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MegaBass For All SE db2020 Phones

Yup That’s right !! Till now megabass had been exclusive only to walkman phones. But now by applying patches you can get the wonderful megabass feature in your Sony Ericsson phone.

An important thing about MegaBass: it is not related to the phone’s sound quality or loudness, nothing changes. Only your MediaPlayer/Walkman’s Bass equalizer preset will be different, much like the real MegaBass. To make the phone louder, follow this one.

These patches can be applied on db2020 phones, For Example S500, k550, k610, k770, k790, k800, k810, Z Series Etc !

Here are few patches to get megabass on your SE K-series phone !

Follow this tutorial on how to apply patches. First apply Quick Access patch and then go ahead and apply these patches.

Patches are firmware specific, The Firmware Version is specified in the patch.
All of them change Bass to Megabass option. You can also get patches with change Voice Option to Megabass.

; K770 SW-R8BA024
;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
;(c) Adow
;(p) Peti

1ABD151: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

; K770 SW-R8BC004
;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
;(c) Adow
;(p) Peti

1ABFED1: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

;K790 SW-R6BC002
;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
;© Adow

18B2729: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

; K800 SW-R8BA024
;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
;(c) Adow
;(p) Seclub

1A42F19: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

; K800 SW-R8BF003
;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
;(c) Adow
;(p) Peti

1A457E9: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

; K810 SW-R8BA024
; Change bass to megabass
;© Adow
;(p) Milanium
1A593B1: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

If you wanted such a patch for your firmware and a db2020 phone which is not w – series then please contact us. We shall port it for your phone in our free time.


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  1. monu says

    Hi Akshay,
    I want megabass on ma k790i,
    can u plz tell me how to proceed??

  2. Akshay says

    hey monu .. the patch is given above !!
    just follow the patching tutorial to learn how to apply the patches

    this is the link

  3. Wishmaster says

    Hi Akshay!Plz give me a patch for R1JG001 K610!

  4. Akshay says

    ok i will create it .. in a few days.. ! tom i am on holiday from this :p

    i got for R1KG001.. if u can flash your phone for R1KG001 then its ready to user .. other wise for R1JG001 .. plzz some time !! i wil mail you the patch when ready

  5. Wishmaster says

    Okay,thank you. 🙂 Yes,maybe i will flash my phone,but not in a few days…xD

  6. amer48 says

    hi i can put the megabass in my K55Oi?? i dun know to proceed it..

  7. Akshay says

    its recommended to flash it to w610i ^^
    if u want megabass then get the k550 megabass patch .. from me .. and then apply the patch
    learn how to apply patch from the tutorials here

  8. shiv says

    hi i can put the megabass in my z55Oi

  9. Somnath says

    I am astonished :-oby reading the matter of converting megabass from cybershot. Please can you help me to get the patching tools for my SE K790i ?:'( :-*:$ please…

  10. Akshay says

    ^^ hey follow tutorial 🙂

  11. Wishmaster says

    Akshay!Ive converted my phone to a W660i!Thanx,i don’t need the patch anymore.:D

  12. gerold says

    can i patch k320i with a simunlock patch??

  13. Akshay says

    you can’t … no vkp for db2012 phone.
    urs is db2012 right ?? please check by connecting to phone to xs++ or setool 2 lite. w200,k310 is db2012

  14. somnath says

    hi Akshay i have seen the software information of my phone. here this is–

    prg CXC1250477_GENERIC_EV R1KG001
    EROM: R3A002

    can i get mega bass in my phone(k790i).
    if can then please give me patches for the farmware and what will be the way?

  15. pratik says

    update ur firmware to R6BC002
    use sony ericsson update service.
    or xs or setool

  16. Peti says

    I suggest Sony Ericsson Update Service, because it downloads the firmware that is surely compatible with your phone, so the risk is lower that way than using a firmware that you just get from somewhere…

  17. Ashwin says

    can u please gve me the megabass patch for K810 SW-R6BC002 ..please…!!!!!! i cant find it anywhere..!!!

  18. Oisik says

    i am new to this patching and modding.
    i have done as per the tutorial for getting megabass in my k810i
    but still i find no changes.
    is it supposed to look as it was earlier?


  19. Akshay says

    ashwin .. download the R6BC002 Main from my the links given at download page of this site

    OISIK for patch to work your phone must be R8BA024 firmware .. for R6BC002 the patch i have to create .. coz no body has created .. let me see in free time

  20. Akshay says

    and yes there will be change .. the patch works fine because its tested and works great on all phones the respective patch

  21. manndaar says

    BEST WISHES FROM ME TO YOU AKSHAY.U r really doing great job.U r making us happy. MAY GOD BLESS U.

