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ELVES are really amazing !! They are sort of System Programs, using them you can change the behavior of your phone, add new features. Elves are Written in C Programming language, and they are directly executed by the phone’s ARM Processor. They have extension .elf ! Like how an .exe can be executed on Windows, an .elf can be executed in the phone if Elfpack is installed. These programs are known as ELVES. To use ELVES first you need to Install the ELFPACK for your phone (type and firmware version must be all right) !

Here is a short guide to use ELVES. ELVES can pimp your phone to max.

An ELFPACK has 3 files:

  1. ELFPACK Patch (.vkp)
  2. Library Patch (.lib.vkp)
  3. DYN_CONST.BIN file

To start off, Create the following folders for db2020 and w810,z550
In phone

In M2 Card (yes, it has to be the memory stick, if you don’t have any, you can’t use the daemon function)

Copy DYN_CONST.bin file to Other/Zbin/Config

Note: If your phone is k750 or w800 or w700 then create Daemons in Other/Daemons, do the same if elves you placed in ZBin/Daemons do not start with the phone.

Then apply the following Elfpack_patch and The Library Patch.
For example consider w610:
First apply ElfPack_w610_Rxx002.vkp patch
Then apply w610_r6bc002.lib.vkp patch

Place a few ELVES in Phone/Other/ZBIN. Open this folder with the phone’s file manager and Select Start.
ELVES placed in Daemons in M2 Card Start Automatically with phone.
If an ELF has INI file with it, place it in INI Folder. And if a ELF comes with config stuff then place it in there.

Some phones don’t have DYN CONST, For such phones many elves won’t work. DYN_CONST for many phone is underdevelopment.
ELFPACK depends on firmware, but Most ELVES are firmware independent.

All ELVES that I have come across, find them here

Also check out Our forum’s elves collection.

You find more elves at the Following places. Use Google Translator πŸ˜‰
Mobile free is the place where most of the elf development takes place.
MobileFree Elves thread
Elves At Se-Nse
This website You can find latest Libraries and Information !
Also here please find few ELFPACK and ELVES.
Updated ELFPACK and Libraries are released often. To keep yourself updated, its recommended to follow the ELF Thread at any of your favorite forum, Development of elfs goes at a very rapid pace.
Description of Few ELVES

LogoChanger >> Instead of AIRTEL show your name in standby in first line ! Also show Temperature, day of week, battery etc in Second Line.

BookManager >> Task Manger and ELF manager, Shortcut key becomes Bookmanager, To access actual phone task manager double press shortcut button.

Screenshooter >> Start ELF then Press Music Button to take screenshots then close using Bookmanager to retain music button. Pictures stored in PIcture folder or in otherfolder.

FileManager >> FULL phone’s FS access !! be careful.

PhoneInfo >> Replaces normal phone info with advanced phone info.

Sleepmode ELF >> Completely customize the sleepmode screen.

SUDOKU >> Play SUDOKU on your phone standby screen.

Battery Menu >> It shows some info about the phone battery and stuff like how much charge is in it, its temprature and so on.

NoBattAndSignal >> removes the battery and signal from the screen.

KeyCode >> When you press Keys it will give you the Hex value for each key something like 0x24 = Play Key, these are usefull for configuring .ini files (these ini files are already configured).

Sometimes when you are configuring elves, you need to set up keys. Then you can use either that KeyCode elf, or this list.
Key codes:
0x01: On/Off-Button
0x02: Left Softkey
0x03: Right Softkey
0x04: Back
0x05: C
0x08: Joystick Enter
0x09: Joystick Up
0x0A: Joystick Right-Up
0x0B: Joystick Right
0x0C: Joystick Right-Down
0x0D: Joystick Down
0x0E: Joystick Left-Down
0x0F: Joystick Left
0x10: Joystick Left-Up
0x11: Volume +
0x12: Volume –
0x13: “0”
0x14: “1”
0x15: “2”
0x16: “3”
0x17: “4”
0x18: “5”
0x19: “6”
0x1A: “7”
0x1B: “8”
0x1C: “9”
0x1D: “*”
0x1E: “#”
0x1F: New Events
0x23: Walkman-Key
0x24: Play-Button on the left side

I hope you know have basic knowledge of ELVES !! happy modding !
Regards Akshay !!

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  1. Yogesh says

    Xd. I think u thought over my request for elves tutorials. Thanks. Actually can u tell me for which firmware have u provided the elves in ur 4shared account. If u find for w610i R8 then pls tell me. bye.

  2. Peti says

    It was planned before your request.
    Sorry but W610 R8 has no fully functional elf-pack. Some elves may run on it, but not too much. Better use R6.

