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Customize Your Phone

Welcome to the guide ! We Now Make you phone Shine and Stand out in the crowd ! **Guide Version 1.0**
>>Tools Needed ! Download from here
1) XS++ v 3.1
2) SEUS : Sony Ericsson Update Service
3) Computer with Win XP !

>>Cool stuff needed !
1) Flash Menus (Lots of them)
2) Flash Wallpapers
3) More Walkman Skins
4) Acoustics
5) Camera Drivers
6) More Walkman Visualizations


1. Download XS++ v 3.1!! Backup Your GDFS And Also INSTAL USB FLASH DRIVERS !! Read Here

2. Connecting phone to XS++

Shutdown phone . Reinsert Battery. (don’t start phone)
Then Click on Connect in XS++ and holding C button on your phone connect your phone to Computer to USB cable and don’t leave C button until XS++ detects your phone and requests you to leave C button.
On the Left Side of the XS++ it gives details of your phone. Read it !
EROM CID 52 are must ! or else stop right here !

This is the general way of connecting phone to XS++ every time you connect phone to XS++ this is how you have to connect !

3. Folder Creating Instructions and My Terminology !

If i say upload files to location own_custpack/tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash/
then u must create a folders like this

1. create “own_custpack” folder in the XS++.exe directory.
2. open “own_custpack” folder and create “tpa” folder.
3. open “tpa” folder and create “preset” folder.
4. open “preset” folder and create “system” folder.
5. open “system” folder and create “desktop” folder.
6. open “desktop” folder and create flash folder.
7. open “flash” folder and paste all .swf files you want.
8. then flash using xs++

You can also upload files using FAR MANAGER !! Follow here !!!

4. Using XS++ !

We use XS++ to upload files to phone’s File System

Shutdown phone, in XS++ Click Connect phone, Reinsert battry, holding C connect phone. Then in XS++ Main window Check customize file system option and in select phone model option you must choose own_custpack

Then when you press flash button, XS++ uploads the contents of own_custpack folder to the phone’s file system.

You can also use FSX Method to Upload files to phone FS instead of own_custpack method

5. Flash Menus

Download Flash Menus From My Site Download Area and also Se-nse Download Area
You can also download Flash Menus From Topse Download Area

Working of Flash Menus
Flash Menu have to parts. A Theme file .thm and a Flash File .swf
The flash .swf file must be uploaded to the phone’s file system and then theme .thm file must be copied to the phone’s Memory Card.
Ever Flash Menu must have a matching theme to use with. Or Else we will need to pair a .swf file and a .thm file to use them. Download the guide to couple flash menus.

After downloading flash menu copy the .swf files to flash folder
/tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash/*** .swf files her***
and upload using own_custpack

Later Copy .thm files to M2 card !
Remember u must flash only the .swf files !

many 176×220 flash menu Click here

Flash Menu 240×320 ( for w580i w880 etc )
6. Walkman 2 skins ( Click here to check out )

upload skin folder to this location in phone’s FS
\TPA\SYSTEM\MULTIMEDIA\MP\SKIN\**skin folder here**
if skins are already placed then just flash

NOTE : Walkman 2 Skins Only for W Series phones ! k790/800/810 use Walkman 1 Skins !!

Again here you must use skins according to phone resolution !!

Download skins from Topse Russia or Se-nse Download Area or From My Website.

7. Flash Wallpapers

Just download and copy them to Memory Card as usual as u copy music to M2 Card
U can set them as wallpapers as u set pictures as wallpapers. And if your phone supports flash wallpapers then you can set them as wallpaper. You can download many from Topse Russia ! ——————————————————————————————————————————
8. Acoustics

Acoustics control the music quality and loudness !

For db2000, db2010 you must use apf acousitcs and for db2020 phone you must use zapf acoustics

here are few zpaf acoustics

w880 acoustics
download w880 originals : very good quality and good treble…F_Acoustic_W880

Xearo Ma lout have quality and loudness and superb mega bass !
xearo ma loud acoustic : loud and awesome megabass…3/xaero_ma_loud
people who don’t like loud acoustics try out w880 acoustics ! and i use w880i .. coz i just hate loud music.. i like the low music in the background..!

download acoustics of your choice
upload acoutics to this directory using XS++

own_custpack/ifs/settings/acoustic/**** zapf files here ****

Check here for more acoustics


9. Camera drivers

Using new camera drivers you can improve the picture quality of your picture ! Also these new camera drivers have new features. This is a must check out.

download camera drivers then
/ifs/settings/camera/***camera driver file here****

Download Camera Drivers From ESATO ! That’s the place for camera drivers disucssion and research

Camera drivers for k750, w810, k550i,w610,k800,k790,k810 etc are all available at Esato !

10. Visualizations !

Walkman 2 Player Supports Visulizations ! Download Visualization from the below link and flash them in !

Each Visulization will have two files. One AVX file and an Image file.

upload to
.avx files to
starting image file in i.e the png or the image to

Visuals Research Thread ! This Thread has many visulization

Visualization for 176×220 and 240×320 phones are both the same.

Information : You must use flash menu according to your phone’s screen resolution
Guide Valid for all db2000 db2010 db2020 with any of the following CID 36,49,52.

Connect your phone to XS++ and it will give the information in the left column and you can verify ——————————————————————————————————————————

Also Don’t forget to check out the FAR MANAGER Tutorial !

More and lots of stuff to come in guide V2

Post your problems and question here.

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531 Responses

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  1. manan says

    i ve tried the full procedure to instal flsh menus and disconnected the phone when it said flashing sucessfull unplug the phone. but even after copiyng the thm files to mem card and applying it, the main menu remains same – doesnt change. i mean there is no change in my phone!can u help me with it please?

  2. ghetto says

    hey please help me after following the instruction 1-5 my cp wont start up…..please someone help me to revive my phone……….

  3. ghetto says

    dude tnx for the Quick reply!! yup i idid remove and reinsert the battery, no its totally nothing….i just flash my phone & now i can switch it on the problem now is i cant use it it says “Configuration error. Please check your network operator or cervice center” what should i do now?please help me thanks in the way my SE unit is k550im

  4. ghetto says

    thanks but i dont know whats the next step coz i want to convert it to w610..

  5. Akshay says

    sure.. just google search it.. or find a tutorial here at my site at crossflashing section

  6. Peti says

    I’m getting scared. :S

  7. blackorwhite says

    If i’m am using Far Manager, do i just create a folder in tpa/system called desktop/flash if i want flash menus? I’m using a k550i upgraded to the lastest seus version. I never flashed it before.


  8. Akshay says

    folders are already created .. start far and goto that folder ..! then place it

    btw flash menus don’t work on k550 but it works on k550 falshed to w610 .. so read that tutorial and its better to flash k550 to w610 ..
    see crossflashing section

  9. blackorwhite says

    i don’t seem to have that folder in my phone, but it won’t work anyway unless i flash it?

  10. Akshay says

    man am sorry .. !! please follow tutorial you have not understood anything
    you can’t see it in your phone..!!

    you can see tpa preset system desktop in phone only in FAR MANAGER ..
    and Flash menus won’t work in K550 .. no way . i hope am clear

  11. blackorwhite says

    Sorry, i found the folders.
    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  12. mohammed says

    akshay can i upload falsh menus for ma cybershot k800i

    i read many places it doesnot suport flash!!!

  13. somnath says

    how will i know the firmware version of my phone
    how shall i extract the main firmware from my phone?

  14. Akshay says

    use R6BC002 .. download it from esnips or 4shared or Topse Russia
    at topse russia you get ASIA LEVAN FS for k790 also k790 main .. use the english registration of TOPSE RUSSIA … !!!

  15. Ante says

    Hi, been searching everywhere for a solution, maybe you can help me?
    How do you access FS on a K770 with Erom Color Brown?
    I just want to update the camdriver.
    Tried with Far and XS++ 3.1, but no luck so far.
    I think maybe the problem is the Erom color, or?
    Here is my XS++ log:

    15:49:19| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    15:49:19| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    15:49:28| Attempting to open the interface…
    15:49:28| TURN OFF PHONE!
    15:49:28| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    15:49:28| You have 30 seconds…
    15:49:37| Baseband ID: 9900
    15:49:37| Protocol Version: 3.1
    15:49:37| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL

    15:49:37| …using GDFS name
    15:49:37| Profiling SEMC phone…
    15:49:37| Platform: DB2020
    15:49:37| OTP CID: 49
    15:49:37| EROM CID: 49
    15:49:37| EROM Color: Brown
    15:49:37| IMEI: 00440107xxxxxx
    15:49:37| Phone ID: K770
    15:49:37| Region: EUROPE_4
    15:49:37| CDA: CDA102568/13 R8A
    15:49:37| Firmware Version: R8AA018
    15:49:37| EROM: R3A022
    15:49:37| Ready for operation!
    15:49:41| User chose NOT to update EROM CID!
    15:51:50| After making any changes with FSX
    15:51:50| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button
    15:51:55| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…
    15:51:55| Applet ID: 070129 0950

    15:51:55| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    15:51:55| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid49_r2a006.bin…
    15:51:55| Header: Error 0x10
    15:51:55| Sending db2020_red49_cs_r3a009.bin…
    15:51:55| Binary acknowledge failed with: 89
    15:51:55| Command: Error 0x89

    Also tried to update to cid 52 via XS++ but it didn´t work at all, so it´s still cid 49.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Parash says

    Awesome site man… keep up the good works…
    Best regards

  17. Akshay says

    Ante .. sorry no solution for brown CID52 phones.

  18. Ante says

    Probaly it doesn´t matter, but what I understand the phone is brown CID49,or?
    Maybe the same “protection” as CID52,I don´t know.
    Guess I just have to wait until it´s a solution for this prob´out there somewhere, or buy another phone.


  19. Pab Mohan says

    Hi Akshay, thanks for creating your own site, I followed your Thinkdigit tutorial to flash my K550i to W610i and its working fine. However there is one thing I am not able to do….i.e. getting Flash Menus.
    I have put the Flash files in the required place using XS++, and after that I took the respective .thm file and have put it in Theme folder of my phone mem card. But when I set the theme to the just copied .thm file it does not show the flash Menu but the normal theme. Am I doing anything wrong? The Flash wallpaper are working great. Only thing is the flash menus

  20. Akshay says

    its because flash menu is not coupled ..
    see this

  21. Pab Mohan says

    Thanks Akshay for the quick reply, however I checked the theme.xml file and saw that it corresponds to correct swf file as I took the corresponding .thm file for eg I have put the file test.swf using XS++, then took the test.thm file and kept it in the theme folder of the M2 card. I have also checked in test.thm’s theme.xml file if it is pointing to theme.swf or not. What I am getting is the normal test.thm theme and not from the flash swf file.
    Hope I can send you the snapshot.

  22. Akshay says

    hmm then it should work unless you put the SWF in wrong place..!

  23. Somnath says

    In my phone(k790i) video recording is not good(QVGA,15 fps).if it is possible to upgrade the quality of video recording then please tell me the solution and please email me the required phone’s firmware version is R1KG001

  24. Peti says

    You need FAR Manager and a new camera driver, use google to find what you need. 😉

  25. Somnath says

    If i flash new cam driver of k850 in my k790i using own_custpack method described in the customize your phone post then there will be any problem or not.please help me.where can i get that driver for free

  26. pratik says

    there r various camdrivers 4 ur phone.
    incase u did not like d new 1s , u can revert back 2 d orignals.

  27. pratik says

    u can find sum camdrivers for ur phone
    at dis forum. there will be no problem.

  28. somnath says

    can i use the k850 cam driver in my k790i.if yes please give me that cam driver

  29. Krishna says

    Hi dude
    thanks a lot for this tut…but can i use xs++ darwin to upload flash menus and acoustic drivers to my w810i???
    Platform: DB2010
    OTP CID: 50
    EROM CID: 50
    EROM Color: Red
    Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    CDA102494/139 R1A
    Firmware Version: R4ED001
    EROM: n/a
    caus u hav written to stop if its not cid52 but darwin supports cid50 rite?

  30. narmi says

    i using w810i n from malaysia. my erom cid is 49 n erom color is red. there’s a way to make or convert to erom 52??? thank..

