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CID53 Flashing/Customization

This is to announce that Only JDflasher supports CID53 Flashing/Customization. XS++ and SeTool 2 lite do not support flashing/customization. And also none of them support unlocking/patching for 53.

When you connect your phone to XS++ or JDflasher you will get to know the CID of your phone. Also If your phone EROM is R3A013, R2A015 then it is likely to be CID53. Connecting phone to XS++ gives out all details and is the better way to know everything about your phone.

If your phone is CID53, then don’t worry you can still debrand your phone and also perform lots of customizations easily using Jdflasher. The JDflasher tutorial/guide has been posted in tutorials section. Please follow it.


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  1. logeen says

    That’s not right… you can’t edit anithing with JDFlasher in Cid53, but you can see the folderz.

  2. Akshay says

    are you sure ?? but den_po says it supports CID53 FS write.
    but thanks for your opinion..!! will see into it.

  3. logeen says

    i think we can now see… but that’s not sure, i see it now.

  4. logeen says

    you’re right 🙂

    i see it now se-nse

  5. Paulius says

    Is anyone made a patch for CID53 yet? I can’t use my phone, after SESU 🙁

    How long you think till someone pakes a pach?

    Why davincy team can unlock CID53. What they do diferrently?

  6. Akshay says

    hey you can’t unlock CID53…….. because patching for CID53 is not allowed.

  7. Akshay says

    maybe in future you can do it for free.

  8. Paulius says

    So whats the alternative, unsoldering chip & soldering back, or there is some other way, how the others do it with server? Like davincyteam.

  9. Peti says

    Google for unlocking cid 53. There are a lot of places where they give you the unlock code… for money of course.

  10. Paulius says

    I know that, but I’am interested how it works, if patch can’t be aplayed, how they doit for $.

  11. Peti says

    I guess it is hacking GDFS. Or chip replacing.

  12. Bojan - Suisse says

    I have CID53 phone also, and Money guys are doing that on the base of our IMEI number, I think that they have some insider in SE.

    Also, if anyone know how to patch / SIM Unlock my w580i CID53, as I have also updated my software on SE Update, please let me know on [email protected]. All the best.

  13. Peti says

    CID53 can’t be patched yet.

  14. Dan says

    hey I have a w580i and i updated it using SE upater and know i can’t flash anything ! i have CID 53 .. now is there any way i can flash my phone?

  15. Peti says

    You can flash main, fs, cda. Access file system. Only with JDFlasher. Patching is not possible.

  16. Dan says

    what does that mean? can i put themes? skins? games ? on my phone or not until someone unlocks CID 53?

  17. Peti says

    you can…

  18. rakesh says

    hi everyone please help me out from this situtation my phone have cid 49 that i convert to cid52 with xss successfully and take me gdfs backup.than in flash my phone with this file u gave me earlier
    three things you need:
    R1KG001 MAIN
    R1KG001 FS_(region)
    R1KG001 Custom pack
    i follow the guide add main firmware than fs and than my phone model is already is on the list so i dont add he cust pack for flash
    than i click flsh button everything goes fine it 450 flashbyte in main firmware it goes perfect till 140 flashbytes than it xss says failed failed two three times more failed logo coming it goes 160 flashbytes and stuck on 160 i wait till 15 or 20 minutes but nothing happen it goes ore than 160 bytes than i displug my phone.

    it not even starts and i try to connect with xss by holding c button but fails to connect with xss please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please help me out

    please make my w850i in working thanks for help

  19. Akshay says

    download XS++ 2.2 and try again.
    i hope your phone battery is recharged
    re inert battery after some time and try again.

    else you repair your EROM using Jdflasher and then try again 🙂

  20. shanu_577 says

    i want flash cid 53 with xs+ tool please help me

  21. Akshay says

    Shanu there is no XS++ as of NOW for CID53

  22. ravin says

    what is the differents between CID52 and CID53 firmwares..what is the updates?

  23. Akshay says

    EROM security. Nothing in actual firmware and features of phone.

  24. Peti says

    I’ve read somewhere than non-free apps can patch CID53. Would patches for CID52 work with CID53 fws?

  25. Alvin says

    Akshay and Peti!