  22. manndaar says

    can u give patch for me?
    i have k770 R8BA024
    i m dieng to convert my phone
    plz as soon as possible THANX IN ADVANCE

  23. Akshay says

    thanks … consider it done … today is saturday .. i have holiday tomorrow .. by tomorrow evening you must have it !! i will create megabass patch for all phones .. once in for all ..!!

  24. manndaar says

    thanx akshay.but how to patch k770??se tool [even v1.11] do not support there any other tool????????

  25. Akshay says

    no you can use setool 2 lite .. choose any db2020 phone while using it
    just choose w880 and use it .. it will work no problem

  26. oisik adak says

    Thanks for the tip…. Akshay.
    Eagerly waiting for the link of the walkman patch..
    You are doing great..

  27. Oisik Adak says

    One more thing. I was trying the equiliser menuin my k810..But the vertical scrolling is coming into picture. I want to eliminate it…but how to…?

  28. akshay says

    oops sorry guys i forgot to download firmwares.. to create patches .. really sorry .. i will hv to do it next Saturday coz i hv limited bandwidth … damn .. i will do it .. and contact ppl who are waiting no prob .. just leave me a mail ..

    in equalizer menu scroll bar shld not come .. try a master rest .. actually by default its present in k810 or what ?? i hv w610 and its Walkman 2 .. i hv no idea about Walkman 1.0
    if its really bothering it can be removed from all the menus

  29. manndaar says

    akshay how to get walkman 2 skin over my k770 media player????
    becoz i only have
    i couldnt find
    plz tell me in detail THANX………….

  30. pratik says

    walkman skins shud b added in
    TPA\SYSTEM\MULTIMEDIA\MP\SKIN\**skin folder here**

  31. mundix says

    good work akshay! how about a new category for w610 patches?

  32. Akshay says

    lets see about it
    hey manndaar no walkman 2 skins for k770.
    its got no walkman player at all
    if u want to change its player look you can try the seimage tool

  33. Ashwin says

    hii….ok i will do that…
    i have installed the quick access patch on my fone…i did the flash thingy a few days back wid SEtool….
    and i really really want the megabass for my fone….pls pls cud u do it for me and mail the patch to me at [email protected]…plssss…..
    thank you…!!!!!

  34. Ashwin says

    jsu remindin that my fone needs the patch for K810 SW-R6BC002…hope u will do it and mail it to me..!! thank u…!!!!!

  35. Peti says

    To be honest, I don’t think that magabass is such a big deal. It’s depending on the music you play… and I think you can set a better bass with the phone’s equalizer in a few minutes’ time. 😉

  36. Ashwin says

    i do not think so Poet…my friend uses the megabass thingy and it really works quite nice…it really increases the effect a lot…!!!!!!! have u tried it out…????

  37. Ashwin says

    im srry….i think i typed the name rong…Peti..!!!!

  38. Peti says

    I sure have tried it, on my K550i@W610i it is a component after flashing. It can make a better effect on some music but on others, on most music it is worthless. 😉 (At least I think it is…)

  39. Ashwin says

    ohh kk…..!! neways let me give it a try….so then….i gess im new wid k810i…i was usin an n73…jus bought a new one recently…thought ill change to sony ericsson….so can u tell me some gud features and stuff u can do on the fone if u can Peti..

  40. manndaar says

    akshay can u give me k770 camera driver {modified}

  41. Peti says

    It was worth switching to Sony Ericsson. 🙂
    It allows you to modify / customize it better than others. It’s a piece of cake to debrand, unlock it… of course with the necessary knowledge, without it, it is phonekilling. 😀
    But I don’t know what you mean by this “good features”, and I don’t know much about K810 either, Akshay knows, I don’t. 🙁 😀
    (That’s bad because K810 is a K-series model, therefore it does not support flash menus of the newer W-series, and I don’t know which W can be flashed on it. 🙁 )

  42. Ashwin says

    ohh kk…well i gess the modifying of menus nd all is worth it …and i really feel a lot of difference from nokia ….its far better..!!!!!!
    which phone do u use…???

  43. Ashwin says

    and by the way…can anyone give me a software to lock and hide files on sony ericsson….for k810i…i already hav mobyexplore…but the software is not locked so anyone can just go and remove the hidden and view the files….i want a software which can also be locked so that nobody can access the files..!!! Thanx..!!!!

