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Configuration Error Solution

Now we discuss how to fix the famous “Configuration Error : Contact your network or service provider error”

Basally you get this error if you forget to flash CDA or Customization Pack(cust pack) after flashing the FS (.fbn). To fix this now you need to flash a CDA or custpack.

Download a CDA that matches your phone’s FS region. No problem even if its for other phone it will work for your phone too if your FS and CDA region match.

Connect your phone to XS++ or See your XS++ log to find out your phone’s platform. It will either db2020 or db2010 or db2000.

You can download CDA from Se-nse Download area, you need to register before you can download.

CDA for DB2000 phones Download
CDA for DB2010 phones Download
CDA for DB2020 phones Download

Download XS++ 3.1

I hope you know how to Use XS++. Besides you get this error only if you have flashed your phones FS with XS++ or SeTool 2 lite.

  1. Extract the CDA zip or rar file. You will get a folder called tpa.
  2. Create a folder called own_custpack in XS++ dir.
  3. Copy the tpa folder with its contents into own_custpack folder
  4. Like this C:\XS++\own_custpack\tpa\
  5. Now connect your phone to XS++
  6. Check customize file system option.
  7. In phone model choose own_cusptack option as phone model.
  8. Click Flash

Alternatively you if your phone is a db2020 phone can choose your phone as k610 or w880 or k790 etc in XS++ as phone model option in customize file system option and choose the correct CDA that matches your phone’s FS and Click flash.
This time you won’t need to download CDA.

In a few minutes the files will be added to your phone FS and when done reinsert battery and start your phone.

Tip : If you don’t want SE Wap Links in your phone in File Manager you can delete all itm files from a CDA and flash it. But remember don’t delete the two XML files in a CDA.


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