    So I flashed CID53 onto my replacement W580i (jdflasher)
    – W580i_R8BE001_FS_RUSSIA_RED53.fbn
    – W580_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED53.mbn

    I simply turned off the phone today and then when I tried to turn it back on hours later, the infamous blinking red light hit me!
    I’ve tried connecting it to jdflasher and got the following error: OpenPlugin(connecttophone(getcid(QH00(IOusb::sendblock(IOusb::dcu_WriteData(time exceed))))))

    Any suggestions?

  26. Akshay says

    that’s bad. no way to fix that phone now.
    try the red light blinking tutorial to fix it. it might work.

    it sucks.. w580 have low quality EROM.

  27. ElRol says

    i can’t select “as a babe image”… help please!!!

  28. Alvin says

    Akshay, you mentioned the low quality EROM chip issue in W580’s a lot of times now. Are there certain w580’s that have a higher quality EROM chip, or is it just hit or miss?

    In other words, am I wasting my time getting replacement W580’s (refurbished) from AT&T – do they tend to have low quality EROM chips?

    Or should I send my damaged phone to SE to “fix” – do they replace the damaged chip with a higher quality chip?

  29. Akshay says

    you can clearly see the number of people with dead EROM.
    give your phone to Sony Ericsson Service Center.
    In INDIA when ever we have problems with our phone we get it fixed for free from Sony Ericsson Service Center.
    I don’t know how it is in your country.

    AT&T has nothing to do with the phone manufacturing.
    Its SE that provides phone to AT&T.
    I don’t know, in your country who should provide replacement or repair. May be AT&T.

  30. peter says

    ya ….. its nice ………

  31. marius says

    i saw on that patching cid 53 with jdflasher is suported only if the first time,the phone was cid 52 and it have been upgraded by us… i asked 4 them to explain but they didnt… they said they know that from “their russian friends” … lol .. any1 any opinion about this?

  32. Peti says

    I say it won’t work. The OTP CID may be lower than 53, that doesn’t matter. When flashing, EROM CID counts which is 53, so not supported yet. But it will be, den_po will do it. 😉

  33. faxists says

    hi Akshay,
    can you put comment on this

  34. Peti says

    Nice video, but to perform what they do, you NEED SeTool 2 FULL version, which is not free…

  35. Victor says

    Hey, can somebody help me?, i uploaded a few themes, in my w850i tpa menu, but, when i start the phone, none of the theme apears on my phone’s theme menu, just the old themes that i had.
    In the tutorial i see that you say, that anybody that have cid 53, must reflash main firmware before exit.
    How do i do that? i never flashed a phone befor! thanks in advance!

  36. Nithish says

    i tried JDflasher….. aft doin as per d process, i am gettin error as
    OpenPlugin(connecttophone(getcid(cant find device info in xml [53red])))
    wat to do???

  37. Daniel says

    Hello! I need some help. I bought a SE K550 from my local store about 1 month ago. I found out that I can actually improve my camera by installing custom cam drivers, but my only problem is that my phone is CID 53 and I can’t do anything, so I don’t know what to do now.
    I heard that you can use JDflasher to flash your custom cam driver but I don’t know how. I would be very thankfull if someone could help me=) Thanks in advance!!

  38. Vinu says

    Me too having the same problem as “Nithish”.

    Me too tried JDflasher.
    I am gettin exactly the same error,
    “OpenPlugin(connecttophone(getcid(cant find device info in xml [53red])))”

    My Phone is CID 53, RED, R8BE001 – W580i.

    Would you please give me a solution to this problem?
    Coz I would like to add some Flash Menus in it.

    Plz help us two….

  39. jeet says

    hey Akshay, i hv k550i with CID53.i want to flassh my phone with jdflasher which u hv provided. but whenever i want to connect my phone an error msg occurs showing “OpenPlugin<IOusb::open >”
    what should i do???

  40. Rathish says

    Hi akshay i gone through your site. i have a quick question. I am using K790i CID53 i can use only JDflasher. But when i connect it says “openplugin(connectophone(getcid(cant find device info in XML [53red])))”…..
    i am worried how do i do the customisation.

  41. bhuvan says

    UR FONE IS DB2020!

  42. Rathish says

    hi bhuvan thanks for replying me. I tried but still the same error i am getting “openplugin(connectophone(getcid(cant find device info in XML [53red])))” i think some file is missing

  43. bhuvan says

    them download the cid:53 plug in!
    or u may download the whole package!

  44. Rathish says

    where to download the CID 53 plugin. can u also tell me a simple way to flash my k790 cid53 so that i can use flash menus

  45. bhuvan says

    cid 53 plug in…
    look in our file base!

