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Patch/Unlock W810, K750, CID49 DB2010 Phones

Easy Step Wise Tutorial to Patch db2010 phones and also to unlock sony ericsson db2010 Phones

DB2010 : D750, J300, K300, K310, K500, K510, K700, K750, K758, S700, W300, W550, W600, W700, W800, W810, Z520, Z525, Z530, Z550, Z558 You can find your phone details in the Service Menu which is activated by they key sequence > * < < * < * where > is right button on D pad or joystick and < is left and * is the key left to 0 and Below 7 on the keypad.

We first take up how to patches for CID49 db2010 phones and if you want unlock your phone, you have to apply the unlock patch.

Download SeTool 2 lite. Install USB Flash Drivers or Download SUES and update your phone.

Tutorial to Apply Patches.

GDFS backup

1. Shutdown phone, Reinsert Battery.
2. Click on GDFS Read Button in Setool 2 lite.
3. Connect phone holding C.
4. In Few Minutes, Setool 2 lite says Programming Flash
5. And it says Unplug Cable, So Unplug Cable and reinsert battery.
6. Connect phone HOlding C, and then Press READY.
7. SeTool 2 lite will now Read GDFS.
8. After it says Elapesed XX seconds. Click on Quit and Unplug.

Important: Keep GDFS safe. Don’t Write GDFS of any other phone, only your phone GDFS works for your phone. Make GDFS Backup only once, For first time.

Now the Actual patching.

Download Main Firmware of your phone. Flash it using XS++ Tutorial. To Flash Only Main, Check Flash Main Option only, don’t flash the FS and Custpack/CDA. You can download Main firmware from Topse or from here

Patches are firmware specific, patch for R6BC002 won’t work for R8BA024 !
Download the VKP patch for your main firmware version , Or get the vkp patch code paste it in notepad, Click File, Save As, Choose Save as type “All files” and save it as patch_name.vkp.

1. Start Setool 2 lite.
2. Click on Misc and select your VKP Patch
3. Click Write Script.
4. Wait for Processing.
5. Setool 2 again says Unplug Phone, Unplug phone then.
6. Reinsert battery and Connect holding C and Press Ready
7. You get an option then, Click NO to apply patch.
8. To Remove Patch Click YES Instead in Step 7.
9. Now Patch will be applied !

That’s the Setool 2 lite db2010 Patching Guide.

Unlock your phone.

If your phone is locked to an operator then you can unlock it by applying the unlock patch.
Then Download Simox Unlock Patch Generator. Create unlock patch for your phone using your phone’s main firmware .mbn file with and apply the unlock patch. After your unlock patch and phone should get unlocked.

Tutorial Concludes


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  1. Ram says

    One general question. Why should I flash my fone with certain .mbn files. What flashing actually allow us to gain than the unflashed original firmware???
    Im afraid to flash my new w810i even when i have downloaded all necessary files. By not knowing why im doing, i can’t flash my fone……

    Please explain about this……..

  2. Akshay says

    i did not get you
    to apply a patch .. the patch must be for your firmware
    all patch provide info about the firmware for which they are made

  3. Sami says

    Hi, my phone says it is db2010 but its w200i. cid52. isit possible to apply an unlock patch to this? sorry if its a stupid question, im new to this! thanks.

  4. Akshay says

    yeah it supports .. if it does not then it says unsupported combination ! am not sure in this case but !

  5. Agontuk says

    where can i download a vkp patch for my w810i R4EA031 Main Generic red 49???

  6. Akshay says

    you mean ?? what vkp patch ??
    create the unlock VKP patch using Simox Program and your main !

  7. Agontuk says

    thanks lol, checkin it out right now

  8. yogesh says

    here we don’t have to apply quick access patch. thats cool man. hey akshay i have got z558i. i need its firmware and patches for free. can u suggest any site for it.

  9. stalker69 says

    Hey in settool2lt say me that my w810 is unsuported combination (DB2010, CID49) what can i do now?
    why i cant unlock this?

  10. stalker69 says

    sorry i have forgot to chose my phone model in the dropdown menu u have forgot it. 4 Noobs like me

  11. Peti says

    That is sort of obvious, you know. 😉

  12. scott says

    hi i have flashed my db2020 k610 to w660 sucessufully so i no quite a bit about it how ether my brothers phone w700i i try to apply unlock patch using simlock pathc generrater or what eva it called but doesnt work i no i have got the rite firmware version and all that but it just doesnt work i used setol v1.11 like told to plz help me as i really need to do this in time for my brothers birthday

  13. Peti says

    I have only tried unlocking a DB2010 phone once, a K750@W800, but after I did it, it was dead…

  14. Sami says

    Hi, i tried to make a vkp patch using simox but it didn’t work. My phone is w200i, where can I get a vkp patch for it…it says it is cid52 and db2010. Thanks.

  15. Peti says

    W200 and DB2010? Is that sure? W200 should be DB2012.

  16. Sami says

    When i connect it, it identifies it as a db2010 so im assuming this was it…could it be a mistake?

  17. Peti says

    Try flashing a different version of firmware and patch that with a new patch you generate with simox….

  18. Sami says

    My firmware is R4GB001. Which different version of firmware should I use…

  19. Peti says

    It doesn’t matter, but try to use the newest you can get. And of couse only use firmware for your phone type. 😉

  20. Sami says

    hiya, thanks for your help. but still no luck!! even after flashing a different firmware. i get a message in setool when i identify saing ‘restoration file not present – perform full flashing to unlock’

  21. Peti says

    I don’t get it. SeTool shouldn’t even know that you are trying to unlock it. It is just applying a VKP patch. Are you clicking the right buttons?

  22. Akshay says

    hey peti did does thie method of unlocking really work ??
    many guys here are failing !
    but this is the way to unlock now … what happened to your tests ? on your friends phone ?

