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Verifying Integrity of Firmwares. Especially CID53

Many CID53 Firmwares don’t work properly and have bad headers. You can’t flash such a firmware into your phone.

There may be many problems in a firmware. And recently many CID53 when used with jdflasher output the following error or something similar.

PutFiles<putfile<putfile_flash<flashbabe<flashbabe<header<send header error 15>>>>>

Hence its better to check the firmware before you flash it.
You can check it using the program babeck. Its basically babe-check. babe is SE standard firmware header.
Download babeck. Babeck can be used to check any sony ericsson firmware.

Instructions on how to use babeck.exe.

Its pretty simple. Its a command line tool. So you will have to use DOS. FIrst copy babeck.exe and the cid53 firmware main_firmware.mbn and fs_firmware.fbn to C:\

  1. Click Strart in Windows XP.
  2. Go to RUN.
  3. Type cmd, and hit enter.
  4. Type CD\ and hit enter.
  5. Now type babeck.exe main_fimware.mbn and hit enter.
  6. If babeck.exe shows error then the firmware is not usable.

In that case downlaod some other firmware form share2flash or find them here and websites given in there. Or you can try to download from topsony and seusers.

Happy Flashing.

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  1. SHASHI says

    Hey guys i am having some prob in my screen of k550@w610 so i am thinking of taking it to service centre i am using diff cam driver and acoustics so can i flash only main of k550 and leave the fs because they i mean se centre will not give attention to fs as it’s a hardware prob

  2. Peti says

    First reflash main and fs. If still not working, and you have warranty, kill its GDFS and your warranty won’t void. Then take it to service center.

  3. SHASHI says

    My screen has some spots on it not that it has gone black it’s working with a few spots. So in the tutorial akshayy wrote that there is no need to flash fs at all as it is same for both so i am just asking cam i flash just main and be on my w610 Fs.

  4. SHASHI says

    I have warranty

  5. Akshay says

    don’t know really what your problem is.
    better go for warranty and not flashing
    as you say display problem

  6. nghdoa says

    Hy Mr..i’ve try using babeck check my main w800 r1bd001 the log are :

