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Flash K550 to W610

Tutorial: Flash k550 to w610 !!

This guide will help u convert your k550i into a Cybershot-Walkman Phone !!
Flash k550 to w610 easily and also make it the coolest phone out there in the crowd ! Then u will have w610i, k550i+w610i best of both worlds and popularly know as Cybershot-Walkman, I don’t know if this voids your warranty ! Many say it does void the warranty. My idea in that case is flash back to k550. Flashing back to k550 restores your warranty in many countries.

A Word of Caution !

Its very unlikely and rare that your your phone might get damaged ! But be careful and follow instructions properly if you don’t want to screw up !

Don’t get scared that this tutorial is really long !
Just flash in W610i Main w610i FS and Customize it ! you will have a wonderful new phone w610i
just ignore those lots and lots of updates !! they are all hacking and modding, but if you have the time and interest then go ahead and read the entire tutorial.
report broken links if u find any.

Table of Contents !!

1. Tools Needed
2. Install USB Flash drivers.
3. Backup Of GDFS
4. Flashing to w610i
5. Flash Menus
6. How to use FSX
7. Acoustics
8. Camera Drivers
9. Walkman Skins
10. Flash Wallpaper
11. Lots of other updates
12. Safety Tips
14. Change Main Menu ICONS
15. Phone is not updated or can’t update phone problem !

16. Creating Custom Layout File

Picture quality does not decrease !! So don’t Worry !

Cons: Camera does not start automatically when u open the shutter
u hv to press the cam button after opening shutter.

The guide :


Tools needed :
Your phone and the data cable that comes with k550i !!
Windows XP Service Pack2

NOTE: Don’t use SEUS now on ! SEUS will update phone to CID53 and XS++ can’t work on it any more.
XS++ v 2.2 or 3. 1 Download here

Also Check out this websites download section ! Use Any XS++ 2.2 or 3.1

w610i Main…NERIC_NA_RED52
w610i FS..! ( what follows down is w610i Europe Central FS )…OPE_RED52.html

Cust pack.. for Cent Europe FS…NT_EUROPE.html

OR an FS for your region…form the hgetis collection
Click Here !!

About Hgetis .. he is a cool guy who has helped us.. check out hgetis collection for FS ad Custpacks


0: Backup all contacts !! yes back up everything in phone..ur ringtones etc. To Back up contacts use MyPhoneExplorer.

1.Tutorial to INSTALL USB Flash Drivers.

2. Instructions To backup GDFS

Flashing The Main and FS !

Now the real flashing
Turn off your phone. Start XS++ . Select USB…Reinsert battery.
Click on connect in XS++ and then holding C connect your phone to

the USB cable ( with in 30 seconds )
it gets detected then release the C key
The left screen will display your phone details including your firmware version

EROM CID should be CID52. OTP CID should be 51 or 52 . ( Your Phone Must satisfy this condition for flashing )

Click ‘ .…’ and select the firmware file W610_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn

Check FS option and select appropriate FS again according to your language FS language list

Download Correct FS for you Language and Region ! Shown in pictures are w660 firmwares but you must use w610i firmwares.

hit the flash button and relax !! it will show finished after loading
when done Exit XS++ and disconnect phone……!!

Don’t try to start your phone , we are not yet done ! Customization is Must

and Cent Europe FS has following languages.. EN CS HU PL and SK (EN is eglish and so on)

Our Friend has gifted use Some FS and Main !! check them out if u have one for yourself .. for your region.. an FS with your langauge.
Click here

Thanks to him !!


Download a Cust_Pack/CDA from hgetis collection which matches your FS !

connect phone ( usual process )
unzip the customization pack ( use the cust pack which goes with the FS of your choice or create one which is very easy )
you will find a folder named “tpa” in it

now in xs++ directory on PC, in the directory where u have xs++.exe create a new folder named “own_custpack”

copy the “tpa” folder into this “own_custpack” folder the path of custom files should be like own_custpack/tpa/preset/custom…

open xs++ and connect fone check only customize file system

now under phone model select ‘Own Custpack’
under CDA and Region, select ‘/own_custpack’

Now Hit Flash
now in few seconds custom files will be added to your phone and done
Start your phone !! Wait for some time !!


You Can Flash Only Main and leave it.. and be on the k550i FS !! This Good for people who are unable to find FS for their Region and Langauge !!
Or People who don’ t know how to add languages to FS ( which is tricky )

By Flashing Main You get everything .. Just that you must then separately flash skins and flash menu and nothing else…!
Because FS contains only Media Contents Acoustics Drivers etc .. Which is same for both phones .. But w610i FS has different ringtones and wallpapers..that’s all and no difference.
if u flashed only main then your phone says k550i in phone status.. but u flash w610i then its always identified as w610i and also shown as w610i in many places !

But XS++ 2.2 will always identify your phone as k550i .. its because every phone has unique IMEI number ! Even SEUS will identify your phone as k550i because they know very well what IMEI number is what phone..!

Its RECOMMENDED to Flash both W610i Main and W610i FS !

IMPORTANT : don’t forget to get original hpm 70 or Creative EP 630 earphones or better
(its ridiculous to expect a very big leap in music quality without good earphones)

Basic tutorial ends here !! Hacking and modding begins now but do read safety tips mentioned somewhere down the line 😉

………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. ……………………………….

You can use XS++ or FAR, Read How to use FAR MANAGER AND SEFP !!

Flash Menus:Inside the own_custpack folder create a new folder named flash
here exactly tpa/preset/system/desktop/

so that u hv own_custpack/tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash/**** .swf files here****

inside this ‘flash’ folder copy the swf files only

then open XS++ and upload the files using own_custpack method. That is the same way as you uploaded customization files.
Then Copy the .thm files as usually u do in file transfer mode when phone is woking in normal conditions.

Download Flash Menu’s From Se-nse Download Area and checkout my download section at this site.

TO PREVIEW them just upload the .swf to phone’s M2 card check them out !!! Its a great way to preview before flashing them into phone’s FS !! better then previewing them on a computer !

Convert Non-Flash Theme to Flash Themes

Adding Support for flash theme !!

google 7zip and tugzip and download them
download instructions here 1.12 MB download

you can use winrar or tugzip to unzip it but you have to change the extension of file from .thm to .tar which you can’t do unless you have show extensions enabled in windows !
Youu can add it to tar achieve only using Tugzip the ones added with 7zip don’t work well !
Google search and download tugzip and 7zip.

Easier method : Use MyThemesCreator by to create flash menu !!

Flash menu will not work if you don’t have appropriate .thm files
you need a .swf and .thm after placing .swf in FS you must copy .thm to M2 Card and then apply the flash menu

………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. ……………………………….


w880 acoustics
download w880 originals : very good quality…F_Acoustic_W880

Xearo Ma loud have quality and loudness and superb mega bass !…3/xaero_ma_loud

Upload the acoustic files to this folder
own_custpack/ifs/settings/acoustic/**** zapf files here ****

Flash using own_custpack Method

xaero ma loud tested by me >> they are good and loud…!

People who don’t like loud acoustics try out w880 acoustics ! And i use w880i. I just hate loud music. I like the low music in the background.

Now the phone is a music monster. Also take good care of your god given wonderful ears !!
Tthe bass of hpm 70 is stunning. Especially with properly closed ears with appropriate ear buds !

More Acoustics

Camera Drivers

location : own_custpack/ifs/settings/camera/***camera driver file here****

drivers v2.4 chris067 at esato
( highly improved video recording )
details of mods

1. VR is set to 24 fps instead of 10 fps
2. Fine quality settings :
all pictures , compression is set from 85% to 95%
1632×1224 size, quality improved
3. Sharpening set to maximum
4. Tested and works good.

this driver works fine…
i highly recommened u to follow its discussion on here in esato !!!

cam drivers by number1 at se-nse
increased buffer and image sizes (plz note not tested )


Walkman 2 Skins

You have to place skin folders in

TPA\SYSTEM\MULTIMEDIA\MP\SKIN\**skin folder here**
and each skin folder contians details of that skins… but its already done in and compressed in rar.

just unrar it and upload it
skins here…ic=14361&st=40

Guess what ?? We can also have Flash walkman Skins

This will require a bit of modding on your behalf
edit the .xml in skin folder

<image id=”audio.background” filename=”PlayView_Background.png”/>
<image id=”audio.background” filename=”PlayView_Background.swf”/>

and replace playview_background.swf with ur fav .swf background..!

only problem is that the player is a little slower with swf background

UPDATE: only for phone with w610i Main and k550i FS

( In such a phone u won’t have radio option in Half of the Flash Menus )
but u will have the radio option in Menu when using Normal Theme…

While using flash menu in (k550i FS and w610i Main phone) u wont have the radio option in the phone…. ( ignore this if you flashed completely to Walkman !)
upload this MENU.ML using own_custpack method ( with break XS settings again ) to this directory ( give also is k550i file…if u want to revert back then rename it as and up it in its place back )

TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\MENU\*** file here ***

the file

or esnips link

other method is that u shld create a shortcut to ur phone’s radio while using normal themes and then apply a flash theme and u can get to the radio using that shortcut keyy

Information : U can flash only the MAIN and use the phone !! there is actually no need to flash FS at all. You will have the original stock old k550i FS….
and enjoy cybershot walkman with k550i FS and latest w610i MAIN but that k550i FS is old !! coz u did not flash the latest that’s all !

Get Rid Of Sony Ericsson Links

While flashing customization delete all .itm files and send only those Customize.xml and preloaded_config.xml
Find them in the customization pack in tpa/preset/custom/
This way u won’t have Sony Ericsson links all over the phone in games apps pics themes etc !! I hope you guys get it.

Very Cool one !!

Download Content from Sony Ericsson Wesbite : Learn here !!!

Here is a tutorial on how to extract the contents of FS

Get Rid Of…… !

The ring tones Greeting, Brooklyn D, Awakening always enter the playlist and irritate us
just delete Awakening, Brooklyn D them from the phone !

Greeting.mp3 this can’t be deleted normally ! Use Far Manager to delete it.

incase u really like those ringtone and want them
download them and copy to memory card.. this time in ringtone folder not in music folder !!…efault-ringtone

Get Rid of Operator Logo

Download this layout file and flash it to
tpa/system/layout/ >> layout.xml
Click here to download
thanks to semaj for providing that layout file !!


As of now we have only 3 default ! U can edit the .avx and make new ones !
u can find them in

.avx files in \TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\multimedia\AV
starting image file in \TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\multimedia\AV_DATA

change the start image to get new ones !!
as of now its know that there are only 2 effects lines and wrapping !
for more read this thread !…mp;#entry167156

if u hv k550i flashed with w610i main and k550i FS then flash them to the locations mentioned above using custpack method !


Keep the battery at 90-100 % charge…!! This is necessary.

Always make gdfs backup. And Before writing GDFS always ask for expert advice…! or ur phone might die beyond repair !! its then just a brick !You can use XS++ any number of times… ok now that does not mean you use it 100 times a day in 365 days a year on the same phone.. !
Incase u forgot to reinsert battery ! your phone won’t start ! reinsert battery and start ! it should start this time !

And You can Flash Main FS and Custpack all in one Go ( direct from k550i to w610i in one go ) ! which would be better and is recommended !
but if u want to start your phone after every operation then u should not flash all three in one go.

How to Revert back to k550i !

There are 2 ways !

1) Use XS++ 2.2 and flash both k550i Main and k550i FS
2) Use SEUS to flash k550i Main and XS++ 2.2 to flash k550i FS

But i recommend u to flash back k550i Main using XS++

Change Main Menu Icons !!

Tutorial Starts !!!!!!!
Shortcut way to change menu icons with out flashing over again !!
In Phone goto file manager goto other folder and then create a folder called menu and then inside menu create a folder live
like this ( create these folders in phone memory not memory card )
main menu>file manager>other>menu>live>

And in that live folder copy menu ml and icon files ( icon1_slected etc etc )

You must download w610i_custom_menu from my Esnips folder and copy that menu ml along with icons in live folder

This is the folder to download menu ml and shortcut files

Use FAR MANAGER or XS++ to delete menu ml

1. Delete menu ml from tpa\preset\system\menu\
2. copy all 25 shortcuts to tpa\preset\system\menu\**here**
3. Done !!
4. Start phone and Enjoy !!

How to change icons easily later
Simply replace icon in phone memory with the icon that u want
u can download ready made icons lots of them
Now on camera will be known as Cybershot and Music Player will be known as Walkman.. because i have renamed both in Menu ml ..
remember these shortcut file u must upload to FS
Download all files from here including shortcuts from here

file names and what they are..

1.k550 custom menu >> this menu ml is for using custom icons ! for k550i ppl
2. w610 custom menu >> for custom icons .. this is for k550@w610 flashed phone
3.w610i original cybershot menu >>
camera renamed as cybershot rest everything is same .. this is not for custom icons
4.k550i original walkman menu >>media player renamed as walkman .. this is not for custom icons
5. k550i original menu and
6.w610i original menu are 100% original stuff .. from a factory phone !! lol

i hope all understood
for those who wanted to know how this works

see a preview…0m_c262337.png

download urban icon packs.. its theme is also there…342a50ee/Urban

i will soon share many other icon packs !!
We can create shortcuts to files present in FS
so we will place the shortcuts in FS and it will point to a file outside FS
and we make it point to files in free phone memory .. lol !
To new comers >> FS is File System !
To Write into Phone FS you must use XS++ or FAR MANAGER
where we were creating the menu ml files and trying it out
list of what icon is what

icon1_selected.png -> Play now! or Operator Webpage
icon2_selected.png -> Internet services
icon3_selected.png -> Entertainment
icon4_selected.png -> Camera
icon5_selected.png -> Messages
icon6_selected.png -> Media Player
icon7_selected.png -> File manager
icon8_selected.png -> Contacts
icon9_selected.png -> Radio or Track id
icon10_selected.png -> Calls
icon11_selected.png -> Organizer
icon12_selected.png -> Settings

the same applies for icon unselected files !!

dark pack…5b15/Dark_pack
………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. ………………………………


>>>>> Gbrooks3 and Team for creating XS++ and Support !!

………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. ……………………………….

Post your suggestion and ideas !!

Enjoy Your Cybershot Walkman !!
Akshay !!

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  1. lillerndudas says

    can my phone get destroyed?

  2. Akshay says

    No your phone won’t get destroyed !
    some people randomly press random buttons those who do it will get their phone destroyed !

    Follow the tutorial , its safe ! All who followed my tutorials have had 100% success flashing ! Make sure you follow the tutorial !!

  3. Peti says

    So if I hold C, plug the cable and then put my phone in a safe place on my desk then the risk of dead phone is 0.0% ?

