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Change phone’s fonts, pimp the text !

Sony Ericsson phones default font is SansSerif Europe, which is pretty neat ! But if you wanted your favorite font and pimp it a bit to your liking to make it cooler, then change the system font ! You used flash menus, walkman skins, acoustics, camera drivers, now its time that the text in phone gets pimped.

There are 2 ways to doing this, I will here explain the simplest method which does not need editing of FONTS.XML.

Download your favorite fonts, A Google search for fonts will return lots of results. Download one Regular font and Bold Font of the same Type of font. Then you have to rename fonts

Rename regular font to Sans-Serif_Europe_Reg.ttf
Rename the bold font to Sans-Serif_Europe_Bd.ttf

Please re name fonts correctly, you should not add .ttf if fonts already have it. If you have enabled display of file extension in Windows then renaming can be done correctly. Else you will end up renaming them as xyz.ttf.ttf which is incorrect.

Then upload the fonts to TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\FONTS using XS++ or Far Manager.

As a backup here i have uploaded the default fonts that is sans-serif in case you want to revert back. Download.

Second method is rename the fonts used in the FONT.XML and upload the fonts along with fonts.xml, which may not or may work if you done editing correctly. So renaming and over writing is the simplest method to change fonts.

Do a google search to really find ones you like. For example using MS Word or Notepad find out font that you like and just Google search that font’s name and download it. Find a few cool fonts here.

Regards !

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  1. John says

    Doesnt work for w810i. Right?

  2. Akshay says

    works for all phones
    Tutorial at this site work for all SE phones
    except db3150…

  3. John says

    i cant find the folder.

  4. Yogesh says

    Not happening dude. The font remains the same. Is there any settings file we need to delete. Or we need to master reset?

  5. John says

    the person said cant change fonts for w810i

  6. Akshay says

    no settings file… should work
    folder to me seems correct
    just checked it

  7. Akshay says

    try the font xml editing method then

  8. Yogesh says

    can u send me your cutomised fonts now. Just to check. I am trying fonts xml now.

  9. Akshay says

    that guy who said so is a newb
    he knows nothing about SE Flashing
    and download default fonts and font xml from here

  10. Peti says

    I’m not so sure. I know that W800 can’t change fonts, because there are no ttf files in it. Though I’m not so sure about W810…

  11. Akshay says

    if not ttf files in there means they should remove the .ttf extension then in w810
    as i tested this on k550 !

  12. saharsial says

    my w 580 have this font
    what different between ttf?

  13. Akshay says

    that’s the chinese thing
    leave it in place.

  14. saharsial says

    so just make a new one font, sans-serif_chinese_reg.ttf?

  15. vamsi says


  16. Akshay says

    sharsial.. right that’s one method
    else edit font xml and upload fonts and font xml

  17. Rayfu says

    Just tried on my k550@w610 no success except for the t9 fonts changed. Everything else is the same. Tried to look at the xml file but isn’t good. Why is it that if I try to copy files from phone to pc w/ farmanager my files are dudds? Is there another way? Thnx anyways.

  18. Peti says

    You are doing something wrong, this is working all right.
    FAR Manage can’t read the FS. Try JDFlasher to read FS or the tutorial here “Creating backup of phone’s FS”…

  19. pratik says

    hey akshay/peti …
    how do i increase my font size ??
    i read sumwhere that it is done by editing layout.xml
    but i m a bit confused on which line to edit in layout.xml

  20. pratik says

    does ny1 know .. ??

  21. Peti says

    My layout.xml (original W610 R8BC002 IIRC) has <!– INTERNAL_FRAME_FONT_SIZE –> and such things in it as comments, so that may be the one you are looking for.

  22. KrX says

    I thought this can only be done on db2020 phones?

  23. Akshay says

    no also on db2010

  24. Peti says

    Afaik no db2010. I couldn’t do it with W800, there was no such folder in FS.

  25. Pavian0 says

    In my se k600i there is no folder fonts in tpa/… Is there any other way to change this font?

