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Restoring A GDFS

Restoring the GDFS (Writing GDFS)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Don’t Write GDFS simply just because something happened and your phone is not starting. Its written only if gdfs is corrupt.

If your phone for some reason behaves abnormally and fails to start and you get a white screen of death when you try to start your phone, then its time to restore the backup of the gdfs you had made. In case you have not made a backup of gdfs then there is no way to fix the phone , In such a case Contact Me.

Go through the GDFS Backup Post once if you have not read it.

Do Not Unnecessarily write a GDFS if your phone is working good.

VERY IMPORTANT: Your phone GDFS is unique to your phone. Writing a GDFS from any other phone will permanently damage your phone beyond repair. You must always write a gdfs that came from your very own handset. Lets say you have a w610i and you try to restore a gdfs that came from your friends w610i then your phone is in big trouble. Hence make sure that the GDFS that your writing is your own GDFS.

Download XS++

Charge your phone battery to 100%

Click connect phone in XS++
Shutdown and reinsert battery
Connect Phone holding C
In Configuration Select GDFS.
Select the gdfs to restore. Click Write GDFS.

Reinsert battery Start Phone.
Your phone must now work flawlessly

Picture Credits to Rekoil of Se-nse


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