  4. Peti says

    So I update with SEUS, flash main, flash fs, upload new drivers with FAR manager.
    Is there only one w610i main out there? I mean do I have to choose the right main or there’s only one? I took a look at SE site, compared w610i and k550i and I saw that k550i has 64MB internal memory but w610i does not. Isn’t this a problem?

  5. Akshay says

    Only one Main for all countries.
    just flash it. don’t take too much tension
    from my stats more then 5k people have flashed successfully . just close ur eyes and follow guide.

  6. Peti says

    5k successful of “???”, how many have failed, according to your stats?XD
    What do you think about translating the site of yours into other languages? I think it would be better for Hungarian people to read this tutorial (and others as well) in Hungarian. I could do it… But I don’t know if it is possible with WordPress.:S (Or it needs to be stored in a new blog or thread at least.)
    But tell me what is the Success ratio – [successful guys / all tries]!:D

  7. Akshay says

    LOL , seriously .. 5k number was just to cheer you up !! From download and self report stats its 600. Am very confident about this. Collected from many sources. This tutorial is also available in brazilian. on orkut many many ppl have flashed.

    To translate this site you can use google translator. or any other service

    Only 1 Fellow Failed. Because he pressed wrong buttons. he got his phone fixed later. All others have been successful till date.
    if some one fails then they post their failure all over se-nse and at other forums !!

    and do u know.. in my country INDIA there are more then 400 languages. yes please check out wikipedia !
    and i know 12 😉 languages. but sorry i know only two EU languages french and english

    man please don’t freak out … !! this is very safe. nothing is going to happen. why be soo worried.
    i flashed my k550 main and fs atleast 8 times . so many have done it.

    and many many people use XS++ to flash and debrand everyday !!

    you know at thinkdigit forum where this tutorial was originally based.. read out all posts. there you will find a 1 failure. read his mistakes there. no one else has reported failure other then him.

  8. Akshay says

    well ppl who don’t follow tutorials brick phones.
    they think flashing software is just like any other softwares and press all buttons to see what happens

    now see if you put a small boy in a NASA rocket, he will press all the button in it to see what happens. that way if u don things then phone will get bricked.

  9. Peti says

    So if the power doesn’t cut, then only human mistake can cause it, and only if they do not follow the instructions. That’s good to hear. 😀
    “Our Friend has gifted use Some FS and Main !! check them out if u have one for yourself .. for your region.. an FS with your langauge.
    Click here” <- So I must use this Main and the CENT_EUROPE FS from that link?

  10. Akshay says

    yes. from that link. where else. even if power goes. nothing happen. just redo whole thing. you can fix it. but in case something goes wrong. your windows xp behaves abnormally then …. wht shld i do.

  11. Akshay says

    that’s it .. i removed all scary lines from tutorial
    hey you may want to check out the s500 flashing to w580. its really easy. but you must use different files

  12. Peti says

    When I do this I might want to record it in a video, do you want a video tutorial?
    “Don’t try to start your phone , we are not yet done ! Customization is Must” Can I skip this one?

  13. Akshay says

    customization part is must……. or else you will get a Config Error when you start ur phone !!
    i can record this….!

  14. ghetto says

    im sorry but i still got desame result “Configuration error” ………after following all instruction..what should i do?

  15. ghetto says

    but it already change from k550im to W610i…..

  16. Akshay says

    reflash main and fs and flash the cust pack properly man .. you get config error only if finalization or customization is not done properly
    plzz do it properly again

  17. ghetto says

    dude tnx for the help!!now its working!!

  18. Peti says

    Hey Ashkay!
    Mistake in tutorial:
    “Backup GDFS only After You Have Updated your phone to CID52 1
    Instructions To backup GDFS”
    When I click on the link, it navigates to… Check the link and delete that http part in it.

  19. Akshay says

    thnx.. u still dint flash ?? common man .. i hv done it. many have done it .. see ghetto also did it .. you r turn

  20. Peti says

    It’s in my plans now, sooner or later.
    I’ve the updated firmware and a GDFS backup and I tried FAR Manager. I copied unnecessary stuff to my hard drive, and deleted them from the phone. But it didn’t copy, just created 0 bytes big files, so it practically means I’ve lost my original backgrounds and other SonyEricsson stuff.XD

  21. Peti says

    Flashed finally.
    But you didn’t tell I was going to lose all files in FS\usb…

  22. Akshay says

    hmm that was obvious .. i thought u knew it
    because flashing FS is formatting the phone ..! sorry.. i mean you know

  23. Akshay says

    hey btw congrats .. u been a tough case 😉 to convince

  24. Peti says

    You know I’ve always heard bad things about flashing at home… But I LOVE IT. (L)XD Walkman 2.0, new accoustics, new cam driver… wonderful. 😀
    And thanks, by the way. 😉

  25. Peti says

    Can I upload this own_custpack with xs++ (3.1) after deleting itm files, to get rid of SE links? And can I put new drivers in the custpack?

  26. Akshay says

    hey hey i hv clearly written backup everything .. see it .. i forgot tht i had written..!! u dint follow it and lost everything 😉

    wait .. you do customization only after flashing FS ok. so you must delete .itm in own_custpack right at the first time after u flash FS. yes you can change camera driver with own custpack idea. also with FAR MANAGER and also with FSX
    see all video tutorials .. i hv put all in respective tutorials

  27. Peti says

    You told I should backup, but not that it was going to format its memory. 😀 But only music that I have on my pc was gone…
    FAR Manager is a cool one, I love it. But ITM files must be deleted in customization, I’ve deleted them in FAR and I still have SE links in my menus. So I have to flash FS again??? (to do such tricks)

  28. Akshay says

    yes flash FS again .. and this time during custpack flash make sure u remove the .itm files

  29. Piemans says

    awsome..i was dubious at first due to the “killing my phone” part…but thought what the hell (really wanted to get rid of the operator logo)…anyway now my phone is upgraded to w610,with the ma_loud accoustics (so much better).a better cam driver…and a great flash menu….thanks so much for this tut!!!

  30. Akshay says

    yeah no probs.. it just just a term of aggrement

  31. Peti says

    Can we, users post tutorials on this site?

  32. Akshay says

    yes you can if allow you to…lets talk on MSN
    add me [email protected]

  33. Russell says

    add my on msn. I need help adding flash menus to my w580 [email protected]

  34. Mix says

    I want to try and do this, but It looks intimidating. How long does it usually take? Im trying to go through the first step, but then the XS++ couldnt detect my phone so I gave up. Please help if necessary.

  35. Akshay says

    hey did you try to update your phone ???
    flash drivers are not installed . so your phone won’t be detected
    i will write tutorial on how to install flash drivers i think so .. since many have problems with flash drivers

  36. Mix says

    Oh, not yet. I am going to update it now. Umm. How to I backup the contacts? With that program you provided? So should I back up all my contacts and pictures [since they are most important to me]. Will it really delete all my contacts after this conversion. Thanks!

  37. Akshay says

    google search my phone explorer and use it
    backup all stuff from M2 card in comp..
    yes you can put tha language with correct FS
    u can follow any tutorial
    u can also check out the vidoe tutorial given here
    in it a k550 is flashed to w610 [;)]

  38. Joe says

    Dude, i flashed to w610 everything went just fine, had for like 3 months, but now i wanna go back to K550, and i want to use the America FS, mine has the APAC, do i have to use the apac or can i choose the one i want?

  39. Akshay says

    that depends on what language you want
    if you wanted english then use it no problem

  40. Akshay says

    yeah it its a good guide .. but how about the video in this tutorial .. where k550 is flashed to w610
    see the details in xs++ 😉

  41. Mix says

    Thanks Akshay. Heres a few questions.
    1]Umm do I only make backup’s of gdfs once?
    2]Does the Europe Central FS have English language right? So I dont have to get my region?

  42. Peti says

    1) Yes, it is necessary for the first time only, but place it safely, never lose it. 😉
    2) All FS’ have English language, so if you want to use it in English then it doesn’t matter what FS you use.

    Akshay! Since I flashed my K550i to W610i I told my friends about it, and now they would really like me to flash their phones to, even with Nokias. 😀
    Now my question is: is there a Walkman main & FS that I could flash to a K800?

  43. Umar says

    i have a k550i and i flashed it to w610 and i have some problems so i wanna reflash it so how should i do that.

  44. Loh says

    can u do a video to show it? pls… thanks, newbie here…video pls..

  45. Akshay says

    video download from here

  46. Mark says

    I have a k550 an I would really like to flash my phone to the w610 but I would like to know if sometime in the future I should want to revert back to my original k550 look,if would it be possible

  47. Akshay says

    you obviously can flash back to k550 at any time
    just reflash main and fs

  48. hoobaholic says

    hey Akshay could u plz help me with this…
    what does the display driver control…??
    I hope u got what i mean ifs/settings/display/**display.dat** what does this file do and what all changes can be made if we alter this..????? thanx in advance

  49. Mark says

    Excuse me for asking a seta stupid questions but I am new to the whole flashing thing.Lets say I want to revert,would I need to download stuff like acoustic drivers and cam drivers and stuff or just reflash the the fs and main with a k550 fs an main like you said and I’d be good?,and would I have the same internal 64mb of memory or would it be different when I flash to the w610?,if you can please add me([email protected]) to your msn messenger.

  50. Mark says

    Well I successfully modded my phone and I must say it looks great,no problems encountered whatso ever.

  51. pratik says

    congrats mark

  52. Akshay says

    hey mark just reflash FS to revert all changes
    and reflash main for k550i phone

    sid ..
    it controls brightness, color saturation, contrast etc .. all display properties
    open dat file in notepad and check out for more parameters

  53. hoobaholic says

    thanx ya AKshay..!

  54. Mark says

    Ok since i flash everything is great.Before i mod i had dis app name ‘google maps’ on d phone an i really like it,now after i mod an try to put it bak it keeps saying invalid application,i downloaded other apps an they work fine but that particular one isn’t,dis is not a big problem but does any one know why d phone keeps saying that.

  55. Akshay says

    no idea .. flashing does not affect it .. because this flash is a clean flash 🙂
    try to install other apps .. if it does not work go for a reflash of FS and Custpack

  56. Mark says

    Just like to report that i did some customizations an now d app works,thanks alot.

  57. Lmbrt says

    Hi Master,
    Question 1- Instead of manually deleting all .itm files before flashing Custpack to get rid of SE annoying presence, couldn’t we just tick the case “Don’t upload SE WAP links” in XS++?
    Question 2- Does the KE550i flashed to W610i support 8 GB memory sticks (or 4GB)? That would do a hell of a Walkman…
    Humble regards from your devote admirer.
    Florence, Italy

  58. Akshay says

    if you are using a custpack from XS++ Library then you must tick that option
    but you are using OWN_CUSTPACK instead of XS++ library custpacks !

    like select phone as k610 or any db2020 phone and choose Europe 5 custpack . it will work .. no need for own custpack

  59. Mark says

    Just a general question about the k550.I’d like to know if anyone knows of any bugs in general in the making of the phone because before I flashed I noticed that sometimes when using the phone the whole screen just turns white and comes off an the phone restarts and it happened once since I flashed,reason I asked is because I also noticed this happen on anther k550.

  60. Akshay says

    that happens to all SE phones .. when phone crashes

    NEVERMIND >> no problems you can go ahead and use it !!

  61. jocke says

    very nice tut! =) but i only flashed the main ^^ do you know any patch that fix the camera lens so it activate the camera!? do you guys ever had the problem when 4.6.0 and some other buttons stops work well i found out the problem ^^ thoose buttons are the camera shortcuts so when you hold the mobile and you might touch the camera button so when that happens just check so you dont touch the camera button then 4.6.0 and the other buttons will work fine =) /// jocke

  62. Akshay says

    Jocke ! No way to fix camera issue .. ! sorry !!

    yeah we know tht problem .. !! its discussed hell of times by Newbs at places like facebook, myspace and orkut ! 😉

  63. scream says

    hey akshay,
    i need file, i accidentally flashed into my phone, which is for k550fs… but i have now completely w610i, so i need w610i
    plzzzz i need quick or i’m gonna be dead..

  64. scream says

    deem, got that fixed, nevermind 😛

    i flashed my friends k550 too 😛

    my own is in the service, still.. i was told that it may not be fixed, because it has been in sea, alcohol, snow for several times.. so, i still hope it can be fixed,
    (Y) to you

  65. Akshay says

    ^^ that’s provided to you in tutorial ! i mean w610 original menu ml

    you can get from

    hope your phone gets fixed or replaced as we get in INDIA !! btw what’s up with your phone ??

    what’s your name ?? i mean the last time you told me .. !!

  66. jocke says

    well im getting used to press the button to acess camera ^^ why dont you ad a link to swflayer V1.1 where you can make your own flash wallpaper with track info ^^

  67. Akshay says

    ^^^^^^ Thanks a LOT !!

    Infact i lost its link and also forgot its name

    now it will done .. ! in 2-3 days

    contacting the author for formalities 😉

  68. Akshay says


    oops its been removed from download at official site
    can you please upload for us ??

  69. jocke says

    i searched at here u have a link!


  70. Akshay says

    ^^ Thanks !

  71. jocke says

    Your welcome ^^ i can upload flash wallpaper pack later if u want =)

  72. Jozvel says

    hey, where can i get the FS and MAIN of k550i? please send me the link to where i can download it… Thanks!

  73. Jozvel says

    hmm.. after i revert back my k550i, do i still need to patch or the custpack to my phone?

  74. Akshay says

    now that’s a true cybershot walkman startup 😉

  75. Jocke says

    hehe =) im using it on mine 😀

  76. cool bloke says

    Hey akshay just wanted your view on this… i had initially made a backup of my k550i GDFS after updating via SEUS… the then backup file was 93 Kb and i now made another one after flashing it to w610… it was just 85 Kb in size..?! Where’s the rest of it gone…!?!

  77. Nitin says

    Hi Akshay, i want to flash my k550 to w610, plz tell me which main, FS and cust pack to install, i am from bangalore..

  78. Cyntax says

    Wow, i was sceptical at first, then i finally did it, i’ve updated to W610i with everything, and it works great!! The Guide is Perfect, even i could understand it!

    Many thanks from Sweden.

  79. pratik says

    main & fs will be available at topseru.
    fs is ur choice … asia or europe’ll be better.

  80. Akshay says

    from here

    nitin .. use any
    or read tutorial carefully 😉

    Congo Cyntax !! even i love trance !! its my fav

  81. Jocke says

    hi akshay i have a question for u =) well i’ve seen thoose t650 light effect on the buttons do u think they work? can i damage my phone if i try to put thoose into my k550 i got the original k550 extracted on my desk so i could get the original back easy but will it damage anything? anyone who have tested this?

  82. Mark says

    Could someone say what is the external memory limit on the Cybershot-Walkman,I have a 1gb memory card and I’d like to buy a 2gb but I’d want to know if it will work first because I saw somewhere where they said that there’s a 1gb limit,but I see that the k750 which is a way older model can take 2gb.

