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Flash Firmware/Debrand With XS++

Here we discuss how to flash the firmware. Also debranding a phone is flashing the phone with a generic main and a generic FS of your region

SE phone Firmware has two parts.
Main Firmware which contains all the phone software. Main firmware file has the .mbn extension.
FS is a firmware which has settings and all other data like the default Images and Ringtones and all other files that is used by phone. It has .fbn file extension.

Before you flash the main firmware make GDFS BACKUP. GDFS backup is very important and not to be missed. You also need to have USB Flash Drivers Installed.

The video Shows how to flash the firmwares. Watch the video tutorial (attached at the End).

Now some important information

In this video a w610 firmware is flashed to a k550. But you must use the firmware of your phone, if your phone is a k810 then use k810 firmwares. But if your phone is S500 then you can use either S500 Firmwares or W580 Firmware, etc.
For debranding its necessary to flash both main and fs.
Only the Main can be flashed. Not a problem. But its always recommenced to flash FS also.

Many FS are available for a phone, you must choose the FS that has your language files
By default all FS have English langauge.
You can download FS and Main from TOPSONY. Or for free from TOPSE if the FS for your area is available. Or you can make a request at se-nse firmware section. People those who have the firmware should help you. Also check out my download section for few links.
If you are flashing the FS then you must also do customization or flashing of CDA. If you don’t do then phone won’t start. Your phone will halt boot saying configuration error. To do this you must download Custpack from se-nse download area. And flash them using own_custpack method which is shown in the video as well.

Download Links For XS++ and everything else is here

Download The Video Guide

Regards Akshay.

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  1. Akshay says

    its hard to find S500 Firmwares …. !!! If you are using ENGLISH then fine .. i have FS for it
    if you are using any other languages then its tough. Or you can buy FS of your language from Topsony For 2 EURO
    btw Main Firmwares is easy to find because its the same for everyone .. its only the FS.. !!

    sure enjoy your phone .. then later flash it to w580
    we have FS for w580 for any language and region.

    Just use your phone now for few weeks then we can directly DEBRAND it to a W580 and also UNLOCK it.

    but you are lucky coz here we have ANZ FS 😉

  2. Herbet says

    Thanks for the help, still to do it but just wanted to make sure it doesn’t make a difference that the firmware is main generic my phone says China. (btw, all i need is english)
    Would the main here:
    (S500 R8BA024 MAIN CHINA LY RED52)
    be any better?
    And could i use it with the custpack and FS u gave above? Also what’s ANZ stand for?
    Most importantly, i just realised i was an absolute douche and put up my IMEI number, could u please edit my post.

  3. Akshay says

    CHINA MAIN ?? don’t u use english ?? if you are using english then you can go for generic
    only china taiwan hongkong have different main, rest others same .. so if u wanted chinese then china main .. else generic will do
    yes the fs and custpack that i gave

  4. Herbet says

    Thanks man, unbranded and unlocked!!!! Great tutorials :P. As for china, weird an australian phone has china firmware eh?
    Also could u do me a favor and erase my IMEI number in the first post (jan 24, 12:13) by Herbet, on the 9th line. I didn’t realise i put it up.
    Thanks again man, saved myself $80!

  5. Akshay says

    ok ur phone is still S500 ?? or w580 ??
    you are another good example here
    many ppl keep complaining some or other problem .. they just don’t follow tutorial properly .. !!

  6. parvez says

    i got the configuration error after i flash my k800 firmware(R8BA024)….now as u stated how do i know which Custpack i have to download??

  7. Akshay says

    custpack can be flashed at any time
    prevez dude you did not follow tutorial properly
    in the video it says clearly if you don’t flash in custpack then phone will say config error .. lol
    you should have put in a custpack and phone would have started you hurried a lot.

  8. parvez says

    thnkz akshay, yes i know that i missed the main part:-(….but which custpack should i download for k800 R8BA024 firmware..?? can i download and apply any custpack?…it’ll be nice if you plz help

  9. parvez says

    if i re flash the firmware (main + fs) with the custpack…should it be ok again?

  10. parvez says

    sorry dude for disturbing..but Se-nse has looots of custpacks in the DB2020 page…which one should i choose for my k800i?

  11. Akshay says

    choose any that’s has same name as of the FS

  12. parvez says

    Thaaaaaaaaaankz man…….u r simply Gr8;-P……..i had to return back my k800 from sony ericsson service center cz they informed me they are failed to fix the phone (sony ericsson service center of Bangladesh is a total garbage)…then i flashed my cell again with the custpack…and now it is as good as new……Thankz again man…..if someday u come to visit Bangladesh, contact me..i’ll give u a treat;-P…

  13. jim says

    PLEASE delete my imei number please

  14. lamy says

    I managed to patched K550I to W610 🙂
    If I want to change the FS file to a different region for an alternative language. Can i just flash this FS on its own ? and do I loose the unlock patch in the process ?

  15. Akshay says

    yes u can flash only FS no problem
    don’t forget custpack after FS flash 😉

  16. Indranil says

    I dont much of a know of the flashing.

    I want2 flash in acoustic driver into my k790i-rikg001

    Do i need 2 debrand for that.
    Where do i get the acoustic files.
    Pls gve me a link

  17. Akshay says

    no need to debrand …. u can download acoustics from peters folder

  18. vamsi says

    plz mention the url of k550i firmware..

  19. zayn says

    i have a W810i and i am completely new to all this stuff and i wanted to know where i could get a .mbn and .fbn file for my phone???

    pls help!!

  20. josephcs89 says


    You can find FIRMWARE files at TOPSE.RU (under the file section).

    Click on the link below. This will take you directly to your W810i’s firmware versions.
    (Google Translation made to English)

  21. zayn says

    thanks alot joseph!

  22. zayn says

    hey joseph i went on the link u gave an downloaded the frrmware but its only got the .fbn file and i dont know where to get a main firmware from, could you help please?

  23. josephcs89 says

    You are most welcome zayn….
    You can find the MAIN FIRMWARE there…

    Ok, I’ve made the job simple for you…

    Here’s the MAIN

    and FS

    The firmware I’ve chosen for your mobile is
    W810 R4EK001 RED49

    Happy Flashing..!!

  24. azahary says

    where can i find the apac firmware and filesystem for k550i… actually im from malaysia so it will be easier for me to use the apac firmware…… tq….

  25. Yogesh says

    hey akshay. i just saw w660i phone. it looks similar to our w610i. can we flash our phone to it. only problem with w660 is that is doesn’t have flash. just check it out.

  26. Yogesh says

    I am planning to upgrade my firmware to 024 from 002. saw ur video tutorial its cool. BUt is xs safe or is there any method to do this stuff via setool2lite. i need the custom pack for it. I live in mumbai. can u please tell which custom pack to use. pls send me the link.

  27. Akshay says

    yogesh .. XS is safe
    all download links are given .. check out once again

  28. Yogesh says

    ya i have downloaded two custom packs. but which one shuld I choose.
    1) which is 836kb
    2) which is 24kb
    Remember i want for R8B024 firmware.

  29. Yogesh says

    anybody home!!!!!!!!!.
    can some one give me the answer

  30. Akshay says

    use one which matches your firmware !
    and i am student studying enginneering .. am not here at site for support 24×7 !! so u got to wait !

    or read tutorials properly which say use Custpack which Match FS Region 😉

  31. yog says

    I think i have really made u upset. I’m sorry. the knowledge that u have provided is really priceless. We all count on you. can u do me 1 more favour. actually when i enter write new in messaging section, i cantsee alphabets. i’m not able to express it. the column besides the ‘a’ column comes blank. like when we press 2 abc comes besides ‘a’. recently i observed that it is coming blank, a white column is coming. can u tell me how to fix it. have u blocked me up on this site.

  32. Akshay says

    ok then reflash FS and Main

    i have blocked everyone
    because if some one posts links that are very large and it gets approved automatically then its a problem for the website …

    now all comments go through moderation

  33. michael says

    hi love what you are doing! i folloed this procedure and i got the config error at phone start up. i think it is bad fs but i followed all the steps in xs. could you help me? thanks budddy

  34. Peti says

    Did you upload the customization pack?
    If so, then probably the firmware is bad, also the custpack can be bad. Look at for custpacks….

  35. Polyvios says

    Dude hi

    I’m trying to use the Fsx but i’m getting this responce

    Sending db2010_cid49red_cs_r3a010.bin…

    and then everything stops!
    any suggestions??

  36. Akshay says

    do a full reflash of fs main and custpack and then use fsx !

  37. K Elamaran says

    Hi, How to open the video tutorial?? it is saving as an exe file and is not supported by any media player.

    How to open it??

  38. Akshay says

    its a flash tutorial .. you should have flash installed in your computer ! it works in windows only ..!
    and since you are complaning i downloaded the video and tested it .. its working ! let me know if its not working !

    its got a player embed into it

  39. K Elamaran says

    Hi akshayy.. I am having this problem of OPERATION FAILURE. So wen i try to connect my W610i to XS++ it is saying ” Error: Cannot open phone communication port ” wat should i do??

  40. Akshay says

    install usb flash drivers or SEUS and update phone

  41. k Elamaran says

    Hi akshayy.. where can i find nice appz & games for W610i??

  42. salony says

    Hey akshay i was trying to apply patches to my phone… but when i start SEtool2lite, as soon as i click on add file to add the main file it closes on its own..! i tried using FAR manager but the phone starts in between after i connect it.. the phone is connected and works fine with XS++ even the USB flash drivers are installed..!? can u give a reason why its happeing and what I must do now..!

  43. Akshay says

    k Elamaran ! you find them at
    and apps at

    salony ! what are you trying to do ? and which phone ?? i think you are adding wrong files maybe !
    let me know .. what exactly you are trying to do !

  44. salony says

    No akshay… I’m not trying to put any files… i downloaded Setool2lite from the link given by you… When i was trying to apply the quick access patch, i had just clicked on ‘…’ to select the files but the setool2lite automatically closes on its own.. then i thought of using jdflasher but once i connect and click on bflash, it gives an error and the phone starts on its own..! help..! like i said i have SEUS installed and also checked that USB flash drivers are there and even XS++ is doing fine..! what’s the problem..!?

  45. salony says

    and yeah my phone is k550i flashed to w610i using your tutorial… my firmware is R8BA024..!

  46. Akshay says

    ok ! i got it !! but quick acces patch directly ??
    don’t you first do db2020 bypass and then quick access path !! while applying the actual quick access you don’t choose quick access ! i just now tested the software .. no such problems !! can you please follow tutorial once again ??

    you should select the quick access option ! only when you are applying other patches !

    also go for a full reflash of Fs and main ! and custpack ! remember if you do it then all patches applied will have to re applied !!

    or you download the software from else where !
    google search can get u it ! easily !
    generally setool 2 lite has problems with vista and its not that stable as a software … !!

  47. salony says

    yeah sorry i meant that i was bypassing db2020 security only..!
    Neys i just noticed that when i connected my phone to My phone Explorer it showed me 2 files on memory stick which i never saw before.. one is autorun.inf and another with an extension .cmd..! I’m not able to delete them.. advise me what to do…!?

  48. salony says

    and another thing… i’m not able to connect to PC suite as well… how do i format my memory stick now..!? what would master reset do…!?

  49. salony says

    and can u please check if these 2 files are also there in your phone.. they’re being shown when i click on memory stick in myphone explorer… One’s name is autorun.inf and the other is u.cmd

  50. Akshay says

    yeah your computer is infected with Virus
    and it copies to any USB device attached to the computer .. ! phone Memory and m2 card both behave as USB Device !

    As soon as you delete them, they are again created by the virus in your computer and restored in phone and m2 card or any device attached to computer …!

    you can format m2 card from phone file manager more options … ! you can delete autorun inf in phone .. !

    master reset clears all phone memory ! leaves m2 card intact !

    about setool 2 lite ! download from else where and follow tutorial correctly !!

    AutoRun INF files is there in all in USB FLash drives .. coz i connect them to college computers where viruses are all over the network …!

  51. Akshay says

    no idea why phone is not connecting to PC suite
    i hope its connecting to My Phone Explorer !! That’s enough ! not a phone problem !

  52. salony says

    thanx alot..! I’ve formatted my memory stick now should i format phone memory also…!? nd how do i do that…. Formatting whole memory would also remove all the FS contents also…!?

  53. Akshay says

    LOL ! you can’t format Phone Memory ! you can do Master Reset ! That will clear everything !

    And Master Reset does not remove FS contents .. but all Sony ringtones and pictures will be gone .. everything in phone memory !

  54. Peti says

    salony, do you have the necessary drivers, and is your battery charged?

  55. salony says

    @ Akshay
    Thanx friend…. Finally got tid of the virus in my phone..!
    @ Peti
    Yes i’ve tried averything… Even the drivers are well there and battery also full… dunno what’s the problem…!??!

  56. Ram says

    my firmware model is R4EA031. I have the file W810_R4EK001_MAIN_GENERIC_HN_RED49.mbn
    Shall i proceed to flash my fone’s MAIN with this file? Is it correct or should i try some other version? Im trying to apply new walkman skins to my fone. I just copied new skin to the respective folder using FSX(XS++). No change in my fone’s media player. How to do this correctly and how to use the uploaded walkman skin???
    please help me………

  57. Akshay says

    you can’t apply walkman skins to w810 coz its walkman 1 !
    you can apply patch to change skin but

  58. BurnZ says

    Hi there.
    I’m still new in this. And i wanna know how to flash my k800i.
    I’ve searched in all websites and ive found out that it is very hard to learn from them.
    Any suggestion which website is the best?
    And where can i get the flash driver for my k800i?

  59. Akshay says

    hii , this video tutorial is easiest ! nothing else can get easier i believe !
    use this video , and download your phone main and fs from links given in download page

    also you can search for firmware at 4shared and esnips
    or buy for 2 euro from topsony ..!

    new download zones for firmwares are under construction

  60. Peti says

    I doubt that, new download zone will have 2 GB large store, that won’t be enough for too much firmwares. Besides a while ago I flashed a K800i, I downloaded the firmware from
    I suggest that site for firmware. 😉

  61. Akshay says

    no we can can one generic main and one genric fs for all phone

    and then tutorial to add languages just after fs flash but before customization

    or we can make Language + Customization Pack
    which is used just after FS flash.. so that language won’t be a problem.

  62. Peti says

    Also it doesn’t have to be right after FS flashing, after customization is done, you can still go into Settings and do a Master reset, I think that is enogh then (after uploading new customization settings).

  63. Agontuk says

    My w810i phone has gone dead, it doesn’t turn on.
    I connected the phone on the xs++, then unplugged it and then it wouldn’t turn on.
    Please Helpppppppp!!!!!!!

  64. Nikunj says

    hey akshayy can u tell from where i can download k810i .fbn file as i want to coustmize my phone i got the main file

  65. Akshay says

    from topse russian
    or from here
    i have given links check out

  66. Peti says

    @ Agontuk: connect to xs++ and reflash main.
    @ Nikunj: you can use or (but there you have to register). The FS and custpack you download defines the languages you will be able to use. If you want to use English, then no prob, but if something else, then it is harder to find.

  67. ankur says

    hey, i use K550i and just this mng my phone gt viruses…i dwnldd smethng last nite bt it was working properly after tht….just ths mng it stopped wrkng …. wen i try to start it, nothing cmes up except flashes of white lite……….wat do i do………pls help….also ,i formatted my pc….so i’ve been havng problms in installing the phone to my pc… doesnt detects phone wen i connect it wid pc…….i’d be very grateful if u cud help………………thx

  68. Akshay says

    LOL ! Fact is JAVA phones can never be infected with virus ! but you can believe what you want !

    your phone gdfs is gone ! i hope important variables are intact !
    you should reflash main and fs and custpack to fix your phone !
    if checksummed variables of your gdfs are gone then your phone is dead forever .. Sony Ericsson Service Center cannot repair it ! because Sony Ericsson does not allow it ! you will get your phone replaced with new one if full reflash of phone fails !

  69. Akshay says

    but i most important of all just check your phone battery first ! before you conclude anything
    i hope you have checked your battery !

  70. ankur says

    thx for ur suggestion but seriously, i nevr had any such problm and i dont really understand any of the technical terms u use……..i dnt undrstnd wat u mean by “you should reflash main and fs and custpack to fix your phone ! “……..hw shd i do dat……..if u cud pls gimme sme simple summary or guidelines as to wat they mean and hw to do it………..and as to ur last query,yes i’ve chkd my battery……….i dnt knw hw much charged the phone is but its been charging for the last 8 to 10 hrs……….pls help……….thx in any case………..

  71. ankur says

    hey, i tried following the steps which u’ve put down in order to flash……..i updated my phone…it worked out quite well…after tht i followed the guidelines mentioned by u until the step 6……after this i wasnt able to understand step 7which says “7. open “flash” folder and paste all .swf files you want”…………..hw wud i knw which .swf files to paste there and also frm whr can i get thm………i gt a bit confused too as the measures ,which u’ve taken in ur tutorial video, r quite diff frm the ones which u’ve mentioned ………hw diff r these frm the former………pls help……….. thxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  72. pratik says

    .swf files should be copies to
    later . thm files shud be copied to m2 card

  73. Peti says

    ankur, that step is just customizing. For you it is enough to reflash main and FS. Besides a few months ago I met a phone with such problem, and it was its Memory stick that was damaged.
    Guide: this should be the guide, watch the video. Strange, but k550 @ w610 crossflashing tutorial says more about flashing main and fs and custpack, read it also, I suggest.

