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Extracting an FS

Download Main2Raw and SEFS Click here

Also you can use Babe2Raw, Instead of Main2Raw , Download here.

Download FS of your choice from the internet. If you don’t know where then contact me. Best place is Topse Russia.

Create a folder by name “ext” or any other name in C:\

copy and paste the FS that you want to extract. Here i take the W610i FS for the tutorial. Rename the FS as w610. Its better to have a short name for the FS then the normal long name W610_R6BC002_FS_S_ASIA_LEVAN_RED52.fbn

copy main2raw and sefstool to that folder
Then in Click the Start > Run
type cmd in run and press ok
Now DOS Prompt will open up

type >> cd\

next type >> cd ext

next type >> main2raw.exe w610

main2raw in a few second creates a file with name raw !

now type SEFStool4 raw

wait for a few minutes you will get the extracted firmwares in a folder called _raw

See the Pictures below !

The pictures make it more easier ! Click On Picture to Enlarge !

Image Hosting by

Type This Stuff and then hit enter after each command

Image Hosting by

You get this Next. Main raw has created a file with name raw

Image Hosting by

Type SEFStool4 raw >> and hit Enter see the picture

Image Hosting by

Then wait for some time and you get the extracted FS in a folder called _raw in the ext folder that you had created !!

Update: Write every single file in cmd with its extension.

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  1. shay says

    not working on w880 asia levan!!!!!

  2. Akshay says

    well it does … !! please try again !!
    follow steps correctly !! command mode operation needs to be prefect !!

    this work on all firmwars !
    and infact its only after extracting the firmware patches are developed !! also many hacks are discovered only after extracting using these same tools above !!

  3. shashank says

    hello akshay
    im havin fren has succesfully converted it into w601i…now i want to laod flash themes in it …how can i do it…wat all i’ll require ..?and plz gimme da links to the software needed..!!!is it risky?

  4. Tithsya says

    Hi. there is “welcome screen’ appears on my k550 that before nothing just white dead screen. so i think it possible to make it work again. what is your idea?

  5. somnath says

    where can i get the FS of my se k790i?
    please tell me or give me.

  6. mundix says

    hello akshay! how come nothing happens? it just says loading w660 header as 2010…

  7. Akshay says

    try babe2raw πŸ˜‰

  8. ryan says

    Not working with winXP error!

  9. Akshay says

    it works .. i use win xp only πŸ˜‰
    do it properly .. try babe2raw

  10. Akshay says

    RYAN .. see the first picture .. its written which version of windows it is πŸ˜‰

  11. narmi says

    i dont understand main purpose extractting of FS. r we used them to backup our fs or something else??? tq

  12. Akshay says

    yeah !! for backup and other uses .

  13. Lmbrt says

    Hi Master,
    Thanx for yesterday reply to my question about flashing Main, FS and Custpack all in one go.
    Hvn’ done yet because I’m trying to add a language to FS before flashing it. Is it worth to try?
    So far I extracted FS_EUROPE_1 and I found the language (Spanish, ES) I wanted to add to EUROPE_5.
    Is there a way of adding it to EUR 5 FS file (EN, FR, DE, IT) BEFORE flashing it?
    Humble regards from your devote admirer.
    Florence, Italy
    PS About this tutorial, kindly note that on certain PC’s (like mine Win XP SP2) you may need to type the extension “.fnb” at the cmd “next type >> main2raw.exe w610” and the complete file name (not only “raw”, i.e “W610.raw”) at the cmd “now type SEFStool4 raw”or it won’t do the trick…

  14. Akshay says

    ok thanks for that info .. !
    now you can’t add in the FS and flash
    only after flashing you can do it

  15. somnath says

    Hello Akshay please could you tell me how will i extract the fs and ms from my own phone using far manager or xs++?

  16. pratik says

    go thru extracting an fs tutorial.
    its easy ….
    far & xs cannot xtract ur fs .
    .mbn main file cannot be extracted

  17. mrdoa says

    Mr. i try to extract of this FS K750_R1DB001_FS_EMEA_4_RED49 but finally i can’t extract that FS. I got some message while extracting using SEFStool4 as bellow :

    Loading K750_R1DB001_FS_EMEA_4_RED49.raw header…OK!
    Detected FS image version: 23
    FATAL: This version is not supported. Check entry file!

    can u help me ? please ..thx b4..