  23. Sami says

    Hiya, yeah I am pretty sure I’m clicking the right buttons, simple by clicking on identify I get the message I mentioned. I’ve got another problem now, I flashed to a newer firmware using xs++, and when I go to the menu, it works but first has a message stating ‘errors occur in the file. this may render the menu unusable’….so confused?

  24. Peti says

    Yeah, I had the phone of my friend, it was a branded K750i, to T-Mobile. I flashed to W800i, and then I tried to unlock it. Though I didn’t read this tutorial, cuz’ it didn’t exist back then. I think I did it like this, but I will try to do it again in a few weeks, I suppose. The only thing holding me back is that I’m having 3 competitions next week, so I don’t have much for DB2010 phones. 😀

  25. Bustamo says

    Hey Ak, im trying to do some gfx patching such as Frisk’s sysgfx battery etc but it doesnt tell me to reconnect the phone, it just asks if i want to apply it as shown

    Starting to process VKP patch script: G:\Program Files\battery_8.vkp
    VKP script loaded OK. Lines: 169
    Patch structure created OK. Determining blocks to read…
    New block #0000 added: $45740000
    New block #0001 added: $45900000
    Blocks selected OK. Reading blocks: 2
    Block @ $45740000 read error. Have only: 00000000 bytes
    Elapsed:22 secs.

  26. Peti says

    Is any other patch working?

  27. niki says

    Thank you so much for the detailed description, I already tried this way to unlock my phone based on other sites, but I needed a little more help, and finally I got it.
    However I still have a little problem, now my phone is unlocked, and works, except before I open the menu it says “dynamic menu error”, and when I try to send sms my phone shuts down (I can make phone calls for now:)at least.
    Can you help me how to fix it?

  28. Akshay says

    to fix that reflash FS…! if that’s not working
    then reflash main also and unlock again

  29. Akshay says

    bustamo is that for your phone ?

  30. niki says

    OK, I’ll try. Yes it’s my phone w810i from USA and I’m using it in Hungary.

  31. Bustamo says

    yeh but i assume some patches are conflicting coz i applied them but they dont show so i used jdflasher plugin on far like ur tutorial but it corrupted my main. Also when apllying patches via setool2, it doesnt ask for the phone to be reconnected.

  32. Peti says

    @Niki: do you use CENT_EUROPE FS? So you could have Hungarian language in it? 😛
    Hmm. I don’t know if we could talk here in Hungarian, or not…

  33. niki says

    Hi Peti,
    I have the generic main so I guess I can’t do CE FS, it doesn’t rally matter to me anyway what language on it. I guess we can’t talk Hungarian here….

    I never flashed the FS yet (this is the first phone I ever played with anyway), so I need more reading on that subject. I’m middle of moving now, don’t have the time, but I’ll be back if I fixed it (or get stuck).

  34. John says

    Hey just want to ask if i want to apply more than one patch, do i have to combine them to form only one vkp file?

  35. Akshay says

    no you can apply seperately

  36. Richard says

    Ah man – this is fantastic. 🙂 Finally, firmware that is freely downloadable. I have a question though, for which I still haven’t really been able to find an answer. My w810 is branded to Vodafone in South Africa, and is CID49 with R4EA031. If I flash it with your firmware, will I still be able to use the phone here in SA? And silly question, but my phone will be in English, right?
    Thanks for your effort. I’m sure many appreciate it!

  37. Akshay says

    this is for unlocking
    you can flash firmware with XS++
    you can download w810 firmware from all over internet … 4shared , rapidshare, esnips , or at this site

    yeah debrand it and you can use it no problems
    also unlock it if you want

  38. Richard says

    Thanks for the reply; much appreciated. In your article, you already posted a link to which contains firmware for various phones, including the SE w810. 🙂
    Just one more question – can I flash the MAIN and keep my FS as it is, or make a backup and restore it later? I haven’t been able to find an FS for South Africa Vodaphone, so I’m thinking of just flashing the MAIN. Do you think this would work?

  39. John says

    When i use setools to patch it always rewrites the main then it patches. So when i try to patch new vkps the previous patches are erased. Is there any way to prevent rewriting of main? Or do i have to read flash before i patch new stuff?

  40. Peti says

    @Richard: It should work if the main firmware versions are the same. I don’t think that fs is for vodaphone. Use any FS you can find for south africa (phone type and fw version must be ok).

  41. Peti says

    @John: are you clicking the right buttons? :O

  42. John says

    FOUND: R4EA031_CXC1250316_GENERIC_HN
    Restore from:R4EA031_CXC1250316_GENERIC_HN

    this means that its rewriting the main right?

  43. Akshay says

    you don’t worry about that. its rest files.
    i don’t think it writes entire main. 😉

  44. John says

    Ok thnx

  45. John says

    Realised from wat u said.. I have been flashing main file all along. Where can i find rest files? Cause i have been searching and i really cannot find.. Thnx in advance..

  46. John says

    OMG.. im so stupid sorry for my previous posts. found rest files in ur download area.. Thnx

  47. Hassnain says

    I am using SE W810i. Main firmware is R4EA031 Main red 50. I was trying to DEbrand it but no luck. I found R4EA031 Main Generic red 50 and found european FS, used custom pack and tried to flash my phone using X++ but after sending one block it gives an error. Can I change CID50 to CID49? Can I unlock CID50 using patch? What should I do. I really wanna debrand my phone. Please help.

  48. Peti says

    CID downgrading is not possible, and AFAIK CID 50 is not supported by XS++ but I’ve read that JDFlasher supports it, but only original FW flash, so no unlock patch. I’m afraid you won’t be able to unlock it for free.

  49. Anders says

    I don’t get it. I’ve downloaded and flashed with XS++ using these files
    Everything works fine but when I apply the SIMLockgen vpk file using SETools my phone stops working and I have to reflash main. Also, I can’t put the MAIN file onto qamaker, getting an error about unsupported header version.
    Any clues whats wrong? Got CID49 RED.

