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Operation Failed Issue

All db2020 phone users many a times face the Operation Failed Issue when they try to access applications or games. This is a very common problem.
There is only one way to fix it. You have to Reflash your FS and Custpack/CDA. If you are flashing FS then go ahead and Flash even the Main.

Its easy to find the main firmware, but for non – english users its hard to find FS for their phones. English users can download any FS and use it, while non-english users must download FS for their region and use it. You can download your FS from Topsony for 2 Euro, Or Google search it and you can find it !

So Now to fix this just download Main , FS and Custpack and flash, incase you don’t know how to flash then please follow This Guide.

Check out Download Page for Links !

Otherwise better get it fixed for free from sony ericsson service center. It takes around 5 minutes to fix this problem.

Regards Akshay

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  1. cool bloke says

    Akshay please mention in the tutorial that if you see
    Operation Failed thing only once while installing a game or application or starting, doesn’t mean that you need to flash ur FS and custom pack. Operation Failed can also be seen if a game/application file is corrupt or not complete.

  2. Akshay says

    are you sure ?? actually operation failed happens when you try to enter the Phone Games and applications .. in that case how will you fix it ??

    do you think deleting files from FS can help ?
    also deleting files from M2 Card ??

  3. cool bloke says

    I mean operation failed message is not always shown when there is an error with ur FS or custom pack..! It also comes when u try to install some corrupt .jar file or if it is not a complete file..! So to actually conclude that ur FS needs to be flashed, all your games and applications shoud start giving this problem.. only then there’s a need to redo the FS…!
    And if you want i’ve got a setup of an application that gives this message on installation.. i can show u in case you want it..!

  4. karthik says

    hi akshay great job!!!!!!!
    i read in se-nse that there are elf packs for db2020 fones……..heres the link to download elf packs for db2020 fones
    can u pl tell me wat these elf packs do????

  5. Abhishek says

    Well dude i hav a w830i in india,n my ph. Is suferin thrugh opration failed issue,when i open game folder.i read ur tuto. But em not getin the fs,main,custpack even on topsony (may be em not doing it right),for flashin.i’ll be very grateful 2u,give me a direct link,ok 1 more thing u said abt SE service!will takin ph there wont convert it into cid53.?
    EROM R3A016prgCXC1250680_EROM_DB2020
    Customization CDA102721/1R3ACXC1250714 R1GB001S_ASIA_LEVAN

  6. MANnDAaR says

    abhishek here is ur link.ragister for free n download .use google translater

  7. Abhishek says

    Thanks mandaar,but where is custpack,will flashing my ph with these files,fix my prob.?i cant afford a dead phone n how did you kno that my cid is 49. I havent checked it now.
    Please tell in detail if you kno sumthing abt flashin.

  8. Teguh says

    Hi Akshayy,

    Wondering if I can flash only the FS + the cust pack only without flashing the main to solve this Operation Failed issue?

    And, can I just use the cust pack listed in the XS++ for K800i for instance, without having to download it from somewhere? Thanks.

  9. Akshay says

    yeah you can.
    go ahead.

  10. dan says

    aksahy im having da same problem in my internet browser of a k800i i cannot download the msn live mssenger as it says operation failed and would like ur advice

    fanx in advance

    [email protected]

  11. Danijel says

    Is that the .exe file?
    I’m not sure can SE download exe files
    (but Nokia can, I had it)…

  12. bhuvan says

    what .exe file???

  13. Danijel says

    I mean, if that “MSN Live Messenger” is an “Windows Executable” (exe file), maybe he can’t download it… Hope you understand what am I trying to say…

  14. MOHAN says

    hey akshay, even i hav an operation failed msg on ma 830i..but i hav neva flashed ma fone b4…so i’m hesitating a bit 2 du it maself…i wud b greatful if u can mail me t entire procedure on
    [email protected]
    n also if u can provide me t direct links 4 all t softwares reqd. 2 flash t fone…

    thanx n god blesss…u
    really r doin a gr8 job


  15. obe says

    I did as you said, re flashed main and FS but nothing happens so i tried again. Nothing

  16. bhuvan says

    whats the problem?

  17. stanz says

    i have a sony ericsson w350i phone n on sending a jar. game tru blue tooth a call came which i received and my game folder began showing operation failed. pls i need help.

  18. Akshay says

    Stanz, reflash firmwares using Jdflasher, or else sony service center will fix it for free.

  19. bharat says

    i am using k790i and facing application error problem. kindly mail me the procedure to get rid of this problem.

  20. Akshay says

    bharat, go to sony ericsson service center for free repair, else flash your phone manually using the tools provided at thi site.

  21. stanz says

    Hi guys, i tried something different and it worked, simply download the update for your phone version and install, the follow the lead to update your phone. for real n sure operation fail thing is history. i really hope it works for other phone version since it worked for my w350i. chess

  22. sandeep kurne says

    hi akshay, i too am having an operation failed msg on ma 830i..but i hav neva flashed ma fone b4…i too wud b greatful if u can mail me t entire procedure on
    [email protected]
    n also if u can provide me t direct links 4 all t softwares reqd. 2 flash t fone…

  23. bhuvan says

    sandeep kurne
    like its given there
    follow this

  24. Cha punq says

    Same problem i have, some questions :
    1. I have R1GB firmware, and get the download firmware R1KG, should flash the fs only or both with main?
    2. Is there a guide for flashing fs in the video? Coz you said only the main can be flashed…
    3. Should i do flash main and fs at the same time or should i do it one by one?
    He…he… Sorry for stupid questions, i don’t have pc, so haven’t watch the tutorial video

  25. bhuvan says

    Cha punq
    flash both
    video is there in jdflasher[flashing guide]

  26. Cha punq says

    Thanx bhuvan, i only focus to xs++ before, now i will try jdflasher metode, 1 more question please, is it necessary to upload cda too? Isn’t it the same thing with fs?

