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Using JDFlasher with DB2010 phones

Tutorial/guide for Db2010. DB2010 phones are K750, D750, W800, W300, Z530, etc. Use DBCIDExplorer to know what your phone is.

We always focused on DB2020 platform as our phones (mine and Akshay’s are [email protected] models). We talked about the Quick-Access thing, without mentioning the history of patching.

Now it is clear that using JDFlasher is better than using SeTool2Lite, because it is faster and you can apply several patches with it without disconnecting the phone.

JDFlasher. [Few antivirus software detects JDFlasher as trojan/virus. There is no such malware in the JDFlasher linked here. It is recommended to deactivate your antivirus software before downloading this and adding it to exclusion/trusted list later. 😉

As always, the first step is Backing up your GDFS (if you haven’t done it yet). [Not possible for CID:53 phones. You can check that in xs++ or setool log. Click here to learn downgrading your EROM version!

Before starting JDFlasher, you’ll need to create the REST (restoration) file for your phone. Patching DB2010 phones work like this: first the program flashes an SSW file (to break in the phone), that way it can access the phone to patch it, that ruins some blocks of the phone’s firmware. When you are done, you flash on a REST file that restores the damage that flashing the SSW causes (JDFlasher does it automatically). It contains the blocks from the firmware that are changed when the SSW is flashed.
Now to create the REST file you need mkrest2.exe. It is a command line application of JDFlasher. Go to FAR Manager’s directory, there in Pluginsjdflasherrest. There you’ll find it.
Open Command Prompt there, type “mkrest2.exe <your firmware file>”. The easiest way is copying your firmware to the same directory and renaming it like “firmware”, then type “mkrest2.exe firmware”. Now you have the REST file, you can go ahead with JDFlasher.

So now start FAR Manager, hit Alt+F1, and select just da flasher. In the dialog that appears, select your phone on the left, DCU-60 for the second combobox and the highest speed for the third. Reinsert the battery of the phone.
Click jump down into a large rabbit-hole and connect the phone holding C button.

If everything goes ok, you’ll get 4 directories. oflash, ofs, bflash, bfs.
oflash – There you can flash main firmware and FS.
ofs – You can access filesystem, upload and delete files.
bflash You can flash firmwares and you can APPLY PATCHES!
bfs – Access filesystem and download files, too.

Flashing works like this: on the left you select oflash/bflash, then on the right select the bin firmware file or the vkp patch file, and hit F5. (Like copying files with two-panel file managers.)
When you’re done, select the ‘..’ on the top of your left panel, and hit Enter. In bflash, it will ask if you want to “restore the firmware”, select yes, it will flash the REST file on.

ofs and bfs work like two-panel file managers, nothing interesting. In bfs it will have to restore firmware.

Get patches from, use Google Translator to understand what they write. Be careful, when you copy from translator the result will not work as it writes every line in russian and in english. Don’t use it when you save.

I guess that’s it folks. 😀


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  1. VijayAnand says

    Hey Peti,
    Will I be able to flash my k530 into w660 using JDFlasher. Because my CID is 53. If so could you point me the way to get the FS and main for CID 53 of W660. I saw in the posts that many people having problem in flashing CID 53 phones. If you can repond to this topic that would be great.



  2. Peti says

    Yes but no with this tutorial, there is another JDFlasher tutorial on this site,
    To get firmwares… share2flash is gone. So and will help for free. But if you can’t find them, you’ll need to buy it from :S

  3. hotman says

    this works for cid53 phones?

  4. Peti says

    According to den_po (author of this), it works on DB2012 CID53, your W200. By the way, DB2010 phones don’t get CID53.

  5. Arpan says

    hi peti.
    a problrm
    when mm trying to create REST file then——
    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
    C:\Documents and Settings\AD>
    C:\Documents and Settings\AD>”E:\new downloads\useful things 4 w200i\new downloa
    deds\downloads…..2\JDFlasher.1.321C02\FAR Manager\Plugins\jdflasher\rest\
    mkrest2.exe” firmware.mbn
    makerest by den_po
    can’t read firmware.mbn

    whats the actual cause of this problem ?

  6. Peti says

    Then maybe I was wrong and DB2012 doesn’t work like DB2010. Connect to JDFlasher with db2012 script. Before doing so, obtain a CID 53 main firmware for your phone. (in case the process would ruin main FW)

  7. Arpan says

    my fon is DB2010 cid52 red r4ja011.