  46. Rathish says

    Hi bhuvan i flashed it to k810. it works fine but the only thing is its not detecting the network and please help me out. is there any solution to fix it?

  47. bhuvan says

    did u chose the firmware of ur own region??
    and secondly…uploaded the right cda files???
    try setting it manually thru settings in ur fone

  48. Rathish says

    i am not able to understand how to do that manually

  49. rathish says

    i think something to do with the unlocking networking i again tried with reflashing back to 790 sound strucks, phone hangs,camera turns off the phone, battery alian charging. what to do any solutions

  50. bhuvan says

    use other firmware….dis should not happen

  51. Rathish says

    hi bhuvan i tried with K790_R8BF003_FS_S_ASIA_LEVAN_RED53,

    Still same

  52. Rathish says

    i updated with the latest India CDA still the same problem

  53. bhuvan says

    wait…let me ask akshay den!

  54. bhuvan says

    u better post ur full prob in one shot here

  55. Rathish says

    Ok then. I first Flashed my 790 to 810. Everything went fine but the network is not available. Then i again flashed with 790 everything is collapsed bad sound camera hangup, battery is not properly charging….Then again i flashed with k810 it works fine still no network… so i planed to take it to service center so back to 790 again still bad sound and no network.. IMEI is changed. i used the same Asia indian CDA as mentioned above still no use. What to do? I am really worried please help me out. My cell was a awesome one without any problem. Now everything is gone.

  56. bhuvan says

    wait….let me contact akshay

  57. roxit says

    hey is it necessary to unlock da phone to upload any files?
    i want to upload sone walkman themes and flash menus for my w350i i know it is cid53…..
    can any one help me?

  58. bhuvan says

    in what way is it locked??
    cid:53…use jd flasher…it will help u!

  59. Danijel says

    Hey guys, CID53 patching is now POSSIBLE!
    Take a look at this topic:

    And don’t forget to read posts !!!
    Wish you a good luck…
    BTW, does the flashing of CID53 firmware automatically updates CID from 52 to 53?

  60. kutts says

    hey any idea for patching cid53?????i got a w880i,but its orange phone….i tried to flash it,n updated its cid to red53….but now its showing simcard lock…so any suggesion to remove it…….

  61. bhuvan says

    look in our latest post

  62. imanuel says

    pls ,i where can i get cid 53 plugin for jd flasher
    pls !

  63. siddharth says

    bhuvan… i hav [email protected]… i bought a new HPM-75 from SONY WORLD for Rs.1549/-.. . I m damn sure dat this s original…(obviously)… i was disappointed when i heard songs on this ear phones… the normal ones i.e HPM-62 performs far better than Hpm-75…. The bass of 75 s inferior dan 62… wat shud i do now… ??help me… i know dat ear plugs must be inserted deep into ear canals… i hav tried different ear buds too… result s same … plzzzz help me

  64. hellboy says

    In the filebase of SE-Lifestyle

  65. hellboy says

    What can bhuvan do… bought the earphones, he can’t do anything now.

  66. bhuvan says

    never used hpm 75 so dont know about its output value
    well its quite expensive too!
    so it should provide u good bass
    try uploading other acoutics….try w880 extreme…
    the best till date for db2020 phones

  67. bhuvan says


  68. jake says

    Can anyone help me, because im having a problem with my phone while im flashing it.
    This error come out..

    by the my phone is [hw]k770i[/hw] cid53
    and i use this main and fs

  69. bhuvan says

    download the latest jdflasher from our filebase and then give a try

  70. Niral says

    Dear Akshayy and Peti
    i have searched through all your posts and could not find anything on battery icon changing
    my phone is a modded/debranded w880i on CID 53 R8BA024. if you could please email me i would be very grateful
    P.S. u guys are doing a great job

  71. bhuvan says

    for that u need anycid methad
    look in that guide

  72. insoy says

    @jake, bhuvan
    i have the same phone model k770i cid53 and also getting the same error…help!

  73. bhuvan says

    which error??
    download latest jdflasher from our filebase

  74. TidoMilo says

    Hey, >PAID< for this XS++ tool from some cowboy website… They sent me all the links that i needed in order to download the relevant tools. I have been reading forums for 4 hours now and have decided that as I have CID53, DB2020… R3A022 XS++ will not work.

