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Sony Ericsson DB and CID explorer

I sometimes have a hard time finding info on phone architectures. You guys ask questions about phones that I have never heard of… So I don’t know their DB numbers, don’t know what you can do with them… Then what can I do? Look for info on google, but that takes a little long. Now here is the solution, I hope it will be helpful to others, too.

Recently I found a program called Sony Ericsson DB and CID explorer 1.3.

Download HERE. Continued…

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Firmwares for your phones.

You now download firmwares for your SE phone from SE Users website for free.
You can download ALL firmware files for free, EXCEPT:
CID53 Firmware files
Latest complete version (with more than 3 FS) for CID52
A2 firmware files (K850, K858, Z750, W910, Z770, K660, V640, K630, W890 and others)

That’s good enough, as you can still get cid53 firmwares from
Thanks to Mauro1947 for making this possible.


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CID53 Flashing/Customization

This is to announce that Only JDflasher supports CID53 Flashing/Customization. XS++ and SeTool 2 lite do not support flashing/customization. And also none of them support unlocking/patching for 53.

When you connect your phone to XS++ or JDflasher you will get to know the CID of your phone. Also If your phone EROM is R3A013, R2A015 then it is likely to be CID53. Connecting phone to XS++ gives out all details and is the better way to know everything about your phone.

If your phone is CID53, then don’t worry you can still debrand your phone and also perform lots of customizations easily using Jdflasher. The JDflasher tutorial/guide has been posted in tutorials section. Please follow it.


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JdFlasher Flashing/Customization Tutorial

This tutorial discuses flashing firmware/de-branding/customization with JDflasher.

JD Flasher flasher is now full fledged flashing and patching tool. It supports db2010, db2012, db2020 flashing and patching all CIDs. PNX5230 only flashing is supported. For A2 phones check out A2uploader. You can find out about phone platform from the phone database.


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Change phone’s fonts, pimp the text !

Sony Ericsson phones default font is SansSerif Europe, which is pretty neat ! But if you wanted your favorite font and pimp it a bit to your liking to make it cooler, then change the system font ! You used flash menus, walkman skins, acoustics, camera drivers, now its time that the text in phone gets pimped.

There are 2 ways to doing this, I will here explain the simplest method which does not need editing of FONTS.XML.


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Upgrade CID49/CID51 RED to CID52 RED

Tutorial to update/upgrade your db2020 CID49/CID51 to CID52 Using SeTool 2 lite 1.11 !!

Why this Tutorial : Because SEUS will update phones to CID53 and we don’t have all the CID53 loaders and softwares, so no unlocking or patching if your phone is CID53.

If you are here then its mostly because your phone turned out to be DB2020 CID49/51 and you want to update phone to CID52. Please note this tutorial is only for db2020. Know it from the service menu or the list given here.


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ELVES are really amazing !! They are sort of System Programs, using them you can change the behavior of your phone, add new features. Elves are Written in C Programming language, and they are directly executed by the phone’s ARM Processor. They have extension .elf ! Like how an .exe can be executed on Windows, an .elf can be executed in the phone if Elfpack is installed. These programs are known as ELVES. To use ELVES first you need to Install the ELFPACK for your phone (type and firmware version must be all right) !

Here is a short guide to use ELVES. ELVES can pimp your phone to max.

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Tuning your phone’s calculator

I use calculators a lot, but I don’t always have one with me. Yet my phone is always in my pocket. I should use it, but the calculator on Sony Ericsson phones is rubbish, we all know that. But this problem can be fixed!

The first thing we need is the replacement, a new calculator, which is a java application:
We also need the original file of the phone, you can get it following this tutorial, or using JDFlasher, also you can download it from the internet, or extract the FS (tpa/preset/system/menu). file is not the same on different phone types, so you must get it yourself.
You need XS++ (FSX), or Far Manager / JDFlasher to upload the new file we are going to make.
Optionally, you should obtain a good text editor, with syntax-highlighting (xml), try this: Notepad++.


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Our next step forward

Having had problems with eSnips and having seen the waiting time of dowload servers I made a decision. A decision to create a site from which you users could download all our content. And so I started working on it and then I had a new idea: you don’t understand something so you want to ask, and where you ask is a totally different tutorial’s comment section. I thought I should have done something to solve this problem, and so I did. I added a new functionality to the already working site, a forum. To use it you first have to register, but then you can ask anything you don’t understand there, instead of filling the K550-W610 tutorial with comments about K770 patches or so. Please register on our new site! Continued…

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Change Your Phone Name !

Here is a small trick to rename your Sony Ericsson phone’s name to something cool ! And the new name will be displayed instead of the actual name in the phone status ! And also in service menu !
Example i have renamed my phone to Xtreme Device instead of w610i !

There are two method to change phone name ! Using default_upgrade or customize_upgrade

All you have to do is copy the the code below and paste it in notepad and save the file as an xml file Continued…

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