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Flash k530 to w660

Yes you heard it right ! k530 can be easialy flashed to w660 !

A k530 flashed to w660 works like great ! with absolutely no bugs !
You will get Walkman player 2 with Megabass and flash menu support !

To flash k530 to w660 you need a W660 Main and a W660 FS and a W660 Cust pack !

You can download w660 Main and FS for w660i from here !
And here is a Customization Pack for Cent Europe FS from here !

Note !! There are many FS available. You must use the FS which has your langauge
The FS that i have provided has the following languages

CENT_EUROPE >> English Hungarian Czech Polish Slovakian

Few more FS are available at Topse Russia ! You can download from here ! Also download Custom Pack from there !

If you don’t Find FS of your choice for W660 You can always get it from TopSony ! But you might have to pay for it ! But a small price though for walkman player 2 !

Instructions !! Follow this tutorial !! The only difference is you must use W660 Firmwares and Files instead of w610 firmwares !! The method to use XS++ is same for all phones !!

Download XS++ from the websites download section !!

Then ofcourse you can follow my other guides such as Customizing of phone , Far Manger, Patching etc.

All the best !
Regards Akshay !!

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