  31. Gaurav says

    Hi Akshay,

    Can you please tell if I can flash my phone….
    17:35:51| Baseband ID: 8040
    17:35:51| Protocol Version: 3.1
    17:35:51| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…
    17:35:51| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L
    17:35:51| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    17:35:51| Activating GDFS…
    17:35:52| Phone name detected!
    17:35:52| Profiling SEMC phone…
    17:35:52| Platform: DB2010
    17:35:52| OTP CID: 49
    17:35:52| EROM CID: 49
    17:35:52| EROM Color: Red
    17:35:52| IMEI: 35906400xxxxxx
    17:35:52| Phone ID: W810
    17:35:52| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    17:35:52| CDA: CDA102555/110 R2A
    17:35:52| Firmware Version: R4ED001
    17:35:52| EROM: n/a
    17:35:52| Ready for operation!

    I wanted to be sure before doing anything….and I guess you are the best one to tell….As EROM CID 49 and its RED….

  32. Akshay says

    w810 can’t be updated to CID52

    but u can use XS++ FSX for w810i CID49
    use this

  33. Gaurav says

    Can I use FAR Manager to update Flash menu….I can see in the tutorial you said to select DB2020…but mine W810i shows DB2010 and CID49….What should I do..?

  34. josephcs89 says

    DB2010 is compatible with FAR…

    Just paste (drag-drop) ONLY the SWF file to the folder in your phone

    and then put the theme in to your Phone or card…

  35. narmi says

    tq. i really appreciate it.

  36. Gaurav says

    Thanks I really appreciate that…but can you please explain the difference between the SWF file I will be putting in the folder and the theme which needs to be in card…I thought the theme is itself a xxxx.swf file which I need to put in the folder….

  37. Gaurav says

    I used FSX method to put flash menu and then flash theme…I changed the theme and it worked …but now its asking for password…what should I do..I never kept a password for my phone…don’t know y its asking for…Please help..its urgent..

  38. Peti says

    If you hadn’t used a password so far, it should be 0000, it always is the default, I think it is worth a try. 😉

  39. Akshay says

    Theme ?? is the theme password protected ??
    some guys have created themes with password protection .. see source for the code

  40. naveen_reloaded says

    does k850 supported??

    can u explain if so…

    thnks ..

    nice job..

  41. Akshay says

    no its not man .. K850 is DB3150 and not Db2020

    no Db3150 Free Flashing !!

  42. Gaurav says

    Hi …Yes the theme was password protected….I removed it and it came back to ok….now its working fine…thanks…

  43. Mark says

    How do I delete walkman skins after I uploaded theem to my phone.

  44. Joseph says

    Mark, go to the appropriate folder using XS,FAR,SETOOL


    and safely remove the (image) files you have uploaded…

  45. jamieboy198 says

    when u said u need erom cid52 why is this

    i tried flashing my phone to get the flash themes but it didnt work is this because i have EROM CID49 instead of EROM CID52

    ps great tutorial kudos to you

  46. nevermind says

    Hi Akshay,

    is it possible for me to upload cam, acoustics , display drivers and swf files without changing my K800i firmware which is r1kg001 ? any side effects? pros and cons if i dont update the firmware to the k810i?

  47. Akshay says

    sorry … CID59 also works !! but not 51 .. works for 52 also
    this tutorial kind of sucks and is outdated will have to update it .. or delete this whole mess !

  48. Mark says

    Modding an amping your acoustic drivers for better sound quality is great an its really worth it because my phone sounds alot louder which I like,but I’d like to know if this could be potentially damaging to the phone in the long term,like I mean could playing music at a higher decibel rate than the built in speaker was originally able to handle damage it?

  49. pratik says

    nope. it wont danage ur speaker.
    only the battery drain will be more

  50. Yogesh says

    hey dude, my w610i has got skin problem. there are some errors like it it doesn’t show black skin and more. how to reset the settings. if u r telling me to delete the settings file in the skin folder. then which file should be replaced in place of it. i ain’t got a backup of it. pls provide the links of the required files. bye.

  51. Mass550 says

    Akshayy thanks to you I have my k550im transformed in a free k550i! Now I want to upload some nice acoustic and camera drivers. Which is the best way using XS++3.1? I mean, I have to use the FSX option or the easier “own_custom” flashing method? Which camera drivers do you suggest for my phone? Thanks for all your wonderful work!!

  52. Peti says

    I prefer using FSX in XS++, but uploading an acoustic pack with FSX takes eternity, so use FAR Manager.

  53. Belthur says

    I have a w800i@k750i Red CID49…Can I use this post to customize camera,audio and display drivers ? This post says this is for CID52…

  54. Peti says

    You have a W800 flashed to K750?! What you wrote means that. You can use XS++ FSX to upload the files, it is ok, but the files provided here are for other, newer phones, so use google instead, or

  55. Camelia says

    I totally lost here, can u teach easier way of having
    flash theme on my k770

  56. Akshay says

    sure .. follow this !
    see the video !

    in video uplaod flash menus
    i don’t think your phone supports flash menus
    if it does then you must already have some working flash menus !

  57. Neil says

    I want to say thank you to you Akshay, I have just successfully flashed my K550i to W610i and i am very pleased with the results, this wouldnt have been possible if i had not read your excellent tutorial, so thanks again dude…keep up the excellent work 🙂

  58. kalyan says

    Hey, I want to change my w810i acoustics since my phone acoustics are not good. My phone software version is R4EA031. I want good sound acoustics and I have downloaded from u r site. I need a small clarification you have told in tutorial that u can use xs++ only for cid 52 phones in the tutorial. My phone is not cid 52 can i upload the acoustics using File explorer? Does this harm my phone?

    Thanks in advance

  59. Akshay says

    CID51 is unstable for flashing, and its not safe for safety reasons
    you can update it to CID52 easily with SE update service ..

  60. kalyan says

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have one more doubt in the XS++ after clicking “connect” my phone details will be listed on left side. Now suppose I do not want to enter into FSX or flash…… Shall I disconnect the USB cable directly from the PC or is there any process to shut down. I am not making any changes by entering into the FSX or Flash.

  61. Peti says

    If you just want to see the details, click Connect, then Settings at the bottom, and then Disconnect.

  62. kalyan says

    I have tried clicking connect using XS++ and i got “error opening communication port” please unplug the cable. I think this is because I haven’t updated my phone using SEUS. Is that correct?

  63. Peti says

    That probably means, that you have some problems with the flashing drivers, use an administrator account, and follow
    This should help, otherwise, the problem must be with the phone itself.

  64. kalyan says

    I ran SEUS also and during the download of the software it hangs at 49%. I disconnected the phone. Thank god my phone works.

  65. kalyan says

    Hey dude, thanks a lot now my phone is detecting after installing the flash drivers. Now all i need is superb sound acoustics for my phone. Plz provide me the acoustics for DB2010 and EROM color:red and EROM CID is 49. Thanks a lot for u r help. You guys rock. Keep up the good work.

  66. kalyan says

    By the way my phone is w810i. Please do not say we cannot upload acoustics for cid 49. I want my phone to play rocking music.

  67. Akshay says

    yes you can for db2010 CID49

    but db2020 CID49 is unusual !
    you can go ahead with acoustics .. use apf not zapf !

  68. kalyan says

    But where can i find apf acoustics, please help me na. In your website they are only zapf acoustics available. I have searched in topsony forums and Se-nse they are tosharas mega acoustics available but iam unable to download from that website. Moreover I have read in forums that if you use tosharas acoustics u cannot play amr files in speaker. Is that true.

  69. kalyan says

    Hey, I got the acoustics of toshara 1.6 now should i delete the original acoustics and upload this one (OR) should i upload the new acoustics on the existing ones?

  70. Peti says

    Just upload, it will overwrite the files that exist. Also if the pack you acquired does not contain a file, the phone will have the original to work with.

  71. kalyan says

    Hey, I have uploaded the acoustics now sound is booming and bass awesome. Thanks a lot for helping me. I am so happy now my sound has boosted.

  72. kalyan says

    I have one more query, Sony supports only mp3, AAC,eAAC audio. Is there any way to play WMA and other audio in the mobile?

  73. Yogesh says

    hey dude can u tell me where to put the layout file of no operator logo. i have got the file. i just need the path.

  74. Peti says

    It is tpa/system/layout, but be careful with it, use only the righ file for the phone, also try to create a backus before doing it. 😉

  75. kalyan says

    My friend has k800. Is it possible to put superb acoustics in his mobile? It is db2020 and yet to see the CID version.

  76. Peti says

    Superb acousctics– I always use W880 on DB2020 phones, so I suggest using that.
    It is both louder and better in quality. Use it. 😉
    (I have used it on a K800, working…)

  77. kalyan says

    Thank you. But in k series it doesnt have megabass option. Does the option come when u upload the acoustics (OR) does it overwrite existing bass to megabass?

  78. Peti says

    No, to have Megabass on such phones, you need to apply some vkp patch on the main firmware to replace the original bass with Megabass. Acoustics don’t change bass (equalizer) settings.

  79. kalyan says

    Okay, without the megabass option does the sound boost compared to original? Even if i dont get the megabass option does the sound come equivalent to megabass?

  80. Peti says

    I doubt that, Megabass it an equalizer setting, it tweaks audio channels, boost low frequency and things, so it has got not too much to do with W880 acoustics. But new acoustics makes your phone louder for sure. Also try this:

  81. mrdoa says

    mr. peti n akshayy..can u post me layout for W660i that configure without logo operator, date time moved on top and no scrollbar..ples help me.Thks b4..

  82. Akshay says

    you can get it from an w660 FS
    we don’t keep extract FS of all phones ! sorry !
    you can easily get all the files used in w660 by extracting an w660 FS !

    then you can follow this tutorial to create your own layout !

  83. Akshay says

    semaj has written a tutorial ! we can learn the concepts from that tutorial and write on our own !!

  84. Peti says

    Damn, I don’t know anything about modding Layout.xml. 🙁 Shouldn’t we have such a tutorial here? (@Akshay)

  85. yogesh says

    i can’t download visualisations from se-nse. have u got any other site containing vis.

  86. Akshay says

    else topse russia
    just register and download … you must verify through email account …

  87. yogesh says

    hey dude. have u installed MHQ2.9 driver for camera. everything is good. but the patch provided is not stable. Far says that the numbers vary in the patch. should i go ahead and install the patch. have u done it for R8024 w610i. if it goes wrong i will have to reflash everything.

  88. Peti says

    Not everything, just main. But you will lose your patches installed.

  89. majid says

    hey peti can i custom my cell phone with walkman skin2? or walkman skin1? i flashed s500i to w580i! can i?

    thanks regards!

  90. Peti says

    Yes. W580 has Walkman 2.0 on it and it has a 240×320 px display. So you need FAR Manager and Walkman 2.0 skins with the resolution of 240×320.
    Read FAR Manager tutorial, and then download:
    Upload skins to:
    TPA\SYSTEM\MULTIMEDIA\MP\SKIN\**skin folder here**

  91. majid says

    i already tried doing that and no changes?

  92. majid says

    ohh shyt man u said to use far manager? i tried flashing it frm xs++…. may be it dint work!

  93. majid says

    well i tried with far manager i was not sure was to do at this step where i have to select Take DCU-60 in Device, 921600 in Speed and Your’s CID in Boot script. and choose db2020 CID 52. IF Your phone is CID51 and DB2020 then choose db2020_51 or if its CID49 or then db2020_49.

    wat ever was shown in pic i tried that….i went in gud i was in tpa files and went in walkman skin 2 file but after that i click on the skin i went in the skin then wat……………please help….
    (i have flashed s500i to w580i)

  94. Peti says

    You navigate in TPA\SYSTEM\MULTIMEDIA\MP\SKIN\ directory on the left panel & you copy a skin from the right panel. (So of course you have to extract that rar file you downloaded. A skin is a directory with a few files in it: BrowseView_Background.png, FF_Icon.png, Play_Icon.png, PlayNow_Background.png, PlayView_Background.png, Rewind_Icon.png, Skin.XML, Stop_Icon.png. So you have to copy directories like this over to the left panel. So select the directory and press F5, it will show a dialog, then hit Enter. On the left panel, the directory will appear. This has to be done with all skins.)

