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Flash k530 to w660

Yes you heard it right ! k530 can be easialy flashed to w660 !

A k530 flashed to w660 works like great ! with absolutely no bugs !
You will get Walkman player 2 with Megabass and flash menu support !

To flash k530 to w660 you need a W660 Main and a W660 FS and a W660 Cust pack !

You can download w660 Main and FS for w660i from here !
And here is a Customization Pack for Cent Europe FS from here !

Note !! There are many FS available. You must use the FS which has your langauge
The FS that i have provided has the following languages

CENT_EUROPE >> English Hungarian Czech Polish Slovakian

Few more FS are available at Topse Russia ! You can download from here ! Also download Custom Pack from there !

If you don’t Find FS of your choice for W660 You can always get it from TopSony ! But you might have to pay for it ! But a small price though for walkman player 2 !

Instructions !! Follow this tutorial !! The only difference is you must use W660 Firmwares and Files instead of w610 firmwares !! The method to use XS++ is same for all phones !!

Download XS++ from the websites download section !!

Then ofcourse you can follow my other guides such as Customizing of phone , Far Manger, Patching etc.

All the best !
Regards Akshay !!

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  1. veeru says

    well done

  2. isuru says

    i tried to open the file for w660 main.. it doesnt open.. and en error ocuurs.
    please explain.. wat should i do nxt?

  3. Akshay says

    i did not get you
    why should you open w660 main
    and download correct w660 main firmware from topse or see for more links at my download page

  4. dravidan says

    w660 main and fs link is broken
    please fix that link

  5. Peti says

    Yeah, right, I fixed it. Thanx for the info. 😉

  6. Rudhra says

    Are Walkman 2 and flashmenu the only benefits? I dont use my phone as musicplayer and I like the spiral theme.. but perhaps I am a bit ignorant about flash menus..

  7. Peti says

    I don’t know the benefits, but I’m sure that walkman, new flash menus, new acoustics are flashed with it. You can also use patches.

  8. Irfan says

    can i flash k800i to w880i firmware? What changes should be there?

  9. Peti says

    You can flash it but: no camera, keyboard and joy totally mixed, cant operate phone using keys, only with MyPhoneExplorer as vitrual keyboard; Walkman and flash lite works fine. So not worth trying.

  10. Broken English says

    Thanks for the great tutor, I’ve been reading quite a lot from yours and now ready to do the crossflashing myself. My phone is K530 >> W660.

    The files I collected:
    1. Main: W660_R8BB001_MAIN_GENERIC_FY_RED52.rar
    2. FS:
    3. Custom file:

    One thing I want to ask to Akshayy, is the 3 files above the correct one that I must use? I heard many people used the wrong Custom files and end up with a brick 😛 I dont want that to happen to me. Please help, thanks in advance.

  11. Akshay says

    custom file don’t brick the phone
    if something wrong in custom file then phone will say config erro blah blah
    then just install new custom file. SIMPLE !!!
    choose FS that has langaue that you want
    i assume you SEND SMS in ENGLISH then you can use any damn FS
    all FS have english support

  12. Broken English says

    Alright then Guru, I’ll proceed and report to you later 😀 Thanks a heap!

  13. Broken English says

    In Customization File System, you need to select Phone Model from the drop down list.

    What I want to do in my case is K530>>W660, but I didnt find W660 from that list. So what Phone Model to choose?

  14. Akshay says

    no .. select own_custpack.
    read tutorial properly i mean the flash debrand thing
    its a video . .check out out
    i select own_custpack
    also cda is put in own_custpack folder

  15. Nc Rocker says

    Hey, does K530 still carries Track Id & 3G settings after converted into W660 ?
    Plz somebody let me know….and does it have MegaBass.

  16. Akshay says

    yes it sure does… you get everything. noting to lose

  17. Hamachi says

    I replaced my old K610i with a new K530 which I used your tutorial to debrand and reflash the firmware etc. Works perfectly thanks! Question I have. There’s a festure in my old 610i that’s not in the K530 which is when the phone display goes to sleep there’s a clock and indicator for SMS etc. in the background. K530 just doesn’t do this.

    1) Can I flash my K530 with the K610 firmware?

    2) OR is there a way to get that funcationality into my K530 firmware?

  18. Akshay says

    no you can’t do that.
    i don’t know what functionality you are talking about.

  19. Hamachi says

    I’m referring to when the phone is idle for a while, it dims the screen, and goes into “idle” mode. In K530, the screen is just dark (nothing displayed). In K610i, the screen is dark, but you can see a “shadow” with the background showing the clock, and an icon for SMS if you have a msg waiting.

  20. Peti says

    You can see this “idle” screen on newer phones when you press the keys on the side on the phone, volume/zoom keys.

  21. Neo says

    i have convereted 530i to w660 … it is working fine … except keypad light goes off while playing walkman ???

