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Upgrade CID49/CID51 RED to CID52 RED

Tutorial to update/upgrade your db2020 CID49/CID51 to CID52 Using SeTool 2 lite 1.11 !!

Why this Tutorial : Because SEUS will update phones to CID53 and we don’t have all the CID53 loaders and softwares, so no unlocking or patching if your phone is CID53.

If you are here then its mostly because your phone turned out to be DB2020 CID49/51 and you want to update phone to CID52. Please note this tutorial is only for db2020. Know it from the service menu or the list given here.

Download SeTool 2 lite !
Download CID52 Upgrade Script !

Install USB Flash Driver, if you are using XS++/SeTool 2 lite for the first time.
Do a GDFS Backup using SeTool 2 lite only if you not done gdfs backup already.

Please be very careful with SeTool 2 lite, it will kill your phone beyond repair if you press wrong buttons and choose wrong options. Also Recharge your phone’s battery to full.

This method works only if your phone’s IMEI first 6 digits match with any of them in this IMEI List.
GDFS Backup.

  1. Turn off your phone, Reinsert battery.
  2. Start SeTool 2 lite.
  3. Choose your phone in Phone Type.
  4. Click Read GDFS.
  5. Connect Phone Holding C.
  6. Wait.
  7. When GDFS is read out, SeTool 2 says Elapsed XX Seconds.
  8. Unplug phone, Backup is stored in SeTool 2 lite folder.

Note: If your phone is db2020 then you can choose any db2020 phone, Example if you have k790 and you choose phone as w610 then it will work because both are db2020.
Also note that Using SEUS to update phone’s CID is now a very bad idea beacuse it updates phone to CID53 which is not at all desirable. So do not use SEUS at any cost.

Updating to CID52

  1. Turn off your phone, Reinsert battery
  2. Start SeTool 2 lite.
  3. In Misc, Click ‘….’ and select the upgrade script.
  4. Click Write SCRIPT
  5. Reinsert Battery
  6. Connect phone holding C
  7. Wait for a few seconds
  8. When done it says elapsed XX second, disconnect phone.

Screenshot ! Click here to Preview ! Don’t Press Write GDFS.

Now click identify and connect phone again, so check if phone has been updated to CID52 or not !
You can use XS++ also to check if updated or not.

Thanks to Renzox for this script. Was looking for this one since a long time. I don’t take any responsibility if phone gets damaged during the process. Sony Ericsson will replace your phone hopefully if you have warranty, they do in my country.

Regards, Akshay.

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