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SEDev Patch Studio

I am pleased to introduce you to brand new application, silently developed for about year and now finally available to public. Let me present you: SEDEV Patch Studio 1.2, Release Candidate 3, build ( also tagged ” Nightly Build” ).

As title says, application should  close to IDE class applications. Would be great to have RAD capabilities, too, huh?

At first approach to Projects Homepage @ Google Code source, you will read list with application usage examples. Looks promising. Will it be the same in action?

Project mainly is intended to deliver on-the-fly VKP Recovery Patch generation in the case when:

  1. Sony Ericsson mobile phone does not function properly after VKP Patch has been applied;
  2. Sony Ericsson phone needs to be restored to original firmware state in case of Official / Warranty Repairs in Service Center;
  3. Sony Ericsson phone flash files needs to be verified prior flashing them using any Flashing program
  4. Sony Ericsson phone patch files data and / or comment part extraction and modifications
  5. And more…

So the thing what this application should do is enough clear to continue. Shall we, ladies and gentleman?

In this review I will not post any screenshots due fact that this then would be very lengthy review, so only essential screenshots will be placed!

Application offers very extensible additional content. At startup, if there will be no Splash Screens in folder “%AppPath%/Splash/”, you will not see them, otherwise – if there is at least one Splash Screen ( in this case – “BlackSplash” in folder, you will have this look on your screen:

SEDEV PS BlackSplash Screen by ~HXunbanned on deviantART


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Red light blinking? Dead phone? Any/All CID erom repair/downgrade using OMNIUS


You try to start your phone but the red light at the infrared port blinks 5 times and phone refuses to start.Far manager, XS++ and SeTool 2 lite no longer detect your phone. Your computer also does not identify your phone. And its seems to be completely Dead..Read On, We will fix it.

Phones supported : All those phones which Omnius supports. Almost all from SE. Check yours in there. 🙂

UPDATE: This method includes fixing erom version CID53 also. Which was not possible for free till date. Also if everything is fine but you want to downgrade to lower version of erom then you can follow the given steps. 🙂

Redlight blinking is a Sign of Low Battery or a Dead EROM. Some time during flashing the EROM goes dead or corrupt due to errors.  If phone has a bad EROM it shuts down and does not start even if battery is charged to full. It may happen very rare times just like that too!

Double Check that battery is not the problem before you proceed to flash the EROM.

In that case we have to repair the EROM. And now here we will discuss the easiest way to fix it.


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A2 Permanent Patching Using OMNIUS, A2uploader and FAR manager CXC Patcher


Phones supported
C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905, G502, G705, K630, K660, K850, V640, T700, T707, T715, TM506, W508, W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902, W910, W980 , W995, Z750, Z770, Z780 etc.

Finally after a long spam of time permanent patching for A2 phones is out! Earlier it was jjpatcher which helped A2 users in patching but only for run-time which meant after a restart of phone all the values are restored back to normal which caused patches to be removed. Also it was unstable as the values which were in use were not used to get totally patched resulting in unstable functioning. But now you can have a patched A2 phone.

Update: Since few days Aerix support was not there so now OMNIUS is the latest software which will be used. The new method with all detailed steps are updated below.

Required Downloads:

  2. A2 Uploader

Also you will need a registered account at OMNIUS (compulsory). All operations and registration at OMNIUS is free for now. If you don’t have account yet CLICK HERE.


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Free Sony Ericsson A2 Unlocking !

This project has ended. The new tutorial to unlock A2 phones will be written in a few days. Use this tool till then


Aerix team has now come up a free A2 unlocking client. It supports all the latest Sony Ericsson A2 and A2 v.2 phones !

Phones Supported !

C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905, G905,
G705, K630, K660, K850, K858, T700, TM506,
V640, W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902,
W908, W910, W980, Z750, Z770, Z780

You can download it from Rapidshare, their official link or from filebase. You have to register at Aerix website to get access to free unlocking, you will need your username and password to login to the client. Using this tool is pretty easy. You should first Install USB Flash Drivers. Then Start Aerix Client and Click Unlock, Then shutdown phone,  connect phone holding 2+5 and wait. It should unlock within 2 minutes !

Here is a screen shot of Aerix tool.

It has been tested with w910, g502, k850 by many guys in our modding community. It works well ! Clears the SIM Lock successfully.