  3. Akshay says

    sorry !! R8 Elf development is not happening
    change firmware to w610
    i did !! i now have R6BC002

  4. Yogesh says

    by the way where is ElfPack_w610_Rxx002.vkp patch. its not there in zip file.

  5. Peti says try that. xxx means that you must use the patch for the appropriate firmware, r6bc002 for r6bc002.

  6. mundix says

    thank you akshayy and peti!

  7. Abhishek says

    Hey akshay,you seems quite master in flashin
    Ok!ma prob. z tat i pluged out my memry card while usin opera mini.the app Closed n nw neither app
    Nor games folder is opening!operation failed message.BTW its a w830i. waranty is over,wat shud i do?tak it 2 se srvice centr n pay,or do sumthin told by u.i want sum flash menus n sound drivrs to b uploded in phone,shud i upgrade firmware 4m SE or do something else.i can compromise going with all way locked phone but cant bear a dead ph. help!its only ph 4 life 4 me

  8. Abhishek says

    Please help at earliest BTW i am a sound quality lover.please tell me the way 2 increase quality and quantity in earphones,rich bass,great surround,throbing terrible all qualities in one acoustic.1 more favour i want 4m your side.em comp. New 2 this concept of tell in detail.i am eagerly,most desperately waitin 4 ur help.i’ll be grateful 2 u 4ever:):-):-) :-)!

  9. Peti says

    Backup your contact and so (MyPhoneExplorer). Reflash FS (XS++, also upload a custpack!!). Upload new acoustics (FAR Manager). You can find all tutorials you will need on this site (use search, or even google, it has this page as the 2nd/3rd result).

  10. Aashish says

    hey does anyone know how to create an elfpack for the w830i rikg001 firmware??

  11. Peti says

    It’s hopeless to do it on your own. Elf vkps are pretty hard to port, so you’d better ask for it at

  12. vamsi says

    how to change the phones name (xtreme device ) to desired one? plz help

  13. Akshay says

    use logo changer elf

  14. Peti says

    And of cours set the desired name in the ini file that comes with it.

  15. vinu says

    Can i use this on a w800i r1bc002 phone?
    Can You please tell me anything happens to these patch when i do a master reset?

  16. Peti says

    To use it on a w800, you will need to flash it to R1BD001.
    Master reset has nothing to do with this, because the patch is applied on the main fw. Though it might delete the elf files, so you may need to upload the files again to ZBin folder.

  17. Luv says

    Hi, can i use the elf on my w580i that is not debranded. The firmware is R7AC001

  18. Peti says

    Elves are developed for R8BA024 on W580 phones, so you will need to flash both main and fs to r8.

  19. bishshoy007 says

    I have downloaded the K790 R8BF003 ELF patch but I cant find the DYN_CONST.bin file.

    Please help! And 1 more thing please correct the spelling of this line:-
    In M2 Card (yes, it has to be the memory stick, if you don’t have any, you can’t use the daemon function)

  20. Peti says

    About DYN_CONST.bin: try without it, I didn’t have it either, and my phone created it.

  21. Prabhakar says

    Hi, where do I get ELFPACK Patch (.vkp) and DYN_CONST.bin for K770_r8ba024??? I found the lib.vkp at svn mirror but coldn’t find the other two things. Please help

  22. Peti says

    I couldn’t find it either. You should post a request at

  23. Asmir says

    I don’t know how to apply patches:

    Then apply the following Elfpack_patch and The Library Patch.
    For example consider w610:
    First apply ElfPack_w610_Rxx002.vkp patch
    Then apply w610_r6bc002.lib.vkp patch

    Please someone explain to me…

  24. Hassan says

    Can i use elfpack if i don;t have a memory card..?

  25. Peti says

    I think yes. It is only necessary for the Daemon thing, the auto-starting elves. So give it a try. πŸ˜‰

  26. Hassan says

    I uploaded elf to my phone i used logo changer i clicked start but nothing happend??

  27. Peti says

    Is its ini ok?
    Try other elves, too.

  28. bishshoy007 says

    Where can I find the DYN_CONST.bin file for K790_R8BF003? Yes Peti is right it is created by itself but the task manager key is not working(as it should) even if the elves are started. I have tried other DYN_CONSTs of the phones but as soon as I press the task manager button the phone restarts. Also the elfmanager elf is not working at all.

  29. Peti says

    Isn’t the lib old? I had such problems on W610 R8 because its lib was lame. The R6 lib was being developed only. So first check your lib vkp.