  74. Akshay says

    Ankur i am confused
    what are you trying to do ?
    video here is to flash phone firmwares
    not to add flash menus

  75. Irfan says

    Hi, Akshay

    Pls, how do I flash w200i with XS++ or Any other tool. Please reply me guide or tutorial.

  76. Peti says

    First install USB flash drivers:
    Then you download XS++, , then . Extract them. Start XS++, connect the phone (holding C button), tick Flash Main and Flash file system, select the right files. Then tick customize file system, and extract the Custom files to the directory of XS++, in a new dir, called ‘own_custpack’. In XS++ select own_custpack for Custpavk and click Flash. Ask if you don’t understand something. 😉

  77. Irfan says

    Which version of XS++? I’ve XS++ 3.1.

  78. Peti says

    We also have 3.1, it is the latest available. 😀

  79. Irfan says

    I’ve tried to flash. It show me “Sending Flash Block Error.” Why?

  80. Peti says

    Maybe wrong CID number? The phone’s EROM CID differs from the CID of the firmware you are flashing?

  81. Irfan says

    Again CID is OK. It shows me this.
    Sending db2010_db2012_cid52red_flash_r2b012.bin…

    00:39:00| Applet ID: 061205 1354 HAN_DB2012_FLASHLOADER_R2B012_CXC1326738

    00:39:00| This is a FLASH loader

    00:39:00| Now flashing firmware main…

    00:39:00| Flashing c:\users\irfan nagori\documents\w200i\firmware\w200_r4ja011_main_generic_me_red52.mbn

    00:39:00| Header type: BABE

    00:39:01| 318 flashblocks

    00:39:02| Binary acknowledge failed with: 15

    00:39:02| Command: Error 0x15

    00:39:02| Failed sending flashblock 1. Returnvalue 0xF7FE2000
    00:39:02| Finishing flash

    00:39:20| Sendinging shutdown signal to phone…

    00:39:22| Shutting down…

  82. Peti says

    I don’t see XS++ saying “OTP CID: xx” and “EROM CID: xx”… that should have been written here, too. 😛

  83. ronan says

    every time i connect
    it says unable to connect to ur phone
    i was pressing c and phone was off

  84. Irfan says

    I don’t understand. Please give detail,what u r trying to explain!

  85. Peti says

    @ ronan: Did you install the Flash Drivers? Follow
    @ Irfan: XS++ shows your EROM CID in the log, but you didn’t write it here.

  86. ronan says

    it cant detect my phone help?

  87. ronan says

    i followed the whole thing

  88. ronan says

    ok i just flashed it but i keep geting configuration error help

  89. Peti says

    Upload an ‘own_custpack’. See

  90. stereotips says

    Hey, Fellas!
    Indeed happy to see place like this with people with knowledge sharing it with those in need for it!
    Am having k810i R6BC002 EROM: R3A022 Europe_4 with the simlock engaged and FS branded. Have been through all the info avaiable on the resources in here, have gotten all the files i seem to be in need for and seem to have pretty clear understanding of the process (plus, have played around with XS++). YET, before i get to the job of flashing my device, have one last question:
    As stated before, my FW is R6BC002, yet i cannot find a set of all three elements i need with that version of firmware. A full set for k810 i did manage to find is R1KG001 – both the MAIN and FS. So “Is it fully compatible and capable of being flashed with this version of Main/FS?”
    Thanks in advance!

  91. Peti says

    I answered to the other post. 😀

  92. Luv says

    I currently own a w580i and it has the firmware R7AC001. Is there a way i can find this firmware and put it on my phone to put it back to be branded?

  93. Peti says

    Try topse…

  94. Li Syaoran says

    Hey akshay. Thanks alot for the guide. It works for me. Flashed as good as new 😉

  95. chirag says

    hi i want to flash my w810i
    can i use this to files for flashing
    1. W810_R4ED001_FS_C_ASIA_RED49
    2. W810_R4EA031_MAIN_GENERIC_HN_RED49

    a two different FS and MAIN

  96. Akshay says

    it works…u can use
    don’t forget CDA

  97. Rapt0r says

    Akshay. just to clarify. the posts that you posted on the 24 jan for herbert. Are they australian and new zealand firmwares

  98. Akshay says

    actually the difference in FS is only languages and operator settings for WAP and MMS
    AUS and NZ use English. English is present in ALL FS
    also operator settings can be downloaded from Sony Ericsson Website
    to use any FS.. main is same for all

  99. Rapt0r says

    cool thanks. and thanks heaps for that quick reply

  100. Ezra says

    i tried flashing my w810 with xs++, it has the wsod. But during flashing the cable got disconnected and i can’t get the phone reconnected to the pc. Help me plzzz

  101. Peti says

    Try reinserting battery, charging battery, using a different battery. Does the phone start?

  102. Akshay says

    yes reinsert and try
    reflash man and fs and cda

  103. Sereena says

    Hello Akshay

    Your tutorial is great.. the most informative I have found since learning my current firmware R1N035 is buggy and the reason MP3 files have never transferred properly.

    My phone is UK W800i which I’ve had unlocked to be able to use in Australia. I have also changed it from BROWN to RED36.

    My questions are: The phones region still reads ORANGE_GEN, would it be ok to use W800_R1BC002_MAIN_EU_1_CA_RED36
    or W800_R1BC002_FS_EUROPE_2_RED36.rar

    I’m not sure if using EU firmware will re-block Australian networks. Do I need to debrand first? or will I need to unlock again after?


  104. Peti says

    You can use any FS in any region of the world, especially if you are using the phone with english language, because it is available in all FS files. You will have to unlock it again, as soon as you flash W800_R1BC002_MAIN_EU_1_CA_RED36.

  105. Sereena says

    Hi and thanks for the speedy reply,

    Where can I find this particular firmware other than TOPSONY? ..I haven’t been on that site enough to download it. :0( The russian site was much better but I got a bit lost..

    Also would you recommend using XS++ or Gflash?

    Thanks again!

  106. Akshay says

    use XS++ 3.1
    see download section for another link
    its there

  107. kalyan says

    Hi, My phone is w810i and I have all the main firmware files and file system also that is .mbn, .fbn files. I also have a tutorial how to flash, but i have 02 bookmarks and each time when i switch on or switch off the phone that o2 comes up, I dont want that to come. Any idea how to remove that?

  108. Akshay says

    flash fs and main and cda
    that’s all
    debrand it ! its o2 branded now.

  109. kalyan says

    My mobile CDA is CDA102494/155. Should I select CDA102494/155 only or any other CDA can be selected to flash my mobile?

  110. kalyan says

    I have the below file system and main firmware files, please check it and confirm if i can flash my phone with those files.

    1. W810_R4ED001_FS_CENT_EUROPE_RED49
    2. W810_R4EA031_MAIN_GENERIC_HN_RED49

    and my phone firmware version is R4EA031 and CID is 49 with EROM color RED. I am stuck at CDA now. In your tutorial it was told to create owncustom pack, but in XS++ already CDA is available with default. Should I go ahead with default one or owncustom method?

  111. Akshay says

    use any thing
    inbuilt or own custpack

  112. Peti says

    FS and Main versions should not differ, when I put R6 main on my R8 (main & fs) phone, I lost all languages but English. So I suggest that you should use:

  113. kalyan says

    Okay, thanks a lot for the information. I will go ahead and flash my phone.

  114. kalyan says

    Hey, in XS++ it is not showing my CDA. My Cda is CDA102494/155 R3A and in XS++ it is CDA102494/15 if i put this does it work? If I have to use custom pack please give me the link from where can i download that. Below are the details of my w810i. Before you told me to install the File system and mainfirmware with version R4EA031, now in XS++ it is showing that my firmware version is R4ED001. Shall I go ahead with the files w810_R4ED001_FS_CENT_EUROPE_RED49,
    W810_R4EA031_MAIN_GENERIC_HN_RED49 or should I use both versions R4EA031?

    Platform: DB2010
    20:22:51| EROM CID: 49
    20:22:51| EROM Color: Red
    20:22:51| IMEI: 35657401xxxxxx
    20:22:51| Phone ID: W810
    20:22:51| Region: EUROPE_2
    20:22:51| CDA: CDA102494/155 R3A
    20:22:51| Firmware Version: R4ED001

  115. Peti says

    You are going to use CENT_EUROPE and now it is EUROPE_2?
    For CENT_EUROPE use
    If you are using it in English, the region doesn’t matter.

  116. kalyan says

    Thank you so much and I appreciate your patience in replying my queries which might be silly to you.

  117. Peti says

    And many of such questions can be answered just by searching on the site. 😉

  118. kalyan says

    Guys, I have succesfully flashed my w810i. Thanks a lot for your excellent support. But one thing, only English language is present in my mobile, anyways I use english only. I want to know y only english language was there and not other languages. Below are the firmware and file system I used.


  119. kalyan says

    Also, please tell me how do I unlock the phone? I have read in the tutorial to unlock by creating VKP patch for DB2020 phone, but my friends phone is w810i and platform is DB2010 CID 49. Please tell me how do I unlock for DB2010 phone.

  120. kalyan says

    Hey, I got the information about that unlocking in u r
    website leave it. Sorry for that.

  121. Akshay says

    wrong choice of CDA means only English language

  122. Peti says

    There is DB2010 unlocking on the site, too. Use search.

  123. kalyan says

    Guys, to unlock the phone is it the only way to apply simox patch or can we flash the whole main, FS and CDA directly?

  124. Akshay says

    yes …… only flashing won’t help

  125. kalyan says

    Okay, in that case after applying VKP patch to mainfirmware to unlock. If I again flash the whole main, CDA and FS will it be still unlocked? I think this might be stupid question to you. All I want to know is, if i put the patch to mainfirmware that operator bookmarks and stuff will still be there even if it is unlocked. So I want to flash whole thing.Is it possible?

  126. pratik says

    once u reflash ur main …..
    all patches will be removed .

    so after reflashing ……
    u’ll have to start patching by unlocking
    ur phone by quick access patch .

    unlocking is only for db2020 phones.

  127. kalyan says

    Earlier my w810i was locked to o2 I gave the mobile outside to unlock it, they have unlocked it. Now recently I flashed my mobile since my FS was not flashed properly. My mobile is still unlocked after reflashing it. Do you think the people outside have used some special tools to unlock it without using the VKP patch? I want to unlock one more mobile also. Please help me if there is any way.

  128. Peti says

    They probably used some keygenerator stuff, to remove the simlock, no patching.

  129. kalyan says

    Akshayy,do you know where can I get SE toolbox 3 (tool to unlock sony mobile) in Bangalore? Will it be found in SP road in bangalore?Any idea how much does that cost?

  130. yogendra says

    sir, i wanted to know that if i flash my phone w810i what about the warranty of the phone? will it be gone? second thing is that if something goes wrong then how can i bring my phone back to its original state like the day i purchased the phone? how do i know about the area code of my phone i live in india… which one should i download? please answer my quries? thanks….

  131. Peti says

    The warranty is gone the moment you start flashing (with tools except SEUS).
    You can’t bring it back to its original state.:S
    As far as I know, you are using English phones in India, so any FS will do, because they all have English.

  132. Luv says

    Hi, i wanted to know if there is a way i can backup my original firmware on my phone so that i can put it back if something goes wrong? I have the firmware R7AC001 for w580. Also, if i cant back it up then can you find one for me or tell me where to find this firmware? Thanks

  133. Peti says

    I think you can back it up with “Read FLASH” in SeTool2, but why would you do it? I couldn’t find any download link for this FW.

  134. bakare says

    pls i currently own a k770i and its locked on t mobile and i dont know ow to unlock it. pls will you help me with any necesarry things i will be needing althrough the process cos i dont know anything about unlocking? pls

  135. Peter says


    the fsx doesn’t work in xs. The full window does not open so cant see the full window. do i need to register it or get an update or something?


  136. Peti says

    No, it should work as it is.
    Do you connect the phone before clicking FSX?

  137. Dev says

    Hi Akshay,
    Thanks for your unlocking phone tutorial. I successfully unlocked 580i phone.

    Can you please guide me for :
    – How to remove service providers menu?
    – Which is the latest firmware for 580i and FS? And how to load FS?

    Once again thanks for your help,

  138. Yogesh says

    I got a w610i. My main is R6b002 and my fs is R8b024. After a few weeks my cell gets restarted after a few quick actions. I don’t know whats happening. I have installed elves. Is that the reason. I am thinking of flashing it entirely. Can u suggest me a stable version. I don’t need elves. Is R8 stable.

  139. Nikunj says

    Hi akshay i have flash my phone n debranded it now i have some problem with my joystick so i have to give it in for repair my phone is under warranty will the consider under a warranty or they will not do it for free as i have flash my phone

  140. Peti says

    @ Dev: Service provider’s stuff can be deleted by flashing FS and customizing. That is called debranding.
    Latest fws are found on and other sites, look there.
    Flash FS with XS++, connect, tick flash FS, browse the fbn file in, hit flash. Then you’ll need to upload a custpack. Find tutorials on the site.
    @ Yogesh: definitely elves.
    @ Nikunj: flashing voids warranty….

  141. sujit says

    hi akshay…XS++ did’nt hv in its default fies cust pack for my i flashed it with FS of Europe RA0024 with custpack of W880i (generic_india).. it worked but with few key fn mismatch n incorrect key fn..i found the custom pack for my K770i only it ok if i now flash the FS again with ur “Customize Your Phone” tutorial ?..

  142. Akshay says

    it does not matter.. the CDA is same for all db2020 phones.
    but it should match FS area if you want xyz languages.
    if English it ok.. now just stay quiet.

  143. jdw says

    I need this file but the one from sek750 is not working ,can any one help me please.I dont have enough logs on topsony to download it.

  144. Peti says

    How about

  145. Henry says

    16:12:52| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    16:12:52| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    16:12:58| Attempting to open the interface…


    16:12:58| TURN OFF PHONE!

    16:12:58| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    16:12:58| You have 30 seconds…


    16:13:05| Baseband ID: 8040

    16:13:05| Protocol Version: 3.1


    16:13:05| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…

    16:13:05| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L

    16:13:05| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader

    16:13:06| Activating GDFS…

    16:13:06| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:W600)

    16:13:06| …using GDFS name


    16:13:06| Profiling SEMC phone…

    16:13:06| Platform: DB2010

    16:13:06| OTP CID: 49

    16:13:06| EROM CID: 49

    16:13:06| EROM Color: Red

    16:13:06| IMEI: 35744600xxxxxx

    16:13:06| Phone ID: W600

    16:13:06| Region: AMERICA_1

    16:13:06| CDA: CDA102453/17 022706

    16:13:06| Firmware Version: R7CA017

    16:13:06| EROM: n/a

    16:13:06| Ready for operation!

    16:13:13| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~

    16:13:13| Custpack: AMERICA_1 (CDA102453-39/102005) (W600)

    16:13:13| Generic(non-branded) custpack: Yes

    16:13:13| Allowed languages: en, cf, xl,

    16:13:13| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    16:13:26| Sending db2010_cid49red_cs_p3t.bin…

    16:13:28| Applet ID: 070417 1739 NPACXC1327364_COMPACT_SEMC_CS_LOADER__P3T

    16:13:28| This is a CHIPSELECT loader

    16:13:28| Activating loader…

    16:13:28| Activating GDFS…

    16:13:29| This loader is UNLOCKED

    16:13:29| Success! CS-loader has been unlocked!

    16:13:29| Uploading customization files to phone…

    16:13:29| Upload ./own_custpack/tpa/preset/custom/CONTENT_DOWNLOAD_HOOK.itm to tpa/preset/custom/CONTENT_DOWNLOAD_HOOK.itm

    16:13:29| Activating filesystem

    16:22:13| Error: Flashing failed

    16:22:13| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    16:22:16| Shutting down…

    Akshay I cant get past this ponit in flashing my phone it just wont activate the filesystem and now I am getting a configuration error signal

  146. Akshay says

    Henry use XS++ 2.2 .. that will work.

  147. Andreas says

    im new in this stuff!i ve been having problems to put apps in my k550im and i saw your tutorial…i followed the steps but still there s something wrong(im not sure if i followed all of them right)!im kind of confused…
    since i have a se k550im i have to use k550im firmware or the phone s that i want to flash mine into…
    same question for the fs and custom pack…
    reply me soon because i got a configuration error and i dont have a phone!!

  148. Peti says

    Where should we put link to the Config error solution tutorial? What can we do if people won’t use search.
    Follow the K550i@W610i crossflashing tutorial, w610i is far better than k550i(m).

  149. Me says

    Hi, does this tutorial work with w660 also??

  150. Akshay says

    Yes it works with w660 all CIDs
    except w660 CID53.
    Connect phone to XS++ it will show CID number on left side.

  151. Akshay says

    If phone is CID53 use JDflasher.

  152. black_mamba says

    heye bro…igot K790i wid r1kg001 fw…wid Region as Asia_Levan……….n now iwant to flash it to R8BF004…but the FS igot is Cent_Europe…….so flashing the MAIN n FS to ma fone…wil the region change to Cent_Europe…….??!?!? and also will der b any problem with reception in Mumbai?!?!?

    Plz reply soon as ima alredy flashing my fone….to see if it works or not!

