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Customize Your Phone

Welcome to the guide ! We Now Make you phone Shine and Stand out in the crowd ! **Guide Version 1.0**
>>Tools Needed ! Download from here
1) XS++ v 3.1
2) SEUS : Sony Ericsson Update Service
3) Computer with Win XP !

>>Cool stuff needed !
1) Flash Menus (Lots of them)
2) Flash Wallpapers
3) More Walkman Skins
4) Acoustics
5) Camera Drivers
6) More Walkman Visualizations


1. Download XS++ v 3.1!! Backup Your GDFS And Also INSTAL USB FLASH DRIVERS !! Read Here

2. Connecting phone to XS++

Shutdown phone . Reinsert Battery. (don’t start phone)
Then Click on Connect in XS++ and holding C button on your phone connect your phone to Computer to USB cable and don’t leave C button until XS++ detects your phone and requests you to leave C button.
On the Left Side of the XS++ it gives details of your phone. Read it !
EROM CID 52 are must ! or else stop right here !

This is the general way of connecting phone to XS++ every time you connect phone to XS++ this is how you have to connect !

3. Folder Creating Instructions and My Terminology !

If i say upload files to location own_custpack/tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash/
then u must create a folders like this

1. create “own_custpack” folder in the XS++.exe directory.
2. open “own_custpack” folder and create “tpa” folder.
3. open “tpa” folder and create “preset” folder.
4. open “preset” folder and create “system” folder.
5. open “system” folder and create “desktop” folder.
6. open “desktop” folder and create flash folder.
7. open “flash” folder and paste all .swf files you want.
8. then flash using xs++

You can also upload files using FAR MANAGER !! Follow here !!!

4. Using XS++ !

We use XS++ to upload files to phone’s File System

Shutdown phone, in XS++ Click Connect phone, Reinsert battry, holding C connect phone. Then in XS++ Main window Check customize file system option and in select phone model option you must choose own_custpack

Then when you press flash button, XS++ uploads the contents of own_custpack folder to the phone’s file system.

You can also use FSX Method to Upload files to phone FS instead of own_custpack method

5. Flash Menus

Download Flash Menus From My Site Download Area and also Se-nse Download Area
You can also download Flash Menus From Topse Download Area

Working of Flash Menus
Flash Menu have to parts. A Theme file .thm and a Flash File .swf
The flash .swf file must be uploaded to the phone’s file system and then theme .thm file must be copied to the phone’s Memory Card.
Ever Flash Menu must have a matching theme to use with. Or Else we will need to pair a .swf file and a .thm file to use them. Download the guide to couple flash menus.

After downloading flash menu copy the .swf files to flash folder
/tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash/*** .swf files her***
and upload using own_custpack

Later Copy .thm files to M2 card !
Remember u must flash only the .swf files !

many 176×220 flash menu Click here

Flash Menu 240×320 ( for w580i w880 etc )
6. Walkman 2 skins ( Click here to check out )

upload skin folder to this location in phone’s FS
\TPA\SYSTEM\MULTIMEDIA\MP\SKIN\**skin folder here**
if skins are already placed then just flash

NOTE : Walkman 2 Skins Only for W Series phones ! k790/800/810 use Walkman 1 Skins !!

Again here you must use skins according to phone resolution !!

Download skins from Topse Russia or Se-nse Download Area or From My Website.

7. Flash Wallpapers

Just download and copy them to Memory Card as usual as u copy music to M2 Card
U can set them as wallpapers as u set pictures as wallpapers. And if your phone supports flash wallpapers then you can set them as wallpaper. You can download many from Topse Russia ! ——————————————————————————————————————————
8. Acoustics

Acoustics control the music quality and loudness !

For db2000, db2010 you must use apf acousitcs and for db2020 phone you must use zapf acoustics

here are few zpaf acoustics

w880 acoustics
download w880 originals : very good quality and good treble…F_Acoustic_W880

Xearo Ma lout have quality and loudness and superb mega bass !
xearo ma loud acoustic : loud and awesome megabass…3/xaero_ma_loud
people who don’t like loud acoustics try out w880 acoustics ! and i use w880i .. coz i just hate loud music.. i like the low music in the background..!

download acoustics of your choice
upload acoutics to this directory using XS++

own_custpack/ifs/settings/acoustic/**** zapf files here ****

Check here for more acoustics


9. Camera drivers

Using new camera drivers you can improve the picture quality of your picture ! Also these new camera drivers have new features. This is a must check out.

download camera drivers then
/ifs/settings/camera/***camera driver file here****

Download Camera Drivers From ESATO ! That’s the place for camera drivers disucssion and research

Camera drivers for k750, w810, k550i,w610,k800,k790,k810 etc are all available at Esato !

10. Visualizations !

Walkman 2 Player Supports Visulizations ! Download Visualization from the below link and flash them in !

Each Visulization will have two files. One AVX file and an Image file.

upload to
.avx files to
starting image file in i.e the png or the image to

Visuals Research Thread ! This Thread has many visulization

Visualization for 176×220 and 240×320 phones are both the same.

Information : You must use flash menu according to your phone’s screen resolution
Guide Valid for all db2000 db2010 db2020 with any of the following CID 36,49,52.

Connect your phone to XS++ and it will give the information in the left column and you can verify ——————————————————————————————————————————

Also Don’t forget to check out the FAR MANAGER Tutorial !

More and lots of stuff to come in guide V2

Post your problems and question here.

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