  26. Peti says

    As far as I know: no. I think that it can’t be done with DB2010 models, and K600 is DB2000, even older. So it isn’t possible.

  27. Pavian0 says

    Heh :/ Thx for response. And one more question: is there any way to change battery icon? I can’t find sysgfx for k600i… Plz don’t tell me it is also impossible …

  28. Peti says

    It is called SYSGFX patching. So you get a SYSGFX patch maker for DB2000, and install the patch. Thuogh I’m not sure that it exists. 😀 SYSGFX is available for DB2010 and DB2020, but I never worked with DB2000 phones. Try to google info about it.

  29. Pavian0 says

    ehhh i was looking for this about 3 months and couldn’n find…

  30. šûp®émë éššéñcê says

    wow am not able to figure out how to download the fonts! when u say regular means wat? can some one provide me the direct link to download both regular and bold fonts!


  31. šûp®émë éššéñcê says

    omg! hey can some one give me the direct link to download the regular and bold fonts??


  32. Akshay says

    actually you can use any.
    download any fonts from any site… i don’t know which site you get fonts. search internet using google
    to increase volume change acoustics using far manager.

  33. Peti says

    Regular is a font style.
    Regular, bold, italic, bold-italic… and underlined and such, but those 4 are the real font styles.

  34. vinu_666 says

    My Phone is W800i R1BC002 CID36 Red
    I couldnt find the phone directory there. Can you please tell me whether i need to apply any patches before this?

  35. Akshay says

    sorry this does not work on w800. confirmed it now

  36. Peti says

    What directory did you find and what was in it?

  37. sreeram says

    can a new language be installed to my converted W660i…say an indian language?

  38. Peti says

    Yes sure. You have to find the lng and t9 files first, and search for the language installing tutorial here.

  39. Smiley989 says

    Hey I’m going to buy the new w760i that just came out. If i do will i be able to change the fonts and the menu like i did on my w610i?

    After seing wat i could do with my w610i the regular things that are on the fone dont interest me

  40. Akshay says

    you can.. smilley999

  41. Smiley989 says

    989 and thanks man but can i patch it also? i mean i like modding alot but i dont want to buy a new phone and then mess it up

  42. Akshay says

    yeah sure.
    i don’t know if you can patch it.
    if it is CID53 then you can’t patch it.

  43. Smiley989 says

    thanks man

  44. Peti says

    W760 is DB3150, so I doubt you could replace files in its fs, or can we? (@Akshay)

  45. Akshay says

    oh sucks.. w760 .. yes you can’t do anything on that
    i did not read.. i read it as w710.

  46. Smiley989 says

    so i cant change the menu icons or the font or anything on the

  47. Peti says

    Yes, currently nothing, you’ll have to wait until they figure out how to modify DB3150 phones…

  48. Smiley989 says

    ok but one more question if iw as to try and do anything i would brick my phone then?

  49. Peti says

    I think the programs wouldn’t recognize it, so they couldn’t harm it either.

  50. Smiley989 says

    ok thanks

  51. dect says

    Akshay, i was playing with fonts and now the fonts goes crazy and i can’t revert it back. i did open fonts.xml but did not edit it. no matter how many times i copy back the original fonts and xml, the fonts still stays crazy. by the way, the fonts is San-Serif_Chinese.

  52. Peti says

    It should be Sans… What do you mean “crazy”?
    …if nothing helps, then FS reflashing solves the problem, after backing up contacts and personal data.

  53. dect says

    Crazy means MY MAXIS = (e A) . something like that. thanks to akshay’s default fonts.xml, im able to revert back the fonts. By the way, mine is w660i and the firmware is R6AD001. I can’t find that firmware anywhere here. mind helping me. and also how the u guys edit the xml file? using what apps?

  54. Peti says / / …
    I always use Notepad++, it has a very effective syntax-highlighter.

  55. dect says

    Notepad++??, i’ll try that. I’ve tried using context but still can’t open. Thanks man. By the way, i’ll need to change layout.xml to change fonts size right?

  56. Peti says

    Yes, layout.xml has the font sizes, but it is pretty hard to understand it, it has no comments in it, just stupid tag names and numbers.