  50. Peti says

    The same happened when I tried to unlock a K750@W800. Yesterday I read stuff about old phones, and I think it might be REST file what we need, but I’m not sure at all. :S

  51. Akshay says

    Anders !!
    Quick access is for db2020 not for k750
    to reflash main and fs and cda
    best use XS++ 3.1

  52. Anders says

    Ok, but that won’t help me getting my phone unlocked?

  53. Akshay says

    to unlock you need to apply only unlock patch. with above tutorial

  54. Anders says

    Hmm, really sorry to be bothering so much, but I really can’t get it to work. setools gives me these messages:

    Welcome to SEtool2 ( LITE edition ) v 1.11
    supported DB2010/DB2012 CID49/50/51/52, DB2020 CID49/51/52
    Loaded 51 flash descriptors

    if you like LITE edition – please visit and buy FULL.

    ChipID:8040,EMP protocol:0301


    FLASH CID detected:49
    Flash ID check:200D
    Flash props sent ok

    MAPP CXC article: R1CA021 prgCXC125952_EU_1_CL
    MAPP CXC version: R1CA021
    Language Package:EUROPE_4
    CDA article: CDA102337/12
    CDA version: R5A
    Default article: cxc125953
    Default version: R1CA021

    Extended LOCKED
    Operator: MULTIPLE



    Elapsed:8 secs.

    What can I do, shouldn’t be like this I suppose with the “you must perform…”

  55. Anders says

    Yey, problem solved, the restoration file MUST be present in a folder called rest in the setools map. So I searched what it was called for my MAIN file and downloaded it into that map.

    Thanks for the help and quick replies =)

  56. Peti says

    So that’s it, rest files… -> tutorial is incorrect at the moment. 😀 (But Akshay will edit it it no time. 😉 )

  57. Hassnain says

    any way of unlocking w810i cid50 for free?

  58. Akshay says

    sorry no cid50 unlocking

  59. lipu says

    i cant backup my gdfs and write gdfs of another phone as a result:
    language changed,
    did not recognize my sim card
    Default version changed from R4DB005 to R4CE012
    CDA also changed.

    now what should i do? PLZ HELP ME cause i cant use my phone>
    where to find the GDFS of R4DB005 of W810i?

    My Phone W810i CID 49 red
    Language Package:S_ASIA_LEVAN
    Firmware Version:R4DB005
    CDA article: CDA102494/139

  60. Akshay says

    lipu i don’t understand you. gdfs is unique to your phone you can’t flash gdfs from other phones.
    can you please tell exactly what your problem is

  61. lipu says

    My Phone W810i CID 49 red
    Language Package:S_ASIA_LEVAN
    Firmware Version:R4DB005
    CDA article: CDA102494/139

    i was trying to patching my mobile by setool2lite
    without flashing it.and i dont backup my gdfs.then
    apply the patch and the my mobile gone dead.
    after this i download a gdfs and write it on the
    phone using setool2
    then my mobile starts but hang after 50 sec or something like that.

    language changed,
    it did not recognize my sim card
    firmware version changed from R4DB005 to R4CE012
    CDA also changed from CDA102494/139 to CDA102555/110.

    now idont have the original firmware and the gdfs.
    what should i do now? plz help me. plz reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  62. Akshay says

    so you wrote a wrong gdfs ?
    you should write your own phone’s gdfs. if you write other phones gdfs then phone will die
    now nothing can be done … sorry for your phone.
    in the gdfs tutorial its clearly written that you should write your own gdfs.
    you won’t get a gdfs for firmware or something
    try this…. last option

  63. Hassnain says

    Can I debrand SE K850i with Setool using the same method as for W580i? I have Main and FS for this phone but no customization file.

  64. Peti says

    No, you can’t, K850 is DB3150 model, there is no flashing on that architecture yet, only DB2020.

  65. whack3r says

    Hi Peti!

    Pls help me.

    Akár magyarul is, mert itt latom benaznak az emberek, es hasonloan lennek en is.


    how can it unlocked?

    thank u very much

    ide lecci, ha van ra lehetoseg ->
    [email protected]

    orok halam

  66. Peti says

    Interesting, just the two of us understand this. 😀

  67. John says

    Hey.. I patched my w810 with Main Menu On the Button you press.vkp and uncommented the camera button. When i take picture it hangs. Whne i remove the patch the button doesn’t work and hangs the phone. Is there anyway to open mbn file so that i can look for the original value so i can patch it back? I dun want to raflesh main and repatch, very troublesome. Thnx in advance.

  68. Akshay says

    you removed the patch and prob not fixed yet ?
    then sorry … only way is to reflash only main. 😉

  69. gurx says

    I can use this way to unlock an W300i, CID52, Firm R4GG001 ? Some says this W300i is DB2010 others says it’s DB 2012, what’s the right DB ?
    Other: Can I find any DB2020 (CID52) firmware for this W300i ?

    Thanks and sorry for my english…. I’m Brazilian.

  70. Akshay says

    no you can’t… CID52 db2012/2010 can’t be unlocked.
    only db2010 CID49 and db2020 CID52 can be unlocked for free.
    your phone may be db2012 or db2010 depending on date of release.

  71. Zane says

    Hey guys, I connected my W300 to read the GDFS via SETool. However, after taking forever to load GDFS, the SETool program just displayed “failed, that is fatal”. Now it refuses to read the gdfs or even identify my phone. It just displays the following message everytime I connect my
    ChipID:8040,EMP protocol:0301


    FLASH CID detected:49
    phone pre-boot failed,possible RECOVERY needed.
    Elapsed:9 secs.

    The phone displays a flashing white screen upon startup and nothing else. Is there a way out of this mess? Thanks!

  72. Peti says

    Then try this repairing tutorial.

