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Restore Sony Ericsson WAP, MMS, 3G Settings.

We have come to know that many people are having problems configuring their phones after de-branding or after flashing it. Also there is a general mis-conception that after flashing you won’t be able to access 3G, WAP, Internet through your phone. That’s Wrong. Usually after de-branding your phone you lose all the WAP, Internet, MMS settings from the phone. And you won’t be able to send MMS or browse Internet.

For MMS and WAP to function properly, you should first create Data Accounts in Phone Settings and Then create  Internet Profile and MMS profiles which make use of the Data Account. For manually creating these accounts and profiles you will need a lot of technical information from your CellPhone Service Provider. You will need to know the APN, Proxy Address if any, Username and password settings. Hence the idea of manually setting up is not recommended, unless you have spare time to figure out things.

You can directly download WAP and MMS settings for your phone from local Sony Ericsson Website. Visit SonyEricsson.COM and choose your country, Enter the website. Then Go to Support Section. In support section specific to your country, you will find links on how to configure Internet and MMS. Visit those links, You will be asked about phone model and operator name( like Vodafone, Airtel in list), Select your operator and provide your cell phone number. You will be given a authorization code, and in a few minutes Sony Ericsson will send you the Internet/MMS settings directly to your phone. Enter the authorization code in your phone. And MMS, WAP, 3G and Internet settings will be installed correctly. All operator based services should then work fine.

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  1. Danijel says

    Well, you can also call your network provider’s call center and ask them to send you the settings. It works for T-Mobile (Croatia).

  2. Akshay says

    Yes that works. I feel Download Via Se Website is more comfortable !!

  3. Danijel says

    Yes, it is – you’re sure you’ll get the correct settings.
    And I would like to thank you for all the tutorials!
    I’m going to crossflash my K530i to W660, and I have got one question – I’ll create my CustPack because I can’t find one for SE Europe FS, so what should I enter in CDA field using CustGen ( – my CDA from current CustPack in phone, or type anything – and is that only thing I should put in customize folder, because I see the rest of files is only .itm hooks – links in folders – and the preloaded_config.xml is the WAP/GPRS info?
    Thanks a lot!

  4. Danijel says

    Sorry for bothering, I have fully crossflashed it, and it’s great! I found CustPack on eSnips and applied it. Finally, after so much thinking about it…
    Now just the patches (I flashed Main with SEtool2 to apply the QA patch), and my phone is a brand new W660i (by the software…) !!!

  5. KillsteR says

    Akshay…i currently have done all the thing u have say.but i still cant send any MMS..i using S500i and just finish update my phone to CID53 using SEUS. The problem is i still cant send any MMS.i already download setting from my service provider which are MAXIS.can u help me to solve this problem???

  6. bhuvan says

    wow….njoyyy!!!!now when u have applied qa patche…the security is broken!now u can any patch u want!

  7. bhuvan says

    gt the settings from se site

  8. bhuvan says


  9. Barbara Cohen says

    Can you help me please? I have a Sony Ericsson phone K660i. I got it from 3 network, but their service was so hopeless I changed to Vodaphone. The phone was unlocked and I’m able to use it OK most of the time. BUT every now and again I get the message: “Ciphering not provided by operator. Insecure transmission.” And the call is not connected / disconnected. Neither 3 nor Vodaphone can/will help me – each refers me to the other and Sony Ericsson refers me to both of them!! Any ideas? All suggestions welcome!
    Thanks. Barbara

  10. VID905 says

    I’m having trouble getting the settings from the sony ericsson site. I get through the setup fine but I never get a text message with the settings. I live in Canada and my service provider is Rogers. I think I might be entering the “international” version of my phone number incorrectly. Can anyone help me?

  11. VID905 says

    I solved my MMS problem! I searched around and tried different things but in the end, this is what fixed it: I got the custpack for rogers from seusers and flashed it to my phone. After that, I did a master reset and that was it. Both my WAP and MMS settings were right!