  83. Akshay says

    if you are talking about hardawre mod then you might well damage .. its complicated to open phone without appropriate tools

    mark i think its 2 gb for this phone ..

  84. Jocke says

    no i ment the lighteffect drivers =)

  85. manndaar says

    jocke t650 does not have any light effect is just flash file which coz those light effect on key this flash file and use it as wallpaper or as screen saver n u will possibly get those effects.[it will work on ur phone only if u have multi color lights under ur keypad. …..i mean when u switch on d camera ur keypad light must turn to other color.]
    download link:

  86. Jocke says

    nope it dont cuz i got a k550 🙁 but i saw it had button that was like blinking when he turned on walkman player that makes me jealous 😛

  87. cool bloke says

    Hey akshay just wanted your view on this… i had initially made a backup of my k550i GDFS after updating via SEUS… the then backup file was 93 Kb and i now made another one after flashing it to w610… it was just 85 Kb in size..?! Where’s the rest of it gone…!?!

  88. Jocke says

    Hi ppl!

    use this to rename your phone to K550@W610 etc.

    (sry Akshay for bombing your blog) xD

  89. flipboi says

    Hi akshayy,

    I have a question. I would like to flash my k550 to w660 but my erom id is erom id 51. based on your tutorial, it has to be erom id 52. i have tried seus to update my erom id to erom id 52 but it can’t connect to its server or something. i have been trying it for days now and i can’t update my erom id 51 to erom id 52. please help. is there a tutroial for erom id 51 fs and main for k550 to w660? my msn id [email protected]. please help.

  90. Akshay says

    ok i sent CID51 firmwares to you through email
    download and flash it using SEtool 2 lite

  91. flipboi says

    hi akshay,

    i received your email but the second link is dead. also, can we chat thru windows live messenger? i need to get an in-depth tutorial for erom cid 51. would i be following the tutorial in the first link for w200 but with my firmware? where do i get w660 cid 51 fs and main? (since the link you gave me is dead) 😀

  92. Akshay says

    sorry then .. CID51 firmwares are tough to find .. you can get them only on TOPSONY for 2 Euro !

    those are only links i had to CID51 firmwares. and w660 main and fs you can try on Topse Russia
    use their english registration site

  93. salony says

    Akshay please help me with this..! I was having a dark spot in the pics when i used the camera some days back.. i rushed to the service centre ppl and they said that camera module would be changed as it was a hardware problem but it was out of stock… now after 2 days it’s resolved on its own.. no dark spot now.. what should i do..!? would they replce it now coz now there’s no prob but is there a possiblilty of its reccurrence..!?????

  94. Akshay says

    it could be because of dust particles on the lens or inside camera .. or mostly hardware fault.

    ask them to replace it, give your reasons that you get dark spots some should have taken pictures.

    that they don’t have stock is no reason to send your phone back. ask in other service centers !

    its unlikely a software problem

    in any case problem might occur once again if not related to dust particles.

  95. flipboi says

    hi akshay,

    could you help me update my erom cid 51 to erom cid 52 then? since i also have a hard time updating my k550 erom cid 51 thru seus, could i do it using setool 2 lite? seus can’t connect thru the server everytime i am trying to get it to be updated to erom cid 52. please help. i already downloaded all the tools and updating to erom cid 52 thru seus has been hampering me from having a cybershot walkman phone. please help.

  96. Akshay says

    ok if you got all firmwares and tools .. !
    then flash it using Setool 2 lite
    follow the w200 tutorial that i gave
    that’s how you flash the Main and FS and Custpack !

  97. Akshay says

    you can’t update EROM easily .. its tough .. and phone might die

  98. flipboi says

    if i download the files above, would i follow your tutorial but instead have erom cid 51 fs, main and custom packs? all is well if i have erom cid 51 fs, main and custom packs and follow this tutorial, right? which means i will be starting my “project” to have a cybershot walkman, right? (which means i will be starting with flashing) 😀 if you think i should hold on for a minute before i do so, please let me know.

  99. flipboi says

    should i start flashing if i have the files from this link –>

  100. Akshay says

    yeah .. you can flash CID51 with Setool 2 lite
    but u can’t flash CID51 with XS++ that’s all
    yeah get those CID51 Firmware files and flash it

  101. flipboi says

    alrightie then…i shall give it a whip then..if i fail for no apparent reason, what should i do? thanks!

  102. Akshay says

    you won’t fail really .. it will be succes ! just flash firmware as shown
    also don’t forget GDFS backup with Setool 2 lite
    just click read gdfs.. and connect phone holding C

    then flash firmwares as shown .. its done

  103. flipboi says

    here is what i have done:

    – In Phone Type i put W610
    – Click on Read GDFS
    – Now ,after pressing Read GDFS, i accidentally cliked on read flash after putting the fs, main and custom pack because my mouse went the wrong direction – would this make my flashing corrupt?
    -i clicked on flash when i set the fs, main and custom pack and up to now, it is still loading. would it take about 15 minutes to flash my k550? how long does it usually take?


  104. flipboi says

    would there be any display of scripts being done while my phone is being flashed? all textboxes are grayed out and i don’t know if my flashing is progressing (except for the progress bar at the bottom of the setool 2 lite program)

  105. Akshay says

    sucks you pressed wrong button
    something you should not ..
    now i have no idea what to do

    flashing takes only 7 minutes .. full reflash of fs and main

    hey you should just press flash .. after you set main and fs and custpack as show in that w200 tutorial

    anyway now its night here for me .. i am off to sleep catch u tom evening

  106. flipboi says

    ok. my phone is still opening and it is still the same k550 i have. (it really sucks when you use a laptop sometimes. mouse cursor area can be a drag since it is such a small area) 😛 so i guess i would have to re-do it from the start. thank you for the help, man.i really appreciate it. i would let you know of the result, tomorrow. it’s 3AM here in the philippines. i also got to go to bed now. i’ll just finish this so that i will wake up a very happy man with a cybershot walkman phone. hehehehe..:-D

  107. flipboi says

    hey! i am a very happy cybershot walkman phone owner now. thanks for all the help, akshay! more power!

  108. dengue88 says

    Hey dude!!!! I was successful in flashing k550i to w610.. I also manage to flash w880 acoustics thru peter’s w880 files.. however, d on/off functions of d acoustics didn’t showed up in d walkman player.. and d big problem now is…. THE PHONE’s drive is not detected by the computer under file transfer usb option… Anyway.. can u please HELP ME!!!!!!!…

  109. Akshay says

    hiii ! you don’t get an on and off option .. you just change them for ever !

    is it ?? are you sure ?? may be you should connect phone to ONE USB PORT always .. not keep changing it .. !
    try something .. final option is reflash of Main and FS and Custpack

    Cable might be loose also .. like my usb cable is loose ..

  110. dengue88 says

    is dat so..?? coz.. actually Peter’s acoustics include a soft and monster megabasses, as well as a HiFi earphone system I think.. not sure… so these two megabasses (on their zip folder) included an on/off folders with there corresponding zapf files which were totally d same (I mean d monster and soft megabasses have d same filename and extensions)… Anyway i assume dat these files wud giv me on/off options for my k550i music player….

    And.. about d usb problem…. MYPHONEEXPLORER can still read my K550i.. however sonyericsson file manager cannot, same wid the usb file transfer… (Sorry 4 d long explanation dude) I’m just… going crazy over here… maybe somethin wrong happened..

    Anyway dude.. my phonr still works wid the walkman player and megabass… except 4 the usb functions w/c I mentioned… and.. b4 I forgot… I reflashed my custpack just now thru d owncustpack method w/o d own_custpack/ifs/settings/acoustic/**** zapf files here **** folders…. PLEASE HELP ME… LOL

  111. Akshay says

    in case of problem .. flash full fs main and custpack ..
    no acoustics gives options … !

  112. cool bloke says

    @ DENGUEE88
    The On/Off thing u’re talking about is the DRC settings…. Please read the .txt file accompanying the Peter’s acoustics package… you’ll get it clear
    @ AKSHAY
    Hey akshay just wanted your view on this… i had initially made a backup of my k550i GDFS after updating via SEUS… the then backup file was 93 Kb and i now made another one after flashing it to w610… it was just 85 Kb in size..?! Where’s the rest of it gone…!?!

  113. dengue88 says

    owww… owkie guys.. how bout d connection problem??? my k550i can now be detected by d computer.. but its drive doesn’t appear in the my computer window….

    anyway.. I’ll reflash full FS and MAIN and post what happens… keepin ma.fingers.crossed

  114. dengue88 says

    when flashing peter’s acoustics.. shud I leave its folders as it appears in zip???? (I mean d peter’s acoustic/ peter’s acoustic [soft bass] folders..???)
    ………so it will appear as own_custpack/ifs/settings/acoustic/peter’s acoustic/ peters acoustic [soft bass]/***zapf files**
    correct me f I’m being stupid here dude… lol

  115. Akshay says

    don’t worry .. GDFS backup size varies, its not a problem .. that time some junk values were also backed up…!

    all zapf files go in acoustics folder .. not in any subfolder .. !
    u get seprate acoustics for drc on and off .. i don’t think you can get an option in the phone to change ..

  116. dengue88 says

    Hey Akshay.. my usb now works… all are fine… however I’m wonderin’ how shud I unzip d acoustics since each DRC folders have d same files and extensions.. shud it be placed as it is???

  117. dengue88 says

    ,,,uhhh,,, hello people!!!!!!
    ,,,Thanks for all the guides and instruction, i got everything i wanted,,,,
    ,,, i just would like to ask how to delete the music player skins that i flashed into my phone coz i really hate the other skins i uploaded,,

  118. kenterkril says

    oh, hi!!! i got everything from this site,, thanks but then im having problem with this flsh menus and stuffs, i flashed .swf through XS++ and copied the .thm file as you said,, but then what about the files that has .png and .xml extensions?

  119. Akshay says

    .png ? and xml ?? i have no idea what you are talking
    for flash menu to work they must be coupled to work with each other .. the thm and swf !
    files with .png are images and xml are databases !

  120. kenterkril says

    yah i know but i tried pairing both, the result was no flash menu, it didnt changed actually,,,

  121. solerom says

    many thanks akshay! Very clear instructions and your tutorial is way better that others i have looked at!

  122. anspua says

    Dear Akshay, after I unzip the customization pack I can’t find a folder named “tpa” in it, pls help, thanks.

  123. Akshay says

    wel if you could find some files that’s enough. like customization.xml or customiz.xml and preloaded_config.xml ! these 2 files are important

    you create a folder structure like this

    own_cusptack\tpa\preset\custom\** those files here**

    you should basically have the two XML files put in custom folder nested inside the tpa\preset folders !

    or use other custpack ! 😉

  124. Music !! says

    can i just get flash theme support for my k550i without flashing the whole phone??

  125. Akshay says

    sorry no way !! flash to w610

  126. Music !! says

    oooooo……..will it delete all the languages?

  127. Music !! says

    erm akshay i found this >> its says can add flash menu. Or i just need to flash my phone to k550i?

  128. Akshay says

    not if you flash only main !
    flash FS then you need to Use FS that has your language or add languages after flashing FS !

  129. Akshay says

    it can add flash menus .. but won’t work if on k550 !
    it works on all walkman phones

  130. Music !! says

    ok………..thanks!! need to think properly before flashing. Coz its so complicated……..maby i’ll try it on w800i. thx.

  131. Music !! says

    erm i though of just changing the menu icon and changing the Acoustics. do i need to turn off the phone …….press c button all those steps?

  132. Peti says

    Yes, you have to. Use FAR Manager to upload such stuff.
    Akshay, as I read, K550im also has Flash Lite, but only the im version, K550i doesn’t have.

  133. Jocke says

    hi akshayy!
    i did upgrade my main to r8 and now also the fs but i still dont get my language i loosed them when i restarted the phone can u help me?

  134. Akshay says

    hey man !! use R6BC002 Main and the FS that has your language ! please check out !
    for R8BA024 we don’t have All FS for langauges !
    sorry ! you can buy it from topsony for 2 euro !
    hardly anything that we can do here !

    please see langauge list to find out which all FS have your language !

  135. Peti says

    Akshay, how about the LCDA system?

  136. Jocke says

    i found my fs but it was a k550 but that dosn¨t matter my phon is now a working r8 🙂

  137. Music !! says

    i flashed my phone to w610……the main was ok. but the fs got error. y i still dont have flash theme? do i need to patch?

  138. Akshay says

    no you don’t have to patch
    but what error you got ? really ?
    just reflash main and fs and custpack and phone should be right

  139. Music !! says

    this is the errror i got ‘ Header type: Unknown/damaged” for fs

  140. Music !! says

    erm……..when selecting to flash fs file. i just click the not yet zip file ??

  141. Akshay says

    fs is fbn file .. not zip file
    if its zip file then unzip it boy

  142. Music !! says

    ya i already unzip it…….there are files for me to select in the fs folder……but which 1?

  143. Peti says

    FS is an fbn file, there is no choice there. Only in FS region, like CENT_EUROPE. But this tutorial clearly tells what to do.

  144. Music !! says

    i know wat u all are talkking about but mine dont have fbn. mine is zip

  145. Peti says

    Then leave that fucking file if it doesn’t have fbn file in it.
    If Cent_Europe is good for you (contains english of course) then go to and downlad a firmware there. If not then try or topsony.

  146. majid says

    wow! damn man ur site is in which language? please provide me with a gud site where i can upgrade my w850i with latest theme walkman or etc etc etc etc……!

    lol @ peti’s advice! (Mar 19 at 18:35 Then leave that fucking file if it doesn’t have fbn file in it.) lol!:) 😀

  147. Nitin says

    Hi akshay….after flashing my k550i with w610i, if in future i want to revert back to k550i i need this main… R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LI and FS for this…plz give me the links for this.. for main is not working

  148. Akshay says

    that link is working ! you got it wrong !
    also use any k550 FS and Main to revert back
    they are available in there
    and also at topse russia !
    also i have given links in orkut k550 community

  149. Peti says

    Well majid, that is a useful advice. The file he has/had has/had nothing to do with flashing…

  150. zl0rk says

    I’m kinda new to this and I don’t really understand this tut. You’re phone must have CID 52. But SEUS updates it to CID 53, so how do you update your phone properly from CID 51 tot 52 ???

  151. Akshay says

    check your phone ! all new SE phones are CID52 anyway

  152. Peti says

    Wrong. I bought my phone in november (2007) and it was CID 51 (and OTP CID is 51 anyway). It shouldn’t have been, as far as I know. So we should then let XS++ update CID51 hardware to CID52?

  153. Akshay says

    yes, XS++ can’t update CID of few Phones !

  154. Peti says

    But when it asks, then it is absolutely not risky?