  18. K Elamaran says


    Where can i get these 2 files?

  19. Peti says

    I use this one, and it is working fine. πŸ˜‰

  20. shibin says

    hey my man…where can i get FS

  21. K Elamaran says

    hi akshayy.. which is the best site to download nice appz & games for w610i ??

  22. Akshay says

    there is a link in Download section
    also there is topse russia !

  23. mrdoa says

    anyone can help me, about problem extracting FS (post 5 mar ago). Help me…..

  24. pratik says

    just follow the instructions …
    u’ll get it. rename the files &
    create folders as per the tutorial/

  25. Akshay says

    mrdoa try to use Gextart + SEFSTool 4 then
    i have uploaded to

    this works .. you just need to follow command line

  26. majid says

    i have 500i.i did flash my phone to 580 and i was succesful in doing it how ever when i check the model its says 500i and i have only one icon of walk man thats it and i am not able to sign up with i need to fs… and i am not able to down load the file and the pic in ur tut is not coming on its just stays there with x mark…
    please help and give the link where i can edit my walk man skins plz give me gud links so that i can follow!
    thankx akshay!

  27. Akshay says

    yeah you need to flash FS , which you can find no where but Esnips ! also try her

    you can register at esnips
    and to download from esnips you usually don’t need to sign up

  28. Peti says

    You’re wrong, Akshay,

  29. amal says

    hi akshay… i have aproblem, my track id is missing frm my k810i, i had added accostics and menu upgrades, could u plz tell me what to do… plz reply me back in my email if possible… urgentlty require help.

  30. Peti says

    Restore the original menu, man. If you don’t have backup, try to get it from somewhere or reflash FS and custpack.
    //Reply sent in mail, too.

  31. Akshay says

    LOL !
    dude track id has been removed by the creator of menu ml
    for example in my menu ml i have removed DemoTour and Radio. can’t help. create own menu ml else revert back to original

  32. Peti says

    Or he used a that wasn’t made for k810. πŸ˜‰

  33. Goth says

    Hi akshay my prob. Is games n app folder isnt opening operation failed message.wat shud i do.?i dont kno anything abt this concept of flashin,debranding etc,etc.!being a music freak i want to increase quality and quantity in ma ear phones n add sum flash menu.i can compromise with a locked phone but cant bear a dead phone cuz i aint in a cond to replace or buy new
    Customization CDA102721/1R3ACXC1250714 R1GB001S_ASIA_LEVAN

  34. Akshay says

    reflash fs and main. and cda that’s all
    i mean its same as debranding

  35. Goth says

    Well thanx 4 d reply.!
    But i told you em not getting anything,will you please tell me what is fs,main,cda is.?:s
    And firmware .?
    And what things i need to flash it.ok if you dont laugh :)can i ask the meaning of more favour akshay please give me the links to get the necessary stuff to sortout my prob.or should i take it to SE service,but i want improved sound quality.last ques n req. Which is the best headphone under 3000rs and please tell me d method of flashin in detail.regards n power 2 u.!

  36. Akshay says

    for files. see download page.
    for flash/debrand see tutorial section or links in the website sidbar.

    or better SE Service Center
    3000 rs ? no idea man..
    for 3.5k sennheiser CX 300

  37. Goth says

    Hey dude my firmware w830i is old and i am not geting the files.can i flash it with the latest firmware available on net,if i use new firmware,fs and cda 4 my phone,will it work.i have even searched topsony its not there.if i take it to Se service,will then i be able 2 to add acoustics and flash menus. Help will be greatly appreciated.!
    I am just hungry for loud quality sound,..
    I kno u r a busy guy,but please dont hesitate in typing more words to make ur ans. Full detailed.please sir help me:-)..!

  38. Goth says

    Hey akshayy dude 4m where u r doing computer science engineering Man,u seem very intelligent in ur stream.!

