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Creating SysGfx : Tutorial Version 2.0

SE Image Tool for db2020 phones has now greatly improved and now making sysgfx patches is really very easy ! They by applying Sysgfx patches with JDFlasher or SeTool 2 lite you can easily replace the default pictures in the phone.

As example here are screenshots of my phone, check out the new battery, signal and the radio in the following screenshots of my k550@w610

Download SE ImageTool (mirror download), Also do visit its official website for updates and newer versions !
Download your phone’s main firmware from topse russia or 4shared search also see download page for links
Download Babe2raw.

SE Image Tools supports both MBN and RAW files, but its better to convert MBN to RAW using babe2raw. To convert just drag and drop the Main firmware MBN file on Babe2raw.exe and the output will be the raw file. Opening the main firmware .mbn file will also work but will take a few extra seconds to load. πŸ˜‰

Here is a screenshot of SE Image Tool in Action.

Using the buttons at top you can replace images that you want. And SE Image Tool shows images replaced along with size of bytes left and size taken by replaced images in the left window. It has search feature that you can use to easily find images. Also you can check the options to show the names of the Images which makes searching easier.

If your new images are greater then the images in phone raw then you can deleted un necessary images from the RAW that are not used. you will find many weired images that you have never seen in your phone. So if you new images need more space, create space by deleted not wanted pictures. When you are finally done Just Click Make VKP button to get the vkp patch. Apply the patch using JDFlasher.

To apply SysGfx patches use JDFlahser, because its faster compared to SeTool 2 lite.
Thanks to Magister for Db2020 SE Image Tool

Regards !

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  1. fisherman10 says

    there’s a problem with the SE Image tool.
    u accidently put 2 “http://”

    this prog have been around for a while though.

  2. fisherman10 says

    and btw
    there are already some ready made patches on the russian site to change to colour of battery, radio and others.

  3. Akshay says

    thanks !! i will check them out .. !

  4. fisherman10 says

    do u have the new version??

    yours is 1.52.
    latest is 1.53 with english support.

  5. Akshay says

    yup .. uploaded !!! .. thnx for reporting ! thought it was 1.53 only

  6. fisherman10 says

    LoL u shud put the address of the download page not the link of the real download itself.

  7. Akshay says

    hmm i thought you guys would like it..!! cool then !! your feedback is like real important

  8. vinoth says

    yo bro…i cant seem to download the above files….

  9. david says

    i have changed k550i to w610i. but when i open my lens cover camera does not start. i have to press camera button.i want my to start camera asoon as i open my lens cover. so what can i do pls mail me

  10. pratik says

    w610i doesn’t cum wit cam. lens.cover
    so the lens cover wont work.

  11. abhay says

    where can i find .mbn file for k790i cda 52 red rkg001

    thanx in advance!!

  12. Akshay says

    at topse russia
    or see my download page for another links

    also you can search at esnips

  13. abhay says

    could i be able to change the media player skin for my k790i?? I tried with xs++ and followed your tutorial but failed! however was successfull with the rest of the customization??please hellp.

  14. abhay says

    found main at thanxxx

  15. Akshay says

    hey you can’t change skin with XS++
    but you can change it with sys grafic patch

  16. abhay says

    Is there a tutorial for sys grafic patching?? or is it the same as patching//only diference being adding a sysgfx folder in the tpa/preset/multimedia/mp/skin

  17. Akshay says

    no its actually patching !! you apply patch to main firmware .. change blocks of main firmware

  18. abhay says

    akshay, I used ur tutorial sysgfx patching, but when i try to change the image through imagetool
    it shows that the image size is big (in terms of space used) I tried adjusting th image via pbrush
    but its of no use. can u help?

  19. Magister says

    you shuold delete some of images to free space. feel free to delete any image that you don’t need.

  20. Aashish says

    ya even i have the same problem as abhay..the replaced image size is too what should be i have to delete some images first??

  21. Aashish says

    ya there are some wierd animal pictures..can i delete them?..or do they have some function

  22. Akshay says

    yes .. you got your answer from the creator himself
    you can delete weired images
    most of them are used…. but not all

  23. Peti says

    That is insane, why are unused pictures? They cause incompatibility with patches…. :S

  24. Yans says

    Hey my bro Akshay
    My fone w830i R1KG001 CID 52. I want to upload SysGfx file. But its still have ext.PNG. I get it from And I think I want to upload it ma fone. How ? Give me some advices ane your tutorial. Thanks to reply especially to ma email.

  25. Peti says

    Use this tutorial. πŸ˜‰

  26. Yans says

    My bro akhsay.. My problems are same with abhay. I can’t replace coz size too big. I try to deleting any pict but it doesn’t work! Its still need free space required. Oh God its make me bored. How to make size that i want to upload be small?

  27. Yans says

    To peti.. And Akshay… May I get ur YM? Add me at [email protected] please… As soon more better… Thanks so much.

  28. limons says

    Hi Akshay Can u give u r main and fs. As example here are screenshots of ur phone, the new battery, signal and the radio in the following screenshots of your k550@w610. Or how can i get it thanks.

  29. Peti says

    @abhay & Yans: “If your new images are greater then the images in phone raw then you can deleted un necessary images from the RAW that are not used. you will find many weired images that you have never seen in your phone. So if you new images need more space, create space by deleted not wanted pictures.” <- in the tutorial, read carefully. I don't have yahoo ID, I don't like it. Instead use forum. @limons: As far as I know we both use W610_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC and W610_R6BC002_FS_CENT_EUROPE. (red 52) Not all screenshots were taken on his phone. :$

  30. limons says

    Hey i have tried many times. First of all
    Db2020 SE Image Tool i have delete some icons then put some icons and then make .vkp. But when write the .vkp patch in setool it says error memorybloc …..Help

  31. limons says

    can u have any video tutorial????