  44. Peti says

    “I sure have tried it, on my K550i@W610i”… I said I had K550i@W610i… it has the main and FS of W610i, though it is customized very much, so I would call it my small media center. 😀
    Lock & Hide… with passwords? That is not hiding then. Hiding is when you set the attributes of the file to hidden. That can be unlocked with a file manger like Total Commander on PC, or others on phone. To get the password thing, you need encryption. But I’ve never heard about encrypting stuff on the phone. But google it. 😉

  45. Ashwin says

    well i tried it out a lot on nokia phones…it works a lot there…u get a lot of softwares….but i haven’t found any for sony ericsson so far…
    neways…so can u gve me some tips about how i can customize my fone now…?? i mean k810…how do u flash the firmware into the firmware of another fone…i have flashed the quick access patch…but i haven’t seen the changin firmware thingy anywhere so far…

  46. Ashwin says

    oh kk…well neways..i knoe google and all are not givin any good results…these use to be easy for nokia thouhg..i use to use these softwares for nokia…neways…
    so can u tell me some customizations that can be done for k810…tc..

  47. Gareth Mattey says

    can you create one for me, i’ve converted my k550i to w610i and used the latest firmware:


  48. Akshay says

    lol w610 has megabass

  49. oisik Adak says

    hello, Is there a patch to use se k810 as a webcam?

    Also is the megabass patch for k810 r6bc002 ready..? I am eagerly waiting…

    [email protected]

  50. Akshay says

    no sorry no patch like that .. for webcan

  51. manndaar says

    akshay is there any application in which we can use our phone as webcam?????????

  52. KURT1012 says


  53. akshay says

    sorry man .. now i got exams nearing .. am not much happening these days
    you can reflash ur phone with R8BA024 Main and Apply the given patch .. which is more easier and batter since R8BA024 Main is the latest …

  54. Sajib says

    Hi Akshay can please give me the patch for bass to megabass for my k550i phone??I dont want to flash my phone as w610i

  55. shinigamiboi says

    Akshayy .. can you get the patch for S500i ?

  56. Akshay says

    sorry .. now i have exams .. starting monday .. busy with it
    please see this .. its recommended for you to check out Crossflashing section and check out S500 to W580

  57. shinigamiboi says

    if i flash my s500i to w580i .. will i still have the everchanging theme ?

    and do you have access to topsony downloads ?

  58. Akshay says

    you can put it back again .. !
    there is tutorial for that also

  59. Calvin says

    i am using K810i … how i patch my K810i to mega bass ??

  60. good news says

    hy guys if u wana use your sony phone as web cam u can download the software its name is sewebcam its good working enjoy it

  61. lch36 says

    yo akshayy, cn i have patch megabass 4 my K610i running R1KG001? n cn u made a HYPERBASS patch 4 my W800i running R1BC001?


  62. Chinmaya Panda says

    i ve a sony k550i(cybershot) phone.i wanna add megabass configuration 2 it.plz help me by writing a short note without refering 2 video tutorials as my net connection speed is very slow(20 kbps)

  63. Peti says

    Just flash it to w610, it is far better that way (approx. 25 MB to download).

  64. luke@k800 says

    can u please make a megabass patch for my k770i

  65. joydeep says

    hi Aksay…
    can u PLZ give me megabass patch for ma k810i,R8BAO24,EROM-R3A022??

  66. huz_90 says

    Hey Akshay,
    Awesome tutorial dude!!!..i patched my boring green battery meter to the iphone blue looks wicked…
    ok now to apply more patches…will i hv to do the quick access patch again or do i jus start from PATCHING..and i check ‘use quick access patches’ and add other patches…
    help will b appreciated…

    rok on!!!

  67. Akshay says

    no quick access is only once for first time on a main
    then go ahead with other patches

  68. Peti says

    And we suggest using JDFlasher, because it is much faster and it can apply more than one patches without disconnecting and reinserting battery. 😉 (tutorial also can be found on this site)

  69. Peti says

    And just for fun – W610 R8BA024 MegaBass patch (the ones posted here are ported to the different firmware… it sounds a little different than the real MegaBass of W610)

    ; W610 SW-R8BA024
    ;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
    ;(c) Adow
    ;(p) Seclub
    ;(c) Peti

    1854E61: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

  70. Peti says

    You guys out there! All Sony Ericsson Patchers, listen!
    We… me instead 😀 … are launching a new site, a downloading page. Where I’ve put all the patches I’ve ever used and considered ok. The site is at (note it is still in beta stage 😀 ):
    W610 patches at (cuz both me and Akshay have W610 😉 ):
    I want to improve the site, but clearly it seems that I can’t do it alone. So I’d like You to send patches you tested to my mailbox, and I will upload them!
    [email protected]
    Thanx in advance, every1. 😉

  71. sarathbabu says

    i ve a sony k550i(cybershot) phone.i wanna add megabass configuration 2 it.plz help me

  72. sarathbabu says


  73. Peti says

    Porting the megabass patch for K550i won’t be too hard, but to do it, I need to know the firmware version you are using. 😉

  74. luke@k800 says

    can anyone port the megabass patch for my k770i FW-Version R8BC004 pls!