  73. Zane says

    Sorry, but there doesn’t seem to be a link beneath “Then try this repairing tutorial.” Could you provide me with a link to the tutorial please? Is it the same one as writing the GDFS tutorial?

  74. Peti says

    Oops, you’re right, I though this was the tutorial I meant…
    This way SeTool will try to fix it…

  75. Sami says

    I get ‘errors ocur in the file. this may render the menu unusable’ error message. although i can enter the menu after this. what can i do to fix this error?


  76. Peti says

    Just another wonderful comment on unlocking db2010 phones… great -.-
    It says that because you have modded file and you are not good at it, screwed it up, doesn’t meet xml language requirements, some tags are not closed or so. Or you somewhy uploaded a that was not tested before releasing.
    Use the original file by extracting such an fs or by reflashing full fs.

  77. Sami says

    Hi thanks, I know I am rubbish at it I’ll be the first to admit that, this isn’t my speciality it is just something I attempted to do on the side, but I do enjoy challenges. Thanks for your help.

  78. Peti says

    1. when modding xml-based files, like and layout.xml, use text editors with syntax-highlighting, like NotePad++.
    2. when having such questions, use forum.

  79. Sami says


  80. Sami says

    Just to say I reflashed the full fs and it is now back to normal! 😀 🙂 Thank for your help and patience, and the quick feedback!

  81. raj says

    i could understand the key sequence can u pls provide me detailed illustration .i could not understand right key on D pad or joystick,i hope u got it

  82. Peti says

    > is the key with which you move the selection to the right in the menu and so…

  83. raj says

    i have deleted inbuilt files of w810i using FAR managar+SEFP,but i could not restore firmware with FAR+SEFP i was getting script execution i updated the firmware with SEUS,now the problem is my phone is getting started with is giving me dynamic menu error pls help

  84. Peti says

    Reflash FS with XS++.

  85. mctt says

    Thanks for a great tutorial. It took a while to search and find the correct information to unlock the w810i but it now is Rebranded back to the generic Sony look from the Orange Network theme. The phone which was locked to Orange now has a Vodafone SIM card in it.

    Bits where I went wrong were all due to me not reading and exactly following this tutorial and the XS++ tutorial.
    The other part where I went wrong was installing the USB Flash driver in Windows Vista. My advice is to follow exact instructions for battery removal, hold “C”, connect standard DCU-60 USB cable costing £3.46 from (Grey Moblies as supplier, no need to buy a $12.99 cruizer cable from the US) select that specific USB Flash driver.
    I also ended up flashing the FS firmware as well and forgot to use a customisation file. As the tutorial says it comes up with a Configuration error. The was as usual fixed by following the guide and not missing anything out.

    Anyway, thanks. It turns out that after checking wikipedia, TPB, thinking about Davinci and Total Multiserver neither of these commercial products were needed.

    After taking the time to do this tutorial I do miss the simplicity of the Nokia code unlock system on my 6230i but as this Sony process for unlocking is more complex there is a whole lot more nonsense on forums with people posting their EMEI number along side exclamation marks and ‘thanks for help in advance’ requests.

    Anyhow, thanks to the developers and writers who have taken their time to share.


  86. kunal says

    hey akshay could you please give me another site to download the simox unlock patch generator!!!

  87. Peti says

    I changed the link, try again now.

  88. badtime says

    ok i still cant install the vkp patches still getting a white screen if it really is bad patches then can some body pls help me to find goo ones pls give a link i am tired of reflashing my phone

  89. badtime says

    ok i still cant install the vkp patches still getting a white screen if it really is bad patches then can some body pls help me to find goo ones pls give a link i am tired of reflashing my phone

  90. Peti says

    Do you have the REST files all right?

  91. badtime says

    rest files ? where do i get those and what should i do with them ?

  92. Peti says

    They should be somewhere in setool’s directory, and they fix the damage that hacking the phone makes.
    Anyway I’ll write a JDFlasher tutorial for this one.

  93. badtime says

    ok send me a link when u make it

  94. Peti says

    It will appear on this site, just keep waiting. 😀

  95. Arpan says

    I m not able to use .vkp patches. there is the log……….help me about this……

    Welcome to SEtool2 ( LITE edition ) v 1.11
    supported DB2010/DB2012 CID49/50/51/52, DB2020 CID49/51/52
    Loaded 51 flash descriptors

    if you like LITE edition – please visit and buy FULL.

    Going to execute VKP script….
    ChipID:8040,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:52
    LDR:061205 1354 HAN_DB2012_FLASHLOADER_R2B012_CXC1326738
    Flash ID check:897E
    Flash props sent ok
    Starting to process VKP patch script: E:\new downloads\useful things 4 w200i\new downloaded\SIMLockPatch\Remove_SIM_lock_W200_R4HA014.vkp
    VKP script loaded OK. Lines: 6
    Patch structure created OK. Determining blocks to read…
    New block #0000 added: $44CC0000
    Blocks selected OK. Reading blocks: 1
    Block @ $44CC0000 read error. Have only: 00000000 bytes
    Elapsed:3 secs.

    whats d prob……?????????????????

  96. Peti says

    W200? I’m not sure that is patchable with this thing. :S

  97. Arpan says

    now my firmware is r4ha014.

    but when i had r4gb001 , simlock patch was

    100% successful.

    now this log is for every patch. any .vkp patch.

    I’ve installed r4ha014 bcoz NO patch is

    available for r4gb001 (only 2).

    max is 4 r4ha014.

    whats d real prob ?

  98. Peti says

    Try the new tutorial I just posted, it should work with W200.

  99. Arpan says

    which 1 ?

    give me the link of yr tutorial.