  32. Peti says

    I don’t have such a thing now, but good idea, I’ll consider. πŸ˜€
    It means that you probably used a bad firware to work with. You must use the same fw on your phone and in ImgTool. If you are certain you did, then you applied some gfx patches already. πŸ˜‰

  33. limons says

    Hey Peti ,Can u Give me the smiley battery, signal and the radio gfx(png) or vkp patch(R6BC002) in the following screenshots of your k550@w610. Or how can i get it thanks.

  34. Peti says

    Those are Akshay’s screens, I don’t have them… request at

  35. vicky says

    is it possible to transfer files between my w550 and transcend mp3 player without the use of a computer using a USB cable

  36. electrojit says

    Hi there, I am very new to modding and patches or say very new to flashing.

    If possible can you please make tutorial for installing this files:×240/gsmart-sony-erycsson-k810/

    Regards and Thanks in advance,

  37. bhuvan says

    for all the things excpet you need to use elf!for that u need to learn patching…throug patching u will be able to start elf usage in your phone!first read patching tutorial…then elf one…and then all will work for u!
    and at last…that theme file…you only need to upload that to your fone!

  38. ICYZ says

    where did u get dem battery,signal and radio skin???

  39. bhuvan says

    you mean…from where to download…or how to apply them?????

  40. ICYZ says

    i want to download dem

  41. ICYZ says

    and where did u get dat awesome menu ??

  42. bhuvan says


    go and search in file base…or request at!

  43. Harx says

    Hy where i can download for the icon
    i’m sorry my english is bad

  44. bhuvan says

    look in the file base

  45. Harx says

    Umm i made my own .vkp patch on SE db2020 image tool but I can’t Patch it to my phone with XS++. are there any solutions for my problem?

    (i’m Sorry My english is bad)

  46. bhuvan says

    you cant patch using xs++!
    jd flasher or se tool is used for that!

  47. Harx says

    Hey Thank’s man You help very much. yeah but can you tell me where i can download a gfx for my K550i@w610i r6bc002?
    and 1 more question
    i’ve install elf and lib and try some elf like destop.elf but when i tried it my phone just blinking and the screen was white and it restarted my phone can you tell me what i wrong??
    Sorry man my english is bad

  48. bhuvan says

    well…its because u have patched quite many patches
    so…better remove few of them and then try!
    even i faced the same bug in the same set…i reflashed main…and firstly applied the elf thing…then other!

  49. bhuvan says

    and for gfx patches…go for our file base

  50. chirag says

    i read this tutorial and download required softwares. but i am not able to find FS for my K550. can any one help me to get FS for K550 R8BA024.

  51. Akshay says

    Chirag, just google search.

  52. Yans says

    To Akshay and peti
    I had repairing my w830i to SE center. Before,I had modding it. But today when It was repaired..I can’t re-modding it. XS++ Can’t read my fone again. Can U give some advice and tell me why? Please,help me. Thanks.

  53. Akshay says

    Yans, use jdflasher.

  54. piiintu says

    update ur phone with seus

  55. suchirezu says

    YAns. CID 53?

  56. Tsiap says

    When I try to replace for example the emty battery icon with another png i have,it says that theree is not enough space,and that I can only upload pngs with the same size as the original,in this case 72 bytes.I’ve read somewhere that I can delete icons in order to earn more free space,but when I press the delete icon,it says deleted but when I try to replace the png,it says the same again…

  57. bhuvan says

    on which firmware u are using it?
    try deleting heavy images
    like for my w595 firmware i always delete ea88
    but this one’s name must be different in case of ur firmware

  58. Tsiap says

    I’m using the K810 R8BA024 firmware.When I press the “delete” icon,it says “deleted” but in the right screen.It somethong like this

    Empty battery original icon –arrow—> Big box which says “deleted”

  59. bhuvan says

    thats the way it should go
    its showing the deleted image
    a preview can be much better

  60. Chapunq says

    I got this vkp file “walkman.gfx.w850” i’m so confused about the tutorial that you’ve made with tutorial that i’ve red on the other site, should i just apply the vkp file or i have to create gfx.ini like the other site said, please answer, i wouldn’t apply it till i’m sure what to do

  61. bhuvan says

    if .vkp supports ur phone firmware then apply it!

  62. Chapunq says

    Yes it’s for my phone with the same firmware, thank you bhuvan, I got lot of knowledge from here, keep it on

  63. amigo2008 says

    can you please tell me where can i download tons of sysgfx icons for my k800. thanx!!!!

  64. partha says

    hello……………..i hav a z530i can i change my signal and battery icon without patching coz patch kills my phone…………..thanx

  65. Syawal says

    i can’t upload gfx patch to my k810 r8ba024 using jd flasher
    it give me error message like this : <SetDirectory<setdir<setmode<doscript>>>

    i have insert quick access patch using setools, and many more patch. but the gfx patch i can’t upload at all.
    there any1 can give suggest for my problem?

  66. redpulse says

    i got the same problem as everyone with not enoug memory etc. . .just to make things clear. . .can i delete even the common img file in my raw in which i will not b patching? For example, i want to generate a vkp for battery only, can i delete signal icons? i will not change the signal anyway. .

  67. jatikeren says

    new se image has relase….

  68. vagosgdms says

    can u upload a video tutorial man?

  69. bhuvan says

    i am out of town, but soon!

  70. vagosgdms says

    theres in easier way to all of these
    download codeclaw ic manager
    read the file hb1_08…ic from a2uploader at tpa/preset/system/icons
    then open codeclaw ic manager and open the file .ic
    then you can edit all of these images

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