  153. Peti says

    Service problems won’t come up, I think. You can use any FS region with the custpack for the same region. All FS’s have English in them, so if it is ok, go ahead.

  154. black_mamba says

    ok..dude iflashed it n now its working alright….but only thing is when i pick calls…a message is displayed saying “Ciphering not provided by operator.Insecure Transmission”….!!! why is it coming so??

  155. Peti says

    Follow this:
    Your problem is due to a bad custpack. Use the tutorial to modify your custpack or obtain a new one. Then reflash FS and use the new custpack.

  156. black_mamba says

    oh well i’l try getin new cust pack on.!!!
    n btw ineva keep SIM in the fone while flashing it…..cuz once idid n my PCB got corrupted(iwaz flashing k790 to k818 n bak to k790 r6bc fw)… ineva keep sim inside…..!!!
    thnkx ya!
    btw whch fone yo got?! n any idea abt elf packz….cuz der r none fo k790 r1kg but der r many for r8bf003……so daz y iflashd it to this!

  157. Peti says

    I don’t get why you have to write in this nigga style…
    SIM should be taken out, though I rarely do it. 😀
    I have K550@W610, elves all right. You need to have the correct fw, because elf-makers don’t have time to port the patches to others.

  158. black_mamba says

    aye bro,ima habituated to nigga style writin’…:p
    ok i’ve got the correct fw..the only thing iwant to know is how do istart with elf’z for k790 R8BF003….im going through akshayy’s tutorial on this elf’s… if i get prob ihope i’d ask yo n get a reply….oh btw can yo gime ya msn or yahoo messenger id?!

  159. Peti says

    That tutorial is ok and k790 r8bf003 has elfpack, so don’t worry. My msn id is on my userinfo page at

  160. Tahsin says

    i tried to flash w200 with setool but i got this problem
    “configuration eror. Please contact your network operator or service centre.”

    and when i try to flash it with XS++

    this one comes:
    14:29:08| Profiling SEMC phone…
    14:29:08| Platform: DB2010
    14:29:08| OTP CID: 51
    14:29:08| EROM CID: 52
    14:29:08| EROM Color: Red
    14:29:08| IMEI: 35619601xxxxxx
    14:29:08| Phone ID: W200
    14:29:08| Region: MEDITERR
    14:29:08| CDA: CDA102738/103 R1A
    14:29:08| Firmware Version: R4JA011
    14:29:08| EROM: n/a
    14:29:08| Ready for operation!
    14:29:34| Sending db2010_db2012_cid52red_flash_r2b012.bin…
    14:29:34| Applet ID: 061205 1354 HAN_DB2012_FLASHLOADER_R2B012_CXC1326738
    14:29:34| This is a FLASH loader
    14:29:34| Now flashing firmware main…
    14:29:36| Flashing d:\newdvd\programs\other\se\w200_r4ja011_main_generic_me_red52.mbn
    14:29:36| Header type: BABE
    14:29:36| 318 flashblocks
    14:29:36| Binary acknowledge failed with: 15
    14:29:36| Command: Error 0x15
    14:29:36| Failed sending flashblock 1. Returnvalue 0xF7FE2000
    14:29:36| Finishing flash

    since XS++ doesnt have custom file for w200 i tried with W300, then K510 but all come with the above problem,
    what can i do?

  161. Akshay says

    hey use XS++ 2.2
    or do the same with setool 2 lite.

    Configuration error is because you forgot to flash CDA/Custpack.

  162. wan says

    hi akshay.. my phone is k810. when i start on that phone, insert correct sim card appear. what should i do…

  163. Peti says

    Hmm. Try sim card from a friend’s phone. Probably bad contact and not software prob. If that doesn’t work, try reflashing main and fs.

  164. Akshay says

    van. am sorry for late late reply
    your phone is locked. unlock it.
    Insert Corect SIM card means locked phone.

  165. Syazwan says

    can i put flash menu on my sony ericsson Z610i and Z550i?
    where can i find all of the stuffs that i need to flash both of it?
    and i would to ask u somthg..
    is there is any posiblities for my sony ericsson w810i which i had written a GDFS that is not made for it…
    and i forgot to do the backup of my original w810i GDFS before i wrote the false GDFS into it..
    so how now?
    i really really really really and really need ur help…
    do reply to me a.s.a.p!!
    thnks for ur kindness…

    and sorry for my broken english!

  166. k800i-rp says

    Hello Akshay. Thank you very much for this very informative site. I tried to follow the instructions, including back-up of GDFS. I tried to flash Main and FS (and I selected the CustPac included in the XS++. Everything is OK in flashing the Main and FS, then it stops at “Activating GDFS”.

    Can you please help me and tell me what is wrong? I will appreciate your support. Thank you in advanced!

    Here is the log information:
    13:56:27| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    13:56:27| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    13:56:32| Attempting to open the interface…
    13:56:32| TURN OFF PHONE!
    13:56:32| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    13:56:32| You have 30 seconds…
    13:56:37| Baseband ID: 9900
    13:56:37| Protocol Version: 3.1
    13:56:37| Phone name detected!
    13:56:37| Profiling SEMC phone…
    13:56:37| Platform: DB2020
    13:56:37| OTP CID: 49
    13:56:37| EROM CID: 52
    13:56:37| EROM Color: Red
    13:56:37| IMEI: 35399601xxxxxx
    13:56:37| Phone ID: K800
    13:56:37| Region: CS
    13:56:37| CDA: CDA102568/Z R1A
    13:56:37| Firmware Version: R1EZ004
    13:56:37| EROM: R3A016
    13:56:37| Ready for operation!
    13:57:03| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~
    13:57:03| Custpack: EUROPE_4 (CDA102511/101) (K800)
    13:57:03| Generic(non-branded) custpack: Yes
    13:57:03| Allowed languages: en, da, fi, is, sv, no,
    13:57:03| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    13:57:06| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~
    13:57:06| Custpack: C_ASIA (CDA102568/7) (K800)
    13:57:06| Generic(non-branded) custpack: No
    13:57:06| Allowed languages: en, ar, ru, tr, uk,
    13:57:06| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    13:57:09| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…
    13:57:09| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J
    13:57:09| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    13:57:09| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid52_r2a006.bin…
    13:57:10| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0
    13:57:10| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
    13:57:10| Sending db2020_cid52red_flash_r2a005.bin…
    13:57:10| Applet ID: 061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
    13:57:10| This is a FLASH loader
    13:57:10| Now flashing firmware main…
    13:57:11| Flashing d:\ericsson\k800i\k800_r8bf003_main_generic_wi_red52\k800_r8bf003_main_generic_wi_red52.mbn
    13:57:11| Header type: BABE
    13:57:11| 460 flashblocks
    14:00:58| Finishing flash
    14:00:58| Done flashing
    14:00:58| Now flashing filesystem…
    14:00:59| Flashing d:\ericsson\k800i\k800_r8bf003_fs_c_asia_red52\k800_r8bf003_fs_c_asia_red52.fbn
    14:00:59| Header type: BABE
    14:00:59| 233 flashblocks
    14:02:55| Finishing flash
    14:02:56| Done flashing
    14:02:56| Sending db2020_red52_cs_r3a009.bin…
    14:02:57| Applet ID: 070410 1557 HANCXC1250562_DB2020_CSLOADER_R3A009
    14:02:57| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    14:02:57| Activating loader…
    14:02:57| Activating GDFS…

  167. Akshay says

    hey k800.
    use XS++ 2.2 to upload CDA using own_custpack
    see in this folder for XS++ 2.2

  168. k800i-rp says

    Thank you very much for the quick reply. I was successful in downloading the XS++ 2.2, but unfortunately for some reason, I can not access SE-NSE site, therefore, I can not access or download the customization files.

    I hate to do this but I have no option… Can I request you to point me to other websites that has those customization files I need for my phone? Or maybe if it is not too much to ask, can you email it to me, pal?

    Thank you in advanced!


  169. Akshay says

    you can find them in here again.
    see clearly, its there i am sure

  170. k800i-rp says

    Hey pal, you are really fast in replying. thank you very much. i followed the link and the only ones there are for the K550i, K550im, W610i, and the XS++ directories.

    I need the cust pack for K800i, APAC to be specific.

    Thanks again!

  171. k800i-rp says

    Sorry, not APAC but C_ASIA.

    Thank you and best regards!

  172. Akshay says

    well you can use any db2020 cust pack for any db2020 phone.
    so use it…….!!!!
    w610 k800 k550 are all db2020 only

  173. k800i-rp says

    Ok, thank you. I will try it. Currently, my phone does not want to boot up anymore because after XS ++ stopped on “Activating GDFS”, I cancelled the process.

    I hope it works. I will let you know…

  174. k800i-rp says

    Hi Akshay. I tried your suggestion by using XS++ 2.2 to upload CDA using own_custpack. It was able to pass the “Activating GDFS” part, but it froze in the “Activating filesystem” part.

    My phone still is dead and does not want to boot-up.

    Do you have any recommendation, pal? Thanks again.

  175. Akshay says

    oh god that sucks.
    I don’t know what to do now.
    Give it a last try.
    Do Full Reflash of Main And FS and then own_custpack.

    Then if that does not work.
    Using Far Manager try to copy those two xml files of own_cusptack/cda to tpa preset custom folder.
    see this far manager tutorial.

    do you have a gdfs backup ?

  176. Peti says

    How long do you let it be freezed?

  177. bob says

    Help it says my phone is not supported!
    How can i make it stop saying this

  178. Peti says

    Use a different phone! If it isn’t supported then it isn’t supported. By the way, what type is that phone?

  179. Keith says

    Hi, I got a SE w610i phone and I have a SE s500i phone too.. but I like the style and the durabilty of the w610i but s500 fw waaay better.. is there any way to flash my w610i fw with s500 fw.. plz dont say no 🙁

  180. Akshay says

    you can’t. phone will die.

  181. lee says

    hi akshay! i have gt new k790i. i want to flash it to w880i. cn u pls give link for MAIN and FS. also wats custpack and where can i get it and is CDA compulsory? is there any chance of my cell gettin completely damaged?? i am from india.

  182. Peti says

    You can’t flash K790 to W880. That kills the EROM and you won’t be able to turn it on.
    You can’t crossflash it to any W model, in fact you can’t crossflash it to any other phone.

  183. Luv says

    Hi, i recently just visited you seusers website and saw that you have the R7AC001 firmware which is for ATT/Cingular. Now do you think there would be a possibility of rebranding the phone?

  184. Peti says

    It isn’t our site, but yes, if you have the right FS, you can rebrand. It’s better to have the right CDA, too.

  185. Luv says

    Ok thanks, in order to rebrand my phone all i have to do is flash the main and FS using xs++ right? Also do i have to select the customize file system option? Just want to make sure if this really rebranding. When i connect my phone it says
    Platform: DB2020
    15:30:20| OTP CID: 51
    15:30:20| EROM CID: 52
    15:30:20| EROM Color: Red
    15:30:20| IMEI: 35256002xxxxxx
    15:30:20| Phone ID: W580
    15:30:20| Region: CINGULAR
    15:30:20| CDA: CDA102774/102 R17A
    15:30:20| Firmware Version: R7AC001
    15:30:20| EROM: R3A022
    Now i got the MAIN and FS from
    Can you please check if this matches with the firmware i currently have on my phone. Notice that i havent debranded it yet because i want to make sure that i can rebrand it. Please help me. Thank you so much

  186. Peti says

    Yes it should be ok. As for CDA, you can download it with JDFlasher from your current config, or maybe seusers too, I don’t know for sure.

  187. Peti says

    I think you want to rebrand to have warranty, the best trick is to kill gdfs when you want warranty, so they replace it with a new phone… (note I haven’t tested it yet..)

  188. Luv says

    Ok thanks Peti. So do i need to check the box that says customize file system on XS++. As for GDFS how do i kill it? And what difference will killing a gdfs do? Will it rebrand the phone?

  189. Peti says

    Write gdfs with xs++ or setool2 and use an mp3 file, that kills it, forever, the warranty service center guys replace the phone, as they can’t fix it.
    You only need to customize fs when you debrand.

  190. Luv says

    Wait im confused?? So how do i rebrand? i have the original firmware on my computer which is R7AC001 that i found on seusers website. Now my phone currently has the R7AC001 firmware on it and havent debranded it yet. I want to make sure if i can rebrand it after debranding it using that firmware? Will it look like when i first got it if i flash it with the R7AC001 firmware?

  191. Peti says

    Yes, but you’ll also need the Cingular CDA. I don’t know if has it, check.
    This thing, killing GDFS is another solution, this way they won’t be able to know about debranding, as the phone dies with it. So they just replace it with another phone.

  192. Luv says

    And after i get the CDA what do i do?

  193. Luv says

    Where can i find the CDA 102774/102 R17A?

  194. Peti says

    After you have CDA, you have everything to rebrand the phone, so you can go ahead and debrand.
    In your phone. Flash the main firmware and apply quick-access patch, then you can use JDFlasher to download it from tpa/preset/custom folder.

  195. Luv says

    But i dont have the CDA and have absolutely no clue where or how i can get it. Please help me find it. My specific CDA on my phone is 102774/102 R17A.

  196. Peti says

    Now download a main fw, read the tutorial about patching, apply the quick-access patch. Read the tutorial about JDFlasher, go into the phone’s filesystem to tpa/preset/custom and download things from there.

  197. Luv says

    OH, so i get my cda by downloading it from my phone?

  198. Peti says

    Yes, but I tell once again, you can keep warranty if you kill the phone’s GDFS, that way you don’t even need to rebrand.

  199. Luv says

    Yea but i havent debranded yet and just incase i dont’t like it debraned then i can put my original firmware on. Now is there a tutorial on how to download the CDA from the phones current configuration? And also how can i kill a gdfs with a mp3 file?

  200. Slicky says

    Hi, is it possible to rebrand?

  201. Akshay says

    rebrand if you have the FS required ..
    else you could try updating phone with SEUS. which is not realy recommended.

  202. Slicky says

    Ok i currently have the following congiuration on my phone
    Platform: DB2020
    15:30:20| OTP CID: 51
    15:30:20| EROM CID: 52
    15:30:20| EROM Color: Red
    15:30:20| IMEI: 35256002xxxxxx
    15:30:20| Phone ID: W580
    15:30:20| Region: CINGULAR
    15:30:20| CDA: CDA102774/102 R17A
    15:30:20| Firmware Version: R7AC001
    15:30:20| EROM: R3A022
    Now i found this firmware but dont know if it is correct. Can you please check? Also what other files do i need besides the Main and FS? And what are the steps to rebranding? I havent debranded yet but want to make sure that i can rebrand it so incase i dont like it debranded then i can rebrand it. Thank you soo much!!

  203. Slicky says

    Sorry for the double post….At first i though it did not go through. SORRY

  204. Sakib says

    New Russian site for all that you need for Sony Ericssons. It is great, and it has a lot of stuff. No need to thank me.

  205. Akshay says

    slicky.. yeah use generic main firmware.. any cid52 version.
    and use any FS.. or the FS that has your language from the big list.

    you can rebrand if you get firmware.. or maybe by updating phone with SEUS>
    rebranding is a bad idea. don’t do it.

  206. Peti says

    @Slicky: it should work that way, but you’ll need a custpack, too. You can get customize.xml from the phone with JDFlasher. Besides if you worry about warranty, just kill your GDFS and then you will have it replaced and they won’t know about debranding at all.

  207. Slicky says

    What if i kill the phones GDFS but they dont replace it? Is there a way of bringing back the phone? To rebrand i would simply flash the main. Then FS. And then the CDA? Also if you look at my previous comment i posted me details from xs++ and the cda end in R17A but the CDA i found ends in R25A. Is that a problem?

  208. Shashi says

    Just thought it will be helpful i have done all sorts of flashing in windows vista every thing worked absolutely fine drivers got installed perfectly and faster than xp so akshay remove the need of a xp from your tutorial list

  209. luv says

    Hey, just wondering where do u live. Over here it is 12:24 at night?

  210. Akshay says

    sashi thanks.
    slicky… don’t worry…
    its ok not a problem with the cda number.
    just keep a note of that.. i mean keep a copy of XS++ log with you always.

  211. Slicky says

    what do u mean by keep a log with me always?

  212. Akshay says

    I live in INDIA. Now its 10 AM Morning. The Sun Is shining bight and its a nice day.
    I mean keep a copy of the original CDA number.
    CDA is just a number. To change R5A CDA to R17A you just need to edit the customize.xml in the CDA ZIP archive. That’s all. Its nothing but a number in the XML file of the custpack.

  213. Luv says

    kewl, im from india to. what part do u live in

  214. Luv says

    sorry but i am slicky, for somereason my computer kept showing me that name which i used to write on a different forum. So do i have to change the R5A to R17A?

  215. csemen says

    I there thanks for you job It have been very useful i’ve flashed my phone several times with succes.
    Again I’ve flashed my W800 but when I turn on the first time the phone scroll ad the shortcut key blinks three times then screen flash and then nothing. Thesecond times I turn on the phone the shortcut key blink three times and then nothing. The third times i turn on nothing.
    Any suggestion.

  216. csemen says

    Correction to the previus comment the phone is A W880.
    Sorry I’ve missed a 8.

  217. Akshay says

    areey forget it .. just use it.. does not matter if its is RXYZABC.