    I do not want to have to pay for D-Unlocker… Is there any other way?

    It tells me that my phone is not compatable when I attempt to flash RED49 onto my phone. Yes I know I need to be on RED_52 but when I put RED_49 on I planned to upgrade it to RED_52 so I can unlock my phone for T Mobile use ( from o2).

    Any help?

  75. bhuvan says

    u wanna unlock
    follow anycid guide..
    and download unlock patch generator..

  76. davidmark says

    hii there… i’m indonesian and i’m new here…. would anyone have any files that can restore my language to “bahasa indonesia”???? i’ve flashed my W580, but i have’t backup the original files…. my “bahasa indonesia” disappeared….. 🙁

  77. Huzefa says

    hi, im having a problem with my CID53 k800i. im trying to put some acoustics. i click ofs n go to ifs/settings/acoustics. but whenever i try to copy the acoustics(drag n drop) it says “file not found, cannot find executable file pkzipc’”. help would be appreciated thanks.

  78. sonyazis says

    I flashed my k610 cid53 to w660, the display went negative,but after changing the display driver,it’s normal again.the problem is the walkman is crashing n my phone hangs up when i start the walkman , but when i make the camera busy by runing facewrap, the walkman plays without problem, how can i get my phone normal again, how can i get the camera and the walkman player at the same time? What do i need to do?

  79. Akshay says

    Sonyazis, there was a patch to fix it, you can find that on laysk just google search for it.

  80. Sonyazis says

    Thank u so much akshay, now i can use my phone normally,
    Thanks again.

  81. bhuvan says

    congrats man!

  82. Sonyazis says

    Yeah, it’s great, people told me i must use jdflasher for my old k610 cid53, but they couldn’t tell me how to use it as they never use it, then i found this site.

  83. bhuvan says

    so any problem?

  84. Sonyazis says

    Bhuvan,Problem? It was, but now,it’s no more. It’s great man! Thanks 4 all ,great flashing n patching, i’m so happy with my old k610 but soul of w660 inside! Now i’m searching for a patch to give an additional option in network settings, “3G only” so i can get 3 options 3G+GSM, GSM only, and 3G only.

  85. goutham says

    hello bhuvan , i cannot connect my w 580i in xs++… it shows “cannot open the phone communication port, disconnected …. unplug the phone” what should i do for connect

  86. Akshay says

    goutham, install usb flash drivers.

  87. bhuvan says

    and also c that ur port is clean!

  88. sonyazis says

    Akshay, can we patch elfs using jdflasher? If yes, then how?

  89. bhuvan says

    u just have to apply patch which makes elves executable on ur phone then straight forward run them!
    look in elves guide

  90. sonyazis says

    Thanks bhuvan, i’ll look into it. Btw, is it firmware specific like vkp patch?

  91. bhuvan says

    i guess no…its phone dependent
    used them years back…now own a2 phone so not into them
    when ull download ull get it

  92. kutob says

    my phone is w660 cid53,,
    i just want to customize the menu flash menu sound n others,,,
    do i have to flashing the firmware main n fs,,,
    i dont know ,,,
    please help me,,,

  93. bhuvan says

    install usb flash drivers and use jdflasher
    no reflashing of main and fs for customisation!
    just look at tutorials and upload new files to ur fs

  94. bhuvan says

    like if u wanna change acoustics get new open
    open jdflasher
    browse thru firmware
    upload to right dir
    dude read out the guide again!

  95. kutob says

    so what files i have to upload ,,,,
    sorry ,
    i just dont full understand the tutorial,,,,

  96. bhuvan says

    dirst select one thing what u want to do??
    lets take flash themes
    download one for ur phone
    open jdflasher and connect ur phone
    open ur fs and go to tpa\preset\system\desktop\flash
    upload .swf file there

    upload .thm file to ur mem card
    run the theme

    which phone u own?

  97. sonyazis says

    Bhuvan, now my phone can run elves, btw, is there any patch than can give us real visualization, i mean not just animated but it goes just like the music beat, is there any?

  98. bhuvan says

    visualizations are available for downloads
    google or ask for them at our forum

  99. senz says

    sonyazis, i got trouble just like you. my k610 cid53 everything i have done. but, if i start the walkman my phone is crash. sonyazis, please tell me how to fix that bug. i wait your reply. thank you.

