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JdFlasher Flashing/Customization Tutorial

This tutorial discuses flashing firmware/de-branding/customization with JDflasher.

JD Flasher flasher is now full fledged flashing and patching tool. It supports db2010, db2012, db2020 flashing and patching all CIDs. PNX5230 only flashing is supported. For A2 phones check out A2uploader. You can find out about phone platform from the phone database.

You can thus perform all customizations like uploading flash menus, acoustics, walkman skins etc.

Quick Tutorial on how to use JDFlasher.

First Install USB Flash Driver.

Installing JD Flasher: Download Far Manager, either from official website or from here. Install Far manager, then copy JD Flasher folder to Plugins folder in Far Manager.
OR Download The Ready To Use JDFlasher+Far Manager !

Video Tutorial to Support This Text Tutorial. Downlaod Video

Connecting phone to JDflasher.

  1. Shutdown phone.
  2. Start Far Manger.
  3. Press Alt+F1, select JDflasher.
  4. In script, choose a phone if available else choose script as db2010/db2020.
  5. Speed select the max, and port is DCU-60 as always.
  6. Hit Jump Down Into a Large Rabbit hole.
  7. Reinsert battery.
  8. Connect phone holding C.
  9. Wait for Initialization.

Once you connected you will get at least 2 options and maximumย  of 4 options depending upon your phone and depending upon the entry script. All phones will get ofs/oflash. The four options are,

  1. oflash >> Regular FW Flashing Mode to flash firmware/debrand/Crossflash.
  2. ofs >> Usual Far Manager usage mode to upload thing to FS
  3. bfs >> breakin FS mode with FS read.
  4. bflash >> breakin FW flashing mode used for vkp and mod babe flash.

Double click the correct option to enter the correct mode of operation.

Note on Exit: In order to successfully shutdown phone and disconnect, you just move to the root by clicking option at the top, and finally at the root folder JDflasher will ask if you want to quit. Always exit correctly, else all changes made will be lost.

Using JDFlasher !
Oflash/Flashing for Firmware/Debranding/flashing vkp etc.
  1. Start JDflasher.
  2. Connect phone to JdFlasher as said above.
  3. Enter oflash mode.
  4. On right side navigate to firmware location on computer.
  5. Select firmware in the right side.
  6. Press F5.
  7. Click Copy.
  8. Then Ensure that the option flash as babe image is selected. (babe for firmwares, mbn, fbn)
  9. Click “Yeah Flash it”.
  10. Wait for flashing of all blocks to complete.

You can flash main/fs using jdflasher. To debrand the phone flash both the main and fs. Also remember after flashing FS you need to add the CDA. Download CDA and copy them to tpa/preset/custom using ofs. If you forget to add the cda files to phone fs using ofs then you will end up getting a Configuration Error.


  1. Start Jdflasher.
  2. Select script.
  3. Connect phone as told.
  4. Enter ofs.
  5. Navigate in the file system and upload files according.
  6. Check out the video given, it shows uploading of files to phone file system.
  7. Using Ofs option you can upload flash menus, acoustics, camera drivers, skins etc
  8. To exit from OFS you should move to Root by clicking ! They finally click ok and exit jdflasher.

Important NOTES:

Note db2010 users: Make sure that the REST file for your phone is present in JDflasher Rest Directory. If not just use the mkrest2.exe to make the rest file. Just Drag your MAIN MBN file on mkrest2 to get the REST file for your phone. Mkrest2 is given with JDflasher in REST folder.

Note db2020 users: If you use any of the breaking methods while using db2020 script then you will have to re flash main firmware always before exit.

Bfs/Breakin FS: Is same as ofs but with FS read, which means you can copy files from phone FS to your computer.
Bflash/Breaking Flash: Used to apply patches, can be used to flash firmware also. Now a quick tutorial to apply patches for db2010, The tutorial to apply patches for db2020 is bit different please refer here.
  1. Connect phone.
  2. Enter Bflash.
  3. Navigate to patch on right side.
  4. Hit F5.
  5. Click Copy.
  6. Ensure the option flash as vkp is selected
  7. Click Yeah flash it.
  8. Wait for patch flash.
  9. Then apply more patches.
  10. Then Exit by moving to root.
If you wanted to remove a patch, select the patch that you had applied, press F5, Click copy, then you will find the usual options and also a option to check/select remove patch. Select the option and hit yeah flash it.

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  1. Hetty McCarthy says

    thanks for this tutorial

    for some reason i can’t access my file system :S

    it says something about a set directory and bad answer

    please help! ๐Ÿ™

  2. Peti says

    Are flash drivers installed?

  3. Hetty McCarthy says

    im not sure – im not completely sure what they are

  4. Hetty McCarthy says

    im pretty sure i have them already cause the reason im using this in the first place is cause i updated my phone with SEUS and turned it into CID53

  5. Peti says

    Then maybe this is an outdated version of JDFlasher, which does not support CID 53 yet. Then obtain the newest JDFlasher and try with it. ( maybe)

  6. Hetty McCarthy says

    its already the latest one – it detects my phone unlike the older version i also have

    do you know if the battery has to be fully charged? mine was like 97% or something – im sure it wouoldn’t have made a difference but its the only thing i can think of that might be wrong..

  7. Peti says

    It has to be over 40% or so. Under that it might get unstable. But that is also rare.
    Now you should clearly tell what you are doing. Which buttons you click and what are selected in the comboboxes.

  8. Peter says


    w810 – battery ok – phone not turning on – got the following:


    is this the tutorial to do this?


  9. Peti says

    You have two options.
    1. Get a REST file for your current FW (which I couldn’t fount by the way), open your phone in FAR Manager, select FLASH dir, and upload the rest file there.
    2. Reflash main as it is.

  10. Rahul says

    Hey akshay n peti.well can i upgrade my oldest firmware w830i to the latest(to remove sum bugs like restarting n operation failed etc) without using seus as it adds cid53,what files i need can you give direct links(ps:em loser at searching :().em comp. New to this concept,plz tell in detail.moreover i wanted to add acoustics but not at the cost of a deadphone.


    CDA102721/1R3ACXC1250714 now.plz…. ..!

  11. Peti says

    If you are lucky, your phone is CID 52. If not, you can find a tutorial with which you can updgrade it from 49/51 to 52.
    I suggest reading the K550-W610 crossflash tutorial, it writes about the procedure pretty much. The files you need should be available at,,…

  12. Rahul says

    Umm.!u didnt get me peti,i wanted to ask that firmware available on net is KG and my is GB can i upgrade the new1.ok files i need kg main,kg fs and which custpack(should fs and custpack match).i read operation failed tut which says in last that it is better to take it 2 SE service to fix the prob in 5 min.wont it convert ph to cid53. but i wanted2 modd.(em afraid of bricking My ph,nor in a cond. 2 buy new 1,neither can live without 1.)mistake while flashin can kill my ph.?eagerly waitin 4 ur help.detailed1

  13. Peti says

    Oh that… it doesn’t matter which main & fs you flash on, it has to be for w830, but that’s it.
    The custpack is not firmware version dependent, only the region (ASIA_LEVAN) matters.
    I don’t have files for that region, but try searching or…

  14. Pank says

    when i enter into 0fs mode it gives an error like
    — wrong answer… someting
    i cant understand
    my phone is w610i and cid 53
    plz can u help me ?
    i want to add flash themes , change cam , display and sound driver.. plz help me.

  15. Akshay says

    hey pank.
    choose your phone correctly. what is your phone ?
    db2020 ?
    then in the starting choose script as db2020.

  16. Pank says

    yes i did that,
    i detects the phone but when i enter into ofs mode it gives an error.
    should i hold c button while entering into ofs mode??

  17. Akshay says

    ok thanks for that info.
    i just now tried it on my k550@w610 CID52 its working.

    so you say its not working for CID53…??
    download the recovery files from here and put them in.

    thanks for informing this. updating the Jdflasher download.
    new one should work fine.

  18. Pank says

    where is the updated Jdflasher??
    Is it the same link??
    JdFlasher +Far Manager///
    above link??

  19. Akshay says

    fixed now should work. tested on k800

  20. Akshay says

    yes its the same download link… i updated it.

  21. Pank says

    Thanx man… that worked.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    And tell me, can i copy my phones original drivers to my pc??

  22. Peti says

    Wtih JDFlasher, after Quick-Acccess Patch is applied, you can. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Pank says

    Is it possible to apply Quick-Acccess Patch to CID53 phone??
    And i want to change accoustics of my phone then without Quick-Acccess Patch should i delete and copy new one instead???

  24. Akshay says

    hey pank you download a CID52 FS.. and extract it.
    that’s the way to backup contents of FS.

    CID53 firmware i don’t have them.
    they are available at

    you can’t apply patches for CID53………!! so no quick access.
    to change acoustics just overwrite old acoustics with new one.

  25. Hassan says

    I used jus da flasher and i can’t get bfs option..

  26. Akshay says

    that depends on the script and phone type.
    i have said that all phones don’t get all options

  27. Pank says

    hey akshay…
    can u tell me which is the best display driver for W610i…
    can i use w580i display driver???
    if yes where can i get that?

  28. Pank says

    and also best cam driver for w610i
    photos in night mode sucks. even w700i photos r very good in comparision to w610i night mode.

  29. Rahul says

    Hey akshay AAC FORMAT is not playing on w830i oldest firmware ok if there is some bitrate settings please tell me.
    Can you also give a link to a super audio converter which converts all formats into all.if no link atleast tell the name.!

  30. Rahul says

    I mean does walkman player 2 .0 supports aac and eaac+ ,as they say store 1000 songs in eaac+ FORMAT… Blah blah blah.

  31. Rahul says

    Hey A n P.reply to my ques. Atleast!

  32. DEEP says

    the jd flasher i installed doesnt have bfs option ……..
    is there any way i can get bfs option ???

  33. DEEP says

    how do i make a backup of my orignal k530i sound drivers ????

    i dont want to make the backup by extracting fs ……..
    is der ny other way ??????????
    can i use xs to do dat ??

  34. DEEP says

    how do i make a backup of my orignal k530
    sound drivers …………..
    i dont want 2 do it by xtracting fs ……….
    can it be done via bfs option in jdflasher ??????
    can xs be used for making backup ???

  35. Akshay says

    Pank .. no idea.
    DEEP… as i said in tutorial… all phones won’t get all options. Read tutorial carefully.. it says what JD flasher supports for what phones right in beginning.

    extracting is best method. else apply QA and then using QA use bfs. see jdflasher patching tutorial.

    Rahul .. am not sure about your questions.

  36. G-Why says

    Hello, iโ€™ve got a little problem with my k550i, I flashed it to w610i, but then I would to update the software via SE Update Service, and now it Iโ€™ve got the k550i firmware (with cybershot, no-walkmanโ€ฆ), but SEtool2lite says that my phone is in w610i CID:53โ€ฆ So I would know if I can flash it again to w610i to get a REAL w610i ?


  37. Akshay says

    now just flash in w610 CID53 firmwares into that phone. that will fix everything…
    for now i don’t have w610 CID53 firmwares… so sorry.

  38. abu bakr says

    hi mr akshay your tutorial about the patching was i want to ask i have upgrade my k810i to cid 53 you know what i mean can i flash k850i firmware in it if so can you tell me where can i find the tutorial if not so when it will become available please answer my question my email address is [email protected] i am waiting for your reply

  39. abu bakr says

    sorry mr akshay my email address is [email protected] please ans me at this email address i am waiting for your reply

  40. Akshay says

    well both phones are different hardware and different technologies.. so you can’t make k810 to k850.. sorry.

  41. G-Why says


    Iโ€™ve got a little problem with my k550i, I flashed it to w610i, but then I would to update the software via SE Update Service, and now it Iโ€™ve got the k550i firmware (with cybershot, no-walkmanโ€ฆ), but SEtool2lite says that my phone is in w610i CID:53โ€ฆ So I would know if I can flash it again to w610i to get a REAL w610i ? And if yes, how ?


    If you could answer here or this forum :
    Or via my e-mail adress : [email protected]

  42. Akshay says

    ok now just relax… there is no problem in the phone. its ok
    now if you want to flash the phone to w610i you will need w610 CID53 firmwares. which i don’t have.
    you have to buy CID53 w610 firmwares. or try to download them from
    you can flash the CID53 firmwares into the k550 using JDflasher.

  43. G-Why says

    So I can use the JDflasher to flash my phone to w610 CID53 ?

    If yes with which firmware ?

  44. Akshay says

    R6BC002 Red 53.
    download main and fs
    FS which has french language.
    CDA is same old one.

  45. G-Why says

    Main Generic ?

    And what is CDA ?

    And what’s about the Custom ?

  46. Peti says

    That’s it, this site needs a FAQ!!
    Main is the main firmware, contains the software parts. Generic means that it can be used anywhere.
    CDA=Custpack, necessary for customization, contains settings, languages for example.

  47. Goth says

    Well akshay i hav w830i via modding can i increase the quality of my display like more colours and brightness,what it needs patching or display drivers.tell me.!

  48. Peti says

    It’s display drivers…

  49. Goth says

    And where do i get them from,peti.also tell where to paste them and how and which ones are best 4 increasing colours and brightness.

  50. Peti says

    It’s ifs/settings/display directory, and the filename is dispdriver0.dat.
    It is hard to find w830 drivers, I could only find this:

  51. G-Why says

    thx Peti, you’re right for the FAQ ๐Ÿ˜€

  52. Peti says

    But Akshay didn’t make it. :'( ๐Ÿ˜€

  53. Akshay says

    ok we will do it.. not a big deal.
    actually creating another page creates problem in template
    so this time this page will be hidden in page links
    but the link to FAQ will be put in sidebar.
    am creating that page.. .start filling it.

  54. Peti says

    I also started writing a page with Sony Ericsson architectures, like K550 is DB2020 and so… But it got deleted somehow. :S

  55. MANnDAaR says

    hiiiiiiiiii akshay.
    i m creating a new blogsite[off course not as big as urs].IF U DONT MIND???? MAY I ADD UR WEBSITE LINK UNDER TUTORIAL CATEGORY????? coz there are very few indian sites on customizing.look at the .ru sites?????????so even i want to be a small part of it.but as an INDIAN.
    please neglect if u dont like my idea….SORRY….

  56. ar2r says

    i’ve tried to use jdflasher but after point 7 # Click Copy.
    # Then Ensure that the option flash as babe image is selected.

    the option flash as a babe is grayed out so i cannot check it

    tried on two k800i cid 53 phones
    any ideas ???
    pls help

  57. Peti says

    It may be an old edition?
    You must use MBN file for flashing, check if it is packed in rar/zip, if so, unpack it.