  218. Akshay says

    try to reflash the phone with different firmwares this time…
    may be an updated one..

    lets see what happens then..
    if its the red light blinking problem.. as for many phones..
    try to fix it

  219. Luv says

    Hi Akshay, you have been very helpful. I wanted to know what i have to do in order to rebrand. I will list the steps i belive i should do but dont know if they are correct. Can you please correct them if not? Open XS++ and click on the flash circle. Then add the main, FS and the custpack by selecting own_custpack. Then click flash. Are these steps correct on rebranding. Thanks

  220. Akshay says

    Luv.. did you not see the video Tutorial .. so easy.
    if you are from india.. you won’t need debranding..
    rebranding ?? sorry these are steps to de branding.
    to rebrand use the risky SEUS.

  221. Luv says

    I am from india but dont live there as of now. I currently live in the USA. Please i really need to rebrand for AT&T. i have the same firmware as when i first recieved the phone which is R7AC001. I also have the CDA. So is it possible to rebrand. i dont want to use seus. Please can u just simply tell me how to rebrand. please

  222. Luv says

    I am from india but dont live there as of now. I currently live in the USA. Please i really need to rebrand for AT&T. i have the same firmware as when i first recieved the phone which is R7AC001. I also have the CDA. So is it possible to rebrand. i dont want to use seus. Please can u just simply tell me how to rebrand.

  223. Luv says

    Opps sorry for the double post. I dont know why this happened. when i first hit submit it said that i already wrote this comment but i never did and so i clicked submit again. sorry

  224. Akshay says

    Luv….. i don’t know then.
    we don’t have AT&T firmwares.
    so use SEUS. nothing’s going to happen.
    hopefully it get rebranding.
    no other way also..

  225. Luv says

    OK thanks, so what if i just flash my phone with some other firmware? For example R7AC001, then what would happen?

  226. Akshay says

    nothing. you will have that firmware in your phone.
    if is china firmware .. then you have china firmware in phone.
    if its generic firmware then you have the generic one in phone.
    if its the at and t firmware … then you have the at and t firmware in your phone……


  227. Luv says

    Oh ok kewl, thanks. What does a generic firmware mean?

  228. Akshay says

    Generic means GENERAL.
    Common. International. Etc.
    GENRIC firmware means de-branding.
    Original Sony Ericsson Firmware is GENERIC Firmware

  229. Luv says

    nice thnx….ok so im getting ready to debrand. now i found alot of R8BA024 firmwares. I found W580_R8BA024_FS_C_ASIA_RED52.fbn and for the main i found W580_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn and for the CDA i found W580_CDA102568_7_R8A_GENERIC_C_ASIA. Is this going to be fine for debranding? Also why does this firmware say asia? Is it ok since i live in the USA? Also will it be in english? Thanks buddy

  230. Akshay says

    In All Firmwares English is default.
    Other Languages are optional always.

  231. Nickson says

    Akshay, After flashing my phone with XS++, the shortcut key in my phone is not working… Instead, when I open Media Player and press the shortcut key, it closes the Media Player… why is it so?? How do I get the shortkey’s function back again???

  232. Shashi says

    Hi akshayy don’t know if se users know about it but got one latest opera mini 3.10 and it supports uploading where you can upload stuff on email etc. It can be downloaded from if you have more newer opera mini then pls let me know

  233. Luv says

    Hi i just flashed my phone with the firmware i listed above but for some reason the display on the screen is big and not clear. Why is this and what should i do?

  234. Akshay says

    oh yeah sorry.
    don’t use the R8BA024 firmware.
    its because of that.
    flash the phone with R6BC002 or R8BBxxx firmware.

  235. Luv says

    Can i use the R8BE001 firmware? Thanks for the quick reply yaar. your awesome

  236. Peti says

    I’d give it a try if I were you. 😉

  237. Nickson says

    Akshay, After flashing my phone with XS++, the shortcut key in my phone is not working… Instead, when I open Media Player and press the shortcut key, it closes the Media Player… why is it so?? How do I get the shortkey’s function back again???

  238. Peti says

    What phone is it? Was it a crossflash? Was it branded?

  239. jim75 says

    hi, i’m new to this and would appreciate some help on flashing/debranding my SE K750i phone. I want to remove all the Orange mobile crap and file prorotected rubbish that came with the phone and turn it into a generic K750i that i can use with any network. I understand how and that the drivers must be installed, a GDFS backup must be made and that XS++ must be installed on my pc. The bit I am confused about is the custom packs. I understand how to set them up as explained in the tutorial, but don’t know which ones i require. My CDA is 102338/12 R30A which is Orange UK, the CID is either 36 or 49 and its a DB2010 phone. Can anyone help me and explain what must match on the custpack downloads i need or require? Is it possible to make your own custpacks and how?

  240. Akshay says

    to Make it GENERIC ..
    use any db2010 CDA because,To me it seems You are a English dude. So it does not matter.
    But better if you Just take a CDA that has a name something similar to AREA of the FS.
    Example.. C_ASIA firmware, use a CDA which says C_ASIA.

    You can change the CDA number in a CDA pack by just editing the Customize.xml file of the CDA.

  241. Akshay says

    Flash with a different firmware, main and fs. And use a different CDA.
    Such settings are made in the Usually in the CDA and FS.
    Tell us which firmwares you are using.. then we can see what’s the problem really.

  242. Peti says

    Your current setting doesn’t matter, only the CID. Connect to XS++ to see if it’s 36 or 49. Then get the appropriate firmwares, the fs you need, and a custpack from the same region. Flash them on.

  243. jim75 says

    right, my SE K750i phone is as follows: DB2010 phone, CDA 102338/12 R30A and CID 49 as determined from XS++. Can someone please explain what i need to do next to flash and unbrand the phone, what cust packs and firmware i require, where i get them from (link please and name of file if possible) I am a newbie so all help is very much aprreciated.

  244. Luv says

    After flashing my phone with R8BE001 my volume key during standby shows me my phone status rather then adjusting the ring volume. Why is this and how can i make it so that i can adjust ring volume when i press the side key?

  245. jim75 says

    Here is the read out i get from XS++
    22:42:23| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    22:42:23| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    22:42:34| Attempting to open the interface…
    22:42:34| TURN OFF PHONE!
    22:42:34| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    22:42:34| You have 30 seconds…
    22:42:39| Baseband ID: 8040
    22:42:39| Protocol Version: 3.1
    22:42:39| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…
    22:42:40| Applet ID: 061113 1250 ALUCXC125872_COMPACTPRODUCTION_ID_LOADER P3L
    22:42:40| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    22:42:40| Activating GDFS…
    22:42:40| Phone name detected!
    22:42:40| Profiling SEMC phone…
    22:42:40| Platform: DB2010
    22:42:40| EROM CID: 49
    22:42:40| EROM Color: Red
    22:42:40| IMEI:
    22:42:40| Phone ID: K750
    22:42:40| Region: ORANGE_GEN
    22:42:40| CDA: CDA102338/12 R30A
    22:42:40| Firmware Version: R1CA021
    22:42:40| EROM: n/a
    22:42:40| Ready for operation!

    (I have deleted the IMEI from the above read out in this post)
    What files (.fs & .mbn & custpack) do i need to debrand my phone? where do i get them from? or how do i create them? please help. I don’t know what to do next

  246. Luv says

    Hi i just flashed my phone with R7AC001 and now the display is all messed up. Why is this? its like all big and not clear

  247. Luv says

    I was wondering if i can flash the phone with R8BE001 but use the CDA of a att branded phone?

  248. Peti says

    Now I think it is better to crossflash to W800. So go to, Downloading. There get the firmwares, newest W800 CID 49; and Custom files, any for W800. Use them to debrand and crossflash your phone.

  249. jim75 says

    Thanks peti, have flashed phone and all is well. You da man 🙂

  250. sovan says

    I cant get my gdfs backup ,xs recognizes phone but shows error when i click back up ….. help???

  251. Peti says

    Chanrge your battery to max, and then try again until it works. Xs++ doesn’t always do it, especially with K750 phones. 😀
    If it isn’t working after 10 tries, use SeTool2 lite to make the backup.

  252. Luv says

    Why is it that some firmwares make your phones display all messed up and big and blurry? How can i fix this?

  253. Peti says

    They are buggy. You can only fix it by flashing a different FW.

  254. Luv says

    But i need that firmware that im using because that is the only way to rebrand. It is R7AC001 from seusers website. Is there anyway to fix it? And why does it change the display i dont understand. do you?

  255. Peti says

    Akshay told me that the best way is killing the phone. I’d backup my current GDFS, and write an MP3 file as GDFS. It will surely kill the phone beyond repair, so if you take it back to a service center, they’ll just replace it with a new one.
    I haven’t tested it yet. 😀

  256. Luv says

    What if they dont replace the phone? Can i bring back the phone? And is there any way to fix the buggy firmwares?

  257. Peti says

    If you have the fw’s source code and you can compile them and know C++, yes, you may be able to fix them, otherwise, not. Just by using different ones.
    I think GDFS-killing doesn’t harm any other parts, so it could be restored, but better ask Akshay, in mail 😀

  258. Luv says

    Would you know how to do that and use C++?

  259. Luv says

    If i flash my phone with R8BE001 CID53 then can i reflash it with a CID 52 firmware?

  260. Luv says

    Here is exactly what my phone looks like when i flash it with the R7AC001 firmware
    Do you think changing my layout.xml will fix this issue?

  261. Peti says

    No, you can’t use CID 52 stuff on CID 53 phone.
    No, layout.xml won’t help. The problem is in the main FW. It could be solved with patching, but I doubt that such a patch exists. As I said, use a different firmware.

  262. Luv says

    Hey Akshay, do you know why the R7AC001 firmware makes my screen have double image such as this
    I really need to flash my phone with this firmware so that i can go back to att. Do you have any idea on how i can fix this?

  263. Luv says

    I can also give you the firmware if u can fix it for me that would be awesome. Its on under firmware and w580i you will see R7AC001. thats the firmware that makes my display all weird

  264. Peti says

    I don’t think those are fixable, try google maybe.

  265. Luv says

    Alright thanks!! If while surfing the web and you see a R7AC001 firmware please please tell me where becuase i cant find it anywhere besides seusers. please

  266. Peti says

    share2flash? topse? You know I don’t have W580 phone, so I won’t be surfing for that. 😀

  267. pratik says

    hi akshay/peti …..
    i m flashing the fs of my w610i …..
    but by doing that …. all my games & applications
    will be deleted …..

    so ….. is there any way i can restore them after flashing ???

    will jd flasher or gdfs backup help ??


  268. pratik says

    hi akshay/peti …..
    i m flashing the fs of my w610i …..
    but by doing that …. all my games & applications
    will be deleted …..

    so ….. is there any way i can restore them after flashing ???

    will jd flasher or gdfs backup help ??


  269. Akshay says

    there is no way.
    its a big head ace to copy files off.
    but if you have applied quick access patch
    using BFS you can copy off the AMS folder from FS then good.
    later restore it.

  270. pratik says

    due to a bluetooth problem i have flashed the main firmware …..
    so after applying quick acces patch ……..
    will my java games & apps be deleted ???

    also where is the location of ams foder ???

    do reply & thanks.

  271. pratik says

    hehe akshay i m a bit confused ……
    please make me clear.

  272. Akshay says

    i don’t know. i have to check i have forgotten.
    yes after flashing main firmware games and apps stay
    what’s the big deal
    install games and apps again ..

  273. pratik says

    thanks akshay for replying me ..
    i know games and applications ….. can be
    installed again …. but the save progress in each game is lost ………

    by restoring the ams folder ….. can i get back my save progress …… or i have to play the whole game from beginning ???

  274. Peti says

    I could never restore games so far. 😀

  275. naqvi says

    THNK you akshay 4 such a nyc information i am having a problem with my music player that it is not detecting artists and tracks i am usink k790i some 1 told me that flashing the main will solve the problem is it the right solution? or what i should do any one can provide me firmware(main+fs) my phone info is given below.

    Platform: DB2020
    OTP CID: 51
    EROM CID: 52
    EROM Color: Red
    Phone ID: K790
    Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    CDA: CDA102568/110 R6A
    Firmware Version: R1KG001
    EROM: R3A022

  276. Peti says

    Flashing Main won’t solve anything, as it is ~read only while you use the phone. FS can change and that can cause problems. Did that function work earlier? If so, reflashing FS and CDA should help.

  277. may says

    my phone model is k530i and i wanted to flash to w660. My problem is, my phone can’t crete backup for GDFS. my phone CID is 53. Some one please help me??????

  278. Peti says

    It isn’t possible to backup GDFS from CID 53 (yet, I hope).

  279. Pab says

    I have one prob….XS++ is not able to detect my phone, when I press Connect in XS++ then I insert the usb cable to phone with the C button pressed but it does not detects it…I have flashed my phone from k550i to W610 earlier, may be 1 year ago but now I am not able to figure out the issue.

  280. Peti says

    Reinserting battery? Do you have drivers installed? Can you connect simply in file transfer mode?

  281. phone restarting like hell says

    actually i got my phone flashed recently at a shop, and then after coming home till then it was working fine but then wen i inserted my m2 card things went worse restarts,hangs,white plash if i preess any button, now i dont wanna waste money on flashing bya shop so ill do it on my own.

    one thing wat if i flash only the main firmware and not the fs cause its time consuming will it conflict cause usee if the regions are diffenrent and how to know the region, plss replyy fast thanx

  282. Peti says

    If it only has problems with the M2 in, it probably means that the memory card is bad, not the phone. Try formatting it and try other cards, borrow from friends.

  283. m2 card problem says

    i formtted 100 times still this hangs and all, i removed the m2 card and kept the phone without battery for 24 hrs and then agian started now working perfectly f9, but wenever i insert theis memory card it starts ill try putting my freinds thanx for u support

  284. Peti says

    Yes, try a different card, if that works, then your memory stick is bad.

  285. m2 card problem says

    and wat if even my freinds card does the same

  286. Peti says

    Then the phone is bad. Probably hardware problem. Or GDFS, neither is fixable with flashing, but still then try to reflash main and fs.

  287. Tom says

    Hi. I need help for my w890. I want to remove the ESL lock(ECK) How can I do that? Please help me. I can’t use my phone because I have changed mobile operator.

  288. Peti says

    W890 is a DB3150 phone. There is no free tool to unlock it. (to remove SIM lock, it is called this way)

  289. Tom says

    Peti: But I have payed at this site for the software but have not got access to it. So maybe I have to wait untill I get my account active. =) But what do I need to download to get it?

  290. Peti says

    Payed at this site??

  291. Rodi says

    hi Peti and Akshayy, i got k800i that if i turned it on a white screen whould come up then vibrate once then shut down. i tried do flash it with firmwares but nothing helps, now it doesn’t even turn on, at one point the screen would turn on then off repeatly. but now nothing happens, when i charge it a red light turns on, and when i flash the phone disconnects..i need help. thanks in advance!

  292. Peti says

    Hmm. Do you happen to know your CID? If it is 52, you can try fixing EROM with SeTool 2 Lite, [Unlock/Repair].

  293. Rodi says

    Processing part1…
    CSloader version:
    070410 1557 HANCXC1250562_DB2020_CSLOADER_R3A009
    Processing part2…
    Processing part3….
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:49 PAF:1 IMEI:35170701602334 CERT:RED
    LDR:061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
    Flash ID check:2019
    Flash props sent ok




    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:52
    Trying to launch embedded bootloader…
    Flash ID check:2019
    Flash props sent ok
    writing C:\Documents and Settings\Tobbe\Skrivbord\K810_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_SM_RED52.mbn
    SSW uses complete hash, hash len is:9200
    llbug: blk write fail. fatal
    HDR block not accepted,error:BA
    Elapsed:569 secs.

  294. Rodi says

    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:52
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:49 PAF:1 IMEI:35170701602334 CERT:RED
    LDR:061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
    Flash ID check:2019
    Flash props sent ok
    writing C:\Documents and Settings\Tobbe\Skrivbord\K810_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_SM_RED52.mbn
    SSW uses complete hash, hash len is:9200
    Will flash 460 blocks…
    verify block error
    last blk:44A30000,00010000
    Elapsed:131 secs.

    help please?

  295. Rodi says

    yeah its cid 52. i cant connect with repair/unlock. i try with 2 and 5 but nothing happens.

  296. Rodi says

    help plz?

  297. Rodi says

    when i connect with C it lags and i need to quit stools2. what should i do? i tried everything man

  298. Rodi says

    now it connects and says executing CS loader GDFS startup. how long does it take?

  299. Rodi says

    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    FLASH CID detected:52
    OTP LOCKED:1 CID:49 PAF:1 IMEI:35170701602334 CERT:RED
    LDR:061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
    Flash ID check:2019
    Flash props sent ok
    CSloader version:
    070410 1557 HANCXC1250562_DB2020_CSLOADER_R3A009
    loader startup: executed
    wrong response, break.
    failed, that is fatal
    Elapsed:187 secs.

    that what i got Peti

  300. Peti says

    It probably means that some hardware parts, chips are damaged so nothing to do. But you should register at and PM Akshay. That’s the only place to contact him now…

  301. Rodi says


  302. Orjan says

    i dont get the tutorial
    i want to unbrand a k770i
    thts branded to a company called 3
    right now i have downladed a firm called
    and making a gdfs save from the phone
    with setool2lite,and xs++
    next to my list is what?

  303. Peti says

    You watch the video and follow it just with K770 files.