  100. Peti says
    JDFlasher also has a DB2012 bootscript.

  101. brevin says

    thanks for the guide, i flashed a k750i to w800 :)) but the phone is locked to tesco and i’ve used simlockpatchgen to create vkp files from both the k750i and w800 firmwares and neither have worked…
    could it be a tesco network issue?
    any advice is much appreciated

  102. Peti says

    I never knew TESCO phones existed. XD You must use the W800 main firmware you flashed on to create the unlock patch. Then flash it on with the newest tutorial here, on using JDFlasher to patch DB2010 phones.

  103. jd says


    During step 7 of the GFDS back-up something went wrong. It said something about not being able to read a file in the se-tool folder and then it just stopped doing anything. I pressed stop and then there was a message saying something like “that is fatal”. Now I can’t even switch the phone on.

  104. Peti says

    That doesn’t necessarily mean the phone is gone. It may be EROM failure. Like try repairing it with SeTool 2 Lite.

  105. jd says

    I click on unlock/repair, then connect the phone and get this:

    ChipID:8040,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:49
    Flash ID check:897E
    Flash props sent ok
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:49 PAF:1 IMEI:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCERT:RED

    Brand:Generic Trade
    MAPP CXC article: R4EA031 prgCXC1250316_GENERIC_HN
    MAPP CXC version: R4EA031
    Language Package:EUROPE_2
    CDA article: CDA102494/4
    CDA version: R5A
    Default article: cxc1250324
    Default version: R4ED001

    Network LOCKED
    Operator: 234-33



    (I have blanked out the IMEI)

    Any ideas?

  106. Peti says

    So you reinsert the battery and nothing happens when you try to start it?
    Now I would try reflashing main and fs.

  107. jd says

    Thank you peti! I reflashed the firmware and it works fine now.

  108. Peti says

    I was getting scared that it was impossible to bring it back… :$

  109. jd says

    I even managed to unlock the phone, this method is too easy, and not many people seem to know about it! 🙂

  110. Peti says

    The other method, JDFlasher is even better. 😉

  111. Keith says

    Hi can I use an ordinary SE DCU-60 cable.

  112. Peti says

    Yes, we only use that.

  113. Keith says

    Hi Peti, Thanks for the reply, but I’ve got something fishy going on. I’m getting a “can’t open port message “and setool can’t see my phone, it’s a w800i. But let’s have another look first. By the way the USB cable only has four pins, with two Data pins, is it possible that my computer has these switched just like the old RS232 pins 2 &3 could me?

  114. Peti says

    You don’t have USB flash drivers installed… 😛

  115. Keith says

    HI thanks for the tip, I’ve loaded the drivers? What happens now is that after rebooting the phone and holding down the C key the only thing that happens is that the PC asks if I want to open any of the Apps. But anyhow I’m new at this game and I thing is a lot of good fun so my next question is problem bigger than I think. Can I get hold of a memory listing and what are these CID codes example 49 51 etc, and can I read up on what they do.

    Just a blind man trying to look around.

  116. Peti says

    Memory listing?:O
    CID is basically the protection system used on your phone, it determines the loaders used to break into it
    Current CIDs in use by SE are 29/36/37/49/50/51/52/53
    The most common CIDs are 36, 49, 51/52, 53
    CID53 is one of the most newest CID which is under research and development and only can be moded by using JDflasher but can’t b patched. Nowadays all the new Phone’s are coming under CID53

  117. Keith says

    Hi again Peti,
    This is what Im getting when runing SEtool2.
    Were do I go from here.
    Thanks for your help

    Welcome to SEtool2 ( LITE edition ) v 1.11
    supported DB2010/DB2012 CID49/50/51/52, DB2020 CID49/51/52
    Loaded 51 flash descriptors

    if you like LITE edition – please visit and buy FULL.

    Will backup GDFS now.
    ChipID:8040,EMP protocol:0301


    FLASH CID detected:49
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:36 PAF:1 IMEI:35682900452947 CERT:RED
    DCU60 flashing only supported for RED CID49 phones !
    Elapsed:6 secs.

  118. Peti says

    Do you have GDFS backup? If not, try backing up with XS++. And try patching with JDFlasher. But this is strange, OTP CID is 36, so not patchable, but it says EROM CID is 49… forcing 49… see XS++ log too.

  119. Keith says

    Hi Peti,
    No problem backing up the GDFS wit XS++, but I need you to walk me through the patching with JD, were do I get a 2010 script for JD.

    all for now and thanks for your time and help

    12:16:53| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    12:16:53| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    12:17:11| Attempting to open the interface…
    12:17:11| TURN OFF PHONE!
    12:17:11| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    12:17:11| You have 30 seconds…
    12:17:17| Baseband ID: 8040
    12:17:17| Protocol Version: 3.1
    12:17:17| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…
    12:17:17| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L
    12:17:17| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    12:17:18| Activating GDFS…
    12:17:18| Phone name detected!
    12:17:18| Sending db2010_cid36red_flash_r2ab.bin…
    12:17:18| Applet ID: 050425 0904 MATCXC1326738_COMPACTFLASHLOADER R2AB
    12:17:18| This is a FLASH loader
    12:17:18| Profiling SEMC phone…
    12:17:18| Platform: DB2010
    12:17:18| OTP CID: 36
    12:17:18| EROM CID: 36
    12:17:18| EROM Color: Red
    12:17:18| IMEI: 35682900xxxxxx
    12:17:18| Phone ID: W800
    12:17:18| Region: VFE_1
    12:17:18| CDA: CDA102425/35 R4A
    12:17:18| Firmware Version: R1N035
    12:17:18| EROM: n/a
    12:17:18| Ready for operation!

