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Regards !

Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

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  1. Zybermax says

    It’s me Zybermax from graphics team @ Se-lifestyle. I can’t access my account @ se-lifestyle. 🙁 Don’t know why. So I have to personally contact Peti. Can you PM me his e-mail. [I can’t even enter my account from another pc also]. Please consider my request. I haven’t any other way to contact him.

  2. rikkie says

    hellow there ,well i was searching some like who provide support to install flash menu themes to my phone.can u …

  3. Akshay says

    sure, at our forums.

  4. Hilary says

    Hi, my K800i started flashing a white screen after starting it up, and I see here on your site that it probably is a problem with the GDFS. I hadn’t backed it up. Is there any way I can fix this or is my phone a paperweight now?

  5. mark kennedy says

    hello i have got a db2020 w850i and i flashed by mistake before even backing up the GDFS when i try access games and applications it says operation failed.can plz send me a email telling me exactly what to do cause im reading here but getting a little confused. that would be great thank you

  6. Akshay says

    Hilary, just reflash your phone to know it. use XS++ or Jdlfasher, check out respective tutorials.

    Mark Kennedy.
    Don’t worry, its common problem on many phones, the operation failed thing. Now you just should reflash FS and custpack/cda. that’s all.

  7. rikkie says

    hi…can any …i want to install flash themes to my SE W610 OR W705 BY ANY COST OR WILL .totally disappointed by all my previouis doings.n dipressed n pouched such a flash themes …can some one is welllcome at …9831895645…india

  8. Himadri says

    helo ,

    I am using W 300 i and XS ++

    12:24:37| Profiling SEMC phone…

    12:24:37| Platform: DB2010

    12:24:37| OTP CID: 49

    12:24:37| EROM CID: 49

    12:24:37| EROM Color: Red

    12:24:37| IMEI: 35797701xxxxxx

    12:24:37| Phone ID: W300

    12:24:37| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    12:24:37| CDA: CDA102665/110 R2A

    12:24:37| Firmware Version: R4EA031

    12:24:37| EROM: n/a

    12:24:37| Ready for operation!

    I have done flash menus by FSX method , backed up my GDFS, Is it necessary to flash my W 300 i firmare before
    adding menu icons,walkman skins or change Font or for adding phoe open sound?????????

  9. Sooraj says

    kindly send me qamaker.exe and main firmware for k790i

    thanks in advance

  10. Akshay says

    Rikkie, its simple boy, you can do it easily, just be careful.

  11. Akshay says

    no need to flash firmware as long as your comfortable with your current one.

  12. Srikanth GR says

    Hi Akshay,
    Need a help regarding Restoring the GDFS for w810i R4EA031 DB2010 CID49
    I dont have the original backup from the phone.
    I used an another gdfs backup file for same mentioned above config.
    Started XS++ then Selected GDFS radio button and then selected the GDFS and then clicked on Write GDFS

    I have pasted logs below
    15:06:18| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…
    15:06:18| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L
    15:06:18| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    15:06:18| Activating GDFS…
    15:06:18| Cannot open GDFS
    15:06:18| Activating GDFS…
    15:06:18| Cannot open GDFS
    15:06:18| Activating GDFS…
    15:06:18| Cannot open GDFS
    15:06:18| Activating GDFS…
    15:06:18| Cannot open GDFS
    15:06:18| Activating GDFS…
    15:06:18| Cannot open GDFS
    15:06:18| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:W810 GDFS:n/a)
    15:06:18| …using IMEI name
    15:06:18| Profiling SEMC phone…
    15:06:18| Platform: DB2010
    15:06:18| OTP CID: 49
    15:06:18| EROM CID: 49
    15:06:18| EROM Color: Red
    15:06:18| IMEI: 35235001xxxxxx
    15:06:18| Phone ID: W810
    15:06:18| Region: n/a
    15:06:18| CDA: n/a n/a
    15:06:18| Firmware Version: n/a
    15:06:18| EROM: n/a
    15:06:18| Ready for operation!
    15:06:47| Sending db2010_cid49red_cs_r3a010.bin…
    15:06:49| Applet ID: 070524 1030 AN2CXC1327364_COMPACT_SEMC_CS_LOADER__R3A010
    15:06:49| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    15:06:49| Activating loader…
    15:06:49| Activating GDFS…

    It says Sending Applet CSloader in the frame. and nothing happens after this.

  13. Srikanth GR says

    It would be really helpfull If you can point me to the proper method.

    Thanks in Advance
    Srikanth GR

  14. junaid says

    i flashed my k800i but i getting the error which says that “insert coorect sim card”

    plz ttell me what to do???

  15. Daniel XU says

    Hi Akshay,
    I wonder if it is possible to develop a vkp patch for w810 (DB2010) which allows the phone automatically start recording when a phone call isestablished.
    Many thx,
    I will also post this question to our forum

  16. Hanne Sena says


    I’m the admin of, a blog specially about Sony Ericsson, would like
    to be featured in your blogroll, or in other word exchange link with your blog.

    It would be benefit to both of us. Let me know if you are interested through my email. Anyway, you got a
    great Sony Ericsson blog. See ya ^-^

    Hanne Sena

  17. Akshay says

    Srikanth GR, Uuse XS++ 2.2

  18. Akshay says

    junaid, now just unlock it.

  19. Akshay says

    Hanne Sena, I have sent you mail.

  20. taavet says

    i’m having a problem, my computer is not recognizing my phone at all.
    having any suggestions? w610i

  21. bhuvan says

    is that USB NOT RECOGNIZED???
    then clean of the port of ur phone
    then connect it back
    twist the cable a bit

  22. Ryan says

    Hey Akshay, like wat u did with the site, havent been here for a while since the USB connecter is broken on my W580 so i cant do anything to it anymore, lol, so thought i would just say hi … hi

  23. Akshay says

    hii Ryan! we just changed the site theme.

  24. bhuvan says

    well akshay is off agaiN!!!
    its me managing stuff here

  25. bhuvan says

    thats great man!
    u keep up with ur fans out here!!!
    really good!

  26. Jenny007 says

    Hello Akshayy,
    It looks like you can solve my problem.

    I encountered WSoD (white screen of death) on my SE K750i.
    There is forum which tell us solution but it’s not helpful for me.
    Im talking about >

    Can you please provide me resolution?


  27. bhuvan says

    look if erom is dead wsod should not come..and playing with erom is dangerous
    try reflashing
    connect ur phone to xs++ dont forget to install drivers for first…look in xs++ tutorial..
    then post back whole log here

  28. Yudhis says

    Can I have the mainfirm ware for k770 r8bc004 red53.
    I’ve been trying so hard to follow all the instruction on many sites to change my internet button into play button, and it seems the only way possible is to patch it. (or is there anyother way possible???).. yet setool need the mainfirmware and i don’t have it
    Please can I have it before i think it’s impossible to do anything….