  57. dect says

    Peti, i still can’t edit the my phone’s xml file’s, even with notepad++. But i can edit akshay’s fonts.xml and i can use it too. Does that means my phone is not SE?. also, can anyone upload the layout.xml for w660, or maybe just the source code. i would like to try it on my phone.

  58. Peti says

    How are you trying to open it??? It’s FAR Manager and empty files?

  59. oop says

    um i cant find regular and bold fonts for the ones i like instead i only get one font but i wanted to know can i make a copy of the one font n name the original regular n name d copy bold would it work?o it wouldnt fit properly?

  60. warrior says

    i cant get regular and bold for the font i want instead i get regular and light can i use light for regular and regular for bold n upload it would it work????

  61. dect says

    I’m not sure what u’re asking Peti?. Yes, i’ve used FAR manager, copied the file to my to my computer and tried to edit the xml file, but when i open it, i can’t see anything. but default fonts that akshay uploded here, to my surprise can be edit and i can even use it on my phone. that’s why i would like somebody to upload the layout.xml file cause i wanna try to shrink my custom fonts.

  62. Peti says

    @oop/warrior: that may be an old phone, like DB2010 arc. K750 for example… right?
    @dect: FAR Manager can’t download files, use JDFlasher, or extract the fs. Also you can find fonts at

  63. dect says

    meaning i cant properly grab those FS files using FAR manager, is that so? can’t i use setool?

  64. Peti says

    SeTool has no fs access, only jdflasher and my tutorial, search for backup fs.

  65. warrior says

    its a k550i@w610

  66. warrior says

    db2020 am i right?

  67. Peti says

    Yes, it is. You can use any font as bold. I did the same with Sony Sketch font on my k550@w610.
    Though it is better to have different bold font. Especially in the calendar…

  68. Dhaval says

    i have sony erricson k790i DB2020 Current soft version is cxc1250477 R8BF003080130. It can be connected with xs++ but fsx doesn’t work. it shows that my phone is not supported. what should i do to change k790i’s menu to w580i. I already have xs++ & usb flash drivers.

  69. Peti says

    You can’t really change that menu, the phone gets stupid if you use others’ menus. To access FS try using FAR Manager, JDFlasher.

  70. Victor says

    Tsk, I think it doesn’t work with w380i, theres nothing on the fonts folder, have you ever tested it on pnx5230 phones?

  71. anupam says

    hey, I wanted a font in which the words “cybershot” & “sony ericsson” r written on my K790i.

    can any1 give me the link 2 download that font???

  72. Akshay says

    written where xactly ??

  73. anupam says

    written below & above the display of my cell…

    i dont know the name of that font, but it will look gr8 on my cell (I guess…..)

  74. ZAKA says


  75. Peti says

    Use a different font. The font’s bitmaps are not appropriate for the phone that is. It happens. 😀

  76. anupam says

    hey, can I get my font, OR it is not available anywhere????
    (the font in which the words “cybershot” & “sony ericsson” is written on my below & above the display of my K790i.)

  77. Peti says

    I had it on my server, but now that is blocked… :S has it.

  78. luvbloom says

    please gime d procedures for installing new fonts on my sony ericsson w810i phone..i cudnt install .rar and .xml files on it..plz gime a proper method..

  79. Peti says

    DB2010 phones don’t have ttf fonts, can’t use this method.

  80. Koji says

    Thanks for the great info.
    I downloaded heiseigoths60.ttf and now my w580i is showing Japanese!

  81. Peti says

    Is that good or bad? 😀

  82. abski says

    ello.. do u have any idea how i can make the fonts smaller? tnx

  83. Peti says

    Only by modifying layout.xml. All font enries one by one. :S

  84. Fredrik says

    The Sony Ericsson support told me displaying Japanese was not possible on my w810i. With a little work from these tutorials, I can now read my japanese emails on the phone.

    Thanks a lot, Akshay!

  85. shueze says

    hi akshay, i installed a new font. but it doesnt support chinese. i tried using your default fonts. but it didnt work too. can u help me on this?