  95. kalyan says

    Hey, my w810i is switching off frequently. why is it so? Phone is from germany and locked to O2. It has been flashed twice and problem persists. I haven’t dropped mobile anywhere. Any idea why is this happening?

  96. Peti says

    Battery failure maybe? And you should try using it purely, with no patches and all, just Main, FS & custpack on it. (if it is possible…)

  97. Akshay says

    hey akshay please help me..i’m in big trouble..
    I was using far manager and i opened ifs/settings/acoustic/ and i by mistake deleted all the files. I transfered xaero ma loud files and now i can’t hear niether my voice or the other speaker’s voice while in a call. Please tell me how 2 get back 2 my original acoustics so that i can get all the acoustic files and all my sound functions work like before.
    Thanx in advance

  98. Peti says

    Try to upload W880 acoustics, probably they will fix it. If not, then extract the FS of your phone, and upload the files from there. (You can find all tutorials you may need right here.)

  99. kalyan says

    I have w700i acoustics can I upload those to w810i and those files are apf. My phone is db2010. Shall I go ahead?

  100. Peti says

    Yes, it should work all right. (Though you better make backups before doing anything. 😉 )

  101. kalyan says

    I have made back up long back only and started customizing my phone. Thanks anyways.

  102. kalyan says

    I want to restore the back up of my mobile. Shall I do that on the existing software or should I clear the existing software and then restore the software?

  103. Peti says

    What does software and backup mean here? Like you have some files from the FS and you want to clear FS?? Go ahead and restore the backup files. But I don’t get how you want to clear anything!!

  104. alibi89 says

    first this is a great tutorial, perfect man
    but ive downloaded seus, but it wont start
    becouse i dont have compatible flash player
    but i have the latest adobe flash player!!
    ive downloaded it from the official site

    but with far everything is working great

  105. kalyan says

    Before changing the acoustics of my mobile I have took a back up of my mobile.You have suggested me that to use the mobile purely without applying patches to main, FS etc since my mobile switches off frequently even after flashing it twice. Now the question is shall i go ahead and put original acoustics through FSX or should I restore the back up which I have taken?

  106. Peti says

    If your phone is still switching off frequently, do a full reflash and don’t bother with backup files. I don’t think that acoustics have anything to do with that problem, it is just in the main firmware, I think, so you should use the acoustics you like best. What is the difference between “original” and “backup” here?

  107. MANnDAaR says

    peti i hv great stuff for k770.i hv created gfx patches for k770 including media player and radio.i hv light effects for k770.this stuff is not available on any other webdsite n i will b glad to share this with u guys.u may add my link under k770 in ur new websites. link:

  108. Peti says

    I think having the downloads themselves would be better anyway. 😉

  109. Peti says

    @ alibi89: your comment was identified as spam. :S
    Don’t use SEUS, it will update all CID 52 phones to CID 53, and that is not yet supported by XS++, SeTool2, FAR Manager (SEFP), JDFlasher, all flashing tools. What you need to use SEUS is by the way, but I wouldn’t if I were you. 😉

  110. Luv says

    Does the phone have to be debranded in order to put flash menus? How can i put flash menus using Far Manager?

  111. Peti says

    In most of the cases it isn’t necessary, though the provider/reseller can lock the phone not to have flash menus.
    Upload the swf files to tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash directory.

  112. Luv says

    Should i use Far manager or XS++ to upload the flash menu?

  113. Peti says

    I say FAR Manager because that way you can upload multiple files faster. But it doesn’t matter.

  114. Luv says

    Ok, so i uploaded the .swf file onto the flash directory using far manager, then i put the theme for that .swf file on my phones memory card and set the theme. When the theme was set the only thing i saw was the theme itself, there was no flash menu. HELP!!?

  115. Peti says

    Does your phone have flash lite in it? Try uploading an swf file to the memory card and open it with the phone’s file manager. It should have a Macromedia F icon, grey orb, and you could open it with the file manager. BUT if you can’t then you don’t have flash support, hence no flash menus at all.

  116. Luv says

    The icon is not Macromedia F but when i open it, it shows me the flash menu and i could move around and view the catagories but cant access the catagories when i press select. Does that mean i dont have flash lite? If so how can i put it into my phone?

  117. Luv says

    Never mind, i do see an F inside a gray orbit. But then why isnt it working, can you please list the steps on how to put this flash menu onto my phone w580i. Its not debranded so maybe thats why? Or is it fine for it to be branded?

  118. Peti says

    Can you start the swf file? In file manager, you press the left button, does it start?

  119. Luv says

    Yes it does start, and i could move around too

  120. Peti says

    Ooops. If you can start the swf like that, it means you do have Flash Lite. Maybe the thm you use doesn’t use flash menu? Try these:×

  121. Luv says

    The .swf should be just one file right? What i did was that i connected the phone to XS++. Then i clicked on start FSX and went to tpa/preset/system/desktop/flashdirectory and then i just uploaded the one .swf file. After that i clicked on shut down and turned my phone back on. Then i put the theme that came with the .swf file onto my memory card and then i unplugged the phone. i started the phone and set the new theme. I did not see a flash menu but all i saw was the theme itself. Setting the theme should automatically start the flash menu right?

  122. Luv says

    Oh ok, i understand you. Let me try it once more with the link you just gave me. So i just upload the .swf file to the flash directory, and then upload the theme to the memory card. Then set the theme and it should automatically start the flash menu?

  123. Peti says

    Yes, as soon as the theme is set. W580 has Flash menu support, so if it still isn’t working, you will have to debrand it. 😛

  124. Luv says

    The .swf title should be the same as the theme title right?

  125. Luv says

    Nope, it didnt work. i chose the iphone.swf and iphone.thm. All that happened was that there was no wallpaper and so it was all black. Please help me. Why isnt it working? Maybe im doing it wrong. May you please list the steps in your own words beucase the tutorials get confusing at times. I would REALLY appreciate if you did this. Thanks

  126. Peti says

    Not exactly. Thm files are renamed TAR archives. In them there is a Theme.xml file. In that xml there is a line like . That defines the swf file’s name. 😉

  127. Peti says

    I don’t know if W580 has flash menus or not. But the way you did, just uploading swf to that dir and thm to any dir is ok. So it isn’t working it might just be impossible. But it’s worth trying debranding it. 😛

  128. Luv says

    Well i have the sony ericsson theme creator and so all the themes have a paint tray icon. Maybe that is a reason its not working. I dont know, its just a random guess. Anyways I would just upload the .swf so for example if i upload the iphone.swf file then what theme should i put with it?

  129. Luv says

    Is there a way i can reach you by chatting or something becuase you are very helpful, i will have many questions. Thanks

  130. Peti says

    I answered via mail.

  131. lexxx says

    the camera on my phone isn’t working. It says that another applicaition is running, close it then start the camera but i don’t know which application is running so what do i do?

  132. lexxx says


  133. Peti says

    1. How do you expect anyone to answer in 13 minutes?
    2. Why the f*ck are you writing like this?!! What’s wrong with you?!

    Reflash main and FS.

  134. Hetty McCarthy says

    hi, I have had no problem flashing/debranding/backing up GDFS etc. with my phone before and I wanted to add different accoustics to my phone, which is a k810. When I connected to XS+ to back up my GDFS it detected the phone name and said ready for operation, but it also said that my phone was CID53. So when I pressed backup GDFS it said ‘sorry your phone is not supported’ . How do I get my phone to be CID52 again? why has it changed as I had never had problems before?

  135. Akshay says

    Sorry NO CID53 support … XS++ does not work with it
    There is JD Flasher… which has just now added support for CID53
    we will soon come up with a tutorial for that

  136. Hetty says

    Yes but why did it change when I have never had problems with XS++ before with my phone?

  137. Akshay says

    Am really sorry .. its because you updated your phone with SEUS.. SEUS now makes phone CID53

  138. Hetty McCarthy says

    yeah I’ve just researched it and found out its cause of that. 🙁 I updated my phone and it has locked it to a network again so I can no longer use it. is there a way to unlock it using JD flasher? thanks, 🙂

  139. Akshay says

    am really sorry.. i think it was me who made you update your phone !! no you can’t freely unlock your phone now. 🙁

  140. Adry says

    help me…i want to backup some data from the phone like it possible??how??thanks before

  141. Peti says

    It is only necessary to ask it in one comment. :@
    XS++ can’t do it. JDFlasher can. But it is much faster to extract an fs (find tutorial on this site).

  142. Hetty McCarthy says

    what can i do with a CID53 phone? am I stuck with it forever?

  143. Akshay says

    sorry to say that .. but yes
    but you can use JD Flasher with this..
    i will write a tutorial.

    i just have confusion about correct loaders.
    with jdflahser you can change acoustics, cam drivers, etc. and all stuff applicable to k810
    but no patching and unlocking it.
    because jd flasher does not support cid53 patching
    it requires a lot of research to implement it.
    patching is available only for CID52

  144. Hetty McCarthy says

    Thanks I will look forward to the tutorial for that cause I want to change my acoustics.. do you know if the unlockers at market stalls etc. can unlock CID53 phones?

  145. Jockep says

    yes u can unlock by paying.

  146. Akshay says

    yes.. local shops unlock in UK
    or using a server tool like total server, d client, se tool full etc !

  147. Azhar Umar - SE k790i says

    does SE k790i support flash wallpapers???

  148. Azhar Umar - SE k790i says

    and does it support flash menu???

  149. Peti says

    As far as I know, it is not possible. Try uploading any swf file to the phone. It won’t start it, K790 doesn’t have flash lite in it. Though many have requested such a patch, so it may be possible later.

  150. Azhar Umar - SE k790i says

    ive got a few doubts!
    what is unlocking?
    is it necessary to unlock my new k790i before i do ur stuff on that???like…new acoustics, new drivers etc.
    if i change these things on my k790i…are they reversible by re-installing the original firmware?

  151. Akshay says

    no man unlocking is for using any SIM card
    in UK phones are fixed to Operator. need to unlock to use sim of other operators

  152. wizkl says

    is it posibble to change the accosutic only the sound for music player? i mean, i only need the acoustic when i’m playing a song, but the other sound like autofocusing, opening tone, etc is normal

  153. Peti says

    Yes sure, just look at the file names, you don’t have to upload all files of an acoustic pack… 😉

  154. Wizkl says

    Okey then..but which files?it’s too many..i’ve tried changing only farfield.zapf. But it’s still the same..i’m using k770

  155. Peti says

    I have no idea about which they are. 😛 😀

  156. Nikunj says

    hi i have try to excess w700i phone with XS++3
    but after tht my phone does not start

    can u help me with it

  157. Peti says

    Try reflashing main.

  158. JITENDER says


  159. JITENDER says






  160. Peti says

    1. Why the f*ck are you using capitar letters?!
    2. Connect it to XS++, holding C button, it will provide the necessary info about CID number.
    3. Both are possible, thogh I don’t know where you’ll find patches for it, at least FW is at .
    4. Your phone is NOT CID. CID is the “version number” of the phone’s protection, all phones have it.

  161. Li Syaoran says

    Lol @ Peti he is angry with capital letter user 😀

    A question for k770i users: does anyone still can use FaceWarp application after applying new cam driver? Because I can’t 🙁

  162. Li Syaoran says

    Got the answer. Modded cam driver do not support FaceWarp (maybe not all). I upload the original cam driver and it works fine again. But I rarely use FaceWarp so I think I won’t need original cam driver 😛

  163. Peti says

    Can’t FaceWarp use pictures from Memory Stcik? If so, you can take the pictures with the camera, and load them in FaceWarp.

  164. Li Syaoran says


    Yeah. That way works too 😀 thanks! 😉

  165. alecs says

    my k550 was flashed to the w610i custpack but i cant get other flash themes on my phone just the ones that came with the custpack

  166. Peti says

    These are our… my current collection, there will be more later.

  167. jc says

    when you upload the acoustic you want, do you need to delete the existing ones?

  168. Peti says

    You don’t have to, they are overwritten. Besides Xaero_ma doesn’t have all files, so it works together with original acoustics.

  169. LASITHA says

    I flashed my fone 2 W610i.
    N i place the .swf and .thm files as asked in the tutorial…

    I want 2 knw how can i apply the flash menus..??

  170. Akshay says

    you should use a swf file along with .thm files.
    see this.