  304. ankit says

    dear akshay sir……… i am a 2nd year engineering student. I have to flash my w850i phone……………my current place of stay is india……….so of which region will i have to download a main and fs of – asia??

    it would be really helpful if you could mail me the links or evn just post in here….thanx a lot!

  305. ankit says

    should the R1KG001 MAIN GENERIC_ CY_RED_52 suufice for india and whether R1KG001 EUOPE CENT RED 52 could be used for flashing the file system??

    moreover is RIKG001 the latest sony ericssion firmware?? if not which is the latest??

    tnx in advnce

  306. santhosh says

    I am using k800i. My phone’s main speaker volume is too low but it works properly with headphones. What could be the problme? please help me. If i need to flash, then my phone’s firmware is R1KG001 in this case can i do firmware upgread with R8BA024 ?

    please help me out.


  307. santhoshk says

    I am using K800i. For the past few days the mobile’s speaker volume is very low when i hear songs or the ring tones. But works perfectly with my head phones. Please tell me what could be the problem and what should i do.
    Thank you.

  308. Peti says

    @ankit: In India you use English, right? So then any FS will do; use Generic main.
    @santoshk: That then is probably a hardware problem, but you can try changing acoustic drivers. Look at the “Customize your phone” and “JDFlasher (flashing)” tutorials.

  309. santhoshk says

    Thanks for your reply. I will try your advise.

  310. Rodi says

    hi i flashed my w810i succesfully, but it says configuration error now..what should I do?

  311. Rodi says

    yes i fixed it, i just flashed to an older firmware.

  312. Peti says

    That’s the spirit. 😀

  313. Rojd says

    where do u guys live? (i mean you Peti and Akshayy) I live in sweden

  314. Peti says

    How nice! xD
    Why not see the About page first? 😛
    I’m from Hungary [EU], and he is from India.

  315. Edgard says

    Hi akshay, perhaps you could help me, thanks to you and se-nse I’ve customized my K810i, but when I tried to do so with my wife’s W580i I met with a problem, everything seems to be fine, but the screen is much bigger and it doesn’t fit in the screen, what could it be, the diplay driver I’ve change it but get worst, doesn’t even show anything, so I’ve flash it to get the same.
    It is posible that the screen broke during the flash or is just the display driver, which is really hard to find, the ones I’ve found does’n work.
    BTW the phone was
    R8BC001 or something like that, the latest
    before I flashed it to R8BA024.
    Would that the reason??
    Thanks in advance if you could give me a clue.

  316. Peti says

    Use different FW, I think R8BF or R8BE. Don’t remember.

  317. Edgard says

    Yep, I used R8BE001 and it work perfect, why I’d like to know, I never thoght that downgrading the Firmware will make this, but now the phone is working fine.
    BTW display driver are hard to find

  318. Peti says

    Make your own, open in notepad. 😛

  319. dj516nadz says

    i have k810 r8ba024 cid52. if i have downloaded a cid53 main and fs can i still apply patches after flashing

  320. dj516nadz says

    also wat are the benefits of flashing to cid53 r8bf003

  321. Peti says

    Don’t. It is possible to flash it on, with a very hard technique I’ve read at se-nse. But there is no need to. Use CID52 firmwares. No benefit of CID53.

  322. dj516nadz says

    even if u downloaded from topsony cid53 firmware

  323. dj516nadz says

    if u install a unlock patch to unlock networks and u need to reflash later incase of problems on fone do u need to install unlock patch again after flashin

  324. Peti says

    1. CID 53 is bad, not patchable.
    2. if you reflash main, you have to patch again.

  325. dj516nadz says

    kool understood cid53 is bad

  326. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    hey i need to get the firmware file(main, fs and custpac [Europe 1]) for the w880 with firmware with most available patches 😀 if any one can give me a link or a clue where i can fin them thanks a lot

  327. Peti says,,

  328. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    thanks a lot i ow you one ! 😉 and good drivers for camera, display and sound?

  329. Peti says

    Phone specific, I only know some for k550/w610.

  330. Colin says

    mmm thanks i was talking about the w880, xD but actually i got a K550@W610 and i love it xD recomended for all ppl who haves a K550i to flah it to w610!!! otherwise thanks a lot peti if you know somethings about the w880 i’ll be really happy to know it like good patches, drivers etc thanks and warm regards

  331. Peti says

    I know that the best fw is r8ba024 for it. Elves only run on that. Probably most patches are made for it too. 😉

  332. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    thanks again peti 😉

  333. Colin says

    I just got a brand new w880 but my problem is it’s cid53 is there any way to revert it cid52?? please i really need it 😀

  334. Peti says

    No, no way.

  335. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    i’m gonna cry what can I do to debrand it and patch it??

  336. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    but actually i don’t get why we can’t flash or patch the cid53 phones??

  337. Peti says

    Debranding is possible. Patching is not. CID 53 is a new security system. It must be hacked.

  338. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    debranding with seetool? so sad 🙁 then it’s impossible to to flash i guess i’ll prefere my old k550i@w610i

  339. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    but is just to wait some one can hack the cid53 security system isn’t it?

  340. Peti says

    Debrand with JDFlasher. You can flash mbn and fbn. And access filesystem, upload only.

  341. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    Mmm some good news xD love it well just one question if I flash the mbn and the fbn does the cid update will change?

  342. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    can I add you on my msn , it will be easier otherwise i really want to learn more about se system and flashing

    warm regards

  343. Peti says

    I don’t really like that way of using msn. Like when I get home from a party dead tired and all I wanna do is some chat and then go to sleep… and someone pops up with a lot of questions…. Use forums instead. 😉

  344. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    ok ok I understans xD I do the same xD just wondering xD

  345. abu bakr says

    hi can any one help me that iam attaching my phone to xs++ v3.1 buts it is giving me a error
    fail to connent communication port pls help pls reply soon i am in big trouble

  346. abu bakr says

    its error is saying to be precise
    can not open phone communication port

  347. anupam121 says

    hey, does the fone gets detected when u connect it in File Transfer OR Phone Mode?????
    If NO, then ur fone port has some problem….& if YES, then probably the XS++ has some problem…

  348. Akshay says

    Install USB Flash drivers properly
    see that tutorials please first

  349. poliwag51 says

    hey. i am a total noob in this flashing thing. Currently, all I did was back up my gdfs for my w810i. I do not want to do any flashing yet because I need to understand more about it. What exactly can I do with flashing? My main goal is to unlock the sim lock so that I am able to switch sim cards worldwide. I need to change phone plans in my area anyways=P Other goals are to customize phone. I’m sure I can do that, but I’m not sure how yet. Back to my main goal, if I flash my phone, will I be able to unlock the sim lock? If I am able to, what files will I need to download for this and what are the steps please? Note that I already have the USB flash driver installed, the Sony Ericsson Update Software and xs++. Many thanks to those who can help me out =)

  350. Ben says

    hello dude..after i flashing my firmware..i switch on the phone and its appear ” Insert Correct Sim Card”, at first after i flashed, my phone was dead.
    do you know what happen to my K800i, i used APAC bcoz i’m from malaysia…

  351. wildone says

    Hey guys,
    I’m new to all this and have been reading the various tutorials and posts – great site!!

    I’m trying to flash my W800 to R1BC002 because of a problem with the camera.

    I’ve followed the tutorials using XS++ and all seemed to work OK.

    However, when all is finished and I try to turn the phone on, I get a screen with a progress bar which doesn’t move – and there it stays!

    Have I missed something or done something wrong?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  352. Akshay says

    yeah sure, you can do all that stay away from SEUS.

    Ben… unlock that phone. Please see unlocking tutorials.

    try for a complete reflash. of fs and main and cda again..

  353. poliwag51 says

    Thanks for responding Akshay!
    What’s SEUS? a program?

  354. wildone says

    Thanks for your prompt reply Akshay.

    I’ve done a complete flash several times now with the same result.
    When I tried with Far Manager, and go to FS, there is nothing there. As though the FS did not load.

  355. Hasan says

    Hi Akshay,

    i have a sony ericsson K790i phone. its software got currupted i took it to a repair service they returned it days later saying its gdfs was repaired but they could not fix t as it has no signal problem. i checked it today and the phone describes itself as a k800i when i know its a 790i. maybe they installed the wrong gdfs or firmware for a k800i instead of k 790i, can this be the reason for no signal problem? ho can i fix this? my phones IMEI is35220701 i bought it in pakistan. plzzzzz Help!!

  356. Akshay says

    SEUS is sony update service, google seus. 😉
    wildone !!
    did you try some other firmware >???
    i mean other newer version of firmware.
    also try writing back gdfs backup before this problem. am not sure if you had a back up before this problem…!!

  357. wildone says

    Yes Akshay, I believe that the firmware I’m using is the latest version and have tried various different MAIN and FS files as well as different custpacks.
    I’ve also restored GDFS.

  358. wildone says

    Thanks for your help, I’m now sorted, my phone is working again.

  359. Akshay says


  360. Sathar says

    My w200 wont come on.It just shows the sony logo.I tried to udate through sony update service.Its still the same.can u please guide me.I had once flashed my p1i and updated the firmware using sues.And it worked.Is it the same procedure for this phone also? Please Please Help.

  361. Akshay says

    naa i don’t know why..
    you could try for a complete reflash of the phone on your own at your home to fix it
    else there is service center.

  362. F@Z says

    bro i got a w850i (debranded) and i cant access certain things on planet 3 and i cant download and install msn so if i was to use the Xs++ software to debrand the phone again will i be able to use msn on my phone.

  363. Teguh says

    Got a problem with my K800i. It’s got the Operation Failed when I open Application folder, while it is what I need most to read ebooks. I can’t find the firmware R8BF003 CID 52 APAC (for I am in Indonesia). Have any link?

    I cannot use SEUS either, everytime I follow the SEUS instruction, my phone is not detected. I don’t know why. Have you got any idea why it is not detected? My PC detects the phone as it finds the new flash usb drive… but the SEUS does not find it… what should I do?

    Thank you in advance. You’re the best!

  364. Akshay says

    hey make some space in M2 card.

  365. lee parkinson says

    my mate has had his K770i unlocked, and clicked on the executor file in games. his phone has gone dead. i have read he needs to re-flash the phone. how is this done, and if there is any software involved, where can he aquire it? thanks.

  366. Akshay says

    Yes. Please check out Flashing Debranding !! This tutorail only
    follow it.
    then unlock it with unlock tutorials.

  367. ibanezboy says

    hi Akshay! got a couple of questions for you.

    how can i mod my k750 to have limitless sms storage?

    i’m a complete idiot to computers, i just read on other forums that you can do this w/ SEtool and XS++. so a good friend gave me copies of those, but i am hesitant to do the steps i found because i might mess up my phone. can you give a walkthrough or screenshots to do this? thanks!

  368. Billy says

    I would like to thank everyone involved in this project. you really help me out i de-branded my k800i on 3 network and patched simlock. This stuff really works. Thanks again

  369. domsmatrix says

    I have fingered with the c drive on my P1i. I renamed the directory 102030FD which contains the startup and shutdown animations. I Copied systenstartuplayer.exe to C:\sys\bin and c:\sys\hash. Now P1 is totally dead. Only kepad light comes on. Is it possible to access the C Drive from PC and rename the DIR on C. I tried XS++ FSX but it exits. Pls help. Domsmatrix

  370. Akshay says

    limitless sms trick is crap, slows the phone down.

    Domsmatrix.. please try to reflash the phone now.

  371. Inder says

    Thanx for the tutorial buddy.
    I have a question.
    Can I change the acoustics of my K550i to SE W-series handsets without changing the main and FS stuff. If yes, then please guide me how to change the acoustics yaar.
    Thanx for your time.
    GOD Bless.

  372. MatMcn says

    I have downloaded the firmware files for my k530i but when i put them into patch generator it says i need .bin or .mbn files and that .rar is no good.

    Any ideas??

  373. Kunal Jain says

    00:44:53| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    00:44:53| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    00:44:58| Attempting to open the interface…


    00:44:58| TURN OFF PHONE!

    00:44:58| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    00:44:58| You have 30 seconds…


    00:45:04| Baseband ID: 9900

    00:45:04| Protocol Version: 3.1

    00:45:04| Phone name detected!


    00:45:04| Profiling SEMC phone…

    00:45:04| Platform: DB2020

    00:45:04| OTP CID: 51

    00:45:04| EROM CID: 53

    00:45:04| EROM Color: Red

    00:45:04| IMEI: 35799401xxxxxx

    00:45:04| Phone ID: K810

    00:45:04| Region: APAC

    00:45:04| CDA: CDA102568/101 R8A

    00:45:04| Firmware Version: R8BA024

    00:45:04| EROM: R3A022

    00:45:04| Ready for operation!

    00:46:08| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    00:46:08| Error: Failed to send CSLoader!

    00:46:08| FSX Shutdown!

    00:46:10| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    i flashed my phone earlier but now i cant able to do, recently i gave my phone to se care for some reparing, pls help

  374. Jre says

    Hi Akshayy,
    I have successfully flashed my k550i to W610i . thanks to your tutorial!!
    However I have just one small query..In the service info section i.e after >*<<*<*, I remember that earlier the Memory Stick section had some information..but after flashing it says
    Memory Stick: no file found..Why is this so??
    I can use the memory stick without any issues though..but would like to know the reason why it says so..
    Thanks in advance.

  375. Andreas says

    the XS++ video guide download URL is not working.I ve searched everywhere to find another URL but…nothing!
    any help?


  376. ricky says

    Hey howru aksay i want 2 tell u tht .how can i increase my sms storage limit i have sony ericsson w200i

    can u plz help me…


  377. duffman says

    thanks for the great guide, i debranded my phone this afternoon and added some flash menus while i was at it.

    one thing i noticed was that my video playback is a little messed up, for example when i fast forward with the video player, it either takes quite a few seconds to play from that point, or plays a random video. The video playback also seems to be more choppy than before…

    is there anything i can do about this? is it a known probem? doesnt really matter, i can just encode my videos to a lower quality

    btw, my phone is the (now unbranded) s500i

  378. bhuvan says

    no they should go smooth!does that same video used to work well earlier???
    and ya…y dont you crossflash it to w580???

  379. duffman says

    yeah the same video worked before i unbranded the phone quite well.

    hmm flash to w580? whats the advantages…walkman 2.0? thats about it isnt it

    and wouldnt i loose the alarm part of my phone, some flash menus ive seen from the w580 dont have an alarm menu icon, just a track ID =S

  380. archerx99 says

    hi, following is my phone’s config-
    Platform: DB2010
    OTP CID: 49
    EROM CID: 49
    EROM Color: Red
    IMEI: 35955201xxxxxx
    Phone ID: W810
    Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    CDA: CDA102494/139 R1A
    Firmware Version: R4ED001
    EROM: n/a
    Ready for operation!

    now i hv downloaded W810_R4ED001_FS_S_ASIA_LEVAN_RED49.fbn
    is that ok?
    but i cant find out the main_generic_mbm file.
    now in this case what to do the next if i dont find out the mbn main file?

    my next query is about the customization (the 3rd step in flashing)… what should i do here like should i selece w810 and CDA102494/139 R1A
    or should i do something else?

  381. bhuvan says

    comeon!!thats walkman 2.0…not something simple…or ordinary!and ya…in that way…your videos will too run smooth!
    and its same as flashing!
    and for alarm menu…download other flash themes…!easy!

  382. richy says


    Akshay i need to debrand my C702 its software version is 1204-9289 R3DA029 080913.

  383. bhuvan says

    @richycuz c902 is a2 phone!
    look at the a2 uploader…it will help u!
    or else if u r using linux…download phone xs4.1!
    windows version will be out soon!

  384. johnk says

    hey akshay, ive debranded my w580i phone before using your tutorial and it worked great. when i tried it again on a different w580i (both are CID 52) everything works except the screen is fuzzy, and wraps around incorrectly. it looks as if it is trying to fit a bigger screen. things overlap. is there anything you could help me with? using xs++, i did the own custpack. w580 is no listed on there..

  385. Jessica says

    I followed all your tutorials and when I switched my phone back on I just get ‘configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service centre.’ What have I done wrong?

  386. Jessica says

    Don’t worry about my comment before, I found your tutorial that resolved the problem. But still when I add flash menus the icons don’t change, but I think I have definitely flashed my phone as the PLAYNOW symbbol on my phone has change to a sonyericsson logo! How do I get the flash menus on?

  387. RyuKi says

    Hi akhsay,
    I’m lil bit confused bout version of main firmware, which one is the latest series ? I’m flashing K550i to W610i, can you tell me review about the latest and best series, and how to upgrade from CID 52 to CID 53, or is it just CID 52 for my K550i
    please email me


  388. Akshay says

    just use R6BC002

  389. dillanmac3 says

    so last night i finally figured out how to add flash themes to my w580i. and then i guess one of the themes had a bug in it or something and the theme wouldent let me go into the menu. so i tried going into xs to delete the theme but it was still on my phone. so what i did is went to SE update service and got the latest update for my phone. then later i soon relized how stupid that was because xs dosent support cid 53 so now im stuck trying to figure out how i can down grade in software or something so i can flash themes agian. please can some one help me figure out what i can do.

  390. Akshay says

    now there is no way to down grade. you can use jdflasher. see tutorials section. also links in the right side bar. there are jdflasher tutorial links. use it. it supports cid53

  391. dillanmac3 says

    im trying jdflasher now

  392. dillanmac3 says

    im stuck at the part were it says look on right side for firmware located in computer i cant find the computer or firmware!