  75. Peti says

    Ok, ported.
    Try it and please tell if it works or not. If it does, I will add it to the post.

  76. luke@k800 says

    why is in setool lite no k770 option?
    is there a new version where it is supportet?

  77. Peti says

    No, you can use any DB2020 phone there or use JDFlasher.

  78. luke@k800 says

    yes the Patch works!! thank you very much!!!
    the megabass is very strong!!

  79. Peti says

    All right, Thanx for your help, I added it to the post.

  80. MANnDAaR says

    peti can i have walkman player patch for k770i FW-Version R8BC004 pls!
    pls pls pls
    eagerly waiting
    pls pls pls
    thanx in advance

  81. Peti says

    Well that’s kind of sad, but no such patches for K series. Walkman cannot be moved in a patch.
    Crossflashing is the solution. But not possible for K770, AFAIK.

  82. luke@k800 says

    Hi Peti!
    do you know a site where are patches for K770 R8BC004?

  83. MANnDAaR says

    i mean walkman skin patch

  84. Peti says only has for K770 SW-R8BA024.
    Also I have no idea about walkman skin. Try google, and if it doesn’t help, use an ImageTool to create your own. :S

  85. cyc says

    If i already change to Peter’s Acoustic Mod v2…do i still need the patch for megabass?

  86. Peti says

    Yes, to have megabass, you need. Acoustic changes the driver, how the phone sounds. Megabass is an equalizer preset for Walkman, they are not the same.

  87. cyc says

    So, do you have patch code(megabass) for k550i R6BC002?

  88. pratik says

    nah …
    its there for R8BA024

  89. cyc says

    nvm… i found the patch for k550 R6BC002

    ;k550 R6BC002
    ;change equalizer presets
    ;(c) depeha
    ;(p) DenDi
    17E43AA: 0000000600 0E00000003;voice to original Megabass from walkman phones
    17E43AF: 0000000006 1400000003;Treble boost to Hyperbass

  90. Peti says

    Well the patches posted here are the same, just ported to different firmwares. I’d prefer to use them, and port if necessary.

  91. luke@k800 says

    hey peti!
    do you know a site where i can get k770 modded cam drivers?

  92. Peti says

    I’m not specialized in K770. XD
    But I could find this:
    It is the Number1 4.7 cam driver for k770 and t650.

  93. luke@k800 says

    oh thank you!
    you are very cool and this page is also very cool

  94. Ram Kumar Rao says

    Hey there could u recommend me a better acoustic and camera driver for my s500i pls????

    Im not suer which to choose…

  95. Irfan says

    Patch for k800i
    1. Megabss for k800i R8BF003.
    2. Radio without Handsfree.
    Please reply

  96. Peti says

    You mean you need these? Check

  97. catcat says

    hi. i’m newbie….my phone is…

    Phone ID: K770
    Platform: DB2020
    Region: HONG_KONG
    CDA: 1202-3438 R5A
    Firmware Version: R8BA024

    bro, can i use the patch code bolow? plz help me thx..

    ; K770 SW-R8BC004
    ;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
    ;(c) Adow
    ;(p) Peti
    1ABFED1: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

  98. Peti says

    If you are in Hong Kong, that probably means that your phone has a chinese firmware, so not the generic one that the patch is for. This patch won’t work on it. Sorry. 🙁

  99. KyD00n says

    Hello, if you can PLEASE make patch for k770i R8BA024 pls pls pls 😉

  100. KyD00n says

    megabass patch ofc

  101. Peti says

    For chinese main? I’d first have to acquire the main firmware but I can’t find it. So get a chinese mbn file and then I can try. 😉 (or if you have the generic firmware, you can use the one provided here)

  102. KyD00n says

    No, not for chinese main 😉 For this: K770_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_VI_RED52.mbn
    I apply this patch:
    ; K770 SW-R8BC004
    ;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
    ;(c) Adow
    ;(p) Peti
    1ABFED1: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E
    but i hear no difference :/

  103. Peti says

    Yeah right. It’s a few minutes.

  104. Peti says

    All right. I made it. But I think you should use the newer firmware anyway.
    ; K770 SW-R8BA024
    ;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
    ;(c) Adow
    ;(p) Peti
    1ABD151: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

  105. KyD00n says

    Patch work, thanks a lot m8 🙂

  106. Peti says

    And it only took 21 minutes with a server failure… 😀
    I added it to the post and uploaded it to the new download server. You can download it here.

  107. Peti says

    @Ram Kumar Rao: the server thought your post was spam…
    We don’t know much about S500, we never had such a phone. You should try them yourself.