  100. senz says

    i convert my k610 cid53 to w660. my hone is hangs if i start the walkman. i need your help. please reply this post. thank you.

  101. bhuvan says

    u r using right firmwares/??
    download new ones again or reflash using seus

  102. senz says

    I am use main generic W660i_RUSSIA_MAIN_R8BB001_CID53.mbn & W660_R8BB001_FS_APAC_RED53.fbn.
    I convert with Far+jd flasher. everything is done. as display driver, camera driver, & costum pack. everything is ok, except the walkman & playing sound in menu filemaneger music, my phone will crash !
    my problem just like sonyazis in page 1. thanks

  103. senz says

    sorry, in page 2. thanks

  104. bhuvan says

    after crossflashing try updating via seus

  105. senz says

    after i updated, what shall i do ?

  106. senz says

    what types phone i want choose in seus? k610 or w660?
    or seus automaticly found my phone type ?

  107. bhuvan says

    lets make it simplest!
    if ur phone works fine with k550’s firmware then download new w610’s fs and main both from diffrent source u download earlier!
    go for

  108. sonyazis says

    senz, i used a patch to solve that, no other way out i think,CMIIW and bhuvan, he said k610-w660, not k550-w610, do i miss something? Or i just don’t get the point? Btw, because of a patch, my default walkman skin replaced, can u give me the original walkman default skin? Coz i don’t find it anywhere..

  109. senz says

    sonya, i don’t know where to find the default walkman skins!
    i try searching in google, but still negative.
    i trying to convert my k610 cid53 to w660 cid53.
    everything i’ve done, except the walkman. the walkman will crash.
    i don’t know how to fix it !
    i am trying to fix this bug last month ago until now. it still not working!
    i’ll be stress!

  110. senz says

    sonyazis, what’s name the patch you solve it?
    & where to download it? please tell me!

  111. sonyazis says

    It’s an illumination patch if i’m not wrong, i got it from here and u have to register to download it,
    Btw, sorry if i can’t reply so fast. And the walkman default, i think it’s in the main file, not fs, but i cant’t extract a Main, i don’t even have a PC, i flashed my phone and costumize evrything by using the computer of an net cafe!

  112. bhuvan says

    its better that u download fs[u must be having] and extract it using extracting fs guide
    ull have all the original files for future sake too
    or else demand at out forum

  113. bhuvan says

    i misinterpreted
    like i said
    reflash using other firmwares
    or ask at our forum

  114. senz says

    i try convert w610 firmware cid53 into my k610i.
    when i start my phone, my phone is blank. full screen show white colour.
    i try to patching “illumination patch.vkp” using farmanager +jdflasher.
    i choose qa2020, connect to my phone. after that, i choose bflash. the farmanager show “setdirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(run(gethello(Iusb: getblock(time exceed))))))”.
    & i use SETool v0.914038 updated. when i open the program show “protection card error”.
    how to fix thats all.
    i haven’t idea anymore…

  115. senz says

    i put the executor.b , executor.jar , & customize_upgrade.xml into tpa, preset, custom.
    when i open it in folder game, my phone can’t restart. show ” Operation Failed” !
    why ?

    i have too much problem!

  116. bhuvan says

    w610 cant be crossflashed to k610
    dont try to brick ur phone like that

  117. bhuvan says

    have u uploaded files which suites ur firmware?

  118. senz says

    yap, everything i have uploaded.
    i try to patching “illumination patch.vkp” using farmanager +jdflasher.
    i choose qa2020, connect to my phone. after that, i choose bflash. the farmanager show “setdirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(run(gethello(Iusb: getblock(time exceed))))))”.
    i patched executor before. when i open menu’s game, my phone show “OPERATION FAILED”. can’t restart.
    & i use SETool v0.914038 updated. when i open the program show “protection card error”.
    how to fix that all…
    huh… no day without error.

  119. bhuvan says

    discuss at our forum
    best way out for frequent problems

  120. ashok says

    Hi akshay & bhuvan

    u r doing great job
    i hv k550i with cid53. n m nw 2 flahing world. I jst read ur tutorials for flashing, m cnfuzed aftr reading. please help
    >> wat dz flasing & patching mean????
    >> Ur tut for Cid53 z not helpful 2 me since everything z linked with jflaher flashing CID52.
    >> Do u have any video for k55oi to w610i.
    >> either tell me hw to dwnbrnd cid53 to 52 (free of cost).
    >> Wn i ws readng ur any CID flashing i got cnfuzed about
    wat z diff between
    W610_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED52 & W610_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED52 ????????????