  58. TK says

    Hy Akshay!
    Can you tell me please can I mode my K550i (cid53 of course) to w610 with this software W610_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED53 with that method what you wrote on this site (simply overwrite as I understood) ???

  59. Peti says

    Yes, this will work all right. Overwriting is not correct though, these are not real files on the phone, so you don’t overwrite, you flash chips. ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. Pavoo says

    Help I got this problem when I trying to flash my phone

    here’s the log:

    log started. plugin compiled Jan 3 2008 / 13:54:44
    create session object
    used script: db2020.xml
    turn off the phone, hold “c” button and plug usb cable
    found EPIUSB2
    got response
    protocol: 0301 baseband: 9900
    cid detect
    <- cid=53 color=red platform=db2020
    qhldr: 070703 1229 DB2020_SEMC_RECOVERY_P3N.2020_1_BLUE
    <- hello: 070703 1229 NPA4_CXC1329130_DB2020_SEMC_RECOVERY_P3N
    cmd3c: 080108 1810 DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A015.2020_53_RED
    <- hello: 080108 1810 ESGCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A015
    flashID: 897E (Manufacturer: Intel)
    <- OTP: status 0 locked 1 cid 51 cert 1 IMEI 35489301xxxxxx
    flashing babe: K550_R6BC002_MAIN_CHINA_LI_RED53.mbn
    error: PutFiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 15)))))

  61. Akshay says

    ^^ download the latest jdflasher. it works.
    I am pretty sure this is latest.

  62. Peti says

    Then what is for? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. Akshay says

    well that link was in the tutorial itself.
    you update it.
    i was lazy to find out the new links.

  64. Akshay says

    now in blue is awesome.
    why not make a post saying that its now beome cool so that traffic goes high.

  65. BadDuck says

    Hey there. I have a question.

    I had a locked phone to three.

    I read a a tutorial how to flash the phone and followed it. Thus I was only interesting in unlokcing it.

    I downloaded main and fs firmware and flash it with setoool2lite. using a a patch file as well that I got from simlockpathgen tool when I did it on the downloaded main firmware.

    all was good, but the phone sa “contact network provider, cinfiguarion error” when I started my phone later.

    then I went to SE original update service and updated the phone there, so now I have cid53.

    I cant use any ordinary programs to put in the downloaded firmware anymore because of cid53. is there any way I can solve this problem and flash my hpone so it works and isnt locked.

    the problem with the configuration error on display has spomething to do with the CAD “custom pack” wasnt installd. beacuse there was an option I couldnt pick in xs++ tools like it said in the tutorial so I gacve up, ended in trying SE update tool and fucked it all up.

  66. Pavoo says

    still don’t work… the same error

    error: PutFiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 15)))))

  67. Akshay says

    that sucks.. no idea

    can you try flashing in a w610 firmware in that phone and using some other firmware.

    download jdflasher from and try again.
    this time don’t add the recovery files..

    use only test 1 and test 2
    just google search jdflasher se-nse.

  68. Akshay says

    badduck… you are identified as SPAM.. by the SYSTEM,
    thankfully i could manually make out and retain your comment.

    next time use a working email id….

    now you can’t unlock that phone.
    only flashing/debranding/customization.

    you should now download CDA files and then copy the CDA files to correct location
    basically the customize.xml and preloaded congif xml files


    copy it using JDFlasher OFLASH option. Using Db2020 script.

    phone should start.

  69. Pavoo says

    omg still don’t work darn it…… i just want to freeing(unbrand) my K550i CID53………. ๐Ÿ™

  70. Akshay says

    you report that to den_po in se-nse.
    he will help you with new loaders.

  71. Peti says

    Newest JDFlasher and

  72. Jbrown832 says

    Hi Akshay. When I try and copy the firmware i get the error message… “PutFiles<putfile<putfile_flash<flashbabe<header>>>>

    Could you email me at [email protected] if you have a solution?

    Thanks mate

  73. Peti says

    Try flashing with XS++.
    (sent in mail, too)

  74. Dhaval says

    How can i install flash menus & themes on k790i?

  75. Peti says

    K790 doesn’t support flash menus. So you can’t.

  76. jinJun says

    Also remember after flashing FS you need to add the CDA. but where i get the CDA ? my phone is k810

  77. Peti says

    Try You can modify a CDA to a different region.

  78. akshay says

    hai akshay and peti me also akshay

    when i updated my phone in seus it changed into cid 53 and i am now using jd flasher which supports cid 53 which download link in your forum farmanager + jd flasher and its not working for me it detects my phone but when i ofs it it says an error set directory error or some what help please i depends on u

  79. Akshay says

    w200 ?? oh that’s really bad
    sorry to tell you JDflasher does not has db2010 and db2012 CID53 Flash loaders.

    It has only db2020 CID53 flash loaders. so your phone won’t work with JDflasher.

  80. Prapul says


    Akshay plz help me out iam using k530i cid 53
    i want debrand my phone to w660
    help me out plzzzzzzzzzz………..

  81. Peti says

    May be an error in the file. Are you trying to flash the mbn file or rar?:O

  82. Chan says

    Peti, i have a problem too. im able to W580i CID 53 flash MAIN file success but when i try to flash FS to debrand i get an error Putfile(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 1B))))
    please help me.
    i purchage on att and i want to debrand..

  83. bhuvan says

    heyy akshay…i am having a big problem!!!even after searching google got no clue how to solve it!!any ways…the thing is…i am havin w580i….n i used to uplod few walkman skins in it….but few days erlier i got into a trouble…that is….after uploding few skins….i started the walkman…opned the skins option check out the new ones….bt there is no skin coming there….its only saying…skins:off!!!!!i extracted fs also….uploaded the skins from that extracted fs but didnt worked and today…neither the original skins are working nor the ones which i upload!!!!thnks in advanced!!!

  84. Peti says

    @ Chan: what is the filename of your FS?
    @ bhuvan: no big deal. It happened to me too. You have to delete walkman settings file. From TPA\SYSTEM\multimedia\MP if I remember correctly.

  85. Prapul says

    hi peti
    i have a problem during flashing with jdflasher
    i can’t flash firmware and also fs
    plz helf me up
    iam using k530i i want to debrand it to w660

    the error

    Putfile(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 1B))))


  86. Akshay says

    no idea. these days same problem with many people.
    ownload some other firmwares and try.

  87. Peti says

    Yeah, strange.

  88. bhuvan says

    which file????can u tell me exactly??

  89. bhuvan says

    ohkk ohkk!!!!its fixed by deleting the settings file
    thnxx a ton!!!!

  90. nghdoa says

    Hay…Mr. How about patching n crossflashing K750 CID 49 RED to W800, i want use R1BD001 firmware, can i use jdflasher to flashing it? How to do that? Is there must use Gslide to sliding/changing the block firmware to 344 bloks before flasing the MAIN n FS as a toturial using Phone XS? or directly flashing/using the W800 firmware n FS ?

    Thanks in advance…:)

  91. Akshay says


    Well if your phone is CID49 then use CID49 firmwares only. Any CID49 will do.

    and please use XS++ to flash phone to w800.
    because its CID49.
    its easier using XS++

  92. akshay krishna says

    hai akshay when i updated in seus my cid changed into 53. and my phone is w200i . i used jd flasher latest
    but no use. and xs++ showing this message

    before seus

    21:25:07| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    21:25:07| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    21:33:18| Attempting to open the interface…


    21:33:18| TURN OFF PHONE!

    21:33:18| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    21:33:18| You have 30 seconds…


    21:33:24| Baseband ID: 8040

    21:33:24| Protocol Version: 3.1


    21:33:24| Phone name detected!


    21:33:24| Profiling SEMC phone…

    21:33:24| Platform: DB2010

    21:33:24| OTP CID: 51

    21:33:24| EROM CID: 52

    21:33:24| EROM Color: Red

    21:33:24| IMEI: 35426901xxxxxx

    21:33:24| Phone ID: W200

    21:33:24| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    21:33:24| CDA: CDA102738/92 R1A

    21:33:24| Firmware Version: R4GB001

    21:33:24| EROM: n/a

    21:33:24| Ready for operation!

    21:33:32| After making any changes with FSX

    21:33:32| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button


    21:33:38| Sending db2010_db2012_cid52red_flash_r2b012.bin…

    21:33:38| Applet ID: 061205 1354 HAN_DB2012_FLASHLOADER_R2B012_CXC1326738

    21:33:38| This is a FLASH loader


    21:33:38| Sending db2010_db2012_cid52red_cs_r3b009.bin…

    21:33:40| Applet ID: 070410 1405 HANCXC1327364_COMPACT_SEMC_CS_LOADER_1_R3B009

    21:33:40| This is a CHIPSELECT loader

    21:33:40| Activating loader…

    21:33:40| Activating GDFS…

    21:34:02| This loader is UNLOCKED

    21:34:02| Success! CS-loader has been unlocked!

    21:34:02| Please wait while XS builds a list of directories…

    21:34:02| Activating filesystem

    21:34:29| Device FS mapped…OK!

    21:34:53| Uploading E:\MOBILE\SONY ERICSON\New Folder (2)\flash\Camdriver v5.0 W200\Ifs\SETTINGS\CAMERA\camdriver0.dat to /ifs/settings/camera/camdriver0.dat

    21:34:53| Creating directory /ifs

    21:34:53| Creating directory /ifs/settings

    21:34:53| Creating directory /ifs/settings/camera

    21:34:53| Deleting file /ifs/settings/camera/camdriver0.dat

    21:34:53| Deleted…OK!

    21:34:53| Uploading file /ifs/settings/camera/camdriver0.dat

    21:34:54| Done uploading

    21:35:04| Shutting down FS Services

    21:35:04| Shutdown…OK

    21:35:04| Disconnecting phone…

    21:35:04| You may now unplug your phone.

    21:35:06| FSX Shutdown!

    21:35:06| Disconnected… Unplug the phone


    23:26:28| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    23:26:28| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP

    23:26:28| Attempting to open the interface…

    23:26:28| TURN OFF PHONE!

    23:26:28| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    23:26:28| You have 30 seconds…


    23:26:32| Did not receive 0x5a. Continuing

    23:26:32| Baseband ID: 8040

    23:26:32| Protocol Version: 3.1


    23:26:33| Phone name detected!


    23:26:33| Profiling SEMC phone…

    23:26:33| Platform: DB2010

    23:26:33| OTP CID: 51

    23:26:33| EROM CID: 53

    23:26:33| EROM Color: Red

    23:26:33| IMEI: 35426901xxxxxx

    23:26:33| Phone ID: W200

    23:26:33| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    23:26:33| CDA: CDA102738/92 R1A

    23:26:33| Firmware Version: R4JA011

    23:26:33| EROM: n/a

    23:26:33| Ready for operation!

    23:26:35| After making any changes with FSX

    23:26:35| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button

    23:26:36| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    23:26:36| Error: FSX failed.

    23:26:36| FSX Shutdown!

    23:26:38| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    23:26:41| Shutting down…

    after seus

  93. Peti says

    XS++ doesn’t support CID53 phones, JDFlasher does, though I’m not sure about w200 CID53… give it a try.

  94. akshay krishna says

    will the upcoming version of xs++ support db2010 w200 cid 53

  95. akshay krishna says

    what is roadies battle ground

  96. Peti says

    No one knows if it will support it or not.
    roadies battle ground???

  97. Akshay says

    Hey this is no place to talk about ROADIES Battleground.
    LOL !!

    See MTV Website not Sony Ericsson Flashing.

    I also don’t know about it, nor will i ever participate in that.

  98. SE-ManiaK says

    i want W610_R6BC002_FS_MEDITERR_RED53 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  99. Akshay says

    you can get that from

  100. Akshay says

    hmmmmmm sorry. I don’t think for free.
    you will get it at
    for free.

  101. Peti says

    Correctly. I talked to justme, seusers admin, and he explained why you have to pay for them… he was right, they deserve 2 euros… though I prefer to use share2flash.XD

  102. Chan Fung says

    i just found why i always get error: PutFiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 15)))))
    because the firmware is corrupt. i just check using babeck. and got this error
    db2020 cid 53 red
    full hash
    number of blocks: 241 (0xF1)
    error! size of superblock doesn’t match a hdr value
    1st block addr: 0xFFFFFFFF
    1st block size: 0x10000
    Can some can get me
    i already download from 3 diffrence website. topsony share2flash and another. and all is the same corrupt or damage CID53 firmware.
    im looking for W580i CID53 im trying to put my phone in to chinese and write chinese.
    Akshay can you help me? please

  103. Chan says

    Can someone can someone tell me where can i get W580_R8BE001_FS_APAC_RED53
    i try to download from several website and the firmware is corrupt i cannot flash with JDFlasher still getting PutFiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 15))))). please anyone can help?
    thank you

  104. Akshay says

    Chan. you can download them from
    or from this place.

    here are few

    you will also find them in
    use the english registration page and then check email and click links in email
    then download from download section.

  105. Cristy says

    I have a big problem. I have W880 orange branded & unlocked. Previously I had the R6xxx firmware with CID51 (I think)..I updated my phone firmware to the latest R8BA024 via SEUS, and now I have CID53. I know I can’t unlock my phone yet, but I really want to debrand it for free…I’ve tried with jd flasher but I think the flash files were corrupted (checked them with babeck and gave me an error)..where I can find some good flash files ? Tried share4flash and other few websites but no luck…PLZ help me with some W880 cid53 flash files (main+fs)..really need them…

  106. Cristy says

    Sorry, wanted to say branded & locked (on orange)

  107. Peti says

    Try and
    Or try and download from there, but it will cost some euros.

  108. Akshay says

    and also this place.

    and this is best bet.

