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ELVES are really amazing !! They are sort of System Programs, using them you can change the behavior of your phone, add new features. Elves are Written in C Programming language, and they are directly executed by the phone’s ARM Processor. They have extension .elf ! Like how an .exe can be executed on Windows, an .elf can be executed in the phone if Elfpack is installed. These programs are known as ELVES. To use ELVES first you need to Install the ELFPACK for your phone (type and firmware version must be all right) !

Here is a short guide to use ELVES. ELVES can pimp your phone to max.

An ELFPACK has 3 files:

  1. ELFPACK Patch (.vkp)
  2. Library Patch (.lib.vkp)
  3. DYN_CONST.BIN file

To start off, Create the following folders for db2020 and w810,z550
In phone

In M2 Card (yes, it has to be the memory stick, if you don’t have any, you can’t use the daemon function)

Copy DYN_CONST.bin file to Other/Zbin/Config

Note: If your phone is k750 or w800 or w700 then create Daemons in Other/Daemons, do the same if elves you placed in ZBin/Daemons do not start with the phone.

Then apply the following Elfpack_patch and The Library Patch.
For example consider w610:
First apply ElfPack_w610_Rxx002.vkp patch
Then apply w610_r6bc002.lib.vkp patch

Place a few ELVES in Phone/Other/ZBIN. Open this folder with the phone’s file manager and Select Start.
ELVES placed in Daemons in M2 Card Start Automatically with phone.
If an ELF has INI file with it, place it in INI Folder. And if a ELF comes with config stuff then place it in there.

Some phones don’t have DYN CONST, For such phones many elves won’t work. DYN_CONST for many phone is underdevelopment.
ELFPACK depends on firmware, but Most ELVES are firmware independent.

All ELVES that I have come across, find them here

Also check out Our forum’s elves collection.

You find more elves at the Following places. Use Google Translator 😉
Mobile free is the place where most of the elf development takes place.
MobileFree Elves thread
Elves At Se-Nse
This website You can find latest Libraries and Information !
Also here please find few ELFPACK and ELVES.
Updated ELFPACK and Libraries are released often. To keep yourself updated, its recommended to follow the ELF Thread at any of your favorite forum, Development of elfs goes at a very rapid pace.
Description of Few ELVES

LogoChanger >> Instead of AIRTEL show your name in standby in first line ! Also show Temperature, day of week, battery etc in Second Line.

BookManager >> Task Manger and ELF manager, Shortcut key becomes Bookmanager, To access actual phone task manager double press shortcut button.

Screenshooter >> Start ELF then Press Music Button to take screenshots then close using Bookmanager to retain music button. Pictures stored in PIcture folder or in otherfolder.

FileManager >> FULL phone’s FS access !! be careful.

PhoneInfo >> Replaces normal phone info with advanced phone info.

Sleepmode ELF >> Completely customize the sleepmode screen.

SUDOKU >> Play SUDOKU on your phone standby screen.

Battery Menu >> It shows some info about the phone battery and stuff like how much charge is in it, its temprature and so on.

NoBattAndSignal >> removes the battery and signal from the screen.

KeyCode >> When you press Keys it will give you the Hex value for each key something like 0x24 = Play Key, these are usefull for configuring .ini files (these ini files are already configured).

Sometimes when you are configuring elves, you need to set up keys. Then you can use either that KeyCode elf, or this list.
Key codes:
0x01: On/Off-Button
0x02: Left Softkey
0x03: Right Softkey
0x04: Back
0x05: C
0x08: Joystick Enter
0x09: Joystick Up
0x0A: Joystick Right-Up
0x0B: Joystick Right
0x0C: Joystick Right-Down
0x0D: Joystick Down
0x0E: Joystick Left-Down
0x0F: Joystick Left
0x10: Joystick Left-Up
0x11: Volume +
0x12: Volume –
0x13: “0”
0x14: “1”
0x15: “2”
0x16: “3”
0x17: “4”
0x18: “5”
0x19: “6”
0x1A: “7”
0x1B: “8”
0x1C: “9”
0x1D: “*”
0x1E: “#”
0x1F: New Events
0x23: Walkman-Key
0x24: Play-Button on the left side

I hope you know have basic knowledge of ELVES !! happy modding !
Regards Akshay !!

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