  30. Smiley989 says

    before i try out elves i want to know if there is any way to get them off incase something goes wrong? so is there cause my w610 almost died once and i don want it to die again

  31. Bogdan says

    It’s not enough to say that ELVES are awesome… πŸ˜€

  32. Peti says

    You can delete elf files with a file manager and also remove the installed patches with JDFlasher or SeTool. So it can be undone.

  33. MANnDAaR says

    akshay and peti:why book manager.elf is not working on my k770.many times my phone restarts.and even if it works i m unable select menus.(not having problem with key values)but it never goes to desire option.pls help peti and akhsay i need this elf coz there is no patch for bluetooth minimize for k770.
    thanx in advance!

  34. Peti says

    Those keys are really hard to set, I couldn’t either… I downloaded it from many sites and kept on trying… (w610)

  35. MANnDAaR says

    my book manager problem is solved peti.actually it wasnt related to key values. DYN_CONST.bin file i was using is for db2010 phone.many guys having these problem bcoz in elfpack on they have given DYN_CONST.bin for w810.not for db2020!
    about the key values,u can easily find each key value of ur phone using key code.elf n then just make desire changes in bookmanager.ini file.
    even one can use internet key shortcut to start bookmanager.elf,becoz bookmanager on shortcut key is really annoying.u have to press it twice to go to shortcuts in phone’s default task manger.

  36. Peti says

    Sure but that internet key is walkman key on my phone. πŸ˜€

  37. bishshoy007 says

    I have downloaded the mini gps 1.15 elf. It contains a folder src.
    Where do i put that other elfs also have src.
    If I put the under 1 folder say ini then they are getting replaced.

    I mean say you first copy the src of mini gps and then copy the src of silence on elf then the many files with the same names are getting replaced.

  38. Peti says

    src is short for Source. That is the source code for the elf, it is for elf evelopers, written in c. You don’t need to upload them.

  39. black_mamba says

    Where can I find the DYN_CONST.bin file for K790_R8BF003? or is it even available for R8BF003 FS?? ’cause ihave now only 2 files the :
    1)ElfPack_k790_bf003.vkp and 2)k790_r8bf003.lib.vkp
    But no DYN_CONST.bin!!!!!!!!

    And tell mee are all the Elves Independent of FW?!

  40. Peti says

    I didn’t have DYN_CONST.bin on my w610, the phone created it…
    The elf apps are independent, patches are not.

  41. black_mamba says

    hey im geting real wierd problem…after geting R8BF003 fw…i used SETOOL Lite 1.1 for applying Qmaker Patch(for bypassing db2020 security)..but during last few seconds of completion of patching iget message saying “Some Values Differ,Do yo want to continue”…i click yes and then patching is done in few seconds….
    N Now when i try to turn on fone it ain switching on…..igot no clue y it ain??
    ihav tried it twice n same thing happens….so ineed to den flash FS again to turn on fone. πŸ™

  42. pratik says

    hey akshay/peti ……
    i m not able to understand the ini file
    of screenshooter

    what do these commands indicate ??
    [START_KEY]: 0x24;
    [KEY_MODE]: 0x03;

    can u give me all the keycodes for w610i ??
    also i need a ready made screenshooter elf so that i can understand the ini structure …..

    i tried some of the ready mates by pressing the
    volume down or play/pause button …… but nothing happened ……

    also switching on bookmanager is necessarry for screenshooter ???


  43. Akshay says

    hey pratik. there is an elf that shows the key codes for all phones when key is pressed.
    use that elf to find out the keys.

  44. Peti says

    I added keycodes to the tutorial.
    Akshay, how could you start sleepmode? I can’t apply its patch. :'(

  45. Akshay says

    ok good job.
    sleepmode ??
    its an elf.. use it like others.

    if it requires updated library and elfpack then remove both the library and elfpack patches and apply the new updated versions of the elfpack and library patches.

    for me the sleep mode works… i don’t know remember which versions… coz i recently re flashed phone completely.

    now waiting for updated elfpacks which i will apply directly.

  46. Peti says

    Sleepmode comes with a lib patch which I try to install but then JDFlasher goes mad, error message, can’t copy file. And can’t shutdown jdf either.
    My lib is the newest. Elfpack vkp also gets updated? :O

  47. bhuvan says

    heyy….jzz temme 1 thng…cn i use elves on ma w580i wid CID:53?????

  48. Akshay says

    no elves for CID53. because no patching for cid53

  49. Akshay says

    not yet wait.

  50. bhuvan says

    no way out??
    n i cnt evn remove ma operator logo???