  155. Akshay says

    coz many people have reported that to fail right in that thinkdigit k550 thread !
    its not risky ..! it ask for gdfs back first .. then erom flash
    its done with a script … people can find some scripts on russian forums

  156. Peti says

    I suppose I can trust you. XD

  157. zl0rk says

    I’ve another question. My phone (k550i) is locked, so should I unlock him first and than change firmware. Or should I go straight to w610 and unlock him afterwards?

  158. Akshay says

    first flash 2 w610
    then unlock

  159. Peti says

    Because “unlocking” is applied on the main firmware which you then flash to W610 firmware so it is overwritten anyway.

  160. Mikel says

    Bandwidth problem on eSnips. I want to download the w610 original Cybershot menu. Any alternatives?

  161. Akshay says

    Thanks for reporting ! Will Be fixed !
    damn the Esnips ! i can’t believe that bandwidth is going down soo soon !

  162. Vignesh says

    Great site…Is there a way to modify the icons in main menu (not flash based) but ordinary png icons without flashing k550i to a w610i…a article on that would be very helpful (for eg i remember ways to convert k750i to mac osx look)

  163. Mikel says

    I think that would be a theme.

  164. Peti says

    Nope, themes don’t modify icons. This is done by modifying file (and uploading new icons). Akshay has written a tutorial about it:
    Though I have to say I haven’t found it too helpful, when I created my menu, I used google. 😀

  165. zl0rk says

    what’s the difference between w610 firmware R6BC002 and R8BA024 ? are they both good for flashing a k550i ?

  166. Peti says

    Yes sure, both are good. R8BA024 is newer. So it is better, but I have to say I haven’t noticed any difference. Use R6BC002 if you cannot find R8BA024 FS for your region/language. Otherwise, use R8BA024, because it is a later release.

  167. noah says

    akshay can you make a downloadable link where we can download all the files that we need in one folder?

    it seems that this tutorial is complicated and hard to follow the steps.. i’m scared to crash my fone… waaaaaa

  168. Peti says

    It’s sad, but not really. We can’t because it needs pretty much space and we would also have to upload those things. :S
    By the way we… (me 😀 ) are currently working on a download page and forum that you will be able to use in early April. So don’t give up hope. 😀
    It seems complicated, yes, I thought the same about 2 months ago, but now I too have a K550@W610… and I didn’t make any mistakes when I first flashed my phone. Anyway, if you follow this tutorial, step-by-step, you won’t crash it. 😉

  169. noah says

    can anyone who can help me to restroe my backup files like contacts? when i already convert my fone to w610i, it cannot find the COM4… pls help me!!

  170. Peti says

    My Phone Explorer?
    No big deal, it always happens, so don’t worry. It is because the phone’s identifiers change, and it isn’t the same device any longer. All you have to do, is enter Setup with F2 and on the Connection tab select Search phone (while the phone is connected to the cable of course).
    (Titles may differ, as I’m using the Hungarian version.)

  171. noah says

    how can i use the w880 acoustics? what is it?

  172. noah says

    i have problem starts from flash menu up to the end of the instruction.. where do i find the .swf files?? help me pls..

  173. Peti says

    You must upload W880 acoustics to the appropriate path in Phone’s FS using FAR Manager. It is a set of files that define how good the sound of the phone will be. By using it, the phone gets louder, and the quality of the sound gets better.
    Read the FAR Manager tutorial, swf files are in tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash directory, you can download flash menus from×

  174. noah says

    thank you for the info… i will apply it..

  175. Nimesh says

    Hi, Your Tutorial is very good and now I have the Cybershot-Walkman phone working nicely. Thanx for that. But I have a very little question, Is there any way to make turn on the camera by opening the lens cover? (K550 style)

    Thanx in advance.

  176. Peti says

    Currently not. A bunch of programmers are working on it, trying to extract the appropriate part from K550 firmware and writing it into W610, but still no success.
    It might be available someday, but not yet.

  177. cyc says

    Do you have k550i R8BA002 FS APAC???

  178. noah says

    peti the flash menu that you give to me is corupted..
    do you have alterative flash menu?

  179. noah says

    thanx akshay!! great guide!!
    but my menu is not flashing and it seems that it looks like k550i, the only thing that changed is the walkman… please help me to change my menu..

  180. Peti says

    Corrupted????!! What do you mean? It is a zip archive. In it you place the swf file to tpa/preset/system/desktop and the thm files to the usb directory or to the m2 card. It worked for me. What is your problem exactly?

  181. Peti says

    cyc. No, we don’t have FS files. We also download them from, and at you can find that main, but no apac fs, you will have to add your lng and t9 file manually. The necessary tutorial is available on the site.

  182. noah says

    i got it, i’m done!! thanx peti!! your the best!! 🙂

  183. noah says

    is the flash menu/wallpaper will decrease my batery life?

  184. noah says

    can k550i can convert to other frimware or the only firmware that will work to k550i is the w610i?

  185. Peti says

    Please don’t post 3 comments until I answer at least one of them! 😉
    1. Nope, Akshay is the best here. 😛
    2. It depends on how much you use the phone. When you are in the menu it uses much more resources than simple menus, especially if it has vibration. But when the display goes black, all things are unloaded, so they don’t eat battery. So it will shorten uptime a little, but just a little. 😉
    3. Only K550 and W610 firmwares can be flashed to K550. 🙁

  186. Santhoshkumar says

    Do you have any idea how to unlock sony j110i?


  187. Peti says

    No idea, I couldn’t find its firmware or patches for it on the internet. Is it even possible to connect it with a DCU-60 cable? :S

  188. MANnDAaR says

    VKP script loaded OK. Lines: 6
    Patch structure created OK. Determining blocks to read…
    New block #0000 added: $45BC0000
    Blocks selected OK. Reading blocks: 1
    Block @ $45BC0000 read error. Have only: 00000000 bytes
    Elapsed:14 secs.

    why do i akways get this error while patching peti?

  189. Peti says

    I’d say wrong offset in the patch, probably not for the same firmware version. Open it in Notepad, and look at the first line (comment). And check your phone’s software info. Both phone type and firmware version MUST be the same.

  190. MANnDAaR says

    i hv tried everything even i hv changed my firmware but still i m getting same error.

  191. Peti says

    I think I know it now!! It happened to me, too, I think. So it is SeTool2 Lite. You do not check the right checkboxes, check the tutorial for the appropriate setting. 😉

  192. Ætharr-tan says

    heh, It really does work… and its awesome… though i would like to be able to get some k550i backup firmware and fs files, cos the firmware file i tried to download kept getting corrupted. i wouldnt mind some k550im files either 😛 hehe

  193. Saravanan says

    Hi akshay,
    Is it not enough if we flash only the w610 main keeping the k550 fs? (Coz I used to do that in K750 to w800) . Will the camera shutter still be active? ( this is the main reason why I’m raising this question). What are the disadvantages here as against having w610’s main and fs?
    Waiting for your reply before flashing

  194. Peti says

    Saravanan. You can keep k550 FS, it works that way too, but think about it. You won’t have a lot of files, like the flash menus, walkman skins, the menu itself etc. It might get a bit unstable too, so we recommend flashing FS (and backing up everything before doing it).

  195. Saravanan says

    Thanks a lot akshay, I have moved to w610 completely. Wow the process seems to be soooo easy compared to the days of K750 to W800.
    Hail the developers!!
    Thanks again.

  196. Peti says

    Hey, man, I’m not Akshay!! And yes, flashing a K750 to a W800 is a nightmare compared to this… 😉

  197. infra_red_dude says

    Hey Akshay, great to see you excelling in this field! 🙂 Keep up the good work, dude! 🙂


  198. quicksilver21098 says

    Great guide, very easy to flash my phone from k550 to w610, only thing is when I tried to add my own cust pack I put a flash theme in there, just the .swf file, in the correct directory and stuff and after I added the cust pack it wasn’t there. Any ideas?

    Oh and I used r8b fs europe 2 and r8b Main generic NA but I couldn’t find cust packs that were r8b so I used one that was r8a, does that matter? The phone still works fine, so I dont know

  199. Peti says

    You could download an R8A custpack, is there such a FW version? AFAIK the custpack version doesn’t matter, because the customize.xml doesn’t contain Firmware version-related information. But you can also use FAR Manager to upload SWF files, as I did. 😉

  200. noah says

    peti can i upd8 my phone using SEUS? if i update it, can i turn back it to k550i?

  201. Peti says

    Don’t use SEUS. If you do it, it will convert the phone to CID53, and that is not supported by the software we use (XS++, SeTool 2, FAR Manager SEFP, JDFlasher). Besides I’ve read a story about updating a crossflashed K550i@W610i, it said that the phone then couldn’t be connected to the PC ever again.

  202. quicksilver21098 says

    I can’t get Far manager to work. It opens fine but when I try to select SEFP after pressing alt + f1 it says Exception occurred the plugin must be terminated and then the program has to close. I tried finding another version of the plugin and that didn’t work either. What do I do?

  203. Peti says

    Have you installed the flash plugins or SEUS?

  204. quicksilver21098 says

    I think so. I used SEUS before I flashed my phone from a k550 to a w610. Is there something else I need to do?

  205. quicksilver21098 says

    Never mind. I just got it to work. Thanks though

  206. Tax says

    Hi I got a question about the acoustics.
    Should there be a ifs and other files in the custback or should i make the folders myself?

  207. Peti says

    No, custpacks don’t have it, but it can be added to them, or you can use FAR Manager to upload them to the phone’s FS.

  208. Tax says

    Does this work also?
    files_to_upload/ifs/settings/camera/***camera driver file here****
    and should i make the folders: files_to_upload and so on myself?

  209. Peti says

    I don’t really get the question. Use FAR Manager and upload and change your drivers when you like to. Don’t waste your time with XS++, it is just for flashing main, FS and custpack.

  210. Peti says

    You just have to use FAR Manager (SEFP), and upload skins in separate directories in tpa/system/multimedia/mp/skin folder. Then in Walkman, you can press the right soft key, and Settings, and Skins.

  211. noah says

    peti how can i use the walkman 2 skins? do i have to use the XS++?

  212. Peti says

    Check my comment above yours. 😀

  213. nippaul says

    what if my phone is K550i china will this tutorial works in china phone.. ??

  214. Peti says

    It works, but when you flash a generic main, you lose chinese input. So to have a chinese w610, you need a chinese mbn file for w610 first. But I can’t find it on :S

  215. nippaul says

    wat will happen if i dun have the chinese input?? is that bad or good??

  216. Peti says

    It just means that when you are writing, you can’t use chinese, only english or so.

  217. nippaul says

    ohhh… ic.. thank you for the info.. i thought it will damage my CP.. thanks thanks

  218. Peti says

    Hardware is not harmed, it is writing that gets harder for chinese people…

  219. nippaul says

    i keep asking sorry for that i got one last question.. if i put a theme for w660i does it work fine in k550i?

  220. Peti says

    If it is a thm file, it will. AFAIK W660 is 176×220 px, so it will be fine. 240×320 themes are displayed badly on our phones. Walkman skins, too. 😛

  221. flod logic says

    Question about custompacks…

    I just flashed my phone (only the main, not FS) to the W610 firmware version R8BA024. I want to change my phone to EUROPE_4, and I have the EUROPE_4 FS file already – but which custompack do I need with it?

    I looked in XS++ and wasn’t sure which custpack to use since there aren’t any specifically for the W610. So I downloaded a file called W610i_HB1-06_Gen_CDA102568_13_R8A_GENERIC_EUROPE_4, but I need to know if that’s the right one before I flash the FS. And if not, where can I find the right custompack for it? Thanks. 🙂

  222. Peti says

    If the tag in customize.xml is ok, so EUROPE_4, then it is ok. 😉

  223. kiransb says

    Hi akshayy
    really you work very good i have recently purchased k550i i want to flash it but i recently come to know that you mantion that not use SEUS.
    now i have already updated my phone by SEUS before come to your site.
    now how i can know that my phone is updated with CID53 or not and if it is updated than how can i remove it.
    thanks for your effort and advice you give in your site

  224. Akshay says

    just connect phone to XS++ to know it

  225. Peti says

    XS++ will write in the log window: OTP CID: 52 and EROM CID: 53, probably.

  226. kiransb says

    hey Akshay and Peti
    thanks for your prompt and immediate answer.
    i got it and connect pone to XS++ and i got this
    OTP CID: 51 and EROM CID: 52 so i think that i can flash my cell to W610i.
    thanks for your help now i will go through your tutorial

  227. kiransb says

    i dont understand what is FS and where i can find it in my phone or XS log file? please clear it so i can download appropriate FS for my K550i.

  228. Peti says

    OTP CID cannot be upgraded, it is one-time-programmable memory, if the erom cid is 52, you can go ahead.
    FS is File System. And fbn file, a compressed image file of the phone’s file system. You must use the appropriate for your regieon. But the tutorial tells what to do.;)

  229. Raj Ariavan says

    I have a problem with my Sony K550i. The screen turn to white colour whenever i press my keypad. When I take out my battery and insert in again, it still displays white screen. I have send the phone to the shop but its helpless. Could anyone able to help me to let me know what is the problem? Please

  230. cris says

    so I flashed the main and the fs and also put the custpack all in one with the ones for w610 and my phone starts and then it asks in what way to display the network but then it ask me to insert a sim card although I have one in. What did I do wrong?

  231. Akshay says

    your phone has got locked…
    unlock it…

  232. Peti says

    Or maybe the SIM card is not connected all right. 😉

  233. Peti says

    @Raj Ariavan: Reflash main, it will fix it (probably).

  234. kiransb says

    hey akshay
    i have a problem that i am going to flash k550i@610 but in FS in hgetis thread i didnot found appropriate 610iFS for my pone my is M_EAST_N_AFR and firmware is R6BC002 EROM is R3A022.
    so which will be and i also not find appropriate k550 FS also in list than which one is for me is it Central asia??

  235. Jockep says

    hey akshay!
    my phone is now w610 R6bc002 r u happy now 😛
    im applying quick acess now 🙂

  236. Akshay says

    kiransb use any fs …. that’s what i do
    jocekp . .. nice

  237. Jockep says

    i made the keylock. nosound and headset icon gfx for r6 check:

  238. Akshay says

    hey dude i have successfuly converted my k550i to w610i!thanx tu u people.Now please tell me has the acoustics also changed from that of k550i to w610i? Also apart from this topic, can i change the housing of k550i

  239. Peti says

    W610 has different acoustics… but not nearly as good as W880…
    Housing? You mean the body of the phone? You can, but what would you change it to?

  240. kiransb says

    Hi akshayy
    thanks for your answer but i again have said i can use any FS than which custom pack i will have to use. my M_EASt_N_AFRICA regions or which ever FS i use???? i feel very odd and shameful that i recurrently bothering you and disturbing your. if feel so please let me tell i will not disturb you again.
    again sorry for bother you

  241. Peti says

    You can use any FS, but to have your language in it, you should use the same; if you use English, it doesn’t matter.

