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Add Extra Languages !

Tutorial to Add extra languages to your Sony Ericsson phone.

First Download Any FS of Any Phone that has the language you wanted.
See this list to get to know which Region has which language files.

Then Extract That FS . If you don’t know how to then Tutorial to Extract FS.

You can download language files from, they work on all phones !

Now Consider you want to Add a language XY to your phone, You can find the language files XY.LNG and XY.T9 after extracting the FS in here folder/tpa/preset/system/language

Now open your Cust pack or CDA ! Download the Cust pack for your FS from se-nse custpack library

Open the customize.xml file of the CDA/Custpack in notepad and add the line shown in bold to it and save it. You will find Something like this in the customize.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<customization xmlns:scs="">
<model>HB1-06 Gen</model>
<operator>Sony Ericsson</operator>


<bookmark name="Sony Ericsson"></bookmark>
<bookmark name="Google">

Now use xs++ or far manager to upload xy.lng and xy.t9 files from your computer to tpa/preset/system/language in phone.

Also in tpa/preset/system/language in phone delete the setting File “allowed Languages ” or delete the lng.dat file. Just find out the file in which you think the settings are stored and delete it. The file is mostly named as lng.dat or allowed languages.

Then upload the customize.xml that you created to tpa\preset\custom\**here**

Restart phone. Backup Contact and Do Master Reset ! New language will be added



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  1. akapu says

    Great Tutorial……..
    Thanks for this tutorial….. πŸ˜€

  2. mrdoa says

    please help me why i didn’t success to add extra language (AR,FR,SK,PT) to my ph k530i@w660i with WCDA102804_7_R1A_Generic_Trade_ID. I’ve try all procedure step by step as in your tutorial doing all master reset till all data clear but it doesn’t work to…? Thx b4..

  3. Akshay says

    did you delete the setting files ?? its name is allowed_languages.txt .. it will be in the FS in language folder
    also you should add the line in the Customize.xml of your custpack ! and then flash the custpack

  4. mrdoa says

    o…the first, it must flash the custpack again before i upload the edited customize.xml? yes, i did it. I’ve delete the allowed_languages.txt, add line tag in costomize.xml and also upload the lng and t9 files to tpa/preset/system/language (i follow your tutorial and i try it in my first experiment but doesn’t success). ok i’ll try this step again..Thx..

  5. mar says

    hi could you explane my what i have to write to costomize.xml
    i am poor with inglish

  6. Akshay says

    you should add a line like this


  7. FaUZaNeVVa says

    I followed Your tutorial, and it didn’t work on my W830i!!!

    πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  8. Peti says

    Could you be more specific?

  9. Jasper says

    OMG after i did this my phone died and i just blinking red in the side light pls help me what should i do ? πŸ™

  10. Akshay says

    fix it using this tutorial

    that’s bad

  11. sreeram says

    how can we create a new languge’s lng file?is there a language file for malayalam?pls help

  12. Peti says

    I don’t know if there is. Do the phones sold there have such lng file? If not, then it doesn’t exist.
    You can create your own lng… translate English to any with a tool, that is available at

  13. sreeram says

    any tutorial for using the editor?no such lang in the phone…so ‘ve to make such one

  14. Peti says

    Nobody needed such thing, I suppose. That program is pretty easy to use, but I’ll consider writing a tutorial…

  15. eddie says

    i am quite blurr… can i add chinese language that can make me write in my phone?? i am using k810i R8BA024 MAIN …now i can READ but cant WRITE
    i dont know rusian sorry

  16. eddie says

    CS is chinese?? i downloaded CS lng and t9… what is cust pack or CDA?? where can i find it

  17. eddie says

    for your infomation my FS i dint flash before mayb is china.. cause my original main is r8ba024 CHINA RED52..
    i FLASHED to R8BA024 MAIN GENERIC… where can i get the customize.xml file of the CDA/Custpack

  18. Peti says

    Now why do you tell you don’t know russian?!!
    Chinese input (writing) is a part of the main firmware. That is why there is a chinese and there is a generic main. Use Chinese, flash a chinese main on.

  19. eddie says

    lolx… i use main generic cant add chinese input into it?

  20. eddie says

    if i use GENERIC MAIN + CHINA FS.. i can read chinese n write chinese?? and those patch and elf i can use because it need GENERIC MAIN not FS rite?

  21. Peti says

    Patches and elves are made for generic mains. But to have chinese input, you need Chinese main.

  22. eddie says

    ic… mean if i change chinese FS also cant have chinese input because i not using the chinese main?? then how about this topic… it say add language without flash?? @@

  23. Peti says

    Abusing the site? Don’t. Besides, where does it say so?:@
    You should be able to add any language, but chinese input is different. It differs from all input systems, that is why MAIN_CHINESE exists.