  39. Akshay says

    yes you can use latest of course ! only if its CID52. πŸ˜‰ not 53
    get few latest firmwares for w830 and flash it.
    then do whatever you want with FAR MANAGER.

  40. bhuvan says

    hey man….m havn vista as ma os….v wyl usng main2raw thru commnd prompt…commnd prmpt strts sayn nt respnding….again n again….bt vn i dragg n droppd da frmware file on da main 2 raw….a nw file wzz creatd wch wzz a raw file….nw i tnk….da role of main 2 raw….n weyzzz…nw m facng da same prob wid sefstool4….da commnd prompt strts not respndng…n i lso tried da drggin n droppn s i did in main 2 raw…bt daz nt hlpng me…m havn w580i….plzz help!!!

  41. Akshay says

    sorry man vista is not for all this stuff.

  42. bhuvan says

    ohkk….nw ill hav 2 wrk on dual bootng!!!!will meet ya again.,..wid a nw bug…lol!!!

  43. bhuvan says

    newyzz bro…plzz temme….how to change da batt sign n signal sign…i red ol da wayzz 2 do patchn….bt still kese krna hai…didn ght tat…plzzz….

  44. Peti says

    bhuvan, I ask you to write normally, this aboriginal nigga thingy is not all right.
    That is done by patching, sysgfx exactly. Find tutorial here:

  45. bakare says

    hey pls i want to unlock my se k770i pls help me and tell me all wot i will need pls

  46. bakare says

    do i need to extract an fs for that too????????

  47. bakare says

    right now am here in patching
    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:52
    Flash ID check:2019
    Flash props sent ok
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:51 PAF:1 IMEI:35852401599228 CERT:RED

    MAPP CXC article: R8AA018 prg1201-7587_GENERIC_VI
    MAPP CXC version: R8AA018
    Language Package:T_MOB_INT_A
    CDA article: 1202-5105
    CDA version: R6A
    Default article: 1201-7603
    Default version: R8AE001

    Extended LOCKED
    Operator: MULTIPLE

    Elapsed:1 secs.
    Going to execute VKP script….
    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:52
    Trying to launch embedded bootloader…
    Abort all operations.
    embedded flashloader not responds !
    Elapsed:35 secs.
    Going to execute VKP script….
    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:52
    Trying to launch embedded bootloader…
    Abort all operations.
    embedded flashloader not responds !
    Elapsed:34 secs.
    dont knw wot to do anymore??
    pls help!!!!!!!!!

  48. Akshay says

    you are making some mistake.
    read tutorial properly
    no need to extract fs if you are just going to unlock your phone.

  49. bakare says

    ok so pls tell me all wot i need to do pls!!!!!

  50. Akshay says

    don’t extract fs.
    just patch your phone. no need to extract fs unless you are applying folder change patches

  51. ostine says

    hello…. may i ask…
    what is funtion of fs
    why is so important to follow this step of fs….
    erm… and why not if we just copy its to memory card folder directly….

  52. Peti says

    FS is File System, the set of file the phone uses. E. g. languages, themes, walkman skins, display/camera/acoustic drivers, etc.
    Step of FS????
    Because these files are not on the memory card, and not possible to access from the phone’s file manager either.

  53. ostine says

    thank… owh…! thats why we should extract it first before copy its to mc/other,…. right!

  54. Peti says

    Not exactly. This tutorial is for people who need files from the FS, like they have started modding and screwed up something, they can use the fs to get the original files and upload them, so there is no need for reflashing FS entirely.

  55. jinJun says

    i doing step by step & tried main2raw & babe2raw

    but when i enter it come out error what should i do

  56. Peti says

    It really has to be at C:\ and name as w610 or so. They have some lame error so not support longer names.

  57. Rolii-16 says

    PLEASE!! Somebody can extract the W350i FS???

  58. Peti says

    Well W350 is a DB2020 model, it should be easy to extract it, but has no such FW, share2flash only has one CID 53 file. So first wait for them to host such a file. :S

  59. mahath says

    how can i enable flash menu’s in my k800i?
    It’s of db2020 and too have a folder
    but i have tried inserting .swf files there..
    but it doesn’t worked with the theme……..