  22. Akshay says

    Use some other firmwares and fix that problem

  23. manuela1986 says

    Is there any way fixing the problem that phone crashes if the brightness is over 60% and you open the walkman?

  24. Peti says

    I’d first try reflashing main and fs.

  25. mike says

    hey there there patches to sort out the problems
    just see this guide

  26. abhir says

    i wanted a walkman ph but bought k530 n saved 1.5k 😀
    got the idea from k750@w800 (which i lost)
    but thnx for putting up all the reqd info / files.
    Thnx !

  27. Peti says

    It doesn’t work on all phones. 😉

  28. sanjay says

    Can i flash my k790i to w850 or some other phone????

  29. Akshay says

    no it won’t work.

  30. pralad says

    can u do a k610i to w660

  31. Peti says

    In fact, K790 can’t be crossflashed to anything.

  32. Peti says

    @pralad: yes, you can crossflash a K610 to a W660.

  33. pralad says

    but how comes when i turn my k610i(flashed2 w660) the colours on the screen are inverted do u no how to fix this

  34. Peti says

    I would first try to flash a different W660 firmware on.

  35. gan says

    guy i flashed the K530 main and W660 fs and i got the walkman player in k530
    still my phone name is K530

  36. Akshay says

    you should flash FS and CDA also for full compatibility.

  37. aladin says

    its corrupted..try search at 4shared

  38. duan says

    can k810 flashing to k850?

  39. Peti says

    Not possible, different architecture (DB2020 vs. DB3150).

  40. ridhwan says

    Aug 15 at 12:01

    hello….PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! im new around here…so
    i hv many question….

    1)i hv k530i..i wnt flash it to w660…so should i unlock it first or just do the flashing with the w660 FS main n (other things tht we need to use with it)…..what is the purpose of unlocking actually….?

    2)how should i know my phone CID there any button 2 check in the phone itself….

    3)If i flash it to w660 can i flash it back 2 my original series which is k530i……..

    Help me….i’m really afraid that i will mess up…i have read all the comment in this website..n find any problem that i should aware of…but i need a really conclude guide to do the flashing…PLEASE ANSWER…..!!!!!!!!

  41. Peti says

    1. Not necessary. To use the phone with any SIM card.
    2. Connect to XS++ and see the EROM CID line. Phone can’t show it.
    3. You can, but it will be debranded.

  42. ridhwan says

    for the answer of 3rd question…what the meaning of debranded ?…’s my handphone lost the warranty……or the shop guy can detect that i hv flash the hp even though i change the firmware back to original before i take to them…

    if u don’t understand what i just wrote above…just tell me what is debranded can cause me problem….?(my english is not so good)

    n final question….what is ur advise if my phone still hv warranty..should i wait until the warranty finish….(2 years warranty)just give ur best opinion…ok…thx?

  43. Peti says

    Debranded means it has no operator’s stuff, their startup image, sounds, themes removed.
    You need the original branded firmware to get warranty back, but they are too hard to find.
    I flashed and lost warranty after 2 months.

  44. ridhwan says

    1. if i backup my GDFS can i flash it back to original with all the logos n operator’s stuff in it……
    2. Did u find any original firmware for this k530i
    3. How do i know IF i find the original firmware

  45. Peti says

    1. GDFS is not for that, you can’t.
    2. Never looked. Never wanted them.
    3. Same phone, same operator, same CID, same version. That’s it.

  46. Viper says

    People converted there k550i to w610i to get walkman v 2.0 player, megabass and flash themes.
    I am the first man who want to convert his w610 to k550.
    The main reason is to get the cybershot options of the k550 which i love.
    I dont care for the walkman v 2.0, megabass or flash themes.
    Please tell me is it possible to do that and if than how.
    Thanks in advance.

  47. Peti says

    I never experienced K550 camera app was better than W610… So what you’re doing is foolish, but of course it’s your choice. See the K550 -> W610 tutorial, there is something about reverting to K550 there, do it.

  48. julio says

    wow!!!!!!! viper dont do dat thw w610i and k550i cams r exactly d same!!!
    if u want cyber-shot in the menu den edit the i did that i also put track id in entertainment n move radio to menu…..cause most of the flash menus have radio not track id!!!
    so dont doo it man it is dumb!!!!

  49. Viper says

    Thanks Peti and julio.
    I have not converted my phone but instead sold it and bought the new k770 cybershot which is better than both w610 and k550.
    Thanks again.

  50. IRENES says


  51. Akshay says

    that’s not possible. sorry.

  52. Ryan says

    can the K800 be flashed to anything

  53. Akshay says

    oh sorry no.

  54. Akshay says

    no wait. k800 to k810 is possible. try out … works be careful

  55. azn says

    Please, i really need this file:


    Could anyone help me? Maybe someone got a premium account at TopSony could help me? Thanks in advanced!