  109. nghdoa says

    i’ve try to using XS++ v3.1 but error wait for long time at log said “Finishing Flash…” (I’m flashing main,fs,cda in 1 step) Finishing main NOT DONE n process didn’t go to next step(flashing fs). Is there must be one by one step to flashing with XS++ (k750i CID 49 to w800 CID 49 R1BD001)? Next i’m using setool2lite11 the error said Can’t load rest file (like this ‘R1BD001_CXC1250092_EU_1_CA’ i’m forget to save the log) but finisning done n go flashing main till complete at CDA but i’m not sure it a good process because was said some error at processing main..i try to using jdflasher (choose bflash as your tutorial but the error at flasinh main on finishing to, the error was : PutFiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(get89data(bad 89header))))) . I want to try flashing using jdflasher coz i’m never try flashing using it but i can’t understand about the error. Can u give me the rest file of R1BD001_CXC1250092_EU_1_CA ? n what the best flasher to use (XS++,SeTools2Lite,jdflasher) ? Please give me explanation…

    Thanks before in advance…

  110. nghdoa says

    i’ve try to using XS++ v3.1 but error wait for long time at log said “Finishing Flash…” (I’m flashing main,fs,cda in 1 step) Finishing main NOT DONE n process didn’t go to next step(flashing fs). Is there must be one by one step to flashing with XS++ (k750i CID 49 to w800 CID 49 R1BD001)? Next i’m using setool2lite11 the error said Can’t load rest file (like this ‘R1BD001_CXC1250092_EU_1_CA’ i’m forget to save the log) but finisning done n go flashing main till complete at CDA but i’m not sure it a good process because was said some error at processing main..i try to using jdflasher (choose bflash as your tutorial but the error at flasing main on finishing too, the error was : PutFiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(get89data(bad 89header))))) . I want to try flashing using jdflasher coz i’m never try flashing using it but i can’t understand about the error. Can u give me the rest file of R1BD001_CXC1250092_EU_1_CA ? n what the best flasher to use (XS++,SeTools2Lite,jdflasher) ? Please give me explanation…

    Thanks before in advance…

  111. Peti says

    I have crossflashed two K750s to W800, both were like this, don’t worry. Use XS++ to flash and click stop at finishing flash. They are both working fine.
    I was also looking for R1BD001 (W800) REST file, but no success. :S I think may have it.

  112. Dhaval says

    i want to change k790i’s mediaplayer skin.I want to turn it into walkman. What should I do?

  113. Peti says

    You have to create a SYSGFX patch with Magister’s BD2020 ImageTool. You can find tutorial on this site to create and to apply a patch like that.

  114. Dani says

    An k550im is(db2020 cid 53).when I would make the telephone join to the program issues it with a sick-note:

    “OpenPlugin(connecttophone(getcid(cant find device info in xml (53red)))”

    What should I do?:(

  115. Peti says

    Do you reinsert the battery?

  116. Akshay says

    dani, jdflasher is not installed properly.
    do it…………………

    because jdflasher is not able to find correct script.
    the script is db2020 cid53.
    db2020.xml should be present in there.

  117. Dani says

    With a what kind of button I know it vรกltoztatni?(db2020-ra)Mert the I can jump between the characteristics only with a button downwards.I cannot modify how is needed?

    Apology for the idiotic question.

  118. Akshay says

    i did not understand you.
    can you ask again ?? please.
    select db2020 script and max speed. and go.

  119. Dani says

    How let me position it the db 2020? My gender db 2012 ointments who and I cannot modify it.How let me modify it?

  120. Peti says

    Are you Hungarian by any chance?
    K550im is DB2020. Download JDFlasher and its DB2020 archives from (I uploaded the newest available.) Use that.

  121. Dani says

    yes,I’m Hungarian. After I open it JDflasher throws a window out.I cannot place it in on the window there the db 2020 the db instead of 2012.How I can portray it?

  122. Dani says

    Me is Magyar vagy?

  123. Dani says


  124. Peti says

    // szerinted? ๐Ÿ˜€ imรกdnรฉk most magyarul beszรฉlni de az oldal angol. az magyar rรฉszรฉn lehet. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    So as I said, download the JDFlasher packages from and use them, they are working.

  125. Dani says

    Where is the Hungarian part of the side? I only English topics lรกttam.

  126. bhuvan says

    hiiiiii and a warm hug 2 akshayy n peti both!!!
    any ways my problem is….i am having w580i with cid:53….so only jd flasher helps me in uploading stuff 2 file system….now d problem which arises is this that when ever i copy a file or rename a file of my fs…..jd flasher says””DONT KNOW HOW TO READ THE FILE””….n the dialog box appears fr less then a second!!!!
    thnkss in advanced!!!!

  127. SHASHI says

    Hi friends i just wanna share some thing which i noticed may be it’s known but still i flashed my K550@W610 back to K550 doing every thing and my phone became brand new but in bluetooth device list old list were still there none of other things remained just thought you would like to know

  128. Peti says

    @Dani: is our forum. Please don’t use both languages here, only English.
    @bhuvan: not hard to see why. Downloading files from FS with JDFlasher is only possible on CID52 after Quick-Access patch. On CID 53 there is no such things, so you can’t copy stuff to pc from it. For a few months from now, it will be possible then. Renaming is that JDFlasher doesn’t know which command to send… so I’d love to help, but not possible yet.
    @SASHI: so GDFS stores them, as well as tasks. Strange, tasks erase when you reflash… ๐Ÿ˜€

  129. Dani says

    I wrote on the in Hungarian.

  130. SHASHI says

    Hi peti pls suggest me a cam driver which is currently the best around. I an not afraid to try extreme cam drivers

  131. Peti says

    Well it is very hard to find a good driver, I could never do it. ๐Ÿ˜€
    The original K550 driver has very good colors but bad quality. I had a great cam driver with wrong colors. Now I switched to Number1 3.0 cam driver. It seems pretty good, give it a try.

  132. shashi says

    from where i can get this cam driver no13

  133. Peti says

    It took a while to find it….

  134. Bdo says

    I know this has been asked -in part- a million times but I just got my K550i yesterday and really want to do the K550i@W610 thing with it.

    The phone is CID53 – Wish I hadn’t done the SEUS:(

    I’m worried about not having a backup of the GDFS because I want to be able to get back to a nice’n’fresh K550i if I screw up any flashing.

    Can JDFlasher now backup a CID53 GDFS?

    Can I just say also, I had no idea there was such a healthy phone modding scene and both Akshay and Peti, you are top class.

  135. Bdo says

    Manndaar seems to think CID53 GDFS Backup is possible. Link here –>

    The ‘FLASH’ part of his tutorial freeks me out a little.

  136. Akshay says

    Jdflasher can’t backup anything
    its ok not a big deal….. nothing to worry.

  137. Bdo says

    Do you think it’s a good idea to go ‘w610’ firmware without a GDFS backup?

  138. Akshay says

    yeah no problem.
    but you don’t do wrong things…

    and not to worry people do wrong things only on SeTool 2lite.
    its impossible to do wrong things in jdflasher.

  139. Dani says

    W610_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED53.rar and W610_R6BC002_FS_EUROPE_4_RED53.rar. What kind of custom pack is needed?

  140. Dani says

    Measured you ask the same one at twice?

  141. Akshay says

    obviously use any EUROPE 4 CDA
    just see in the CDA name.. it will be long but it will have europe 4 in it.

  142. Akshay says

    and what’s all the drama, batman..
    you got 2 identities ? like all super heroes..
    first you are dani, then you need to save the world/or your phone so you become batman.. LOL !!

  143. Dani says

    Apology but I may not have omitted it jogy let me talk with myself.:))
    I and batman…xD

  144. Akshay says

    LOL it was cool, entertainment here.

  145. sprk007 says

    @Akshayy,i flashed z310 cid52 with R1JC002 main & FS.but it seems,network lokd still!how can i unlock that…&where2 get custpack for R1JC002…Plz help man ๐Ÿ™‚

  146. Akshay says

    sorry that phone is not supported for unlocking .
    wait for db2010 or db2012 CID52 free patching

  147. ash says

    can i flashing my k850?

  148. ElRol says

    i can’t select “as a babe image”…. help!!!

  149. Akshay says

    ash.. wait for some more time.
    k850 free flashing will be implemented.
    hmm may be the firmware is not a babe image.
    or try to use keyborad carefully.
    or the mouse..

    strange you can’t select it..
    what are you actually trying to do ?

  150. Matt Tilley says

    i have a W580I CID53 but i have no idea what firmware to use to debrand it:S could someone please help me out? [email protected]

  151. ElRol says

    i have a w580 CID 53 and i was following the tutorial:

    Connect phone
    Enter oflash mode.
    On right side navigate to firmware location on computer.
    Select firmware in the right side.
    Press F5.
    Click Copy.
    Then Ensure that the option flash as babe image is selected.

    here, the option flash as a babe can’t be selected…. why could that be?

  152. Akshay says

    Matt Tilley
    You should use GENERIC CID53 Firmware to de-brand.
    May be the flash as babe image is selected as default and can’t be changed.
    just check it out once.
    If so then just continue.
    Post a screenshot.. let me see.. what’s the problem there with you.

    When i flashed i had all options open.

  153. Scott says

    I had to send my W580i in for warranty repair recently. Before that time, the firmware on the phone was a CID52 variety and I could easily flash it/debrand it with another CID52 variety. However, since I sent it in, it is now a CID53. My question is can I flash it back to a debranded CID52 from the now CID53 version. I want to do this because I have tons of patches and such made specifically for the CID52.

  154. Peti says

    No, you can’t, CID can’t be downgraded.

  155. Scott says

    The other thing I heard is that in order to debrand a CID53 phone using JDFlasher, the phone must first be unlocked. Is this true. My phone is currently locked with AT&T/Cingular and I never had problems before when it was CID52, I was wondering if something has changed.

  156. Alvin says

    Scott – No, the CID53 W580 doesn’t have to be unlocked in order to debrand with JDFlasher.

  157. Peti says

    Yes, Scott, Alvin is right, besides, it can’t be patch-unlocked yet… (so no free unlocking at the moment)

  158. Victor says

    Hi ppl, I’m new to these things and could use some help, I have a w380 and I’m trying to apply a camera mod, I installed the usb driver and followed the tutorial, but when I try to acess/ enter / wtv (bad english here) the ofs I get this message after all the loading:


    where did I screw up? D:

  159. Peti says

    Maybe used a bad script. But for beginners, I suggest using XS++ FSX. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  160. Victor says

    I would, but my phone is cid53, XS++ can’t handle that yet can it?

    thanks for the supor anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. Victor says

    suport* xO

  162. Peti says

    Does it happen that the phone just disconnects from the pc when you use MyPhoneExplorer? Due to bad cable?

  163. sprk007 says

    why cant i log in @ share2flash?i reinstalled xp,but explorer says “the page cant be displayed”…:( whats the problem guys?can ne1 tell me?

  164. Peti says

    The problem is that you don’t use Mozilla Firefox. Also your internet connection may not be ok.

  165. Victor says

    Actually I never used MyPhoneExplorer ._.

    I’m sure it isn’t a bad script because I used DBCIDExplorer so I could figure that my phone is pnx5230 CID53, it lists the folders and everything when I access ofs but then after the popup question “warning: are you sure?” it just stays on the “Preparing files list” forever and then gives me that time exceeded error โ€œGetFindData<getdir<send89data<IOusb::dcu_WriteData>>>โ€

    (I forgot the time exceed part in the other post o\)

    So, maybe I just screw up when installing the driver (I tried with SEUS too, same result), or just a noob mistake like “you have to have MyPhoneExplorer installed dumbass! D<”

    but it can’t be the cable, it has 3 days of life the little one ._.

  166. Victor says

    โ€œGetFindData<getdir<send89data<IOusb::dcu_WriteData >>โ€**

    yeah, I didn’t forget, it got vanished u_u

  167. Victor says

    Ok, I give up, but I swear I typed a “<time exceed” after the WriteData o___o

  168. Peti says

    I don’t get it either, it is supported by JDFlasher. Is it the newest release?

  169. Victor says

    Yes, as far as I know.

    I downloaded it from this tut. ;/

    I’ll try to do it on another pc to see what happens.

  170. Victor says

    Solved, I don’t know how but it works now o__o

    Thanks for the attention and sorry for all the trouble ._.

  171. Ivarr says

    at step 7 it says, `Click Copy. ` but when i click copy it says `error canยดt read the file`…:S?

  172. DiggiD says


    I am trying to debrand my w580i with CID53. I got last week from AT&T. I am following the tutorial above for JDflasher. It says to add the CDA. What is “CDA”? Can I still debrand this phone after so many reported problems? Thanks

  173. Peti says

    @Ivarr: copy from PC to phone, not in reverse.
    @Diggid: You can. CDA (aka custpack) is the name of a few files you must upload after the phone’s fs is flashed. The most important of them is customize.xml. You get “Configuration Error” is you don’t upload them.

  174. DiggiD says

    Thanks Peti. Where can I downloads these CDA files?

  175. Yogesh says

    @DiggiD. Check out the download section of There u will get the names of the sites where u can download ur CDA

  176. amigo says

    is it true that you can also patch k700i FW? how should i do that? when i buy my k700i last 2006 i didn’t notice any USB cable with it. i also have another question but it’s out of topic. I’ve downloaded some screensavers and save it on my k800i phone but it isn’t moving. gif files are suppose to be animated right? so what seems to be the problem with my phone. i’ve noticed that the only gif files that are animated in my phone are the preinstalled gif files. somebody please help me!! btw my phone is CID53.

  177. k550i rox says

    hey man i got cid 53 can u explain me the rules so my phone dont fuk plz thank u cause my friend had cid53 and after all the warnings u put he flashed is phone the screen is white so i dont want that to happen to mine cause im more mature lol

  178. jh says

    how do you flash the CDA after you have flashed the FS

  179. Akshay says

    For CID53 you can’t apply patches.
    No k800 has gif support. Please check.

    K550i Rox.
    Just follow this tutorial its all safe

    Download the CDA files. Copy all the contents of CDA to tpa/preset/custom using OFS. that’s all.
    this is how you falsh CDA.

  180. TOmmmyyy says

    i have problem
    i have sony ericsson k550i
    but i cant do games and aplications

    than is sais
    ” bewerking is mislukt”
    in dutch then
    butt i have tried everything a friend of my said
    flash it
    but how i have just updated to newest firmware using SEUS


  181. Peti says

    Updating with SEUS was a huge mistake. Anyway, follow this tutorial, it will help.
    Get W610 CID 53 firmwares (main & fs) from, or any place. Use them to flash your phone.

  182. alex says

    hi, i have a cid53 k810i

    i can flash main+fs alright, but when i try to get into the “ofs”, it wont let me access the directory giving me errors like “time exceed” “bad 89data” and other weird errors..

  183. k550i rox says

    so i can just do the main cause thats all i want to do and like can i use xs++ or do i have to use other one

  184. k550i rox says

    and also wondering can i use the one i downloaded from the xs++ tutorial the main folder W610_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED5

  185. Peti says

    @alex: strange and shouldn’t happen. Did you try only once? Try again, if still not working, you can try connecting with 2+5 instead of C.
    @k550i rox: you can only use JDFlasher on CID53, firmwares must be RED53.

