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Change phone’s fonts, pimp the text !

Sony Ericsson phones default font is SansSerif Europe, which is pretty neat ! But if you wanted your favorite font and pimp it a bit to your liking to make it cooler, then change the system font ! You used flash menus, walkman skins, acoustics, camera drivers, now its time that the text in phone gets pimped.

There are 2 ways to doing this, I will here explain the simplest method which does not need editing of FONTS.XML.

Download your favorite fonts, A Google search for fonts will return lots of results. Download one Regular font and Bold Font of the same Type of font. Then you have to rename fonts

Rename regular font to Sans-Serif_Europe_Reg.ttf
Rename the bold font to Sans-Serif_Europe_Bd.ttf

Please re name fonts correctly, you should not add .ttf if fonts already have it. If you have enabled display of file extension in Windows then renaming can be done correctly. Else you will end up renaming them as xyz.ttf.ttf which is incorrect.

Then upload the fonts to TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\FONTS using XS++ or Far Manager.

As a backup here i have uploaded the default fonts that is sans-serif in case you want to revert back. Download.

Second method is rename the fonts used in the FONT.XML and upload the fonts along with fonts.xml, which may not or may work if you done editing correctly. So renaming and over writing is the simplest method to change fonts.

Do a google search to really find ones you like. For example using MS Word or Notepad find out font that you like and just Google search that font’s name and download it. Find a few cool fonts here.

Regards !

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