  56. fragile says

    can z558i be converted to w660?

  57. Saravanan says

    Hi Akshay!. I just want to know whether CID53 phones can be flashed this way!. BCOZ I have heard that K550 to W610 can’t be done on CID53. Can you provide this info please. I’m waiting to flash….

  58. t002tyrant says


    I guess W660_R8BB001_MAIN_CHINA_FY_RED53 should be available at ****://s e b b s

    It seems like you have to achieve a certain level in order to download the file. I just guess, since the page is written in chinese :p I just understand part of it

  59. Akshay says

    fragile.. don’t know i have not tested that.
    no CID53 wait for XS++ 4.1

  60. jose says

    i flashed k530i to w660.
    flashing was successful.
    but when i inserted the sim card it says configuration error.
    i live in india. what should i do.

  61. bhuvan says

    get the cust pack…known as cda too!

  62. hairi says

    hey…i from asia my english so bad…i want to flash k530i to w600i then i get a xs3.1 and when i connet he dont work….why…?plese tell me……

  63. hairi says

    what the FS…?

  64. hairi says

    my fhone damage plese help me…how to change normal……..

  65. bhuvan says

    what is says???
    copy and paste the log here
    installed the driver?

  66. bhuvan says

    file system
    which constitutes of files like themes…and other resources!
    through which our mob works

  67. bhuvan says

    what exactly happend???

  68. hairi says

    i flsh my phone k530i to w660i and my phone dont support the fs…i from malaysia how cant i change back to normal back……

  69. hairi says

    what the fs of malaysia….i mean custpack from malaysia…where cant i get its…?plaese help me..sorry my english so bad……..

  70. Fariqz says

    Hairi..xsangke ade dak m’sia kt cni..bru try dlm dunia modding nie ke…setahu ak la..custpack utk m’sia adlh APAC..ko pakai hp pe ek?? pe2 hal contact la ak kt [email protected]

  71. bhuvan says

    look in topse….the region which suits u!!!
    it has got all the available stuff!!!

  72. hairi says

    bhuvan can you tell me where cant i got cool flash theme free….?the file wlf and theme got in one…where cant i got….

  73. hairi says

    my k530i now walkman…i flash k530i to w660i..and work 100%….i verry happy now…..last time i flash and i use the xs++3.1 and no works….and now i have to use a xs++3.2 and work…….tq for help me………….!!!!!my english bad……sorry…

  74. Nisal says

    Hi akshayy! Ur website is really great! It intro’d me 2 SE flashin, thank u very much! Bt nw i’ve gt sum litl probs so can u pls help me? I gt a unbranded k530i which had the main firmware K530_R8BB001_MAIN_CHINA_NC_RED52. The FS is K530_R8BB001_FS_APAC_RED52. The custpack was CDA102568/101 APAC. Den i flashed da main with w660 (GENERIC) firmware & added the files that wer nt in the k530 fs bt ws there in w660 fs in2 the 4n with fsx. Nw the 4n works fyn & has megabass, walkman player etc. bt the backlight goes off wen the walkman is opened. Hw can i get it 2 b workin without reflashin the FS cuz i dnt want 2 lose wat is in da 4n memory. 🙂 & also wen i had the CHINA firmware, in symbols there wer additional full characters which hav disappeared nw. Any way 2 get then bak?

  75. Nisal says

    Sry 4 breakin in2 two pieces, bt im writin frm da k530@w660 & it restarts if i write any mor characters than in da above comment. Is there any way 2 fix it? & i want 2 store txt msgs in da normal 4n memory instead of da reserved txt msg memory so that da capacity wil b much mor dan 1000 msgs, hw can i modify the storage location? I found instructions 2 change dat on a k790 (which i think is db2020 too?) which sed dat da pref_store.txt file shud b modified by changin the path of storage frm ‘smsdata/’ to ‘tpa/’ & to create a new directory structure in tpa/ in da same way as smsdata/. I created it, & tried editin the pref_store.txt file, bt it ws 0 bytes, so it ws an empty file. 🙁 Didnt work, so im stil stuck wit 1000 msgs. Pls can u help me 2 make it mor dan dat? & als is there any possibility that the k530@w660 can support a 4GB M2 card?
    Thanks a great lot in advance!

  76. hairi says

    bhuvan can you tell me hoe to make flash menu….??cant you tell me plese….i want to make my flash theme….

  77. Ridhwan says

    i hv one question

    u see the name of the FS or the MAIN have name at the end red 52 or 53….
    what the diff??