  29. bhuvan says

    download frm
    or from topsony

  30. Diogo says

    hey there =) i need the following firmware: K610i R1CB001 CID49 RED GENERIC

    can u guys get it?

  31. Ridik says

    Hi my name is Ridik ,first Congratulations for the site is the best by following your vidio tutorials i was abble to flash my K530i cid53 to W660i,but now i want to put flash menus on please can you post a short tut for this please,,,,,

  32. bhuvan says

    post for once!!!!!
    get it from
    or search at
    or topsony

  33. bhuvan says

    have a look at jdflasher or xs++ guide
    its really simple!
    just connect ur phone
    open fs
    upload .swf file to
    tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash >>

    upload theme file to mem card

  34. Diogo says

    Hye again. I’ve found the firmware but it is in a .Cry file..i dun hnow how to can i convert it to mbn?

  35. bhuvan says

    .cry file???
    dont know
    get a firmware from topsony or

  36. Andrew says

    hi you have a nice page here and the video tutorials are superb
    I’m a total noob at this, so please excuse the language
    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. If wrong, please direct me.
    I have a w710i firmware R1JC002 cid was original 49. I upgraded to 52 but later when i had given it for service, the cid was changed to 53. so no more customization with xs++ .
    i was trying to apply the quick access patch.
    I got the right main file, jdflasher,anycid, etc etc.
    I was following the video tutorial and everything went fine upto step 3 where I copy the rest file and do “flash as a babe” I got some kind of an error
    and now, i can connect the phone via jdflasher. but cannot read bflash and get a timeout error.
    The phone dosen’t turn on and if I try to access the fs using FAR, the folder tpa is missing.
    what all details/ logs do I need to post and where can I find them?
    Is my phone lost?

    Thanks in advance

  37. Ridik says

    yes thanks i did that and its working fine but what about menus where to put them..???

  38. Diogo says

    well bhuvan, topsony i gotta pay, topse is russian and i havent find the one i need

  39. Kshitij says

    Hey akshay
    hi…i have read nearly all of your guides and really liked ur ideas and the way u describe the things..atlast i have a w580i and want to mod it with one ur guides u told tat i shud put main firmware on qamaker.exe and all…but my phone is already unlocked by do i need to still do tat step..and if yes plz tell me where to get proper good firmware for my phone..firmware installed is R8BE001 on my phone…!! where shud i get a firmware from…a proper one…plz send me the link at [email protected]

  40. Vishal says


    Could you please help me? could you please tell me is there any way to unlock w950i by any method on this website?


  41. bhuvan says

    dude check out which script u are using at times
    also flash the main and fs both again
    get latest jdflasher
    pst the error here

  42. bhuvan says

    ifs/settings/acoustic/ >> Acoustics file
    ifs/settings/camera/ >> Camera driver
    ifs/settings/display/ >> Display driver

    tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash >> flash menus

    tpa/system/layout/ >> layout.xml
    tpa/system/mutlitmedia/mp/skin >> Walkman 2 skins
    tpa/system/preset/multimedia/pe >> frames , clipart etc
    tpa/system/preset/multimedia/av >> visualizations

    tpa/user >> stock pics and themes…

    tpa/preset/system/settings >> startup and shutdown screens !
    tpa/preset/system/sound >> all sound files
    tpa/preset/system/menu >> the famous
    tpa/preset/system/fonts >> fonts !

    tpa/preset/system/language >> language files (.t9 and .lng)
    Note on language >> add more languages .t9 and .lng

  43. bhuvan says

    translate using google translator
    then get it from topse
    topsony people are now asking for money!
    thats bad!!!!

  44. bhuvan says

    ur firmware version is best!
    still wanna download firmware
    get from topse
    qamaker is part of patching

  45. Vishal says

    hi bhuvan,

    you didnt reply to my query…
    could you please help me out?


  46. bhuvan says


  47. Diogo says

    i got a fbn. file..ths SIM-lock doesnt accept it..what shoul i do?

  48. bhuvan says


    discuss at our support forum

  49. Vishal says

    Hi Bhuvan,

    This was my query:

    Could you please help me? could you please tell me is there any way to unlock w950i by any method on this website?


  50. bhuvan says

    ur phone is db2000
    n i really dont know that jdflasher really supports patching for ur phone or not!!!
    u can debrand it but now unlock untill patching aint supported
    better jump onto out support forum!
    ask people there
    ull definitely get right answer

  51. ridik says

    thank you..

  52. rgodfan says

    i jave j100i … how to backup GDFS as it doesnt seem to work with XS++ also i’ve tried pressing 2 and 5 keypad simultaneously … as c key is also the power button.. i can be reached at rgodfan at

  53. pankaj says

    bro actually i hav messed up every thing… i upgraded my firmware to C902_R3EA038_MAIN_GENERIC_AS_RED52.mbn and after the completion there is no sound,camera is not working… music player is not working.. what to do.. plss help me..

    i used a2uploader…
    here is the identification

    ChipID:C900,EMP protocol:0401

    FLASH CID: 0052
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:52 PAF:1 IMEI:35714902744763 CERT:RED

    MAPP CXC article: R3CA038 prg12041731_GENERIC_AO
    MAPP CXC version: R3CA038
    Language Package:S-ASIA-LEVAN
    CDA article: 1208-6217
    CDA version: R1A
    Default article: 1204-8246
    Default version: R3CA038

    Operator: 000-00

    Elapsed:16 secs.

    i reverted back to R3CA038 but i want the latest upgrade.. plss help

  54. Jinz says

    hey…!! listen..i did nt make a backup of my phone’s GDFS n nw its showing me the white screen of death…and as it says when i wz checking out how to restore my phone that i hve to contact here i am…PLz need help…reply soon……..cheers

  55. bhuvan says

    post for once
    update via seus

  56. bhuvan says

    tried reflashing?
    its like the basic step
    nothing is helping thn come back

  57. Agustin says

    I would really like to say THANKS. I have had so much fun changing firmware to my k550 with your tutos. Now i have a walkman and best of all the joy of doing it! following your instructions was easy. You can tell this is the real deal

    Thanks for the grat job!

  58. soni says

    hi akshayy i have sony w7ooi mobile. with witch software i can easily increase the inbox capacity change the menu, walkman skin, whitelist to blacklist, increase and more clear the volume, increase the cam quality.
    will u plz explain me with video tut step by step.

  59. bhuvan says

    the answer is simple flashing
    its all here
    read xs++ guide
    learn it
    wanna ask a lot something related to guides ask here
    got a lot jump to our forum

  60. karan says

    hey guys pls help me whenever i connect my phone with computer through usb cable .it connects then i select mass strorage then phone charges evry things operate but nothing comes on screen all the files of mem card and phone mem not comes on screen pls help me im unable 2 transfer any files pls reply the sol in my email id [email protected]
    thanks in advvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

  61. Diogo says

    could someone plz help me?! -.-‘ i got a fbn. file .. i need a MBN., can i convert it?