  171. ostin says

    hi… i was just upload my new skin and its work fine and cools in my phone…. but now, i dont know why my skin list is empty, its only have “off”.. but when i check inside it using xs++, my previous skin still in it. i using w850… im new at here….please help me…

  172. Akshay says

    delete the setting file in Skin folder..!

  173. Smiley989 says

    i want to take off the top cover of my phone so that i can paint it black do you or can u post a tutorial on dismanteling a w610i

  174. Akshay says

    well we will try to provide service manuals.. you can use them.

  175. Peti says

    I have service manual for K550, and I can get for a lot of phones, but not for W610. :S
    We should provide them on!!

  176. Smiley989 says

    is there any way that i can make my w610 r6bc002 into a w610 r8ba024?

  177. Smiley989 says

    it seems all the good patches are for r8ba024

  178. Peti says

    Not exactly, you might be looking the wrong place. R6BC002 seemed more hackable, easier to modify. Also elves only run on w610 r6.
    You can change it to r8 though, download the reqiured main firmware, the FS and a CDA, then flash them on with XS++.

  179. dect says

    Akshay / Peti, can i use the super camera driver for my w660i phone, will it cause any problem? basically using the cam drivers that is not meant for my phone.

  180. Peti says

    AFAIK it makes the cam image black, but it won’t harm it. But if it is not listed as supported, and its fellow types (K530,V630) aren’t listed either, why mess with it? 😀

  181. warrior says

    i could never get the flash themes 2 work =( k55o@w610
    -uploaded the swf to the flash folder using xs3.1
    -uploaded the thm to my theme folder in m2 using my computer xD
    -themes work but menu remains the same
    -is it because i changed my not the one i got with ur tuturial but some random 1 from topse =) ???
    – but the original flash themes work though =(
    – i really like the alien equalizer one =( n the backstreet_rotary but i cant seem 2 get it working =(
    -help! =) xD

  182. flipboi says

    hi warrior,

    the theme might not be associated with the swf file. have you followed the tutorial of pairing a thm and swf file so that you would have a flash menu? if yes, the filename of the swf file might not be corresponding to the filename of the thm file.

  183. Akshay says

    warrrior dude.. its because the THEME Is not SET to use the flash menu.
    the theme that you use must be editing to make use of the SWF File.

    its called coupling.. you need to couple a THM With SWF then only they work.

  184. Akshay says

    That can be done with SeTheme Tools.

  185. Peti says

    That tool didn’t work for me when I tried, so I used Notepad++ & TC. 😀

  186. warrior says

    yeah i read the coupling thing but i d get the thm files with the menues na ways oh well no wi have sumtin 2 do =) go tell ya if it work =D

  187. warrior says

    =O it was alwready coupled =(


  188. warrior says

    well it had that line alwready =( i give up =(

  189. warriors says

    woi =) =) =) dont worry got it 2 work =D deleted all my flash files except the original ……then i couldnt acess my menu..beacause my theme was set to one of those =( xD….. so i placed back all my flash files wit the new ones n it worked xD thnx 4 help btw

  190. Peti says

    Never give up! If I could do it, then so can you!
    What I did was simple: had TC UP ( ) on my pc, with it, I opened the thm file (you can use WinRAR, too). Open a working coupled theme with that and see its Theme.xml. Search for “.swf”. It should take you to its wallpaper and to this:

  191. dect says

    peti, i uploded the layout.xml i got from sek750 to my phone hoping to change the font size and now the layout is crazy. i’m thinking of getting the whole W660 FS and flash it to my phone. my firmware is R6AD001 (chinese) and the firmware on (sek750) is R8BB001. what do you think will happen? do i have to flash the firmware also?

    (i’ve tried the layout_original but still my phone’s layout is crazy)

    is that the main FS for W660?

  192. Peti says

    sek750? You mean the site or the phone type?
    Using other phone’s layout makes the phone go stupid, however, restoring the original for the phone fixes that. Also reflashing FS (and custpack) will help.
    It is better to use main and fs from the same version, also cent_europe doesn’t have chinese language in it…

  193. dect says

    sek750 (the site) i thought layout.xml is all the same. i can’t seem to find the original one. so can i just flash the main FS without flashing the main firmware?

    also can u explain to me the custpack method

  194. Peti says

    “just flash the main FS without flashing the main firmware”.. just flash fs and the custpack. Be careful, it deletes your contacts, settings, files from phone memory. The whole process is written in crossflashing, k550 to w610.

  195. dect says

    where can i download this custpack? can’t i just backup my phone contacts and files to MC and then just flash the FS?

  196. dect says

    I can’t seem to find this w660 custpack

  197. dect says

    so i see, after i flash the FS, i also need to flash own_custpack, if not there’s going to be a config error message. is it?

  198. Peti says

    Correctly. To backup contacts, use MyPhoneExplorer. To get a custpack, try my site,

  199. dect says

    My phone’s is all okay now. even though i didn’t do it u’r way, your explanation really helps. thanks for the explanation though.
    thanks a lot dude.

  200. Smiley989 says

    Ive changed everything on my w610i the font the menu the walkmin skin patches for battery, signal, and folders is there anything else that i can do?

  201. Peti says

    Elves? 😀

  202. Smiley989 says

    i have elves

  203. Peti says

    Do you have SleepMode running? 😀
    Cuz I can’t make it work. :S

  204. Smiley989 says

    no i don have that? wats that?

  205. Peti says

    That’s an elf.

  206. Mandar says

    Hey you said
    “EROM CID 52 are must ! or else stop right here !”
    Does it work for W300i with
    EROM CID: 49

    12:45:44| Did not receive 0x5a. Continuing
    12:45:51| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    12:45:58| Attempting to open the interface…
    12:45:58| TURN OFF PHONE!
    12:45:58| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    12:45:58| You have 30 seconds…
    12:45:58| Baseband ID: 8040
    12:45:58| Protocol Version: 3.1
    12:45:58| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…
    12:45:58| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L
    12:45:58| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    12:45:58| Activating GDFS…
    12:45:59| Phone name detected!
    12:45:59| Profiling SEMC phone…
    12:45:59| Platform: DB2010
    12:45:59| OTP CID: 49
    12:45:59| EROM CID: 49
    12:45:59| EROM Color: Red
    12:45:59| IMEI: 35559601xxxxxx
    12:45:59| Phone ID: W300
    12:45:59| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    12:45:59| CDA: CDA102499/160 R2A
    12:45:59| Firmware Version: R4EA031
    12:45:59| EROM: n/a
    12:45:59| Ready for operation!

  207. Peti says

    CID 52 applies for DB2020 phones. W300 is CID 49, DB2010, it is ok.

  208. Andhiman says

    how to disable headset when I turn on the radio??

  209. Akshay says

    go to radio and in options select the option to turn on speaker.
    headset will go off and you get the sound output from the phone back speaker.

  210. Andhiman says

    How to activate the radio with out headset???

  211. Peti says

    You must apply a patch to do it. But it is useless, you rarely find radio stations then…

  212. neo says

    is there any patche so that we can save flash menus in memory card instead of “/tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash/*** .swf files her***” ?????

  213. Peti says

    There are such patches. To move flash menus, walkman skins, acoustics, camdriver to new directories in Other folder in the PHONE MEMORY, no memory stick can be used.
    Those patches are phone and fw dependent, so you’ll have to get your own from somewhere, I have them only for W610 R6BC002.

  214. zack says

    do you guys have a service manual for S500i ?
    i’ve ordered a housing online so i can get my keypad together with it changed. but i don’t dare to do it without knowing how…

  215. Akshay says

    here are service manuals

  216. Akshay says

    that’s great. i did not know that… kewl

  217. vicky says

    Hi akshay

    I have been trying to fix this problem for two days without luck, so I’m asking for some help.

    I have a CID36 K750i phone, and it does not have any Camera driver installed, and I am unable to install it.
    When I open the camera shutter I see a black screen with some camera settings that quickly exits out, and when I select Camera in the phone menu the screen just flashes and nothing happens. I have opened up my phone multiple times and reconnected all the cables, so I don’t think the problem lies with a faulty Flex cable because opening the camera shutter triggers camera mode, it just doesn’t do anything since there is no camera driver installed…
    i installed w610i camera driver in my settings.
    now it shows

    Uploading file /ifs/settings/camera/camdriver0.dat
    Command: Error 0x03
    Done uploading

    wat to do plz help me

  218. vicky says

    plz help me as soon as possible

  219. Peti says

    W610 cam driver won’t work on K750!!
    Reflash FS and CDA, it will reinstall everything, cam driver too.

  220. Luv says

    Hi, does the phone have to be debranded in order to customize it?

  221. Peti says

    Most likely not, but it is service provider dependent. Some of them restrict using flash menus just like that, so it is better to debrand first. Besides you get rid of all the trash they installed on your phone. 😉

  222. Luv says

    Ok thanks, once i debrand the phone is there a way i can rebrand it back to factory condition. My phone is a R7AC001 and CID RED52. I found this firmware and just wanted to make sure it was fine on the seusers website

  223. Peti says

    Well it is pretty complicated, but why not… You first apply the quick access patch on your main fw, you can use a different main too, so first flash that on, if necessary. Use JDFlasher to access the phone’s fs in qa2020 mode, that way you can download files. You need the customization files, form tpa/preset/custom, also branded stuff at tpa/user. Better download whole fs from phone.
    You can restore them I think when you rebrand. 😉

  224. Luv says

    When adding new drivers and acoustics do i replace the current ones already inside my phone?

  225. Peti says

    Your software, XS++ or FAR Maneger overwrites the old files.

  226. Luv says

    So when adding acoustics then do i upload each file seperately or just upload the folder

  227. Peti says

    I always use JDFlasher. On the left I open the place in the phone and on the right I open the dir on my pc. Then I press * and then F5 and wait till it copies over everything.

  228. Luv says

    Where can i find the latest camera driver for w580i? and how do i add it?

  229. Peti says

    You can find such stuff at se-nse and seusers, mainly. Upload to ifs/settings/camera/ as camdriver0.dat.

  230. Luv says

    And how can i tell if it actually successfully updated the driver? uder ifs/settings/camera i already have something labeled camdriver0.dat. Also when i went on se-nse they didnt have one for w580i. can i use some other phones driver on my w580i?

  231. Akshay says

    yeah only made for w580 drivers work.

  232. Luv says

    Hey i was looking up WTF light effect but have no clue on how to add them on my phone. i found this tutorial but doesnt make sense to me
    Can you help me on this

  233. Peti says

    Well that’s a very lame tutorial. Now use JDFlasher in bfs mode to download files from phone FS, from tpa/preset/system/lighteffect/contacteffects dir. You can use any of those effects for system effects. Like take Techno.ble, rename it to any of the filenames on the right side, like ALARM.BLE. Upload that to tpa/preset/system/lighteffect/systemeffects.

  234. Luv says

    Thanks Peti, appreciate it!!!! But like i saw some videos on youtube and how do they do all those kewl lighteffect on standby? What will changin techno.ble to ALARM.BLE do? will it change the lights of the alarm only?

  235. Peti says

    Yes, but ALARM was just an example, you can change all of those files.

  236. Luv says

    In the videos the lights flash, its like a wave, from right to left. how do they do that?

  237. Peti says

    I don’t know, that’s W580 and I have K550@W610. Can’t you set that effect for calls?:O

  238. Luv says

    Yes, it shows in the video here is the link
    Do you think you can find out how i could do this?

  239. Peti says

    He used this:
    Repleaced all system effects with these, I suppose.
    If it won’t work, ask him for details.

  240. Luv says

    Hi, the Flash Menu 240×320 ( for w580i w880 etc ) LINK isnt working under the flash menu catagory. Can you please redirect it or make a new link with the flash menus for w580i? Thanks

  241. Peti says

    RapidShare. :S
    Use to download from. 😉

  242. aravind says

    hi akshay,
    i’m a newbie to flashing and me,ur tutorials were very useful.thnx 4 d gud job.pls tell me which acoustics sound loud n clear in k550i.

  243. Peti says

    K550? Better crossflash to W610, to have Walkman 2.0.
    Then use W880 acoustics. Get it from / pimping.