    babecheck [sswcheck] v0.6 by den_po

    loading W800_R1BD001_MAIN_EU_1_CA_RED49.bin… ok
    db2010 cid 49 red
    dynamic hash
    number of blocks: 344 (0x158)
    error! size of superblock doesn’t match a hdr value
    1st block addr: 0x44020000
    1st block size: 0x10000
    warning! block 3 addr 4403FEA2 size 0000FF3E, expected address: 4403FEA4
    warning! block 5 addr 4405F6AA size 0000FFF2, expected address: 4405F6AC
    warning! block 7 addr 4407F596 size 0000FCB2, expected address: 4407F598
    warning! block 13 addr 440DED2E size 0000FE3E, expected address: 440DED30
    warning! block 15 addr 440FE926 size 0000FF04, expected address: 440FE928
    warning! block 16 addr 4410E82A size 0000FFEA, expected address: 4410E82C
    warning! block 19 addr 4413E18E size 0000FEBA, expected address: 4413E190
    warning! block 22 addr 4416D8D2 size 0000FFDE, expected address: 4416D8D4
    warning! block 26 addr 441AD142 size 0000FFB0, expected address: 441AD144
    warning! block 27 addr 441BD0F2 size 0000FF18, expected address: 441BD0F4
    warning! block 28 addr 441CD00A size 0000FAD2, expected address: 441CD00C
    warning! block 30 addr 441ECA8A size 0000F892, expected address: 441ECA8C
    warning! block 32 addr 4420C302 size 0000FEB4, expected address: 4420C304
    warning! block 33 addr 4421C1B6 size 0000FBBC, expected address: 4421C1B8
    warning! block 34 addr 4422BD72 size 0000FF9E, expected address: 4422BD74
    warning! block 38 addr 4426AE3E size 0000FE94, expected address: 4426AE40
    warning! block 39 addr 4427ACD2 size 0000FE22, expected address: 4427ACD4
    warning! block 41 addr 4429AAC6 size 0000FF16, expected address: 4429AAC8
    warning! block 43 addr 442BA87E size 0000FDDA, expected address: 442BA880
    warning! block 46 addr 442EA252 size 0000FF50, expected address: 442EA254
    warning! block 47 addr 442FA1A2 size 0000FFDE, expected address: 442FA1A4
    warning! block 50 addr 44329FAA size 0000FF68, expected address: 44329FAC
    warning! block 51 addr 44339F12 size 0000FD48, expected address: 44339F14
    warning! block 52 addr 44349C5A size 0000FC4C, expected address: 44349C5C
    warning! block 53 addr 443598A6 size 0000FFFA, expected address: 443598A8
    warning! block 55 addr 443797F6 size 0000FEE4, expected address: 443797F8
    warning! block 56 addr 443896DA size 0000FE14, expected address: 443896DC
    warning! block 57 addr 443994EE size 0000FFC4, expected address: 443994F0
    warning! block 58 addr 443A94B2 size 0000FED6, expected address: 443A94B4
    warning! block 62 addr 443E894A size 0000FE76, expected address: 443E894C
    warning! block 71 addr 4447744E size 0000FFCA, expected address: 44477450
    warning! block 73 addr 444972CE size 0000FD4E, expected address: 444972D0
    warning! block 75 addr 444B6CE6 size 0000FE32, expected address: 444B6CE8
    warning! block 77 addr 444D665A size 0000FED2, expected address: 444D665C
    warning! block 80 addr 44506352 size 0000FF54, expected address: 44506354
    warning! block 81 addr 445162A6 size 0000FF5E, expected address: 445162A8
    warning! block 86 addr 445659AE size 0000FF3E, expected address: 445659B0
    warning! block 88 addr 44585892 size 0000FDC8, expected address: 44585894
    warning! block 89 addr 4459565A size 0000FFE8, expected address: 4459565C
    warning! block 90 addr 445A5642 size 0000FDA2, expected address: 445A5644
    warning! block 93 addr 445D5262 size 0000FFC8, expected address: 445D5264
    warning! block 94 addr 445E522A size 0000FA0E, expected address: 445E522C
    warning! block 96 addr 44604A76 size 0000FDBE, expected address: 44604A78
    warning! block 99 addr 4463414E size 0000FDFE, expected address: 44634150
    warning! block 104 addr 44683A1A size 0000FC2C, expected address: 44683A1C
    warning! block 105 addr 44693646 size 0000FDA2, expected address: 44693648
    warning! block 108 addr 446C304E size 0000FBC0, expected address: 446C3050
    warning! block 109 addr 446D2C0E size 0000FE8E, expected address: 446D2C10
    warning! block 111 addr 446F2A2A size 0000FFA2, expected address: 446F2A2C
    warning! block 113 addr 44712756 size 0000FF96, expected address: 44712758
    warning! block 115 addr 4473242E size 0000FD96, expected address: 44732430
    warning! block 122 addr 447A1C2A size 0000F934, expected address: 447A1C2C
    warning! block 123 addr 447B155E size 0000FEDE, expected address: 447B1560