  78. Salil says

    15:56:24| Baseband ID: 9900

    15:56:24| Protocol Version: 3.1

    15:56:25| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:K530)

    15:56:25| …using GDFS name


    15:56:25| Profiling SEMC phone…

    15:56:25| Platform: DB2020

    15:56:25| OTP CID: 51

    15:56:25| EROM CID: 53

    15:56:25| EROM Color: Red

    15:56:25| IMEI: 35602702xxxxxx

    15:56:25| Phone ID: K530

    15:56:25| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN

    15:56:25| CDA: CDA102823/106 R1A

    15:56:25| Firmware Version: R8BB001

    15:56:25| EROM: R3A022

    15:56:25| Ready for operation!

    can i use CID 52 firmware files or shud i use CID 53

    what are limitations of CID 53 ??

    can i apply patches ??

    can i change themes ?? acoustics /?/ on CID 53

  79. apooh says

    yes u can flash it to w660 thru jdflasher even my EROM is CID53 and i have successfully flashed to w660i … u just need the CID 53 files ….thats it …

  80. Ubay says

    Hi there! I have convert my k530i to w660i n it is 100% work! And now i want to convert my another sony ericcson phone,z530i! N i want to ask all of u, is it possible to convert z530i to any sony ericcson phone? Especially walkman phone?! Please tell me!

  81. siddharth says

    akshayy i want the main and fs of w660 and k530 on cid53??
    pls giv me link

  82. Akshay says

    NO. don’t try.

  83. Akshay says

    People at have done it. there is specific discussion on that. i recommend you to check that out there ! 🙂

  84. Ashutosh says

    i want to convert k530 to w660 with flash so i download these files…………
    FS: W660_R8BB001_FS_APAC_RED52
    CUST PACK: i dont know
    So please tell me which cust pack will be reqwire?

  85. bhuvan says

    re check here….i will give it to u…

  86. Ashutosh says

    Thanks, i successed to flash k530 to w660 and it is working very good.
    i have a another model z550i cid49, can i change it another

  87. bhuvan says

    z550 cant be crossflashed to any other!

  88. Asvani says

    I converted k530 to w660 but there are some problem after flash…
    1. when i start Walkman than the button light off.
    2. when i plugin datacable or charger then the button light on/off continuous approx 10 seconds and then normel.
    i have changed firmware main and fs two types but the problem is same.
    so advise me

  89. bhuvan says

    button light off??
    what???plz b more precise!

  90. ashvani says

    button light off mean is the keypad light off

  91. Edmund says


    Thanks for the information.
    I want to do this but am unable to watch the video.
    Are there any written instructions on how to do this:
    Flashing W660 MAIN and FS and Custom pack to K530i?

    Thank you

  92. harris says

    can you please give us the link where to download the CID53 files? please..

  93. harris says

    i have downloaded a CID53 but it’s a russian, is it ok? is the language english?

  94. bhuvan says

    get some other light effect!

  95. bhuvan says

    yup i can flash so….
    but there must b some prob in the video itself!

  96. bhuvan says

    yup…its acc to ur region and network…language will b same!

  97. Danijel says

    If I will ever want to return to K530, can I use T_MOB_INT_B R6BC002 FS with R8BB001 Main?
    And one problem:
    when I’m listening to the radio, if I press Walkman button (previously Internet), the phone restarts!
    I tried reflashing…

  98. bhuvan says

    it should not restart!
    hearing dis first time!
    better reflash it using any other fs and main!
    and using t mobile one…will be no more unbranded!
    well..the combination is fine!

  99. Danijel says

    Ok, I downloaded the FS from 4shared, but there’s a problem – FS isn’t in FBN format, it has got the FS extension! Why? Can I flash it anyway if I’ll ever return to K530?

  100. bhuvan says

    gt the right format one
    y take risk?

  101. siddharth says

    what is the difference between flashing and cross flashing??

  102. GTK says

    erm … when i flashed my phone k530i to w660i , it cant read chinese words , can i have help with it ?

  103. bhuvan says

    ull have to add language
    look in pimping category

  104. Lahiru says

    Now i goin to flash my K530i to W660i.I all ready download W660i main as a rar file from
    .but when i un rar it it say error.what i do? Do u know link to download W660i main as a
    .mbn file.please help me…

  105. bhuvan says

    better post for once
    and i am not gettin whats happening after u unrar it
    try downloading it from

  106. dheeraj says

    when i flash anythings it gives an error YOUR PHONE IS NOT SUPPORTED TELL ME WHY ITS COME

  107. dheeraj says

    MY PHONE IS K530i

  108. bhuvan says

    @ dheeraj
    use jdflasher

  109. lahiru says

    I all ready download W660i main and FS as rar files.i got Fs.fbn but i cant unrar main.rar file.i got various main file from every where.but all files say same.please give me link download to main as a mbn file.please …..

  110. hellboy says

    Download and install 7zip, winrar is not very good.

