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  1. zeinab says

    Can you help me with flashing my T700?
    I downloaded xs++ and se2lit but they didn’t recognize T700…

  2. Akshay says

    Install USB Flash drivers, then use A2uploader to flash it.

  3. zeinab says

    Thank you very much for the complete tutorial and files and all . I at last added farsi language to my T700

  4. bhuvan says

    congrats man!

  5. wishaal says

    can you help me flash sony ericsson w200i db 2012 i see here only 2010 2020 a2 etc pleaze help me

  6. bhuvan says

    look in db2020 one
    use jdflasher

  7. 123sheila says

    can some one help me unlock my ericsson T601 and how to do it thanks!!!

  8. bhuvan says

    i think ur phone do not supprts flashng!!!

  9. wishaal says

    can someone pleaze help me unlock sonyericsson w200i and how to do it ,it is locked by orange provider

  10. bhuvan says

    loon in jdflasher section
    also look for unlocking guides

  11. Frazua says

    hey Bhuvan,
    My phone w850i screen turn blinking white..i already flash it…but doesnt work..Please help

  12. bhuvan says

    reflashed both main and fs?
    still the same problem then its some hardware fault

  13. Frazua says

    Hi Bhuvan,

    Where can i get the latest main and Fs?

  14. bhuvan says

    or topsony

  15. Dave R says

    Hi, my phone is a SE W580i. Before i try to unlock it and debrand it i would like to know if it is possible? it is CID53 … i don’t care how difficult it is, i just want to know if it is possible? Thanks. Dave.

  16. bhuvan says

    Dave R
    look at jdflasher guide
    no xs++ or setool!

  17. Shubu says

    How might unlock a Sony Ericsson X1
    Which tutorial should i use ^^

  18. bhuvan says

    look at aerix unlocker guide!

  19. aditya says

    tell me abt z550i

  20. bhuvan says


  21. Bsrishu says

    can you help please
    I tried to cross flash my K530i to W600 using XS++
    after doing all the things when i clicked on flash, it says:
    Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    Error: Cannot send flash loader

    Error: Flashing failed

    Pleasssss help

  22. Bsrishu says

    And yaa
    I also eant to say that it is CID53

  23. Ramanish says

    Can anybody help.
    My k530i’s [CID53] menu is not opening.
    Error is coming:
    “configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service centre.”

    When i opened file system [using jdflasher] i found that file is missing.

    Please help me
    (I also don’t know how to flash firmware using jdflasher. I tried sometime but an error comes]

  24. Ramanish says

    Please help, i am not able to do anything due to not opening of menu…..

  25. Aashish says

    hi People..!! Can someone help me unlock my sony ericsson w995 phone..??

  26. confuse says

    how get a customize_upgrade…can u help me?

  27. Asad says

    problem regarding jdflasher
    while connecting to jd flasher a problem is occuring..jdflasher says

    plz help me in resolving da problem.!
    waiting for ur rply

  28. moon s says

    22:08:06| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    22:08:23| Shutting down…

    00:48:11| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !


    00:48:20| Attempting to open the interface…


    00:48:20| TURN OFF PHONE!

    00:48:21| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    00:48:21| You have 30 seconds…


    00:48:49| Baseband ID: C900

    00:48:49| Protocol Version: 4.1

    00:48:49| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:n/a)

    00:48:49| …using GDFS name


    00:48:49| Profiling SEMC phone…

    00:48:49| Platform: Unknown

    00:48:49| OTP CID: 0

    00:48:49| EROM CID: 0

    00:48:49| EROM Color: n/a

    00:48:49| IMEI: n/a

    00:48:49| Phone ID: n/a

    00:48:49| Region: n/a

    00:48:49| CDA: n/a n/a

    00:48:49| Firmware Version: n/a

    00:48:49| EROM: n/a

    00:48:49| Ready for operation!

    00:49:09| After making any changes with FSX

    00:49:09| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button

    00:49:20| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    00:49:20| Error: FSX failed.

    00:49:20| FSX Shutdown!

    00:49:22| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    my w595 phone. i cant debrand it if my comp cant read it

  29. CasTTeLLo says

    how to flash w980???it’s wont open anymore…

  30. bhuvan says

    use a2uploader

  31. George says

    I have a C905. The red light comes on when I plug in the power or usb connection. Otherwise the phone is dead to everything. Any suggestions?

  32. bhuvan says

    ur phone is db3150/a2
    these phones dont show this symptom! try a new battery
    if still u face this then head to our erom repair guide using omnius

  33. josuchav says

    hey, how do i work this with |inux… is it doable

  34. rakesh says

    hi akshayy….i have SE w595 mobile phone….the problem is that the screen is blinking and the fonts are showing like mirror images……is it a hardware or software problem?

  35. Abhinav says

    Hey Akshayy!
    I ewad all your posts!
    I need a small help
    I have a locked K530i
    I want to get it unlocked
    I forgot the Phone lock password!
    Please help me unlock it
    I have SE tool 2 and xs++
    I have no idea how to use
    I read your db220!@ post to unlock.
    xs++ doesnt work
    It says “Connect failed” after i connect
    Just gimme a simple way to get it unlocked

  36. Rauf says

    i cannot access my phonebook, messages and media menu in my c510.any help.

  37. santosh says

    hey when i connect my naite phon to a2uploader for system files by holding c
    it is not showing system files instead it s showing this
    phone status:: “RETAIL”
    flash id :: 0053

    can anyone help me for getting system files

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