  186. alex says

    ok after trying a few more times, i was able to copy the custpack onto it…

    now when it turn it on it stays white and vibrates twice. im sure its the erom…

    is there any way to fix erom on cid53

  187. Peti says

    No, no way with free tools. :S
    Then try flashing a different main and fs on the phone.

  188. k550i rox says

    oh i fixed mine with seus the applications and games problem is because u pulled ur phone off the cable while downloading to it which damges the gdfs seus formats gdfs and updates

  189. k550i rox says

    i went fuk it and tried the to flash with xs++ main works perfectly cid53 dont mean shiot now i think its updated but i did not do custom pak or fs

  190. the k550i guru says

    can anyone plz give me links to get the fs and custom paks plus main plz thanx

  191. Peti says

    @rox: xs++ doesn’t support flashing CID53 phones, SEUS was a big mistake.
    @guru: do you know what the word guru means? I guess not. Why not check out the download page?

  192. the k550i guru says

    wheres that and also is there a english video on how to do this i opend jd flasher and mate this is a very confusing cmd program

  193. Peti says

    Look at the first line of the page, Home – Download – Contact – About.
    We only have video of FAR Manager-SEFP.

  194. TOmmmyyy says

    k550i rox
    how can i play games and applications again ?

  195. Peti says

    You can move them to memory stick. Then reflash main and fs and custpack. Then from memory stick, get “jar” files, they are in the hidden System folder. Save that folder to pc and delete it. Install the jar files, move to mem stick and restore the system dir from pc. It may work, this is your only chance.

  196. aaa says

    use seus in case something wrong happens to your phone!

  197. tasos says

    I want to put flash menu in k770i with CID53. that I will make him?

  198. Peti says

    @aaa: NEVER EVER USE SEUS!!! (on DB2020 and 2012)
    @tasos: no matter what CID you have, you can’t put flash menus on a K770, it doesn’t support them.

  199. tasos says

    @Peti:here it shows that you become

  200. Peti says

    Then try this:

  201. tasos says

    @peti:xs++they is not compatible with CID53
    and said to me that jdflasher they is compatible with CID 53 but I do not know how him I make.
    if it knows somebody help me. thanks

  202. Peti says

    Are you using google translator to speak in English??
    Use JDFlasher to perform everything in the tutorial (there they use fsx…).

  203. anupam says

    peti, can u at least the name of that font….
    I m not gettin it in seusers, I’ll search somewhere else!

  204. Peti says

    Are you looking for the font that SE uses for Cyber-Shot? Man, my memory has its limits, so when talking about your earlier posts, try to post to the same place, so that I can read the earlier post too…
    It is called SONY SKETCH font, it is available at

  205. badtime says

    ok my phone is a w300 db 2010 cid 49 and everytime i drag my fs onto the mkrest thing it just comes on and come off like instantly and it doesn’t make the rest file

  206. Peti says

    Copy that file to the dir of mkrest. Also try command line.

  207. sagar says

    how do u start jd flasher:S

    Start JDflasher.
    Connect phone to JdFlasher as said above.
    Enter oflash mode.

    dont understand these steps:s

  208. Peti says

    Start FAR Manager and press Alt+F1, then select it.

  209. Boopathi says

    My Phone is K810Ii and its a firmware is CID 53, I have deleted the file and i couldn’t replace it back using JD flasher. While copying it shows the file in the left side, but once i reconnect and check it the file is not there and i receive configuration error. Please help me..

  210. Peti says

    The easiest way is to reflash FS. But still very strange, you connect to the phone, ofs, tpa/preset/system/menu. There you go to the other panel, select your, press F5. Go back to the other panel, hit ‘..’ till it asks “are you sure”, hit yes. Did you do this?

  211. Boopathi says

    I tried to copy ad you said, but even the status of copying in shown, but still same problem. Could you please upload a demo video if possible. And even i tried flashing, but even it shows some error. Please help me

  212. Boopathi says

    I have finally flashed the mobile with the service center. Is it possible to convert CID53 to CID52 by flashing the CID52 Firmware in the Phone with CID53

  213. Manz says

    once uv flashed to a new CID, i think its impossible to ever go back to the old cid ( remember, until new solutions are found NEVER FLASH TO CID53!!!!!!) sorry

  214. Peti says

    Yes, Manz, that is correct. But he said he had CID53 at the first place.

  215. azim says

    ive got a problem,
    i cant connect my phone to jdflasher..
    i own a w350i,
    on the instructions of jdflsher, it says to press c while connecting usb,
    but when i do it, it just turns on the phone..
    any ideas?

  216. azim says

    oh yeah, forgot, i used db2020..

  217. Peti says

    It’s pnx5230, try downloading JDFlasher from se-nse.

  218. azim says

    ok.. i tried with pnx5230, and still no luck..
    and i already downloaded 3 version of jdflasher..
    the newest one i think was
    FAR manager for all DB2010,DB2012,DB2020,PNX5230 up to CID53
    and btw, the c button for w350i is also the on button..
    (dont know if that helps)

  219. azim says

    i found it..
    for W350i, to get in flash mode, u have to press 2 not c..
    ok.. thnx for the help earlier.. but i have another problem..
    how comes the flash menu’s i downloaded, dosent have a
    it just have. .thm ._desktop, and some other images.
    (and flashing cid 53 phones with new themes wont brick my phone or anything right?)

  220. azim says

    *(flashing cid 53 phones with new flash menus wont brick my phone or anything right?)

  221. Peti says

    Flash menus should consist of thm and swf files. Why would it brick the phone…

  222. azim says

    sori for the noob quest..
    cause i read in some tutorials that i cant flash cid 53..
    so i was just curious..
    so, where do i put the files using jdflasher?

  223. azim says

    nvm peti.. i found the answer.. thnx alot for ur time and cooperation..
    just one tiny quest before i stop bothering u.. hehe..
    can i flash my acoustic drivers, camera drivers and fonts? i mean, is my phone compatible to do so?
    if so, what type of drivers can i flash them with?

  224. sagar says

    On right side navigate to firmware location on computer. I dont get this bit

    The firmwire is saved in my documents

    My documents isnt there

  225. Peti says

    @azim: you can install drivers, acoustics are only architecture (DB) dependent, fonts are ttf files, all do, camera is phone dependent.
    @sagar: C:\Documents and Settings\\Documents… or move it to somewhere else.

  226. azim says

    what do you mean by architecture (DB) dependent?
    and about the camera, in w350i, i cant take videos.. (thats how the phone is) just pictures, so is there anyway to change that?
    thnx peti, ur really a big help..

  227. azim says

    oh yeah, one more thing.. how bout startup and shutdown animations.. i can change that too right?

  228. Peti says

    Like all DB2020 phones can use any DB2020 acoustics.
    I don’t think there’s a way.

  229. azim says

    now i got a couple of things cleared..
    thnx for the big help..

  230. sagar says

    can i have s500i firmwire coz mine went rong

  231. Peti says

    We don’t have firmwares. Only, and such sites do. I suggest crossflashing to W580, by the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  232. Guzman says

    I have a w580i\CID53. Im just trying to debrand my phone so I can put flash themes on it and experience a “debranded” phone. I have the latest JDflasher but after I get to the part where I have to click on “oflash” part, it loads something then gives me an error :


    Im stuck at this point.

  233. Peti says

    Maybe too old JDFlasher, download newer.

  234. Jacques says

    I am completely novice. I got w580i from ATT last week (CID53?) and want to debrand so i can use with Tmobile and in europe when i resturn back.

    Can you please make guide friendly for layman like me? I try to follow your guide I download far & flasher and able to run it but get stuck. I not able to find firmware? Where can i get it for my phone?

    Please help.

    – Jacques

  235. zeewa says

    I Am Getting PUTFILE ERROR

  236. Peti says

    @Jacques: What you want is unlocking. If the phone is CID53, it is not possible for free. Check EROM CID by connecting to XS++.
    @zeewa: It means bad firmware.

  237. Jacques says

    Thanks Peti. I got unlock. I also wish to remove ATT stuff too… I think you said i can downgrade to cid52… can this be done?

    This is XS++ give me:

    11:57:48| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    11:57:48| Executed on Microsoft Windows 2000
    11:57:57| Attempting to open the interface…
    11:57:57| TURN OFF PHONE!
    11:57:57| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    11:57:57| You have 30 seconds…
    11:58:05| Baseband ID: 9900
    11:58:05| Protocol Version: 3.1
    11:58:05| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:W580)
    11:58:05| …using GDFS name
    11:58:05| Profiling SEMC phone…
    11:58:05| Platform: DB2020
    11:58:05| OTP CID: 51
    11:58:05| EROM CID: 53
    11:58:05| EROM Color: Red
    11:58:05| IMEI: 35256002xxxxxx
    11:58:05| Phone ID: W580
    11:58:05| Region: CINGULAR
    11:58:05| CDA: CDA102774/102 R25A
    11:58:05| Firmware Version: R8BE001
    11:58:05| EROM: R3A022
    11:58:05| Ready for operation!

  238. Jacques says

    Peti – i mean to ask can i debrand phone?

  239. Peti says

    unlock=use with any SIM; debrand=~remove ATT stuff.
    That is CID 53, can’t be downgraded. Unlocking isn’t possible, debranding is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  240. duan says

    cid53 can change to cid52 or not?

  241. Peti says

    Can’t. CID can’t be downgraded.

  242. duan says

    where i can get update to add cid53 in jd flasher?

  243. Peti says

    Download it from forum.

  244. ez says

    hi, i just followed the instructions and finished flashing my phone. BUT, when i start up my phone it gets stuck at around 90% on the please wait screen. how long does this process usually take?

  245. ez says

    it is still stuck, its been over 30 minutes. should i re-flash it?

  246. ez says

    sorry for all the posts..
    i decided to just turn off my phone and turn it back on, and it worked. does that mean the flash worked? and will i have any problems in the future?

  247. Peti says

    If it doesn’t complain about configuration error, it is fine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  248. Jacques says

    Thanks Peti.
    I purchase unlock code from ebay. it work good. Now I want to do remove ATT stuff. So i am have to debrand. I understand that.
    Where can i find firmware? I search se lifestyle but cannot find it.
    Can you also please also instruct me how to debrand step by step. I download far+jd flash. I able to follow this guide but get stuck at firmware because i cannot find it. also how do i run jdflasher from far?

    – Jacques.

  249. duan says

    plez help….
    when i hit Alt+F1 and choose just da flasher, error come out
    “File and archive manager”
    “File and archive manager has countered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

    what i have to do?

  250. Peti says

    @Jacques: We don’t have firmwares, use google, 4shared,,,
    You just flash a new main fw and fs; then custpack.
    JDFlasher is a plugin of FAR Manager.
    @duan: delete FAR and download again… is it Vista? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  251. Jacques says

    Thanks Peti…

    I am confused. I will try to understand far. what is fs?

  252. Peti says

    FS is filesystem, set of files that the phone uses.

  253. kochu says

    Hi Akshay,… your tutorials are really useful.
    I flashed my K550 – CID 53 with main-W610_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED53.mbn.
    got swf support and Walkman.
    Now please clear my doubts:

    1. What are the advantages of flashing FS?
    can I use “W610_R6BC002_FS_EUROPE_4_RED53.fbn”

    2. How can I add flash menus?
    3. I wanna change my acoustic and camera drivers, so that I can get better low frequency response( deep and powerful bass) and good frame rates . How can I do this? (on my CID53 K550 @ w610). Where can I get these stuffs?
    can i use the drivers for CID 52?

  254. Jacques says

    Thanks once more Peti. I now am seeing more information on ths website and am start to understand little bit. I will read more and then see what make sense. Thanks lot for your help.

  255. rudy says

    i have k550 cid53 R6bc002, i intend to cross flash to w610, and i got:
    should it be ok if i use russian fs? coz i cant find apac fs.
    once more, can u provide me short tutorial on cross flashing k550@w610 using jd flasher?
    here’s my emil [email protected]
    thx in advance

  256. Peti says

    @kochu: 1. You’ll have some walkman skins and flash menus, new drivers.
    2. That is written in the crossflashing tut.
    3. Also there.
    Don’t use own_custpack, just upload to FS with JD. “CID 52 drivers” will work. There are some in filebase.
    @rudy: They will work, it doesn’t matter if you use English language.

  257. rudy says

    thx Peti, i’m gonna learn more before doing it.
    Also,do u hv link on how to back up gdfs using jdflasher?
    Thx again,

  258. Peti says

    GDFS can’t be backed up with JDFlasher.

  259. rudy says

    Ooops,then cid53 users can’t back up gdfs?
    Is there any software
    to backup cid53 gdfs?

  260. Peti says

    No, there is no such thing yet. Maybe the new PhoneXS will support it.

  261. kochu says

    Hi Peti, thanx…
    Changed acoustic driver and changed the phone font….
    Now things r getting cool…
    I will try to customize every bit of my phone…

    But still my FS is old K550.

    I have confusion because in flashing FS …
    Flashing CID 53 FS and leaving with out a cust pack can spoil things (according to the tutorial)

    is this true?
    what is ur openion…?

    what is next…?
    im going to change cam driver…

  262. Peti says

    Upload a custpack after flashing FS. That’s all.

  263. kochu says

    But, is it possible on CID 53?

    Can I use a CID 52 Custpack?
    How to do this with JD+FAR ?

    Sorry for too many questions…

  264. Peti says

    Custpacks are not CID dependent. Use a “CID 52” one then. Extract the zip that contains is, it has a tpa folder, upload its content to phone fs/tpa dir.

  265. rudy says

    Thx Peti,now i have k550@w610.
    I applied xaero ma loud to my phone,n’ i found that i can’t use my headset for walkman n music files,but it’s ok when i use d radio..
    Did i make any mistakes?

  266. Peti says

    Did you delete the original acoustics from the phone? :mrgreen:
    Mistake. Upload W880 acoustics and then xaero without deleting anything.

  267. rudy says

    nope, finished flashing main,fs, n cda, i uploaded xaero ma loud using ofs, i just copied it.
    it’ll work only after i call the operator (after i heard the voice w/ my HF, then i use the walkman->it work).
    ok, ill try it ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanx Peti, been a great help 4 me

  268. Peti says


  269. Olivette says

    hey there! i wanted only the jd flasher i already
    have FAR manager. PLS

  270. Peti says

    We have it only this way, I know se-nse hosts it standing alone.