  108. BitzFreak says

    Can you create a patch for Sony Ericsson K810i R6BC002 firmware?

    Thanks in advance,

  109. Peti says

    Yes, sure, BlitzFreak. I just have to get home to do it, a few hours. Hold on!! 😛

  110. chad says

    is hyperbass better than this?

  111. Akshay says

    you never know untill you try
    for me megabass itself is too much bass

  112. Akshay says

    Chad .. you are identified as SPAM….. everywhere ! don’t know why….. !! hope you gave correct email id

  113. Peti says

    It also depends on the music you are listening to. MegaBass sometimes ruins the sound experience… 😛

  114. chad says

    everywhere?? that was my first comment dude..

  115. Akshay says

    i mean wordpress identified it that way.. not my website or something

  116. Li Syaoran says

    Just wondering. Is it possible making a patch to replace the bass option in equalizer with megabass picture like in W series? I mean, if you select the bass option it will show the megabass picture instead of the equalizer bars. 🙂

  117. Peti says

    Probably, but not with SYSGFX, it would be assembly programming, because it should show a picture instead of bars. If you ask for it at, they might create it.

  118. Li Syaoran says

    But I’m not a russian -_- never mind I think I’ll just forget it 😛

  119. Peti says

    You don’t have to be. 😉
    Many of us post there in English, it is in posting rules of the page.

  120. Neo says

    Hi Akshay! Plz give me a patch for K530i

  121. Peti says

    Tell which software version it is.

  122. eddie says

    erm.. i wanted back my original k810i bass patch.. where can i find it??

  123. Peti says

    Original bass patch? There is no such thing…
    I guess you applied the patch and don’t like it; read Applying Patches tutorial once more, it will tell you how to REMOVE a patch.

  124. eddie says

    this patch is nothing rite??? it just help u set up your equalizer… we can do that in out phone if we dont lazy… just go the equalizer and preset to set

  125. Vignesh says

    Is it possible to get a patch to change the menu(in a k790i) style with themes as in w 550i( the preloaded clubpulse theme)?

  126. Peti says

    @eddie: correct.
    @Vignesh: no, W series have flah menus, K series don’t. K790 can’t be flashed to W.

  127. eddie says


    thx… then i should not dl this… wasting time… set in our hp is faster.. n easier… use the peter hifi v2 loader and more bass @@

  128. Peti says

    I’ll give it a try then… 😉

  129. Jegadish says

    Hi Akshay,

    Please guide me how to update MEGABASS patch for my SE K800i mobile. I already downloaded SEtool2, I don’t know how to use that for patch updation. Please help. Thanks

  130. VIVEKANANDAN says

    hai gay can you give me z550i patch pls dear

  131. VIVEKANANDAN says

    hai can you give me Z550i Mega bass Patch,
    pls dear i am awaiting, pls dear

  132. Akshay says

    sorry thats db2010 not db2020 for which this patch exists as of now.

  133. Jyoti says

    Hi Akshay,

    I recently bought sony NWZS716FB player. I had SE W810 phone but i am not at all getting the mega bass in my new palyer which i loved my phone for. Can you help me for this (some patch) or i should go and return the player (i am in Canada and can do so ;))
    Please help.

  134. Akshay says

    Sorry, its a different thing together.
    In Sony Ericsson, Ericsson is the main company that makes everything.
    Sony only sells the phones and does marketing stuff.

    So here its all bout Ericsson hacking and technology.

    Also that music player can’t be hacked as we have no idea about its firmwares etc.

  135. arol says

    i want an application fo hinding vedio and picture to my sonyericsson s500i

  136. Akshay says

    we have that in applications section

  137. devvon vienna says

    hello Akshay,

    i have a ks10i r1jg001, and i want that megabass patch. can u please send me the info.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. is it possible to use the k610i front cam for taking pictures? if so, how?

  138. Peti says

    It should be able to take pics, I think there are java apps to do it.
    About porting the patch… I can’t do it right now, but I will do it in a few days, maybe today evening.

  139. Peti says

    I used K610_R1JG001_MAIN_GENERIC_TH_RED52 to make the patch.

    ;K610 SW-R1JG001
    ;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
    ;© Adow
    190F041: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

    Test it, if it works, I’ll add it to the tutorial.