  51. Peti says

    You can remove it by modding layout.xml only.

  52. bhuvan says

    hw 2 do dat????

  53. bhuvan says

    ohkkk ohkk…i did tat…by smply uplodin a nw layout by far…newyzzz i big thnxx fr supprt!!!

  54. nd says

    heloo man…i hate to break this but my elf dosent work..i do all the thing that u ask but nothing happen.. pls help..
    n other thing there is so many thing in elf file manager..i dont know where to put those file.. pls help thanks…

  55. Akshay says

    well i don’t know really. because all the elves here worked for all of us !! try again carefully

    also please type your vaild email id correctly because the system identifies invalid email id’s as SPAM. and comments are automatically deleted. but i managed to save your comment.

    Akismet is an advanced system that checks invalid email ids.

  56. Ram says

    Hey where do i get the vkp patch for s500i?
    EROM: R3A022
    cid 52 DB2020

  57. Peti says has no s500 r8 patches, I suppose they are rare, so you better flash back to r6bc002 and use these:

  58. Peti says

    If you mean elves, first crossflash to W580-R8BA024, then you can use them. There are no elves for s500.

  59. Ram says

    Why cant i use elves on my s500i without crossflashing to w580i?

  60. Akshay says

    No body will ever make elfpack for S500 or k610 and such phones.
    everyone that has a S500 cross flashes to w580.

    According to me and everyone in SE Flashing community, its stupid to have a S500 and not flash it to w580i
    LOL !! Common bro, cheer up and flash it.

  61. Ram says

    Hmmm…. ok.. I might flash my hp when i find some free time.. Lol.. Sad though. Btw wats the function of customization pack mentioned in ur crossflashinf s500i to w580i? And im not sure which FS to select..
    And if i want to flash to w580i, i want u make sure it has all the best drivers available. Currently im using dmitogor 1.2 acoustic pack and it really rockz….

  62. Peti says

    Custpack sets some variables in the phone so that it can work. Without it the phone is useless. Custpack tells the phone which languages it can use, which is the earliest time it can be set to, which is the phone’s name etc.

  63. Yogesh says

    akshay my accoustic or cam driver elf is not working. I edited my ini files. Still they are not working. I have even made proper folders.
    The elf is activated but when i press cam focus button nothing happens. If u have applied that elf. Can u pls send me ur edited ini
    files. I will edit mine accordingly. And the call recorder also dosen’t work. It gets activated but how to use it.

  64. Akshay says

    oh sorry, i am not using that elf.
    btw yogesh which phone ?
    you are right it may be a problem in the INI file.

    I use only 2 Elves. Bookman and LogoChanger. LOL.

  65. yogesh says

    well. i gotta same reply from peti. I might need to consult russians I hope. By the way akshay how to use logo changer i have edited my ini file but still dosent work. pls send me ur ini file. Common man I use a w610i. I thought u wuld remember my phone. Any way happy modding.

  66. Peti says

    I use SleepMode 1.28 too, I can only suggest it, wonderful with my own ini. πŸ˜€
    About LogoChanger, place ini in Other/ini/jasiek folder as logo.ini.
    The ini I have on the other site should work.

  67. Smiley989 says

    This may be off topic right but ive already modded everything on my w610 i im wondering now if theres is something that will allow me to change the way my fone vibrates? like to change the vibration style? Is there?

  68. Peti says

    I’ve never heard of it, but you can ask for such elf at πŸ˜€

  69. Naeem says

    I have s500i
    I want elf elves for it…
    where can i download it . i cant find it…

  70. Naeem says

    should your previos tutorial should be folowed (“Applying VKP patches”)

  71. Akshay says

    for S500 we don’t have Elfpack
    for w580 there is
    so flash your s500 to w580 first
    then apply elfpack/elflib patches

  72. anupam says

    Hey Akshay, can I get the dwnload link for ElfPack_k790_r1kg001.vkp & k790_r1kg001.lib.vkp????

    I have searched for them a lot, but didnt get it….
    Plz: dont tell 2 search in any of the russian sites, they r too disgusting, & it takes a lot of time the translate due 2 my dial-up conn…..:(

  73. Akshay says

    ok give me some time
    by within few weeks we will only have everything
    no need for russian mess anymore.

  74. anupam says

    thanks a ton dude…..!!!!!!!

    I’ll keep waiting, & also best of luck to u all…!!!!!!!!!!!
    just keep us all informed!!!!!