  271. duan says

    db3150 can flash or not?

  272. duan says

    my freiends just bought her handphone w910. when i i want to connect use far manager, connecting appear…… how? cid52, db3150

  273. Peti says

    DB3150 is not flashable.

  274. duan says

    so? can’t do flash menu?

  275. duan says

    so i also can’t access the fs?

  276. duan says

    it is other way to use flash menu?

  277. Peti says

    Too many separate posts. You can’t do anything without professsional tools.

  278. duan says

    what do u mean professional tools?
    can u teach me how? plzzz

  279. Jimmy says

    Can I look up or reset the Lock Code (not sim lock) of my w580i with JDFlasher? Would an OFlash do it? Thanks.

  280. Peti says

    @duan: pro tools -> $1000 or so
    @jimmy: simlock? or the one on startup but not simlock? Maybe, but I’d say it’s stored in GDFS. Give it a try.

  281. Jimmy says

    Well, my w580i is CID53 so that means I can’t apply patches, but is there any way to reset the phone start up lock code? My nephew found it and I don’t know the code.

  282. Peti says

    Maybe reflashing FS resets it, I’m not sure. But if you have warranty, try going to the place you bought it at and ask for help. If they don’t, reflash. If still no go, bring it to any service center.

  283. duan says

    thanx peti…

  284. Sjsuren says

    Thanks For Guide…

    I FLASHED My K530i To W660i ….

    Working very well.

    Thanks for Your Support…

  285. Jimmy says

    Thanks Peti, but How can I flash fs in w580i? Is that possible?
    I have acces to Ofs but when I select the fs file and hit copy it doesn’t give me the flash it option.
    I have CID53

  286. Dev says

    I just update the new firm ware for my phone 580i. When I came from US and used your tutorial for unlock but now how to unlock the new firm ware which is update service is loaded. firmware is R8BE001 and cid is 53. i tried with JDFlasher and XS++ to load older firmware with out any success as it can not load the firmware. JDFlasher gives error some put header 19. I can not unlock the phone. please help me for same. Thanks

  287. Rhodderz says

    hi i am really enoyed now been trying to unlock my k810i i have followed all guides it is at the latest patch by that seuss thing and one of them i tried is the setool and that said my phone aint supported and i tried the simlock and it would flash i tried using xs with the patch to unlock it and the button execute patch wouldnt appear and i tried using the file of simlockgen and that said failed and now i tried the far and i thought i was getting somewhere but when it says select as a babe image i cant all i can do is select cancel cancel caneel can some one please put a noob guide with files and everything (sry for being picky) as i have nearly thrown it out of the window my phone is also locked to orange if that helps my email is [email protected] thnx in advance also i probably wont see any replys made on this site sorry

  288. Peti says

    @jimmy: oflash, flash new fbn file on from topse or somewhere.
    @Dev: olny jdflasher handles CID 53 phones but can’t patch them, so no free unlocking.
    @Rhodderz: is the phone CID 53? See in XS++.

  289. flex says

    How to free unlock my k550i?(cid 53)

  290. Peti says

    Can’t do yet.

  291. stinson says

    i want w300i fs and firmware red 49 asia_Levan DB2010.

    can i flash my z530i with w300i.?

  292. Ar.Ps says

    Hi This Is a Very Good Software
    But This Can’t BackUp Gdfs
    My K810i Is CID 53 PLz Help Me For Back Up It (GDFS)

  293. Ar.Ps says

    Please Learn For Hacking K810i
    By JDFlashing

  294. Akshay says

    no you can’t
    please don’t try

  295. Ar.Ps says

    Thanks For You

  296. Gursimran says

    Hi Akshay..canu plz tell me wethr i can flash my phone that is a k 550i to w610 using jd flasher.will da flasing harm my warrenty??
    Can u plz guide me as im new i n dis field!!!
    i tried to use x++ but den i read it cant flashcid53 phonez,,actually i had used da seus b4,,cant i revert to sum other cid??,,,or is it possibl to modify ma phone wid dis cid?????
    my phone propertiez r,,,
    You have 30 seconds…
    22:46:02| Baseband ID: 9900
    22:46:02| Protocol Version: 3.1
    22:46:03| Phone name detected!
    22:46:03| Profiling SEMC phone…
    22:46:03| Platform: DB2020
    22:46:03| OTP CID: 51
    22:46:03| EROM CID: 53
    22:46:03| EROM Color: Red
    22:46:03| IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    22:46:03| Phone ID: K550
    22:46:03| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    22:46:03| CDA: CDA102568/110 R5A
    22:46:03| Firmware Version: R6BC002
    22:46:03| EROM: R3A022
    22:46:03| Ready for operation!
    Thnx in advnce!>>>>

  297. Akshay says

    yes, your phone is CID53.
    as i said again you should use CID53 firwmares with jdflasher !

  298. Gursimran says

    How can i backup da files like for example the original in the tpa/present/system folder using jd flasher,, ??

  299. bambu_men says

    Hi akshayy,it’s me again.I’ve succeded flashing my k550 to w610 just now and it’s look great just as you said. Thx for your great tutorial.
    But i hav a little problem. After i flash my fone,i modd its acoustic and camdriver. There’s no problem with acustic,problem comes with the camdriver i replaced. When i want to use camera there’s warning says “another aplication is running. Close it and start again the camera”. Do you have any idea what’s wrong with that and how to solve it? Plz rply soon..

  300. Akshay says

    no need to backup gdfs with jdflasher.

    do a full reflash of fs and main and cda. and don’t use that camera driver again.

  301. bambu_men says

    [:] don’t you have another solution for that?? if that is the only and easy way, then i’ll do it again. But what is the best camdriver suite for K550@w610?? can you tell me (developer and version) and where can i find it?
    actualy i want to ask more question but that’s enough for now. plz reply as soon enough :D. thx for your kindness

  302. Akshay says

    hmm hey no idea, i use default camera driver. not keeping in touch with it. you can ask at our forums, our users definitely know it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  303. Elliot Horwood says

    It bricked it AVOID IT!


  304. bambu_men says

    Hi akshay, thx 4 ur reply. It dosn’t matter anymore. I do as ur said, full flashing again. Then i use mhq v2.39 A-version camdriver ‘n i think it’s the best camdrvr for my fone. But if u know another better than that, plz let me know.
    Now next prblm is my cam seal not function anymore ‘n there is no cyber-shot logo when i open camera. Can i get those both thing back ‘n how to do that if it can?
    Thx again.

  305. Akshay says

    that’s the dis advantage..!!
    even i face same probs in k550@w610
    but its not much

  306. bambu_men says

    ha ha….oke akshay, tenkiu

  307. DHIREN says

    m using w710i….i tries uploading sysgfx patch by using jd flasher but in vain in iflash thing i dun get ne options…wat to do…wat all things are necessary n is it necessary to apply quick access patch if it is applied frm first vis se2toolite??pls help…

  308. danny kishan says

    i have sony ericson tat music player tere has no megabass option..can i add or feel its putching any way..kindly plse help me.

  309. bambu_men says

    Hy akshay or peti. I want to ask some question but i’m sory if i’m asking in the wrong post.
    I want to add some language (lng file) to my k550@w610, how can i do that? I’ve tried upload it (lng file to its dir) but what happen is other language, except english, is gone. Do i did wrong? Or it’s not that way?
    If this post is not for question like that, plz rply to my email.

  310. k183 says

    Thanks for the guide AKSHAY,

    I just flashed my phone from k30i to w660i and works great.
    This process took me a good 8 hours (over two days) to do. Finding the FS and main for CID53 took the longest and reading all the materials on the process.

    It can be done, just read Akshay guide, then read it again. If you don’t understand a step, stop read up or read the comments section. Then read the guide again. Every word in this short guide is gold.

    I only did the flashing so I can have the ‘Sleep mode clock’ option. But as I found out later on the k30i is a different screen and it is very dark, hence the reason SE took it out. But that option is important to me.

  311. TK says

    Hey! Im really really scared that i might screw up my K530 =( Anyway, I get a “IMEI = NULL”, “using GDFS Profile” error that someone else had and also an XML Missing error in JDFlasher. =S Does anyone know why?

  312. bambu_men says

    hy akshay, never mind of what i ask in on my older post. i have read your tutor about it now.

  313. joe says

    Hi, well, i’ am trying to upload some icons and an camdriver using the fs. i go into ofs. I cannot drag and put, it shows i can but nothings there, i can only delet items, and i’ am cid 53, help? i mean how do i get my pack in…?

  314. Akshay says

    ok i have not updated something.
    download jdflasher again
    and try.
    thank you.

    and sorry for all late replies.

  315. michello97 says

    hi! i’ve got a question.. i’m not new to these things.. i mean i’ve debranded many phones using your tutorials.. when i tried to debrand my phone (k800i) i’ve updated at SEUS.. and got my cid from 52 to i couldn’t nothing then.. my question now is.. can i do a full reflash ? can i debrand it using any free program ? it’s bought from Orange Romania and.. the software is really stupid..

  316. michello97 says

    ooh.. and another question.. can i unlock it ?

  317. Akshay says

    no you cna’t now.
    you can only flash it and customize it with jdflasher.
    to de brand you need main and fs with romania language and cda for that FS which has romania language.

  318. michello97 says

    thanks for the reply.. i just finished debranding it.. it looks like a sony ericsson now :)) ๐Ÿ˜› i don’t like the phone with romanian language on the menus.. i left it in english.. thank you for your help. cheers michello

  319. Kristoff says

    I’ve a question. Can you retrieve your phone lock code with FAR&JDFlasher?

  320. bhuvan says


    click on repair or unlock button it it re-set the lock code 2 default through se tool!

  321. heritage says

    hi akshayy,
    please help me, i have my k610i red blink, how to fix this with xs++.thanks

  322. bhuvan says

    look in our red blinking/phone dead tutorial
    u can fix it through se tool!

  323. Dan says

    Hi Akshay! Thanks so much for the tutorial – I’ve been putting off trying to use FAR and JDFlasher on my CID53 K800i as I thought it was complicated to use. I just tried it with your tutorial and it works great! I just have one question though – How does one mark All files for transfer to the phone’s FS? I plan to mod the acoustics of this phone but it seems that there’s no way for me to mark all the acoustic files from my computer for transfer to the phone’s acoustic FS. I can mark them one by one via mouse right click though. Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks!

  324. bhuvan says

    its simple…just stay the right button of mouse clicked…n move over the files u wanna select!

  325. GERULA says

    Ummm… I know it sounds stupid but when I want to connect my phone… more exactly when you choose script there is no DB2010 – because my phone is a w200i DB2010 – I also tried DB2012 and DB2020 because they were the only ones. With the DB2012 chosen I get an error when I connect my phone… and when I connect choosing DB2020 it connects and shows me the “oflash” and “ofs” but when I double click on oflash I get an error… Btw I updated my phone also with SEUS and got it to CID53… Basically what I want to do is downgrade it back to a CID52… Can this be done? Please reply… Thanks in advance!

  326. GERULA says

    Ummm… please reply on how to flash… if it can be flashed – i have a w200i-…

  327. Varun says

    The service guys updated my phonw to cid53![:(] now i need 2 flash the phone
    i flashed my w580i main with W580_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED53.mbn and fs W580_R8BE001_FS_APAC_RED53.fbn

    Used the cust pack i used for flashin when it was 52..but when i started the phone it shows that config error… am i usin da right cust pack and the folder has some 15 files in it…how exactly should i go about copyin em on jd flash? do i need 2 reconnect after flashin fs and main? coz thats what i did… Sorry im confused…

  328. Varun says

    Nope figured it out..its workin!:)

  329. Mancini says

    Hi akshay, i’ve putting camdriver0.dat into my CID 53 w660i, with Far+JD flasher… when running those program works fine, the driver are copied. But when quit the program and open it again, my camdriver0.dat wasn’t exist… only camdriver1.dat in it (Ifs/settings/camera). Can you help me how to write that file succesfully, coz now my camera doesn’t work again.
    Thanks Before…

  330. Akshay says

    hmm interesting. new problem again. did you copy the file properly and after copying you should shut down jdflasher correctly. here is another tutorial with pictures. see these pictures. may it helps you.

  331. Mancini says

    Ahaa, thanks Akshay… i’ve found d problem. i didn’t shut down jdflasher corectly… i’ve just click quit button without going to root directory first. That’s why there was no confirmation to wrote down the file. Thanks for the link…
    One more question, is it fine to overwrite my w660i camdriver with cybershot series camdriver?
    Thanks once again.

  332. bhuvan says

    no no problem…just get it!

  333. Akshay says

    no, use drivers made only for your phone.

  334. dillanmac3 says

    ok so i thought this would be the proper place to post this since im having trouble with flashing and stuff. so on the step where you have to find the firmware on the right side of jdflasher i have the firmware and im able to locate it, but every time i hit yeah, flash it. it comes up with this
    so im not sure whats going on

  335. Mancini says

    i see, thanks bro

  336. Akshay says

    hmmmmmm you are using jdflasher right ???????
    ensure that firmware is not damaged file. download jdflasher from here. this is the latest version should not produce that error. this may work out for that error.

  337. dillanmac3 says

    hey Akshay,
    so i got the flash themes on the phone and every thing but when i turned it on it said configuration error please contact your service provider

  338. Akshay says

    put the CDA or reflash FS and then CDA/Custpack

  339. dillanmac3 says

    what is the CDA

  340. bhuvan says


  341. dillanmac3 says

    so how would i make that change on jdflasher?

  342. bhuvan says

    just upload the cda files to tpa\preset\custom

  343. Pankaj says

    Hi Akshay..
    I recently updated my W610i and as it was giving CID53 I used JD Flasher+Far manager.
    In that I am getting the error when I select any of the oflash or ofs–
    SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(qhldr(file 070703 1229 DB2020_SEMC_RECOVERY_P3N.2020_1_BLUE is not a babe)))))

    Can u tell me what should i do.

  344. bhuvan says

    i guess u gt blue version fs and main…instead of red!
    do one thing…re f;ash it using seus as already ur cell is cid:53…so nthng will go wrng
    it will get u red one…and may b then it will work
    do tak care of choosing the right platform…i.e. db2020…max speed

  345. john says

    Hi,i am totally stuck with opening “ofs” ๐Ÿ™
    a error cames up telling something like this :
    “Set directory………………………………………bad answer”

    I have far manager v.1.70″,with the latest db2020 and cid53 updates,and my phone is k800(db2020-cid53)cable drivers installed,some help please ? ๐Ÿ™ :/ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks in advance

  346. john says

    oh , i just saw pankaj question,who seems to be quite similar,i posted all the info that i know,hope it will helps other people too ๐Ÿ™‚
    So here they are.. :

    Baseband ID: 9900

    00:32:17| Protocol Version: 3.1

    00:32:17| Phone name detected!