  140. may says

    i tryed to flash my phone(k530i) but dont work..
    please help me…

    05:31:51| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    05:31:51| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    05:32:06| Attempting to open the interface…
    05:32:06| TURN OFF PHONE!
    05:32:06| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    05:32:06| You have 30 seconds…
    05:32:06| Baseband ID: 9900
    05:32:06| Protocol Version: 3.1
    05:32:06| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:K530)
    05:32:06| …using GDFS name
    05:32:06| Profiling SEMC phone…
    05:32:06| Platform: DB2020
    05:32:06| OTP CID: 51
    05:32:06| EROM CID: 53
    05:32:06| EROM Color: Red
    05:32:06| IMEI: 35350002xxxxxx
    05:32:06| Phone ID: K530
    05:32:06| Region: APAC
    05:32:06| CDA: CDA102823/20 R2A
    05:32:06| Firmware Version: R8BB001
    05:32:06| EROM: R3A022
    05:32:06| Ready for operation!
    05:32:29| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~
    05:32:29| Custpack: AMERICA_2 (CDA102460/101) (K510)
    05:32:29| Generic(non-branded) custpack: Yes
    05:32:29| Allowed languages: en, pb, xl,
    05:32:29| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    05:32:35| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    05:32:35| Error: Customizing failed.
    05:32:35| Error: Flashing failed
    05:32:37| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

  141. Peti says

    Use JDFlasher to flash it.

  142. Jordy says

    hey peti!!!
    is there any megabass patch for sony ericsson k800i region APAC, chinese firmware, customized brand, CID53, R8BF003???
    is this patch will work in it:
    ; K800 SW-R8BF003
    ;”Bass” settings change to “Mega Bass”
    ;(c) Adow
    ;(p) Peti
    1A457E9: 0500000003 12FAFCFD0E

  143. Jordy says

    Or should i flash my phone??? is it difficult to flash my phone?

  144. Peti says

    Barely anyone ports patches for Chinese firmwares… besides it is CID 53, no patching yet.

  145. Gaurav says

    Pls email me bass to mega bass patch for k550i

  146. Peti says

    You crossflash to W610.
    It is pointless to create any patch for K550, besides you didn’t tell which firmware you have…

  147. Sam says

    Hi akshay u pls tel me hw to get megabass on my waitng of ur reply..thnks

  148. Peti says

    Why not read this damn tutorial? -.-

  149. manish says

    hey akshay.. i have a k790i but itz sound quality is nt more approachable as the other sony phones are… so you suggest me how to improve sound quality of k790i ..??? how to install this.??? tell me step by step….??? if i install this den is it harmful for my phone or not…? and drawbacks…?????

  150. Peti says

    Sound quality is improved by different acousics. This is just a media player equalizer preset.
    (That’s it I write it in the tutorial now. :@)

  151. sada says

    can I use my Sony Ericsson k550 phone as webcam

  152. Peti says

    Why do you ask this about MegaBass??
    Can’t. There is an app to create photos with it and use that as a webcam, but the fps is under 1….

  153. Naveen says

    I have a K790_R1KG001 with me, and i have above that if its updated to R6BC002, Mega bass feature will work. I tried updating using Sony Ericsson Update Service, but its says that my phone has updated version and updation is not required.
    Is there any other way installing this patch on my phone?

  154. Peti says

    Why would it have MegaBass from R6??
    SEUS updates CID to 53, so no patching so no bass tweak.

  155. wyas says

    How to get megabass on sony ericsson k530

  156. Peti says

    By crossflashing to W660.

  157. Krishna says

    do megabass patch 4fr k790i gives same quality similar to w series

  158. Krishna says

    i have created w810 skin for k7901

  159. Akshay says

    yeah it does.

  160. Prashant says

    Akshayy I got a sony ericsson K530i and wanted to have mega bass in that so please can you help out in this matter.
    It will will be a great help to me .
    Thank you

  161. Apo says

    Hey,do you have s500i original acoustics,i can’t find them anywhere.

  162. zeogravity says

    it just changes the name right…from Bass to Megabass

  163. Akshay says

    will new tutorial to add megabass.
    no it works well.

  164. Cao Danh Do says

    Hello, very nice work! Could you please create a MegaBass-patch for Sony Ericsson K850i? That would be much appreciated 🙂 keep up with the good work.

  165. bhuvan says

    @Cao Danh Do
    search in the file base first…still not getting then request at the forum!

  166. balu says

    akshayy do u have the patch for megabass patch for K810 SW-R6BC002, i tried everywhere in net

  167. bhuvan says

    have u looked in file base??
    if u wanna request then go for our support forum
    request there

  168. Arun says

    akshayy, plz help me out.. do u have the patch for megabass patch for w302i , i tried everywhere in net

  169. Akshay says

    sorry, i don’t have. i will soon write new techniques in 2009 Jan marking the anniversary of this website.