    12:18:38| Bypassing RSA…
    12:18:38| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_r2f.bin…
    12:18:38| Applet ID: 050404 1011 LLECXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER R2F
    12:18:38| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    12:18:38| Sending db2010_cid00_cert_r2e.bin…
    12:18:38| Applet ID: 040319 0923 LLECXC1326739_COMPACTCERTLOADER R2E
    12:18:38| This is a CERTIFICATE loader
    12:18:38| RSA security disabled!
    12:18:38| Sending db2010_cid00_hack_cs_v23.bin…
    12:18:40| Applet ID: 060118 0312 EMPCXC1327364_COMPACT_SEMC_CS_LOADER
    12:18:40| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    12:18:40| Activating loader…
    12:18:40| Activating GDFS…
    12:18:41| This loader is UNLOCKED
    12:18:41| Backing up the GDFS…
    12:18:45| Stated variables: 1186
    12:19:08| Variables found: 847
    12:19:10| Variables found: 339
    12:19:10| Wrote backup to .\Backup\W800_35682900xxxxxx_GDFS_BACKUP.bin
    12:19:10| GDFS was backed up successfully!
    12:19:10| GDFS operation was successful
    12:19:12| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

  120. Peti says

    As far as I know, JDFlasher (and all other tools) don’t support patching of CID 36. But try, there is a DB2010 patching tutorial somewhere on the site. 😀

  121. Keith says

    I found that Tutorial but now after restating my phone and after I have entered my Pin code I get up a box that said “Configuration error. Please contact your network operator”

  122. Peti says

    Upload a custpack (AKA CDA).

  123. Keith says

    Well what can I say, thanks for all your help? The phone is now useable again, so I can say that I’ve been there and done that, all that’s left is for me to go back and understand what we’ve done. Thanks a bundle.

  124. Peti says


  125. achoi02 says


    I was able to flash my W810i main/fs using the XS++ to W810_R4EK001. However I’m unable to unlock it using vkp patch.

    the qamaker doesn’t take db2010 firmwares. When i use simox vkp patch, my phone becomes dead and i can’t boot it, until i reflash it.

    I really want to thank you guys for ur efforts.

  126. Keith says

    Hi Peti, As you said as far as you know there is no way of patching cid 36, now my se w800i uses cid 36, I would like to unbrand/Unlock it, but because no software tools support patching of cid 36 I’m f! can’t use that word can we but lets say I can’t unbrand/Unlock my phone. Would that be true? PS the DB2010 patching tutorial was a no go.

  127. Peti says

    @achoi02: check out the DB2010 tutorial of mine.
    &Keith: CID 36 is not patchable. Debranding is possible. It means removing operator’s stuff, in case you don’t know.

  128. achoi02 says

    Hey Peti,
    Thanks for reply, are you talking about the JDflasher tutorial?

  129. Peti says

    Yes, sure.

  130. Viral says

    “confidentiality + Extended File Manager” patch makes my phine go blank and then the screen keeps flashing on and off in white colour.
    So i tried patching the 2 things separately.
    Extended File manager Patch works fine but when i try patching “confidentiality v3.0” patch setool says:

    I selected no.

    Is there any solution?? I need confidentiality patch v3.0 coz in prev versions IFS can’t b locked.
    Plzzz guide….!

  131. Viral says

    sorry… forgot to mention above..
    I have W810i
    Firmware: R4EA031

  132. Akshay says

    na forget it. sorry
    those confidentiality patches are really unstable.

  133. Viral says

    k…sad for me…
    thanx for answering though… 🙂

  134. Akshay says

    yeah sure. don’t worry. good luck. there is much more to life than only this. lol.

  135. Elijah says

    It doesn’t work with my K750i (r1ca021 CID49 red) help me please, I have the right vkp file.

  136. J.P. says

    I have W810i
    Firmware: R4EA031
    Same phone here, I would like to debrand it first, but everytime I attempt to hold the C button and plug it in my computer via USB, all I see is autoplay and nothing pops up on the toolbar, I know I am the Not sure what I am doing wrong.

  137. SunAngel says

    Hi Peti…My w810 is R4DB005 CID49. I can use patch .vkp of other w810 same firmware for unlock?
    expl. vkp:

    ;W810 SW-R4DB005
    ;Remove SP-Lock
    ;(p)Adrian. Top Sony Team
    d0932c: 70B5041CEFF2F0FE00230022011C1C20 F0B505213A22D1F7CFFC0020F0BDC046

    Thank You >^.^<

  138. hur91 says

    this works perfectly. wonderful job. saved me $27

  139. Jon says

    I am in deep trouble!!!

    Was attempting to unlock the Mrs W300i and got it a bit wrong. Had to restore the BFSD and reapply all the main firmware etc and just realized I did not backup the photos and videos that were stored in the phones memory rather than on memory card.

    Now there is nothing in the phone, no pictures or videos at all. These were mainly of our son and there is no copy anywhere.

    Am I completely screwed or is there some remote hope for me?!?

    Please, please help me!!!



  140. Dani85 says

    Dear akshay, please help me! My k750i dead after i flash with w810i firmware, please tell me how i revive it? I really need your help., it is my email [email protected]
    sorry my english bad.

  141. Akshay says

    now you just relfash it with k750 firmwares.
    that’s should fix it.
    using setool 2 lite or XS++.

  142. rameshathish says

    i want rest file for r4ed001 w810i

  143. bhuvan says

    get it done with mkrest2.exe

  144. clarity says

    why cant cid 50 w810 be unlocked?

  145. bhuvan says

    @ clarity
    may be cuz its not supported!
    check any ccid post and find out is your supported?
    download the anycid package and search for your firmware

  146. marius says

    hello,i saw a cool patch or elf (i dont exactly know what it is) that shows 3 options on a w810 start-up .. can you please provide that patch,or at least how its called 4 me to look 4 it? i really like it ,its cool … here is the video link : .. thank you

  147. bhuvan says

    for requests jump on to out forum!

  148. marius says

    i dont understand what u ean .. what out forum? sorry my bad english

  149. bhuvan says

    @ mariusyea
    our support forum
    like a discussion forum!
    discuss with our team and learn more and more!