  242. quicksilver21098 says

    I messed something up. When I turn my phone on now, it says “Configuration error, please contact your service provider”

    What do I do? Please help

  243. kiransb says

    thanks peti
    i now understand that if i want english than it dose not matter which FS and Which custompack i use.
    thanks for it. now i can go on for flashing.

  244. Peti says

    @ kiransb: 😉
    @ quicksilver21098: in such cases you can use the seach function of this site, and also google, I searched for “sony ericsson configuration error” and the fourth result was

  245. quicksilver21098 says

    Never mind. I was able to fix it. That was so scary

  246. quicksilver21098 says

    Thanks for your help Peti. I really appreciate it

  247. Akshay says

    quicksilver.. you did not read tutorial properly and get scared >? lol .. !! you should read with patience 😉

  248. cheese says

    little question. THe cust pack has to match you FS, but in what? In region or firmware number ? for example, when I have R8BA024, can I use any cust pack i want, as long as the region en language are the same?

  249. Dimas says

    Great tutorial,akshay,you rock!Does anyone have a w610 r8ba024 layout without sidebars and operator logo?

  250. Akshay says

    sorry… but layout xml is same for all 176×220 screen phones and all firmwares … !

  251. Akshay says

    it has to match in Languages….. !!

  252. Akshay says

    use if you are using CENT EUROPE FS then use a cust pack which has CENT EUROPE FS letters in its long long name

  253. cheese says

    hmm, I have a weird problem. When I connect my k550i to the pc via XS++, I get a message if I would like to update to erom CID 52. I click yes and XS++ is writing scripts and after that I unplug my phone. But when i connect again I get the same message. XS++ doesn’t seem to update my phone by cid 52. Any idea’s ?

  254. cheese says

    never mind, I’m going to update my phone with you tutorial on SEtool

  255. vivek says

    Hey akshay! thankx a lot for all the help

    But there is a problem!! HOW TO USE BEAR XS!!!!!!! the option is barred in my xs3.1 application!!! how do i choose that wayin button!!
    the cutomize menu downst have my model number listed there!!!!!!!
    plz reply ASAP….

    P.S i am using k550i in india!

  256. Akshay says

    you read this tutorial once again
    breakin was only for XS++ 1.6.8 not 3.1 !! 😉
    old tutorials have that breaking thing

  257. watchdog says

    can you give gdfs script to upgrade to cid 52

  258. Sanjay says

    Hey Akshay, i flashed my K550i following the exact instructions and now it will not accpept my SIM card, how do I unlock it again while keeping the W610i Firmware/FS ?

  259. Akshay says

    now just unlock it !! using a w610 firmware

  260. Jay says

    Hey akshay!
    thanks for the very informative tutorial… oh btw.. please update the links you got in se-nse forum, they don’t seem to work…
    and Add this for users using VISTA

    any modds for w810? or flashing tutorials maybe?
    I’m planning to modd my sister’s w810.

  261. cheese says

    How can I delete the walkman 2.0 skins that I uploaded?? When I delete them in XS++ using FSX, nothing happens. any idea’s?

  262. Peti says

    @ Jay: no w810 stuff here.
    @ cheese: try FAR Manager. 😉

  263. kiransb says

    hi akshayy
    i have downloaded from your download area clipart file which is uploaded by fisharman10.
    i thank you for giving me such good stuff. but i have problem that i dont know how to add this clipart to my K550i? please tell me.

  264. Peti says

    They have to be uploaded to tpa/system/preset/multimedia/pe. Use FAR Manager.

  265. kiransb says

    thank you very much peti. i will do it with your guidance.

  266. cheese says

    I want to flash my FS again, to remove the SE links. So I only have to check FS in XS++ and leave the main unchecked?

  267. Akshay says

    flash only fs

  268. cheese says

    after flashing FS, do i have to apply the quick acces patch again? Cause I know it’s applied on the main, but I don’t know if this interfers with the FS.

  269. Akshay says

    no need
    patch is applied to main

  270. Peti says

    And you should delete *.itm files from the custpack.

  271. cheese says

    yeah 😛 that’s the reason why I flashed my FS again.

  272. vidyadhar parulekar says

    hey guys, i followed all instructions in this tut from head to toe. this is the most comprehensive tut ever written for any procedure so far. i was planning to sell my k550i for its boring features and above all low sound. after flashing it to 610i and loading xeroma acoustics, no more buying cell fones for the next 10 years, and yes i gifted my ipod to my sister with a wide smile on my face and he just cant understand why ?

  273. Akshay says

    Nice to Know that !! Congrats !
    Now check out Patching, JD Flasher/SeTool 2 lite.
    Elves Etc.
    Bet you will love them.

  274. Arjuna says

    Hi Akshay,

    After reading your tutorial I flashed my k550 to w610. Thanks akshay Its great.

    Now Ive 2 questions to ask,

    1 Should I delete original in w610 before I upload w610 cybershot ?

    2 Editing layout.xml I changed the position of date and time in stand by screen. so now the time is in top right and date is in top left. but the date is always stays closer to X2. I want to keep it closer to X1. so when the date format changes it will go to left to right (not right to left) Is there any place in layout.xml to edit this?



  275. Akshay says

    just overwrite.
    about layout xml i don’t know what you said. just go through entire layout xml to find out values. its an xml and easy to figure out

  276. arjuna says

    Hi Aksyah

    As you said I overwrite w610 cybershot menu. Now there are 2 s in my-menu foldes- in FS (1 original w610 2 w610 cybershot but in the main menu camara name has not changed as cybershot What is the problem please help me

  277. Peti says

    There can’t be 2 menu files. Menu must have the name of “”, you must overwrite the old file with the new one.

  278. kiransb says

    Hi Peti & Akshyy
    i am back with another query. Sorry for bothering you.
    i have back up my GDSF by Setools and another one with
    XS++. i got it but it saws me as SM Player file. means
    it is movie file like. SM Player is my default media
    player for my PC. so what kind of file this must be?
    and how i convert this file in to it??

  279. Akshay says

    dude its a binary file with .bin extension
    what can i do if on your computer .bin opens with xyz program
    its not a movie/music dude.
    on my computer .bin opens with a hex editor
    some one else computer .bin opens in notepad etc etc.

  280. cheese says

    I’ve been tweaking my phone for 2 weeks now and I just want to say that this site/tutorial is great. This is how a site should be like. Amazing respons, great lay-out, good structure. Keep up the good work!!

  281. Peti says

    About stucture: not the best at all. We should have some site map or so, I think.

  282. Jay says

    hey check this out… i’ve compiled all the tools found in here…
    included are XS++3.1, w610 and K550 fs and main… cust_pack Hongkong and Europe.. themes… mhq 2.39.. w880 and xaero ma loud acoustic drivers… complete step by step HTML guide by akshayy… just check out the files


  283. kiransb says

    hi Peti and Akshyy
    will it be possible that in clip art we can make it smaller or bigger as per photo size. means if there is a photo with smaller size we can make mustache or beard smaller and if big size close up we can adjust cat`s ears or another clip art adjust as per photo size??

  284. aditya says


    i’v flashed my k550i to w610, and its successfull
    but, found a problem, it couldnt download from internet
    the gprs setting is correct, i could browsing, catting with software like mig33 or bing is going well,
    but when i want to download somthing, ex from getjar, it wont start at all and ended with notification “network failed”
    does anybody hv an idea whts wrong with my phone??
    i need help here, thanks

    i lived in indonesia
    i flashed my k550 with
    is those r right combination?

    oh y, once more, i need FS and CDA for my region, APAC

    thanks 4 your attention

  285. Peti says

    Well it is not a flashing question but yes, it is possible. You select the mustache and when placing it, you adjust its size with the zoom/volume keys on the right side of the phone.

  286. kiransb says

    Wow Wow Wow this is not doggy sound but really i glad and speak it out to you for thanks and your help

  287. Peti says

    If you want to say thanx, then upload content to 😛

  288. kiransb says

    o.k. sir i will try my best. though there is nothing more than your knowledge to me but i will try my best to upload new stuff to upload there

  289. Peti says

    Like (working!!) vkp patches! Or make your own sysgfx patches! Or I don’t know… :$

  290. XG says

    oh man, i just update my phone to cid53 coz i read some older thread in digitforum that tell me to do so. is there any hope tat i can use flash in my phone in future time??
    thx for this detailed guide, sadly, i won’t be using it… arghh…

  291. Akshay says

    sucks. CID53 can be flashed to w610 using JDflasher with CID53 firmwares.
    now i don’t have CID53 firmwares.

    you can buy them from if you want.

    sorry that tutorial on thinkdigit.

  292. Danish says

    well i did a more exciting thin den flashing……. i got a 16m lcd with 240*320 of exactly the same dimensions as the k550’s and used it in da phone…..the display has changed a lot…….. W WORK IN MOBILE ZONE ( PAKISTAN;S LARGEST MOBILE PHONE WARRANTIER) …AND I ALSO PUT THAT PHONE UNDER FULL WARRANTY…

  293. Stuart says

    Akshay re my w810i managed to flash main and fs sucsessfully with xs++ 3.1 then customised with own cust pac and it was sucessful to but phone still no go ?
    haha i refuse to let this phone beat me you guys have been great with the help you have given me

  294. Akshay says

    Stuart..I did not understand you.

  295. Decky says

    Can you please help me. I have R1KG001 S_E_EUROPE, CID52 RED. My phone have sim lock for telenor network. Can i flash to k610i with FS CENT EUROPE and custpack central europe? I will only lose lang or?
    Sorry for bad English.

  296. Akshay says

    no you will loose language only if you flash FS.
    you can later unlock.

  297. Decky says

    I mean to flash main and FS with files: w610i Main…NERIC_NA_RED52
    w610i FS..! ( what follows down is w610i Europe Central FS )…OPE_RED52.html

    Cust pack.. for Cent Europe FS…NT_EUROPE.html
    My phone has software version R1KG001. Can I flash with those files?

  298. Decky says

    I mean complete flash: main and FS and custpack found on your site. Can you please help me?

  299. XG says

    Yeah~~~ thank you so much!! i’ll look into it.

  300. Colin says

    Great i followed the tutorial step bye step and I started up and now it says there’s configuration problem. What can I do and then the K550 firmware
    can’t be downloaded, if that helps I used Main America 2 and FS america 2 i live in mexico

  301. Peti says

    @ Decky: go ahead, they are ok, but then you’ll only have English, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Slovakian languages.
    @ Colin: You skipped the Customization part!! :@ You say step-by-step, but that is a lie then… Customize it right now.

  302. Ishan says

    when i get connected to xs++ it shows ready but when i start START FSX it shows PHONE NOT SUppoRTED please help
    i m residing in india

  303. Peti says

    What phone is it? (you should have began with that)

  304. Colin González says

    really i followed the tutorial step bye step i customized it, noww my phone it’s already falshed and it works thanks to a lil help (25 $) xD well can Imodify camera driver and all of that WITH NO PROBLEM? I’m not pro flshing phones, just need advices xD. and thanks for the answer.

  305. Peti says

    Follow the tutorials… 😉

  306. sparky says

    hey man,
    i m having a little problem with my [email protected] is my camera….when taking a picture,it seems a little bit pixel missing in every snap(in vertical mode-upper left corner).can u just fix that?should i flash my main again?or flash the file system only?(I changed camdriver,but nothing happend)…:( plz help man….

  307. sparky says

    i m having a problem with my k550@w610. that is my camera….when taking a picture,it seems a little bit pixel missing in every snap(in vertical mode-upper left corner).can u just fix that?should i flash my main again?or flash the file system only?(I changed camdriver,but nothing happend)…:( plz help man….

  308. Akshay says

    oh sorry camera might be damaged… try to change all drivers and see what happens…!!

  309. sparky says

    i did tat a hundred times…….:( by the way,in vga mode when zooming in,the spot clears out step by step.if zooming out again,it returns
    what can i do man?

  310. sparky says

    i did tat a hundred times…….:( by the way,in vga mode when zooming in,the spot clears out step by step.if zooming out again,it returns
    what can i do man?

  311. Li Syaoran says


    You might having a dead pixel camera. If you change hundreds of camdrivers also cannot fix a dead pixel cam.

  312. Peti says

    Probably hardware problem, but I’d try reflashing fs and cda.

  313. arjuna says

    Hi Akshay,

    Two weeks ago I flash my k550 to w610. Now my main is R6BC002 and FS is R6BC002 CENT EUROPE. Phone is working smoothly with those. But now I want to apply some patches and graphics. So I think Its better if I have R8BA024 in my phone. can I flash only the main with R8BA024, leaving old FS in phone? If I can, when I do this is there any chance to erase my data in FS. i mean contacts, swf files ,edited menu ml with icons ect . Should I backup those

    sorry for the long question. coz I wanna to explain clearly, Thanks

  314. Peti says

    No, you won’t erase stuff, but those two firmwares may be incompatible, I’ve had r6 main and r8 fs and I had only english lng… So give it a try anyway.

  315. arjuna says

    any way I flash main and fs both with R8. Its ok now.
    yesterday I made a mistake. After I read GDFS from setool2lite I saw that was an old version of setool (1.07). Now I have ver 1.11 So when Im going to use this new version should I take a backup (read gdfs)again.

  316. ALi says

    Sir i flash my k550 to w610 firmware
    but coverage but No sound

    plz help what i do?

  317. instinKt says

    x3 the best tutorial. IMO its foolproof ’cause even an idiot like me can get it right! Now I have the coolest phone around, Cybershot with Walkman, vice-versa! Thanks mate, Akshay! Also its great of Peti and Akshay to hang around here answering our questions :).

  318. Peti says

    @arjuna: there’s no need for it.
    @ALi: some details! xs++ 3.1? which fw?
    @instinKt: besides google has never paid yet…

  319. arjuna says

    Hi Peti, I have a question If I move tpa/system/multimedia/ folder to usb/other/sys/walk using a vkp patch, can I add/delete walkman skins with out using far manager. I mean only using phone’s file manager just like delete/add ringtons, pitc ect

  320. Peti says

    Yes, that is correct, I for example use MyPhoneExplorer to upload skins, without even restarting the phone. 🙂

  321. azel says

    hi i downloaded the custpack for APAC region from hgetis, but when i load it up onXS++ it says it’s AMERICA…both APAC file on hgetis post is like that…

    can someone send me the custpack for APAC?

  322. Peti says

    AMERICA_2. XS++ said the same about my CENT_EUROPE custpack for w610 and it said k510… Don’t worry about it.

  323. azel says

    hmm..but then the input languages for my messages i dun have the option of typing chinese…my phone language however has simplified chinese

    how do i enable writing in chinese?

    msn:[email protected]
    email: [email protected]

  324. azel says

    gah i know what im missing already…i need the zs.t9 file in the language folder and i dun have it, does anyone here have the zs.t9 file?…much appreciate it if u could email it to me.