  75. rookie says

    it shows heap:72229 under idea and key logger is really difficult to understand

  76. Naeem says

    Should i apply quick access patch. Give me link for w580 [i flashed from s500]

  77. Peti says

    @Naeem: I deleted your spam! Don’t dare to ask the same thing 4 times at the same place.
    You should apply it. Look at the tutorial, voila:

  78. Naeem says

    I flashe it to r6bc002
    i cant get w580_r6bc002.vpk
    what should i do now

  79. gautam says

    hey guys can anyone help me flash my w580i,a tutorial n links to dwnload the required softwares for flashing thankz

  80. Peti says

    @Naeem: you need to flash to R8BA024. And use
    @gautam: flash? :O Try to specify it a little…

  81. Naeem says

    This archive doesnt contain Dyn_const.bin

  82. Peti says

    Yes, mine didn’t contain it either and it still works, the phone creates that file.

  83. Eljo says

    Nice tutorial!
    Thanx Akshay!

    I’ve got a ‘complete’ collection of elves 4 ma fone -k810

    btw,does elves slows the fone down?

  84. Naeem says

    My phone restarts

  85. Peti says

    @Eljo: yes, the phone works more so it is a little slower, but you’ll never see the difference.
    @Naeem: happens with old LIB. Does it happen with all elves?

  86. Naeem says

    Only xo works

  87. Peti says

    Do you use LIB from

  88. anupam says

    I have some questions about elves…
    1. After I start a elf & then if i want to turn it off, how 2 do it????
    2. My fone restarts if I start a specific elf, how 2 avoid it????
    3. How 2 use the screenshot elf? I cant take screen shots of my cell….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Peti says

    1. you need BookManager elf to handle them.
    2. your library patch is not up to date. get a new one from
    3. you set some hotkey and some path in its ini, then with that hotkey, it saves BMP screenshots in the place specified.

  90. anupam says

    @ Peti…
    Thanks for the info…
    but can u tell how 2 use Bookmanager elf???

  91. Peti says

    You put bookman.ini to Other/ini/bookman dir. In it, set a startkey. When you press it, a list of windows shows up, press right to get to running elves. Select one, press C to stop it.

  92. NAEEM says

    My problem is solved ini,config and daemons folder is created directly to other folder.i also updated library and now elfs work for me

  93. NAEEM says

    Thanks peti and akshay

  94. anupam says

    hey,SORRY for this totally off topic, but I dont know where to ask it!!!!
    I have K790i, & i cant use my camera!!!!
    The fone dont even discharge flash from the service menu….i.e. after pressing >*<<*<*…
    Plz can any1 help????

  95. Peti says

    Did you upgrade cam driver? Try reflashing fs and cda. If that doesn’t work, it means hardware prob.

  96. anupam says

    Hey peti, is it safe to reflash FS & CDA wothout reflashin the main????
    (but I dont think it will help me either!!!)

  97. Peti says

    I think it is worth a shot. It is safe, why wouldn’t it be?

  98. anupam says

    I flashed the FS & CDA, but of no use……. πŸ™
    the flash is still not working, & I think I have to go to service center & get it fixed…
    But before it, is there anything that I can try at home???

  99. Naeem says


  100. Peti says

    @anupam: No idea…
    @Naeem: WHY USE CAPITAL LETTERS?!! Remove old one first.

  101. bily786 says

    heyyyyy akshayy/peti in my elves pack i only have 2 files ini and zbin and i cant find elfpack_patch and libary and i really dont know what to do i am very stuck can u help me plz plz plz

  102. bily786 says

    sorry but does elfing change ur keys or something ive flashed my phonr but a newbie

  103. bily786 says

    btw i have w580

  104. Peti says

    Your elfpack?:O
    This one is for you:
    It won’t change keys, though the bookmanager elf is usually set to New events key.

  105. bily786 says

    hey peti the link is broke and even then when i download it what file do i stick it in

  106. bily786 says

    mistake no its not but what files do i put them in plz can u help i am very stuck

  107. Peti says

    You download that file I gave the link of. Extract it, flash its patches on the phone.

  108. bily786 says

    yeah thx but im still a newbie i know the basics like changing fonts flash themes and that but how do i flash the elves patches on the phone

  109. bily786 says

    helloooooo is any1 gonna help me

  110. Gaurav saxena says

    Can any one give me the vkp patch for turning bass into megabass for my K550i

  111. Yogesh says

    hey bily786, look if u r a newbie, then i would suggest u to read the applying patches tutorial. Just learn a few basics. Because i fear that if u screw up your phone while patching then it would be a difficult task. So go slow. This modding world looks attractive but if u miss 1 step then game over,

  112. Peti says

    @bily: Well try reading tutorials, for example “Applying patches”.
    @gaurav: crossflash to W610 instead.
    @yogesh: i read your post after those 2. πŸ˜€

  113. bily786 says

    ok guys but can u still help me

  114. Peti says

    Read that tutorial, that should help, not us.

