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Flash Firmware/Debrand With XS++

Here we discuss how to flash the firmware. Also debranding a phone is flashing the phone with a generic main and a generic FS of your region

SE phone Firmware has two parts.
Main Firmware which contains all the phone software. Main firmware file has the .mbn extension.
FS is a firmware which has settings and all other data like the default Images and Ringtones and all other files that is used by phone. It has .fbn file extension.

Before you flash the main firmware make GDFS BACKUP. GDFS backup is very important and not to be missed. You also need to have USB Flash Drivers Installed.

The video Shows how to flash the firmwares. Watch the video tutorial (attached at the End).

Now some important information

In this video a w610 firmware is flashed to a k550. But you must use the firmware of your phone, if your phone is a k810 then use k810 firmwares. But if your phone is S500 then you can use either S500 Firmwares or W580 Firmware, etc.
For debranding its necessary to flash both main and fs.
Only the Main can be flashed. Not a problem. But its always recommenced to flash FS also.

Many FS are available for a phone, you must choose the FS that has your language files
By default all FS have English langauge.
You can download FS and Main from TOPSONY. Or for free from TOPSE if the FS for your area is available. Or you can make a request at se-nse firmware section. People those who have the firmware should help you. Also check out my download section for few links.
If you are flashing the FS then you must also do customization or flashing of CDA. If you don’t do then phone won’t start. Your phone will halt boot saying configuration error. To do this you must download Custpack from se-nse download area. And flash them using own_custpack method which is shown in the video as well.

Download Links For XS++ and everything else is here

Download The Video Guide

Regards Akshay.

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