  150. stevie apee says

    akshay, i have a w810i. 4 yrs old. suddenly it became dead. i flashed r4ea031 main and r4d0001 levan fs and cust pack. the phone gets white screen after turning on, then it vibrates and then it goes back to white screen. i live in india and what is the proper main and fs and custom pack to flash through xs++.


  151. bhuvan says

    @ stevie apee
    well…asia region’s fs is right for u…
    and same with cda
    charge it…and then reflash

  152. stevie apee says

    bhuvan, i tried a r4db001, r4ea031 firmware on my w810i with central asia, south asia levan fs and cda, still the same problem. when i turn on it flashes a white screen, then vibrates and then white screen again.

  153. stevie apee says

    my w810i is still dead. i have xs++3.1 and setool2lite. i read the flash and gdfs of a similar w810i.

    i have r4ea031 main, r4ed001 fs south levan and cust for south levan and erom.

    can i use the gdfs of a similar phone?

    what is the proper order in which i have to flash. ex; 1.gdfs,2.erom,3.main,4.fs,5.cust etc.,

    please help me. thanx

  154. bhuvan says

    @ stevie apee
    dead…red light blinking???
    and no!
    ur gdfs is unique
    first flash your main and fs….if still does not aorks then gdfs backup

  155. Keith says

    Hello all, following your “Tutorial to Patch db2010 phones” using Setool 2.
    I ran into a wall of the bat. Can’t back up the GDFS. Is the phone a RED 49 or RED 36?
    In any case, it beats me how to unlock this phone? Have you got any help for me, Thanks?
    Ive made a sim lock patch using SIMLockPatchGen but cant run the patch in SeTool or XS++ and JD just doesent want to know.
    Welcome to SEtool2 ( LITE edition ) v 1.11
    supported DB2010/DB2012 CID49/50/51/52, DB2020 CID49/51/52
    Loaded 51 flash descriptors

    ChipID:8040,EMP protocol:0301


    FLASH CID detected:49
    Flash ID check:890D
    Flash props sent ok

    MAPP CXC article: R1N035 prgCXC1250092_EU_1_CA
    MAPP CXC version: R1N035
    Language Package:EUROPE_4
    CDA article: CDA102425/35
    CDA version: R5A
    Default article: cxc1250093
    Default version: R1N035

    Network LOCKED
    Operator: 240-08


    DCU60 flashing only supported for RED CID49 phones !
    Elapsed:12 secs.

  156. bhuvan says

    which cable are u using??
    and its red49
    and none of them is working then jdflasher!
    it is latest anf fastest!
    and best for me!
    why dont u go for it??
    damn easy!

  157. keith says

    Hello bhuvan, I’ve sent detail info on what I use and how I’ve unlocked the phone, but its not showing up on this page and when I resend the same info I receive a text message saying that I’ve already sent the info?

  158. bhuvan says


  159. Spider says

    Anyone has k510 R4CJ001 RED cid 49?

    Please. I can’t find..

  160. bhuvan says

    search on 4shared
    or it is there are

  161. Spider says

    i used another firmware. tnx anyway. but i still have problem.

    i’m trying to unlock k510i.

    after applaying patch with setool2, phone wont start at all.

    i have made patch with SIMLockPatchGe using main i put on mobile. before applaying patch mobile works fine.

  162. bhuvan says

    get a different patch
    or try jdflasher

  163. Rumel says

    could you use quik acces patch and then apply this patch

  164. bhuvan says


  165. Duane says

    Were can i find cool free patches for k810i thanks

  166. bhuvan says

    or search at our forum or request them there]

  167. Jolly says

    i was trying to unlock W810i
    i flashed it using xs++ with firmware then i created a unlock patch using simox simlock patch generator. when i applied the patch using setool2lite. phone is dead.
    plz help

  168. setool says

    this box is awesome. It does not need test point

  169. guia says

    bhuvan i have a sony ericsson d750i but i can;t use it because it is lock… can u give me a unlock code so that i can use the phone….. thanx guia

    [email protected]

  170. bhuvan says

    i m hearing about this for first time
    jump to our forum

  171. priya says

    I am using the Sony ericsson w580i mobile which is locked to vodafone.I unlocked my mobile using the

  172. bhuvan says

    so now what?

  173. Tricky says

    I am trying to unlock my d750 but cant get past hold c and connect usb cable.

    Am i missing some thing here?

    i have installed usb drivers btw

  174. bhuvan says

    all right
    i dont know much about ur phone but this that its db2010
    try pressing 2+5 keys

  175. Vaibhav Sharma says

    Hey what version of SEtools lite is good for my W550i R4CB020 DB2010??

    because when i tried to flash with SE tools lite 1.11 it got stuck with processing the patch and the box where it asks “apply patch” never came…

    I have the correct patch versions and other stuff….

    And another stupid question, is it necessary to flash the main firmware every time i flash??

    Also do i need to select the main firmware in the box to apply only patch???

    Please reply ASAP
    thanks in advance
    trixon123 at gmail d0t com

  176. jaseem says

    after flashing se tool insert the sim k 750 says CONTACT THE NETWORK OPARETOR OR SERVECER sir wat do

  177. henry says

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  178. ash says

    where can i download the main firmware, the site says the domain is on auction. I do not understand this. i need main firmware for W810I

  179. VICKSEE says

    hey akshayy need help….
    I watched your tuts…
    1. took backup of my W810i GDFS
    2. tried applying .vkp file but cant see nething happening…
    3. M stuck LOL(ma phone is working fine) but still I want to hack it….

  180. bhuvan says

    keep gdfs safe
    r u sure that the patch is fine??
    post the log here

  181. abizer says

    dear akshaysir,
    i have k750i and i have upgraded to w800 then after few days phone getting problem white light display n when i turn to flash with setool then it is showing failed n certificate error so what i do.. plz help me how to get out of this..??

  182. abizer says

    i mean its blinking white display

  183. bhuvan says

    reflash the fs and main using jdflahsher

  184. Khushi says


    I have a Sony Ericsson W810i.
    Is that the same as W810?
    I think it is, but I would better ask you about it, because I am not so sure about if it really is exactly the same.