  62. bhuvan says

    done use front usb ports
    use the ones which are at back
    is pc detecting ur phone?

  63. bhuvan says

    mbn for main and fbn for fs
    both of them are totally diffrent

  64. karthik says

    r there any eleves pack for w910i plz if there

  65. bhuvan says

    like i said no elves for a2 phones!
    w910 as a2 phone

  66. Diogo says

    hmm bhuvan, but i dont find the firmware for unlocking to the one i need.

  67. bhuvan says

    download from topsony or

  68. Jit says


    how do i unlock Sony Ericsson W580i ?

    btws i got vodaphone version

    thank u

  69. bhuvan says

    luk in db2020 unlocking guide

  70. arun says

    i need the
    Main firmware for my phone W700i

    pls give me soon…

  71. bhuvan says

    use google translator

  72. partho says

    i hav a z530i can i flash it??if yes den m confused whether i sud flash both main and fs or only main coz in text instruc. it has been told to flash main not the fs……but in video it told to flash both(it also told dat its recomended) or else i wud get a configuration error……plz help me out guys……………

  73. abhinav says

    hi akshay
    pls tell me about flashing of K550i bf JDflasher.what is far manager ?hoe to start it ?i cant understand whatever is written in the tutorial.pls help me i m really got frustrated by this hanging problem of my K550i.this is abhinav for u.pls help me out as soon as possible

  74. bhuvan says

    u get configuration error when u do not upload cda pack!
    if u flash only main there is no need of uploading cda cuz its uploaded in fs!
    why are u flashing?

  75. bhuvan says

    look in flashing guide
    do the way it is given
    far is console in which u run jdflahser[just da flasher]
    reflashing is simple

  76. James says

    is it possible to add the walkman player to my g705 without crossflashing it to w705 or w715… if it is possible how?

  77. partho says

    thanx bhuvan…….plz help me out in dis also……………..
    can i change-
    fonts,media player layout,use .swf files,flash menus or vkp files????
    thanx ………….

  78. bhuvan says


  79. bhuvan says

    can u plz tell me ur phone;s detail again?
    i have to deal with so many guyz a day so i hope u understand
    fonts,layout can be changed on every flashable phone
    .swf on every walkman phone and few k series phones
    vkp depends if patching is supported
    tell me ur phone’s details

  80. partho says


  81. datobai says

    hay guys, plz help me, i hva strange problem, sudennly i couldnot open games folder, n applications folder too, also i cant install new game or something, there is only one error ” Operation Faild” what can i do?

  82. bhuvan says


  83. bhuvan says

    flash themes are not supported
    patching is there
    else is same as i mentioned

  84. godfather1023 says

    Hi bhuvan,

    I need the main firmware for my Z710i, it is R1EF001 although I dont know the CID/RED, im assuming it is 49?
    If you could please help me it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks from Canada!

  85. bhuvan says

    connect ur phone to xs++ and make sure which erom u got
    now download firmware from
    use google translator

  86. godfather1023 says

    thank you!

  87. godfather1023 says


    The guides on this website are excellent. I am looking for other websites so I can unlock blackberries, nokia, samsung, lg, etc. Can you reccomend me some websites to get started? I am a student with no experience lol.

    Thanks so much!

  88. bhuvan says

    i really dont know!
    we all are here into se only!

  89. Dinesh says

    Hey buddy, I need some links for the c510 flash menus……..

    Hoping for your response

  90. Chris says

    Hello, i have a C905, it’s been a pig in the past. Now it’s displaying ‘No network coverage’ i’m 95% certain this is a firmware issue, but 5% uncertain as to wether it’s a sim dock problem, i’ve had a little experience in flashin p2k, motorola, so i’m going to read your tutorials for more, i was wondering if you could confirm my thoughts and offer advice as appropriate, thank you for your time in replying

  91. bhuvan says

    i can just say try reflashing whole..fs and main and also cda!
    or simple update via seus

  92. jamsheed says

    hi akshayy. i have a k610i and i’ve flashed it before to a k610i but now when i try to connect it to xs++, it doesn’t connect. i turn off the phone, take out the battery, replace it, and connect by pressing the c button. i wait for so long and the xs++ says “error. cannot open the communication port” why is this? plz help any1.

  93. jamsheed says

    also when oi connect to sony ericsson pc suite it works fine. but not to xs++.
    plz get bak to me soon sum1.

  94. bhuvan says

    clean the port!
    also post the whole log
    so that i can figure out more

  95. jamsheed says

    i tried flashing my k610i to w660i. the flashing was successful but when i turned on the phone, the whole screen was in inverted colours. and the phone kept on gettin frozen.

  96. bhuvan says

    reflash with some other firmware
    i guess ur firmware is corrupt

  97. Nivas says

    w580i why problem pls help me

  98. Ryan Isra says

    Hi, would you like to exchange link to my blog ? 😀

  99. bhuvan says

    Ryan Isra
    contact akshay
    or all ask him too!
    give me ur blog’s add

  100. Fizz Kid says

    hey man, my phone when turning on keeps blinking white before it went black first den white after flashing generic frimware cid49 keep blinkin for a while n denstays white help??

  101. Fizz Kid says

    its k510i

  102. Em says

    I have a Sony Ericsson w995 that I bought from Germany (I am using it in Canada). It was fine for the past 2 months or so but all of a sudden it started acting weird. When I connected the USB cable to transfer files it wouldn’t detect the phone like it used to, and instead the ‘install new hardware’ screen kept popping up. A few days later, the phone turned off because of low battery, and when I tried to charge it, it wouldn’t charge. When I hold the power button it turns on for a few seconds and a screen appears saying I can’t charge the battery and to insert a Sony Ericsson battery. When I hold the power button again it asks if I want to go to normal mode or flight mode. When i go to normal mode it says “insert correct sim”.
    I haven’t dropped it recently and there is no water damage..Also, I haven’t changed the battery or the SIM card as the phone is basically brand new. Is it possible that the phone reset itself to the factory settings?
    Anyway, I really really need to get this fixed so if you know how – please let me know,

  103. Ava says

    Hello guys,
    I got a white screen during a patching attempt and now the phone won’t start.
    I don’t have a GDFS back-up 🙁
    Is there anything I can do?

  104. kornywho says

    the shutter sounds in my w980 isn’t do i get it to work?

  105. Faizan Khan says

    i got a vodafone k800 from uk
    updated it from sony erricsson site
    now it says ” insert correct sim card”

    i’ve researcherd a lot but cant fina a cure
    XS++ does not support cuz now its a CID 53
    and jdflasher is too complicated….

    can u tell me what to do???