  60. Akshay says

    you can’t.. sorry.

  61. cilok says

    can i extract a main file

  62. Akshay says

    good question.
    but not..
    its a large program that can’t be extracted.
    but can be de-compiled to raw arm instructions and data tables.

  63. cilok says

    fast reply..u are good man..tQ
    any idea to extract main file in the future??hihi..

  64. rascalangel says

    hi all,

    can any one tell me how to extract firmware from a SE t610i phone?can it be done?

  65. Peti says

    @cilok: Main is almost like an EXE file on windows. Actually a pretty large one. Contains ARM instructions, exe contains x86 instructions. And resources, pictures, data tables.
    It can be extracted like exe files, as Akshay said. Executables can’t be extracted just like that, only decompiled.
    @rascalangel: This is the only tutorial we have for that, try this. But I’m not sure, it isn’t DB2010 or 2020, it’s architecture is “AVR”….

  66. Troels says

    hi, anybody who have succesfully extracing a s500i?

  67. mark says

    could ya plz help trying to ad slide sounds and other elves ant way of ading them with xs++ or setool i find far manager hard to use plz help by e mail thanx

  68. Peti says

    Go to the elpack tutorial. And then use SeTool 2 Lite to flash patches on.

  69. soclose says

    Well W350 is a DB2020 model, it should be easy to extract it, … :S”
    I have W350_R10AB002_FS_HONG_KONG_RED53.fbn but cant extract this file so can you show me ur way, plz ???

  70. Akshay says

    hmmm no its PNX5320
    try using babe2raw other versions
    search in

  71. Klai says

    do u have to back up ur fone fs aswell????

  72. Niveta says

    yes, its PNX5230, i convert .fbn to .raw but cant extract .raw by using sefstool4 ver 4.7, it’s not support W350i ?

  73. Peti says

    @Klai: you don’t.
    @Niveta: get extracted fs from then.

  74. shan says

    which is the best cam drive for w610i

  75. Akshay says

    shan, sorry no idea. hehe lol

  76. gabr10 says

    Hi, do you know how can I get the firmware for a c902? I need to add spanish to my t9 but I just can’t find this firmware anywhere!

    Thanks in advance.


  77. Joy says

    Hi Akshay..
    Pliz help me, where I can download W830i R1KG001 MAIN+FS APAC RED52? Please tell me, I have flashed my w830i but I’m n0t satisfied, is it possible flash back my w830i to the original firmware using XS++? But I dont have the original firmware.
    Thanks 4 ur answer

  78. Benniq says

    Hello guys!

    I have this problem with my phone,
    I extracted some flash menus to my w610i with XS++
    and my games and programs stopped to work.
    Then I tried to flash it with a firmware who seemed to work for my phone, then it turns out an error appears on my screen when I start it.
    It says something like “error, contact your network operator or service center”
    So, what now?
    What have I done wrong?

  79. bhuvan says

    this problem cant be caused cuz of flash menus!
    well…now u wanna re flash your fone…and u are getting some error!ohk…have u uploaded the cda files?????
    its mostly caused of not uploading custpack..or uploading the wrong one!

  80. Viral says

    I installed fs without properly customising…
    i used W810_R4EA031_FS_T_MOB_INT_B_RED49

    But I figure i need

    I have been searching the same for last 6 hrs…
    bt i cant find it anywhere…
    can u plz help with the link……!

    p.s. [Also the problem for which i wanted to re-flash its firmware is that…my bluetooth and sound recorder suddenly stopped working…]

  81. amar says

    HAI Akshay… i follow al the step for (w580)changing menu and flash menu up to the uploaded in xs++ . but after turn on changes are not geting i fallowed al the steps but i’m not getting the result so
    pls give me answer.

  82. bhuvan says

    what exactly is happening?

  83. needs saving! says

    hi there, have been reading your tutorials about adding languages but i can’t find the .lng and .t9 files for japanese that i wanna install, partly coz i can’t navigate arnd topse. email me please?


  84. bhuvan says

    needs saving!
    in other words…u need stuff…
    go to our foruM!

