the new menu ml file and other icons……….
    and now xs++ can’t even connect my phone…………
    02:19:57| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !


    02:20:06| Attempting to open the interface…


    02:20:06| TURN OFF PHONE!

    02:20:06| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    02:20:06| You have 30 seconds…


    02:20:36| Error: Cannot open phone communication port

    02:20:38| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    my phone is working but whenever i m pressing the menu button i m getting the configuration error……………..
    Please suggest What 2 do now……………………….

  251. Bhoot says

    And By The Way u people are doing a Great Job………………………
    pl. reply soon…………..
    Thanking u in advance…………………….

  252. bhoot says

    Problem solved: Still Thank you……………….

  253. bhoot says

    My k810i’s Firmware Version: R8BA024 … external speaker’s.. ..Sound is quite low………….Although great with my headset……….could you suggest something………..should i cross-flash……….and what are the cross-flashing possibilities of k810i………lastly if i apply a patch how can i remove it later……………. i use this k810i patch for my firmware version………..

  254. bhoot says

    FLASHING the PHONE means
    main.mbn + fs.fbn + customization(cda ).zip
    the demo player that is present in se-tool2lite is showing that we are generating the quick access patch(.vkp) from the main.fbn file……….and then adding both………and flashing….are these the first steps or are some steps missing……………
    i haven’t flashed it yet… should i start from here………..if yes then when will i add the cda and fs.fbn……..because the ending steps are: select any patch and check ” Use Quick Access Patch”and write script……and are patches firmware specific……….
    Thanking u in Advance…………..
    Hope i’m not being a headache………….

  255. bhoot says

    And Just One More Thing How 2 Backup My Original drivers acoustics…..etc….i have already deleted my original ………..was that a foolish deed…………………………………………waiting eagerly>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  256. SHREYAS says

    Where can i find my w700 main firmware and fs?

  257. aj says

    hey mine is sony erisscon k 660i…
    can i follow the same procedure for my phone and
    can i get the aucostics file for my k 660i…
    thanzz in advance…

  258. bhuvan says

    yes you can follow, check our filebase for downloads

  259. jitu says

    dude can you tell how much time taken for flash of w550i……..

  260. bhuvan says

    not more than 15 minutes

  261. Hyper says

    H3y Aksay How can i flash my w950i sony ericcsion as it isnt getting start …
    DDue to some uncompetible softwares …!

  262. hx_unbanned says

    SE W950i is Smart-phone, DB2000/2001, which is not supported by free tools and flash utilities. Though, My knowledge my be outdated …

    XS++ supports all A1 platform family phones 😉

  263. Warles says

    Hi Aksayy, I Have Sony Ericsson w580i, but I Can`t to flash it. can you help me please !!!!!!

  264. Warles says

    Please Help me aksay, because it is the onething that I really love…………..thanks

  265. Ashok says

    hello sir , i am using g502 mobile , i forgot my phone lock code … i tried using xs++ ,but it was unable to identify my mobile as it was showing the following error

    11:47:14| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !


    11:47:22| Attempting to open the interface…


    11:47:22| TURN OFF PHONE!

    11:47:22| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    11:47:22| You have 30 seconds…


    11:47:31| Baseband ID: C900

    11:47:31| Protocol Version: 4.1

    11:47:31| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:n/a)

    11:47:31| …using GDFS name


    11:47:31| Profiling SEMC phone…

    11:47:31| Platform: Unknown

    11:47:31| OTP CID: 0

    11:47:31| EROM CID: 0

    11:47:31| EROM Color: n/a

    11:47:31| IMEI: n/a

    11:47:31| Phone ID: n/a

    11:47:31| Region: n/a

    11:47:31| CDA: n/a n/a

    11:47:31| Firmware Version: n/a

    11:47:31| EROM: n/a

    11:47:31| Ready for operation!


    11:48:05| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…

    11:48:05| Header: Failed

    11:48:05| GDFS operation was successful

    11:48:07| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    11:48:09| Shutting down…

    i hope you ll help me out …..