  106. CL says


    Are there any firmware / patches / application that can be to flash or intall into the W890i to enable the following features

    1) How to enable Accelerometer feature on W890i. Is it a hardware build-in component? Any unofficial firmware available?
    2) Are there any voice changing application compatible for W890i platform
    3) Are there any Location Finder application that can determine one’s location without using built-in/external GPS component or using mobile data charges?

  107. gee says

    hi..i use K770i..
    1st ..after i flashing my hp. diz msg appear “pls insert correct sim card”
    2nd .. i load incorrect phone dead now.. i have a true backup.. how to reload back due i can connect my hp using XS or far manager…

  108. bhuvan says

    was it branded??
    clean the battery conducting ports!
    also if nothing helps
    reflash it

  109. bhuvan says

    which phone u have?

  110. bhuvan says

    reflash fs

  111. bhuvan says

    Faizan Khan
    use jdflasher!

  112. bhuvan says

    1 it is hardware dependent
    2 like what?
    3 sorry man but no!

  113. bhuvan says

    it is serious matter
    discuss at our forum!

  114. gee says

    what forum in what topic? i dont know.. pls help me..
    i cannot connect to XS..when i connect only diz happen

    35| Attempting to open the interface…
    22:18:35| TURN OFF PHONE!
    22:18:35| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    22:18:35| You have 30 seconds…
    22:18:39| Baseband ID: 9900
    22:18:39| Protocol Version: 3.1

    .. stop right here..
    wat should i do? even far manager with SEFS and jdflasher also cannot connect..
    far manager only can connect for tpa system…

    for the 1st prob = “please insert sim card” ..i think i bcoz phone still locked..

    help me…
    any solution or other software for upload back my original gdfs…
    i already try far manger, XS and Setool.. still can’t..

  115. jamsheed says

    how do i get light effects n my k610i which i flashed to w660i?

  116. jamsheed says

    my radio doesn’t work

  117. shri says

    hey dear akshay….i have taken new phone sony ericsson G502
    i want to change its font and i want to add vibration effect….
    also i want to erase my operator logo also…
    i am not knowing about which tools are requierd for flash my phone…
    can you please give me list of the tools i require with their links so that i can download??
    also tell me that is there is a difference between firmware of G502 and other SE phones??
    i have heard that G502 does not supports so much flashing…
    please help me…
    thanking u….

  118. bhuvan says

    this is our support forum
    ask there!

  119. bhuvan says

    no g502 supports nice amount of flashing!
    for operator logo and stuff i cant help u out here!
    ask me if u dont get something in guides!
    look at a2 uploader guide
    only a2 uploader is all u need!
    uploading layout through a2 uploader and fonts too to fs will get u what u want!

  120. KonArtist says

    Is it possible to remove the Operator Logo from main screen on a SE W900i ?
    I’m pretty sure it’s CID49, DB2000.


  121. bhuvan says

    by changing the layout[or by editing it]
    needs discussion!!!
    jump to our forum and just ask there!!!
    ull get the ans

  122. KonArtist says

    Thanks for the answer.
    I’ve been looking around, but I could just find instructions on how to do that for the A200 phones and DB2010 and later phones.

  123. dennis says

    Can u please send me a decent mainfrmwre and fs, coz when i did flashed my phone, my camera button stopd functioning, i guess i download a crap mf and fs. . . Plse send me one
    [email protected]

    Erom cid 52 red
    Cda102568/101 r8a
    R8ba024 apac

    Ill w8. . .thanku

  124. bhuvan says

    look at
    or topsony
    at the end of filename it should be 52 cuz ur erom is cid52!!!!

  125. mbatiri says

    I downloaded custpack for my k810 cid53 mobile which is in .BIN format. How can I flash it in my mobile with far manager?
    Which parameters are important to choose custpack in relation with main and FS and CDA?

  126. keerthi s says

    hey i hv a w200i.i’m in bangalore.wen i try to connect it using setool2lite,ity says restoration file not present.please perform full flashing.wht to do?if i need a main and firmware file,can u plz get it?my model is w200i r4ja011 cid52 db2010.plz help me.i found a lot of firmware n main files in i dunno which to use.

  127. keerthi s says

    my antivirus deletes setool2lite,qamaker n jdflasher as viruses.wht to do?i’m usin eset smart security.

  128. bhuvan says

    .bin format???
    it should be some .xip or.rar archive!!!!
    contains many files
    download it from
    also u just have to copy those file to

  129. bhuvan says

    keerthi s
    look at jdflasher guide!
    use that
    much simple and powerful
    dont use seus any time!
    use fs acc to ur region
    and main which suites ur present firmware or get latest one!

  130. bhuvan says

    keerthi s
    these softwares are made by hackers!
    so ur antivirus me detect them like this
    add these softwares to trusted list!
    or disable ur anitvirus

  131. nivas says

    w580i Maybe the ‘tap’ on the table will also help.. It’s strange that such a new device would have a motor like this go – those motors last a long time…

  132. bhuvan says

    whats that?

  133. steve says

    i followed your tutorial and now my phone is bricked, no flashing lights and setool2lt or xs++ wont recognize it. Its a w610. What do i do next.

  134. bhuvan says

    what were u doing???
    and is red light blinking?

  135. Tom says

    does anyone have an original att branded main and fs firmware??

  136. pradyoth says

    hello akshay …my k550i got disconnected accidently while updating software using sues….now its not connecting to any softwares like sues ,xs++ ,setool…and the phone is not turning on…the red light is not blinking…please help me…

  137. bhuvan says

    google it or demand at our forum or

  138. bhuvan says

    when u connect it pressing ‘c’ key what happens?pc prompts something?

  139. anvesh says

    my z750a at&t sony ericsson phone gdfs file was corrupted ,i did’nt backup gdfs in past please help me

    thanks in advance

  140. kumar says

    I have a Sony Ericsson t303 (Vodafone branded). I want to flash it or update the firmware (Sony Ericsson software update does not detect the phone, may be bacause of vodafone branding). Can you suggest a solution.

  141. Akshay says

    its got nothing to do with branding. just install usb drivers.

  142. kumar says

    Thanks akshay..Its connecting to SEUS .Can you please tell me how to remove vodafone firmware from the phone (debranding).

  143. senthil says

    Hai akshay:-) how to install tamil fonts support for w610?