  86. shueze says

    my chinese fonts are still in my phone. the thing is the xml code isnt correct. please help me on this. i’m an asian an chinese is an important writing language. thanks

  87. Peti says

    See the fonts.xml that came with the fonts you installed. Edit it to have the filenames of your chinese fonts. Or simly reflash FS.

  88. Dinanna says

    how do u put chinese text onto the sony ericsson v640i for the New Zealand model???

  89. Akshay says

    No free solution for that phone. Its a new phone only paid software can operate on it.

  90. Soham says

    I only find good regular fonts. Can I generate the Bold version from the regular one using any software?

  91. Akshay says

    hmm sorry i don’t know if there is any such software.
    why not download such ready mate fonts from websites.

  92. bboyzahid says

    great tutorial on font changing. i really needed this.

    thanks very much! 🙂

  93. kut says

    does anyone try changing the font for z750a?

  94. Khalid says

    IF you can find the font in MS Word, then you already have the font. You can copy it from Control Panel>Fonts. You will just have to get the Bold version of the font.

  95. Ashutosh says

    Thanks Akshay,
    I have successed to connect k530 with XS++ now i want to download .t9 and .lng file at my local PC directory but not successed because the download function of XS++ is not working so please help me.

  96. Ashutosh says

    i want to download .t9 and .lng file at my local PC directory but not successed because the download function of XS++ is not working so please help me.

  97. Ashutosh says

    Thanks again,
    i have read carefully your tutorial for language change now i want to hindi language in k530i but not know to where to download hi.lng and hi.t9 files. i download many languges pakages at but not find hindi so please send me “hi.lng and hi.t9” files.

  98. Akshay says

    i don’t have hindi files, i have never seen them. it seems w200 has them. you could try extracting a w200 FS.

  99. Ashutosh says

    Dear Akshay, i connected k310i with xs++3.1 and open ../language here i found hi.lng hi.t9 but not able to download to local directory for upload to k530i. I tried your backup trick using farmanager but not successed to open FS, here finded boot script error ( k310i information: db2010 cid49 ) which is not in far manager seep so please send me the method for language transfer k310i to k530i.

  100. Akshay says

    hmmmmm. nice. did you try far manager ?? do it directly. don’t use that tutorial, its only for db2020.
    else you download k310 FS and extract that FS. it would be best option.

  101. Ashutosh says

    I downloaded k310 fs at was allready extracted but not find hindi ( hi.lng ) in language folder, there are other languages

  102. Nisal says

    Hey ashutosh, what exactly is that fs? Can u pls tel the region & the file name? Need that. 🙂

  103. Akshay says

    no no. download the indian region FS from topsony or else seusers.. seusers is better
    you should download the FS that has the hindi files and then extract it. unfortunately i never use hindi and it does not come with high end phones.

  104. Akshay says

    are you sure its INDIAN FS ??
    using windows explorer search functions search for lng functions.

  105. Ashutosh says

    I downloaded K310_R4EA031_FS_Extracted.rar
    From after unrar i found many folder as tpa system …….

  106. Nisal says

    Hi akshay! I’ve replaced the sans serif font in a k530@w660 with the normal lucida blackletter font found with windows. Is it ok that i replaced the ~sansserif_chinese_reg.ccc with the lblack.ttf by editing fonts.xml? The font looks nice, bt many characters are lyk boxes, even return. Will that become a problem for the phone software? Is there a place to find a more complete version of lucida blackletter or equivalent?
    Thanks in advance!

  107. RafianZ says

    Why full symbol on my phone is nothing..??

    Just half symbol…

    How I can get it back..??

    Sorry with my english..


  108. bhuvan says

    sorry bt i am nt gtting u!

  109. bhuvan says

    full symbol???i guess u r talking bout battery symbol??

