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A2/Db3150 Backup with A2uploder script.

This tutorial/guide is about a method to backup the contents of your A2 phone file system, using a script and A2 Uploader. All files are backed to the disk in a single session.

Download Script.  Right Click and Then select SaveTargetAs/SaveLinkAs to Download this text file.

Start A2Uploader.
Then press “…”  for MISC files.
Insert the Script file and press “Write Script”.
Now connect your phone by holding “C” Button or “2+5” Button.
A2Uploader will now begin the read process. It will copy all the files to A2Uploader\ph out\ directory. This will take time, so wait for it to complete.

The FS is mapped on your computer and constructed just as in the phone. This completes the backup of the File System. You can restore files if you screw them while modding your phone.

Thanks to NAZCA at SE-LifeStyle for the Script.

To understand it more you can download the video tutorial.


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