    Please provide me the Files needed for converting K550i CID53 to w610, with video only for CID53 on my E-mail “[email protected]

    please dont say follow tut’s i got cnfuzd. frm TUTORAILS

  121. senz says

    no way out . . .

  122. bhuvan says

    by flashing u actually modify original phone and by patching u hack!!!
    ull love it
    flashing cid53 is same as flashing cid52 so follow cid52 one…no problem
    video??its simply like flashing w610 firmware
    no video needed
    simple flashing way will do it
    no way of downgrading erom for free
    both are diffrent versions of firmwares
    we recommend u one which supports max patches or one which is latest
    mostly latest one supports max no of patches

  123. senz says

    I did it…
    i got the tutorial from SE-NSE FLASHING & PATCHING TUTORIAL FOR DB2020 CID53 PHONE.
    at last…

  124. bhuvan says

    even we have it here
    anycid one

  125. senz says

    walkman can be running 100%. if start the walkman the keypad illumination off.
    i got the illumination patch from google…

  126. Dhiraj says

    hey akshay gr8 job man.

    yaar i neet to patch my k790i cid53
    but wen i connect the phone n try the jdflasher.. it gives error no info found in xml file..
    plz help me patching my phone..
    thanks in advance

  127. bhuvan says

    which script r u using?
    read the guide back again

  128. Jonjo says

    im a noob and i kinda need help: i accidently opened sumthing calld ‘executor’ in ‘Games’, and my phone switched off, and it wont switch back on 🙁 sum1 plz help mee

  129. bhuvan says

    reflash the main
    will get back to normal state!
    or flash with rest file as mentioned in anycid patching!
    if u know anything about patching then to make qa success u need to reflash through rest file
    reflashing with main will not get u qa!

  130. swapf44 says

    i’ve configuration error with my k550i(CID53), but i’ve not flashed it manually, i updated it from SEUS, what should i do??? pls reply quickly Akshayy

  131. swapf44 says

    can i custamize it with cda of w610i, or i must have to custmize with it k550i CDA.
    & tell me link for JDFlasher which supports cid53 platform, & CDA for M_EAST_N_AFRICA. REPLY as soon as possible

  132. bhuvan says

    for link look in filebase
    and u can fimnd appropiate cda pack at
    search there
    also ur error will be solved by uploading cda pack

  133. anurup says

    how do i flash the FS..?? i ve already flashed my firmware…

  134. bhuvan says

    look in jdflasher guide man!

  135. Martin says

    Hy, i have s500i, and i have it flashed to w580i. And when i turn my phone on, it say’s “Insert correct SIM card”, and now JDFlasher says me “OpenPlugin<connecttophone<getcid>> I’m from Latvia (Baltic) and i have CID53. What shoud i do? please answer me.

  136. Martin says

    I’m sorry, it says me “OpenPlugin<connecttophone<getcid>>

  137. Martin says

    Oh, sorry for spam, but i dont know why it doesnt copy.
    it says “cant find device info in xml”

  138. bhuvan says

    was ur phone branded earlier?
    what was the erom version of ur phone?
    i mean cid
    and are u trying to do now by connecting it to jdflasher?

  139. mohan says

    i have crossflashed my k530 to w660.
    my phone runs successfull.
    if i want my k530 back, what can i do.
    i have already tried to update using sonyericsson update service,
    but i tells that your software is not available.

  140. bhuvan says

    reflash using k530 firmwares!

  141. senz says

    my phone is k618i detected on far manager cid 51,
    i cant update with seus, why???
    seus show “you have new software installed” ????
    can some one give me solution!!!

  142. Bsrishu says

    I have posted a question and u have deleted it………….Why?

  143. mohan says

    after successfully crossflashed my k530 to w660(cid53), my battery efficiency got reduced…
    even i restored my original k530, the problem exists…. i have also changed my battery but no use… what can i do…….. please help me……….

  144. Harpreet says

    Is I put copy other Files like themes videos ringtones etc in OSF Folder in JD Flasher…Please tell..if copy then in which folder..

  145. Harpreet says

    thanks i will try this…

  146. alfa cell says

    cara tk mendapatkan fail flash soni

  147. alfa cell says

    cara download fail flash soni yg mudah

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