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Sony Ericsson DB and CID explorer

I sometimes have a hard time finding info on phone architectures. You guys ask questions about phones that I have never heard of… So I don’t know their DB numbers, don’t know what you can do with them… Then what can I do? Look for info on google, but that takes a little long. Now here is the solution, I hope it will be helpful to others, too.

Recently I found a program called Sony Ericsson DB and CID explorer 1.3.

Download HERE.

It is the best solution I’ve ever found for such actions.

You can search by architectures (DB2010, DB2020, DB3150 etc.), CID numbers (16-53), and you can also select the phones themselves. Then the window gets a little bigger, and you get a new panel with the Phone’s thumbnail and some info about it, nice.

It seems that the program’s database is updated frequently, a few days ago it didn’t have CID 53 (not for w610), but now it is on the list, so it looks up to date.

Also this program looks a little beta to me, I like it and all, but sometimes it gives you an error message (saying “Error” xD), but it isn’t a prob, it is working fine.

One important note, always doubleclick. 😉


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