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Verifying Integrity of Firmwares. Especially CID53

Many CID53 Firmwares don’t work properly and have bad headers. You can’t flash such a firmware into your phone.

There may be many problems in a firmware. And recently many CID53 when used with jdflasher output the following error or something similar.

PutFiles<putfile<putfile_flash<flashbabe<flashbabe<header<send header error 15>>>>>

Hence its better to check the firmware before you flash it.
You can check it using the program babeck. Its basically babe-check. babe is SE standard firmware header.
Download babeck. Babeck can be used to check any sony ericsson firmware.

Instructions on how to use babeck.exe.

Its pretty simple. Its a command line tool. So you will have to use DOS. FIrst copy babeck.exe and the cid53 firmware main_firmware.mbn and fs_firmware.fbn to C:\

  1. Click Strart in Windows XP.
  2. Go to RUN.
  3. Type cmd, and hit enter.
  4. Type CD\ and hit enter.
  5. Now type babeck.exe main_fimware.mbn and hit enter.
  6. If babeck.exe shows error then the firmware is not usable.

In that case downlaod some other firmware form share2flash or find them here and websites given in there. Or you can try to download from topsony and seusers.

Happy Flashing.

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