  24. eddie says

    MAIN EUROPE MAIN ASIA ALL ALSO exist… those all also can add language?? MAIN GENERIC cant?
    this topic site is Add Extra Languages !
    so i cant add ?? only can add other language but not chinese??

  25. Peti says

    You can add languages but chineses input is coded in the main firmware, needs flashing.
    I know it is a bit hard for you to understand, but please try to.

  26. eddie says

    erm.. i think i understand a little…
    with GENERIC MAIN i only can read but cant write?
    if i want to write i need to flash to china main?
    FS is nothing to do with chinese… it need main to write ?am i rite?

  27. Peti says

    Chinese writing, input is programmed in chinese mains, generic ones don’t have it. So you have to flash chinese main.

  28. eddie says

    lol… ic thanks for telling…. i will continue use GENERIC.. if flash to chinese main i cant play elf or patch…

  29. Peti says

    Correct, though I’ve been telling the same thing all along. πŸ˜€

  30. eddie says

    haha u should straight me the conclusion… thx anyway… beside is there are vkp patch for china main? or vkp patch is just for generic

  31. Peti says

    Only chinese people use chinese main, that is 1/5 of man-kind. It is more likely to find patches for generic ones, though they are probably patchable.
    I think patches could or should be ported to chinese, but nobody wants to do it… it is in your hands now. πŸ˜€

  32. eddie says

    ii dont know how to ported to chinese main… T.T

  33. Peti says

    It is not a big deal with small patches, but large ones are deadly. πŸ˜€

  34. eddie says

    lol… where to learn to make patch… i wanna get library patch for china main… then camera driver patch… @@

  35. Peti says

    Cam driver is not patching, it is only replacing a file in the file system. Library patch? You mean elves, right? Then sucked in. Those patches need too much knowledge to port and also very much time, elf-makers only create patch for one fw because of this…
    Patch making (new patches) need knowledge in ASM programming, disassembling, reassembling, on ARM processor….

  36. eddie says

    lol… i mean camera driver changer patch… haha nevermind… i yesterday simply play and upload tripov customize xml make me get CONFIGURATION error… and i simply play go SEUS now my main is CHINA and RED53 =.= but i solve the configuration error (centur help with find a customize xml for me ^^)

  37. Peti says

    In other cases I would say YOU F*CKED IT UP, now you can’t patch it at all. But since the phone was chinese, it doesn’t matter. Though I think you should have started with searching for config error on this site…

  38. eddie says

    configuration error i solved lol… haha now i cant play patch and elf anymore… F.*.C.K.I.N.G SEUS -.-

  39. Peti says

    I replaced the U with * in your post. LOL
    You couldn’t have done those 2 on chinese main either…

  40. eddie says

    lol haha… ya… waiting time… maybe some1 pro will make it..

  41. Peti says

    I doubt that. πŸ˜€

  42. John smith says

    Greeting akshay

    can u get me a firmware with APAC which includes English and Chinese Languages ? need it urgently … thanks a lot.

  43. Peti says

    For which phone?? :O

  44. John smith says

    i’ve tried extracting many many FS with chinese language and followed ur instructions but still failed…

    sigh… when will w610 FS APAC be released …

  45. Akshay says

    hmmmmm sorry then
    no idea.

  46. janith7 says

    It’s good tutorial for new one. But I just want to know create a new lng which is my mother language, Sinhala. It’s a south asin language.

  47. Peti says

    It is possible with LNGEditor, look for it at or

  48. jaseer says

    i want to add malayalam language in my sony ericsson k810i. vat to do..

  49. Peti says

    I think THIS is the tutorial for that.

  50. Sopasifat says

    I dont get it, i added a couple of languages. The new ones are shown in writing language but i cant choose them in phone language.

  51. Peti says

    This tutorial doesn’t work on all phones. I could never add languages on my K550@W610, though I tried many times.

  52. Sopasifat says

    Thanks for the input. I tried searching a bit more an stumbled upon this link:

    Furthermore i tried the tr.lng file from the r8bb001 firmware. I initially used an older file from a previous w660i firmware. It seemed to do the trick and i can now pick turkish as a phone language. I guess the main firmware was a bit too picky πŸ™‚

  53. Peti says

    I will check that out. πŸ˜‰

  54. Vince says

    Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! πŸ™‚

  55. Stanley says

    Can i add thai language to my w880i with CID 53 using the above guidelines?

  56. Akshay says

    Vince, thanks.

    sure. you should Jdflasher but, its same as far manager.

  57. Mizuki says

    how can i put japanese language on my sony ericsson z750i and what firmware suites my phone pls help me. you can email me at [email protected]. thx ill appreciate your help

  58. NWStrike says

    Will master reset delete the games/ringtones i got with my phone?

  59. helic71 says

    It is possible with LNGEditor

  60. om says

    hi akshay
    great tuts
    can tell me how can i add hindi language to k550 @ w610
    where to find hindi

  61. bhuvan says

    no way for hindi bro….