    00:32:17| Profiling SEMC phone…

    00:32:17| Platform: DB2020

    00:32:17| OTP CID: 51

    00:32:17| EROM CID: 53

    00:32:17| EROM Color: Red

    00:32:17| IMEI: 35471601xxxxxx

    00:32:17| Phone ID: K800

    00:32:17| Region: MEDITERR

    00:32:17| CDA: CDA102568/4 R5A

    00:32:17| Firmware Version: R8BF003

    00:32:17| EROM: R3A016

  347. bhuvan says

    what do u want then???

  348. John says

    I want to get in “ofs”(by using farmanager+Jdflasher plugin) and put some flash themes, but the problem is the error i had told you ๐Ÿ™

  349. bhuvan says

    which error.??…u post the whole thing together here…

  350. John says


    โ€œSet directoryโ€ฆbad answerโ€

  351. dillanmac3 says

    thanks for your help guys i finally figured it out how to flash the themes with far manager.

  352. bhuvan says

    when ru gtting this message??
    when u open a directory on ur hardisk???

  353. john says



    i get the message when i click ” ofs “,

    (there are two options ” ofs ” and ” oflash “, after connect i choose ” ofs ” and there comes the message error)

  354. dillanmac3 says

    hey guys i’ve come across another problem. i am trying to add new cam drivers to my k850 and every time i go into far manager and select all the scripts, i hit jump into a large rabbit hole and then you have to connet your phone. well when i connect it the phone starts by itself and goes into mass storage mode. so i cant go into the file system or anything. please help

  355. sheldons says

    i keep getting the put files error. trying to debrand my k770i. it is CID53. have tried many firmwares thinking they could be corrupt but have been thru endless different files and no luck. please email me asap i need help! [email protected]

  356. bhuvan says

    what error u gt?

  357. bhuvan says

    its doing so cuz u r crossing the time limit!!!
    better…install the drivers right way…and den do!
    if jd do not connect…den automatically this happens!

  358. bhuvan says

    @i keep getting the put files error. trying to debrand my k770i. it is CID53. have tried many firmwares thinking they could be corrupt but have been thru endless different files and no luck. please email me asap i need help! [email protected]

    rename the firmware name to simple alphabets and numerics…including the folders in which they are kept

  359. dillanmac3 says

    ya but it does it as soon as i plug it in

  360. John says


    This :

    error: SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(cmd3c(hdr(cmd3cbody(bad answer 10)))))))

    Help PLEASE,what ca i do ๐Ÿ™ ?

  361. bhuvan says

    u r not pressing the c key!only this causes this!
    is it workiing fine???the key??
    after clickeng on jump in large rabbit hole….remove the battery…plug it back..dont turn on the device…keep pressing the c key…and plug in the cable!

  362. bhuvan says

    let me gt dis to akshay!…wait for the reply…
    well u gt cid:53???

  363. dillanmac3 says

    the key works, i took the battery out after i pressed jump in a large rabbit hole then i put the battery back in plugged it in held c and it still came on i held it until the phone came on. idk y it is doing this

  364. bhuvan says

    @ dillanmac3
    is it solved???

  365. John says


    SOLVED !
    Thanks for the help ๐Ÿ˜€ !!!
    I downloaded JDflasher again from here this time and it worked ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

    But now i can not install the usb flash drivers of my sis. w302 ๐Ÿ™
    When i conect the phone ,presing “C” all the time,the mass storage comes up in few seconds…,really fast ๐Ÿ™
    What can i do to install them :/ ?

  366. dillanmac says

    yes the problem was that i was using far manager, and i needed to be using a2 uploader. so it wasent the phone just the program.

  367. lala says

    i want to debrand my s500 it is cid53
    so far i have main and fs files
    but i cannot find a generic custpack that matches does anyone have a link to a suitable custpack?
    thanks in advance

  368. lala says

    oh and my cda is 102765

  369. bhuvan says


  370. bhuvan says

    from region r u??

  371. bhuvan says

    @ John
    connect it the same way u connected urs!
    u mst b commiting some mistake!

  372. lala says


    i’m from australia

  373. lala says


    i read somewhere that you could modify custpacks yourself so could i use
    and modify it so i can use it with my phone?

  374. bhuvan says

    try it…if doesnot works..then delete it

  375. lala says


    thanks just needed confirmation from someone who knows what they’re talking about ๐Ÿ™‚ as for the gdfs backup…the chances of my phone stuffing up are relatively low right?

  376. Akshay says

    forget gdfs backup, not necessary any more, its 2009, that’s the past, 2007.

  377. anup kumar says

    hey, can anyone help me out.
    at first i flashed mu se k550i cid53 to w610 using jdflasher. It si working fine at that time. Than think it can be flashed to w880i to, so i flashed my that phone to w880i cid53 using jdflasher.At that time when i power on, it displayed a white screen and not turned on. So i flashed my phone to w610 using same main+fs+custom pack. But at this time it is showing no netw. coverage. help me urgently.
    my email id [email protected]

  378. abdul muqeet says

    My phone is K800i with cid53. I am new to JDflasher I want to apply a few patches. When I connect my phone using jdflasher after installing USB drivers, I get the following message:
    Open Plugin(connecttophone(getcid(cant find device info in xml [53red])))

    akshay pls help

  379. bhuvan says

    @abdul muqeet

    as it says
    Open Plugin(connecttophone(getcid(cant find device info in xml [53red])))

    your xml version is outdated one!
    get the latest jdflasher with cid:53 plugin from our filebase!

  380. kof64 says

    sorry for my english,i have k790i,it works for me,but after restarting i can’t see phone language :arabic,french,….. i see jsut english.i can use just writing language,and the fonts & the flash menu is ok the problem is phone language …. pls help

  381. bhuvan says

    get the other cda files
    and ya get other font or with .xml file

  382. amigo says

    is it possible for me now to change the, cam driver etc using this jdflasher ? i have k800 with cid53 firmware. i just can’t wait for xs++ 4.1 for windows. please help!!!

  383. bhuvan says

    yup with jd flasher you can access your fs

  384. Dawsy says

    i want to flash my k530i cid53 db2020 to w660i as soon as i use FarManager + SEFP ALL CIDS + jdflasher ….and i try to connect my phn pressing C it throws an error statin
    “OpenPlugin<connecttophone<getcid>>……hw to deal with dis..” WAITIN FOR UR REPLY

  385. Akshay says

    don’t know. follow tutorial properly. you should shutdown phone and then re-insert battery and connect phone and have battery charged completely.

  386. Dawsy says

    i had shut down my phn properly and also reinserted the battery ….should the battery be charged till 100% or else justify pls

  387. Akshay says

    it should have some decent charge. have you installed the usb flash drivers?? you should use Jdflasher. Select script as db2020 during flashing.. did you see the flashing video of a db2020 phone ? its link is given in tutorial.

  388. Dawsy says

    my batt chg is showin 59%…and usb is installed as well as my phn is showin the details when it is connected to xs++….
    i hav downloaded the tuts as well and im xactly followin the same……
    this is how the error looks like

    replace hxxp by http

  389. Akshay says

    hmm the picture is really small. lol. and what site is it ? use some other nice image hosting. am removing that link, i don’t allow links to suspicious websites.

  390. Dawsy says

    lol actually i gt tht link frm orkut…as i uploaded tht pic has a scrap no worries i uploaded the same on to my website….here is the link to it ….just click on the pic to see a larger image

  391. Jago says

    i used far manager and jd flasher for my k790i to flash fs: europe 4,i did the same thing in the tutorial and the result is ok too,but after the restart i lose my phone languages ,i keep just the writing languages,the new menu and the font.i want to keep also the phone languages.thx

  392. Jago says

    sorry,i forgot to tell you i used fs: s_asia_levan to flash my first fs :europe 4.because in s_asia_levan i can use more languages.thx

  393. bhuvan says

    @ Jago
    then try other fs and ya…cda files too!
    that will help u

  394. Jago says

    plz i need this file : K790_R8BF003_FS_M_EAST_N_AFR_RED53.rar ,coz no website have it or it’s not for free…and also a custompack for my k790,thx.

  395. bhuvan says

    check it on topse

  396. kof64 says

    hi!!! i want to know how to Downgrade DB2020 CID53 to CID52?? thx

  397. bhuvan says

    no way of downgrading erom!
    bt y u wanna do that???
    free cid:53 patching is available

  398. bambu_men says

    Does this jdflasher linked above support for w200 cid 53. Cz when i try to conect it eror.
    Thx in advance

  399. bambu_men says

    Does this jdflasher linked above support for w200 cid 53. Cz when i try to conect it eror.

  400. pammati says

    salamat sa tutorial!
    gusto ko nang maiyak รœ
    napakalaking bagy ‘to

  401. punkrockelite says

    help me!
    why i cant open far manager at my laptop..
    it said,windows has encountered a problem..
    send;dont send;
    but i can open my far manager using my desktop computer..
    help me!

  402. bhuvan says

    well….are u using it on sp3?

  403. Forhan says

    Im so disappointed!I have followed every step of this tutorial.After flashing done,i removed btry,insert sim and m2 and turn it on.Damn!….No sign of flashing!It is still the k550!How this could happen!!!Im so frustrated.I have flashed both main,fs and applied proper custpack!

  404. bhuvan says

    not at all possible!
    ohk…did you safely removed your phone from jd flasher?

  405. Forhan says

    I did just according to u r tutorial.But the problem is-
    when after selecting the main file to flash with,babe image doesn’t appear as the option.I just select copy and it is copied.This happens also with FS.As a result my phn mmry has been decreased(from 77MB to 34MB!),but it dint gv me anytng.Same k550(cid53)!Watz wrng plz suggest me

  406. bhuvan says

    firstly dont go for ofs…u need to open oflash for flashing in jdflasher
    secondly..unzip the package…then drag the .mbn file

  407. bhuvan says

    you must be copying full .zip pack!
    extract the firmware
    whats the extension of file u are copying?

  408. sethzen says

    Hey :O

    im wonder about the customize.xml and preloader.xml files. Do you need to find specific ones? or can any be used?

  409. hellboy says

    You need to find ones specific and compatible with the version of FS you have used.

  410. bhuvan says

    @ sethzen
    specific ones
    acc to ur region and phone’s model

  411. Sethzen says

    Right, so i have a w580i CID 53, im using these files to flash:

    Would i be right in using the contumize.xml etc from this CDA?

  412. bhuvan says

    @ Sethzen
    custpacks are not firmware dependent…
    this is right…
    take one acc to ur region

  413. Sethzen says

    I started to flash my phone. I flashed the main okay, but when i went to flash the FS i got this error

    putfiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 15)))))

    What do i do? Can i use my phone without FS for the time being? XD I dont want to turn it on incase something bad happens ๐Ÿ˜›

  414. Sethzen says

    Hey, i got my phone flashed ๐Ÿ˜€ took about 7 files to finally get one that didnt get an error in babeck.exe, thanks ๐Ÿ˜›

  415. bhuvan says

    @ Sethzen
    nope…u can give a try..and get the latest jdflasher from our filebase
    and use it..
    if still does not works…get other fs from diff place

  416. Superman777 says

    Where do you find the CBA files for the phone :S
    This the only bit i’m really lost on…

    and maybe the fs file for w580 r6bc002 europe?

    Argggg ๐Ÿ™

  417. Superman777 says

    CID 53*

  418. Superman777 says

    oh is okay
    I flashed it yet…
    It has locked itself again

    Would anyone know a way to like undo the ofs and re do it, or undo the whole flash and re do that :S


  419. boo says

    i successfully flashed the S500_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_LY_RED53
    but then when i tried to flash this firmware
    S500_R8BE001_FS_FRANCE_RED53 it came up with an error… error 18 i think but it didn’t work and now my phone’s dead ๐Ÿ™ it makes the vibration when i press the power button but nothing happens ๐Ÿ™ what can i do? i was going to flash this custpack Lindsay_i_CDA102765_3_R1A_Generic_Trade_France but i only speak english so any alternate fs files and custpacks are fine please help!

  420. boo says

    btw my phone fs was originally anz now i don’t know ๐Ÿ™

  421. bhuvan says

    post the full error….which software u are using?

  422. boo says

    @ bhuvan

    iputfiles(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 15))))) with jdflasher+far off this site but phone working now i used seus – was desperate

    i only want the flash themes – can i get them without flashnig?

    thanks boo

  423. bhuvan says

    well nice name…lol!
    get the latest jd flasher from file base…that will work

  424. boo says

    thanks bhuvan ๐Ÿ™‚ …obviously not my real name though sadly ๐Ÿ™ lol

    my phone seems to take longer to turn on since i flashed it with seus does flashing make it slow?

  425. bhuvan says


  426. Wasi says

    How do i know if my phone is unbranded??

    i can use any sim card i like.

    can i use k810i patch on k800i???

  427. boo says

    hi bhuvan
    so if i shouldn’t flash my phone again…is there any way of getting flash lite menu?
    thanks boo

  428. bhuvan says

    if u can do so..then its unbranded
    nope…patches are firmware dependent

  429. bhuvan says

    yea…upload them back to ur phone…simple

  430. Ish says

    I have a w580i Cid 53 phone and i used jd to flash my phone but when i drag my firmware into oflash and try to flash it gives me an error
    Im using this firmware W580_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED53.mbn
    I have no idea what the problem is

  431. bhuvan says

    whats the error?

  432. dinesh says

    Hi guys,
    i need to know to how to backup GDFS with Far Manager, coz my k550 is CID53 so cannot do anything with XS++,thks in advance

  433. bhuvan says

    xs++ wont work for u..
    if u use linux then phone xs will work!

  434. Shahzad Iqbal says

    hay Bhuvan ,Akshay And Dowsy……………
    i am in big trouble…please pull me out…

    i used this toturial…now my fone is Flashed…but only that i can not cusomize it.. it give an error which states…

    “file not found cannot fined executable file”pkzipc”.”


    this is my CDA . and i am from Pakistan

  435. Ryan says

    Try using FAR Manager, I dont use either JD or Far as mine is CID52 but its worth a try. Also Back up GDFS using Far if u haven’y already

  436. dinesh says

    Hi Bhuvan ,Akshay

    when i tried to flash (k550i CID53)using FAR manager+JDflasher getting a msg SetDirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(cmd3c(hdr(cmd3cbody
    (bad answer 10))))))….This is just after detecting the phone!