    warning! block 125 addr 447D13C6 size 0000FF2E, expected address: 447D13C8
    warning! block 128 addr 44800E86 size 0000FEB8, expected address: 44800E88
    warning! block 129 addr 44810D3E size 0000FF2C, expected address: 44810D40
    warning! block 130 addr 44820C6A size 0000FE2C, expected address: 44820C6C
    warning! block 131 addr 44830A96 size 0000FF22, expected address: 44830A98
    warning! block 133 addr 448508D2 size 0000FDFC, expected address: 448508D4
    warning! block 134 addr 448606CE size 0000FFBA, expected address: 448606D0
    warning! block 138 addr 448A036E size 0000FF4A, expected address: 448A0370
    warning! block 140 addr 448C0266 size 0000FFC6, expected address: 448C0268
    warning! block 142 addr 448E01CE size 0000FB9C, expected address: 448E01D0
    warning! block 143 addr 448EFD6A size 0000FF2C, expected address: 448EFD6C
    warning! block 144 addr 448FFC96 size 0000FF48, expected address: 448FFC98
    warning! block 145 addr 4490FBDE size 0000FF30, expected address: 4490FBE0
    warning! block 146 addr 4491FB0E size 0000FFCC, expected address: 4491FB10
    warning! block 147 addr 4492FADA size 0000FFD4, expected address: 4492FADC
    warning! block 148 addr 4493FAAE size 0000FC32, expected address: 4493FAB0
    warning! block 152 addr 4497F02E size 0000FF00, expected address: 4497F030
    warning! block 153 addr 4498EF2E size 0000FF82, expected address: 4498EF30
    warning! block 155 addr 449AEA5E size 0000FF3A, expected address: 449AEA60
    warning! block 158 addr 449DE1F2 size 0000FB20, expected address: 449DE1F4
    warning! block 159 addr 449EDD12 size 0000FEF2, expected address: 449EDD14
    warning! block 162 addr 44A1D772 size 0000FE50, expected address: 44A1D774
    warning! block 163 addr 44A2D5C2 size 0000FDE8, expected address: 44A2D5C4
    warning! block 164 addr 44A3D3AA size 0000FD1E, expected address: 44A3D3AC
    warning! block 166 addr 44A5CFC6 size 0000FEDE, expected address: 44A5CFC8
    warning! block 168 addr 44A7CE1A size 0000FFE8, expected address: 44A7CE1C
    warning! block 169 addr 44A8CE02 size 0000FFC4, expected address: 44A8CE04
    warning! block 170 addr 44A9CDC6 size 0000FB94, expected address: 44A9CDC8
    warning! block 171 addr 44AAC95A size 0000FFF6, expected address: 44AAC95C
    warning! block 173 addr 44ACC652 size 0000FE2E, expected address: 44ACC654
    warning! block 178 addr 44B1BB76 size 0000FF9A, expected address: 44B1BB78
    warning! block 186 addr 44B9B286 size 0000FF52, expected address: 44B9B288
    warning! block 188 addr 44BBB09E size 0000FC90, expected address: 44BBB0A0
    warning! block 189 addr 44BCAD2E size 0000FF5A, expected address: 44BCAD30
    warning! block 193 addr 44C0A8DA size 0000FDFC, expected address: 44C0A8DC
    warning! block 194 addr 44C1A6D6 size 0000FE0C, expected address: 44C1A6D8
    warning! block 195 addr 44C2A4E2 size 0000FBB4, expected address: 44C2A4E4
    warning! block 196 addr 44C3A096 size 0000FB3A, expected address: 44C3A098
    warning! block 200 addr 44C795F6 size 0000FFAE, expected address: 44C795F8
    warning! block 203 addr 44CA9206 size 0000FD5E, expected address: 44CA9208
    warning! block 210 addr 44D18D3E size 0000FDB2, expected address: 44D18D40
    warning! block 212 addr 44D38852 size 0000FECE, expected address: 44D38854
    warning! block 214 addr 44D57EC2 size 0000FFC4, expected address: 44D57EC4
    warning! block 215 addr 44D67E86 size 0000FE16, expected address: 44D67E88
    warning! block 217 addr 44D87C5A size 0000FE8C, expected address: 44D87C5C
    warning! block 218 addr 44D97AE6 size 0000FE66, expected address: 44D97AE8
    warning! block 222 addr 44DD7632 size 0000FEBE, expected address: 44DD7634
    warning! block 224 addr 44DF6E22 size 0000FF52, expected address: 44DF6E24
    warning! block 230 addr 44E5688E size 0000FFB6, expected address: 44E56890
    warning! block 232 addr 44E7670E size 0000FAD4, expected address: 44E76710
    warning! block 233 addr 44E861E2 size 0000FE64, expected address: 44E861E4
    warning! block 234 addr 44E96046 size 0000FE1A, expected address: 44E96048
    warning! block 237 addr 44EC5ADA size 0000FEAC, expected address: 44EC5ADC
    warning! block 238 addr 44ED5986 size 0000FFA8, expected address: 44ED5988
    warning! block 239 addr 44EE592E size 0000FDFA, expected address: 44EE5930
    warning! block 242 addr 44F1545A size 0000FE30, expected address: 44F1545C