  8. hotman says

    when you say to make a rest file on your firmware what you mean?the firmware has 2 files , .mbn and .fbn , which should i use?
    sorry for so many questions , i am newb with phones

  9. Peti says

    @Arpan: nope, W200 is DB2012, though in many places they call it DB2010. As I said connect with DB2012 script.
    @hotman: You have W200i too, right? So you won’t need REST, you go ahead with DB2012 script.

  10. Arpan says

    in the phone’s >*<<*<* menu, it shows db2010.
    it shows db2010 in setool also.
    i’ve db2012 cid50/51 script, but my phone is cid51.
    tell me what to do……….

  11. Arpan says

    yr asl plz……..

  12. Arpan says

    in the phone’s >*<<*<* menu, it shows db2010.
    it shows db2010 in setool also.
    i’ve db2012 cid50/51 script, but my phone is cid51.
    tell me what to do……….

  13. badtime says

    ok my phone is a w300 and its a bd2010 but i can only choose db2020 or qa2020 in the box when it asks for your script

  14. badtime says

    oki got the w300 script by updating to a newer version of the jd flasher program but i cant make the rest file the application turns on and turns off almost instantly and it doesn’t give me the chance to type the firmware thing

  15. badtime says

    oh and can you please make a tutorial for gslide ?

  16. Peti says

    @Arpan: I’m getting confused… ask den_po himself about what scripts to use, or check some scripts if they work… By the way, what is that “yr asl plz”?:O
    @badtime: download a different JDFlasher release. The one at se-nse works for sure.
    Never used GSlide.xD

  17. Arpan says

    I’m just asking about bcoz u r helping me..
    at first, pls tell me how to install plugins ? which dir ?
    I’ve found that near the “jump down into a large rabbit-hole” button, there r only one db2020 script. if u’ve plz give me db2012 script.
    thank u.

  18. Peti says

    Never saw this way before. 😀
    16; male; Hungary. =)
    Download the release from It will have DB2012 script too.

  19. badtime says

    thanks peti and akshayy your the best it took me so long to learn how to apply patches but now that there on i am unstoppable maybe ill take over the world with my patched up phone next week after a ham sandwich but seriously thank u very much you’ re lik a genius u deserve a nobel prize oh n yea i had to to one more thing to apply the patches, i had to break into my phone using a customise upgrade from EQ Halmer into my custom pack you should probably add that into your tutorial

  20. Peti says

    Yeah, well… which tutorial? 😀

  21. Arpan says

    I’m unable to find db2012 script. PLZ give me the link to downlod………..

  22. Peti says

    Download from se-nse, we don’t have DL server now. :S

  23. nitin says

    hi i m using k530i and i change my firmware to w660i and now i hav problem with hardware headset jack of phone is too loose,
    wat i hav to do now? and i dont want to go ASC for repair, how will i get replacement, any idea pls suggest me…

  24. Peti says

    Clean it with WD-40. Worth a shot.

  25. nitin says

    WD-40 ???

  26. Jasmine Hill says

    is it possible to unlock the K510i, which has CID 50 and DB2010 using your method above?


  27. Akshay says

    no sorry.

  28. daryl says

    hi isit possible to use this method to fix white screen of death on the w850i?

  29. urtruelove78 says

    For my Z520a CID36 db2010 phone i got only bflash, and bfs.

    oflash, ofs were missing.

    [Flashing works like this: on the left you select oflash/bflash, then on the right select the bin firmware file or the vkp patch file, and hit F5. (Like copying files with two-panel file managers.)
    When you’re done, select the ‘..’ on the top of your left panel, and hit Enter. In bflash, it will ask if you want to “restore the firmware”, select yes, it will flash the REST file on.]
    This block also worked differently. First i selected bflash on left and then located .vkp patch on right. both just selected pressed F5 and it gave me dialog box of copy so i pressed enter. Then selected “..” on upper left corner and pressed ENTER and Far manager went to folder explorer. Can you help me where i’m making mistake???

  30. Andrew Gittens says

    hi,i am trying to unlock a z525 using xs to flash the main firmware and setoollite to apply the patch,but i keep geting this error with setool

    Welcome to SEtool2 ( LITE edition ) v 1.11
    supported DB2010/DB2012 CID49/50/51/52, DB2020 CID49/51/52
    Loaded 51 flash descriptors

    if you like LITE edition – please visit and buy FULL.

    Going to execute VKP script….
    ChipID:8040,EMP protocol:0301


    FLASH CID detected:49
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:36 PAF:1 IMEI:35184101704054 CERT:RED
    DCU60 flashing only supported for RED CID49 phones !
    Elapsed:5 secs.

    Can you explain what it means, and what i need to do.Thanks in advance.