  110. ARVIND says

    please anyone have hi.lng,hi.t9 ? if available please give link to download for my w810

  111. bhuvan says


  112. Luke H says

    hello akshayy.

    i hav a problem :S

    i followed the first method using far manager. i first uploaded the ‘calibri’ font (which worked) but i decided i didn’t like it. I then went to upload the normal font back (sans-serif) and noticed that the
    _bd” of the calibri font was not in the FONTS folder. i ignored this and uploaded the normal SE font. But now it is not the tru SE font, it is small and some letter do not show. For example, my “Messaging” shows as ” e ag g”

    how can i solve this :S ?

  113. Luke H says

    by the way my phone is a S500@W580, i liv in Aust. Cid 53 and i think db2020 😛

  114. Luke H says

    oh, i just read ur second method:

    if i upload the XML, and both TTF’s uploaded by you for the real “Sans-Serif Europe”, will the fonts come back ? [seeing I delete all the files already in the fonts folder]

  115. bhuvan says

    @Luke H
    get the exact .ml file….its cuz of it

  116. bhuvan says

    @Luke H
    u think right…it is db2020

  117. bhuvan says

    yea…try dis out….it will work

  118. Luke H says

    what do u mean by “.ml” file ?

    (major noob :P)

  119. Luke H says

    hey i also hav discovered another problem. My phone actually doesnt take “_Reg.ttf”. When I copy it into the folder in FAR, it shows, but as soon as i quit and reconnect it in far, the fonts folder doesnt contain the “_Reg.ttf” file i put into it.

    would this offer any other suggestions on how to recover the font ?

    thanks heaps.

  120. Lahiru says

    Please akshay help me.can i use any pc font file with any shape to my K530i.please tell me. When i change my K530i font with xs++ 3.1 do i delete my current font file before upload new font.

  121. bhuvan says

    @Luke H
    nt exactly .ml…its the .xml file!

  122. bhuvan says

    @Luke H
    nice strange stuff happening wid u!
    which fone u gt???cid:53??if no then use xs++…give a try drr….dis should not happen!
    its jz dragging and dropping stuff!

  123. bhuvan says

    @ Lahiru
    u need the fone with the xml file!
    dont jz select any font and drop it!
    download the full pack!
    and yup…old ones need to b deleted!

  124. Luke H says

    umm no it is an S500@W580, CID 53 =[

    i know its really weird :S

    Do u think that re-flashing will be the solution now ? 😛

  125. bhuvan says

    @ Luke H
    reflash ur fs…it will gt u the original font back!

  126. Luke H says


    ok well today umm i just uploaded a font and it worked haha

    i think the trick was to copy the files over then delete the uncessary ones after … i also dont hav any _Reg or _regular ttfs because they always got rejected

    so i just called them _italic and changed the XML

    seemed to work lol. but im too scared to change the font now, so im leavin it =P

    thanks for ya help =]

  127. Akshay says

    lol, feel free, we are here to help, just that we are bit busy and screwed up with bad times in life as of now. You can always check out our support forum.

  128. krish says

    hey guyz is it possible to change my w810i font ?
    if it is then guide me plz…….

  129. Akshay says

    yes same method.

  130. krish says

    wch method i cant understand

  131. SunStar85 says

    Another SE W580i w/ Japanese text display success!

    I also used heiseigoths60.tff

    I uploaded it in a .zip for everyone.

  132. bhuvan says

    @ SunStar85
    u can upload it in our filebase

  133. sweta says

    good dude.. its perfect working.. keep it up

  134. help says

    help me out here….
    there is a .ccc file in mine….

    and also the ms sans serif says chinese…what do i do with these two files?

    thanks alot

  135. bhuvan says

    u just need to upload fonts and .xml to phone and delete old ones!

  136. help says

    help me please bhuvan (dont wanna stuff my fone)

    i have this .ccc file and the ttf says chinese instead of europe…does it have any effects if i delete it and replace it with other fonts?

    please reply ASAP

  137. bhuvan says

    delete all files from fonts folder
    copy new ones…including font.xml

  138. success (before was help) says

    thanks….it helped me out!