  115. bily786 says

    can any1 gimme the link for quick access patch btw do i need it to apply the other patches

  116. Peti says

    The elfpack’s patches.

  117. dhiren says

    hey can u tell me the procedure for installing elfs on w710i….n giv me stuffs required for w710i???
    pls help me out i can hardly manage to find something for W710i phone…….its R1JC002 n Its DB2020 CID 52

  118. AhmeT says

    I have a problem with autostarting…

    I tried putting the elves I want to autostart in ZBin/Daemons, on a M2 card and on phone too… and they wont autostart…

  119. Peti says

    Then try Other/Daemons too.

  120. AhmeT says

    I’ve tried… It works πŸ˜€

    (it seems that I had them in other/daemons, and I just moved them to Zbin/Daemons and now they work)

  121. bily786 says

    hey peti/akshay i have applyed elf patch and library patch but whenever i try 2 start an elf my screen goes black it starts after a while i want to know, peti the file u gave me 4 my w580 was it’s library up to date plz help

  122. Peti says

    Get new lib from

  123. bily786 says

    its in a different languAge wat language is it

  124. bily786 says

    hello pk people none of my elfs work only soundslide and logo changer work i have no idea wat to dp peti i uptades library to this plz tell me if it is up 2 date elfpack_library_R8BA024_07_2008.vkp

  125. bily786 says

    how do i make my own name in logo changer . ini

  126. Peti says

    Russian, use Google translator.
    You edit ini/jasiek/logo.ini. Get DYN_CONST too.

  127. sh@Z says

    hey will the elves work for a W550i ?? …as u kno its a db2010 n no memory card !! …

  128. amigo2008 says

    can i also use elfpack for my k800i? how about k800 w/ CID53 firmware?btw, im curious if there’s a way to change your key sound like for example if your typing it will sound water droplets,xylophone etc. that will be cool if someone will create that.

  129. Harx says

    Hy i’m again. I just install/patch elf. Then i patch destkop.elf, but when i pressed ”c” my phone get blink and just white screen then it’s like restart my system. Can anyone help me.
    My phone is k550i@w610i
    (Forgive me my english is bad)

  130. cambone says

    Hey i need some help

    I did as you sad Akshay and everything went well. No errors πŸ™‚

    But when i start up the phone it says ( Illegal Libraly Size ) and it shows everytime i startup and then it goes away in few sec. Sooo How can i fix this cous it is very anoing .


  131. ashutosh says

    hello Akshay,
    how to upgrade k530 Netfront-2.0 (web browser) to Netfront-3.4

  132. Ashish says

    Hey akshay
    How you doing.
    I am new here and i want to ask you can help me with my mobile browser cause its 2 slow please help me?? Can i upgrade it or something like that please help me? I have a k750i

  133. bhuvan says

    use my phone explorer and istall the drivers too for ur mobile…its quite fast!
    bt to gt da max speed…better use in usb mode

  134. Danijel says

    Are the Elves independent of the phone model?

  135. ashutosh says

    please send me the download link of elfpack and patch for k530 r6bc002.

  136. bhuvan says

    get it from out filebase

  137. dhaval_87 says

    hey guys…..i juzzz flashed my k550i in to w610i..using XS++ ….now everything is runnig perfectly…i uploaded some falshthemes…display & cam drivers…and all stuff.. now im thinking to install ELFpack in my phone….but im worried coz i’ve never tried for patching my phone using setool..its really a long process. is there any other software….and fast process for patching ?

  138. u5man4 says

    can some1 tell me please that what do the following elves do??? sry for bein a n00b
    1) coverart
    2) colourslider
    3) advanced shake control

    πŸ˜€ thnks in advance

  139. Raj says

    i am using w850i rikg001 after i apply the vkp patch and place the elves and when i on my phone it blinks white screan..Than i remove the patch and its ok,but i cant use my elves..can somone help me

  140. bhuvan says

    its because earlier u have placed a lot of patches
    remove all
    then apply elves one
    then start elves
    and then apply any more patches u want

  141. hellboy says

    I don’t have a M2 memory stick. Does that mean that elves won’t work?? Or just that I won’t be able to start them with the phone?? (since elves in “daemon” folder start automatically when the phone is turned on)

  142. bhuvan says

    u cant

  143. john says

    Hi akshayy(newb here…lol ,not n00b )
    How can i know which elfpacks are compatible with my firmware/platform/phone,whatever. ? :/

    For example,i have cid 53 red,db2020 :/

    Thanks in advance.