  144. angga says

    i have K618
    i try to flashing my phone,I have followed its guidance but after finishing I flashing my phone with w610 flash firmware ,my screen phone be white and cannot be run?
    in fact?can my phone use the flashing sony errccson walkman?please help me cause my phone cannot be run

  145. Mohitesh says

    Hi akshay
    I hav a s500i n facing problems in installing flash menu themes using jdflasher…
    I saw ur video tutorial also bt still m stuck…

  146. Nagaraj says

    Hi …….I have a K790i …can i know how to remove the Fs and Main file system and the install it again in using Far manager….i am able to install the Main file where as a occur is appearing as i tried to copy FS file…….Please Help

  147. Nagaraj says

    When i open XS++ it says my IMEI is K790 wheras my GDFS in K700 what to do

  148. Nagaraj says

    Hi akshay..i have just forgot to take backup of my phone and as a result white screen of death is appearing as i start my phone…….Need help…!!!!!!!!

  149. Akshay says

    Nagraj, calmdown and just reflash main+fs+cda.

  150. Nagaraj says

    I am getting confused with the regional codes of Main and FS ..and can u tell me where can i get the CDA file

  151. akhil says

    Hi Akshay..i have K660i with software EROM- 1200-4341 SEMCBOOT R6A013 …

    please guide me how to unlock it.. only 3 mobile is working i want to use it on other network..

  152. k610i guy says

    hey akshayy i have a k610i and its completely dead. i dont have a backup of its gdfs and the problem is i accidently used the wrong backup gdfs on phone. here a log of what its like now:
    Welcome to SEtool2 ( LITE edition ) v 1.10
    supported DB2010/DB2012 CID49/50/51/52, DB2020 CID49/51/52
    Loaded 51 flash descriptors

    if you like LITE edition – please visit and buy FULL.

    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:49 PAF:1 IMEI:35170901787868 CERT:N/A
    LDR:061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
    Flash ID check:897E
    Flash props sent ok
    CSloader version:
    070410 1557 HANCXC1250562_DB2020_CSLOADER_R3A009
    loader startup: executed
    loader GDFS startup: executed
    smth wrong with usercode reset,error is: 1
    Elapsed:53 secs.
    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    Flash ID check:897E
    Flash props sent ok
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:49 PAF:1 IMEI:35170901787868 CERT:N/A
    IMEI MISMATCH ! GDFS IMEI:35381301703955

    MAPP CXC article: R1JC002 prgCXC1250374_GENERIC_TH
    MAPP CXC version: R1JC002
    Language Package:S_ASIA_LEVAN
    CDA article: CDA102497/89
    CDA version: R21A
    Default article: cxc1250376
    Default version: R1JC002

    Network LOCKED
    Operator: MULTIPLE

    Elapsed:14 secs.
    if you have any solutions please contact me.


  153. Spyker says

    What is the meaning of “flashing” related to sony ericsson phones?I have a Sony Ericsson W705 phone,so would I be able to update my firmware to the latest,even though it is not available with SEUS.

    Thank you,

  154. partha says

    hello………i hav z530i ……….i applied .vkp patches to it and it died but there r many patches 4 my phone but every time i apply sometin new it died den i had 2 flash my phone…….wats d way out cud i b able to patch my phone widout killin it………………….thanx

  155. Abhishek says

    I’m Abhishek. I own a SE K530i.
    I wanted to flash it but it is “EROM CID: 53” and not supported by “xs++”.
    Then I tried flashing through “Far Manger”, but it contained virus and my antivirus deleted the file (Nortan 2010).
    And to check my firmware I downloaded “Babeck”, but it also contained a virus.
    I have “xs++ 3.0”, and it did not supported my K 530i with CID:53.
    I came to know about “xs++ 4.0” which supports ‘CID: 53’, but its available for Linux only, and I have Vista Ultimate 32bit.

    Please Please help me.
    I’m very eager to get my K530i flashed.
    Reply me soon.

  156. Akshay says

    user jdflasher for cid53

  157. Akshay says

    if not avail vai SEUS, try to find firmware and falsh manually using a2uploader 🙂

  158. Disco says

    Hi, I was directed to your site by someone telling me I can flash my O2 W995 here (in order to use GPS software, eg GoogleMaps). I don’t see W995 in your list though. Can I use your method for this phone?

  159. hang@K550 r6bc002 cid53 says

    i need the k550 CDA102568/108 r6bc002 red53 for fs china red53,
    and also the w610 CDA102568/7 r8ba024 red53 for fs c asia red53
    icant find any through web, pls make it for me.
    any chinese language + input pack for w610 r6?
    the download websites for firmwares are not readable

  160. Ashish says

    Hello Akshay, its me Ashish from (CID 53) …. remember??
    i need little help from you…. i flashed up my friend phone K550i to W610 . there is little error came after flashing….. error is SIM CARD not found or “Please Insert SIM Card” something like that…. & said “Please Contact your Network operator”
    what this problem?? what i have to do if this problem happend ???
    Thank You 🙂

  161. Shannon says


    I have a W350a. Its locked with AT&T. I have the unlock code but I came across on a site that I have to enter the code in “UNLOCK (NET) 5” and enter the NCK. But I cant seem to find it. Please could you help out?

  162. Shannon says

    Hey Akshay,

    I have a W350a but it is simlocked. I have the code but have no idea how to use it, I’d appreciate some help in this matter.

    If i try flashing ot vud it work? Its EROM is R4A017. What would u recommend?

  163. Akshay says

    shannon, sorry, no idea where to enter that code.

  164. Mike says

    after flashing my K550i it said please insert correct SIM….. or talk to ur Service Provider…. wt should i do now?????

  165. shiva says

    hi akshayy,

    I could not find a tutorial for se t715 and what platform it is using, could you please help.

  166. Faisal says

    How could i use flash images as wallpaper on my W810i? plz plz tell me.

  167. satish says

    Hi there, I have a W200i SE & one day my stopped working, it just hung ( froze ). I cdn’t do anything except to remove the battery out & try to restart the phone. After removing the battery & reinserting the battery my phone wont start. Can you please help me to get my phone working as i have a lot of contact & need the phone working badly.. Plz help..

  168. Pokey says

    Hey Akshay! I have a w660i
    And was like studying.. and put it on the side. I picked it up to check it but then the screen was acting up like….. lines would appear etc like when the menu opened I could not see the icon and like my Background picture would be messed up one second and then it would get fixed and then again messed up. Tell me what to do please!

  169. Chakresh says

    hi, i flashed my phn k790i but from than i’m facing a prob now. photo buttons above the screen are not wrking as this the prob of the f/w or customize.xml is not correct?? phn is taking too much time to save the image,around 15-18 sec.
    is it due to upgrade to CID: 52 from CID: 49????

  170. Andy84 says

    my firmware doesnt seem to exist, its the orange wi,red/cid49,r1cb001, prgcxc1250212. whenever i find a file to dl it wont run in qamaker.exe or sim lock patch gen….???? iv tried tons of sites but no luck…..

  171. abhijith says

    hey phone firmware has crashed keeps turnin off and on for every 2 secs..i badly need to backup the contacts and text messages if i want to reflash the phone..prob is that using mpe it needs the phone to be in phone mode and not in file transfer…but in phone mode it keeps turnin off and on again and hence never connects..please suggest a way to backup my text messages using file transfer..PLS HELP ME!!!