  111. bhuvan says

    download from topse
    using this id
    now download
    what i think is….ur zip manager is working wrong
    download tugzip

  112. lahiru says

    Please tell me 1) can i get walkman 2 player to my K530i without cross flashing. 2)how i create sortcut FS to phone memory.bcz i want replace menu icons,skins in phone memory.please tell me clearly…. 3)where i upload light effect(.fla) file. 4)i heard in Topse ;one man say he upgrad his 2 mpx camera to 3.2 mpx.any way can i do it to my 2 mpx camera?? 5)can we use .m3g 3D file in K530i.

  113. lahiru says

    Sorry i miss this ,.
    Can i flash only W660i main in K530i.then can i get walkman 2.???

  114. lahiru says

    Bhuvan what you mean ‘id’ in top it login details???

  115. klevin123 says

    i cant flash it it say my phone not support…izzit must original..?

  116. bhuvan says


    be more precise

  117. klevin123 says

    what means??=.=

  118. bhuvan says


  119. zangaman says

    i flashed,all well until at start , he does not recognize my sim card any more it works only in demo mode, i have k530i and all was good until end,what should i do?

  120. klevin123 says

    09:25:23| Did not receive 0x5a. Continuing

    09:25:23| Baseband ID: 9900

    09:25:23| Protocol Version: 3.1

    09:25:23| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:K530)

    09:25:23| …using GDFS name


    09:25:23| Profiling SEMC phone…

    09:25:23| Platform: DB2020

    09:25:23| OTP CID: 51

    09:25:23| EROM CID: 53

    09:25:23| EROM Color: Red

    09:25:23| IMEI: 35602702xxxxxx

    09:25:23| Phone ID: K530

    09:25:23| Region: APAC

    09:25:23| CDA: CDA102823/20 R2A

    09:25:23| Firmware Version: R8BB001

    09:25:23| EROM: R3A022

    09:25:23| Ready for operation!

    09:25:35| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    09:25:35| Error: Cannot send flash loader

    09:25:35| Error: Flashing failed

    09:25:37| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    09:25:37| Shutting down…

  121. klevin123 says

    i cant flash it..

  122. klevin123 says

    i dun wan flash i just wan menu icons and walkman can teach me how?? pls…

  123. Lahiru says

    U ignored my comments…..???why?

  124. bhuvan says

    upload cda files too..
    download from 4shared

  125. bhuvan says

    use jdflasher
    erom is cid:53

  126. bhuvan says

    post back again…i never wanted to do this
    if i did this..sorry!

  127. Parthi says

    I have done all thing right… But when i tried to flash it is showing Error:flashing failed Error:cannot send flash loader Sorry your phone is not supported
    Disconnected unplug the phone
    I’m using xs++ 3.1

  128. Parthi says

    Friends help me…. Why i’m not able to flash my phone…?

  129. bhuvan says

    cuz your phone is cid:53
    use jdflasher

  130. Lahiru says

    Can i flash only W660i main without FS to my K530i for get flash menu and walkman 2…

  131. bhuvan says

    @Lahiruno…flash both!

  132. Lahiru says

    Hi..! Have a any way to run .sis and .m3g(3d art) file in K530i?? And where i upload light effect file(.fla file) in my K530i….

  133. hellboy says

    no way lahiru.

  134. bhuvan says


  135. vinod says

    i want to enhance sound of w660i.

  136. vinod says

    hey dear i want
    Acoustics drivers for w660i

  137. Richie says

    I tried using xs++ with main & fs & custom but it failed, from reading all the comments I Figured that I my phhone has cid 53, Jdflasher has to be used right. but what steps do you take to use JDflasher instead? Thanks
    This page really boosted my IQ.

  138. Goblin says

    For cid: 53 I found the FS on 4shared Can I get the custpack and main for cid: 53 somewhere else you do they have to match

  139. bhuvan says

    get from our filebase…
    db2020 ones [zapf]

  140. bhuvan says

    ohk…yea jdflasher is way out
    look at jdflasher[flashing]guide..
    its simple…fast…..

  141. bhuvan says

    which firmware u want?
    custpack is just phone dependent..not firmware…so u can straight formward upload old custpack files

  142. Richie says

    I read though how to use Far Manager with jdFlasher & I understand it, So I went to SE-lifestyle! & followed the instuctions But I had to Flash/copy Bfiles into it(executor.b + executor.jar + customize_upgrade.xml) into tpa/preset/custom/

    , the instructions say customize_update.xml it might just be a typing error. but anyway afterwards I had to switch the fone on & open menu/entertainment/games and then executor but I can’t seem to find anything. Help pls

  143. bhuvan says

    u copied all the firmware matching files…sure?
    when u start ur phone…then some please wait thing comes for few seconds?