  85. Lahiru says

    Please bhuvan give me a link to get K530i orginal layout exiting file had destroyed…..please …

  86. Akshay says

    Lahiru, just refalsh the FS or download and extract FS to get original file, please check out Extract FS tutorial

  87. winnie says

    Master..i am having some problems with my sony ericsson K770i..the phone cannot read chinese after upgrading..what can i do??thank you

  88. bhuvan says

    download chinese firmware exctract it and upload language files to your current fs
    or jump to our forum…request there
    they will provide u language files

  89. |\/| /\ )( says

    Rest evrythng z clear 2 me, but wat dus “unlocking the phone” mean ?
    cn ne1 plzz tel me..?

  90. bhuvan says

    |\/| /\ )(
    many people in some countries have phone locked to one network provider only
    which means u cant use other sim
    we unlock it to refuse this

  91. Hungryhippo says

    hi Akshay, i have read thru various FS explainations on various sits. Would you have an explaination of the entire FS (meaning what each folders do and why they are there?)

  92. bhuvan says

    we provide guides here
    for discussion jump onto our forum

  93. shettymegha says

    my phone details
    w660 china_fy r8bb001red cid 53 so which firmware can i use.

  94. shettymegha says

    sorry its the fs that i m looking for

  95. bhuvan says

    look at
    if u are extracting fs then any one fs would be fine
    i wasnt able to find out china one
    the major difference would only be for language files
    look at topsony
    may be there u can find one for u
    if u dont use chinese lang then its fine for u
    or else u can also download language files separately

  96. shettymegha says

    i already did that. wat is worrying me is in case i use this fs which is not of china will it be in conflict with my phone . thanks for the help bhuvan

  97. bhuvan says

    it wont

  98. shettymegha says

    ok thanx again

  99. arif says

    this is work for my g502 rifa037….? I have already try but it dont work ….. “unknown ssw type”

  100. Mohsin says

    hello Akshay
    i have c905 i want hindi language in it …
    plz help

  101. Totem says

    Anyone who has fs for K800 R8BF003 APAC RED 52? Thanks ^^

  102. Vivek says

    Hi Akshay and peti. I came across ur site. Seems like u guys r doing real cool work. I tried to understand your tutorials but I dont have technical knowledge. I mean I don’t know basics. Can you help beginners like me. My problem is like I read about adding additional languages, there u told to download FS. I dont know what Fs is. Plz help.

  103. bhuvan says

    fs[file system] is part of firmware[software] installed on ur phone!!!

  104. Eljo says

    it is for older phones
    for newer firmwares (db3150,3210 etc)
    u need to use read3150.exe

  105. Harjot says

    please help me i want to change menu icon of k800i like flash when i use(main2raw.exe w610)that command then main2raw give dont send and there is no create a any file.

  106. bhuvan says

    u just wana add flash menus right? then why u are into main2raw???
    just read jdflasher guide and upload them

  107. Themi says

    Hello Akshay…I try to extract FS of C510i: “C510_R1DA035_FS_NORDIC_RED52” and of J105 FS: “J105_R1HA035_FS_C-ASIA_RED53” downloaded from topsony, but it cannot be extracted using “main2raw” and “SEFStool4”, showing “Unknown SSW type” error message. How can I extract the above two FS? Any suggestions? Please inform me as early as you can through my e-mail : [email protected] if you are convenient.
    Thanking you in advance…

  108. chandu says

    hey akshay can u give me links for fs of my j105i(naite) cid53 M-EAST-N-AFR.

  109. PPG says

    @chandu, goto topsony or seusers!

  110. chandu says

    thanks for the info
    there is an fs with J105_R1HA035_FS_C-ASIA_RED53 but my language pack is M-EAST-N-AFR is it ok if i use J105_R1HA035_FS_C-ASIA fs for my naite.

  111. jude says

    what is FS? how to download?

  112. barun says

    i want korean language on my w580i but i did not find the language in the list, also i do not understand russian, when i click on the link of the webpage is displayed in russian and i cant understand a thing . please help.

  113. Leon says

    Doesn’t work on DB3350 FS! (I’m using Sony Ericsson Cedar)

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