  172. Pranay says

    hey akshay i have k790
    i want to add walkman 2.0 player to my phone which way is easier pls tell me. The original media player sucks as u cannot play from the playlist. So pls tell me how to add it plss. you site rocks .thank u

  173. Alan says

    hey akshay. i have forgot my passcode for my phone and have been unable to access it. it is a flashed k550i into w610i . its a db2020. how can i find out my passcode thanks. or just access my phone

  174. Chopper says

    I Have sony ericsson w610i about 2 years and before one week it started stucking and i had to put of the battery and making reboot to be unstucked.I tried to update it with se update service but it stucked in the middle of the update and after that it doesn’t oppens.Only a red light blinks.I checked the battery but it is ok.So as i searhed i found out that the problem is the erom or gdfs.I am trying to repair it with flashing programms,but nothing.How i can revive it?



    IDENTIFY w610i.png”>
    UNLOCK/REPAIR w610ii.png”>


    OFLASH ERROR…sheroflash.png

    OFS ERROR…severerror.png

    Se King



    It appears as Z520,but it is W610i!!!


    FLASH AFTER IDENTIFY…ashingmode.png

  175. $.~Ak$hAy~.$ says

    Hey Ak$hAyy!!
    i have a sony ericsson k530i..which i flashed into a w660i .. and now i dunt knw why..but but when i try to start my walkman player or camera..the phone freezes..and then i hav to remove the battry..reinsert it and then use the phone!! 🙁
    Nor am i able to play any sounds…when i try again hangs !! but when i get a phone call..a message .. or an alarm..then it rings flawlessly..doesnt hang !! i tried reflashing it a couple of times too…but its still giving the same problem…i removed the memory card.. formatted it..then without putting it in flashed it but still nothing happned ! 🙁
    tHAnks in advance.. !

  176. ViK says

    Hi every1,,i have where i can have the flash theme…i’ve tried but never done well..the menu couldnt work as well…can u help me with this?? ^^

  177. Rohan says


    Can we patch SE Hazel to increase its sound?
    I`m planning to buy a Hazel which has a very low external speaker sound.

  178. Rahul says

    hii Akshay
    help me plese buddy…
    i was in big trouble…. im using a K550 phone…. i converted in w610 last year…. but nowdays it was nt working fine…so i reflash it…. but bymistake i install k810 firmware… & its was not working now… sound & network gone……….. just radio type sound coming from my phone………..
    i flash it again…. but still not working…. wt i have to do…….. pls help me asap

  179. bhuvan says

    thats not good, reflashed both main and fs?
    if yes then discuss it at our forum!

  180. nitin says

    dear bhuvan n Akshay, plz help me !!
    I have a se k790i..
    I want to change the font..i tried xs++ but failed to acess the FS coz it says.,fsx not supported
    even i tried making files_to_upload folder..even this didnt work(i request u to kindly explain this method)

    When i use far manager…i get a folder FS but…its blank.

    Please tell me any way by which i can change my font.
    Thank you.

  181. bhuvan says

    post the log here
    xs++ log

  182. nitin says

    bhuvan..heres the log

    12:13:38| TURN OFF PHONE!

    12:13:38| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    12:13:38| You have 30 seconds…


    12:13:39| Baseband ID: 9900

    12:13:39| Protocol Version: 3.1

    12:13:40| Phone name detected!


    12:13:40| Profiling SEMC phone…

    12:13:40| Platform: DB2020

    12:13:40| OTP CID: 51

    12:13:40| EROM CID: 53

    12:13:40| EROM Color: Red

    12:13:40| IMEI: 35220601xxxxxx

    12:13:40| Phone ID: K790

    12:13:40| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    12:13:40| CDA: CDA102568/110 R8A

    12:13:40| Firmware Version: R8BF003

    12:13:40| EROM: R3A016

    12:13:40| Ready for operation!

    12:15:43| After making any changes with FSX

    12:15:43| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button

    12:16:00| After making any changes with FSX

    12:16:00| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button

    12:16:02| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    12:16:02| Error: FSX failed.

    12:16:02| FSX Shutdown!

    12:16:04| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    i think its CID53…?? Now wat shud i do??.

  183. nitin says

    i hav downloaded..the OMNIUS SERVER ..
    I heard that..its possible to change the CID53 to CID52..

    is it true??

  184. bhuvan says

    yeah, its cid53, n that sucks!!!!
    look at my erom repairing guide, latest one, it will help u downgrading erom

  185. nitin says

    .but my EROM o.k..!!
    will it be safe to migrate to CID52..even if EROM…is functional..

    & then will i able to connect it thru FSX in XS++ ??

    & will this omnius repairer ..require internet connection??
    thank u

  186. bhuvan says

    yeah that will require active internet connection!
    secondly, there is no risk in downgrading even if ur erom is perfectly working fine
    i myself tested that on w580!
    works great

  187. eric says

    Hi Akshayy, i read this post on your GDFS section:
    ” In case you have not made a backup of gdfs then there is no way to fix the phone , In such a case Contact Me”, so here i am!
    I have a K610i which is dead because i wrote the wrong GDFs backup to it when it was dead, and i dont have the original GDFS backup anymore. if i check it with xs++, it says “imei mismatch”. i’ve been searching for a solution for ages, and i’ve come to you in hope that you will know what to do. your my last resort!!

    thanx in advance,


  188. bhuvan says

    dude ask at our forum

  189. faiz says

    sir i using k310i and want convert to w200i,
    may be when i flash it, i do wrong step or etc,
    so my gdfs damage..
    so how can i solve it?

    Action journal
    03:27:31 Identify
    03:27:31 Shows detailed information about the connected phone.
    03:27:31 Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (build 7600), 32-bit
    03:27:31 Application version: 0.07.2279 (beta)
    03:27:31 . The action name is ‘Identification’
    03:27:31 Selected phone type: K310
    03:27:31 Selected connection method: USB EROM
    03:27:31 i Instructions
    03:27:31 i 1. Make sure the phone battery is charged to at least 50%.
    03:27:31 i 2. Switch off the phone!
    03:27:31 i 3. Remove the phone battery and wait at least 5 seconds before reinserting it!
    03:27:31 i 4. Press and hold the button C, then connect the cable to the phone!
    03:27:31 . The action started waiting for the user
    03:27:39 . The action finished waiting for the user
    03:27:39 Connecting via Generic EMP USB Flash Device (USB2)…
    03:27:39 Device driver version:
    03:27:39 Entering baseband CPU service mode…
    03:27:39 Detected chipset: DB2010 ‘8040
    03:27:39 Boot mode: EROM
    03:27:40 Sending loader…
    03:27:40 Flash chip manufacturer: Intel®
    03:27:40 Flash chip ID: 897E
    03:27:40 IMEI: 35331501489890
    03:27:40 OTP CID: 49
    03:27:40 OTP area status: Locked
    03:27:40 Product type: Retail
    03:27:40 Effective CID: 49
    03:27:40 Effective color: Red
    03:27:40 Initializing GDFS access…
    03:27:40 e Error: GDFS configuration not found.
    03:27:40 Turning off the phone…
    03:27:40 i Please disconnect battery and cable from the phone!
    03:27:40 s Successfully done.
    03:27:41 . The action entered shutdown phase
    03:27:41 . The action reported success

    Additional details

    62 39 E2 0C 93 0F 05 18 77 5C 99 FC EB 96 13 60
    E1 66 51 51 13 5E 2B 26 39 1F 97 0C 3B DA 4B B7
    C1 86 2F EC 9D E0 5B C8 E9 76 63 8B 1E 58


    help me sir………….