    [email protected]

  325. Peti says

    I only have zs.lng, no t9. At .
    I doubt that would be the problem though. You need to flash a chinese main on to have chinese input.
    Reply sent in mail, too.

  326. ludvig says

    i have flashed it but when i start the phone it still is the same media player as the old one. shouldn’t it be a walkman player??

  327. Peti says

    Should. You may have used K550 files instead of W610 files. Or didn’t flash everything (main, fs, custpack).
    Follow the tutorial properly.

  328. azel says

    lol Peti turns out ur right…i flashed the main using china main and using the apac fs and apac custpack…now it works like a charm.

    by the way…i found some camera drivers that requires u to mod the graphics file..if i only upload the driver and .lng file for the different camera menus but not the that okay?

  329. Peti says

    Different graphics?:O I guess it is sysgfx patching then. Should apply the patches, but china is not really patchable, considering that it is rare.

  330. kike says

    just wanted to say thanks!! i followed your guide and had no problems,keep up the good work!!!

  331. spark007 says

    how to apply patch with xs++?

  332. Peti says

    It’s best to use JDFlasher or SeTool. IIRC XS++ can apply patches but it isn’t stable.

  333. azel says

    err people i need help…i helped my girlfren flashed her k550 to w610..the problem is her phone is CID51…when i connected it to XS it said that the phone is CID51 and asked me whether i want to make it CID52 anot…i answered yes and then after it was done proceeded with the flashing..

    her firmware version is R1JD001 and i used China main and APAC FS with generic APAC custpack

    when everything was done it says

    “please insert correct simcard”

    anyone tell me whats wrong?…or was upgrading it to CID 52 from CID 51 my fatal error?

  334. Akshay says

    LOL !!!!! now get thrashed by your gf.

    Actually the phone is locked.
    Now you need to just unlock it to start the phone.
    there is an unlocking tutorial in tutorials section.

    phone is starting.. but is locked……

  335. kril says

    ,,,i’ve changed my phone to walkman,,, thanks,,
    ,,now i got a problem,,i want to put new flash themes but my phone wont get detected on xs++ v3.1,,,,

  336. Peti says

    Try JDFlasher?

  337. azel says

    so akshay….the flashing process went okay?…just that i need to unlock it?…phew luckily…i tot maybe i bricked her phone

  338. Arjuna says

    Hi Akshay, I hv 2 questions.
    1. If I change my phone name acco: your tutorial, using _upgrade xml, should I do MASTER RESET after starting my phone?
    2. It is k550, I flash to w610 and customized lot of things, menu ml,icons, layout,and several patches also there. with all this if I do master reset What will happen?

  339. azel says

    simox link doesnt work…another link?…btw do i have to do the quick access patch?…issit neccessary?

  340. Akshay says

    simox link is not working >??
    try downloding same through proxy
    or google search the same.

    master rest will only remove files from phone memory that’s all.

  341. Akshay says

    yeah just try to do things correctly
    actaully forget that
    create own defalut upgrade as in tutorial and use that later after all flashing.

  342. silva says

    when I try to make default_upgrade. xml (for change my phone name) as your tute, everytime it shows an error. so what I did, extract my fs and checked default_upgrade.xml. According to that I edited my default_upgrade.xml. as follows


    Is this ok?

  343. kril says

    well ,,, i got this error message on xs++,, it says cannot open communication port

  344. Peti says

    @silva: what hybrid? error may mean syntax error of xml. Try using a syntax-highlighter text editor.
    @kril: first try using JDFlasher to see if xs++ has the prob or not. If that doesn’t work, then try other phone/pc or reinstall windows…

  345. spark007 says

    can n e 1 help me:(….. im having problem wid my z310.its network is can i flash it with xs++?and where to get the custpack..the phone is cid52.

  346. spark007 says

    how can i unlock my z310:(

  347. Akshay says

    tell me what platform that phone is… and also its cid.

  348. Peti says

    It is pnx5230.

  349. axel mora says

    hi I have tried to flash my w610 but i made a mistake, a big one i guess: first i upgrade my firmware to a cid53 version then i flashed my phone using the JDflasher and a cid53 firmware from a w580 (W580_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_NA_RED53.mbn and W610_R6BC002_FS_AMERICA_2_RED53.fbn), then I tried to turn on my phone but i cant!!! i only get a white screen and no more, please help me, tell me what to do!!! this is my mail: axelm86@hotmail

  350. Akshay says

    now download w610 CID53 firmwares main and reflash phone with them.

  351. obi1 says

    I did everything as it’s said with no errors but when I start the phone I got massage “Insert correct SIM card” what shuld I do?

  352. Akshay says

    your phone was LOCKED. UNLOCK it.
    Using the UNLOCK and APPLYING PATCH tutorial at our website.

  353. pranay says

    i had flashed my phone 2months ago now i need to flash some things,but i cant flash because when i turn off the phone XS 2.2 doesnt connect it.I tried to do everything i can do but nothing happened. Can u tell me whats the problem,pls tell any other software u know which is easy to use. Pls reply.Thanks for the tips and methods.TC

  354. Peti says

    Did you reinstall Windows? (and that way lost drivers)
    You can try SeTool2Lite and JDFlasher (it is not easy to use as a beginner). Also reinserting battery and holding c?

  355. dlight says

    Hey dude this is a great tutorial. There is just one thing. I Live in the USA and I speak no asian languages whatsoever, BUT when I check the firmware of my phone using XS++3.1, it says my region is HONG KONG. Now if im going to flash I want to be able to read what is on my phone. oh yeah i have a SE K550i. I was just wondering because you said download the correct FS for your language and region. The region is hong kong for my phone but i speak english. Thank you for your time

  356. Akshay says

    use any firmware. as you want english.

  357. dlight says

    o ok i just went ahead and flashed an “Asia” FS with a Hong Kong Custom Pack and it works perfectly! Thanks so much dude. I didnt know that the radio would go away though. well i should have read up a little more it. Not that important anyway. Thanks a bunch man. I bought the phone from a California Merchant off Ebay but his phones are imported thats why i was a little leery. Thanks again!

  358. Peti says

    Hmm radio doesn’t go away, I have it… (W610 R6BC002 CID52 CENT_EUROPE)

  359. dimas pratama says

    thanks akshay, with your tutorial, now i have a cybershot-walkman phone in my hand.

    now i’m waiting for your other k550i modding ‘n hacking ttutorial…..^_^

    and the last what firmware that fit with k550i except w610i?

    thank you very much

  360. Peti says

    K550i, K550im and W610i.
    What other tutorial?:O

  361. dimas pratama says

    tutorial about how to disappear the logo operator in stanby mode, and etc.

    do you hava tutorial about SE K510i?

  362. Peti says

    No, we don’t. But K550 tutorials may work on it, give it a try.

  363. herman Cru says

    AFter flashing:

    1. Hows the k550i@w610 loudspeaker versus w610i loudspeaker(Stock drivers all) cause some say k55 has smaller holes

    2. Hows k550i@w610i camera quality versus w610i versus k550i(Stock drivers all)?

    3. Is the camera module of w610i different from k550i?

  364. Akshay says

    everything you asked is same no difference.

  365. adi says

    hello akshay,
    i just want to ask, how can i find cust pack far APAC region?
    is it very important to flash the cutpack after flashing MAIN and FS ? thanks.

  366. pranay says

    how to delete skins installed in phone

  367. Akshay says

    ya man .. else phone won’t start with out custpack.
    use any fs and any custpack as you are from india.
    apac cust pack is there .. you just need to read clearly in the hgetis collection.

  368. adi says

    Ok, thx for your answer.
    I have found he right custpack of APAC region.
    Yesterday, i’m tried to flash with xs++, but something strange came up. XS++ alwasy died if i’m choose main and FS together. Is it okay if i’m flash it one by one? I mean First main and after that FS and finally cust pack?

  369. Akshay says

    ok one by one or all 3 in one shot.

  370. seL says

    after i flashed my k550i w/ w610i main and fs the autofocus is gone on camera mode. and when i flashed it again on main k550 while w610 on fs still there is no autofocus on camera mode. how can i take my autofocus back on camera mode?is there any difference without it?

  371. Akshay says

    OMG !! You don’t know how to use camera still ??
    In camera settings change focus mode from Infinity to Auto Focus or Macro Focus.
    Quite Simple

  372. Shashi says

    Hi akshay pls suggest me a excellent cam driver with the link and i am not at all afraid to use extreme cam driver

  373. Shashi says

    Hi akshay pls suggest me a excellent cam driver with the link and i am not at all afraid to use extreme cam driver

  374. Peti says

    MHQ and Number1 3.0 are told the best for K550@W610. I don’t have links, but try and

  375. Hasnain says

    Hey Akshay! I want to flash but I have some question before I do that:
    1. Will my k550i flash light be usable after flashing it to w660i?
    2. If there is a power cut during flashing, my phone is dead right? so what should I do? and when should I use the Backed up GDFS?
    3. Will my FM radio still work with my headset?
    4. Is there any risk in installing new cam drivers?
    5. When I have successfully flashed to w610i, I should download themes for what mobile phone. the k550i or w610i?
    6. Are the firmwares you provided 100% correct and tested, I mean they are not corrupt right?
    7. After successfully flashing, can there be any problems or bugs in my phone?
    8. What are flash menus?

    Thanks in advance!

  376. Hasnain says

    Oh and one more question:

    How long does the flashing process take? so that I may know when it’s about to finish!

  377. Akshay says

    All the disadvantages are already mentioned.
    Everything else works.

    I don’t know what to do in case of powercut..

    Everything in this tutorials is as safe as you make it.
    Everything works. Else it would not be in this tutorial.
    Just read out comments of success right here !

  378. Hasnain says

    OK! thnx akshay!
    Also, can I flash it with windows vista? Will XS++ v3.1 work in Vista?

  379. Peti says

    Yes, it should. Though it is still better to use VirtualBox and virtualize an XP installation, I think, but give it a try.

  380. Hasnain says

    I’m very afraid of screwing up this phone as I have just had it for a week!
    So, is it confirmed that Flashing can be done successfully under vista?
    I don’t want to risk it just because of Vista!

  381. Hasnain says

    PLEASE ANSWER this one too!!!!
    Suppose I have flashed the main and FS. Only custom pack remains.
    Now, in the modding section there are acoustics, cam drivers, flash menus and walkman skins. Can I extract the Custom_pack, add all acoustics, cam drivers etc and then flash it!
    I mean flash the MAIN, FS and my custom pack with all the drivers and acoustics in one go?

  382. Peti says

    It should work on vista, I have screenshot with xs running on vista. 😀
    Yes, it is possible to do it. Still I prefer to use XS only to upload original custpack, then JDFlasher to upload drivers.

  383. Hasnain says

    IT worked! Thnx so much guys!
    I love the mega bass!
    Now, one more question:
    I should download games and application and themes for w610i or k550i?

  384. Sovan says

    akshayy,u r doin a great work.Im new in this.Recently my phone does not starting up.If i try for long,once or twice it just starts & again switches off.Only a attempting booting screen is visible.What is the problem u think and how to fix it.Plz tell me.

  385. Peti says

    @Hasnain: java games and apps are the same for W610 and K550, as they have same screen resolution.
    @Sovan: it can have many reasons. Most likely low battery. 😀 Did you try charging it?
    If it doesn’t work that way, you’ll have to try reflashing Main and FS.

  386. Hasnain says

    OK, I have a problem:
    I used sonarik’s cam drivers. Everything works fine except I have these two problems:
    1. The camera crashes when I use panaroma mode or I choose a frame.
    2. the “negative” and “solarize” effects don’t work.

    Should I try some other drivers?

  387. Peti says

    Yes, you should. Is it even for that phone?:O

  388. dimas says

    I used w880 acoustic driver, and now i want to use xaero ma loud acoustic driver.
    xaero ma loud has only 17 files and w880 acoustic has 44 files,
    how to use xaero ma loud acoustic driver?
    I must delete all w880 acoustic driver and then upload xaero ma loud driver? or
    I just replace the same files with xaero ma loud driver files?

  389. Peti says

    Just upload xaero, it will overwrite the necessary files.

  390. dushyant says

    i have a problem:
    this is the fs i flahsed onto my k550i(cid53)

    nd this is the cda:
    the phone is showing config error

    how do i change my fs back to k550i fs successfully?

  391. Peti says

    How did you upload custpack (=CDA)?

  392. dushyant says

    i downloaded the cda pack,

    i uploaded it in tpa\preset\custom

  393. dushyant says

    man it is 2 am here in india, i hv scul tomo!
    i beg of you, plz instruct me abt the cda thing
    my k550i is jus a few days ols nd i dun want it dead already!!!!!
    pls instruct me here on the comments section or plz mail me at [email protected] OR [email protected]
    i’d be really grateful
    i request again, plz temme!

  394. dushyant says

    i’d be really grateful if u cud provide me with ur email id, for further correspondence

  395. Peti says

    I know it’s a lame question, but worth a try. Did you extract the custpack? What files were in it?
    //sent in mail, too.

  396. dushyant says

    hey peti! i got no mails on my first id, nd d second id i typed wrong(in case u didnt notice, i typed htomail, instaed of hotmail!)
    yeah did extract the pack!
    these were the files
    Customize(xml file)
    preloaded_config(xml file)

    nd yeah, i didnt do all the notepad stuff mentioned by akshay, the tut simply flew over my head, i just downloaded the cda nd uploaded it, nd i m pretty sure that my main was flashed successfully coz, the demo shown in the fone(when there is no sim) is of w610i1, man plz respond via email
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  397. dushyant says

    plz temme if reverting back to k550i fs wud be easier, maybe i wont need ne custpack,
    my cell might still be working on the k550i fs(maybe?)
    i m dying to try the main flash, nd even more to have my phone back!

  398. dushyant says

    nd yeah, thought i should mention this, when i pasted the cda in the custom folder, it is not stored in the main directory! it is saved in the drm folder!

  399. Peti says

    I sent the mail and then Windows Live! Sh!t sent it back, saying it doesn’t meet their requirements.
    Flashing back to K550 would be just as hard. 😉 (same process, just different files)
    Saved in drm folder?? It must be tpa/preset/custom, that’s why it isn’t working, man!! 😀

  400. dushyant says

    yeah! i uploaded it exaclty there!
    then where do i need to upload it ?