  144. Richie says

    Thanks guys For the help,got past that, the executor finally did wht it was suppose to. Bt now I get a error when connecting with qa2020,I thnk my Far+Jdflasher might b out of date. Can u plz give me a website where I can download the latests Jdflasher? Thanks

  145. bhuvan says

    what error are u facing..
    get the latest from our filebase uploaded by akshay

  146. Lahiru says

    Please give us little tutorial about create shortcut form FS to phone memory or stick .for easily moding phone..!!!

  147. bhuvan says

    m not getting u

  148. Richie says

    Okay let me just explain it all over again, I’ve followed the steps but I think I might have gone wrong somewhere along the line, mind helping me out? I hav a k530i [CID 53] and proceeded on cross flashing it with w660 firmware, I did everything up till the point where you press the “executor” situated in the “games” folder and the screen then turns dark(like it should), then I opened JDflasher selected qa2020 instead of db2020(as advised) and then jumped into the rabbit hole, but it gave me an error,”OpenPlugin<connecttophone<getcid>”, so I couldn’t continue and flash the rest of the files in bflash. I reflashed it and started all over again, in hopes that I’ll find out where I went wrong, after failing three times in a row, I decided to just do part 1 so that I can at least have a usable fone. Walkman 2.0 and flash themes work perfectly,(in addition I also edited my file,works great) but whats the purpose of QAP? Is it for patching & elves? Or can I do without it & still use patches as well as elves? If so, how do I use patches and elves without QAP?

  149. bhuvan says

    thanx for posting whole stuff together…makes things easy for us! is for breaking main so that u can apply patches and yea…elves too!
    have u updated ur qa script?
    no then…instead getting into trouble download latest jdflasher uploaded by akshay in has all updates and fixes

  150. avreal lovin says

    hey Akshay and bhuvan
    ,is dis mean dat K530 can hv animated menu and walkman player?really?i wanna try to do this but im afraid dat my phone will hv prob and i have to sent it ti get repaired..i hv download the video tutorial cuz i undrstand better through i just need to follow all the tutorial from video or there’s more?please,please tell me cuz i want the animated menu..and i like to customize my phone too..and can u guys please make a video dat shows dis thing works?here is my email [email protected] if u guys hv time,please drop in some explaination and hope to hear from you guys soon..thanks..

  151. avreal lovin says

    hey Akshay and bhuvan
    ,is dis mean dat K530 can hv animated menu and walkman player?really?i wanna try to do this but im afraid dat my phone will hv prob and i have to sent it ti get repaired..i hv download the video tutorial cuz i undrstand better through i just need to follow all the tutorial from video or there’s more?please,please tell me cuz i want the animated menu..and i like to customize my phone too..and can u guys please make a video dat shows dis thing works?here is my email [email protected] hope to hear from you guys soon..thanks..

  152. avreal lovin says

    hey Akshay,bhuvan and dis mean dat k530 cn hv animated menu and walkman player?really?i wanna try to do it bt afraid dat my phone will hv problem and i hv to send it to get repaired..i hv download the tutorial video cuz i undrstand bttr through wat must i do is just follow the video or there’s more?please,please tell me cuz i want the animated/flash menu for my phone..i like to customize my phone so dats y i wanna do dis..dis is my email [email protected] if u guys hv time,drop in some expaination..hope to hear from u guys soon..thanks so much:D

  153. avreal lovin says


  154. avreal lovin says

    sorry 4 sending same prob got prob so just wanna make sure dats y i submit many times..

  155. Richie says

    Sorry for asking this but I can’t seem to find akshay’s JDflasher upload. Or the filebase in any case, mind hookin’ me up with a Link, I’d highly appreciate it! By the way thanks for all the help so far! You guys are one in a million!

  156. @ Richie says

    u will get it here

  157. avreal lovin says

    hi u guys..i wanna ask some whom i shud ask?

  158. Akshay says

    avreal_lovin, sorry for late reply !!
    yeah k530 can have animated menus and walkman. just chekc out video, check out the JDflasher tutorials, use jdfalsher to flasht the phone now with CID53 firmware.s

  159. avreal lovin says

    thanks for the wat i need to do is just follow the tutorial video?umm,how to do the flash thing?i think i’ve seen the link bout dat bt forgot wich u help me?

  160. Akshay says

    Avreal, yeah kind of. letss see what XS++ says about your pone.

  161. vimansana says

    it says,your phone is not supported.why????

  162. bhuvan says

    use jdflasher

  163. Amol says

    Is it possible to flash k530 with G502??