  31. Andrew Gittens says

    hi,its me again this time,i have a k550im,but the problem is that i cannot get mp3’s i download to either the phone or memory stick,to apply as a ringtone.Is it the firmware it came with(R1JD001).Can this be rectified by flashing another fimware.Please advise.Thanks

  32. George says

    hey im trying to make the REST file. but it keeps saying need file name or something . i enter it but it jus keeps saying tat. the cmd goes so fast i have to printscreen to actully read it 😛 . can you help me? im trying to flash a W810i

  33. bhuvan says

    eest file???
    srry bt nt getting u!

  34. Nick says

    When I open Far manager with my W200i, i only get oflash and ofs option wich by the way do not contain anything. Do you know where can the problem be
    EROM CID: 52
    Firmware Version: R4HA014

  35. Nick says

    Sorry, I have to make a note:oflash area is empty but ofs contains required files, still do not get the other two options:bflash and bfs

  36. Akshay says

    oflash contains nothing. enter ofs to see things.
    are you sure your w200 is db2010 ? it should be db2012 or db2020

  37. Kevs says

    I followed the steps, but, when I connected the phone, on the left side, there’s only oflash, and ofs.

    Is this ok?

    Why is there no bflash and bfs?

    I have a w880i phone CID 53.

    What should I do?

    Please help!!!

  38. bhuvan says

    because your phone is cid:53…
    with bflash and bfs u can customize..browse ur fs and reflash whole stuff…but cant patch..
    u need to use anycid method for patching

  39. sourav says

    dude can u tell me how to use camera drivers ???? watz itz use ???? i m using w910i . thanks !!!!

  40. Akshay says

    hmm for w910i you may get camera drivers, with it you can take better pictures, or get your own camera settings.

  41. brando says

    Akshay, I’m trying to follow your tutorial but I cannot create a rest file. My fone is a K800 with R8BF003 firmware. I used the Generic Main. Any advise?

  42. bhuvan says

    what do u do??

  43. marcus says

    hey dudes i got a w810 2day and started 2 mod it but there’s a problem…i bypassed everything but when i’m patching, i get a mismatch… i’m using jdflasher…. please help me

  44. cybersundayvoter says

    hi! i have a question: my phone is acting weird lately and I performed a master reset thru the menu’s setting. i did not notice that the battery was almost drained when i performed a master reset and phone went off while doing the master reset. my k750i is working when I turn it on but I have difficulties on pressing keys. what should I do?

  45. bhuvan says


  46. yourmum says

    i get an error about a file could not be read when i select bflash

  47. bhuvan says

    show me the screen shot

  48. Dule says

    hi i used bfs option on k510 and there was an eror and now i can’t start my phone

  49. bhuvan says

    what were u doing?

  50. Ravi says

    hey guys, i have a w300i DB2010 CID 51 from orange. It is unlocked but i would very much like to know how to debrand it. Any help is once more greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

  51. Ravi says

    btw. XS++ just crashes when i try to flash and JDflasher reports an error when detecting it (something about cid51 not present in .xml or something like that. I’ve been told XS++ may have crashed because its DB2010/CID51, is this true? Thanks again.

  52. bhuvan says

    well it should not crash that way!
    only these two softwares can flash ur phone
    even if cid51 is the problem
    update ur phone through seus
    ull get cid53
    then jdflasher would help u
    do one thing
    download latest jdflasher from our filebase
    try that

  53. Ravi says

    if i update it, it will only change cid to 53 and nothing else right?

  54. bhuvan says


  55. Ravi says

    it cannot update to cid53, SEUS says it is already the latest, I really need to get get this phone unlocked. All help is appreciated, Thanks!

  56. Mono says

    Hello Peti,

    You give some good explanations there, but maybe I’m thick, I think this process is all for working phones. I managed to damage the firmware, I think with a dead battery, (thick maybe, but a talented one 🙂 ..) So, I have a W380i that only lights up when I turn on, but doesn’t boot. Now, how can we flash this? Or, let me ask, can we?


  57. dnyanesh says

    hi,i patching may mobile for wireless radio.
    my mobile is w200i cid53 R4JA011
    when i click on bflash it gives me an error like setdirectory .
    plz help me how to do it…..

  58. dnyanesh says

    it gives me error like setdirectory(setdir(setmode(doscript(unknown command(ldr)))))

  59. rohit says

    i am too getting a similar error as dnyanesh… please help me out !

  60. rohit says

    i worked out with d error by using another version of FAR manager.But now i have a new problem.. ie. i have applied the elf patches and a black battery vkp patch.. both are working fine but my GPRS which was working before is no longer workin.. i havn’t changed any settings !!! please help me out akshay !!! should i try removing the elves ???

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