  144. john says

    anyone guys ! πŸ™‚

  145. bhuvan says

    open the .vkp file with notepad
    in the first line compatible fimware is written

  146. john says

    and about elves?how can i know which are compatible with me firmware ?

  147. amigo2008 says

    can i use elves in my k800 phone with cid53 firmware r8bf003? hope there’s a video tutorial for this coz i just don’t get it. sorry super noob here.

  148. bhuvan says

    well the place ull download all this…there ull get everything

  149. bhuvan says

    k 800 is db2020
    so u can use!
    for more jump onto our support forum!
    cuz we talk only about the stuff given in tutorial

  150. john says

    At this moment im interested on All Lock 2.5 (SE lifestyle filebase)but after download there is no information about with what phones we can use it :/
    Is it posible if we use, a patch or elve that no one tested it before,get in trouble ?
    Cause we can find sooo many patces in not popular sites,but we don’t know if they will be ok :/

    (thanks for being so helpfull)

  151. bhuvan says

    @ john
    connect and find it out
    u can remove patches later

  152. amigo2008 says

    somebody told me in this site that you can apply patches in your phone by using this elf thing. is it true? how would i do that. so would you recommend patching through elf instead of jdflasher especially my k800 phone is cid53. i’m really confused on how to install this elfpack in my phone. is it the same as jar file that you can download in your phone then just run it or do we need jdflasher, xs++ etc to install this. do you know some apps like sysq in nokia that can can be installed in se phones so that you can access the files system. btw, could you please give me some link where can i download a compatible elfpack for my k800 phone r8bf003 cid53. many many thanx and more power to this site.

  153. Zorink says

    I have a k810 r8bf003 is there any elfpack and lib compatible with it and if there is where do I get it. Can some1 please post a link to the lib and elf patches if possible.

  154. bhuvan says

    well…for downloadable stuff get on our forum

  155. Zorink says

    Sorry I got confused. I have a K800i.

  156. bhuvan says

    download from our filebase

  157. jessa says

    hello, everyone can give me some tips how to install elfpack? i dont know what to do.. by the way my phone is z550 R6CA009

  158. bhuvan says

    follow the way it is given!

  159. jessa says

    thanks bhuvan, but how to install this, using XS++?

  160. hellboy says

    XS++ can’t be used for this, because it involves patching of phones. You can use jdflasher+FAR Manager, though. There’s a tutorial here itself, on patching. πŸ™‚

  161. bhuvan says


  162. shrawan says

    hey bhuvan? where can i get elf pack for my w810i cid49? and also how to start off the elf pack stuff?

  163. bhuvan says

    for elves u have to patch ur phone so that ur phone recoginse the elves..
    then ull just have to run them
    for elves…jump to our forum
    menu error is there because does not matches ur phone

  164. rohan says

    hey,i followed your tutorial about elf pack and did everything perfectly as stated in the tutorial but my phone is not starting!!!its db2010 w810i cid-49.what to do?plz reply or mail me at [email protected]

  165. bhuvan says

    whats happening?
    red light?if no…then remove the patch…or re flash

  166. sciscor says

    where is the link to download elfpack?

  167. sciscor says

    can u giv me an elfpack download link for W595…R3DA026

  168. Dheeraj says

    hey where shld i put the drivers(the directories) fr increasing the sound using a2uploader?..
    is’ Herdeas’ the best driver for camera?….plz help.. πŸ™‚

  169. Akshay says

    sciscor, its available on topsony. πŸ™‚

  170. LrssN^ says

    where shall i put the bcfg file?

  171. Rajeev says

    Hey can I use elf in w200.
    I am asking because w200 is not patchable. Is ther any way to dis.
    anybody please help
    my phone is w200 r4ja011

  172. Akshay says

    put that into config folder.

  173. Akshay says

    Rajeev, sorry not for w200.

  174. toni says

    is it available for w580i db 2020 r8be001??

  175. bhuvan says

    for download go for our support forum

  176. Ben says

    I’m using Setool and everytime I install the first patch my phone (w880i) won’t turn on, after reinstalling the firmwre with XS++ though everything is working fine again. how can I install the patch without breaking my phone?

  177. bhuvan says

    when phone do not turn on its the time to flash the rest file
    u may follow jdflasher’s patching guide also
    if u flash main again then qa is again removed which means u are back to old state

  178. Clausz says

    can you tell me how to put elves into my w200i? i don’t have a card please i’m trying for several days and i can’t do it(srry for bad english)

  179. bhuvan says

    make a new topic at forum
    needs discussion!