  164. bhuvan says


  165. afsiza says

    Dear akshayy, long time ago I have been success to cross flash my k610 to w660i without any problem, and now I want to flashing back to k610i with main RED001_Generic_red52 and FS APAC_Red52 and CDA102492_115_Generic_TradeID_Indonesia. After flashing back using XS 3.1 I got some problem such: there is no file in folder Games and Application, no Indonesian language (just only English) and it cannot send and accept file from another bluethoot. cant you help me Akshayy. Thanks

  166. bhuvan says

    download fs which suits ur region
    ull get language
    or demand at out forum
    upload it to

    ull get it solved
    bluetooth thing
    thats strange

    try again
    its not possible

  167. Mariano says

    Im Using a SE K530i.I tried to flash as the Tutorial but I have got this message.
    What to do with it? How to flash my K530 into W660?
    Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    Error: Cannot send flash loader
    Error: Flashing failed

  168. Mariano says

    00:23:39| Baseband ID: 9900
    00:23:39| Protocol Version: 3.1
    00:23:39| Phone name detected!
    00:23:39| Profiling SEMC phone…
    00:23:39| Platform: DB2020
    00:23:39| OTP CID: 51
    00:23:39| EROM CID: 53
    00:23:39| EROM Color: Red
    00:23:39| IMEI: 35901901xxxxxx
    00:23:39| Phone ID: K530
    00:23:39| Region: APAC
    00:23:39| CDA: CDA102823/20 R2A
    00:23:39| Firmware Version: R8BB001
    00:23:39| EROM: R3A022
    00:23:39| Ready for operation!
    00:24:01| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    00:24:01| Error: Cannot send flash loader
    00:24:01| Error: Flashing failed
    00:24:03| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

  169. bhuvan says

    use jdflasher

  170. Vimansana says

    When i use the media player display back light normally turn off and,its not turn on with press any i have to lock key pad and unlock,th@z the way i turn on my back light. SE K 530i

  171. ashok says

    Hi Bhuvan
    Plz help, I have K530@w660 cid53 R8, i want to apply quick apply patch, using jdflasher.
    But m unable to make rest file. Wnevr i tried to drag main ware on mkrest. a small black window poped up for 1 sec & no file created. Plz help me providing link for rest file or gv any odr solution.

  172. bhuvan says

    jump to our forum and make a new topic
    ask for the rest file their
    or google
    try on other drive than system drive
    or go for manual commands
    some times its saved some where else after generation
    search it as
    .rest or .rst

  173. KARAN says

    HI Akshay

    can i debrand my G700?

    If yes then plaese tell me its compatibility with other model

  174. bhuvan says

    its some UQI platform
    so no support from us
    its not flashable

  175. Junaid says

    hi, i want to reflash my w660, so which flashing tool should i use?

  176. bhuvan says

    if u are begineer and aint getting anything then xs++
    but i personally use jdflasher as its powerful fast and for me quite simple!

  177. jamsheed says

    hi. i flashed my k610 into a w660i but my radio doesn’t work. my k610i doesn’t have radio but i can access the radio on the w660i frimware but it doesn’t work. it just stays there as if its frozen but it can be closed. plz tell me what is wrong

  178. bhuvan says

    man this needs discussion
    go to our forum

  179. saeed022 says

    hi dear i m new to SE flashing i tried best to flash a phone with xs++ but ….
    i can not get that how can i make a cda file and what is custpack
    plz help me at my level so i can understand all ur words and commands.advance thanks to all.
    [email protected]

  180. bhuvan says

    custpack is or also called as cda is required to start ur phone with all network settings!
    u dont have to make them!
    download them acc to ur region from!
    now upload it to tpa/preset/custom

  181. rajesh says

    unable to download main and fs from the above provided link….could u help me plzzz

  182. jacky says

    help me……..!!
    i have k800i CID53, i want flash to W_series phone.
    what firmware can flash to my k800i ???

  183. Catonthewebb says

    hi guys i have a w580i , is there anything i can crooss flash to?

  184. vikram says

    i want convert my mobile music plyer in to walkman music plyer and alo so chenaga thiemes to flasha menu.what i do

  185. vikram says

    i want convert in to my k530i music plyer in to walkman music plyer

  186. Sathyan says

    Hi guys!
    i’ve followed all your procedures & cross flashed my k 530i to w 660i. to get the look of a walkman flash menu display wat should i do???

  187. Sathyan says

    i mean?
    only themes of w660i supports. not lik 660i . .
    when i switch to walkman my music, flash menu s not comin there…. its jus simply comin as usuall! can u help me in correctin dis up???

  188. Jaymin says

    hi guys……
    m havin k530i and i have flashed ma frnd’s phn frm k530oi to w660i succesfully…
    but when i tried the samr for ma phn it says and eroor on xs++ it says that my phn is not supported…..
    y m i gettin such an error plz help me out……..!!!

  189. Jaymin says

    hi guys……
    m havin k530i and i have flashed ma frnd’s phn frm k530i to w660i succesfully…
    but when i tried the same for ma phn it gives an error on xs++ it says that my phn is not supported…..
    y m i gettin such an error …….??
    plz help me out……..!!!