    warning! block 243 addr 44F2528A size 0000FA94, expected address: 44F2528C
    warning! block 244 addr 44F34D1E size 0000FFD4, expected address: 44F34D20
    warning! block 245 addr 44F44CF2 size 0000FECE, expected address: 44F44CF4
    warning! block 247 addr 44F64A82 size 0000FF66, expected address: 44F64A84
    warning! block 249 addr 44F8494E size 0000FE00, expected address: 44F84950
    warning! block 250 addr 44F9474E size 0000FFAC, expected address: 44F94750
    warning! block 251 addr 44FA46FA size 0000FF14, expected address: 44FA46FC
    warning! block 252 addr 44FB460E size 0000FE6A, expected address: 44FB4610
    warning! block 255 addr 44FE403A size 0000FFD4, expected address: 44FE403C
    warning! block 256 addr 44FF400E size 0000FAF2, expected address: 44FF4010
    warning! block 258 addr 450139C2 size 0000FFFC, expected address: 450139C4
    warning! block 259 addr 450239BE size 0000FCD4, expected address: 450239C0
    warning! block 260 addr 45033692 size 0000FB04, expected address: 45033694
    warning! block 261 addr 45043196 size 0000FC32, expected address: 45043198
    warning! block 263 addr 45062C96 size 0000FFEE, expected address: 45062C98
    warning! block 265 addr 45082AB6 size 0000FD4E, expected address: 45082AB8
    warning! block 267 addr 450A277E size 0000FFF0, expected address: 450A2780
    warning! block 268 addr 450B276E size 0000FE8E, expected address: 450B2770
    warning! block 270 addr 450D2436 size 0000FFFA, expected address: 450D2438
    warning! block 272 addr 450F212E size 0000FE8A, expected address: 450F2130
    warning! block 274 addr 45111FB6 size 0000FF54, expected address: 45111FB8
    warning! block 275 addr 45121F0A size 0000FEBC, expected address: 45121F0C
    warning! block 276 addr 45131DC6 size 0000FFEE, expected address: 45131DC8
    warning! block 282 addr 45191082 size 0000FD90, expected address: 45191084
    warning! block 283 addr 451A0E12 size 0000FFA6, expected address: 451A0E14
    warning! block 286 addr 451D0AEE size 0000FFB0, expected address: 451D0AF0
    warning! block 287 addr 451E0A9E size 000000C6, expected address: 451E0AA0
    warning! block 292 addr 451E0F82 size 00000068, expected address: 451E0F84
    warning! block 293 addr 451E0FEA size 000000D0, expected address: 451E0FEC
    warning! block 294 addr 451E10BA size 000002E4, expected address: 451E10BC
    warning! block 295 addr 451E139E size 000002EC, expected address: 451E13A0
    warning! block 296 addr 451E168A size 00000118, expected address: 451E168C
    warning! block 297 addr 451E17A2 size 00000086, expected address: 451E17A4
    warning! block 300 addr 451E1A1A size 00000476, expected address: 451E1A1C
    warning! block 303 addr 451E2106 size 000000AA, expected address: 451E2108
    warning! block 305 addr 451E21F6 size 00000130, expected address: 451E21F8
    warning! block 306 addr 451E2326 size 000001DA, expected address: 451E2328
    warning! block 310 addr 451E2C46 size 000000FA, expected address: 451E2C48
    warning! block 313 addr 451E3516 size 00000038, expected address: 451E3518
    warning! block 314 addr 451E354E size 00000140, expected address: 451E3550
    warning! block 315 addr 451E368E size 000000F6, expected address: 451E3690
    warning! block 317 addr 451E383A size 00000066, expected address: 451E383C
    warning! block 320 addr 451E3ABE size 0000006A, expected address: 451E3AC0
    warning! block 322 addr 451E3C32 size 0000020C, expected address: 451E3C34
    warning! block 323 addr 451E3E3E size 000002A0, expected address: 451E3E40
    warning! block 324 addr 451E40DE size 00000366, expected address: 451E40E0
    warning! block 327 addr 451E4876 size 000001C8, expected address: 451E4878
    warning! block 328 addr 451E4A3E size 00000080, expected address: 451E4A40
    warning! block 329 addr 451E4ABE size 000002BE, expected address: 451E4AC0
    warning! block 332 addr 451E51EA size 000000BE, expected address: 451E51EC
    warning! block 334 addr 451E5526 size 000000B4, expected address: 451E5528
    warning! block 335 addr 451E55DA size 00000042, expected address: 451E55DC
    warning! block 337 addr 451E56EA size 000001EE, expected address: 451E56EC
    warning! block 339 addr 451E58EA size 000005B8, expected address: 451E58EC
    warning! block 340 addr 451E5EA2 size 000001C2, expected address: 451E5EA4
    warning! block 342 addr 451E60D2 size 00000062, expected address: 451E60D4