  190. bhuvan says

    use jdflasher

  191. shail says

    hi Akshay, i m shail from New delhi, my SE k530i says ” another aplication running close……. : when I switch to Camera , how to get rid of it ? plz help


  192. shail says

    hi Bhuvan, i asked ab my SE K530i, another aplication running….. how to get rid of it ?? plz help

  193. bhuvan says

    reflash ur fs
    look for jdflasher guide
    or use seus

  194. prasad says

    hey plssss suggest me what to do….m havin SE w810 phone…when i switch on da phone it gives message as INSERT SIM ….what to do den?plss suggest…

  195. Sourish says

    HElp i tried writing a patch file but it didnt work…after that my w810i didnt start/charge at red lights nothing…during XS++

    10:06:20| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    10:06:20| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    10:06:27| Attempting to open the interface…
    10:06:27| TURN OFF PHONE!
    10:06:27| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    10:06:27| You have 30 seconds…
    10:06:32| Baseband ID: 8040
    10:06:32| Protocol Version: 3.1
    10:06:32| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…
    10:06:32| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L
    10:06:32| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    10:06:32| Activating GDFS…
    10:06:32| Cannot open GDFS
    10:06:32| Activating GDFS…
    10:06:32| Cannot open GDFS
    10:06:32| Activating GDFS…
    10:06:32| Cannot open GDFS
    10:06:32| Activating GDFS…
    10:06:32| Cannot open GDFS
    10:06:32| Activating GDFS…
    10:06:32| Cannot open GDFS
    10:06:32| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:W810 GDFS:n/a)
    10:06:32| …using IMEI name
    10:06:32| Profiling SEMC phone…
    10:06:32| Platform: DB2010
    10:06:32| OTP CID: 49
    10:06:32| EROM CID: 49
    10:06:32| EROM Color: Red
    10:06:32| IMEI: 35657401xxxxxx
    10:06:32| Phone ID: W810
    10:06:32| Region: n/a
    10:06:32| CDA: n/a n/a
    10:06:32| Firmware Version: n/a
    10:06:32| EROM: n/a
    10:06:32| Ready for operation!
    10:07:03| Sending db2010_cid49red_cs_r3a010.bin…
    10:07:05| Applet ID: 070524 1030 AN2CXC1327364_COMPACT_SEMC_CS_LOADER__R3A010
    10:07:05| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    10:07:05| Activating loader…
    10:07:05| Activating GDFS…
    i tried restoring GDFS as i have a backup of my tjis phone only but not working please help

  196. antonio says

    hi, very cool your site man,
    i have a SE w906i and I want to know
    how can I put flash themes on my mobile phone ?
    is there any tutorial ?

  197. bhuvan says

    ur phone is locked??
    if not then try other sim

  198. bhuvan says

    patch needs to be firmware compatible!
    and dont play with gdfs just like that!
    reflash main
    that will solve it

  199. bhuvan says

    w906 or w960??
    i dont know anything about w906 but yea i know w960 but its not flashable!!! sorry

  200. avi says

    can not open gdfs and i have never backed up my phone

  201. avi says

    help me please

  202. atul says

    hi can u plz help me mod w395…i am really in need of help…

  203. bhuvan says

    cannot open?? what r u trying to do?any problem u r facing in ur phone?

  204. bhuvan says

    sorry but w395 cannot be modded! its platform from sagem which cannot be modified

  205. Alfin says

    There are 5 writing languages before flashing. And after flashing, one of them was lost (japan). The question, can i add more writing languages or restoring the lost one…?

  206. avi says

    i patched my mobile with setool lite and my mobile not starting
    Need a help regarding Restoring the GDFS for w810i R4EA031 DB2010 CID49
    I dont have the original backup from the phone.
    please sir mail me or sms with this number 8871273540

  207. bhuvan says

    yes, check out language guide and u flashed with different firmware thats why this happened

  208. bhuvan says

    u dont have to play with gdfs just like that, reflash the main

  209. avi says

    thank u very much
    its worked but my phone say configuration error
    and how to remove patches
    this is log of recent season
    ChipID:8040,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:49
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:49 PAF:1 IMEI:35657401742552 CERT:RED
    PATCH:061204 1529 HAN_DB2010_MEM_PATCHER_R2A007_CXC9876543210 0
    LDR:060718 0842 LIE_DB2010_FLASHLOADER_R2A003_CXC1326738
    Flash ID check:897E
    Flash props sent ok


    Trying to launch embedded bootloader…
    Flash ID check:897E
    Flash props sent ok
    FOUND: R4EA031_CXC1250316_GENERIC_HN
    Restore from:R4EA031_CXC1250316_GENERIC_HN
    CSloader version:
    loader startup: executed
    loader filesystem startup: executed
    loader GDFS startup: executed
    Flashing upgrade archive:F:\USBFlashDriver\W810_R4DB005_FS_C_ASIA_RED49.fbn
    File archive consist of 5125 blocks.

  210. bhuvan says

    configuration error means u have to upload cda pack to ur phone, get one from

  211. AVI says


  212. bhuvan says

    flashing not working?
    how? what were u doing?

  213. AVI says


  214. bhuvan says

    post ur whole query in detail again! full details

  215. chandu says

    can you help me copy fs data of my se naite to pc?it is db3200 cid53 red fw:r1ha035

  216. Akshay says

    Hey !! i need some help regarding my sony ericsson k530i !
    i had flashd it to w660i .. but then suddenly its camera and walkman stopped working .. whenever i pressed the camera key or the walkman key .. it got freezed there .. i had to remove the battery and restart the phone then !
    i then sumhw searched for k520i firmware again and re-flashed it ! now the music player is working .. but camera still hangs !! please help me out soon .. tell me what to do !! 🙁

  217. Akshay says

    hEy !! i have a k530i .. i flashd it into w660i .. but sudnly its camera and sound stopd working .. whenever i press the camera or walkman key it gets hangd ! i flashd it bak to k530i now .. the music player and audio is working but the camera is still not working .. please help me out !! im in a big mess .. !! teme what to do !!
    thanks ! 🙂

  218. Dishank says

    hi frnd my phone W595 is not working prpperly…it cant accessing network…so can u pls help me ??