    The problem with my phone is, that it requires a Phone Lock Code.
    And I do not know the Phone Lock Code.
    So, I cannot enter into the phone.
    Therefore, I would like to do a Master Reset (or Hard Reset) to my phone.
    Is it possible just to push some buttons at the same time and make that happen?
    Or do I really have to Flash my phone?

  185. bhuvan says

    lol, not its still w810 but with a lock! 😛
    anyways look here

    if ur phone is cid53 then come back! 🙂

  186. Khushi says

    I am glad that it is possible to find out what the phone lock code is.

    I have checked the Service Menu on my phone.
    In there I can see: Software info
    A lot of things are written in there.
    For instance, I saw DB2010.
    So, my phone is a DB2010.
    But I cannot see if it is a CID53.

    Anyway, I have downloaded XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    And I have tried to connect my phone while holding the C button.
    But the message which I can see in the frame of XS++ is:
    Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    I do not know what is going on.
    Can you please help me through this.
    Thanks a lot.

    By the way what does “lol” mean?

  187. ppg says

    haha, u haven’t installe flash drivers!

  188. Khushi says

    Well, I have downloaded the USB Flash Driver (in WinRAR).
    Then I have unpacked it, and saved.
    I can see it in Folder F.
    It’s a system file, and it’s called ggsemc, and the size is 9 kb.
    Have I maybe downloaded the wrong version?

    Please understand that I am not a wizkid with computers.
    Therefore, can somebody please guide me through this.
    Because I don’t really get it, actually.

    And I do beleave that the solution is not very far anymore.

  189. ppg says

    So u r there at forum?
    Do one thing dwnld frm filebase a new setupfile n then install it or just install SEUS but dont use it for updating ur phone!

  190. Khushi says

    Hi ppg,

    Yes, I am mobiliteit.

    Bhuvan gave me the link to where it is explained how I can read out what that phone lock code is. And there I have to login as well, you see.

    But let me explain something.
    I have installed Sony Ericsson PC Suite (which was delivered on a CD with the phone).
    And I can connect another W810i mobile phone (which does not have a phone lock) with the PC Suite on the computer. So, therefore I think that I should also be able to connect the phone (which does have a phone lock) to XS++. So, according to what I understand from this, is that the flash drivers must be installed already, otherwise I could not be able to connect my phone to PC Suite. Does that make any sense to you?

    Should I just install the flash drivers again?
    Can you give me a link, from where I should download them?
    And do I have to delete the flash drivers which I already have?

    I don’t want to update my phone.
    I just want to read out that phone lock code.

    But I don’t really understand what you are telling me.
    You want me to download from filebase a new setupfile and then install it.
    But where is filebase?

    And you are giving me antother option as well.
    You are telling me to just install SEUS (and not use it for updating my phone).
    Do you mean that I can read out the phone lock code with SEUS as well (instead of using XS++)?

    I hope that you can help me.

  191. Khushi says

    Thanks to the help of bhuvan and ppg I was able to find the phone lock code.

    Many many thanks.

    This is a whole new world for me, and I like it.

    I hope to learn much more from you guys in the future.

    Anyhow, I found the file which ppg had mentioned.
    But I found it somewhere else.
    I went to all tutorials from SE Flashing.
    And suddenly I saw in the list mentioned: Installing USB Flash Drivers.
    I did choose for option no. 3 (Recommended for New users).
    And this appeared to be the file which you mentioned before.

    And when it was installed, I tried to connect my phone to XS++ again, and it worked.
    I pressed first GDFS (on the bottom line), and after that I pressed phone lock (on the top side).
    And there it was: 7519. What a stupid code.
    Then I disconnected the phone, and then first of all I changed the phone lock into 0000.

    There you see that these kind of things work for people like me as well, as long as it goes automatically.

    I have so much more to learn.
    This is very exiting, Wow.
    I think that I would like to join you people, and learn all the things that are possible.
    Thank you very much.

  192. bhuvan says

    Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    this means no proper usb connection is established, clean the usb port or try adjusting the cable end at phone!
    when it gets connected to ull get it in the log that ur phone is cid53 or not, if u dont get it then post the log here!

    lol-> laugh out loud!

  193. bhuvan says

    great to have u happy! ofcourse ppg is great! 😛
    and yea, there is hell lot of things to you can do to pimp ur se!
    join our forum, learn tutorials from here, a lot lot lot n lot!

  194. ppg says

    To be frank i am not a great person,just a learner! 😛
    Anyway thanks bhuvan and mobiliteit!

  195. Kristian says

    Hi there.
    I purchased second hand Sony Ericsson K750i locked to Orange UK. How can I unlock it so it works with any network?? I downloaded the Simox Remove SIM-Lock patch generator v2.1 but I have no idea how it works :o(
    Where can I see the MAIN firmware, Phone type and Firmware Version and once I see that what do I do then??Is there any chance that it can be unlocked or I have to go and pay money ?? Pls let me know ASAP.Thanks in advance!!!


  196. Devinbattery says

    Hey, I followed these instructions with my Sony Ericsson W810i and after I execute the patch, I can’t turn my phone on for some reason. Like it just died, I have to reflash the firmware and it’s annoying me, I don’t know how to get the patch working without this issue, thank you.

  197. Rana says

    Its working om sony ericsson w810i ROGERS LOCKED
    you need these things
    Google them

    setool2lite download
    XS++ download
    simlockpatchgen download
    w810i original firmware

    And procedure is mentioned at the begining

  198. sarif uddin says


    i would like some help i have sony ericsson d750i to unlock its on uk t-mobile network,everytime i connect my usb to my computer i get message generic flash drive failed doesnt install properly because of this doesnt get installed properly i cannot get it connected to setool2,can somebody please please help

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