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De Brand your A2/db3150 Sony Ericsson phone

Alright finally A2 (db5150) debranding after all the adventures with db2020/db2010 !  Now this is the tutorial to de-brand your A2 phone and get rid of the branding ! And get a neat and clean phone without any restrictions. By de-branding all the restrictions imposed by your operator will be removed. Well but kindly note de-branding is not unlocking. Your phone will still be locked. To unlock your phone, check out the Aerix Tool.

A2 phones are C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905, G905, G705, K630, K660, K850, K858, T700, TM506, V640, W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902, W908, W910, W980, Z750, Z770, Z780 ! So make your sure phone is in this list. We will update this list as and when new phones are released.

Necessary stuff. Download all of them.


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A2Uploader Tutorial/Guide

A2 Uploader Tutorial/Guide.

Finally you can mod your A2/DB3150/DB3210 Phones. Thanks to the_laser.

A2 Phones, This is an updated list of A2 phones.

A2 v1/DB3150
C702, C902, G502 , K630, K660, K850, T700, V640, W595, W760, W890, W902, W910, W980, Z750, Z770, Z780.

A2 v2/DB3210
C510 ,C901, C903, C905, G705 W705, W715.

With A2uploader you can now flash the phone with firmwares, customize your phone, de-brand your phone, add files to phone FS-FileSystem, upload flash menus and change menu icons and perform all customizations possible on the file system. With A2uploader you can’t patch your phone yet, you can use jjpatcher to patch your phone though.


A2 uploader. Download Old Version ! New Version (for CID53) Download !
A2 Uploader Flash Video Tutorial. Download

The Old Version supports CID52 Reading from FS but no support for CID53, The New version Supports CID53 flashing/customization/filesystem, but no FS read, only FS write.

: Some Anti Virus report a2uploader as a virus, its not true. A2uploader is clean software. If your Anti Virus software is having issues with a2uploader, then its highly recommended to disable your anti virus software while using a2uploader. Your anti virus should not stall a2uploader during flashing, other wise it may damage your phone.

USB Flash Drivers.

Before you can use a2uploader, you will need to install USB Flash drivers. A2uploader comes with an automatic flash driver installer. Just unpack the downloaded archive and you will find a file with name ggsetup, Install the Gordon Gate drivers with ggsetup. And you will be ready for the next setp.  You should install USB drivers only for the first time.

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Our Life, in a new style, the SE-Lifestyle forums

We spent are last few weeks working hard on a new goal. “The new hope”, what we call our lifestyle
An amazing new forum, to bring the best of Sony Ericsson World.
So now, get moving! Go to, and register, start downloading our content, read tutorials, ask for help (in flashing or anything), or provide your own data, help us that way, play in our Arcade (games collection). 😉
The other thing I must talk about is a brand new blog, located the same place, SE-Lifestyle Blog! We will have the latest news about Sony Ericsson there, keep informed! 😉

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Using JDFlasher with DB2010 phones

Tutorial/guide for Db2010. DB2010 phones are K750, D750, W800, W300, Z530, etc. Use DBCIDExplorer to know what your phone is.

We always focused on DB2020 platform as our phones (mine and Akshay’s are [email protected] models). We talked about the Quick-Access thing, without mentioning the history of patching.

Now it is clear that using JDFlasher is better than using SeTool2Lite, because it is faster and you can apply several patches with it without disconnecting the phone. Continued…

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Verifying Integrity of Firmwares. Especially CID53

Many CID53 Firmwares don’t work properly and have bad headers. You can’t flash such a firmware into your phone.

There may be many problems in a firmware. And recently many CID53 when used with jdflasher output the following error or something similar.

PutFiles<putfile<putfile_flash<flashbabe<flashbabe<header<send header error 15>>>>>

Hence its better to check the firmware before you flash it.
You can check it using the program babeck. Its basically babe-check. babe is SE standard firmware header.
Download babeck. Babeck can be used to check any sony ericsson firmware.

Instructions on how to use babeck.exe.


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Video Encoding

This is not really a flashing subject, though many people would like to know how to do it. So convert your SE phone to a media center where you can watch movies!! Or at least watch video clips.

The application I suggest using has the slogan “does for FREE what other encoders CAN’T do for money”. It’s worth a try.

It is SUPER © Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer, the best you can find. A very nice application, with very frequent updates. That is the main reason why I’m not uploading it to the download site.

So you have to get it from their own site, which is pretty hard to do, the first part of this tutorial will be about obtaining the newest SUPER. Continued…

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Sony Ericsson DB and CID explorer

I sometimes have a hard time finding info on phone architectures. You guys ask questions about phones that I have never heard of… So I don’t know their DB numbers, don’t know what you can do with them… Then what can I do? Look for info on google, but that takes a little long. Now here is the solution, I hope it will be helpful to others, too.

Recently I found a program called Sony Ericsson DB and CID explorer 1.3.

Download HERE. Continued…

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Firmwares for your phones.

You now download firmwares for your SE phone from SE Users website for free.
You can download ALL firmware files for free, EXCEPT:
CID53 Firmware files
Latest complete version (with more than 3 FS) for CID52
A2 firmware files (K850, K858, Z750, W910, Z770, K660, V640, K630, W890 and others)

That’s good enough, as you can still get cid53 firmwares from
Thanks to Mauro1947 for making this possible.


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CID53 Flashing/Customization

This is to announce that Only JDflasher supports CID53 Flashing/Customization. XS++ and SeTool 2 lite do not support flashing/customization. And also none of them support unlocking/patching for 53.

When you connect your phone to XS++ or JDflasher you will get to know the CID of your phone. Also If your phone EROM is R3A013, R2A015 then it is likely to be CID53. Connecting phone to XS++ gives out all details and is the better way to know everything about your phone.

If your phone is CID53, then don’t worry you can still debrand your phone and also perform lots of customizations easily using Jdflasher. The JDflasher tutorial/guide has been posted in tutorials section. Please follow it.


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JdFlasher Flashing/Customization Tutorial

This tutorial discuses flashing firmware/de-branding/customization with JDflasher.

JD Flasher flasher is now full fledged flashing and patching tool. It supports db2010, db2012, db2020 flashing and patching all CIDs. PNX5230 only flashing is supported. For A2 phones check out A2uploader. You can find out about phone platform from the phone database.


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