  244. ika says

    hi akshay,
    i just see this website today..n i really want 2 make up my k810i..but i don know how to do it..i hv read n see ur tutorial but i still cannot make it..i already install d driver n xs++.exe. when im choosing FSX, it wrote, my phone is not supported..i try many times..huhu…plz help me..T__T

  245. Peti says

    See the log of XS++, isn’t your phone’s “EROM CID” 53?

  246. ika says

    plz help newbie n don know how to do anything..i already install USB Flash Driver, FAR manager/JD FLasher as im using k810i..i just want my phone has a nice flash menu…T__T

  247. Peti says

    It won’t have flash menus, K810 doesn’t support them.

  248. ika says

    if so, just teach me how to install menu that can be used with k810i..plz peti..i really need ur help…

  249. Peti says

    So K810 doesn’t have flash menus. What you can do is: themes and menu packs. There are combinations what look like flash menus but aren’t. If you look for K810 flash menu at youtube, I think you’ll find a video with it.
    Installing themes is easy. Installing a menu pack needs some knowledge about flashing. You download the pack for K810, that is important, then unpack it and upload its files into the phone’s FS, to tpa/preset/system/menu directory.

  250. ika says

    i already download the pack :TechnoCloudsWalkmanEdition176 is it d right pack? then i unpack it with winRAR.what should i do then?
    -sorry peti if im disturbing u…huhu…

  251. Peti says

    It won’t be ok, 176 means that the screen resolution is 176×220, however K810 has 240×320. Get the right pack and unpack, upload to the place I mentioned.

  252. Victor says

    Is there any acoustics for pnx5230? yeah, I screwd up mine using a w880i acoustics… ._.

    now I need a new pack of acoustics pnx5230 compatible or the entire pack of w380 original acoustics…

    And yes, it’s me screwing my phone up again. /o/

  253. Victor says

    forget it, I fixed it with z310 acoustics /o/

  254. johnny says

    help me…..why the xs++ cannot open the communication port… phone is k550i and i want to convert it to w610i……help me pls….anyone

  255. kULDEEP says

    hi i flash my k750 to an old firmware to increase sound quality i flash both main and fs. after flashing the sound quality is good but camera is not work properly and video lenth is too short how can i solve this problem the firmware is K750_R1BC002_FS_EMEA4_CID49, K750_R1BC002_MAIN_EU_EMEA_CID49 and i also want to increase sms memory please help me.

  256. Akshay says

    Johnny. Install USB Flash dirvers properly
    else XS++ can’t connected.

    hmmmmmm kuldeep, sorry no idea.
    try a latest firmware. old firmwares have problems. that’s why SE Fixes them.

    To Increase SMS memory just google search that. you will get few tutorials.

  257. kULDEEP says


  258. ryan says

    can somebody tell me how to change acoustic on W580i using xs++?

  259. Akshay says

    this is it. follow this tutorial

  260. ryan says

    i dont get the tutorial on how to change the acoustic on my W580i..

  261. Daljit says

    Do you know how I can unlock a Z770i Sony Ecirsson Phone?

  262. Akshay says

    ok . give me some time
    am writing new tutorials.
    soon in 4-5 days.
    sorry things are gettin delayed a lot. because of many problems here.:(

  263. ryan says

    its ok.. ill wait.. thanks guys

  264. abhishek says

    hi akshayy dude i hav flashed as u said but there is one problem when i switch to normal mode while starting it turns itself off but works fine in flight mode..moreover it gives fake battery,the level keeps changing itself like low to high n vice versa

    details of service menu
    prgCXC1250705_GENERIC_EA R1KG001

    EROM: R3A016

    LCD SW versions
    main display
    current: 200701021

    CXC 125 0636 R1F

    CDA102562?110 R5A
    cxc1250714 RIKG001
    memory stick: no file found

    content version
    memorystick: no file found

    java sw version

    text revision:

    update service SW
    UA version:
    CRH1069179 R3B019
    2006-06-30 12:39

    please help me soon otherwise i’ll be in great trouble,warranty finished….

  265. abhishek says

    1 more thing akshayy i hav used all things available on topse so please give me direct links of right files required…i’ll be gratefull to you

  266. Peti says

    You didn’t tell what phone it was!!

  267. Daljit says

    Akshay. I was not sure if you were talking to me or Ryan? Can you please let me know if you can help me? I would really appreciate it!! Just a recap I needed to know if you know
    how I can unlock a 770i Sony Ecirsson Phone?


  268. abhishek says

    ya ya peti…
    i kno i’m so much fed up of this trouble that i almost ran out of my mind .i wrote every thing except the phone well it is w830i
    prgCXC1250705_GENERIC_EA R1KG001

    EROM: R3A016

    LCD SW versions
    main display
    current: 200701021

    CXC 125 0636 R1F

    CDA102562?110 R5A
    cxc1250714 RIKG001
    memory stick: no file found

    content version
    memorystick: no file found

    java sw version

    text revision:

    update service SW
    UA version:
    CRH1069179 R3B019
    2006-06-30 12:39

    please help me soon otherwise i’ll be in great trouble,warranty finished….

  269. abhishek says

    BTW its running absolutely fine in flight mode..
    but as i start again and switch to normal mode then the start up screen comes and it turns off……

  270. Peti says

    @abhishek: what did you flash? Did you apply any patch, like simunlock?
    @Daljit: follow the tutorial about “Free Unlock DB2020 phones”. (search)

  271. abhishek says

    no i jus flashed my main,fs,cda
    and it was displayed success by xs++…..
    is there any cond. like cda should ,match tomain or sumthin like yhis plz help me out em in trouble

  272. abhishek says

    its anothr prob. now when i turn on the phone it just stops to the screen of sony ericsson n doesn’t proceed further!!!!….
    where is akshayy
    man i hav flashed kg001 main,fs n cda available at topse 4 w830i.there r 3 cda’s given i have done full flashing(main,fs,cda)every time with each of them and xs++.. shows success everytime…
    still em in trouble BTW it is xs++3.1

  273. Peti says

    I’d try using a different firmware (main and fs, especially main).

  274. Daljit says

    Quick question. Can i unlock the sony ericsson phone without a chip in there. I got a FIDO phone but I have ATT but when I put my Sim in it wont let me push any buttons anyway to go around this?

  275. Peti says

    It depends on the phone model… 😉

  276. Daljit says

    I have a z710i, is there a way

  277. Daljit says

    I really appreciate it….

  278. Peti says

    Z710 is DB2020 model, unlockable, if the CID is not 53.
    When you connect to SeTool2 Lite, you’ll see EROM CID, check it.

  279. geethanjaliz says

    hi akshayy, i came across your website when i was looking for solution of my prolematic newly bought k550i, picture taken become yellowish.i wonder if u can show tutorials in video format and upload it in and i think many will understand and it’s easy to follow.y dont u shoot the steps…tq

  280. Peti says

    Hmm. That is because our K550 phones are only Called cyber-shot, they are not really good cameras. Low quality, small objectives. It can be fixed by uploading new drivers. So check the K550 W610 crossflash tutorial, it writes about them.
    Also when you’re there, crossflash it to W610. 😀

  281. Jatin says

    hey akshayy after installing flash menus can we revert back to original or delete them????? does it cauze any harm to phone??????? please i am new and scared…………..<<<>>

  282. Peti says

    You can do both and it won’t harm the phone.

  283. Daan says

    I have a S500i, flashed to a W580i, if I want to download a new camera driver, should it be for the S500i (hardware) or for the W580i (software)?

  284. Daan says

    Sorry, I now know that that was a stupid question 😉

  285. Peti says

    Their hardware is identical (almost). It doesn’t matter which you stick to, use any for S500 or W580.

  286. mishal says

    hey ihave w200i black phone
    when i connect it to xs++ v3.1 it detets N ALL bt when i put fsx it says phone model not supported…..wot shud i do…. pls help

  287. Peti says

    It is probably CID 53, use JDFlasher.

  288. mishal says

    hey peti can u pls chech tjis site for my posts,
    may be then u can help me….pls really wanna pimp my w200

  289. Peti says

    Yeah, well XS++ will never handle it. You can access it with JDFlasher, but a different release, download the newest from se-nse JDFlasher thread. It should work.

  290. geethanjaliz says

    hi akshayy, i really would like to try to install the flash menu, camera driver as in w610 in my k550…but i feel a bit nervous as im not good at techical part of hphone.mind giving me link or have u created video on how to do the installation..?
    p/s izit possible to online in yahoo messenger with u?please..

  291. jordy says

    Hi aksay/peti!!!!!!!
    Could you send me an original k800i acoustic?
    i just change my acoustic to xaero MA loud. it works fine (nothing wrong with it). but i just scared, when my phone is broken, and sony ericsson realise that i’ve change the acoustic, they will refuse my warranty. send it to my email please ([email protected])!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. Peti says

    @geethanjaliz: look for k550 w610 crossflash.
    @jordy: I guess they won’t worry about that one… I don’t have it, but go to, look for Directory files, there you will find K800 extracted fs.

  293. jordy says

    thank you peti!!!
    why does akshay never answers our question again?

  294. Peti says

    Very simple, he is too busy to. He studies in India, in a very hard university, and when I say hard, I mean real hard. He doesn’t have time for anything. I do almost every task here, comments, mails. He is now working on a new site, about SE. Our new plan, he thinks it will be launched this week, I don’t think so, but we’ll see. 😀

  295. geethanjaliz says

    peti, im going to try to flash my sek550i to w610i tomorow, pray for me..
    btw, what camera driver best suit for k550i, there are many version, im confused to choose…
    pelase guide me….
    peti izit possible for you to be online tomorow…in case of anything at least i can online and talk 2 u….

  296. gautam says

    hey guys can u tell me how to put flash themes n walkman skins onto my w580i using xs++3.1,where can dwnload these flash themes n walkman skins n visualizations for my phone?

  297. geethanjaliz says

    im from malaysia, so which Cust pack i should use??

  298. Peti says

    @geethanjaliz: I think I like the Number1 3.0 driver best. But K550 cam was always bad, there is no way to make it really good. I check the site many times every day.
    Your region for FS and custpack can be: CMCC, AsianLatin3 or APAC1.
    @gautam: This tutorial tells where to put them, see download page.

  299. geethanjaliz says

    @peti, is 3.0 driver available in this site?link?ther is another tutorial i came across :
    it looks simpler with all the printscreen, but i would like to know if anyone tried before.and izit same with akshayy’s tutorial?

  300. geethanjaliz says

    the’s only two things i would like to do, change my sek550i theme like in w610i and change cam drive to a better one.
    link to do this?
    tutorial specific for this?

  301. devvon vienna says

    hi akshayy,

    how about for the k610i.

    R1JG001 prgCXC1250374_GENERIC_TH RR1JG001

    EROM: R3A016




    ITP SW VERSION: CXC 125 0308 R2D

    COSTUMATION CDA102568/6 R4A cxc1250376
    R1JG001 M_EAST_N_AFR

    MEM STICK: CDA102575_1



    R3B021 2006-10-12

  302. gautam says

    hi akshay,wat i wan to know is can v upload any number of walkman skins into w580,or should v jus replace one skin with the other,oh n can give links to where i can get visualizations for it?

  303. Peti says

    @geet: The driver isn’t available here, not yet. That tutorial is almost the same.
    @devvon: What do you want with this?
    @gautam: Unlimited skins are possible, though the phone sometimes gets stoopid, then you have to delete mp settings. We’ll have a pretty good download zone soon, in a few weeks.

  304. limons says

    Hi Guys , Can u give me K810i Original Cybershot Camera Driver.Thanks

  305. geethanjaliz says

    @peti, i wan to know ive been reading in forums, some ppl say dont instal SEUS and some say install SUES.i dont get it.
    one more things, in order to flash my hp to w610i from k550i i must install SEUS, usbflashdrive, myphone explorer, and gfds(gdfs?)in before i do the flash things rite??anyone plz answer….

  306. Peti says

    @limons: I don’t have it, you’ll have to extract an fs.
    @geet: you can install seus if you want to, but it is not a wise idea to use it, as it updates your EROM CID to 53 (on DB2020 phones), makes a lot of things impossible.
    You need USB Flash Drivers, MyPhoneExplorer to backup contacts and your personal data.
    And you have to backup GDFS with XS++ or SeTool 2 Lite.

