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Patch/Unlock W810, K750, CID49 DB2010 Phones

Easy Step Wise Tutorial to Patch db2010 phones and also to unlock sony ericsson db2010 Phones

DB2010 : D750, J300, K300, K310, K500, K510, K700, K750, K758, S700, W300, W550, W600, W700, W800, W810, Z520, Z525, Z530, Z550, Z558 You can find your phone details in the Service Menu which is activated by they key sequence > * < < * < * where > is right button on D pad or joystick and < is left and * is the key left to 0 and Below 7 on the keypad.

We first take up how to patches for CID49 db2010 phones and if you want unlock your phone, you have to apply the unlock patch.

Download SeTool 2 lite. Install USB Flash Drivers or Download SUES and update your phone.

Tutorial to Apply Patches.

GDFS backup

1. Shutdown phone, Reinsert Battery.
2. Click on GDFS Read Button in Setool 2 lite.
3. Connect phone holding C.
4. In Few Minutes, Setool 2 lite says Programming Flash
5. And it says Unplug Cable, So Unplug Cable and reinsert battery.
6. Connect phone HOlding C, and then Press READY.
7. SeTool 2 lite will now Read GDFS.
8. After it says Elapesed XX seconds. Click on Quit and Unplug.

Important: Keep GDFS safe. Don’t Write GDFS of any other phone, only your phone GDFS works for your phone. Make GDFS Backup only once, For first time.

Now the Actual patching.

Download Main Firmware of your phone. Flash it using XS++ Tutorial. To Flash Only Main, Check Flash Main Option only, don’t flash the FS and Custpack/CDA. You can download Main firmware from Topse or from here

Patches are firmware specific, patch for R6BC002 won’t work for R8BA024 !
Download the VKP patch for your main firmware version , Or get the vkp patch code paste it in notepad, Click File, Save As, Choose Save as type “All files” and save it as patch_name.vkp.

1. Start Setool 2 lite.
2. Click on Misc and select your VKP Patch
3. Click Write Script.
4. Wait for Processing.
5. Setool 2 again says Unplug Phone, Unplug phone then.
6. Reinsert battery and Connect holding C and Press Ready
7. You get an option then, Click NO to apply patch.
8. To Remove Patch Click YES Instead in Step 7.
9. Now Patch will be applied !

That’s the Setool 2 lite db2010 Patching Guide.

Unlock your phone.

If your phone is locked to an operator then you can unlock it by applying the unlock patch.
Then Download Simox Unlock Patch Generator. Create unlock patch for your phone using your phone’s main firmware .mbn file with and apply the unlock patch. After your unlock patch and phone should get unlocked.

Tutorial Concludes


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