  62. inakay says

    Hi. is it possible to get my w910 to display korean characters. could not find any korean lang files in

  63. bhuvan says

    try topse!
    i am not sure about koreaan!

  64. Ashutosh says

    Now i have hi.lng and hi.t9 but not successed to add in k530i
    1. open tra/…system/language folder via farmanager and upload these files here
    2.delete allowed Languages/lng.dat file
    3. download cust pack for k530 with my phone details and add HI in customize.xml
    4. upload customize.xml in tpa\preset\custom\ (in custom folder)
    5. save disconnect farmanager and on and then master reset all
    but not successed so please tell me my mistake

  65. Ashutosh says

    Dear akshay, i successed to add other languages but not have success to add hindi with above method

  66. Akshay says

    well, i really don’t know why. this is the correct method. am sorry i don’t have hindi files, you just need hindi files from asia fs or india fs. try to see in topsony list in which fs that comes.

  67. Ashutosh says

    I extracted k310 and w200 fs-india and found hindi language files as hi.lng and hi.t9, i tried to add in k530 many time but not successed whenever i have successed to add other language files as chiness, zulu, spainish etc. If you find any other idea than please send me.

  68. bhuvan says

    u cannot add hindi to phone!its not supported

  69. Ashutosh says

    How to unpack .mbn file and return to .mbn because i want to do some exprement with it

  70. bhuvan says

    which .mbn file?
    and u mean to unpack it…and then re pack???
    and if u talking abt the main….then no way for it
    u can only extract the fs….

  71. Ananth says

    Thanks Akshay for a detailed tutorial for a newbie like me.

    I have a K550i bought in Singapore. I believe it has a APAC1 cust pack. tried to find it in the net but in vein. Do you have it?

    My simple requirement is to add German as my writing language. and if possible i want a English-German translator (not dictionary) which can translate sentences.

  72. Akshay says

    Ananth, flash phone with FS that has german language files. or follow above method.

  73. orz says

    Is it possible to do it with a s500i?
    also what files and programs do i need to enable my phone to view asian characters?

  74. bhuvan says

    get the Asian firmware
    and then do it
    well y dont u crossflash to w580??
    and yea…xs++ or jdflasher of course

  75. Deepak says

    Anybody please download Fs_india of k510 from topsony and extract using those tools and send me All the .lng and .t9 files.if u cant download but extract then mail me i will mail u the Fs.please help quick [email protected]

  76. Deepak says

    Those tools doesnt work in my box.send dont send option comes.aakshay bhai please help

  77. bambu_men says

    hy guys. i have k550@w610 with fw r8ba024. i want to add other language which is id (indonesia) but it seems don’t work. i’ve follow your instruction above – add the line of customize.xml file, delete allowed languange and lng.dat, then reset the phone. but the id languange don’t appear in my phone. solution plz… thx b4

  78. Tim says

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial I will try this tutorial later tonight and let you know if it works.. πŸ™‚

  79. Adnan says

    Dear Friend i have a Sony Ericsson w910i i want to install the chines language so please tell me who i install the chines language.reply me thanks


  80. Akshay says

    Adnan, same method but use A2uploader, that’s all.

  81. Bonzo says

    Hi. I want add chinese to se c905. Any special steps asside from tutorial? Please email me [email protected]

  82. bhuvan says

    download the language files
    or ask at our forum
    upload the files to
    tpa/preset/system/language >> language files (.t9 and .lng)
    Note on language >> add more languages .t9 and .lng (first delete all setting files put the language files, leave other .t9 and .lng files. when you restart phone new setting files will be created)

  83. bambu_men says

    i still can not add a arabic lng to my phone k550@w610. is it not supported or what..? and do i have to do master reset?? help pliss thanks.

  84. bhuvan says

    what r u doing?
    download language files
    upload them to
    tpa/preset/system/language >> language files (.t9 and .lng)
    Note on language >> add more languages .t9 and .lng (first delete all setting files put the language files, leave other .t9 and .lng files. when you restart phone new setting files will be created)

  85. guy with k850 says

    will this work on a sony ericsson t303

  86. bhuvan says

    i really dont know which platform it is
    bettr give a try by jdflasher

  87. Nori says

    Please akshayy I’ve Read And Apply Averything that You’ve sad But I’ve Loosed Extra languages not added after applying everything i have do a master reset.before i used to have deutch and english and frensh i want to add other languages like arabic chineese and russian But i’ve loose everything there is just the english and is the Cust pack or CDA important i mean the type coz i have w200i R4HA014 Red53 EUROPE_5 please answer me my E-mail Is “[email protected]

  88. bhuvan says

    just upload all the language files
    download from places
    check in fs do they exists

  89. Shikushiku says

    There aren’t any problems if I download that on my cellphone ?
    I’ve afraid to try it ! If I break my cellphone i’ll die ^^”

  90. bhuvan says

    it wont
    do the way it is given

  91. lolalolitta says

    people I need to get japanese language on my c905 but until now i couldn’t find
    any thing i’ve been googling here and there but if you can help me i’ll be thankful

  92. bhuvan says

    what have u done??
    u are commiting some mistake!