    what that mean ? Is it ok to flashing using this main? Please explain to me…Thanks in advance,,

  7. SHASHI says

    Hi i am putting my query in simple way i want to revert my K550@W610 back to K550 but i don’t want to change my drivers and acoustics so can i flash only K550 main and be on my old Fs or do i need to flash both and then cust it

  8. SHASHI says

    Hi i am putting my query in simple way i want to revert my K550@W610 back to K550 but i don’t want to change my drivers and acoustics so can i flash only K550 main and be on my old Fs or do i need to flash both and then cust it and please give the link to download genuine and working main of K550
    Thanks in advance

  9. Peti says

    It is better to flash FS too. As different firmwares are not always compatible with each other.
    Use and, also

  10. Peti says

    @nghdoa: I see error in the beginning of it… so better not flash it on your phone. Try a different fw.

  11. SHASHI says

    Hey akshayy can i get hindi font from some where and if it’s available then how to flash it i am not going to write in hindi but then it will display website with hindi fonts

  12. Peti says

    I guess hindi sites are using unicode, flashing the phones font to other font won’t solve it. (I think) Better try different browsers, like OperaMini. (I’m not sure it supports hindi but worth a try.)

  13. Alvin says

    Hi Akshay and Peti,

    When flashing a new firmware, does the new firmware’s version (ex. R8BE001) have to match what our phone’s current status says (from the setool logs)? Or will any version work? What about the location (America, Asia, etc) of the firmware?

    Just wanna make sure, since it sounds like CID53 users don’t have a second chance (can’t simply “restore GDFS” like CID52)

    Thanks again guys!

  14. Subrata says

    Awesome trick mate,

    cheers ! brother

  15. Peti says

    @Alvin: yeah, you really just don’t have a second chance. :S Also no EROM fixing thing.
    The firmware version and region don’t have to match, only CID should be the same. Now it’s better to use the latest firmware. And the region should be the same or so, to have the language you’re using. Check the language list at misc. files.

  16. kiran says

    can u get me da official website id(wer da original file is created) 4 XS++ 3.2

  17. Akshay says

    its not yet out.

  18. hotman says

    hi.i tried this program but it says : the file can’t be read. what means that?

  19. Peti says

    Are you trying it with the mbn file or with an archive?

  20. Spark007 says

    is it possible2flash k550i tow660!

  21. hotman says

    i am trying with the .mbn file!

  22. Peti says

    @Spark007: it is possible, but not a good idea. Their hardware is not identical, so the phone gets buggy, and IIRC you can’t handle calls with it any more. Use W610 firmwares.
    @hotman: are you using Vista?

  23. Robert says

    I had check my firmware with Babek but my FS is corrupt, please someone can send me this FS W580_R8BE001_FS_AMERICA_2_RED53 I was looking all day but I can`t found it… My e-mail is: [email protected] PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  24. hotman says

    no , i have win XP sp2
    but whn i drag the main firmware file and drop it in the program exe appears a cmd screen for 3-4 seconds.i had made a screen and it says :
    babecheck[ssvcheck] v 0.7..

    loading c:\documents ands setings\…\w200 _maind_generic db2012 cid 53 red
    full hash
    Number of blocks
    !st block addr:
    1st block size :

  25. Peti says

    @Robert: I guess you’ll have to buy it at seusers. :S
    @hotman: so that’s it, W200 is DB2012. DB2012_CID52 is not supported by JDFlasher (or any other free app).

  26. den_po says

    > DB2012_CID52 is not supported by JDFlasher (or any other free app).

    are you sure? πŸ˜‰

  27. Peti says

    Well I was… until now. :$ πŸ˜€
    But correct me if I’m wrong. πŸ˜‰
    I always wanted to ask… are you planning to port your JDFlasher to Total Commander WFX plugin?

  28. den_po says

    > But correct me if I’m wrong.





    > Total Commander WFX plugin?

    i don’t like TC.
    sometime i’ll bring the contribution to XS++ =)

  29. den_po says

    xml tags have been stripped =)

    cid num=”50″ color=”red”
    cid num=”51″ color=”red”
    cid num=”52″ color=”red”
    cid num=”53″ color=”red”

  30. Peti says

    Ok, you won. πŸ˜‰ It will be interesting to bring it to XS++, here my JDFlasher installation is 46 MB. So if you do, you’ll have to install the dll and stuff to System32 or so. Or give filepaths in Windows Registry… so then it will have an installer… πŸ˜€
    Anyway, we are now working on a new site, new forum + downloads. We are far from saying it is done but… when we do, we could host your stuff. :$ What do you say?

  31. LUCASI says

    Please send the link for all sony ericsson firmware files that i can easiily free of cost. thanks friend.