  139. Jackson Maare says

    Cheers for this but the link you give in your very first post does not really help because when you download fonts from there there is only 1 type available, yet you say you must download bold AND regular.
    Is there something I missing ??
    Thank You, JM-

  140. bhuvan says

    @Jackson Maare
    get more fonts from our filebase

  141. help says

    hello bhuvan…i need ur help again….how come since installing new fonts and deleting the ms sans chinese sans serif….my phone cant read chinese anymore?

    please help

  142. bhuvan says

    look in language adding guide

  143. sindhya peter says

    is it possible to change the font in w700i???????

  144. bhuvan says

    sindhya peter

  145. ejan says

    hi,1st time i do it all this..

    it work..

    but,i try to change another font,it’s not working..

    i’ve installed the original font,but it’s still doesn’t working..

    help me!!!

  146. bhuvan says

    u have to upload fonts file plus .xml too!
    and delte old ones!

  147. ejan says

    thnx bhuvan..

  148. pritesh says

    hi according the tut we jus have to upload the .ttf files for regular & bold..then wht abt .xml..i mean after uploading the two fonts do we need to change .xml even??

  149. bhuvan says

    nothing wrong will happen..
    and yea..u have to upload new .xml and delet old one..
    download a font from our filebase..and try

  150. mobiles168 says

    Where i can get sony ericsson font…

  151. bhuvan says

    our filebase

  152. Garena says

    i don’t understand about download the regular and bold of the same fonts. can u explain more on that pls? ^^ thx in advance

  153. himadri says

    helo, iam using w 300 i and XS ++ ,Platform DB 2010 CID 49 ,color Red ,Firware R4EA031, I have done flash menus by FSX method. My question is Is it necessary to flash my firmware before adding menu icon or walkman skins,or editing font. How can I do it ????????? Please help.

  154. himadri says

    NO ONE REPLY YET . . . .
    4 Th class forum?

  155. Akshay says

    himardi ! no !! its not necessary !! 🙂

  156. himadri says


  157. Julio Dsouza says

    i need fonts for my c510………………….

  158. bhuvan says

    Julio Dsouza
    a2 v2
    diffrent case mate!
    search at the forum
    sony sketch is there for ur phone

  159. ayush says

    hey how can i change fonts for C510 & K850i. I am not able to do so wits XS++. as for C510 its saying your phone not supported.
    what should i do pls guide.
    and for K850i the moment i connect it while keeping butten C pressed, it opens up in file sharing mode, so it doesnt connect to XS++.

    pls let me know the solution

  160. bhuvan says

    use a2 uploader for both

  161. Laurence says

    hey does anyone know how to change font for Odin P1000??

  162. bhuvan says

    no flashing is supported for ur phone

  163. nick says

    i put the reg and bold in the fonts folder, thats it ? i dont have to remove the default ones that are already there ?

  164. bhuvan says

    u have to delete all the old files

  165. waleed says

    how do i change the font for my w810i i dont have any software can u please give me a step by step plan send it to [email protected] thanks in advance

  166. bhuvan says

    man u need softwares for that!
    do the way it is told here

  167. Inaam says

    Hi Akshayy, Thanks. But when I uploaded above font, only words were visible not the digits.
    I could not see or write digits, 12345 etc.
    Actual problem in se k850i is size of the font. SMS font is too small. Any solution to that???

  168. bhuvan says

    get some new fonts from filebase
    i guess it is no possible
    i had already tried that on my old w580!

  169. Inaam says

    thanks. yeah i did upload a font from another site and its ok now.
    but how bad that we cant increase size of sms font. its too small.

  170. bhuvan says

    i have tried it time back
    i could not find a way out
    u jump to our forum
    discuss there
    may be ull find it!

  171. khj_yj says

    Do you think it works on W200i? :/

    Anyway, this guide is great! Thank you!

    But is it really necessary to download the BOLD one as well?

  172. bhuvan says

    no its not important but i dont know that it supports or not!
    never had w200!
    look for dir if its there it may support

  173. kaorishae says

    hello…i would like to ask if it can be applied to any sony ericsson phones???
    coz my phone is SE W910i
    please reply T_T

  174. nikhil says

    where i can find .swf file for chaning my menu styles???

  175. Boobie says

    erm does it work for w995 ?