  93. lolalolitta says

    is there somthing wrong
    can youadvice me with a new sell phone that would support japanese and also got all microsoft office prgrames and adob reader >>?

    i thought about samsung HD omnia and also nokia E72

    plz advice me!! ^_^

  94. bhuvan says

    allright i can tell u a lot!!!
    but its not to be done here
    needs discussion
    jump to our forum ask there
    lot of experts are there!

  95. ssliu says

    I’m trying to add Chinese to my C905a. I followed the instructions but it’s not working, Chinese doesn’t show up in the languages menu on my phone. Is there any other way to add Chinese to my phone?

  96. Arif says

    Hallo… I’m from indonesia, I want chinese writing language in my phone G502 Rifa037
    How I can do that? What tool/software I must prepare?

  97. sain says

    I want to add malayalam language to my sony ericsson C510 mobile. where i can find the malayalam LNG file. Please help me

  98. schuin says

    THE MAIN2RAW IS NOT F*CKING WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Mohsin says

    i want to add hindi in my c905 ….plz help

  100. Ning says

    I’m really sorry for this newbie question. Since there is a list of CDAs, how to know which one is for my phone (w810i)?

  101. Srbh says

    atleast there must be some method to read hindi sms in se

  102. ajay kumar says

    dear akshay,

    accidently i have delete my original font file from my phone during customisation .

    now my phone language is english but not readable displayed by lot of spaces between every word.

    how it can be fixed please help.

    ajay kumar

  103. CokyCoky says

    Not working on my w980

  104. bhuvan says

    look at topsony forums

  105. Gareth says

    Hi Im looking to add thai language option to K550. Does anyone know where I can find files for this please?

  106. bhuvan says

    ask at our forum

  107. togrul says

    i am looking tutarials iam doing but my k800i isnt supporting flash and swf i need help

  108. togrul says

    and 2 times i changed languages after this my lighteffect little changed.i think it is dependings on from firmware.and flash themes is not opening

  109. togrul says

    and very IMPORTANT after last update i loosed the menu folder which must be here
    tpa\preset\system\menu .BUT i am looking ……\system\ and then nothing about menu folder
    what can i do pls help me

  110. bhuvan says

    u must have committed a mistake somewhere, reflash the fs again

  111. HEYTAKA says

    I have a Sony Ericsson W518a
    I want to install Japanese on my phone
    can you help me?

  112. bhuvan says

    follow this, but i dont know whether japnese is available or not! ask at out forum! πŸ™‚

  113. pakman says

    Want to add American Spanish, so extracted an AMERICA_2 fs for W580. Language files are:


    EN.LNG is English, PB.LNG must be Brasilian Portuguese, so by elimination XL.LNG must be American Spanish. How to add the languages? Should I rename XL.NLG to ES.LNG to be consistent with ES.T9? Or should I put two lines in customize.xml like this:


    Or just one of these lines (and if so, which one)?

  114. DSH says

    what do i do to put korean language in my phone vivaz?

  115. bhuvan says

    vivaz aint got support. try seus!

  116. ashish says

    hey i want to add hindi language in my w910i
    and i have hit9 and hi lng but dont know any thing further

  117. PPG says

    @ashish,Take look at this:

  118. bhuvan says

    go to forum and look at guide or pm ppg, he is master of this

  119. ashish says

    the link which is provided in that universal font download is there na it is in the .ltt format and bcoz of that when i put that file in my mobile it actomatically changes to .ltt

  120. ashish says

    and bcoz of that appears

  121. srinivas says

    i want kannada lng for my w595
    plz give …..

  122. J105i says

    can u hepl me to all arabic language to sonyericsson j105i naite πŸ™ pleas !!!

  123. leo grasselli says

    i have a c901 that got in weden.its unlocked there is a italian sim card in it but no italian T9..

  124. P.Dhanraj says

    sir, i want a j105i flashing I.C if you have please reply to me.

  125. Timi says

    Can someone help me please. I have a sony k550i and i would like to get russian on it, so I can text in russian. Does anyone know a reliable source? Thanks!

  126. ShalamSE says is russia language I don’t understand…
    please upload language for w660i

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  128. dash says

    guys help me…how to install phone lang at SE W910i

  129. dash says

    ops… email me at dasukievans@yc.. really need it

  130. Kristine Ann Guanzon says

    i have sony ericsson satio, and i want a japanese language pack. help me puh-lease.

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