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Creating our very own Splash Screen

With this method you can create the splash you like on your phone.

The splash screen is the picture that the phone displays after you enable it, by default, it is a black screen with a Sony Ericsson logo on it with the text “Sony Ericsson”. This picture can be replaced with any picture.

First you need to know how to use FAR Manager (or XS++ FSX). Then you should backup the original file with my previous tutorial.

The file we are going to modify (and the one you should make a copy of) is located on the phone’s FS at the tpa\preset\system\settings directory, it is SPLASH file (it is the name, without extension).
This file should be backed up for anything that happens…

This file is a png file renamed to have no extension (God knows why, or maybe SE does, tooXD). You can rename it to SPLASH.PNG. You can edit it then with any graphic files editor, even with MS Paint. I suggest different software, but MS Paint is better for pixel art, where you have a transparency color for example…

The file you create should have png extension and the size of 176×220 (for example on a K550i, W610i, K750i, W800i).
Once you have the file, save it and then rename it to SPLASH (with no extension). For renaming you should use an advanced file manager, like Total Commander.

Now open FAR Manager (or XS++ FSX). Navigate to tpa\preset\system\settings directory, and upload the new SPLASH file. Disconnect FAR.

That’s it, now you have your own splash.
If you don’t like it and want to restore the original but you didn’t create a backup, then use this. Also I have created a splash for 176×220 phones, like mine. You can download it here.


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