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CID53 Flashing/Customization

This is to announce that Only JDflasher supports CID53 Flashing/Customization. XS++ and SeTool 2 lite do not support flashing/customization. And also none of them support unlocking/patching for 53.

When you connect your phone to XS++ or JDflasher you will get to know the CID of your phone. Also If your phone EROM is R3A013, R2A015 then it is likely to be CID53. Connecting phone to XS++ gives out all details and is the better way to know everything about your phone.

If your phone is CID53, then don’t worry you can still debrand your phone and also perform lots of customizations easily using Jdflasher. The JDflasher tutorial/guide has been posted in tutorials section. Please follow it.


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