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Operation Failed Issue

All db2020 phone users many a times face the Operation Failed Issue when they try to access applications or games. This is a very common problem.
There is only one way to fix it. You have to Reflash your FS and Custpack/CDA. If you are flashing FS then go ahead and Flash even the Main.

Its easy to find the main firmware, but for non – english users its hard to find FS for their phones. English users can download any FS and use it, while non-english users must download FS for their region and use it. You can download your FS from Topsony for 2 Euro, Or Google search it and you can find it !

So Now to fix this just download Main , FS and Custpack and flash, incase you don’t know how to flash then please follow This Guide.

Check out Download Page for Links !

Otherwise better get it fixed for free from sony ericsson service center. It takes around 5 minutes to fix this problem.

Regards Akshay

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