  393. Akshay says

    have a look in the pictures here.

    you need to know how to navigate through jdflasher.

  394. Viral says

    I installed fs without properly customising…
    i used W810_R4EA031_FS_T_MOB_INT_B_RED49

    But I figure i need

    I have been searching the same for last 6 hrs…
    bt i cant find it anywhere…
    can u plz help with the link……!

    p.s. [Also the problem for which i wanted to re-flash its firmware is that…my bluetooth and sound recorder suddenly stopped working…]

  395. dillanmac3 says

    thanks Akshay those pictures really helped. except my themes arent the same as the pictures they look like this
    and the picture shows something completely diffrent so i cant complete the last steps.
    and sorry im being such a pain:)

  396. dillanmac3 says

    ok ill try some of thoses sites out

  397. dillanmac3 says

    ok ill try those sites out. thanks

  398. Akshay says

    hey i don’t understand your problem with themes now. you post that at our support forums. i guess some can help you out.
    there are a lot of people you can talk to you.

  399. Akshay says

    oh that, you can try to find it at or

  400. dillanmac3 says

    dang it now i cant find the correct firmware caz every time i try to hit yeah,flash it. it just shows me an error sign.

  401. jhun says

    can akshay give me link fs & custom pack of w660? i wan chinise language one…..

  402. Akshay says

    sorry i don’t have, you can try at or

  403. dickson says

    please am looking for a flash software for Sony Ericsson w850i. can any one please help me out.

  404. bhuvan says

    look here…ur fone is db2020…jd flasher and xs++ for u!

  405. margaret says

    after opening the game executor, my phone wont turn back on.. 🙁

    what should i do..

  406. bhuvan says

    game executor???what

  407. Carmie says

    Hi Akshayy! Thanks for this.. I successfully flash my SE K810. So far so good.. Hope there will be no problems in the future.. 🙂

  408. bhuvan says


  409. Niraj says

    Hi Akshay,

    I ran this tool XS++v3.2.exe to find out Platform and CID info from my SE K800i phone. It displayed all the info as expected – Platform : DB2020 and EROM CID : 49 etc.

    After displaying the info, a pop-up dialog appeared which asked whether you want to upgrade your EROM CID from 49 to 52 with “Yes” and “No” button? I clicked “yes” and it said succesfully updated. Now the phone is not working at all!!! All I see is a white screen of death.

    Interestingly XS++ and SELite tools can still read my phone information and now it says EROM CID:52.

    Please advise what should I do to restore my phone?

  410. Akshay says

    ok now flash the phone. flash the main and file system and cda. phone will get back to life and will work.

  411. hazrul says

    thanks a lot!! debranded my phone myself, even a dummy can follow ur guide.. may god bless u

  412. juzz says

    hello… its possible to put a flash themes on my se z550i? plzzz answer..thank you thank you..

  413. Akshay says

    juzz. no is not.

  414. Vijay K.N says

    How can i backup/restore my mobile w890i full(whole) firmware and what are the details wanted to find a firmware in my mobile where can i search details please tell me.

  415. bhuvan says

    @Vijay K.N
    look in our extracting firmware topic
    and get the firmware from topse or search on 4shared

  416. kalyan says

    I need CDA to flash my w200i. Original CDA of my phone is cda102738/92 r2a. I am not able to get that CDA. Could you please provide me the own custom pack link so that I can download and flash my phone? My phone is from India region.

  417. Pran says

    Akshay dude im very new in this flashing and modding world….. I got a W610i n i wanna mod it…….. i ve searched the whole site and downloaded a few tutorials too… But not helping me in getting all the needed things together…. So im nervous of doing it… I need it badly….. add me @ [email protected] ………… i really need to talk with u……… Pran

  418. svitak says

    Hi all..please help..i try to connect my w850i at xs++ it appear this

    17:11:50| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    17:11:50| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    17:11:56| Attempting to open the interface…
    17:11:56| TURN OFF PHONE!
    17:11:56| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    17:11:56| You have 30 seconds…
    17:12:26| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    17:12:28| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    i already install gordons gate flash drive..

  419. Pran says

    Akshay bro I’ve flashed my w610i with XS++ 3.1 …. Everything was fine….. Flash was done properly.. As shown in your video tutorial.. Cell turned on… Only demo can be displayed nothing else…. I inserted sim and still the dispaly was empty and whit… Only network and battery signal was shown…. I then restored GDFS back up… Phone is back…. But it’s saying insert correct sim card…… What should i do now??? What was wrong with my flash procedure… Can i get my cell as before??

  420. Akshay says

    don’t worry, download any w200 CDA from topsony and you will find customize.xml file. In that you edit and put that number.

  421. Akshay says

    I don’t know. Its definitely not installed properly then.

  422. Akshay says

    Pran. your phone is locked. Unlock it. Check out Unlocking and Patching Tutorials.

  423. Pran says

    Where should i put the vkp patch of sim unlock in SEtool2lite? Can u plz help me? I cant use my phn anymore….. Shit! 🙁

  424. Pran says

    Bro i need help immediately….. i cant use my phn anymore….Tried with SEtool2lite alot to patch the network lock…. Not workin :-(……. It was fine till morning…… It just happended after i tried to flash it with XS++ 3.1… Im from Bangladesh and aint got that good service centres in here.. I think iwll be able to fix it only with your help.. Sorry for bugging alot but im helpless…. it’s my w610i 🙁

  425. Pran says

    i tried to unlock/repair….. tried with flash….. Tried with writing script…… As my firmware is R1KG001.. I put
    in the misc directory…. and tried in all the way…. I am very depressed now that it’s neither upgrading the firmware nor my network lock is opening…….. PLzzzzzzz help me 🙁

  426. Pran says

    add me [email protected]

  427. Akshay says

    Pran, join our forum and post your complete problem. I don’t understand what you did now.

  428. Irfan Haider says

    Dear Akshay,
    I own sony ericsson w850i, its brand is VODAFONE.
    i want to debrand it (bring the original SE w850i version)
    I live in Pakistan, Asia.

    Please help me! which files i hv to download (MAIN+FS+CustomPack)? Can u please send me links to the proper appropriate files?
    please help me!
    THANKS in advance!

  429. Irfan Haider says

    1 more thing

    can u please explain what is the difference between CID49, CID50, CID51 and CID52?

    which one do u recommend for sony ericsson w850i (i want to debrand it)?

  430. Cesar says


  431. bhuvan says

    @Irfan Haider
    get fs of asia region with asia cust
    main is never region based
    for links better go for topse or google it or go for out support forum!

  432. bhuvan says

    @Irfan Haider
    thats all erom
    use cid:52

  433. Irfan Haider says

    thanks bhuvan 🙂

    so all i need is a main file, a fs file and a cust file to debrand a w850i successfully?

    how do i find out if a FS file is of ASIA REGION?

    cust pack has to be related to the FS file or any Cust pack can be used?

    which main file is appropriate for my Phone:
    W850_R1KG001_MAIN_GENERIC_CY_RED52 ?

    what is the difference between R1KG001, R1JG001 and R1KC001?

    what is an erom file?

  434. Irfan Haider says

    can anyone of u upload (to any site and give the link) the files required to debrand a sony ericsson w850i (Region: Pakistan, Asia)

    Thanx in advance

    as i am a newbie and i am unable to find the files, plz help me in finding the correct files (main+fs+custom pack).

  435. bhuvan says

    @Irfan Haider
    well get one which is latest one!
    i dont know about ..ill get it to you next time
    and not a big diffeence
    few fixes and thats it!
    we all use that one which support the max patches cuz they are firmware dependent and one which is stable
    erom file??that is security for your phone
    here your firmware are 52 that means cid:52 compatible!
    and 52 is best!
    u need all that for debranding
    custpack is not related to fs
    just region related
    it cntains network tweaks

  436. bhuvan says

    @Irfan Haider
    for files go on our support forum
    reqst there
    crew will get u

  437. Irfan Haider says

    if originally my phone has erom 49, should i use CID52 firmware?

    when i connect my phone with XS++, it says: would you like to update erom cid to 52?

    so should i click yes or no?
    please help!

    any custpack can be used with any firmware\file system or there should any relation between thm?

  438. Irfan Haider says

    if my phone’s erom is 49, then can i use CID52 files?

    is there anyway to update erom 49 to 52?

    is it safe to update erom CID to 52 for w850i through XS++?

  439. bhuvan says

    @Irfan Haider
    r1kg is latest

  440. Irfan Haider says

    i hv successfully debranded\flashed my PHONE!
    *yay :D*

    thanks everyone for ur help…specially bhuvan!

  441. Irfan Haider says

    but there is a change in keys!

    the hang up and dial buttons are not functioning according to their default function. Is it normal after flashing?
    how can i change them back to the default settings?

  442. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    Hi, I was wondering myself about 2 questions
    1 Can I use flash menus on K790i
    2 If I flash a K790i to W810i does the camera will still working as usually?

  443. bhuvan says

    any time

  444. bhuvan says

    @Irfan Haider
    plz be more precise

  445. bhuvan says

    @Colin Louis González Duburc
    if it can be crossflashed to w810 the it will work
    but i am not sure that can it be crossflashed to w810
    from where u gt dis?
    u can use

  446. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    I’m didn’t get well what you said if I crossflaht it does the 3.2 Megapixels camera still work as normally?
    Or can you tell me to which phone it can be crossflashed?

  447. bhuvan says

    @Colin Louis González Duburc
    nope….then it cant be!
    which phone u gt??

  448. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    Mmm I got a K790i a K550i@w610i (Display and keys broken) and a W880i (Unknown problem) and K300i

  449. Lahiru says

    When i unzip the w660 cda it had tpa that folder had a more files. Then what file or folder must i select to flash in setool lite…:-S

  450. bhuvan says

    @Colin Louis González Duburc

  451. bhuvan says

    u need to erflash your main and fs
    then upload those files to tpa\preset\custom

  452. dan says

    anyone knows where to get the latest firmware for k850i? thanks

  453. bhuvan says

    @ dan
    use this id

  454. AW7 says

    is ti possible to flash w550i with different phones firmware like w200i w580 w510? i tried and it stop after first flash block. i used those firmware cox i couldnt find w550i main and fs file. pls help me to bring my w550i dead phone back to use. wen i read and view the viedo tutorial from here i so much hoped i can do it. but i got that problem. pls help Akshayy bhaaaai.

  455. bhuvan says

    @ AW7
    nope u cant use..
    get one from
    use this is

    the site is in russian..
    so….look at rssfeed option…
    just left to it firmwares is writeen in russion…
    click on it…go for ur phone

  456. shrawan says

    i have w810i and i want to flash to best firmware version.
    my software info:
    prgCXC1250316_GENRIC_HN R4CK003
    EROM: R3A005
    CXC 125 0326 TIY
    CDA 102295/1 R2A
    cxc1250324 R4CK003

    and configuration:
    IMEI 35945701-200493-2-03
    SAT on
    GSM850 GSM900 GSM1800 GSM1900
    C:– P:–
    KRH information

    well, i wanna flash my phone so please help me with a detail tutorial so that i won’t break my phone. i want to use those walkman dance etc flash themes in my phone i’m dying to use new firmare so please help me. i really don’t know anything about “how to” flash stuff. so where to download programs and all requirments and how to proceed. please help me i will be very thankful. i’m from Nepal and here i haven’t seen any people doing such flash version nor i seen any phones having such flash version in my country. please help me……you can contact me in my id: [email protected]

    p.s: is it necessary to debrand the phone? or unlock? how can i know my phone is unlock or not. i once repaired my phone with R4CK003 prgCXC1250316_GENERIC_HN R4CK003.

  457. bhuvan says

    @ shrawan
    look at every guide..
    starting from xs++ one..
    ull get everything
    if your phone is accepting every sim then its unlocked and non branded

  458. shrawan says

    i wanna use setool2 lite to flash my phone. so what’s with the rest files? do i really need rest files to flash my phone ? what’s the use of rest files? i hope i don’t need quck acces patch.exe and qamaker.exe that i downloaded in setool2lite from 4shared cos my phone is db2010red49.

    please help me how to flash using setool. i jus wanna be guided by u so that i wont break my phone can u please tell me detail step by step to flash my phone???

    my phone info:
    prgCXC1250316_GENRIC_HN R4CK003
    EROM: R3A005
    CXC 125 0326 TIY
    CDA 102295/1 R2A
    cxc1250324 R4CK003

    and configuration:
    IMEI 35945701-200493-2-03
    SAT on
    GSM850 GSM900 GSM1800 GSM1900
    C:– P:–
    KRH information

    alternatively, davinciteam client software shows following info about my phone:
    Model info:
    Security info:
    CID49 Red
    Software info:
    R4CK003 prgCXC1250316_GENERIC_HN R4CK003
    Customization info:
    CDA102295/1 R2A
    cxc1250324 R4CK003

    and i have downloaded followings:
    PACK of PATCH [W810_R4EA031]
    setool v1.11
    usb driver

    so first what sud i do? what to chose? tell me briefly?? i just love this site cos here everything is so clear and easy to find and so clean site as well

  459. bhuvan says

    what u wanna do???
    main and fs…i suggest u to do that with xs++ cuz u are new to all dis…and thats much easier
    and patching wont need any kinda qa cuz urs is db2010
    just straght forward apply patches

  460. shrawan says

    YA i wanna do main fs cos i wanna apply r4ea031 so that i can patch lot to make my phone best. so xs3.1 is best according to you. so i’ll do from xs3.1 but do i need .ssw file? imean “w810_p3k_dcu.49R.ssw” while i do flash main n fs?
    btw ok if i flash using xs then all i have to add main n fs and custompack rit? and after that my phone be new version and which is the best program (setool or xs) to add patch of same version after flashing main n fs?
    btw what is rest files ? why we need rest files? but as u said its best to flash using xs cos i’m new to all these so i’ll use xs but jus for info i wanna know the brief about rest file. what’s the use and how we gonna use etc?

    p.s as i start reading this site i feel like so easy to understand cos i get guided by you ppl and i feel really lucky to get guided by you and i hope you gonn help me if i stuck in any problem. btw if we get “mail notification” in post reply it wud be better.

  461. bhuvan says

    use xs++ for flashing
    setool for patching or jdflasher
    well i love jdflasher cuz it has got all except gdfs backup..its fast also!
    and i dont knwo what .ssw file u are talking about
    we dont need any such file getting stuff done

  462. shrawan says

    wel thanks for your reply i really appriciate it. and do i need rest file if i only have to patch from setool? u didn’t talk about rest file i was asking about. please tell me about rest file details too. and about .ssw here is the link tutorial where it talk about .ssw file when flashing:

  463. shrawan says

    wel thanks for your reply i really appriciate it. and do i need rest file if i only have to patch from setool? u didn’t talk about rest file i was asking about. please tell me about rest file details too.

  464. AW7 says

    bhuvan Bhai.. I found the firmwre I need from the link you given but couldn’t download any file from there. saying wait for 27 seconds.. 4 seconds.. But woh 27 seconds ya 4 Seconds kabhi khatam nahi hota :o.. Can use another w550i which is working fine, to get the firmware from it and to upload to the dead phone? If so , pls help me and tell me what shall I do?

  465. bhuvan says


    look forget other sites
    look what given here….after all these are top rated by google!
    and yea…menu modding includes editing of menu
    everything in menu…icons…shortcuts
    and whats the need of rest file???

  466. bhuvan says

    shrawan thats all u need in db2010 patching….no dealing with rest file
    * Open setool
    * Choose USB and the speed (at the bottom)
    * Choose the model
    * Click “CLEAR” box
    * In the MISC Tab, browse and load the file [vkp file]
    * Click WRITE SCRIPT
    * HOLD the “C” key and insert the cable to the phone
    * -now it’ll inform u to remove the cable-then detach battery-then attach the battery–
    * after doing it click READY
    * connect the cable to the phone by pressing C
    * It will flash the content to ur phone
    * It will ask u YES to remove and No to apply [ click on No 2 apply patch and yes 2 remove it]
    * Once PHONE DETACHED is displayed, u may click QUIT
    * remove the data cable
    * remove and place the battery
    * then switch on the phone

  467. bhuvan says

    u can use only your phones firmware
    search on google
    use other browser
    that will definately work!

  468. shrawan says

    THANKS BHUVAN this site is really top rated in google and also it’s really clear details for all and we love getting help from you guys so hats off to you guys . i been so fan of this site i read everyday in this site and but most attractive on dis site is the look of the site it’s so simple and clean and easy to find everything and our eyes wont get so confused in searching anything. i been reading lot sites about tutorial and stuff but all site is so bizarre and so hard to search due to mess on sites but this site is so clean and so rest to eyes. once again thanks lot for ur effort. btw again talking about rest files, i read on some other tutorial that if i dont have rest files in setool then w/o restfile if i flash my phone using setool , i’ll kill my phone. …that’s what other site said. so do i really need rest file if i use setool to flash?? pleas tell me about this . but as u said earlier it’s best to flash with xs so i stil stick with xs cos i believe in you . and i become the most big fan of you guys!!!! and talking about menu modding, if i only want flash menu on my cell then i hope i don’t have to edit menu modding stuff like given in above tutorial rit?