  12. bhuvan says

    try any other time from se site

  13. bhuvan says


  14. siapa says

    You have a trick to make SE only work on 3G?

  15. bhuvan says

    nothing beyond what it here

  16. Miko says

    i use sony ericsson K660i. i did not receive the settings for mms n internet from the i’ve tried a lot of times but it was not send to my phone!!


  17. bhuvan says

    try some other time again!
    or manually set them
    go to ur operator’s web page
    they must be providing u there

  18. hasnain says

    This doesn’t work for me, I went to the website, installed the settings but still my internet doesn’t work. It gives the error “connection failure, check settings. If problem persists contact your operator”. BTW, my phone is a K550@w610. Any help?

  19. bhuvan says

    u have to select the settings also
    if still not working contact ur operator

  20. Awesomo says

    i accidentally deleted the first setting and im trying to get sony ericcson to send me another setting on my Sony Ericsson W580i but its not working. I have att

  21. bhuvan says

    i am having vodafone and never faced any trouble!
    u can try ur operator’s websitr for help or manually configure the settings

  22. Tom says

    Hello! I have done some flashing and un-branding and yes, my WAP, MMS and 3G settings are gone. But the thing is that nothing seems to be able to bring them back. I have of course tried downloading the settings from SE and also I went to the local phone store to see if they could fix it. They could not. So is there another way to restore the settings in a similar way to flashing and those ways? Because I suspect there is something wrong beyond the usual problems of which you could download settings to solve…

  23. Akshay says

    nothing is wrong with phone, software can’t damage phone, software is conceptual and does not exist in real, that’s why software and hardware.
    Just try again and configure properly or reflash again, it will get fixed.

  24. SS says

    If I have a W995a (North American 3G) and flash with an Asian firmware, will I have problems accessing the 3G network in North America because Asia uses a different 3G frequency than North America. Thanks

  25. SQ says

    Hi is there any way to transfer data settings from rogers onto a phone from the uk? i am having trouble getting data to work, i can get internet, but no windows live

  26. defender_4 says

    please i need help, i av k850i with WAP settings problem. i can not install any operators settings on my phone. i av tried se site they sent it bt can not install and i av tried it manually same problem. any help, is urgent

  27. Shazaan says

    I’m having the same problem as Defender… I’m using SE J105i Naite…. My computer hangs when I try to update my phone using my computer…
    Moreover, I cannot save any “Internet Settings” on my phone. I have also tried to do it both automatically as well as manually but to no avail.
    Some help would surely help…..
    Thanks and Regards…

  28. bhuvan says

    its ur windows’ fault that it hangs!!!!
    try a reflash with seus
    it will get u internet settings too

  29. khairul K770i says

    Plase any body can learn me how to delete internet setting from data comm & internet setting>internet profile.. normaly i use the ‘C’ button to delate.. the problem is..that account setting is “LOCK” why this it happent?

  30. bhuvan says

    khairul K770i
    hearing that for first time! no clue, but if u reflash fs everything in phone mem will be gone including those settings! you can take backup of everything rest before u perform reflashing

  31. apple says

    how to setting mms for sony ericsson w705

  32. dherendra singh says

    i want to sitting j20i phone …..9425885820

  33. amzar says

    hello my friend,

    when i first bought my phone, i downloaded my mms setting thru SE website as u had explained, and i could receive MMS….

    now i want to re-configure as i cant receive mms. so i tried to go to SE website to download the settings again. unfortunately i forgot where to click to get to the part where u have to enter the mobile number etc.
    i clicked at the QuickLinks part in support section and chose mms settings. but then it did not ask for my mobile number etc.

    can u refresh me on where and what to click?
    thank you!

  34. uday kumar says

    my mobil w395 is not wort proprli ple help me

  35. Carlos Guevara says

    i have unbranded my t715a and now i cant get 3G and H icon to appear all i fet is E above signal bars, Will this fix the problem or not. I have tried reflashing with all different FW.