A note though, this is full unlock and not patch unlock, you will lose your phone warranty if you perform a full unlock. Temporary patch unlocking is not yet out for free ! Patch unlocks can be removed by reflashing the main firmware.


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A2 Patching, JJPatcher(A2 Run Time Patcher) Tutorial/Guide

Note: There is an updated method for patching permanently. Still you can remove patches by reflashign firmware, just in case. A2 Permanent Patching .

A2 Phones also can be patched now, Thanks to JJPatcher by den_po.
Here is a list of current A2 platform Sony Ericsson phones; K630, K660,  Z750, Z770, Z780, w595, W890, W910, W980, C702, C902, C905 etc.

You can verify your phone platform from the Phone Database.

Required Downloads:

USB Flash Drivers.

Install USB Drivers via ggsetup.
Copy Patcher.jar and Patcher.jad to phone.
Install Patcher.Jar
Move the application from memory card to phone memory.


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Any/ALL CID Patching Tutorial/Guide DB2020

This tutorial is for Patching db2020 Sony Ericsson phones and all CIDs. So you can now patch your CID53 phone with this guide. You can also use this method to patch CID49, CID51 and CID52 also. Thus you can unlock your phone with unlock patch if you want to do so.

This tutorial is written for new and intermediate users. Advanced users may find this tutorial a bit lengthy, because of  the details.

You can find out your phone platform, if its db2020 or not from the SE-LifeStyle Phone Database. Select db2020 in the left column and it will show all db2020. Or else select All in Platform and Click on phone in the Right column, it will show information about your phone platform and also possible CIDs. Its a pretty easy to use tool.


Install USB Flash Drivers( You must install usb flash drivers, if not already installed.)
JD Flasher (Updated for AnyCID). (The main tool)
All CIDs Patching Files. AnyCID.ZIP
Video Tutorial, Download.

Read the tutorial, and don’t forget to watch the video to learn ! If you have any problems discuss them at our support forum 🙂 !

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A2/Db3150 Backup with A2uploder script.

This tutorial/guide is about a method to backup the contents of your A2 phone file system, using a script and A2 Uploader. All files are backed to the disk in a single session.

Download Script.  Right Click and Then select SaveTargetAs/SaveLinkAs to Download this text file.

Start A2Uploader.
Then press “…”  for MISC files.
Insert the Script file and press “Write Script”.
Now connect your phone by holding “C” Button or “2+5” Button.
A2Uploader will now begin the read process. It will copy all the files to A2Uploader\ph out\ directory. This will take time, so wait for it to complete.

The FS is mapped on your computer and constructed just as in the phone. This completes the backup of the File System. You can restore files if you screw them while modding your phone.

Thanks to NAZCA at SE-LifeStyle for the Script.

To understand it more you can download the video tutorial.


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Warning/Sticky Message(SMS) Tutorial

This is just a fun trick, a warm up before we start the 2009 modding session with CID53 and A2/db3150 patching and much more 😉 !

The End Result will be a message entry in your Inbox and Sent Messages.  The special thing about this message is that, it will be forever on the top in the Inbox and Sent Messages. If you receive any new messages, they will always be pushed below the first message. So the idea is to stick a warning message on top of your Inbox and Sent Messages section. This will resemble just  like those Stickies messages in forums/boards !!

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Restore Sony Ericsson WAP, MMS, 3G Settings.

We have come to know that many people are having problems configuring their phones after de-branding or after flashing it. Also there is a general mis-conception that after flashing you won’t be able to access 3G, WAP, Internet through your phone. That’s Wrong. Usually after de-branding your phone you lose all the WAP, Internet, MMS settings from the phone. And you won’t be able to send MMS or browse Internet.

For MMS and WAP to function properly, you should first create Data Accounts in Phone Settings and Then create  Internet Profile and MMS profiles which make use of the Data Account. For manually creating these accounts and profiles you will need a lot of technical information from your CellPhone Service Provider. You will need to know the APN, Proxy Address if any, Username and password settings. Hence the idea of manually setting up is not recommended, unless you have spare time to figure out things.

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Merry X-Mas And Happy Holidays

We wish all our readers a safe, prosperous and healthy new year mingled up with rocking holidays on the fatty santa eve!


Se lifestyle crew!

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