  266. Samrat says

    What to do Akshayy… my se g900 is fully dead…
    0:01:41| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !

    20:01:41| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    20:03:58| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    20:03:58| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    20:04:45| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    20:04:45| Sendinging shutdown signal to phone…

    20:04:47| Shutting down…

    20:05:59| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !

    20:05:59| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    20:06:49| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    20:06:49| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    20:07:11| Master Port detected: COM29

    20:07:15| Slave Port detected: COM30

    20:07:15| Opening Port!

    20:07:15| INIT MASTER…OK!

    20:07:15| PHONE INFO SAMPLED…OK!


    20:07:15| APPLET BODY SENT…OK!


    20:07:17| Baseband ID: 7100

    20:07:17| Protocol Version: 3.1


    20:07:18| Speed set to 460800


    20:07:18| Sending db2000_cid03_prodid_p3b.bin…

    20:07:19| Applet ID: 070410 1354 NPACXC125871_DB2000_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3B

    20:07:19| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader

    20:07:19| Activating GDFS…

    20:07:19| Cannot open GDFS

    20:07:19| Activating GDFS…

    20:07:19| Cannot open GDFS

    20:07:19| Activating GDFS…

    20:07:19| Cannot open GDFS

    20:07:19| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:n/a)

    20:07:19| …using GDFS name


    20:07:19| Profiling EPOC smartphone…

    20:07:19| Platform: DB2001

    20:07:19| OTP CID: 52

    20:07:19| EROM CID: 49

    20:07:19| EROM Color: Brown

    20:07:19| IMEI: 35388602xxxxxx

    20:07:19| Phone ID: n/a

    20:07:19| Part Number: n/a

    20:07:19| Phone smartphone version: R1A01

    20:07:19| Phone software version:

    20:07:19| Processing Unit:

    20:07:19| Bluetooth:

    20:07:19| Organizer:

    20:07:19| CDA:

    20:07:19| Activating GDFS…

    20:07:19| Cannot open GDFS

    20:07:19| Ready for operation!

    20:08:19| A Brown Smartphone? Joking?

    20:08:19| Error: Failed to send CSLoader!

    20:08:19| FSX Shutdown!

    20:08:21| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    20:10:14| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    20:10:14| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    20:10:14| Master Port detected: COM29

    20:10:14| Slave Port detected: COM30

    20:10:14| Opening Port!

    20:10:14| INIT MASTER…OK!

    20:10:14| PHONE INFO SAMPLED…OK!


    20:10:14| APPLET BODY SENT…OK!


    20:10:16| Baseband ID: 7100

    20:10:16| Protocol Version: 3.1


    20:10:17| Speed set to 460800


    20:10:17| Sending db2000_cid03_prodid_p3b.bin…

    20:10:18| Applet ID: 070410 1354 NPACXC125871_DB2000_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3B

    20:10:18| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader

    20:10:18| Activating GDFS…

    20:10:18| Cannot open GDFS

    20:10:18| Activating GDFS…

    20:10:18| Cannot open GDFS

    20:10:18| Activating GDFS…

    20:10:18| Cannot open GDFS

    20:10:18| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:n/a)

    20:10:18| …using GDFS name


    20:10:18| Profiling EPOC smartphone…

    20:10:18| Platform: DB2001

    20:10:18| OTP CID: 52

    20:10:18| EROM CID: 49

    20:10:18| EROM Color: Brown

    20:10:18| IMEI: 35388602xxxxxx

    20:10:18| Phone ID: n/a

    20:10:18| Part Number: n/a

    20:10:18| Phone smartphone version: R1A01

    20:10:18| Phone software version:

    20:10:18| Processing Unit:

    20:10:18| Bluetooth:

    20:10:18| Organizer:

    20:10:18| CDA:

    20:10:18| Activating GDFS…

    20:10:18| Cannot open GDFS

    20:10:18| Ready for operation!

    20:14:27| After making any changes with FSX

    20:14:27| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button

    20:14:54| After making any changes with FSX

    20:14:54| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button

    20:18:02| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    20:18:06| Shutting down…

    20:26:51| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !

    20:26:51| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    20:27:31| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    20:27:31| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    20:30:16| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    20:30:32| Shutting down…

    20:31:53| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !

    20:31:53| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    20:32:39| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    20:32:39| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    20:32:42| Master Port detected: COM29

    20:32:42| Slave Port detected: COM30

    20:32:42| Opening Port!

    20:32:42| INIT MASTER…OK!

    20:32:42| PHONE INFO SAMPLED…OK!


    20:32:42| APPLET BODY SENT…OK!


    20:38:28| Did not receive 0x5a. Continuing

    20:40:58| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    20:41:12| Shutting down…

    20:46:35| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !

    20:46:35| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    20:47:07| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    20:47:07| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    20:51:03| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    20:51:21| Shutting down…

    21:23:13| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !

    21:23:13| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    21:23:52| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    21:23:52| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    21:23:52| Master Port detected: COM29

    21:23:52| Slave Port detected: COM30

    21:23:52| Opening Port!

    21:23:52| INIT MASTER…OK!

    21:23:52| PHONE INFO SAMPLED…OK!


    21:23:52| APPLET BODY SENT…OK!


    21:28:22| Did not receive 0x5a. Continuing

    21:39:14| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    21:39:23| Shutting down…

    23:32:29| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !

    23:32:29| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    23:41:06| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    23:41:06| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    23:44:41| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    23:45:00| Shutting down…

    23:45:28| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !

    23:45:28| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    23:46:05| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    23:46:05| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    23:46:07| Master Port detected: COM26

    23:46:07| Slave Port detected: COM27

    23:46:08| Opening Port!

    23:46:08| INIT MASTER…OK!

    23:46:08| PHONE INFO SAMPLED…OK!


    23:46:08| APPLET BODY SENT…OK!


    23:52:01| Did not receive 0x5a. Continuing

    23:52:31| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    00:28:05| Shutting down…

    15:15:56| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !

    15:15:56| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    15:16:34| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!

    15:16:34| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…

    15:16:36| Master Port detected: COM29

    15:16:36| Slave Port detected: COM30

    15:16:36| Opening Port!

    15:16:36| INIT MASTER…OK!

    15:16:36| PHONE INFO SAMPLED…OK!


    15:16:36| APPLET BODY SENT…OK!


    please help….
    only the first time I got response from the phone but after that it is fully dead….

  267. iffi yagami says

    how i change my w890i battery n signal icon?on xs++?
    what is sysgfx?plxx solve my problem bro???:(

  268. sonu says

    i have a sony ericsson c510, when i instal the flash menu theme in my phone with XS++ 3.1 prog.. the error show (Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED, Error: FSX failed.) plz help me.

  269. leigh says

    11:08:21| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    11:08:21| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    11:08:38| Attempting to open the interface…
    11:08:38| TURN OFF PHONE!
    11:08:38| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    11:08:38| You have 30 seconds…
    11:09:09| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    11:09:11| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pleassseeeeee help!!!!!!!! :((((

  270. Samarth says

    hey akshayy! i desperately need ur help! i don know one bit of flashing and am not able to upload any flash menu’s through xs++….i tried to force and my cell crashed……..i got it serviced……ive got a w550i…….how do i start? all i want is flash menu’s……plz help me!

  271. Anindya says

    I Want to flash my SE C702 using xs++ . But everytime I try to flash, the program shows me an error that my phone is not supported and unable to backup my GDFS. by the way I installed all the flash drivers it needs to flash. My mobile current F/W version is R3BA030 and I have restarting problem. Anybody know what to do…?? Plz HELP.

  272. Jaison says

    12:15:49| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    12:15:49| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    12:15:58| Attempting to open the interface…
    12:15:58| TURN OFF PHONE!
    12:15:58| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    12:15:58| You have 30 seconds…
    12:16:31| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    12:16:33| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    How can I open phone communication port????
    Plzzzzz reply…..

  273. Tanim says

    How can I add flash menu or change font in Hazel (J20i). Plz suggest.

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