  307. geethanjaliz says

    @peti,yes tht’s wht i learnt frm most of the forums tht when istalled with SEUS updates, it will upgrade C!D52 to CID53 and cant do anything anymore..
    can i know wht is gdfs actually?wher it will backup my hp datas?in the hp itself or in my computer?

  308. Peti says

    GDFS is the phones “stash”, where all settings and calibration data is stored (this also goes for the firmwares IMEI-resource as well as the SIM locks). Similar to other brands use of NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory).
    Your phone’s GDFS is unique to your phone, this means when you think your phone’s GDFS is gone, don’t try to flash someone else’s GDFS, it will almost certainly kill the phone.
    Backup is a BIN file, stored on the computer.

  309. duan says

    how 2 place standby file to tpa?

  310. duan says

    standby swf where i hv to put in fsx in xs++

  311. Peti says

    standby swf? Learn the “flashing language” first. -.-

  312. Kuldeep says

    hi peti i m from india. i have a k750i handset one day the screen totaly white but every thing is working but ican’t see anything. A mobile repair engg. can replace it’s screen but nothing then he flash my k750 after this there is no change he asked the problem in processor. at this when i repair the EROM the xs++ says CID 36 not support s60 cable. what can i do please help me.
    thanx in advance

  313. Peti says

    Hmm. The last time I had a white blinking K750, I just had to remove its memory stick. 😀
    Also the first thing is always to relfash main and fs (try using different firmware version). If that doesn’t help, try fixing EROM with SeTool 2 Lite, [Unlock/Repair].
    If those don’t help, it is probably GDFS issue. I have a method for newer (DB2020) phones, but not for K750.
    Anyway try the first 2. We’ll see.

  314. W800i says

    guys,i need ur help.
    can i help tutorials for this;

    8. Acoustics & 9. Camera drivers

    im beggin’. XD


  315. W800i says

    correction; *can i HAVE tutorial for this;*

  316. Peti says

    This tutorial is for DB2020 phones, yours (w800) is DB2010. You must use APF acoustics. But what you need is in the first few parts of the tutorial.

  317. duan says

    sori… what i mean. standby files (.swf). where i have to put in fsx in xs++… which as when in standby mode we can view the time and date.. thanx…

  318. Peti says

    In Pictures folder in FileTransfer mode, or with MyPhoneExplorer, there is no need for XS++. But it works only on phones that have Flash Lite…

  319. gautam says

    hey can u please give me the tutorial on how to get sysgfx icons on my w580i?id appreciate it!

  320. gautam says

    hey guys can i get a tutorial on how to get sysgfx icons on my w580i!

  321. duan says

    tahanx for reply… How can i find Flash lite? do i need to install that flash lite? my phone k810i… thanx..

  322. Peti says

    @gautam: There’s a tutorial “Creating SYSGFX…” on the site, use that.
    @duan: FlashLite is either integrated to the phone’s main firmware or not. It can’t be installed, only by crossflashing, but K810 can’t be crossflashed like that.

  323. gautam says

    hey i couldnt find creating sysgfx tutorial!please hepl me out here!

  324. geethanjaliz says

    1. @peti, .fbn and .mbn and CDA+region must be according to one’s country izit?how to i check which .fn, .mbn, CDA, and region for my k550i?(im from malaysia).
    2. while trying to flash my phone, if i simply choose other phone model like k800, will there be any problem?

  325. geethanjaliz says

    1. @peti, .fbn and .mbn and CDA+region must be according to one’s country izit?how to i check which .fbn, .mbn, CDA, and region for my k550i?(im from malaysia).
    2. while trying to flash my phone, if i simply choose other phone model like k800, will there be any problem?

  326. geethanjaliz says

    @peti, if i use different version of xs++, can i still flash my k550i to w610i?

  327. Henry Walker says

    Akshaay I need to ask you a question. How do you change the menu icons in a s700/s710

  328. Peti says

    @geet: mbn doesn’t have to, only in china, to have chinese input. Go to se-lifestyle and download Language regions pdf, you’ll see which fbn and cda regions you can use.
    It won’t be a problem, but I’m not sure about its region. (so you may only have english after that)
    Some 2.x can do it, 2.5, I think, don’t remember.
    @Henry: S700 is DB2010, S710 is I don’t know. For S700, you’ll need to edit and add pictures, follow menu modding tutorial. I’m not sure about flashing tools, maybe xs++ and JDFlasher support it, I don’t know for sure (as it was manufactured with CID 16 and 29, very old protection systems).

  329. gautam says

    hey peti can u tell me how do i apply skins for KD player0.5.5 on my W580,please let me know!

  330. Peti says

    I never used it for too long. Hmm, I think you upload the skin to Other folder then in KD go to settings and select it.

  331. Sakvith says

    can i put flash menus for k810
    I tried but it didn’t work
    also do i have to install flash lite for my phone , if so how to do it


  332. Peti says

    Can’t, it doesn’t support them.
    You can’t install flash lite.

  333. duan says

    where i can get vkp patch for radio without use handsfree?

  334. duan says

    where i can get vkp patch for radio without use handsfree?for K810 R8BA024

  335. Peti says

  336. w580 says

    Hi, got a W580 this week, love it to bits, only thing that really bugs me is the screensaver kicking in after about 20 seconds, I cant find anyway to change this, any ideas anyone??

  337. Peti says

    I think you mean that the screen goes off. That is powersaving and can’t be disabled. Screensaver animation can be in settings.
    I never saw any solution for that, but I think you can request it at 😉

  338. tecky says

    When i attempt to connect my phone i get this : Error: Cannot open phone communication port.Is this because of my phone or sth else? :\\

  339. Peti says

    Installed USB flash drivers?

  340. johnny says

    (w580i_R8BA024) hi all could some 1 please help i want to increase the startup volume because i have changed it to a comedy startup tone lol but i think the only way to do it is to edit the .zapf file so my question is does anyone know which .zapf file is associated with the startup volume or if i can use a patch any help will be appreciated thanks

  341. Peti says

    Get and install new ZAPF acoustics. I have made one for W580 at filebase.

  342. johnny says

    thanks for your help i have become a member of could you tell me which file is used to alter just the startup tone volume if possible thanks

  343. Peti says

    I think there is no such a file. Use all.

  344. johnny says

    ok thanks

  345. Amey says

    i wanted to download Yahoo Go 3.0 for my K790i however when i tried to download, it says upgrade firmware to R1KC or higher. how do i do that? where can i get the latest firmware?

  346. Peti says

    I couldn’t find any info on that need. So I guess you mean the phone opens the app and then says update…
    See the XS++ tutorial, and use it to flash newer firmwares.
    First backup contacts with MyPhoneExplorer, get new fw from 4shared, search for K800 R8BA024, get main and fs that you need.

  347. Kuldeep says

    hi i have a sony k750i with firmware R1CA021. i want to run FM radio without headphone what can i do. plz help me. thanx

  348. Akshay says

    that’s with help of patches. you need to find that correct patch first for that.
    from or topsony !! i don’t have k750 stuff
    try orkut k750 communities.

  349. puneet says

    hi akshay
    i have a s500i and i wish to have flash themes in it.
    i have heard it is a db2020 phone right?
    i am new to sony modding as i had a motorola earlier. i have this guide
    but the seus links have been removed. so can you tell me any method to do this and also will it be possible to revert back to the original stuff?
    and is it harmful for the phone?

  350. Akshay says

    yeah sure don’t worry
    just check out the tutorials here
    see the XS++ tutorials
    and far manger
    and also flashing to w580

  351. Dipankar says

    Hi akshay..i am using w810i and i am not happy with the Mega bass quality of my Phone i want to install a new acoustic plz tell me evry thing in detail..coz i am new to this and also i love my cellphone a lot

  352. Ryan says

    FLSH MENUs link doesnt work. sas dat file is not there

  353. cougar says

    hey i need ur help.. im facing a problem on debranding my w580i using both xs++ and SEtools.. can somebody help me?

  354. Akshay says

    Dipakar. just download acoustics. ask for others at forums.
    you will get them !
    sorry but am a bit busy here in my life 🙁

    Ryan !! work out things correctly
    and i hope its a walkman phone.

    cougar ! what’s the problem. post it.

  355. sags says

    can some one tell me how can i put a password at my file manager or the gallery before opening.. please help..

  356. renzy bahar says

    Hellow akshay/peti gud day.. im using w660i, and i want to change the menu.. how can i do that.. does the original menu will be deleted if i uploaded new the new menu? how is it if i want to get the original menu..? i hav x2++ and a far manager.. what will i use?? is it possible to create a folder in the file manager a folder of menu so that when i want to change the whole menu i will just go to filemanager and change it like changing themes? is it possible..? if possible how cn i do it?.. pls…^^ cant w8 for ur reply..

  357. aagh says

    i’m confused,what can i do with CID53….
    i can’t backup my gdfs

  358. [AD]^ArPaN says

    can i use w series’s acoustic driver to k series phones. like w200 to k510. actually i’ve a w200. i want to crossflash it to k510. after that i want to use w series’s acoustic driver. and i’ll change my player’s skin to walkman original.

  359. LP_Sunny says

    Hav a K610i modd to W660i… Can’t start walkman unless activating Facewarp… What do i need to start walkman normally? Plz reply on mail.

  360. Akshay says

    for that i have to write new tutorial. will do soon.
    to backup gdfs you have to wait for newer XS++

  361. Kuldeep says

    hi Akshay i have k750i i receive picture massege from nokia 1100 that i forword to my friends but i want to download these type of sms and send via my k750i what can i do

  362. bhuvan says

    well…not a part of flashing!!!

  363. haacui says

    i have done flashing my k530 to w660 before..
    after that…
    i customize my phone using your tutorial 5,6,7,8,9..
    and then i flash again..
    i flash completely…
    using xs++…
    my phone connot start..
    but i still can charge my battery…
    i hope u can give me an advise..
    my english is suck…

  364. bhuvan says

    what is it saying???
    uploaded cda files???

  365. maneater says

    hey akshay ………….i want w610 layout with no battery,signal icons & no operator logo……….
    pls help me…………..

  366. maneater says

    hey i made dis layout for w610 without signal, battery icons, & no operator logo……
    here is d link
    & here is my desktop

  367. bhuvan says

    u check it out tom…night…ill post here tommorow
    cuz i aint gt all that data right now!

  368. jeul says

    hi, how can i maked my scrollbar background transparent 4 my k750i???

  369. jeul says

    pls. help me, i want my scrollbar become transparent on my theme that i make….
    coz, o saw some theme that i downloaded were transparent theri scrollbar background.. so. i want it to be like it..

  370. PETER says

    i can’t flash w700i

  371. PETER says

    x++ is not detect my cell w700

  372. ardi says

    do i custromiz to w200 in XS++ which cid 53………..plese help me i tried 3 times bt it says custromized error……………

  373. ardi says

    hey do i custromiz w200 in XS++ … phon cid is 53 bt i tried 3 tims to custromizd it says custromiz error………please tell me the way how i do that

  374. bhuvan says

    customiz means a lot
    exactly what u wanna do?

  375. .di says

    have a question.. I would like to use new camera drivers.. do I have to use “own_custpack method” or can I just delete the original files and upload the new.. with FSX.. if so.. where should I place the file..?

  376. bhuvan says

    i guess u r confused
    u need to upload em for once after re flashing ur fone!
    in camera driver u just need to upload the cam driver to fs

  377. Kuldeep says

    hi akshay i m from chandigarh (INDIA) i have w580 i flash this with firmware (R8BE001) But i want re flash with old firmware (R8BA024) How can i flash this. i download MAIN(W580_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52)and FS(W580_R8BA024_FS_CENT_EUROPE_RED52) From Your Site is these firmware are right for me please help me to Re flash my phone THANKS

  378. bhuvan says

    no!the fs is europe based…get asian one…
    but y u wanna downgrade???yup u can downgrade!

  379. Kuldeep says

    bcoz after upgrade firmware the handsfree volume gone very low but before upgrade that was very high thats all i download this from web site (sek750.extra) there are only europe based firmware

  380. bhuvan says

    use other acoustics!