  219. notfol says

    I just bought a Sony Ericsson Cedar. This model should support HSPA for 850/1900/2100 frequencies. However, this one does not seem to have 850 and 1900 ‘turned on’ (I assume it is merely a gdfs setting turned off when delivered to customer in Europe or wherever). I want to use this in the U.S. So, I need it to be able to support 850 and 1900 frequencies. Is it indeed a gdfs change that needs to be written? If so, what tools and exact instructions do I need to do that? Tools I have: Debugmux (for logging), EMMA, SEUS. I think these tools cannot help with getting my frequencies enabled, correct? please assist. thank you in advance.

  220. jeff says

    dude i wanted to change the font in my k770, did it as you said, renamed the font to the original ones, turned on my phone but it was all rubbish, i had to revert to the original one, what should i do? i just couldn’t find the xml file for my downloaded fonts, what to do

  221. Harish says

    Hey Akshay,

    Its there any way to update my Aino with Mollinas Acoustics, I cant open the file system of my phone, tried with the latest version of FAR with SEFP2

    Please post your suggestions.

  222. Awais says

    I have a problem in unlocking my SE K800i CID53 using jdflasher. After the completion of the step-2. I cannot run executor from Games because I cannot access its filemanager menu. This is because when i turn on my phone with sim card it displays “Insert Correct Sim Card”. And I do not have ANY SIM CARD for which it is locked. Is there any method to access the phone’s filemanager without sim card inserted

  223. rosabelle says

    hi, I just flash my Sony Ericsson W595 with a2. it says block 84340000/00010000 not accepted; error 3b.
    now i can’t turn on my phone. i think i made a mistake. pls. try to help me

  224. FAWAD says


  225. Saravanan.K says

    Kindly need help, I cross flashed k530i to w660i with FAR+JDF now i am getting INACTIVE SIM, i tried Reliance, Cellone, Aircel and Airtel Sim. it gives same error INACTIVE SIM, Kindly help me, Which is the correct FS, MAIN and CDA for my Phone, I am residing in India, Chennai.

  226. Saravanan.K says

    22:31:54 Selected phone type: W660
    22:31:54 Selected connection method: USB EROM
    22:31:54 i Instructions
    22:31:54 i 1. Make sure the phone battery is charged to at least 50%.
    22:31:54 i 2. Switch off the phone!
    22:31:54 i 3. Remove the phone battery and wait at least 5 seconds before reinserting it!
    22:31:54 i 4. Press and hold the button C, then connect the cable to the phone!
    22:31:54 . The action started waiting for the user
    22:31:58 . The action finished waiting for the user
    22:31:58 Connecting via SEMC USB Flash Device (USB7)…
    22:31:58 Device driver version:
    22:31:58 Entering baseband CPU service mode…
    22:31:58 Detected chipset: DB2020 ‘9900
    22:31:58 Boot mode: EROM
    22:31:58 Sending loader…
    22:31:58 Waiting for loader response…
    22:31:58 Flash chip manufacturer: Intel®
    22:31:58 Flash chip ID: 897E
    22:31:58 IMEI: 00460102232429
    22:31:58 OTP CID: 49
    22:31:58 OTP area status: Locked
    22:31:58 Product type: Prototype
    22:31:58 Effective CID: 53
    22:31:58 Effective color: Red
    22:31:58 Initializing GDFS access…
    22:31:59 Reading from GDFS…
    22:31:59 Phone type: W660i
    22:31:59 Phone branding: Customized
    22:31:59 MAPP CXC article: R8BE001 prgCXC1250446_GENERIC_FY
    22:31:59 MAPP CXC version: R8BE001
    22:31:59 CDA article: CDA102804/103
    22:31:59 CDA version: R1A
    22:31:59 Default article: cxc1250839
    22:31:59 Default version: R8BE001
    22:31:59 Language package: EUROPE_4
    22:31:59 The phone is not locked to a network.
    22:31:59 Turning off the phone…
    22:32:00 i Please disconnect battery and cable from the phone!
    22:32:00 s Successfully done.
    22:32:00 . The action entered shutdown phase
    22:32:00 . The action reported success

    Additional details

    0B B0 3D F3 EE 00 C6 DF 5C 3D 02 0B 38 E7 7E 77
    AC 5B 94 8E 50 8F CA FF B4 7C 8E C5 D8 C9 1E 2E
    12 07 56 AD 60 D1 5A 3F C4 29 09 E6 DF 0C

  227. New in SE modding says

    Please update the picts, they are deleted in here

  228. leigh says

    “Download XS++ , Setool 2 lite and Far Manager from that site our 4shared folder !”
    do we need to download all of that or just one?
    cause i only download XS++ will it work? im new here please help 🙂

  229. nirajan says

    hi i have a sony ericsson w200i and w80i.but i don’t like using accesories to listen to there any technique so that i can llisten radio without using them..

  230. santosh says

    hey can any one tell me wats the server address for instant messaging in sony
    i tried with and
    but its showing error
    pls help me out soon

  231. Chuty Malli says

    I’m a fan of Sony Ericsson. I have a se c903 mobile. Recently the ribbon of it has been replaced due to a damage. But the new ribbon is broken from less than a month. Then I tried to repair, but it didn’t work. Now, when I connect to the charger or USB a red light is continuously displays through the camera button and the mobile is not starting. I tried to connect to a2uploader, Omnius for SE, etc. nothing worked for me. Help me SE doctors… please give me my lovely cute se c903 girl back

  232. Christophe says

    Go tis whit a Sony Erisccon Hazel J20i ?

  233. Christophe says

    Can I use my Sony Ericsson J20i Hazel install flash menus? Please, please help me. Thanks

  234. Eni says

    I need help flashing my SE spiro
    i have tried many programs
    i have Windows 7 ultimate 32bit,
    it says open port ok
    and an error like code0x53
    please dont ignore me if this topic is dicused in another forum,
    i used XS++ and A2tool , those doesnt helped me
    any suggestion?

  235. Pulak Gayen says

    how to change the startup logo of my w705 phone.

  236. shameer says

    hi i am shameer and i bought a se w995 tmobile handset from
    uk and now i am in india and i need to unlock my phone fr free of cost
    can somebody plz gve me step by step instruction to unlock….

  237. Meet says

    .swf flash menu doesnt work when original menu is replaced by another
    can u tell why?

  238. vivek says

    i am using naite i am not able to delete the crap games with far manager please help me someone

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