    What would have gone wrong?

    (I am using winxp SP2)

  437. bhuvan says

    Shahzad Iqbal
    when are u getting that error??
    u are on step of uploading cda files right?

  438. bhuvan says

    which jdflasher are u using?
    download the latest one from our filebase
    connect ur phone back
    dont know why that error is coming

  439. madman says

    can we flash a z310 cid53 firmware using kd flasher ??

  440. dinesh says

    Hey Bhuvan

    got the new FAR manager+jd flasher(CID53),and rest is just magic..;-)))

    Now have the Cybershot+walkman phone!!

    Only dissapointment is before flashing i had to charge the phone for only 20minutes with optimized charging, but now taking 3 hours to get full charge…What i can do for this???

  441. dinesh says

    Is there any files to be added to activate the optimized charging again?

  442. Guilherme says

    Hi all,

    I have a k790i and I had the stupid idea to update my firmware in SE site…
    Now I have my phone locked for all companies…
    I could see it is updated to CID53.
    Is there a way to unlock that F!@##$ phone again in this CID53???
    If yes, please bring me the way!!!!!!!!!

  443. bhuvan says

    what u wanna do?

  444. bhuvan says

    cid 53 cant be downgraded
    but follow anycid method to unlock

  445. dinesh says

    the phone isnt getting charged quickly as it used to be.but iam willing to compromise that, since all the other funtions are pertty much ok.
    best of all now iam having a walkman k550i ๐Ÿ˜‰

    thank u all for the help!
    u guyz are great !!

  446. Shahzad Iqbal says


    Brother i did fix that problem now ..i think customization file was not good or it might not be appropriate for my phone but i tried some other files now i have customized my phone ..

    Now i have to upgrade my cam driver,display driver, Acoustics which are good for my w580 i have everything original in my phone but i want to improve volume keeping in view the quality…

    i need links for those things and if possible tutorial and path,where to put them…i know it is too much but please..thanks in advance…

  447. waka says

    hi is very cool this tutorial but i’m CID53 and when i do this his say error help

  448. Akshay says

    waka, check out new jdflasher tuotorials
    now jdfalsher works with CID53. download latest version.

  449. dinesh says

    Hi Guyz,
    anyone tried anyone of the available modded cam drivers for k550/w610?

    is it worth installing a modded camera driver?

  450. Philintosh says

    dinesh…i tried mod my cam driver but it can’t be patch (vkp) says error (different blocks)…i hope akshay could help us including the mega bass for k550i R6CA001 CID53..please Akshay…

  451. Akshay says

    Dinesh, its your choice ! it works.

  452. lost wanderer says

    hi .. i’ve got a sony ericsson k800i, cid 53.

    I am getting the white screen of death but the IR does not light up.

    The screen is always white

    But my PC still detects my fone. wat should i do? apart flashing it???

  453. bhuvan says

    lost wanderer
    only re flashing
    thats the way out!
    ” apart flashing it???”
    u tried it earlier??

  454. balaji says

    hey akshay,
    i have a w700 and a k750…i can store only upto 200 messages. could you help me out in increasing that capacity?

  455. bhuvan says

    not really
    i guess patches are there for 10000 msgs
    jump to our forum for requests

  456. adil says

    how can i flash acoustics to my k810i cid 53 fone

  457. bhuvan says

    upload acoustics to ifs\settings\acoustics
    use jdflasher as ur phone is cid:53

  458. Rio says

    i want to flash my k530i (CID53) into w660i firmware … is that ‘OK’ if i just flashing the firmware without flashing the fs ??
    i just have one file named ‘W660_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_FY_RED53.mbn’ , is it works??

  459. bhuvan says

    its the main
    u need fs too!

  460. Rio says

    OK, thanks a lot bro… i had successfully convert my k530i to w660i using FAR + JDflasher …
    To akshay: thanks for the video tutorial, it was so awesome … great … rocks ….

  461. Huzefa says

    hi, im having a problem with my CID53 k800i. im trying to put some acoustics. i click ofs n go to ifs/settings/acoustics. but whenever i try to copy the acoustics(drag n drop) it says “file not found, cannot find executable file pkzipc'”. help would be appreciated thanks.

  462. vijay says

    On selecting jd flasher, far manager is crashing. any help please..

  463. Akshay says

    Vijay, download it again.

  464. Tigerlily says

    Hi Akshayy,

    So I wanted to put some spiffy new flash menus/themes and walkman skins on my w880i, right…
    So, I flashed my main and fs, added the .swfs and walkman skins, and then recopied a custpack I downloaded
    too… This was all supposed to work, coz I followed this tutorial to the tee..BUT when I put on my
    phone, I get the Configuration Error- contact your service provider thingy :(( why?? what am I doing wrong?
    I really really need my phone and I would appreciate and be eternally grateful towards you if you could help me.
    Here’s the main, fs and cutspack files I downloaded, maybe it’s the wrongs ones? I couldn’t find a custpack for
    CDA102719/158 anywhere..


    15:48:06| Profiling SEMC phone…
    15:48:06| Platform: DB2020
    15:48:06| OTP CID: 51
    15:48:06| EROM CID: 53
    15:48:06| EROM Color: Red
    15:48:06| Phone ID: W880
    15:48:06| Region: EUROPE_2
    15:48:06| CDA: CDA102719/158 R1A
    15:48:06| Firmware Version: R8BA024
    15:48:06| EROM: R3A022
    15:48:06| Ready for operation!

    sorry for the long comment >__>

  465. Akshay says

    Tigerlily, have you fixed yet or not or still need help ?

  466. Shan says

    i was wondering i have k810i phone.. and basically lookin at all the posts online diff diff sources i managed to mess it up now when it turns on its jus white and soo .. starting from scratch… phone .. spec.. k810 cid 53 db2020 .. my question is.. can i put in any firm ware ? like r8ba024 is what the SE Update thinggy left my phone at but inorder to do the anycid patch i will need to do.. r8bf003… can i patch it with this or will i have to do .. r8ba024 like SE did.. pls help . i want this phone bak to workin condition and alos when I DO CDA!! does it matter to get a proper CID53? cuz i cant find such a thing .. or is it jus generic only cid 53 matters for FS and Main thanks also i used akshay’s tutorial .. the only one that got me somewhere in tryin to write anything into the cid 53 phone

  467. bhuvan says

    get a firmware compatible to cid:53
    at the end of firmware name its written 53 or 53
    get 53 one
    its upto u which one u like
    cda is not erom based
    get one according to ur region and phone
    i would recommend u to put on one which supports max no of patches
    FS is not cid dependent

  468. Shan says

    Thanks Bhuvan u answered all my questions im glad u understood all my noob questions i appreciate ur help and will post if all goes well or i have anymore questions

  469. Shan says

    ok so i install the FS for my phone .. perfect about 209 blocks.. does it .. patches fine!! then i try to go into the OFS mode to do CDA but it gave me an error sumtin 89 .. be that as it may i have few more questions.. when is a phone completely dead like i might be wasting my time.. maybe i jus screwed it up with doin wrong firmware upgrades n stuff cuz i used to be able to get into ofs modes .. but not within the last few days pls help as to some insight on these phones and when i shud give up

  470. Shan says

    setdirectory(serdir(setmode(doscript(activateloader(bad89data (code 0xf01) thats the error code sorry i didnt include it please help thanks again..

  471. bhuvan says


  472. bhuvan says

    i guess acc to this error…there is problem in your firmware file
    get new one
    download whole new jdflasher..latest uploaded by akshay in filebase

    u are trying reflashing
    what problem exactly u are facing?
    sorry but we have to reply a lot of comments a day…so…i guess i understand

  473. Shan says

    not a problem bhuvan atleast im gettin a intellectual response anyway .. i paid and now have my phone CID 52 im guessin its easier to work with but the service didnt fix any erom or anything.. and when i tried to do gdfs fix i got some error 29 from .. kulenkendi fatal error then with another program i got fatal error this phone cannot be fixd i think.. regardless i will post proper mesges .. however my question to u is when do i kno to give up on the phone and throw it away .. it still retails for 300 and cheapest on ebay is 250 so im reluctant to throw it.. the condition is …. im able to flash .. main and fs when i go into OF mode to do CDA im gettin 89 error and other sorts ANd when i flash and turn on ITS white screen and constantly jus vibrates .. is it in a condition that can be revived? or shud i jus give up.. cuz its broken i wasted 17 bux cad on .. cID 52 thanks any help in right direction is very appreciated!

  474. Shan says

    as u suggested i went to and i saw FAR manager with SEFP is that the latest

  475. Shan says

    HEy in my search to get this workin i stumbled upon many resources on this site

    And erom fixing and GDFS fixin was one of them
    so at this point i have control over the phone!! the only problem is
    tell me what order to do them all in ? gdfs .. erom. then FS, CDA, MAIN ?
    or what combination becuz the combination makes a diff i see for the phone to start up
    help on this will be much appreciated .. cuz anytine i have error i do gdfs write and i have control over the phone same wtih erom if GDfs is givin problems

  476. bhuvan says

    thats the latest
    i m am not at all getting what u wanna say!!!!
    first flash main
    then fs
    then upload cda
    if there is erom problem then for fisrt repair it
    if nothing works then upload back original gdfs

  477. Shan says

    ok i’m able to reflash FS and MAIN except CDA
    however i can fix erom with setool2lite 1.11
    and i have back up of gdfs but i think its a damaged GDFS
    Now my questions:
    1) at what point do i know that this phone is no longer fixable! ?
    2) i can successfully flash main, fs,restore gdfs, fix erom.. but cannot start phone its White screen And it buzzes( K810i) what area is the problem?
    3) ultimate unlocker changed my CID to 52 .. from 53 cost me 15 EuR but it responds much better now.. but still cant turn phone on with a proeper flash! any other suggestion?

    Pls help! or atleast let mee kno that i have maybe screwd up my phone so i give up thanks!

  478. Akshay says

    Shan, if your phone is CID52 and in good condition, then using XS++ just relfahs main +fs and cda files and restart phone. simple
    if that does not work, try to flash your backup gdfs.

  479. me2kimi says

    hi all, i’ve download far+jdflasher from here. but it cannot be run in windows vista. it say some exception (0x00004a) or something like that. so i downgrade my pc to XP. thank god it can be run now. but today when i want to run it again it popup an error when i click ‘just da flasher’ . the popup with ‘Send Error Report’ and ‘Don’t Send’. Please help. my phone is CID53, only jdflasher work this time.

  480. Akshay says

    try to run in Admin mode, else also try in Win XP compatibility mode.

  481. sakimichi says

    what is the exact executor.b for w200 r4ja011? I had run the executor in the games folder but my phone didn’t turned off after that. please help me..!

  482. me2kimi says

    hi akshayy, i’ve tried all that.but still not working

  483. bhuvan says

    thats really strange!!!!
    may be ur antivirus program!really dont have any exact clue
    jump onto our forum!

  484. bhuvan says

    flash to a version whose .b file is there
    upload all files…and crack down the main via executor

  485. me2kimi says

    ok thanks 4 your help. this is exactly error code for this problem. ‘The exception unknown software exception (0x0000417) occured in the application at location 0x10000df9d’

  486. me2kimi says

    Hi bhuvan. I have overcome the problem with jd flasher. after a few reformating my pc, i notice that jdflasher wont start after I’ve installed microsoft office 2007. sound wierd, but thats the fact. after I restore my windows back to before installing Office, jdflasher work again. BTW, i’m using mic. office 2007 black edition.

  487. Akshay says

    i don’t have ms office on my comp. lol, that’s funn.y

  488. bhuvan says


    this solution is crazyy!
    i have office 07 installed..but no problem faced!
    akshay u use linux…right?

  489. Stefan_Germany says

    @ Huzefa
    I also had that problem with my custom file.
    You have to extract the files (your acoustics) from the *.rar or *.zip archive, than you shouldn’t have any problems with your acoustics ๐Ÿ™‚

  490. arya says

    where can i get the preloaded_config.xml file?

  491. Navjot says

    Guys the FIRMWARE folder from where we load the MAIN anf the FS..

    I dont have that folder..

    I am using w580i CID 53..

    Please help…!!

  492. bhuvan says

    get from
    or google it

  493. Navjot says

    Yes i am doing that but what I dont know is that should search a MAIN for my phone(w580i) or should I search it for the I want to Flash it into….

  494. bhuvan says

    dude…i am not at all getting what u are saying
    but what i can say is this that download r8be001 53 [if ur phone is cid53]else r8be001 52 for ur w580!
    download from topse or google it or

  495. Navjot says

    ok ok… i am done flashing as per given in the tutorial (flash video)..

    bt now how do I install Flash Themes I mean how do I add .swf files into my phone..??

  496. bhuvan says

    upload .swf file to tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash
    upload theme to mem
    run .thm

  497. bhuban22 says

    AKSHAYA i wanna chat with u. plz help me for my w350i menu icons.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  498. bhuvan says

    whats exactly happening??
    he is off for few days

  499. Banu says

    Hi…i got an error when i try to copy customize.xml and preloaded_config.xml into OFS….i got an error like “” File not found….cannot find executable file pkzipc””….please me…also plese give me the link to download CDA…….please help me…i am unable to switch on the fone..der is a configuration error please help me….

  500. AMinur says

    aksay can u unlock z310i for free

  501. bhuvan says

    its pnx platform
    can be debranded for free

  502. Rezha says

    I just want to upload acoustics, flash menus and walkman skins. Do I have to Flash the firmware first or can I just directly go to ofs and upload the stuff to my phone?

  503. bhuvan says

    u can do that direct way

  504. Edmunds says

    Pleasee help ! ;(
    I think my k550i is dead !
    When i flash menu and turn on k550ihe say
    Configuration error. Please contact to yournetwork operator or service center

  505. bhuvan says

    upload cda pack

  506. Edmunds says

    what is cda pack and how to install it ?
    Pleasee help i need my k550

  507. Edmunds says

    And how to install firmware?
    when i install firmware it say flash))babe)error

  508. Edmunds says

    what is CDA pack?
    And how to install it?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  509. edmunds says

    cda is custonization pack??