  381. sahil says

    hi akshayy
    can i use w980i acoustics on my k550i or else i just need to put xaero ma loud and please tell me how to do it. i have not flashed firmware main and fs i have not changed anythng on my phone i just want a loud sound coming out of the speaker

  382. Sheer says

    Baseband ID: C802

    12:29:39| Protocol Version: 4.1

    12:29:39| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:W910)

    12:29:39| …using GDFS name


    12:29:39| Profiling SEMC phone…

    12:29:39| Platform: DB3150

    12:29:39| OTP CID: 52

    12:29:39| EROM CID: 52

    12:29:39| EROM Color: Red

    12:29:39| IMEI: 35443202xxxxxx

    12:29:39| Phone ID: W910

    12:29:39| Region: S-ASIA-LEVAN

    12:29:39| CDA: 1201-6143 R8A

    12:29:39| Firmware Version: R1FA030

    12:29:39| EROM: 1200-4341 SEMCBOOT R6A013

    12:29:39| Ready for operation!

    12:32:31| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~

    12:32:31| Custpack: AMERICA_2 (CDA102460/101) (K510)

    12:32:31| Generic(non-branded) custpack: Yes

    12:32:31| Allowed languages: en, pb, xl,

    12:32:31| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    12:33:11| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    12:33:11| Error: Customizing failed.

    12:33:11| Error: Flashing failed

    12:33:13| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    this is wht i got when i tried 4 my 910i…….can u pls guide me further?????

  383. Akshay says

    XS++ does not support w910. Use A2uploader.

  384. kalyan says

    Akshayy, I need w220i file system that is .fbn to flash my mobile. My mobile is Asia pacific region. I could not find that even after trying in google. Please provide me the link,if you know where it is present. Thanks in advance.

  385. kalyan says

    I am sorry, the above mobile is w200i not w220i.

  386. Akshay says

    Kalyan. I wish i had all firmwares. but not. you can get it from or topsony.

  387. kilu says

    hi there,im using w890i,is there any acoustics that can increase my phone volume? i try many suchs as c905,w980 acoustics but prob with there any solution? plz help me

  388. bhuvan says

    get many acoustics for ur phone and then try evry single one as i havnt used any one for this platform

  389. johnny says

    hey….kilu….u can try this website to find a best acoustic

  390. johnny says

    heyyy….akshayy…help me and guide me about elf pack…..plsss….

  391. nayan says

    hey, i uploaded .swf theme in the fs and also uploaded .thm file in the m2 card but when i apply the theme it says corrupt file, cannot be used pls help

  392. Akshay says

    johnny, elves are better discussed in forums, since they are fast evolving concepts. you can talk about them at our forum. check it out. here we just write tutorials.

  393. Akshay says

    hmmm may be theme is bad. you have to edit them first.

  394. nayan says

    does xaero ma loud have enough files in the pack cuz i can see ony 17 files in it but when i was exploring my phone’s acoustics i saw more than 50 files

  395. bhuvan says

    may be…never tried them
    well…just upload the new files…dont delte old ones
    nothing will go wrong

  396. nayan says

    and alo can i use fsx to upload this acoustics

  397. bhuvan says


  398. nayan says

    is there any way to backup original acoustics of my k550i so that if something goes wrong i can flash the original acoustics back to my phone

  399. bhuvan says

    get your firmware extracted…tutorial is here
    best way!
    or else…search it on google
    ull find it
    but remmber…just drag and drop new ones
    dont delete old ones
    nothing will go wrong

  400. nayan says

    how can i extract FS of my phone
    and how will it help me as i dont want to flash my phone to w610i
    and can i use xs++ to extract FS
    also where can i find original k550i acoustics

  401. bhuvan says

    for extracting fs…look in our guides…it is there
    secondly u need to do this so that u have all the original files
    no..u cant use xs++ for this
    for original k550 acoustics…google it…or wait..ill post u the link

  402. nayan says

    hey thanks man now i have uploaded meg_v1.0 and my cell rocks now
    a lot of thanks
    now as i have understood how to do this please can u suggest me some more good acoustics

  403. nayan says

    now i am onto mix_w880_asash and this gives a lot louder sound and a deep rich bass which i find better than mega bass
    thanks akshay for the tutorial

  404. bhuvan says

    which phone u gt???
    if db2020…thne go for peters w880
    best till date!

  405. bhuvan says

    @ nayan
    you can also use modified acoustics….like different files of different acoustics for each function









  406. nayan says

    hey i have uploaded original w580i acoustics and now bass an treble are well balanced
    i just wanted to ask that i saw some .aec files in the acoustic pack and i wonder what are these for???
    can i also upload these .aec files to the fs

  407. nayan says

    the files which i uploaded were .zapf

  408. Shaunak says

    need updates for sony ericsson w350i…
    i just wanted to know whether i can upgrade my sony ericsson Walkman phone model w350i ..

  409. bhuvan says

    @ nayan
    well….there are no files like .aec in acoustics
    even if there are…then just experiment
    now u know a lot about acoustics
    but why did u uploaded original w580???
    i mean…i am too having w580…bt their acoustics are worst!

  410. bhuvan says

    @ nayan
    ya…zapf works for db2020

  411. bhuvan says

    go in settings>general>update service>search for update

  412. Shaunak says

    hey friend.. i have already updated my phone in that way… i just wanted modify its acoustics esp. for radio as the model gives poor volume even in the ear phones ..
    My phone SW version quotes my phone from “pnx5230” platform but its not listed on the sites !
    THE only phones from the platform were W380 and Z555 !

  413. nayan says

    hey i just wanted to ask that how does a camdriver improve the quality of the camera……….
    my phone is k550i…………..
    if camdriver can improve the quality of the camera then please tell me the best camdriver to look around on the net and then update it

  414. rohit says

    i had tried XS++ it work but no effect at all for flash menu.
    i had open xs++ then selected fsx and pate *.swf files in tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash >> flash menus
    then closed properly and copy *thm files in MS

    still not works

    Rohit Patel

  415. rohit says

    My phone detail

    but i had updated software of w800 through SEUS

    Awaiting for response

  416. bhuvan says

    well try other theme ….sometimes files are not linked well
    but i had updated software of w800 through SEUS
    two diffrent phones?
    what u exactly wanna say?

  417. Sreekanth Sundar says

    i tried to upload flash menu in my W850i phone using ur tutorial and …using the xs++3.0 version… everything went well and the process ended with flasing successfull unplug the phone… i copied the theme and still the menus are not working…. the phones memory was 15mb b4 flasing and nw its 12mb… is there any error that i ahve done….?
    pls respond at the earliest…..

  418. bhuvan says

    @Sreekanth Sundar
    which file u copied to which dir?
    and give a try to other file too….sometimes themes are not linked to that .swf file

  419. Sreekanth Sundar says

    i crated the folder according to the teminology dscribed in the “customize your phone” section and put all the .swf file to that folder and uploaded to my phone…..
    is there any way to link the .swf file to the theme?

  420. bhuvan says

    @Sreekanth Sundar

  421. shrawan says

    why cid52 is must???? my phone is w810 db2010 cid49 so is it better not to use in my cell according to this tutorial??

  422. xyzclanz says

    hi there,
    my phone is w660i, when i shutdown phone and reinsert battery then i connect via usb but it become file transfer. then i try to connect using Xs++ but it said error,

  423. bhuvan says

    @ shrawan
    cid 49 will work

  424. xyzclanz says

    i got error like this when try to connect my w660i with xs++ 3.1

    23:07:16| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    23:07:16| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    23:07:22| Attempting to open the interface…


    23:07:22| TURN OFF PHONE!

    23:07:22| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    23:07:22| You have 30 seconds…


    23:07:52| Error: Cannot open phone communication port

    23:07:54| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    can someone please help me?

  425. bhuvan says

    u gotta nstall usb flash drivers too
    get gordons gate drivers from file base…
    and yea…clean your phone’s port…

  426. xyzclanz says

    im already installed gordon but it happen like this too, nvm i wil try to install it again. and how to clean my fone port ?

  427. bhuvan says

    clean it with help of cotton wid any deodrant!
    and….try twisting the cable a bit….what does pc says when u connect it?

  428. xyzclanz says

    it detect as normal removables drives but when i connect XS++ it doesnt detect my phone

  429. bhuvan says

    install drivers
    then connect

  430. me2kimi says

    hi bhuvan, i cannot find any suitable camdriver for my k630i. can u suggest 1 for me?

  431. bhuvan says

    for requests go to our forum

  432. xyzclanz says

    is it normal when i shutdown my phone and remove battery and insert it back then i connect my phone to my pc to use XS++, then my phone automatically become in file transfer mode whereas the phone card drive appear at My Computer.

    i have installed driver and connect but it happen like i said above, and then XS++ said failed to open phone communication port, unplug the phone.

    please help me, im using w660i.

  433. bhuvan says

    yea…it happens when u keep the ‘c’ key pressed on phone do not gets connected then…phone hgets diverted to file transfer mode..
    press ‘c’ key….
    at other hand…plug in cable to ur pc…
    now…keepng ‘c’ key pressed…plug in data cable to your phone!
    before doing the above mentioned step…click on connect on xs++…
    during its detecting time…do that ‘c’ key pressing step!

  434. xyzclanz says

    thanks bhuvan, i now managed to connect to xs++.
    i have tried pasted the .swf and the theme, theme works but menu still default and no flash.

    can u give me one theme and flash menu that already coupled by u for me to try in my phone?

  435. bhuvan says

    thats because either the menu is noy linked with .thm file or u are copyying in wrong dir
    get one from our filebase

  436. xyzclanz says

    i pasted the .swf file in tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash/ and then put the .thm file in Theme folder in memory stick

  437. xyzclanz says

    i have put a walkman skin, and i want to delete that skin that i just put (new one). i can deleted file inside evostar skin but i cant delete the evostar skin folder

  438. bhuvan says

    dir is correct

  439. bhuvan says

    i am relly not getting…folder evostar…whaT?

  440. xyzclanz says

    nevermind about the evostar things.
    okay i now have bigger problem with my phone speaker, i have deleted all original file inside my acoustic folder in my phone and put the downloaded xearo ma loud acoustic into that acoustic folder.

    after that, when someone call me i can answer the phone call but i cannot hear what they said through the front phone speaker, i need to activate loudspeaker to speak with them.

    please help me A.S.A.P.

  441. bhuvan says

    got ur point..
    which phone u r using?

  442. xyzclanz says

    w660i, i think this maybe because i have deleted all file inside my acoustic folder. it working now after i put all the original w660i acoustic inside the acoustic folder back. does this mean that i dont need to empty the acoustic folder first before installing a new modded acoustic?

  443. bhuvan says

    do onething.
    delete all files..
    get original ones..
    upload them..
    now…upload modded ones…
    just darg and drop
    dont del old ones

  444. xyzclanz says

    thanks bhuvan, it working fine now.
    can u please tell me how to delete multiple (all files) in one click using xs++?, it hard to delete them one by one. and how to delete folder that i accidentally created in xs++?

  445. bhuvan says

    i used xs++ way back
    now i use a2 for my w595 or jdflasher for w580
    in jdflasher we can do so…
    its fast and more pwerful!

  446. xyzclanz says

    thanks for the info, i will try it then.

  447. xyzclanz says

    btw, to use jdflasher does i will need a farmanager?
    and then download the plugin?

  448. bhuvan says

    dont get confused
    download full bunch
    latest jdflahsre uploaded by akshay in our filebase

  449. bhuvan says


  450. Parthiban says


    Could you please help me resetting the phone lock code for SE W910i?

    I got to backup the FS using A2 uploader V3 and the back script. Is there any way to locate the lock code stored in the FS? Pl help

  451. Kuldeep says

    hi bhuvan i have a w580 phone from last one month my phone is automaticaly switch off many times in a day and when i charge battery that asking battery allign what i do

  452. bhuvan says

    u basically want phone lock back?

  453. bhuvan says

    battery align??
    try to be more precise
    i am hearing this first time

  454. syed says

    i have uploaded super camdriver v8.52 k750/w800/w810 in my 500@580 and it says another appication is running close it and then start the camera…. how do i fix it?

  455. syed says

    steps to modify the volume bar, battery signals? where do i get the files?

    link please!

  456. bhuvan says

    this cam driver is not meant for w580!!!
    upload back original one

  457. syed says

    steps to modify the volume bar, battery signals? where do i get the files?

    link please!