  176. Gallis says

    I have k550i @ w610i cid 53….db2020 an i want to change the fonts.
    I used a2 uploader…..Xs++ and no sucess can any one help??

  177. zhuhang_w610@k550 says


  178. tengku says

    hey there…
    if u dont mind,can u show the tutorial to change the fonts??
    i cant hardly understand the way u told in this forum..

  179. bhuvan says

    thats not possible
    follow each step easily, this is really simple
    else jump to our forum for live action

  180. confused says

    not possible for w350i i couldnt find the already set fonts so i just put a new regular and bold font with their .xml file but it wouldnt work please help me on this

  181. bhuvan says

    sorry but u cant change fonts of ur phone!

  182. gaurav yadav says

    how can i insert hindi font in sony w995……please give me the hindi font…….

  183. bhuvan says

    gaurav yadav
    look in out forum, special topic made for hindi font support!

  184. lakame says

    I used a2 uploader and it works perfectly.

  185. ashish says

    hie sir i have w910i i want hindi language in my mobile. i have downloaded hi.t9 and hi.lng and in mobile i have Sans-Serif_Europe_Reg.ttf font but dont know what to make change in font.xml. the following i have in my font.xml

    so what change i have to make in this to get hindi writing font

  186. ashish says

    this is what i have in my font.xml

  187. ashish says

    boz of the changes not made it seems like

  188. ppg says

    here is tut for that:

  189. ppg says

    tut for adding hindi!

  190. ashish says

    can i use xs++ for flashing w910i and i have done as tutorial has said i dont know but it is not working still im getting .
    just rpy that can i flash the firm ware into my w910 by using xs++
    bcoz when i tried its not happening if u have any tutorial just rpy me
    and thanks for all that

  191. ppg says

    no u cant with xs++,use a2uploader instead and tuts are available here and on forum also!

  192. Abhishek says

    see im using a c510, it does’nt hv hindi fonts in it…i hv read almost all d posts bt would luv to know in brief…i didn’t find ready made hindi fonts anywhere..plz e-mail me hindi fonts and d procedure.

  193. bhuvan says

    check at our forum!
    guide is posted bu ppg there

  194. checko says

    no ma!!!

    buenisimo post!!!

    la verdad yo me equivoque en los font’s borre los que no debía y ya no sabia que hacer pero tu post me ayudo muchisisisismo!!

    muchísimas gracias y que estés muy bien


  195. jajajaja says

    this is MUCH TOO complicated for a newbie!
    isn’t there any SIMPLE method to do this???

  196. Edith says

    Hey I know its not related to this topic but here goes. I updated my w995 phone due to some problems that I could not on my phone. Now everything works fine, new stuffs added but one thing gone missing. The symbols used for sms, there used to be half symbol and full symbol. And now the full symbol is gone. Anyone knows how to get the full symbol back?

  197. chandru says

    hi i got sony ericsson zylo can anyone pls help me to change fonts style for it????????

  198. ambara says

    it”s work for zylo?

  199. sethu says

    hello hi…
    im using k770i…
    i want PRISTINA font xml file…
    i don`t know how to do…
    can anyone help me do xml file…
    pls pls…

  200. mezidon says

    thanks all

  201. mezidon says

    pls akshayy can i add font on my s.e c901 the extension is .ltt i tried .ttf and it dosent work rather it brick my phone now after flashing it becomes lock what can i do now pls help thanks in advance i will appreciate

  202. jayesh says

    hey @akshay i am not able to find any file having extension .ttf though i opened it throgh far manager for w700,does it work for this phone ??

  203. Toshiko Fixico says

    Terrific paintings! This is the kind of info that are meant to be shared around the net. Shame on the seek for no longer positioning this post upper! Come on over and visit my site . Thanks =)

  204. Naresh says

    can anyone help me on how to reduce the font size??Any Tutorial??

  205. Atiq says

    Hi friends, I changed fonts of my w660i, but it did not worked. So I restored the original fonts. But it also do not work now. Now i am only seeing O,N,G,C and M. Please someone help me.