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Free Unlock Sony Ericsson db2020 Phones

This is about unlocking your db2020 phone

DB2020 phones are k530 k550 k610 k770 k790 k800 k810 and w580 w610 w660 w710 w830 w850 w880 etc. You can find out if your phone is db2020 or not form the secret service menu.
To enter the secret service menu use this sequence of key strokes at phone standby screen -> * <- <- * <- *
Where -> is right arrow on keypad and <- is left arrow on keypad and * is the button below 7 and left of 0.
Then in Enter Service Info and then Software Info and then look out for EROM. If you see db2020 in the EROM name. Then your phone is a DB2020 phone and you can unlock it with this tutorial.

We will unlock the phone using a patch. The unlock patch will unlock your phone.

Simox has released a unlock patch generator which will generate one for your phone. Download Simox Unlock patch generator. Or download it from our mirror.

Download your phone’s Main firmware from Topse Or Topsony Or From 4shared folder . You can check out Main firmware name and version in the service menu. You can download your phone’s Main Firmware from here.

After you download the Main Firmware for your phone, Drag and drop the main firmware on simox unlock patch generator. It will now generate a unlock for your phone.

Apply the generated unlock VKP patch using SeTool 2 lite !! Bingo ! your phone is now unlocked !

Please follow This tutorial to learn how to apply patch, so that you can make use of the free unlock patch that you get from simox’s progmar ! The unlock patch is just like any other patch. You can follow the tutorial there to apply your unlock patch.

Please be kind enough to Donate SIMOX for his unlock patch generator

Akshay !

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