  510. bhuvan says

    dude read flashing tutorial back
    read about custpack\cda
    download it
    one which suites ur region and upload to fs in dir

  511. bhuvan says

    u are not using right firmware or right script

  512. bhuvan says


  513. AVS says

    Not Working With my CID 53 Phone
    Error shown while copying

  514. bhuvan says

    download cid53 compatible firmware
    it should be names as firmware name and at the end 53

    like w580_r8be001_53

  515. AVS says

    Bhuvan Plz can you gimme a link i need 660i Firmware

  516. AVS says

    One More doubt Bhuvan CID 53 and Wht is OTP CID its 51
    CDA: CDA102823/106 R1A

  517. bhuvan says


  518. bhuvan says

    leave everything
    what matters is erom:cid53

  519. lionel says


  520. bhuvan says

    look at patching guide

  521. Diego says

    hey i want to put flash menus and walkman skins, but i dont know where in ofs i have to paste them, can u tell me in wich file i have to paste them plase.

  522. bhuvan says

    /settings/acoustic/ >> Acoustics file
    ifs/settings/camera/ >> Camera driver
    ifs/settings/display/ >> Display driver

    tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash >> flash menus

    tpa/system/layout/ >> layout.xml
    tpa/system/mutlitmedia/mp/skin >> Walkman 2 skins
    tpa/system/preset/multimedia/pe >> frames , clipart etc
    tpa/system/preset/multimedia/av >> visualizations

    tpa/user >> stock pics and themesโ€ฆ

    tpa/preset/system/settings >> startup and shutdown screens !
    tpa/preset/system/sound >> all sound files
    tpa/preset/system/menu >> the famous
    tpa/preset/system/fonts >> fonts !

    tpa/preset/system/language >> language files (.t9 and .lng)

  523. Bento says

    Should i back up gdfs if i debrand my phone

  524. bhuvan says

    why not
    for safety sake
    if ur phone is cid52 then make a backup

  525. megatron says


    my phone stuck on “insert correct sim card”..

    and i can’t even enter bflash nor bfs..

    it says “SetDirectory<setdir<setmode<doscript<gethello<IOusb::getblock>>>>>>”

    can someone help me?

  526. bhuvan says

    what were u doing?
    was it branded or locked earlier?

  527. Lonti says

    I try to flashing my k530i week ago. At the step ”
    # Hit Jump Down Into a Large Rabbit hole.
    # Reinsert battery.
    # Connect phone holding C.
    # Wait for Initialization ” it shows warning message says “phone id cannot recognize … blabla … ” what should i do ?

  528. bhuvan says

    which script have u selected?>
    secondly are u using latest jdflasher?

  529. Paul Harris says


    I’m using a Sony Ericsson k800i and when i try to connect my phone, i get the following error:
    log started. plugin compiled Dec 31 2007 / 18:39:11
    create session object
    used script: db2020.xml
    turn off the phone, hold “c” button and plug usb cable
    error: OpenPlugin(IOusb::open(time exceed))

    I would like to know, what exaclythis error means and if anyone can help me.

    Thanks Alot

  530. bhuvan says

    Paul Harris
    problem in usb connection!
    clen the port of ur phone
    twist the cable a bit

  531. Unbloodz says

    @bhuvan or Akshay
    i update my phone using SEUS…then aftr tht i turn on da phone…
    bt i get error said “Please insert correct simcard”…i want to patch using ur akshay method
    above…bt in step quick access patch when i double click bflash i got this error…
    juz let u know i can access ofs bt not flash…TQ in advance..

  532. Bionic says

    hey i have a w350a and ive been trying to debrand it for the longest time i already unlocked it from at&tโ€™s network (using the unlock code) but i cant seem to get it debranded using far manager and jdflasher, i cant even get it connected to the damn thing,


    Load far manager with jdflasher

    press alt + f1 selected flasher

    script: pnx5230

    port: dcu-60

    Speed: 921600

    then i jump in the rabbit hole,

    then a box comes up telling me to connect while holding โ€œCโ€

    then i put back the battery into my phone without the sim (while holding โ€œcโ€) (ive also tried holding โ€œ2? and โ€œ2 +5? different times none worked) now dont get me wrong i tried holding down each of these different times, BEFORE i put in the battery but nothing happens!!!, i have a dcu-60 cable.

    PLEASE what am i doing wrong and is there any hope left in this universe for me?? awaiting ur reply

    one love

  533. bhuvan says

    go to our forum and discuss there!

  534. scloud says

    Hi there! i’m new here. the ‘Application’ & ‘Games’ folder of my K810 cant be accessed. every time it says ‘operation failed’. moreover i couldnot install any software here. should i flash it? My phone particulars which I got through XS++ are as follows:

    Phone ID K810
    EROM CID: 53
    Erom Color: RED
    Region: APAC
    CDA: CDA102568/101 R8A
    Firmware Version: R8BA024
    EROM: R3A022

    Steps and queries:
    1. Install USB Flash drive. But is there any separate drive for K810i or its kinda generic?
    2. Take GDFS backup. But how can I make a backup as I couldnโ€™t use XS++ with CID53?
    3. Flash it with JDFlasher+Far according to the tutorial. For flashing Iโ€™v collected the following:
    Is that all?
    Any more steps or things to do? kindly advise me.
    One more thing to know, do I need to patch or unlock or something else? as i know nothing about flashing can anyone please help me out?

  535. anurup says

    heh wen i try to connect using far manager…..i get the error msg saying
    pls help me

  536. bhuvan says

    yeah…ull have to reflash fs!take backup via my phone explorer of all the content which is there in ur phone memory!

    1.when driver is hardware will be detected..just do it..ull get it way left for taking smart…play carefully..nothing would go wrong as most of the people around have cid53 phones only! it..also jdflasher is fast and poerful than xs++…i find is easy too!so enjoy!no need to patch or something if ur phone is unlocked or de branded!i mean simple se phone!

  537. Truc says

    Hi, my phone can’t turn on after I turn it off for some reason. it’s a w580. From Setool2lt I know it’s FLASH CID53 RED. I read many sites and try to reflash the main (although have very little idea what it is, I hope it will save my phone).

    I follow your instructions but it failed when I doubled click on “oflash” . It shows a red error signage “setdirectory…..>>>>”

    A side note, I hold “2 and 5” when connect the phone rather than “c” (somehow “c” doesn’t work with my phone)

    I hope you can help. Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  538. bhuvan says

    first tell me..’c’ key method is not working?
    red light is blinking?

  539. truc says

    yes, it’s exactly like what you said. “c” key doesn’t work and the red light is blinking… ๐Ÿ™

  540. truc says

    Hey bhuvan, I just read the your answer on “redlight blinking, dead?” thread. it seems there is no way to fix it myself? Erom and Firmware are 2 different things?
    Still what you guys doing here is amazing. I learnt quite a few surprising things about cellphones here… [never thought about these things until now^^]

  541. bhuvan says

    yea a lot can be done but sorry to say ur phone cant be fixed for free here!
    cid53 red light blinking needs erom to be repaired!
    cid52 erom can be fixed though!
    n firmware is diff thing!
    its just os of ur phone!
    just get ti fixed from service center!
    having warranty?
    and get back to learn hell more!

  542. truc says

    no. the warranty is expired. do you know where I can get it fixed?
    Sure, I will be around the corner

  543. bhuvan says

    dont know!
    contact any local sller of parts and accessories and look out for warranty too!
    company peple take a lot compared to them

  544. Ellis says

    Hi, trying to flash my K800i using this thread, I’ve got to the part where i am selecting firmware ( I have found a generic_main ending in CID53.min but when i am in in copy everything is greyed out (can’t select) apart from cancel. Is this the wrong file type you think?


  545. Akshay says

    no, try again, properly, don’t make mistakes.

  546. Ellis says

    Cheers Akshay for the reply but it looks like everything i am doing is correct.
    Having a second look though and reading your forums it looks like my EROM is bust i’ve installed USB drivers and used setool2 lite repair button and it comes back with this:

    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:49 PAF:1 IMEI:35170801167128 CERT:N/A
    Can’t build loaders chain ;(
    Elapsed:15 secs.

    Does this mean ‘cos its CID53 that its really bust and no way around recovering it? I have no previous GDFS backup point either ๐Ÿ™

    If this is is the case i don’t remember updating it ever through SEUS to get CID53?? So i am confused :((

  547. Ellis says

    Just to add to this, phone doesn’t turn on, has 6 red lights flashing and also light flashes when charging battery in phone.

  548. Akshay says

    CID53, sorry, no free lunch for that phone. Get it repaired from SONY ERICSSON Service center.

  549. Ellis says

    Ok no worries, i had a feelin that was the answer, cheers anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  550. COOLOON says

    I am quite new to mobile phone customization… I have a w200i and want to add flash menus functionality.
    I installed Far Manager +JDFlasher plugin… loaded Far Manager… then pressed alt+F1 and selected “just da flasher”. After that, the program window crashes.
    “File and archive manager has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
    AppName: far.exe
    AppVer: 1.70.2087.0
    ModName: jdflasher.dll
    Offset: 0000df7d

  551. Akshay says

    COOLON, something wrong with your Windows. Never seen that crash. try else where.

  552. jay_372001 says

    i choose the oflash category then
    i have an encountered an error says: SetDirectory(setmode(doscript(cmd3c(hdr(cmd3cbody(bad answer 10)))))))

    your help will be a great knowledge.. thanks

  553. veer says

    my bluetooth is not powering on ………… after update from se update service now its cid53 pls hep plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  554. Asad says

    plz help me!
    when i connect my phone (w660i) to Jd flasher
    after the cid detect thin it gives the following Error:
    OpenPlugin<connecttophone<getcid<QH00<IQusb::sendblock<IQusb::dcu_Write Data>>>>

    plz help me in solving this problem..!!
    reply ASAP.!

  555. puneeth says

    hey dude
    Do i need to keep a back up of my present settings before flashing and if so how do i do it ?????
    Sorry if the question has been asked before
    i tried searching but the posts are too many , so i didn’t continue searching further.
    Please reply.

  556. Hassan says

    i cannot connect se k770.Please help me how to support it.
    T H A N K S.

  557. saMEer_M says

    Can any1 help me 2 find W610_R8BA024_FS_M_EAST_N_AFR_RED53???

    reply me at [email protected]

  558. sindhya peter says

    hi …….please tell me, from where i can download the CDA files?????

  559. Allen says

    i have a SE W595,what script should i put

  560. gm says

    i flashed c902 and is not booting up just blinks

  561. hang@w610 r6bc002 cid53 says

    akshayy! can i have chinese input + t9 when messaging?
    fs apac contains only chinese phone lang, not chinese writting lang!!!
    help pls……………………..

  562. hang@w610 r6bc002 cid53 says

    how to add writting language ?
    through customization or patching?
    pls reply ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  563. hang@w610 r6bc002 cid53 says

    sindhya peter, bro
    u can try top sony,>download session > custom packs> register and start downloading

  564. nuno washburn says

    my jd flasher software do not find bflash option..any body can help me???

  565. Totem says

    I have K800i CID53.. Is changing fonts possible in Far Manager+JDflasher? Or is it only for uploading files to its filesystem?

  566. dini says

    i am using c905a i need to debrand when i am doing this getting an error while connecting phone at the first stage,pls help me out it getting an error cant find plugin

  567. Artem says

    in Oflash step 4 it says “On right side navigate to firmware location on computer.”
    Where can i download firmware for w350?

  568. KirDael says

    “Note db2020 users: If you use any of the breaking methods while using db2020 script then you will have to re flash main firmware always before exit.”

    how to do that without exiting??? please help…
    my phone: Sony Ericsson K800i (db2020; CID53)

  569. iank says

    help me…
    My acoustic
    folder error and can not
    be opened. This happened
    after I input the new
    acoustic. Now my W380i
    no sound .. who can I do
    to restore it as before?
    [email protected]

  570. bhuvan says

    reflash the fs, take backup of phone mem content first

  571. Rico says


    I got that error after i click oflash in jdflasher,please somebody tell me whats wrong n what the solution?…please..

  572. bhuvan says

    its slipping!! i mean i am not able to recall what this error is about, go to forum, crate a new topic, ull definitely get it solved

  573. Rico says

    i got the same error like john’s post said at December 31, 2008, 12:18 AM above.
    Please help me bhuvan..
    My w880i red53 dead phone.

  574. bhuvan says

    tell me the error

  575. Rico says

    error: SetDirectory(setdir
    (cmd3cbody(bad answer

  576. NSR says

    Hey Akshayy,
    I cannot access any applications or games in se k800i… it gives error ” operation failed”..
    does this need flashing? if yes what kind…. thanks in advance

  577. Rico says

    where is the people?

  578. hx_unbanned says

    Here!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€

  579. ppg says

    @NSR, Yes flash it!
    @Hx, ๐Ÿ˜€

  580. kiki_hacker_se says

    hey can you give me main firmware(mbn*) and file system(fbn*) R6CA001 and region APAC………………….please….

  581. vimal007 says

    Hi…. i have sony k550i i flashed with k550i firmware and also with w660i firmware by using jdflasher cid53 my phone is cid53. it has completly flash and start complatly and good work but when i go to setting menu(press #) then all font become like F and in few second the screen become white after restart phone the screen is stay white and vibreat. and not started only white screen. i tray reflashing… but same problem is come. pls give me solution….. i alredy flashed other se phone it work good…

  582. akmal says

    i want to ask,my phone is w350……..when i flash the main and fs, it success and i quit the far manager…….but, when i switch on it says ‘insert correct sim card’………………….what the problem??????tell me what i have to do………plz

  583. john says

    you says flashing fs has to add the cda file………can i flash the main only??????
    if i dont flash the fs,i have to add cda too????thx

  584. nirajan says

    error :open plugin(open time exceed) everytime when i tried to connect while holding c button. what is this …….my phone is sony w580i .plz send me email and help email is [email protected]

  585. noob says

    Hello i used the JDflasher i got access to the main folder but accidentally i pressed the bflash folder so it started doing something and then said re- insert the battery and the problem is there that i didnt re-insert the battery and cable but i actually un-plugged the phone tried to turn on the phone…and fail it didnt turn on, so please help me what should i do now and is there a way to return back as default. Help me.

  586. noob says

    Thats what im getting when i try to restore the firmware Help me please

  587. noob says

    My phone is k750i probably cid 49

  588. santosh says

    hey when i connect my naite phon to a2uploader for system files by holding c
    it is not showing system files instead it s showing this
    phone status:: “RETAIL”
    flash id :: 0053

    can anyone help me for getting system files

  589. benedict says

    sorry for the question but can i chnge my casing of my k550 to w610 after flashing

    asin can dey fit

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