  170. abdul mansoor khan says

    i need mega bass soft ware for k810i if u have than send it thanks

  171. mani says

    Dear akshayy

    I am using,z550i.what is meant by firmware.
    how to find it.

    can i have mage bass parch for it

  172. anand says

    Dear sir

    I am ANAND.I have got w302.Is there any patch for making it as mega bass.Or can i break this software and install the software of w 700i in it.

    pls help me

  173. bhuvan says

    firm ware is like the os of ur fone!
    no u cant gt on ur fone as it is db2010

  174. bhuvan says

    @ anandu cant crossflash ur fone to w700 secondly u already gt walkman fone so it must b having megabass

  175. SANDEEP says


  176. Gopi says

    I am new to this site and would like to have some information on the Megabass. i am using K790i phone and the version details are as below


    Can you please let me know how to change the Megabass

  177. francis says


  178. vishu says

    Hi akshay
    i have nokia n73m can i make megabass setting in n73



  179. Akshay says

    N7ME ?? I don’t know how to do it. But you can try finding else where..!!!!!!

  180. Hafidz says

    Can you give me patch for:
    T650i – SW R8BB001

  181. bhuvan says

    for stuff get on our forum
    discuss there

  182. sid says

    Damn took me 2 mins to scroll down to comment box…!

    can admins give me the link or help me…..i want my volume bar,battery icon,signals to be changed….i have 500@580……please thanks

  183. bhuvan says

    now it wont take…as this is top ranked site by google…soo many commennts…now they are stored in cache mem…so
    well…get patches from our filebase…or from

  184. rajkumar.neelam says

    i want to change my k790i mobile into “Mega bass”
    My mobile s/w version is R8BF003
    Can u provide patch for this?
    Because i could not find that above.

    And one more doubt is which tool v hav to use XS++ or SEtool..?? because at some places u are mentioning xs++ and some places Setool..

  185. bhuvan says

    xs++ for gdfs backup and fs modding
    setool for gdfs backup and patching
    flashing can be done by bopth of them
    but xs++ is much easier
    for patch…request at our forum

  186. rajkumar.neelam says

    Thank You Very much Bhuvan

  187. K790i main firmware needed says

    i got the link for main firmware of my mobile in this website but that is old version. I need for
    How Can i get main firmware for this. I don’t know how to request in the Russian websites what u hav given
    Pls help me

  188. rajkumar.neelam says

    i have K790i with R8BF003. I upgraded it with SEUS long back… Now se tool is not working on that. JD flasher also not working properly.
    How can i change my bass to MEGA BASS???
    Can i increase my video camera quality??
    Can i change my audio drivers?? Please help…me…….

  189. R ahul Balakrishnan says

    Dear sir

    I am Rahul.I have got w302.Is there any patch for making it as mega bass.Or can i break this software and install the software of w 700i in it.

    pls help me

  190. Rejesh says

    Can i flash walkman for my phone K550i with below details??
    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:53
    Flash ID check:2019
    Flash props sent ok
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:51 PAF:1 IMEI:354333xxxxxxxx CERT:RED

    MAPP CXC article: R6BC002 prgCXC1250669_GENERIC_LI
    MAPP CXC version: R6BC002
    Language Package:M_EAST_N_AFR
    CDA article: CDA102743/117
    CDA version: R1A
    Default article: cxc1250671
    Default version: R6BC002

  191. ravikiran says

    can somebody help me, I have bought sony ericsson w595 yesterday and it has got suppressed megabass it is not at all comparable to the w700 or w810 megabass, i want the same effect with megabass which i get in w 700. kindly let me know any software to get back the megabass.

  192. bhuvan says

    R ahul Balakrishnan
    no flashing for w302
    diff platform

  193. bhuvan says

    use jdflasher
    u have cid53
    it will only support ur phone

  194. bhuvan says

    its all because of acoustucs
    i know
    w700 had very nice output
    though ull not get exactly like that
    but change ur acoustics
    look at a2 uploader guide
    upload new acoustics to

    i suggest u to use audiophile hd!
    i have uploaded it to filebase

  195. Sikander Singh says

    Akshay Bhai,
    You are genius no doubt, I want to know that how i can convert my SE W705 phone to “megabass”. Mujhe bhi batao, Thanks in advance

  196. hang says

    What if i updated my phone, my cid changed to 53, and the xs++ does not support my phone.

  197. hang says

    i updated my phone using seus, when using qdflasher, oflash contains nothing…

  198. hang says

    help… why my comment disappeard???
    btw, what if i updated using seus? xs++ and jdflasher wont support my k550.
    bflash doesnt appeard in the list
    need help pls…

  199. hang says

    can i install rikg001 or r8ba024 to overwrite my current r6bc002

  200. hang says

    …. pls reply….

  201. Akshay says

    hang, use jdflasher now! sure you can insatll, but convert the patch. there is how ever a new method. please google search also. regardds.