  469. bhuvan says

    lol…u are simply crazy!
    nice to c a guy like u
    well…i am having db2020 phone w580….in db2020s we need rest file…but in db2010 we dont….cuz we never applied qa patch in db2020 which makes phone dead….to revive back we need rest file….
    now….flash menu thing….yup…u need to upload flash menu in
    tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash >> flash menus
    upload theme…n that will work..
    menu editing includes changing the default icons….and editing is bit complicated for u right now cuz u are still new to all this…
    u can also try jdflasher for flashing…thats also fast and easy…
    but not setool….thats complicated…
    se tool for patching only…
    but sometimes setool is not able to handle a big patch…then we have to use jdflasher!

  470. shrawan says

    thanks lot 4 ur suggestion and information. i’m really understanding lot here .and i get reply so fast so that i don’t have to wait long like in other site. infact i keep activing this page and refreshing time to time just to see i get replied by you or not…lol ya i’m kinda crazy in learning new things. so i’ll flash with xs3.1 and patch with setool that’s a final. and upload flash menu with xs and put theme with usb file manager. good!!! i’m done with this and i jus waiting for a perfect day to flash my phone cos i live in Nepal and you guys will get surprised that here in city(capital) 16hr loadshadding per day. my country really sucks!!! and government will decides soon that 20hr a day loadshadding from next week i guess….so poor to me . btw i just wanna ask you that how long time does it take flashing with xs? i think i have only 4hrs to flash due to loadshadding cos we get only 4hrs lite twice in a day as its 16hr loadshadding here.

  471. bhuvan says

    thats real bad!!!
    i am from such problem here!!!
    well…yea…u can get it done…fs in approx 5 minz and main in 10 minz…dats max!
    patch…in less than a min…

  472. Zorink says

    I have a k800i R8BF003 CID53.I flashed generic main and russia fs. I uploaded a russia custpack and got a configuration error. I tried several different cda but none of them worked. My phone was originaly vodafone CDA102511/18 R16A. What custpack should I get?

  473. bhuvan says

    get custpack acc to your region
    u can request one at our support forum!
    this error comes pnly due to lack of cda files!!!
    where are u copying???
    make it sure where are they getting copied

  474. shrawan says

    HEY bhuvan, do i need to copy code and save as vkp format ? as i have downloaded pack of patch from 4shared and all of patch are in vkp format. so do i have to copy in notepat and stuff or shud i jus add in misc file in setool and jus write script? and do i need rest file when jus patching from setool? i have downloaded setool from ur 4shared link btw. and btw can u tell me about “move flash to other or memmorycard” patch? that this patch exactly does and what shud we do b4 applying this patch i mean like putting swf files to other folders etc…so pleas help me….

  475. Zorink says

    I was uploading to the wrong directory. Now my phone works after uploading properly.

  476. bhuvan says

    well…simple files will work…as they are already in vkp format…u dont need to deal with them…simple apply them
    when a code is there…then u have to copy it in notepad and save as .vkp..
    ya…just add in misc file and patch//…no other files needed!
    “move flash to other or memmorycard” patch===this lets u save flash menus on mem stick instead of phone mem

  477. Nabeel says

    Can i flash sony ericsson K610i via XS++ v3.1

  478. shrawan says

    thanks bhuvan. u r never tired of replyin us. u must be really gud person. anyway, that “move flash to card” patch stuff, when shud i patch it? i mean if i upload all flash (swf) in given folder like u said, its saved in phone memory rit? so after that when i write that patch, will all uploaded swf files store in card? if yes then can u please in which directory it’s saved? and after i write that patch wat if i have to upload new swf files? where shud i upload? i mean in phone memory….desktop/flash or in memorycard? please i really kinda getting confused in this patch stuff? please give me full reply of what i’m confused????

  479. bhuvan says

    this patch will save all your flash menus on your card…that means u can use unlimited swf themes!!!!
    and i am not having my phone patched thats y i dont know where we have to save them…wait for my next post…ill get it done

  480. shrawan says

    can you tell me which are the best patches i mean which patches are most to patch in my w810i after flashing main/fs? there are lot patches 4 r4ea031 but i wanna patche only best patches which are most and useful to use.

  481. shrawan says

    and btw bhuvan, in 4shared in ur given download “setool” there is folder called “make_rest” i really don’t know what’s it? there is exe file inside and i don’t know what to do with it and what’s so importance about that folder please tell me about this. and i really don’t need any rest file when patching with setool rit?

  482. bhuvan says

    for requsts jump onto out forum/…ull get a also..
    yea…if ur device is db2010…then no need of rest file

  483. shrawan says

    thanks lot bhuvan. yesterday i flash n fs r4ea031 using xs 3.1 and uploaded flash menu too it’s realy fast and my fon works perfectly. i even back up gdfs and when patching wid setool i try to back up gdfs but lit went off and fon is completly dead no red lite no nothing blinking jus so dead and when lit comes i try to back up gdfs using xs but only it shows activating gdfs and tuk long time but nothing processs so i stop and gdfs failed. later i flash main and fs both again and it works perfectly. thanks to every member of this site. this site is best and top rated to me. it’s really easy to undastan and so helpful person like you are there to help us. thanks to all . i’m really happy. 4months earlier when my fon start blinking white i paid rs700 to repair in mobile shop now i don’t have to pay anyone. just i’m very thankful to you guys. as someone says earlier in this site i’ll give u treat when u come…thanks lot. now i wanna do lot things in my fon like sound driver and cam driver etc…so i hope you guys will always help us . thanks lot once again.

  484. shrawan says

    hey bhuvan now i wanna add best sound driver and cam driver so can u help me?

  485. bhuvan says

    lol….m big party animal!!
    including treat also!!
    so i m rushing to nepal now!
    well i forgot which phone u have…
    if db2020 then w880 extreme…and if db2010 then ultrasound…
    u can search on 4shared..
    and when u have xs++ gdfs backup…then ok…its still fine!

  486. bhuvan says

    @shrawannow u need a lot of stuff…
    search at our forum
    or request their..
    ull get a lot stuff!

  487. ben says

    Can anyone help me with my K850i ,because i cant it flash via SEUS just via a2uploader but when i fllash it via a2uploader and finished it i’ll get a message when i try to start up my phone 🙁 Configuration error .please contact your service provider or service center. So can anyone help me please !!!!!!!

  488. shrawan says

    WHICH is the best acoustic driver and camera driver for w810i? please give me the link to download too??

  489. Rumel says

    Your tutorials are great mate…i wanted to find out that do you have to flash a phone with firmwares in order to get flash menu’s on it or could you just add the flash menu’s through fsx and that…will it work that way without flashing it…could you reply asap please…thanks…it would be better if you could reply on my email….thanks

  490. bhuvan says

    that needs kind of discussion
    jump onto our forum

  491. bhuvan says

    read the guide thoroughly…
    flashing is like re installing whle software…
    and modding includes flash menu and all

  492. shrawan says

    hey bhuvan, i just uploaded vista tranformation menu pack and when i swich on the phone it works well but when i try to enter in menu it says dynamic menu error. what to do? if i succesfully uploaded menu pack and if it works well then will i able to use flash menu??

  493. itux says

    14:19:32| Attempting to open the interface…
    14:19:32| TURN OFF PHONE!
    14:19:32| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    14:19:32| You have 30 seconds…
    14:19:36| Did not receive 0x5a. Continuing
    14:19:36| Baseband ID: 8040
    14:19:36| Protocol Version: 3.1
    14:19:36| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:W200)
    14:19:36| …using GDFS name
    14:19:36| Profiling SEMC phone…
    14:19:36| Platform: DB2010
    14:19:36| OTP CID: 51
    14:19:36| EROM CID: 53
    14:19:36| EROM Color: Red
    14:19:36| IMEI: 35201402xxxxxx
    14:19:36| Phone ID: W200
    14:19:36| Region: RUSSIA
    14:19:36| CDA: CDA102738/88 R1A
    14:19:36| Firmware Version: R4JA011
    14:19:36| EROM: n/a
    14:19:36| Ready for operation!
    14:19:44| Sending db2010_cid00_prodid_p3l.bin…
    14:19:44| Prologue: Failed
    14:19:44| GDFS operation was successful
    14:19:46| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    Why i can’t flashing my W200i ?

  494. bhuvan says

    beacuse ur phone is cid:53..
    what u wanna do?

  495. hana says

    hi akshay my phone w850i is dead i inatall the xs++ and usb cable…i put my cellphone i connected in XS++ but computer say usb not recognized and whaen i connected in xs++ it says”
    11:44:54| TURN OFF PHONE!
    11:44:54| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    11:44:54| You have 30 seconds…
    11:45:25| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    11:45:27| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    Cannot open my communication port>>>>>

    please help me plz….asap

  496. bhuvan says

    is red light blinking?
    and what does ur pc says when u connect using ‘c’ key???
    installed drivers?

  497. bhuvan says

    better post for once…
    we are here to approve ur comments

  498. hana says

    yes bhuvan red light is blinking sorry for l8 reply…pc says usb is not recognized……me


  499. hana says

    yes bhuvan red light is blinking sorry for l8 reply…pc says usb is not recognized…
    yes i installed drivers…me


  500. gaurav says

    my sony ereicsson k800i cid53 not turning on

  501. Belissma says

    Hi all

    I have a new W705….would this work on mine and where can I get the relevant firmware from??


  502. dhiren says

    hey i m in deep trouble….i know how to flash very nicely but this tym i dun kno wer i went wrong.Ma frend gave me his phone for modding.Its w850i kgb001.But i didnt knew it was branded cell(T-mobile).So unknowingly i tried patching it, but that didnt work.So i re-flashed it many times wid two mbn files but when phone starts theres an error (incorrect sim inserted).i tried changing sim cards but in vain.Now anytime ma frend wil ask for his cell(which doesnt work).Pls help me or i m gone!!
    Please post me links for proper firmwares also if possible n also tell me what can i mod, dun wanna risk anymore…..

  503. senjeru says

    Pls help, I tried master reset my w910 and then suddenly it wont start up, i think my phone is dead now/
    I want to flash it using a2uploader cansomeone tell me how to do it?

  504. bhuvan says

    well first of all post us your log
    so that we can know which procedure u need for debranding
    sim problem is due to unlocking!

  505. wasay says

    hi akshayy,
    i am new in flashing after 40 days research i have known atleast how to flash, what things are required for flashing etc. but b4 flashing i have few doubts could you pls answer my doubts:

    my phone is K750i CID 49 (firmware version R1DB001 )
    few of my doubts could be silly, i am sorry if u got teased.

    this post would very helpfull to others if u answered these.

    1) first when we backup GDFS b4 flashing, when it will be needed to write back the GDFS to phone.

    2) ones i have tried to upload acoustic’s through xs++ 3.1 darvin, but when i pressed upload there something happens like deleting and very after that it says command error 0*0003 and does’nt upload anything.

    3) my firmware version is R1DB001(latest one) i think this version is not allowing to write any thing to phone’s directory do u have any idea for this pls.

    4) ok if started flashing and if any thing happens in between flashing period like error or something could my phone gets kill

    5) if my phone gets kill or doesnt starup is there any way to get it back working

    6) i want to flash with xs++ so which version is best for flashing, i have xs++ 3.1 darvin executed in vista is this good one?

    7) one more thing i want to flash firmware version R1DB001 to R1CA021 in your view did any one flashed in this way.


  506. bhuvan says

    2 drag and drop
    3 no…this is not the prob
    4 no…nothing will happen..even if it gets corrupt then u can reflash…else nothing will happen
    5 yea..keep gdfs with u…dont update to cid:53…get main and fs downloaded with appropiate cda
    6 one for xs++
    7 u can flash

  507. wasay says

    thanks for your reply buddy one more thing i wanna ask is it necessary to download the customization folder means .tpa folder and flash it to the phone cant we directly select the customization in xs++ there it is given phone model and region to select.

  508. wasay says

    hello bhuvan pls reply to my question dude

  509. bhuvan says

    sorry i didn got ur quaestion
    post again

  510. wasay says

    ok nothing i just want to ask that in your tutorial u said about customization that we have to make own_custom folder but here my question is that is it important to make that folder there(in xs++ 3.1 ) it is given to select customization of your phone means ph model and region to select

  511. imran says

    hi this is imran frm jaipur
    i m using k790i …n i want to flash it with w900….
    can i do this ??
    i m very new to flashing phn…. is it safe to use xs++….can u plz send me link for main n fs

  512. bhuvan says

    cda files are to be kept in a folder….folder is not prelocated i guess…thats why we have to make it…or may be we are doung this so that firmware gets linked to cda files

  513. Bilal says

    Hi, Thanks for the Guide. I managed to debrand my K800i yesterday. Only 1 problem I backuped my GDFS as CID49 and then updated to CID52 and flashed it. Now If i was to encounter a problem would I be able to go back to my CID49 GDFS or not. Also I tried to use video call using front camera and everything appears in green this never used to happen before? what up with that?

  514. Harpreet says

    hi akshay i want to change my flash menu i have a w610i but it is not connected to the xs++ .tell me what i do? so that my problem is solved.


  515. Harpreet says

    after holding C button ..firmware is not open my dear.

  516. val says

    hi new here… can i know if i can use xs for sony k810i?

  517. Akshay says

    Harpreet,check out jdflasher, also don’t forget USB drivers install.

  518. karthik says

    hey my phone w580i is not connecting to xs++ here is the log when i click fsx

    10:19:10| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    10:19:10| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    10:19:20| Attempting to open the interface…


    10:19:20| TURN OFF PHONE!

    10:19:20| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    10:19:20| You have 30 seconds…


    10:19:48| Baseband ID: 9900

    10:19:48| Protocol Version: 3.1

    10:19:48| Phone name detected!


    10:19:48| Profiling SEMC phone…

    10:19:48| Platform: DB2020

    10:19:48| OTP CID: 51

    10:19:48| EROM CID: 53

    10:19:48| EROM Color: Red

    10:19:48| IMEI: 35714301xxxxxx

    10:19:48| Phone ID: W580

    10:19:48| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    10:19:48| CDA: CDA102774/66 R4A

    10:19:48| Firmware Version: R8BE001

    10:19:48| EROM: R3A022

    10:19:48| Ready for operation!

    10:19:56| After making any changes with FSX

    10:19:56| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button

    10:19:58| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    10:19:58| Error: FSX failed.

    10:19:58| FSX Shutdown!

    10:20:00| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    sp so please tell me the solution

  519. karthik says

    hey can you tell me i am using w580i but i cant connect it to xs++

    10:19:10| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    10:19:10| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    10:19:20| Attempting to open the interface…


    10:19:20| TURN OFF PHONE!

    10:19:20| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    10:19:20| You have 30 seconds…


    10:19:48| Baseband ID: 9900

    10:19:48| Protocol Version: 3.1

    10:19:48| Phone name detected!


    10:19:48| Profiling SEMC phone…

    10:19:48| Platform: DB2020

    10:19:48| OTP CID: 51

    10:19:48| EROM CID: 53

    10:19:48| EROM Color: Red

    10:19:48| IMEI: 35714301xxxxxx

    10:19:48| Phone ID: W580

    10:19:48| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    10:19:48| CDA: CDA102774/66 R4A

    10:19:48| Firmware Version: R8BE001

    10:19:48| EROM: R3A022

    10:19:48| Ready for operation!

    10:19:56| After making any changes with FSX

    10:19:56| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button

    10:19:58| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    10:19:58| Error: FSX failed.

    10:19:58| FSX Shutdown!

    10:20:00| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    sp so please tell me the solution

  520. AW7 says

    Salaam bhuvan Bhai..
    Main phir se aagya..
    I flashed my w500i which was ‘dead’ already. got the right firmware from the website you provided. want to sy thak you thank you so so so so much.
    But the when I try to open Camera It says “wrong camera version 4.5. Update to version 4.6 or later”
    Pls tell me how to solve this problem.. pls..
    Thank you in advance.. Bhuvan bhai.

  521. Akshay says

    Karthik, your phone is CID53, so use jdflasher.

  522. dj516nadz says

    Welcome to SEtool2 ( LITE edition ) v 1.10
    supported DB2010/DB2012 CID49/50/51/52, DB2020 CID49/51/52
    Loaded 51 flash descriptors

    if you like LITE edition – please visit and buy FULL.


    MODEL:HB1-06 Gen

    ChipID:9900,EMP protocol:0301
    err: 45 (13)
    loader prologue returns invalid status
    phone pre-boot failed,possible RECOVERY needed.
    Elapsed:53 secs.

    im not able to flash k810, phone just displays white screen

  523. bhuvan says

    use xs++ or jdflasher
    if there is any error there
    i can understand it…

  524. dj516nadz says

    how to use jd flasher i have used jdflasher before only for patching but not for firmware can i be shown how-to for jdflasher thanks

  525. bhuvan says

    look in guides
    flashing with jdflasher
    whole tutorial is there

  526. coucou says

    hey guys
    i have a s500i which i brought with me from france to the middle east, i need to debrand it so i can use it here bc it was branded with F SFR, can anyone help ?

  527. bhuvan says

    ya follow this

  528. coucou says

    hey ppl im in the middle east , i cannot find main and fs for my s500i.
    Any help is appreciated.

  529. bhuvan says

    use google translator

  530. doncorleone says

    Hey ppl i hav a k610, do i need to debrand it to use fsx?

  531. bhuvan says


  532. ruslan afandi says

    My phone SE W850i just blink when the power on. why dear ??

