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Add Extra Languages !

Tutorial to Add extra languages to your Sony Ericsson phone.

First Download Any FS of Any Phone that has the language you wanted.
See this list to get to know which Region has which language files.

Then Extract That FS . If you don’t know how to then Tutorial to Extract FS.

You can download language files from, they work on all phones !

Now Consider you want to Add a language XY to your phone, You can find the language files XY.LNG and XY.T9 after extracting the FS in here folder/tpa/preset/system/language

Now open your Cust pack or CDA ! Download the Cust pack for your FS from se-nse custpack library

Open the customize.xml file of the CDA/Custpack in notepad and add the line shown in bold to it and save it. You will find Something like this in the customize.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<customization xmlns:scs="">
<model>HB1-06 Gen</model>
<operator>Sony Ericsson</operator>


<bookmark name="Sony Ericsson"></bookmark>
<bookmark name="Google">

Now use xs++ or far manager to upload xy.lng and xy.t9 files from your computer to tpa/preset/system/language in phone.

Also in tpa/preset/system/language in phone delete the setting File “allowed Languages ” or delete the lng.dat file. Just find out the file in which you think the settings are stored and delete it. The file is mostly named as lng.dat or allowed languages.

Then upload the customize.xml that you created to tpa\preset\custom\**here**

Restart phone. Backup Contact and Do Master Reset ! New language will be added



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