  202. hang says

    thx 4 replying
    how to convert the patch?

  203. hang says

    what new method?
    can more specific?

  204. hang says

    omg, is it correct to run far manager in desktop?
    if not, where should i run it at?
    the tutorial shows e\sony ericsson\working\far
    how to run far on tht directory?
    sry, im new here.

  205. hang says

    in jdflasher, there is no bflash,bfs.
    only oflash and ofs. i just wanted to make megabass 4 it. is it really cannot?

  206. Sikander Singh says

    please help me to convert my SE w705 normal bass to MEGABASS plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  207. hang says

    sikander, do u know how to solve my problem?
    jdflashing not supported, weird phone

  208. aku says

    hiiiiiii plz help me out…….. how can i install flash menus…….

  209. Sikander Singh says

    sorry bro………..hang

  210. hang says

    nvm, xs++ wont support cid53 phones, now waiting for new xs++ version
    any other way to backup gdfs?

  211. hang says

    akshayy, i need the k550 megabass patch

  212. hang@K550 says

    can i apply patch with jdflasher for my cid53 k550
    can i apply patch without backing up gdfs,cause xs++ and setool nt supporting
    -need HELP!!!!!!!-

  213. all way$ with u$$$$ says

    Hai akshay i want to flash my K810 media player to walkman palyer what i want to do pls helpme…….. and also my mobile is in warrenty is there any problem with warrenty when we flash my mobile

  214. all way$ with u$$$$ says

    akshay pls reply for above comment

  215. ken jr says

    bro i tryed to flash my phone(k800i) but dont work..
    please help me

    XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !


    01:54:09| Attempting to open the interface…


    01:54:09| TURN OFF PHONE!

    01:54:09| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    01:54:09| You have 30 seconds…


    01:54:09| Baseband ID: 9900

    01:54:09| Protocol Version: 3.1

    01:54:10| Phone name detected!


    01:54:10| Profiling SEMC phone…

    01:54:10| Platform: DB2020

    01:54:10| OTP CID: 49

    01:54:10| EROM CID: 52

    01:54:10| EROM Color: Red

    01:54:10| IMEI: 35399601xxxxxx

    01:54:10| Phone ID: K800

    01:54:10| Region: APAC

    01:54:10| CDA: CDA102295/7 R2A

    01:54:10| Firmware Version: R1EJ001

    01:54:10| EROM: R3A016

  216. santhanam says

    can i hav megabass for w302 and i want to know how to change firmware in my phone can anyone help . i hav never tried it .

  217. srihari says

    Hi Akshay…i want to know if you could help me getting megabass feature on my Sony AINO U10i phone…

  218. bhuvan says

    mega bass no more exists! it was used to kill high frequency or u can say treble! now its clear bass coming! ur phone has it! chill!

  219. gokul says

    hi iam having zylo …..can i change to mega bass

  220. yongky says

    Hi,everyone…I want to ask…how to change clearbass into a megabass?my phone is w20 or u can call it Zylo…because I found clear bass are less great then megabass when u used a portable speaker.•..??än? (?_?) ?oü..•

  221. David says

    MegaBass for Sony Ericson W100i?????

  222. Rakesh Arya says

    hi akshay….i want to change my k810 i player to mega bass player……….how can i do it???
    plz help me out………

  223. satgurunathan says

    hello sir, i brought cedar mobile… it have the option megabass but it not give the good sound. it give a normal sound quality. i used w300i it gives superb megabass effect. so like that i want a good megabass effect in my cedar mobile. and also the full vol. is give low sound… how to improve these two problems… any software available to cure these problems please help me… thank you sir……………………

  224. Gokul says

    Hi..i am using sony ericsson zylo ..but my phone does not have mega bass to change it pls tell me.. To my id [email protected]

  225. Kishore says

    Hi friends , i have se w810i. Sw is r4ea031 prgcxc1250316 china ,but i flash my phone using generic hn r4ea031 with xs. Phone functioning well but walkman mega bass quality change what i will do plz help

  226. Hi! says

    If you have the Walkman 2 or higher player, you should do this. Max clear bass, make all frequencies the lowest. This will give an effect like Megabass.

  227. anthonii09 says

    ashky, your mega patch for k810 r8ba024 was not working after i patched it. why it does nothing?

  228. bharathlesner says

    hi akshay i own a SE k850i mobile can u suggest me ways to increasee the phones megabass and external sound in this phone i like my phone a lot i dont want to sell it but the sound in it is hoorible i just want the bass effect to b as same as the w550 can u help me pls now only i cum to know about u r site u r realy cool man pls help me mail me at :[email protected]

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