  533. bhuvan says

    ruslan afandi
    blinks red light or white screen?
    if white screen then reflash

  534. kashif says

    hi … my sony ericisson k510i shows only white scree blinking ……..please tell me the solutioin…thanks

  535. bhuvan says


  536. Akhil says

    Hi Bhuvan!!

    See I have long list of queries… if you could please took some time to reply me after reading this….

    I am currently holding SE G502 and would like to flash it with a2 uploader to upgrade the firmware R1FA037… I have read you tutorial regarding this everything fine I downloaded the path for main and FS also… but this note on that tutorial confused my mind:-

    *Also If you Flash your FS, then you will need to upload CDA files to phone file system. You should upload Customize.xml and preloaded_config.xml to /tpa/preset/custom/. If you forget to upload CDA/Customizaiton/CustPack files after flashing the FS, then you will get a configuration error are phone start. If you forget, don’t worry, just upload them this time before starting the phone.*

    I have check few other tutorial SE-Nse blog where nothing like this mention… could you please clarify above note….

    2) I was checking XS++ tutorial and where you mention its compulsory to take backup of GDFS where as in a2uploader tutorial there is nothing mention about GDFS…

    3) I have download this two file for my G502..


    Will it be enough to work with my handset which i bought in india….

    and one more thing yes my AV also not letting me extract file…. and reflecting its infected… I am using AVG could you tell how to disable it and enable it once I flash my phone with new firmware….

    Waiting for reply

    Warm Regards

    Akhil Taneja

  537. bhuvan says

    1. we provide here guides which can be easy for even noobz! so have to mention every single point. u have to upload cda pack to avoid that error or ull face that
    2. no gdfs related in a2 phones yet.
    3. download the cda pack also which matches ur region
    ur firmwares are generic…are u sure u wannna use branded phone?
    u can download cda pack from topsony
    add the software to trusted list or disable ur antivirus

  538. somnath naskar says

    After switching off the phone,it is not restarting
    My phone model is k790i.i have noticed that when i am going to switch on then it’s infrared light is blinking but the phone is dead.please help me what should i do??

  539. bhuvan says

    somnath naskar
    look in redlight blinking guide
    if its cid53 then it wont get back!

  540. arun says

    My phone model is k800i,i used xs++ soft,but phone is dead.please help me what should i do
    iam in india .please sent firmwares k800i

  541. bhuvan says

    what were u doing?
    whats exactly happening?
    if no red light is blinking then reflash using xs++ if its cid52 else use jdflasher
    download firmwares from 4 shared

  542. hairi says

    hana you cable mybe not insert full plsse pull the cable..

  543. Dagz says

    plsssss, help… im using sony ericsson w705 and im very disappointed with the sound, how can i change the quality of it? Can’t connect with xs++, says unknown device, mostly n/a fields…

  544. bhuvan says

    look in a2 uploader guide
    ur phone is a2
    none of other will work for u!

  545. mike says

    hi im new to this stuff and i have everything i needed for modding my phone which k810i cid53 db2020. It will connect to xs++ however when i try to do fsx or flashing it would say sorry you’re phone not recognized or you’re phone not availble…pls me at [email protected]

  546. vinay says

    hello friend i have k800i..i wanna flash it using data cable..and i dunno wats its firmwear version..can i get firnwear and related things needed to flash my cell plzzzzz… id is [email protected]

  547. Sony Ericsson w395 says

    Ok there,this is great tutorial I flash my K800i and do everything with him.Now I have Sony Ericsson w395 and I don’t hawe i clue how to flash him.This drivers don’t recognize him and XS++ and SeTool2 can’t recognize.Can somebody help me ?

  548. royya12587 says

    hello everybody it’s royya12587

    this is the first time i’m here, actually i wanted to upgrade my firmware of my se k550i, to use it most efficeintly, but it seems a grand difficult task! after i see all these FS, CUST PACK, USB FLASH DRIVERS & ALL……..

    please help me out of this


  549. royya12587 says

    hello everybody it’s royya12587 once again,

    what shoud be the most appropriate firmware i should adopt to upgrade my outdataed
    k 550i ?
    is it possible to upgrade offline?
    can i customize settings?
    i’m waiting since long time for reply

    please friends help me abou this

    this is the first time i’m here, actually i wanted to upgrade my firmware of my se k550i, to use it most efficeintly, but it seems a grand difficult task! after i see all these FS, CUST PACK, USB FLASH DRIVERS & ALL……..

    please help me out of this


  550. Kirti says


    I need k800i firmware


    can u please send me link for .mbn and .fs and cs pack

  551. Sagar says

    I am trying to flash my phone. I have k810i R1KG001. Can I flash it with R8BA024???
    Thanks in Advance!!!

  552. Akshay says

    sure, you can, be sure its same cid as your phone firmware.

  553. Abhishek says

    Hi Akshay,
    Im Abhishek, and own a Sony ericsson K530i.
    I read your tutorial about geting flash in K530i.
    I could not find it easy to understand it.
    Can u please pls give me some tips.
    Also I couldnt find the appropriate tools. can u please send me the required tool’s links on my mail.
    [email protected]

  554. Abhishek says

    Hi Akshay,
    Im Abhishek. I have no idea about this flash converting part, but I’m fed up of my K530i’s menu style.
    Please can u guide me an easy way to get flash menu as well as walmanplayer 2 in my K530i.
    Thanks bro

  555. Abhishek says

    Hi Akshay,
    Im Abhishek. I have no idea about this flash converting part, but I’m fed up of my K530i’s menu style.
    Please can u guide me an easy way to get flash menu as well as walkmanplayer 2 in my Sony Ericsson K530i.
    Thanks bro

  556. Piratangpunk says

    hi! i have used the following in flashing my w810i.
    can i still apply updates from from se? thank you!
    sorry just a newbee. 🙂

  557. Abhishrek47 says

    Hello Akshay,
    I am Abhishek,
    I have a Sony Ericsson phone,but as the K series lacks the megabass feature, it would be great if I could flash my phone to w660i and also, the Flash menu themes are a great attraction to me as they fully change the look of the phone…!!!
    I would kindly request you to please let me know a step by step intro for how to do that…!!?
    I am new to this flashing world…It would be really nice of you…!!!
    Please help me buddy…!!!
    i am really very much excited about the cool new features without spending even a penny that too in the same phone….!!!!

  558. Shannon says

    Hey Akshay,

    I have a W350a (EROM: R4A017). Can i flash it and if so could you help with the steps involved? Its simlocked with AT&T, so will flasing help me unlock it?

  559. mibsal says

    how to flash w200i

  560. JMX2004 says


    can you send me the Links for the Stable FW of w580i willbe trying your tutorial on a AT&T lock w580i..

    email me kind sir…

    [email protected]

    More power and Thank you

  561. CokyCoky says

    Does anyone have the w980_R3EG004 Indonesia or Australia main firmware??

    i’ve been looking this firmware like crazy.

  562. VignesH says

    hi friend i use sony ericsson j105i (naite) model.
    i want firmware files (.mbn extension file) & (.fbn extension file) pls. send the link to my e-mail id or update here.

  563. bhuvan says

    look at topsony

  564. vignesh says

    pls tell full or upload here

  565. bhuvan says

    or search at
    or request at our support forum

  566. jacky says

    hi there..whats the meaning of EROM:n/a in the xs++ log?

  567. ussama says

    my phone is w810 .and on starting its white light blinks and th phone does not rurn on .what to do to make my phone work .

  568. bhuvan says

    ull have to reflash ur fs!
    try seus or this method 😉

  569. j4 cxsparrow says

    thx for tutor, my old best friend w700i is come back!

  570. Akshar says

    hey akshayy man!!….will dis work for my w580i??? i was debranding it using setool but den i dnt knw wat happened!!!…it jus shows “configuration error…contact ur network provider”……wat do i do!!!…..???….i wanna use flash themes on my fone!!! HELP!!

  571. bhuvan says

    u have to upload cda pack, ur phone is almost ready!!! get proper cda from or

  572. Pramod Dhiman says

    1. I did an update through the sony ericson software udpate service , but my phone does not boot there after, but it gets detected as i connect to my PC.
    I see only lights come up in keyboard and dim light for more activities noticed
    Please help, Any tips and trick would be good.

    21:56:48| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    21:56:48| Executed on Microsoft Windows Vista
    21:57:11| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    21:57:11| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    21:57:22| Master Port detected: COM30
    21:57:22| Slave Port detected: COM31
    21:57:22| Opening Port!
    21:57:23| INIT MASTER…OK!
    21:57:23| PHONE INFO SAMPLED…OK!
    21:57:23| APPLET BODY SENT…OK!
    21:57:25| Baseband ID: 7100
    21:57:25| Protocol Version: 3.1
    21:57:26| Speed set to 460800
    21:57:26| Sending db2000_cid03_prodid_p3b.bin…
    21:57:27| Applet ID: 070410 1354 NPACXC125871_DB2000_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3B
    21:57:27| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    21:57:27| Activating GDFS…
    21:57:27| Cannot open GDFS
    21:57:27| Activating GDFS…
    21:57:27| Cannot open GDFS
    21:57:27| Activating GDFS…
    21:57:27| Cannot open GDFS
    21:57:27| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:P1 GDFS:n/a)
    21:57:27| …using IMEI name
    21:57:27| Profiling EPOC smartphone…
    21:57:27| Platform: DB2001
    21:57:27| OTP CID: 52
    21:57:27| EROM CID: 53
    21:57:27| EROM Color: Red
    21:57:27| IMEI: 35703301xxxxxx
    21:57:27| Phone ID: P1
    21:57:27| Part Number: n/a
    21:57:27| Phone smartphone version: R1C01
    21:57:27| Phone software version:
    21:57:27| Processing Unit:
    21:57:27| Organizer:
    21:57:27| CDA:
    21:57:27| Activating GDFS…
    21:57:27| Cannot open GDFS
    21:57:27| Ready for operation!
    21:57:40| Sending db2001_cid53red_cs_p1e.bin…
    21:57:57| Applet ID: 070405 1245 NPA1_CXC1327363_1_SEMC_CS_LOADER_1_P1E
    21:57:57| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    21:57:57| Activating loader…
    21:57:57| Activating GDFS…

  573. bhuvan says

    Pramod Dhiman

    update/reflash using jdflasher or seus

  574. Dik says

    18:18:55| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    18:18:55| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    18:19:07| Attempting to open the interface…
    18:19:07| TURN OFF PHONE!
    18:19:07| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    18:19:07| You have 30 seconds…
    18:19:23| Baseband ID: 8040
    18:19:23| Protocol Version: 3.1
    18:19:24| Phone name detected!
    18:19:24| Profiling SEMC phone…
    18:19:24| Platform: DB2010
    18:19:24| OTP CID: 50
    18:19:24| EROM CID: 50
    18:19:24| EROM Color: Red
    18:19:24| IMEI: 35657301xxxxxx
    18:19:24| Phone ID: W810
    18:19:24| Region: AMERICA_2
    18:19:24| CDA: CDA102494/1 R2A
    18:19:24| Firmware Version: R4EK001
    18:19:24| EROM: n/a
    18:19:24| Ready for operation!
    18:20:35| Sending db2010_db2012_cid50red_flash_r1a002.bin…
    18:20:35| Applet ID: 060712 1520 HAN_DB2012_FLASHLOADER_R1A002_CXC1250695
    18:20:35| This is a FLASH loader
    18:20:35| Now flashing filesystem…
    18:20:36| Flashing c:\documents and settings\dikshant\desktop\new folder (2)\w810_r4ek001_fs_america_2_red50\w810_r4ek001_fs_america_2_red50.fbn
    18:20:36| Header type: BABE
    18:20:36| 157 flashblocks
    18:20:36| Binary acknowledge failed with: 15
    18:20:36| Command: Error 0x15
    18:20:36| Failed sending flashblock 1. Returnvalue 0xFFFF250B
    18:20:36| Finishing flash

    “plzzzzzzzz help me wid dis”

  575. ZeroICeZ says

    Any tutorial in how to flash my W395?? When I play the walkman, it freezes and restart my phone.

  576. Wayne82 says

    Hi please help as I don’t know where to start. I have a w600i that doesn’t get past the Sony Ericsson screen. I have to remove battery to power off. Please give me a step by step solution for this along with links. Thank you very much

  577. Jason says

    Hey Akshay,
    First of all a big THANKS to You & Peter for selflessly helping us out here.
    Recently, my T700 phone has been acting up big time and I had to get it flashed a couple of times. But even now I keep losing my contacts and other data. So I looked up on Google and ended up here.
    I’ve gone through all the tutorials and the videos that you have put up. However, I am still confused about the following things:
    1) I am from Goa, India. So, obviously I will be looking out for the ASIA region files. Where do I get them?
    2) Where can I get custom packs for my T700?
    3) I searched and I got the following information for my phone:
    T700 = R3DA026, R3DA028, R3DA031, R3DA033, R3EA031, R3EA036, R3EA037, R3EE001, R3EF001
    DB3150; CID49/51/52

    So…? Where do I go from here?

    Thanks in advance for your time.


  578. Jason says

    Why was my post removed? 🙁

  579. Jason says

    Oops! Sorry!
    I just saw that my post was still awaiting moderation. It showed up after I posted the last one.

  580. PapaBlaze says

    Hey .. ok im like totally new about these things … i was actually searching for a way to reset my mobile … my cellphone is W810i it’s from orangemobile … but it’s already unlocked for the simcards of my country… i was wondering if there’s a way to change my firmware to completely convert it to a normal Sony Ericsson W810i … since there’s still some options from orange here which i have no use… like the browser default is orange … and theres a orange downloader and stuff.

    and i’m recently having a problem that’s kinda irritating me … sometimes when i try to call someone or try to play a song … it freezes and then the screen becomes white … if i wait a few mopment then it comes back to normal like i’ve just turned it on.

    plz give me a solution … as i said, i’m a total noob in this matter … so a explained solution would help me … can’t afford to mess it up. thanks.

  581. VSPQ92 says

    @bhuvan ….

    i want to unlock my k800i to all networks online for free can you help wit that??? plz rspd asap……..

  582. DINESH says

    akshay can u help me to download main firmware for W580i in english

  583. Saravanan.K says

    Akshay, i am having k530 and after i flashing it to w660i i am getting inactive SIM kindly help me in sorting out this issue.

  584. santhosh says

    hi akshayy am using xs++ v3.2 to flash my w960i ,but it shows error as CS loader not loading? do u have any solution for this? or can i use other flashers?

  585. Misko says

    can anybody help with my SE W 302i?

  586. Raj says

    Dear Akshayy, I am from Jaipur,Rajasthan. I have a SE G900 mobile which is totally dead unfortunately i showed it to the SE’s service center also but they are also could not gave a life to it…i am totally helpless…on their words as the company has been stopped the product so one of g900 IC is not found. can you help me akshayy…it is a costly handset for me..if once you check it anyway i will be satisfied & also get a suitable advice from you…..hope you will help me in this regard….thanks…..God bless you, your team & your site.

  587. vishal says

    hey dear can anyone help me …i have w705 sony ericsson…the problem is that my phone is not turn only vibrating and lights in keypad ..display is not working…pls tell me what is the problem and how i can solve this..

  588. Yocky says

    Sorry,,can you tell me how to flash sony ericsson spiro w100i to other firmwares???
    I’ve tried to connect my phone to PC,,but XS++ and Setool can’t detect it…

  589. qbanz suhsik says

    could my zylo get in jamaica n need help..also i tried to flash my k310 n its died ..completely

  590. john doe says

    hello guys.. i need firmware for w585.. tnx

  591. Appu says

    My sony ericsson K790i is displaying the white screen and then switching off after every time i try to start it.

    Can anybody tell me what could be the problem and how can i fix it.
    Also please let me know how can reinstall firmware in my mobile.


  592. nouz says

    i cant connect my c510(vodfone branded) to either xs++ or a2uploader. cant even updates the software using pc suote or pc companion. help me pleeeeeeaaaase!!!!!!!

  593. Brent says

    do you have W705a fw??

  594. manu nayak says

    hii akshay i purchased sony ericsson mix walkamn(wt13i) it doesn,t have sound efects(not in headset also) and mega bass also @ also camera zooming pls pls tell me how can i do do get that.. i am totally dissopionted

  595. manu nayak says

    hii akshay i purchased sony ericsson mix walkamn(wt13i) it doesn,t have sound efects(not in headset also) and mega bass also @ also camera zooming pls pls tell me how can i do do get that.. i am totally dissopionted pls help me on this

  596. James says

    downloaded the installer for USB Flash drive (gordons one). when connect phone to xs++, and hold c (using a sony ericson Vivaz Pro or U8I what ever its called), i hold C button, Power button, green button and tried 2+5. nothing works it just waits the 30 seconds and says failed to open communication port.

    what am i doing wrong (Not yet downloaded firmware or anything, literally just got xs++ and sel lite or w.e. trying to get that to work before spend 6hours trawling through firmware links

  597. Ceo says

    Hi…I have an SE T700. From last few months it was going dead with a white screen and red light blinking every few days. I reflashed it many times. Last week I gave it for repairs. They said it had a charging problem and fixed it. Next day it was working although pc couldn’t detect it. But, again in 2 days it went dead. Now, its not being unlocked by any software. Omnius can detect SEMBOOT device, but a problem occurs at installation. I am scared that the repairing guys have stolen some hardware from it. Can you help me find out the problem?

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