  190. harsha says

    hi guys, i’m using k530i. i’m at starting stage for flashing and tried to backup my gdfs. but it is showing as ‘port opened ok’ and stopping there after my phone is detected. but i tried to open far manager. it opened and my phone is detected. now when i’m trying to copy anything from my pc, it is displaying an error ‘your phone is red and convert it to brown or cid52’. so, guys pls anyone help me….

  191. Akshay says

    what ? use XS++ for that for far manager db2020 cid52 script.

  192. nilesh says

    after converting my k530i into w660 would i go back to k530i

  193. Dhaval says

    As Main

  194. harry says

    hi i have sony ericsson k530i it’s working but problem is headphone signal is connected though headphone is connected physically.. when headphone signal comes on screen inspeaker and mice won’t work that is understood that headphone is connected it.. how shall i get out of it.. plz help akshay

  195. Anand says

    please any one help me were can i find w660 main,fs and custtom for my k530i

  196. kuldeep23jan says

    dude when i connect my k530 holding c button but the xs does not show the phone i m using the normal data cable which came with the phone …what should i do ..

  197. Blake Rogers says

    Mobile music is the trend nowadays, it makes sense to have great music on your mobile phone.’;:

  198. yupee8 says

    Ive done crossflash k610 to w660..ive used 3 m0nths and nothing error and n0w im facing a big problem when i charge my pone it says ‘charging error, stop charging’ the other forum says that it is a security unit problem would you agreed to that..he says that i need to reflash back from w660 to k610.would you that it can fix my problem charging error..please help

  199. bhuvan says

    like other says, try a reflash

  200. fit says

    Hi Aksayy, I really want to debrand my se w995 and i have follow your tutorial but still cannot debrand..when i update my firmware with SEUS,it always show your phone have latest software..and i also done with flashing the firmware,same thing happen..It say m phone are not supported..what can I do?plz help me master!!=(

  201. Morgan Palmer says

    we always listen to mobile music and it is very cool;..

  202. Akshay says

    Hey !! i need some help regarding my sony ericsson k530i !
    i had flashd it to w660i .. but then suddenly its camera and walkman stopped working .. whenever i pressed the camera key or the walkman key .. it got freezed there .. i had to remove the battery and restart the phone then !
    i then sumhw searched for k520i firmware again and re-flashed it ! now the music player is working .. but camera still hangs !! please help me out soon .. tell me what to do !! 🙁

  203. koolboiakshay says

    hey ! i flashd my k530i into w660i .. and now sudnly its walkman and camera hav stopped working ! i reflashd it with diffrnt firmwares but stil its not working !! can u plz help me out with this !!
    thanks in advance

  204. KnytEmperor says

    does anyone here ever tried to convert k610i to w660?
    is it success?

    and what if the process cause damage to phone? is it fixable?

  205. kalpesh chaudhari says

    hi akshayy this is kalpesh,
    I’m using Sony Ericsson K530i CID53 R8BB001 DB2020 firmware,
    i tried with 6 to 7 flashing tools but i’m not able to flash, when i do flashing in XS++ 3.0,3.2 it shows failed to upload bootloader, disconnect ur phone.
    please help me on this,
    i’m waiting for reply,
    Thanx in advance.
    please send me ur suggestion on ([email protected])

  206. bsrishu says

    hi. I first tried to cross flash my k530i 2 months ago but in that process i lost the main menu(it stopped opening). Then i solved this from sony ericssson service centre. Now i again want to do that; but i think my phone has cid 53. 1). Can i crossflash my phone????. 2).If yes than please give the links to necessary files????… I’m from [email protected]___________ please any one give me reply……

  207. prakash says

    my sony eric k530i is not working fast hanging and very late optioning so i what is next for me

  208. Saravanan.K says

    any one please help me ii have k530 after reflashing to w660i i am getting Inactive SIM kindly help me

  209. saravanank says

    Kindly need help, I cross flashed k530i to w660i with FAR+JDF now i am getting INACTIVE SIM, i tried Reliance, Cellone, Aircel and Airtel Sim. it gives same error INACTIVE SIM, Kindly help me, Which is the correct FS, MAIN and CDA for my Phone, I am residing in India, Chennai.

  210. Dragisha says

    Hey, I flashed my k530 to w660, with “W660_R6AD001_MAIN_GENERIC_FY_RED52.mbn” and “W660_R6AD001_FS_MEDITERR_RED52.fbn”.
    Because on startup i got message “Invalid sim card”, i patched it, and i thought it will work fine, but….
    It doesn’t, now when i start it up, i receive message “Configuration error, contact your……”, do you think it’s because i didn’t added custom pack?
    I didn’t found any for that region…

  211. Pratik says

    hello , i flashed my k530i but flash themes are nt working … is there any customization req to set flash theme?? i used jdflasher for flashing as my phone is CID53 but i dont know where to copy “custpack files” pls tell me wer to copy these files???

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