  27. Cha punq says

    I’m Sorry back again, i can’t download jdflasher from se-lifestyle, i don’t know why, found one in 4shared but the size is 24mb, which is only 9mb that akshayy uploaded in se-lifestyle, which one do i have to search? 24mb or 9mb?

  28. bhuvan says

    Cha punq
    it is the part of fs
    ulll have to upload to get ur phone working after reflashing fs

  29. bhuvan says

    Cha punq
    why u cnt download from here?
    i dont know about 4shared one
    beacuse it may have old scripts
    download from filebase only to avoid errors..
    u have to register first

  30. Amit says

    hello this is amit ..i have sony w350i hav problem of operation failed of games and this site it is written that “All db2020 phone users many a times face the Operation Failed”..I want to know that does the sony w350i comes under the category db2020…?and can i fix my problem by flashing it by same method which is given for db2022 phones…if no then what the other method for flashing sony w350i..?

  31. Amit says

    * 2020

  32. bhuvan says

    ur phone is pnx5230 not db2020
    anyways this problem will be solved by reflashing the fs!

  33. rushdi says

    my SE k810i also got a same problem…
    then….what step should i do?

  34. unburnttoast says

    Hi, I can’t access my game & applications folder. Can’t even send out text msg either…would flashing my T700 make the problems worse? or damage the phone if I mess up? Someone said SE service center will fix it for free is that true? anyone tried it?? Someone also mentioned updating the software directly from Sony Ericsson has anyone tried that as well??? I love my phone, just don’t want to kill it when it is still alive…or make it worse… please advise. Thanks!!!!!



  36. John says

    I have solved this problem in two ways… one is a preventative manor which has to be pre-installed before the problem occurs, and the other is a reactive approach I just figured out when I screwed up my phone minutes ago.

    This always happens to me because I remove the memory card while an app is running from the memory card. the app closes, or crashes, and the Games and Apps folders no longer will open, they give the “Operation Failed” message.

    I used to reflash every time it happened, and I got tired of reflashing, one time I had Skype installed in my games folder, and set it to auto-start with the phone. when I had the problem, I noticed after restarting my phone skype still auto-ran even though i could not open it manually in the games folder due to the “Operation Failed” message.

    The second thing I tried moments ago in desperation, was on a newer w580 I recently got which is CID53 so it’s harder to flash and even harder to unlock. needless to say I did not want to do that again just to fix the app and games folders. So I tried swapping memory cards as one person said, first put in a different memory card than the one you caused the problem with. Let the phone load it in memory so to speak, then pull it out, turn off the phone, wait a moment, turn it back on, then try to open the games of apps folder. It works for me, then after I have it open, I put the old memory card back in, and everything is still there. Hope this helps some people!

  37. bhuvan says

    thanks for such valuable info
    yeah this may happen, and very rare!

  38. Morteza says

    Hello Akshay
    since Sony Ericsson has no Service Center in iran, my only option is reflashing my phone. i have read tutorials about flashing using jdflasher and anycid but unfortunately my phone is CID53 and I must use executor.jar, but how to do it while my primary goal of reflashing was solving this Operation Failed Issue! 😀
    i managed to reflash firmware (oflash) but it seems i must reflash FS to make Java to work. Do you know any workaround for my problem?
    i think it’s impossible but though is it any alternative way to use executor.b (i.e. without java)?
    or is it possible to re-write FS files using ofs?

  39. bhuvan says

    executor.b comes in action when u need to patch. u dont have to do that! just reflash fs too. using fs file which has extension .fbn

  40. Morteza says

    Hi bhuvan
    I thought i must flash my FS using bfs (which isn’t available and will work only after unlocking). Do you mean executor isn’t required for unlocking?!
    FYI my phone is K810i db2020 CID53 R8BF003 (formerly R8BA024 🙂 )
    I read somewhere i must unlock using setool box. is it true?
    thank you.

  41. bhuvan says

    yeah it is required for unlocking! but not for reflashing like you mentioned! why dont u give a try for omnius?

  42. sharath says

    while flashing main firmware my phone was disturbed and lost connection and from that time onwards phone was hanging and baterry was drained shortly.i updated my phone but no use.i tried to re-flash it but the “executor” makes my cell restart and at starting only it hangs.plz plz help me

  43. bhuvan says

    executor is supposed to do that!!!!
    try seus, n bring executor in role when u are trying patching! its just meant for that

  44. regie says

    hey’ i hav k800i… how can i sold operation failed.???? i cnt installed and deleting some application and games.. pls email me [email protected]

  45. bhuvan says

    reflash fs

  46. gnanadurai says

    when i click the games ana softwares it displays OPERATION FAILED what can i do?

  47. vikas says

    opening a games and application happning opration failed in w200i

  48. leigh says

    how to reflash fs? please mail me [email protected] thank you for those who will help 🙂

  49. leigh says

    akshy im phone ruin!!! it doesnt turn on and it keep on flasing please help help

  50. Josh Robertson says

    I get “Operation Failed” on my Spiro. The main cause is if I use the internet, close it, and use an app, I cannot also play music…. hmmmm…….

  51. lejoc says

    please help me i want to backup my w350i before flash it , i remark it is not possible with setool , xs, please how to do it?

  52. pgiri786 says

    ….akshay bro…..
    When i connect my phone to pc… says
    USB device not recognised
    how to solve

  53. bastian ladi says

    i do av problem any time i try to download an application. It always says communication fail

  54. joki says

    i have w880i which has the same problem , it is a cid53 so is it possible to flash only the fs, i would like to know if it is possible to unlock it free thanks

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