  401. dushyant says

    hurray! a brain wave! all i needed to do was to upload the bloody customize file, i was doin that, but it kept copying in the drm folder, all i had to do was to select nd f5 it! i m done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  402. dushyant says

    thnx to mr akshayy for his simple explanations

    tho i feel he could do with a page telling how to upload the cda using jdflasher

  403. Peti says

    But he didn’t write anything here?:O
    That wouldn’t be a flashing idea, it is “using computer” basics… 😉

  404. johnny says

    akshay….why this xs++ cannot open my communication port…can u help me….plssss

  405. johnny says

    my phone is k550i and i want to convert it to w610i…..can u help me akshay..pls

  406. pratik says

    its simple . ….
    first install usb flash driver …..
    then flash W610i firmware with
    xs or setool or jd flasher

    in the tutorial … everything is well explained 🙂

  407. johnny says

    peti i know that can help me too……

  408. johnny says

    that all pratik….thanksss

  409. pratik says


    check whether ur phone errom is Cid53 …….
    by connecting it with xs …….
    or open setool & press identify ….
    u’ll get all details of ur phone.

    if it is cid53 , ….then only akshay or peti may help
    u in converting it to w610i

    if it displays an error …. please post the log here .

  410. johnny says

    heyyy…..i already install my usb flash driver but it still cannot detect my phone!!!what should i do??should i uninstall the usb flash driver?????help me………..plsssssssssss

  411. pratik says

    please post the details of ur problem …….as shown by xs or setool ……

  412. johnny says

    hey…i already convert my k550i to w610 but have a problem about configuration error…what should i do now…..

  413. pratik says

    here …..

    now u’ll get a new W610i 🙂

  414. TOmmmyyy says

    Help evertime i click on flash
    it said your phone is not supportive but i have a SE K550i what have i done wrong ?

  415. Akshay says

    then its CID53.
    Use JDFlasher.

  416. TOmmmyyy says

    where can i download that
    and realy sure

    and this all converts my k550i to w660i right ?

  417. TOmmmyyy says

    how do i use JD flasher
    I want w660i PLZZ help me

    i have k550i

  418. bhuvan says

    @ tommyyyy!!!
    dude just check the jd flasher section in dis site!!!you will get every information there about jd flasher

    rmmbr cuz of cid:53 you will be only able to upload stuff to fs n else no patching and stuff!!!!

  419. kevinsaick says

    i’am from indonesia.i flashing my w610i with xs++ after that i update my w610i.and now i can’t use xs++ to flashing again and my phone can read my sim coz in my phone said to check my operator.i flashing my phone to main generic red53 from cid 52.can help me whats my phone trouble

  420. k550i rox says

    yo dude i found this tutorial pretty cool but theres one prob i saw ur other tut 1st so i updated with seus now what im cid 53 now

  421. Akshay says

    i have not mentioned to update phone anywhere.

  422. k550i rox says

    yer well i got told that u have to update so i did plz help can i still do this tut

  423. k550i rox says

    yo well can i just do the main with the cid53

  424. k550i rox says

    yer tried baking up gdfs it says phone not suppoted this is bullshit man i have a k550i cid53 cant even bakup gdfs i thought patching u couldnt do i used the latest ver of xs++ plz help me man ill do anything to get this w610i menu i just want menu

  425. Akshay says

    no you can’t
    you can’t backup gdfs.
    don’t worry
    just flash the phone to w610 using Jdflasher.

  426. TOmmmyyy says

    can i convert to w660i
    or not

    plzz help i cant do games and aplications

  427. Peti says

    You can’t crossflash a K550 to a W660, only W610. With W660 stuff it gets buggy.

  428. SreeRam says

    Its amazing… I did for my self and now i too got cubershot walkman. I feel like camera quality reduced a bit. Any how i am satisfied with music quality and flash menues.

  429. Peti says

    All drivers can be modded, camera and sound (acoustics) too. Read the tutorial. 😉

  430. karl says

    i have xs++ v.3.2 .. the program can not detect my phone.. what seems to be the problem?..

    pls help guys.. thanks..

  431. Peti says

    XS++ 3.2 was never officially released, only a leaked beta can be found on the net and it can kill your phone. Don’t use it.
    Probably you don’t have flashing drivers installed on your pc, look for “Installing USB Flash Drivers” here.
    If you have them, try connecting the phone to pc when it is on. If you can’t or it suddenly disconnects, your connector is overused, you’ll have to get it replaced… Like I’m having mine now. :'(

  432. johnny says

    say my thanks to pratik ok………now i get my cybershot-walkman…….thanks to him…

  433. Peti says

    But that was a tutorial on THIS SITE. :$ 😛

  434. dushyant says

    how do i get to upload swf extension wallpapers on my k550i@w610i?

  435. dushyant says

    also plz tell how to upload walkman 2 skins to fone using jdfalsher, cid 53

  436. Peti says

    Connect the phone when it is on, use file transfer to copy them pictures folder.
    Connect to JDFlasher, use ofs / bfs. ofs is faster. Go to TPA\SYSTEM\multimedia\MP\SKIN\ and upload skins in separate directories.

  437. dushyant says

    i copied them to the pics folder int he file transfer mode but it does not open the file?????????
    instead of the pic i get to view a stupid maromedia flash “f” logo!

  438. dushyant says

    i pasted the skins in the desired direc and got the desired effect……pretty cool till here
    this was till i uploaded only 1 additional skin to the palyer
    as soon as i added more of them,
    the player does not even show the previos ones!!!!!!!!!!
    only thing i nsee when i go to change the themes in the player is the stupis “OFF” option!!!!!!!!!
    is there a limit to the no of skins the walkman player can handle?

  439. Peti says

    On that Macromedia Flash file, you hit right soft key and set as background.
    This walkman overload had happened to me before. So I came up with a solution. There are bin setting files for Walkman, I deleted them all, and it started working. You find them at tpa/system/multimedia/mp.

  440. dushyant says

    i found my mistake
    nd i wont mention it to prevent to avoid making a fool of myself……..
    ne ways, i got a challenge for u guys………..
    in india, apart from the usual operator logo, we have another logo right beaneath it where the cell info is displayed, nd even after applying the no logo layout, i still get that stupid logo,
    i kno u’d tell me to turn off the cell reception thingy in the message settings, i alredy did that, so instead of the cell info, the ope logo-DOLPHIN is still displayed???????????
    plz figure ot out!!!!!!!!!!
    i hv my hopes tied on peti nd akshay

  441. dushyant says

    u kno some wallpapers dont look gud wid a stupid ope logo blotted over them!!!!!1

  442. Peti says

    Strange, when I flashed to W610, I lost my cellinfo. You can disable it in messaging settings.
    Other solution is ELVES, LogoChanger.elf.

  443. limons says

    Hi , Akshay and Peti.

    U guys r great. Can u tell me how to change the name camera in main menu and how can i download u r Exterme device(k550i@W610i) main ,fs . Thanks

  444. Peti says

    Extreme device is Akshay’s joke about his phone, he calls it that way. 😀
    To rename the camera (only works in standard menus, no flash menus), look at the “Tune your phone’s calculator” tutorial, there I wrote about the thing or the “Menu modding”.

  445. marius says

    when i open XS++ it shows me that it’s version 3.1(darwin). i have used this version to flash k550i to w610i a long time ago, when SEUS updated phones to CID52. If i use that version to flash a CID53 phone, will it work ??

  446. dushyant says

    u aint getting it peti! its like, when i disable cellinfo, frm the mesage settings, i still get that stupid operator name-dolphin . and can elves be applied on cid53???????
    i ws thinking, might there be prob wid my no operator logo layout??????
    i’ll check it out right mow………
    nd one more thing, can vfx patches be applied on cid53??????? itries wid jd flasher but the qa flash just wont happen!

  447. dushyant says

    hey peti!!!!
    after searching the net, i actually found the words to express my real problems
    the thing is, in the operator logo,
    the first line does disappear, but the second line in the operator logo is still there!!!!!!!!
    can u mail me the layout wid both line disappeared?
    my email is
    [email protected]

  448. dushyant says

    hey peti!!!!
    after searching the net, i actually found the words to express my real problems
    the thing is, in the operator logo,
    the first line does disappear, but the second line in the operator logo is still there!!!!!!!!
    can u mail me the layout wid both line disappeared?
    mail me the file, if possible at
    [email protected]

  449. Peti says

    @marius: it (XS++ 3.1) doesn’t support CID 53. Version 3.2 will.
    @dushyant: I don’t have those files now. But here I have 2 lines. One op. logo, that can be removed with the layout provided in the tutorial and the cellinfo. Strange.

  450. kitty says

    @peti where i can download k550i R6BC002 main and fs firmware? In case i want to revert it back

  451. markphil says

    @peti where i can download k550i R6BC002 main and fs firmware? In case i want to revert it back the all content of k550i .

  452. Peti says

    there are many of those.

  453. dushyant says

    @peti–cant ne thing be done to the second line in the op logo????????? a single line luks shittier than the two of them!!!!!!!!!

  454. dushyant says

    is there a link to most of the available animated themes on the net, which includes their flash menus?
    like a pack with a theme and its menu bundled together?

  455. Peti says

    I don’t really get what you are trying to say, can’t you make a photo of it?
    Use, they have many themes.

  456. vipul patel says

    How To convert

    K550(DB2020 CID53)TO w610i ???????????

    My phone Model
    K550(DB2020 CID53) is latest updated
    in ur site all Process i do but do not support…..

    plz send me e_Mail Add:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    which files support in K550i to w610i


  457. Peti says

    You need JDFlasher and CID 53 firmwares from or so.

  458. limons says

    Hi Akshay and Peti, Which firmware is better.R1kg001,R6BC002,R8ba024. i have flashed my k550 to w610(R1kg001)firmware with Xs++.and i have customized my phone(not using cust pack) just select k800i and Europe2 in the xs++ and it worked fine. Is there any problem using K800i? When my mobile restart it does not have the walkman palyer (like other W series mobile) select but it has normal mode and flight mode only??? I hope u guys Understand my question. Thanks

  459. dushyant says

    how cn i edit the layout file so as to delete the time and dat???? in k550i

  460. dushyant says

    sorry, i meant *date

  461. Peti says

    @limons: my phone is flashed properly, still no walkman mode, only flight. Walkman mode is for W800 and such phones.
    The best is always the newest, but in this case, I suggest R6BC002, as it is the only one that can run ELVES with the right patches.
    @dushyant: It’s a long time since I worked on layout.xml, wow. You use Search, for Date or Timer, and set its coordinates negative numbers, it is enough to set their height to -10 or so; but still, why would you delete them? :O

  462. dushyant says

    the date nd timer blot sum wallpapers, u kno!

  463. dushyant says

    there are are couple of dates nd times in there…………………i dont kno the real one????????

  464. Peti says

    <attr value=”62″/> <attr value=”173″/> <attr value=”155″/> <attr value=”176″/> <attr value=”5″/> <!– Date –>

  465. dushyant says

    can elves be applied to cid 53?

  466. Peti says


  467. Sunny says

    can i Change the acoustic of my phone? i have CID 53 k550.

  468. Peti says

    Yes, you can even crossflash to W610 (both only with JDFlasher).

  469. JC says

    haih.. i think i screwed up. big problem. duno wether can it be fixed. i followed all the steps but.. =(

  470. Rebel says

    OK, problem solved! My phone did NOT like the W610i main & FS files linked to at the top of your tutorial. Used these (older?) ones – EUROPE 2 R1KG001 – as linked to from

    Don’t know what the problem was with the ones you link to, just relieved to have my phone functioning again.

    Thanks for the great tutorial by the way!

  471. Sunny says

    can anyone please tell me how can i change the acoustic of my CID 53 K550i phone with JDFLASHER?

  472. Peti says

    @JC: are you asking for help now?
    @Sunny: By uploading new files to ifs/settings/acoustic.

  473. HArx says

    I flashed my k550i to w610i. but there is a problem i flashed it with w610 main but i used w660i fs plz help me

  474. Peti says

    Flash W610 FS on.

  475. dushyant says

    can k550i@w610i be flashed to w660i?????????

  476. dushyant says

    i read about some light effects stuff on the net………….
    can u plz tell me how to go abt it?

  477. Peti says

    It can be flashed to W660, but the phone gets unstable and you can’t call. Besides its GDFS get worn out too.
    Lighteffects are made for W580 and such phones with lights on their side… K550 is limited in this aspect.

  478. dylan says

    i flashed my phone followed all steps and when i turn it on menu and calll icons dont come up can only see battery and service how do i fix this. or turn back into just normal k550i i need help please

  479. Peti says

    Bad firmware or bad custpack. What did you use?

  480. dylan says

    the ones listed up the top in the guide. if any1 has a different main ,fs and custom pack can they give me a link phone is cent europe cid 52 firmare version R6BC002

  481. Peti says

    They must work, I use them too. Go ahead and reflash everything, see if that works.

  482. dushyant says

    ne updates on applying gfx patches on cid 53??????
    i heard somewhere, dat xs v3.2 can do it
    nd are there ne latest plugins for jdflasher for cid 53 patching??????????
    i m really pisse that i cant apply gfx patches like the battery pack and stuf 🙁

  483. dushyant says

    ruled otu!!!!!!!!!!
    tell me sumthing new to do wid my phone????????/
    i have flashed it to w610i,loaded flash menus, loaded media player skins, flashed camdrivers, dispdrivers, acoustics, layout……. i really wanted to more…………..

  484. Peti says

    Nothing new for CID 53… you didn’t mention menu modding. 😀

  485. manz says

    Hey dushyany, dont EVER use xs++ v3.2, it will kill ur fone (my bludy cousin tried and bricked his w580i CID53)

  486. limons says

    Hi Guys. I have got a interesting I have successfully convert k550@w610 with R1K001 firmware with Setool and xs++. But next time when i insert my phone for flash menu with xs++ it says R8ba24.????? Thanks

  487. dylan says

    i tried reflashing everything didnt work, any other ideas? it might be because i didnt flash a menu or media player skins and that stuff?. does any1 have a custom pack that will match my phone because that might fix it

  488. dylan says

    question. is CDA different to the custom pack or is it the custom pack?

  489. dylan says

    reflashed again with r8ba024 firmware still no menu or call icons i can’t go into anything still. i really need some help plz

  490. Peti says

    @manz&dushyant: XS++ 3.2 was never released officially, there was a leaked beta, which really bricked some phones.
    @limons: Maybe the main is R8 and the FS is R1?
    @dylan: CDA=custpack. The phone should work after flashing main & fs and custpack. Are you sure that the phone was a K550? (I know it’s a stupid question, but can’t think of any other solution.)

  491. limons says

    @dylan. U can used this fs and main.In this link

  492. dylan says

    i reflashed it back to k550i and inserted my telstra simcard and it did same thing it had been doing had no menu. so i put virgin simcard in which is network phone was locked to before i unlocked using setool2. is the problem that when u flash to new firmware the phone becomes locked again because i really want to flash to w610

  493. Peti says

    Dunno. When you reflash, the phone loses patch unlocking. If it was unlocked by code or gdfs hacking, it will still work. If after flashing it says “Insert a correct SIM card.”, it means it was patch unocked before.
    Do you have GDFS backup?