  180. Scipio says

    hey..i’v searched entire internet but cudnt find elfpack for G502 a db3150 phone..plzz help

  181. bhuvan says

    no elves for g502 yet!
    sorry man

  182. Themi says

    Hi every body!!! I’m new with elves…..and one thing, where can I get Elves for my K550i R8BA024 CID 52 Red, Please inform me through this page or at [email protected]
    Thanks in advance!!!

  183. bhuvan says

    demand at out forum!

  184. kieronn says

    Help me
    i cant apply vkp files to my w610i@k550i.
    my phone cid is 53 and sw is r6bc002.
    can anyone suggest me.
    thanks in advance

  185. bhuvan says

    look at anycid patching method

  186. Akhil says

    Hey Akshay, is efl pack compatible with W200i?
    i have already patched my phone..but i wanted it to display temperature .so can u tell me how to do tht?

  187. bhuvan says

    look at our forum
    ask from any one from download team
    i really dont know about this!
    but few .swf wallpapers can easily do that job!

  188. hairi says

    halo bhuven help me..the elves work in k530i flash to w660i..??

  189. codeXcitrate says

    Hi cant we have patchess for the A2 my C901..i used the k810i n modded it to the the minimize bluetooth transfer was a patch bt nw SE has added it a a default..
    My FAV of the lot was the vibrate the phone when aswered by any whome ur calling..can some1 Help!! me install this patch or any turnaround to add this option on the phone?


  190. RonieDodo says

    Excume me,
    all elves are nothing work in my k610@w660 R8BB001.
    I have patched elf.vkp and .lib.vkp also created c:/Other/Zbin/Config, and put DYNCONST.bin in c:/OtherZbin/Config
    while .elf in c:/Other/Zbin and e:/Daemons.
    I click start, but nothing happen.

  191. Akshay says

    well i would say retry, trace your steps, some mistake, check firmeware and vkp match.

  192. codeXcitrate says

    Hi akshay, i was at least hopng a reply on the C901 question…i have the phone, n really want to mod, bt dnt have the time i had wen i had my K810.. so pls help me with –
    1) Changing the fonts
    2) Changing the Signal n Battery Icons on the phone
    3) Adding various patches on the phone

    Hoping for some help here pls….and 1nce i get the basics of the A2 phones wil really luv to do some RnD on it later..

  193. chris says

    i just got a w995 was wondering if it can work on that?

  194. Akshay says

    Chris, not yet. after some time.

  195. partha says

    hello………i hav z530i ……….i applied .vkp patches to it and it died but there r many patches 4 my phone but every time i apply sometin new it died den i had 2 flash my phone…….wats d way out cud i b able to patch my phone widout killin it………………….thanx

  196. XOXOXO says

    how do i aplly vkp files, where, how, with what program? i dont get i t at all
    and where do i download elfs? or are they alredy inside vkp files

  197. yudha says

    Hi akshay, i CANT found any elfpack that match with my FW. Ive tried many .vkp’s of elf, but no one match with my FW, and if i forced to install, my phone wont run properly. It’ll keep crashing and restarting. PLEASE HELP ME..
    I’m using w580i R8BE001 prgCXC1123476 CHINA LA.

  198. wangpo says

    here is elfpack for a2 (w995) gathered form a leaked source :
    download and enjoy guys

  199. wangpo says

    w995 elfpack is here

  200. Alkaaf says

    when I run elf above 10 kb, so my phone is blank. then restarting, actually I have installed the latest library, dyn_conts.bin and have been trying standard elf and elves pack modded by tartas too, but it same, my phone is blank. So i can’t use book manager above v 2.5, bcfgedit, tamagotchi, deskbar and other (which usually above 10 kb).

    If u can run thats elf, pliss give me your elfpack. My phone is k550@w610 r6bc002. And tell me what the problem.

    Sorry for my english. I am indonesian still 15 years old. πŸ˜€

  201. bhon says

    can we put patch.vkp and lib without xs++ or something else(SE tool)..

  202. Xzinter says

    how do i patch a w595? can som1 explain or make a video tutorial?
    its important!

  203. bhuvan says

    yeah, jdflasher!

  204. bhuvan says

    look into latest patching guide for a2 phones
    that will help u

  205. Sunny says

    hey i believe theres no elf packs for w910 right??

  206. bhuvan says

    no, there are, google it

  207. razer says

    can this elf work in w995 cid 81 ??

  208. Rupendra says

    Is this work on Sony ericsson Naite J105i???