  32. Peti says

    Try and

  33. akshay says

    hey my namez also akshay
    i own a k550i CID 53
    to add acoustics an other drivers do i have to flash my phone to a w610i an then install dem or can i do dat using k550 only???
    if with k550i only then when using jdflasher i am nable to find d main firmwares of k550i CID 53
    all i find are main firmwares of w610i CID53
    plz lemme know……….

  34. Peti says

    You don’t have to flash to W610, but it is better to, it support flash menus and contains walkman 2.0… your choice.
    To install drivers, you don’t need firmwares, just JDFlasher -> ofs.

  35. akshay says

    do i need a cust pack even to install drivers……?????[CID53]
    an can u gimme d locations wer i sud paste d different using FAR

  36. akshay says

    do i need a custpack to install only drivers??????
    an can u plz specify d locations wer i sud paste d drivers usinf FAR…..

  37. akshay says

    and also wen i check d firmwares i downloaded using d link given above an checked it wid babeck…….i get a remark saying ERROR CANT READ FILE
    wot to do
    plz help………

  38. akshay says


  39. Peti says

    @akshay: You need JDFlasher. Copy them to ifs/settings/camera; display; acoustic.
    Get other firmwares. CID 53 firmwares.

  40. Varma says

    i desperately need a guide or a tutorial to revert back my W660i configuration which changed from CID 52 to CID 53 when i mistakenly used the SE update Service. is there any way for that? or atleast is there any other way where i can install the “FLASH THEMES AND WALKMAN SKINS” just like before the update?
    Plz contact me as soon as u receive this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The normal method of using “Far Manager” or “XS ++” is not helpful as they dont support the Erom CID 53 configurations

  41. anto says

    Dear Akshay/pety.

    i tried upld accoustic + flash thm to w200/melinda. db+10 cid 53. but alwasy failed on osf steps.
    Pls help.
    do i nd cid53 recovery at plugin?

    Many thanks.

  42. Akshay says

    wait for XS++ cid53.

  43. marcus says

    hi akshay and pety… i also hav a k550i(cid 53)… i flashed the main 2day using jdflasher and now i’m in search 4 an fs and custpack (i think… i’m new to this)… can u please help me… u can find me at [email protected] thanks πŸ™‚

  44. SHUVO says

    How can I flash my SE K810i CID 53 to SE K810i CID 52. Please Help Me!!!

  45. SHUVO says

    How can I change Acoustic file of my SE K810i (CID 53)

  46. bhuvan says

    dude look at jdflasher[flashing] guide

  47. klingan says

    The message who followed with operation failed when i load execution in my game folder.
    My phone is K810i cid 53.I have tried many different way in anycid files with jdflasher but it doesnt help

  48. bhuvan says

    firmware compatible files are uploaded?

  49. klingan says

    Where can i found it
    It will be great and thank you for your help.

  50. klingan says

    I will take a week holiday so i be glad if we can solve the problem with execution.b (Anycid)when i come back.IΒ΄am very greatful for your feedback./Regards Klingan

  51. bhuvan says

    dude i am asking u to upload anycid files which are made for ur firmware
    its there in anycid package

  52. klingan says

    Hello bhuvan I have try to find correct files (anycid Firmware R8BA024)for my mobile but could not find it.I have try to follow this site Sorry in swedish.I can only found these in my anycid file R8BF003_CXC1250811_GENERIC_SM and R1KG001_CXC1250811_GENERIC_SM.As i told you i have operation failed when i have hit the executor,i can see that the jar file get started but direct after i get this fault message (operating failed)

  53. bhuvan says

    download anycid package frm our file base
    use those files
    upload them at right dir

  54. klingan says

    Ok i will try that .I have register me on your site so i will try to download the anycid and try to load the executor and see if it work.

  55. klingan says

    Bhuvan i still have the same error (operatin failed) after i press the executor in game folder.Could i flash directly to a different firmware without to use the excutor file?

  56. bhuvan says

    reflash ur phone;s main and fs both then give a try
    reflash to that firmware whose anycid files u gonna use

  57. klingan says

    Hello bhuvan I have reflash the phone and now it work thanks for your help

  58. bhuvan says

    thats great!

  59. luckymey2 says

    i’m very glade to be here! this site is very detail! love it!

  60. saMEer_M says

    Can any 1 help me to find

    W610_R8BA024_FS_M_EAST_N_AFR_RED53 ??????