  458. bhuvan says

    get the patches from our filebase or from
    remmber patche are firmware dependent

  459. bhuvan says

    get from our filebase…or

  460. syed says

    oye! file base means? all i need is the direct link so that i can download it.. and link to visualizations for my walkman… if u have any please lemme no!


  461. syed says

    and i am not able to get the latest flash themes in selife….com and visualizations so cud u please give me the link for all these things or any other site..

  462. bhuvan says

    at forum ull have to register

  463. syed says

    how can i use a different (modified one) for my 500@580.

  464. syed says

    i have w580 for the first time i tried flashing the some themes and xs++ it got stuck after some time! wat cud be the problem?

    04:07:59| Baseband ID: 9900
    04:07:59| Protocol Version: 3.1
    04:07:59| Phone name detected!
    04:07:59| Profiling SEMC phone…
    04:07:59| Platform: DB2020
    04:07:59| OTP CID: 51
    04:07:59| EROM CID: 52
    04:07:59| EROM Color: Red
    04:07:59| IMEI: 35923501xxxxxx
    04:07:59| Phone ID: W580
    04:07:59| Region: EUROPE_2
    04:07:59| CDA: CDA102774/101 R3A
    04:07:59| Firmware Version: R6BC002
    04:07:59| EROM: R3A022
    04:07:59| Ready for operation!
    04:08:01| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~
    04:08:01| Custpack: AMERICA_2 (CDA102460/101) (K510)
    04:08:01| Generic(non-branded) custpack: Yes
    04:08:01| Allowed languages: en, pb, xl,
    04:08:01| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    04:08:27| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…

  465. bhuvan says

    get a menu compatible to ur phone

  466. bhuvan says

    tried connecting it back?
    if ya…then use jdflasher

  467. syed says

    bhuvan if u cud give me a link of tutorial in which i can get all info which menu will be compatible which is not and steps how to change it…. that will help me! i have s500@w500i.

  468. bhuvan says

    download from various places
    of filebase too!

  469. syed says

    ok how do u upload it?

  470. bhuvan says

    use jdflasher
    go to appropriate dir …upload files there

  471. syed says

    well i am used to xs++, can i use it and wats the dir to upload the battery icons? and signals?

  472. bhuvan says

    create a folder gfx in others

  473. syed says


  474. syed says

    hey could u please suggest a site where i can get latest games! thanks!

  475. bhuvan says

    jump to our forum….lokk for special threads only for games!!!best ones!

  476. rajkumar.neelam says

    i am using K790i . Can i apply these flash menu to this?
    and one more is my phone is not supporting swf themes which r made for K790i in
    And Can u pleas tell me how to get main firm ware for K790i version is R8BF003
    I am not able to under stand russian website what u hav given.. Plz help

  477. kuldeep says

    hi i have k750i phone and its screen totaly white but phone working but i can’t see who is calling iwant repair EROM

    09:59:39| Attempting to open the interface…


    09:59:39| TURN OFF PHONE!

    09:59:39| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    09:59:39| You have 30 seconds…


    09:59:43| Baseband ID: 8040

    09:59:43| Protocol Version: 3.1


    09:59:43| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…

    09:59:43| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L

    09:59:43| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader

    09:59:43| Activating GDFS…

    09:59:43| Phone name detected!

    09:59:43| Restarting phone – please wait…


    09:59:43| Disconnect phone from USB-port and wait for

    09:59:43| further instructions.

    09:59:43| You have 10 seconds.


    09:59:53| Open the battery-cover and reinsert the battery.

    09:59:53| Hold C Button on phone and connect phone again.

    09:59:53| You have 30 seconds.


    09:59:56| Baseband ID: 8040

    09:59:56| Protocol Version: 3.1

    09:59:56| Phone has restarted successfully…


    09:59:56| Profiling SEMC phone…

    09:59:56| Platform: DB2010

    09:59:56| OTP CID: 36

    09:59:56| EROM CID: 36

    09:59:56| EROM Color: Brown

    09:59:56| IMEI: 35930200xxxxxx

    09:59:56| Phone ID: K750

    09:59:56| Region: EMEA_6

    09:59:56| CDA: CDA102295/1 R2A

    09:59:56| Firmware Version: R1DB001

    09:59:56| EROM: n/a

    09:59:56| Ready for operation!


    10:00:01| Sending db2010_cid49brown_flash_r5a.bin…

    10:00:01| Prologue: Failed

    10:00:01| Error: Cannot send flash loader

    10:00:01| Error: Flashing failed

    10:00:03| Disconnected… Unplug the phone


    10:02:06| Attempting to open the interface…


    10:02:06| TURN OFF PHONE!

    10:02:06| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    10:02:06| You have 30 seconds…


    10:02:09| Baseband ID: 8040

    10:02:09| Protocol Version: 3.1


    10:02:09| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…

    10:02:09| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L

    10:02:09| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader

    10:02:09| Activating GDFS…

    10:02:10| Phone name detected!

    10:02:10| Restarting phone – please wait…


    10:02:10| Disconnect phone from USB-port and wait for

    10:02:10| further instructions.

    10:02:10| You have 10 seconds.


    10:02:20| Open the battery-cover and reinsert the battery.

    10:02:20| Hold C Button on phone and connect phone again.

    10:02:20| You have 30 seconds.


    10:02:22| Baseband ID: 8040

    10:02:22| Protocol Version: 3.1

    10:02:22| Phone has restarted successfully…


    10:02:22| Profiling SEMC phone…

    10:02:22| Platform: DB2010

    10:02:22| OTP CID: 36

    10:02:22| EROM CID: 36

    10:02:22| EROM Color: Brown

    10:02:22| IMEI: 35930200xxxxxx

    10:02:22| Phone ID: K750

    10:02:22| Region: EMEA_6

    10:02:22| CDA: CDA102295/1 R2A

    10:02:22| Firmware Version: R1DB001

    10:02:22| EROM: n/a

    10:02:22| Ready for operation!


    10:20:46| Sending db2010_cid49brown_flash_r5a.bin…

    10:20:46| Prologue: Failed

    10:20:46| Error: Cannot send flash loader

    10:20:46| Error: Flashing failed

    10:20:48| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    10:28:08| Shutting down…

    what i do

  478. syed says

    forrum link please for games!

  479. syed says

    how do i upload the modified battery,Lock, Loudbar, by using XS++? please gimme a link for steps or forum link…thanks!

  480. Bhupesh says

    man i flashed my k55oi to w610
    its awesome man……
    flash menus and walkman n all
    i even changed acoustics driver to xaero ma loud rocks….
    the only thing i got doubt is there is no option to sort the playlist by artist name or title name
    which was der in k550i and was handy feature

  481. TOQ says


  482. Akshay says

    sorry this is for db2020 phones only.

  483. Bhupesh says

    plz reply to my question dudes…
    how can i get ” sort by artists or by title ” option in walkman of w610 ??
    plz help me

  484. scandinavian_armor says

    hi, i did rebrand my Se C510 with generic MS and Hongkong FS. but after that, my 2gb M2 cannot be read. i tried inserting my memory to another phone and it can be read.

  485. syed says

    how do i upload the modified battery,Lock, Loudbar, by using XS++? please gimme a link for steps or forum link…thanks

  486. Akshay says

    scandinavian_armor, flashing has nothing to do with M2card.
    may be its damaged!! sorry!

  487. Dawsy says

    Can GDFS be backed up for G502…? if using which software…i have xs++ as well as a2 uploader….thnx

  488. bhuvan says

    its a2 phone

  489. karthik says

    hi r there any elf eleves pack for w910i plz give the installation process for these packs and the link where can i download i was searching the internet for past 2 days i came up with w580 but not 910i can i install the w580 packs for 910i sorry for bad english

  490. bhuvan says

    no elves for a2 phones yet!!!!!!!!

  491. Kuldeep says

    hi i have k750i and i convert it to w800i but now when i open camera and zoom picture on 4x to take a picture it save the picture on actual zoom(1.0) what can i do

  492. Vamshi G Krishna says

    hey i tried to connect my phone w580i to my laptop..but i wasn’t able to do it through far.exe and now my phone stopped working…’m not even able to switch it ON… so some onel pls help me out wid tis…

  493. bhuvan says

    Vamshi G Krishna

  494. Pramod says

    hi guys is it possible to flash z550i (db2010_cid49red) to a walkman phone??? im new here.. i’ve changed only the and acoustics… not too sure abt crossflashing, applying patches etc.

  495. bhuvan says

    u cant crossflash to any other model!
    patching is supported

  496. popoinzaghi says

    can i customize my se z770i?

  497. popoinzaghi says

    hai i want to customize my z770 but i dont know where to me please…

  498. bhuvan says

    z770 is a2 phone
    use a2 uploader
    and use stuff which is compatible with a2 phones
    for patches

  499. Cha punq says

    I have uploaded acoustics to my w850i, there’s the original zapf files in my fs, if I want to have xaero acoustics, should I delete the original zapf files or mix it with xaero zapf files? if it should be deleted, can I back up the original files? How?

  500. bhuvan says

    Cha punq
    just upload the new ones
    also only upload those which are with extension .zapf

  501. Sanjaya Thapa says

    XS ++ Doesnt Support W595

  502. bhuvan says

    Sanjaya Thapa
    use a2 uploader for it

  503. Hiify w595 voda contract says

    Dead links for XS++

  504. bhuvan says

    Hiify w595 voda contract
    ill change the link
    download xs++ from our filebase!
    and why are u using xs++??
    u are having w595 which is a2 phone!
    only a2 uploader is supported!

  505. krsp19 says

    i want to add new flash based menus to my w995
    does a2-uploader support w995
    please help

  506. bhuvan says

    yea go ahead!
    it supports

  507. krsp19 says

    thanks bhuvan

  508. krsp19 says

    ChipID:E900,EMP protocol:0401

    FLASH CID: 0053
    A2ROM_loader_on_loader:hdr err:0004,2
    can’t get NET header
    can’t load ACCESS CPU preloader
    Can’t load ID loader !
    Elapsed:38 secs.
    ChipID:E900,EMP protocol:0401

    FLASH CID: 0053
    A2ROM_loader_on_loader:hdr err:0004,2
    can’t get NET header
    can’t load ACCESS CPU preloader
    Can’t load ID loader !
    Elapsed:36 secs.

    my phone [W995] goes in mass-storage mode even after keeping “C” pressed
    please help
    which version of a2uploader should i use?
    is there any other software too?
    my antivirus [quickheal total security] detects “trojan” in a2uploader.exe
    please help

  509. Sanjaya Thapa says

    Upload Camera Drivers, Acoustics FOr W595 And Show how to upload to phone.
    And Dude DO you have any concept to make flash menu stay permanently as default menu.

  510. bhuvan says

    like i have mentioned in the beginning of the guide it may detect it that way! dont worry its not!
    also what are u trying to do???
    download a2 uploader from our filebase

  511. bhuvan says

    Sanjaya Thapa
    but u can embed one flash menu to every theme!
    look in a2 uploader guide!
    video guide is also there

  512. ajay says

    i have a sonyericsson w700i , i have update the phone to R1DB001 but my mega bass feature is damage

    pls help me

  513. mucidbin says

    how to connect sonyericsson w205 ?

  514. dj vilas says


    i hav a W550i
    i want a flash menu

    how can?

    plzzzzzzzzz help me

  515. debayan says

    can you plz help me in case of my w300i sony ericsson phone???

  516. ninad says

    dude it taking so much time to upload
    plz help me

  517. bhuvan says

    yeah it will work, and wait, let it get over

  518. pheemz says

    how can i put flashmenu to w200i?

  519. pheemz says

    can anyone help me b-coz my region is APAC…. whats the meaning of it??? i want to flash my w200….

  520. bhuvan says

    look at jdflasher guide

  521. bhuvan says

    forget everything
    just learn jdflasher

  522. Gatox says


  523. yogesh says

    hi i have sony ericsson C510i I followed all ur instructions but when is start GDFS back-up it says ur phone is not supported …and GDFS back up is ur 1st step….. I want to try all the other stuff u mentioned 🙁

  524. JL says

    how to get a flash menus for sony ericsson C510?? pls help..

  525. deeksha says

    Hi Akshay,

    i have W395 SE i need to patch so that i can put password for memory card, messages, key pad etc can u help me plz..


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