  494. limons says

    Hi Guys. How can i edit flash menu(.swf).Thanks

  495. Peti says

    You need to decompile it, with Sothink SWF decompiler, to FLA format. Then edit with Adobe Flash CS 3 (used to be Macromedia Flash)

  496. limons says

    i have flashed my phone [email protected] i did not backup the phone GDFS. Can i now backup the phone GDFS?.How many times can flash any mobile??

  497. Peti says

    You can back it up now. You can flash virtually unlimited times, though the flash chips will get overused… the firmware is stored the same way as your files in phone memory. Flashing is much like uploading 30MB to the phone FS. It will be worn out in 1000 years for sure, but you’ll probably buy a new phone before it could happen.

  498. limons says

    Hi Guys. How can i delete icons in the flash menu (.swf)and insert a new icon.Thanks

  499. Peti says

    Decompile SWF with Sothink decompliler, export to FLA, edit with Adobe Flash CS3.

  500. limons says

    Hi Peti , How can i change Operator Logo and change the name.Thanks

  501. Peti says

    By changing SIM card. XD
    With LogoChanger (0.70) ELF by jasiek, install elfpack, install this and set the name in its ini.

  502. limons says

    Thanks but can my mobile k550@w610 firmware ver is R1KG001 can support elf.

  503. Peti says

    Only R6BC002. Flash to that.

  504. limons says

    hey peti , If i use w880 acoustics can i use mega bass…etc . and can i reverse back to original??? Thanks

  505. Peti says

    Yes, yes. In fact, MegaBass and acoustics have nothing to do with each other, 2 different things.

  506. limons says

    Hey Peti . what is best acoustics between w880 or w610.Should i update.Thanks

  507. Peti says

    W880 is better. Upgrade.

  508. limons says

    hey peti, when i upload the w880 acoustics in this directory fs/settings/acoustic/ z… . with far manager. But when i play any song with walkman player 2 my mobile hang all the time. What is the problem.??????

  509. limons says

    another question. how to remove previous patch(.VKP)

  510. Peti says

    That is probably one of your vkps. With SeTool 2 lite, when it asks, press Yes. With JDFlasher, tick remove patch. 😉

  511. limons says

    Hey Peti. Is w880 acoustics is really from sony ericsson w880i ? Thanks

  512. AhmeT says

    Hi. I just wanted to thank you for this guide… I’ve successfully upgraded my K550i to W610i 😀 I had also to unlock with patch, but that was fairly easy… Now, to the even more modding 😀

    Thanks again

  513. Peti says

    @limons: As I said on forum, yes.
    @AhmeT: Congrats. 😉

  514. SANTOSH says

    Hey all
    I flashed only my it ok???

    how do i add skins and visualizations to my music player?

  515. limons says

    Thanks Peti

  516. limons says

    hey peti I have seen in forum that W610 R8BA024 elfpack…Is this work or what????????

  517. AhmeT says


    both r6bc002 and r8ba024 have their own elfpacks… you must use the version of your firmware

  518. SANTOSH says

    For adding i need to flash fs to??

    I just flashed my main and i m not able to add skins to my music player….pls help me

  519. SANTOSH says

    Hey do i need to flash my FS too to add skins??

    I just flashed my main but i m not able to add skins to my music player..Pls help

  520. Peti says

    @SANTOSH: It is ok, but it’s better to flash FS too.
    You don’t need to. If you can’t then go ahead and FLASH FS.
    @limons & AhmeT: Incorrect. There is an elfpack for R8, but its library isn’t being updated. It is pretty unstable, you can barely run any elf on it. USE R6BC002.

  521. rudy says

    i’ve cid53 phone, can i get it back to cid52? that i may follow ur tutorial to crossflash to w610?
    i want it badly to crossflash my phone, if it aint possible, do u have link to w610 cid53 firmware?
    is there another way to crossflash k550 cid53 to w610, w/o using w610 cid53 firmware?
    ooooohh my…
    thx alot

  522. jaspreet says

    i updated my phone to cid53 is thr any way to get cid 52 back..pls help me out

  523. Peti says

    You can’t.
    There is a topic at Besides there is 4shared.
    There is no other way.

  524. Peti says

    @jaspreet: There isn’t. Use JDFlasher and CID53 firmwares.

  525. MarkPhil says

    @peti and akshay my question is how to put a cybershot logo when you open the camera in main menu, because at w610i when you select the camera only an icon appear. I want a cyber shot logo is this possible?

  526. nirvana019 says

    omg… i was so looking forward to flash my k550i… but than i realised that i have CID53

    15:11:58| OTP CID: 51
    15:11:58| EROM CID: 53

    i haven’t used SEUS before, i guess its because my handy is brandnew -.-

    do anybody know, if XS++ is getting updated to support CID53 in the near future… or is there another way to flash such phones…

    thx for your whole work

    best regards

  527. Peti says

    If it’s brand new, its OTP CID should be 53 too. JDFlasher can flash it for you… 😉

  528. limons says

    U have to Delete menu ml to this location tpa\preset\system\menu\
    Find this There u find
    this w610i original cybershot menu file Download it
    copy it tpa\preset\system\menu\**here**

  529. MarkPhil says

    Not the main
    what i mean is when you select and press the camera in main menu it open right, then you will see a…… In k550i you will see a cyber shot logo, sony ericsson with camera icon picture while in w610i only an camera icon picture. How to replace that w610i patches ? It is possible?

  530. MarkPhil says

    Btw @limons peti and akshay. When you use the w610 original cyber shot… Does It replaces the name CAMERA to CYBER SHOT letter in the 3 default FLASH themes? Or you will see the effect in a non flash themes?

  531. Peti says

    There is a SYSGFX patch for that. Available at patches forum.
    The doesn’t replace it, it’s in LNG files.

  532. Rohit says

    i flashed with the main first then the fs from k550 to w610
    its just displaying a screen saying
    configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service centre…

  533. Peti says

    Upload a custpack. The tutorial clearly tells that it is a must. 😉

  534. jibran says

    what is FS?

  535. Peti says

    File System.

  536. dlight says

    hey whats up again i have a question. I flashed my k550i to a W610i with no problem but the only problem is is that I didnt set up my picture messaging service (mms) and I tried the support page on SE’s website but it gave me and error message stating that there was a problem and the message had an “x” in it. I tried it for both phone models and got the same result.

    But anyway I found the same exact problem on Yahoo answers and a guy said to contact my service provider and set it up cause SE’s support site is outdated anyway and I guess it worked for her cause she thanked him gloriously for it.

    So I just wanted to know, when I go to at&t to set up my mms service, do I just let them work their majic under the assumption that it hasn’t been flashed, or do I tell them to configure it like it’s a W610i? Or does it even matter? (for future reference)

    TY in advance!

  537. bamboo says

    @peti and akshay (to change the phone name), it didn’t work! I try the two option the default and custom the two won’t work! By the way does this thing appear in your notepad? Because mine is i think my notepad cannot recognize the other ”
    can you create me a finish upgrade_custom.xml ? I want the name K550i + W610i
    (capital letter K 550i space + space capital letter W610i)
    thanks peti and akshay.

  538. Peti says

    When you flash your warranty is gone. So why should they help? I used SE site and it worked fine for me. You can give it a try if nothing else works.

  539. bamboo says

    (whooa my first post delete the xml thing hope this 2nd post appear) By the way does this thing ?Xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″? appear in your notepad? Because mine is ?Xml version=”1.0(this section a strange letter o appear) encoding=”UTF-8(this section a strange letter o appear)? i think my notepad cannot recognize the other “

  540. Peti says

    That is a part of the xml file, so of course it appears. Use Notepad++.

  541. kishan says

    i want R6Bc002 Firmware

  542. Peti says and

  543. Bamboo says

    By using notepad++ it will now rename the phone name? 100% ? What are you using to rename your phone? Notepad or notepad++ ?

  544. Bamboo says

    Oh man! Why is it the notepad.exe cannot rename my phone?

  545. bamboo says

    hey i finally rename my phone name, i downloaded a .rar file in youtube and edit that default_upgrade.xml he he he he im happy now

  546. jibran says

    can someone tell me which is the best acoustic driver and of the camera and thanks Akshayy for this tutorial.

  547. Peti says

    @Bamboo: I don’t use anything to rename it, I just don’t rename it. It’s a pointless operation.
    But I always use Notepad++ to edit xml files.
    @jibran: Like Number1, MHQ and Brazuka. W880 original, Jockep’s, HyperDrive.

  548. Bamboo says

    @peti and akshay after i sucessfully rename my phone to k550i+w610i my Track id is not working to normal, it appears in html format, Track id is for sony ericsson phone only. he he he. Its so funny that i will rename my phone again. What do you think the best name? K850i , c902, w880i, k550i, w610i ?

  549. Peti says

    For me it is W610. 😉

  550. Aecalyptus says

    @peti Which service center is the best? SE service center or nokia care?

  551. Peti says

    Never used any, as my warranty was gone… 😀

  552. karlis says

    Hi, i just want to ask, how do i have t prepare my phone?
    The info on m2 will stay?
    And could i use my simcard or i have to unlock it?

  553. Peti says

    Remove the M2 card before flashing.
    If the phone was unlocked by patching, not unlock code, you’ll have to unlock again.

  554. Colin says

    Only one more question do you know if the “no operator layout” could work on a w880?

  555. Peti says

    Not really. W880 has a larger screen. But ask for a oplogo removing tutorial at 😉

  556. Colin Louis González Duburc says

    once again thanks !

  557. karlis says

    hey i have one more problem 🙁
    I tried back up my contacts with myphoneexplorer but it failed (i installed drivers)

  558. Peti says

    Well then try again. Reboot pc and phone.

  559. karlis says

    i tried that but it failed

    Can i crossflash without backuping my contacts?

  560. karlis says

    thanks i crossflashed my k550 😀 now i can play games 🙂

  561. Peti says

    I guess you meant flashing drivers and not phone drv.

  562. SB says

    I’m also a satisfied owner of this phone and never tried to update its firmware or anything. Actually I don’t want to damage my phone due to any mistake while updating. But now its about a year old and I want to do some experimentation. I have downloaded XS++ and when I tried to connect my phone for GDFS backup, it offered me to update it to CID52 from CID51. I am a little confused here. Should I update it before backup or do it later after GDFS backup? Should I take out my SIM card before doing all this stuff? Can I backup my GDFS multiple times? Also is it any how possible to switch it back to original state like it was never flashed? Here is the XS++ generated log.

    19:38:45| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    19:38:45| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    19:39:04| Attempting to open the interface…
    19:39:04| TURN OFF PHONE!
    19:39:04| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    19:39:04| You have 30 seconds…
    19:39:17| Baseband ID: 9900
    19:39:17| Protocol Version: 3.1
    19:39:17| Phone name detected!
    19:39:17| Profiling SEMC phone…
    19:39:17| Platform: DB2020
    19:39:17| OTP CID: 51
    19:39:17| EROM CID: 51
    19:39:17| EROM Color: Red
    19:39:17| IMEI: 35665701xxxxxx
    19:39:17| Phone ID: K550
    19:39:17| Region: M_EAST_N_AFR
    19:39:17| CDA: CDA102743/117 R1A
    19:39:17| Firmware Version: R1JD001
    19:39:17| EROM: R3A016
    19:39:17| Ready for operation!
    19:39:26| User chose NOT to update EROM CID!
    19:40:12| After making any changes with FSX
    19:40:12| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button
    19:41:50| After making any changes with FSX
    19:41:50| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button
    19:42:27| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…
    19:42:27| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J

    19:42:27| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    19:42:27| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid51_r2a006.bin…
    19:42:27| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0

    19:42:27| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
    19:42:27| Sending db2020_cid51red_flash_r2a005.bin…
    19:42:28| Applet ID: 061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005

    19:42:28| This is a FLASH loader
    19:42:28| Sendinging shutdown signal to phone…
    19:42:28| Done.. You may now connect again…
    19:42:28| Shutting down…

    Please help.



  563. karlis says

    maybe 😀

  564. Peti says

    Before, I’m not sure you can backup GDFS on CID 51.
    Take out sim, though doesn’t matter.
    Multiple times, yes.
    No original state. First, you can’t downgrade CID.

  565. vikas says

    can u tell me clearly explain how to flash k550i i cant understand some words here like XS++ ,Cust_Pack/CDA,Customization

    Download a Cust_Pack/CDA from hgetis collection which matches your FS !

    connect phone ( usual process )
    unzip the customization pack ( use the cust pack which goes with the FS of your choice or create one which is very easy )
    you will find a folder named “tpa” in it

    now in xs++ directory on PC, in the directory where u have xs++.exe create a new folder named “own_custpack”

    copy the “tpa” folder into this “own_custpack” folder the path of custom files should be like own_custpack/tpa/preset/custom…

    open xs++ and connect fone check only customize file system

    now under phone model select ‘Own Custpack’
    under CDA and Region, select ‘/own_custpack’

    Now Hit Flash
    now in few seconds custom files will be added to your phone and done
    Start your phone !! Wait for some time !!

    plz tell clearly man……………..

  566. SB says

    Thanks Peti and Akshay for all your help. I’ve succesfully conververted my K550i to W610i. Let me enjoy my new phone. 🙂 Thanks once again.


  567. Peti says

    @vikas: a set of files, most importantly customize.xml.
    @SB: elves and patches… 😛

  568. SANTOSH says

    Hey….re: flash themes

    I wanted a Linkin Park flash theme…
    now i know its not ur job but still can u provide me a link for download

    or tell me how to create a flash theme…pls help..thanx

  569. SE news says

    The japanese company Sony will splitting up with the swedish company Ericsson.

    symbian freak site

    se-nse site

  570. Peti says

    @santosh: I saw it on topse.
    @news: Sounds bad, we’ll see.

  571. bambu_men says

    hello akhsay,
    i’m a new bie. i’ve bought se k550i just last night and i want to flash it to w610. but i have a problem here because my k550 cid is 53, since xs++ haven’t support for cid 53, i’m afraid to flash it to w610. here is what xs++ say :
    08:48:20| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    08:48:20| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    08:48:28| Attempting to open the interface…


    08:48:28| TURN OFF PHONE!

    08:48:28| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    08:48:28| You have 30 seconds…


    08:48:35| Baseband ID: 9900

    08:48:35| Protocol Version: 3.1

    08:48:35| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:K550)

    08:48:35| …using GDFS name


    08:48:35| Profiling SEMC phone…

    08:48:35| Platform: DB2020

    08:48:35| OTP CID: 51

    08:48:35| EROM CID: 53

    08:48:35| EROM Color: Red

    08:48:35| IMEI: 35433302xxxxxx

    08:48:35| Phone ID: K550

    08:48:35| Region: APAC

    08:48:35| CDA: CDA102743/118 R4A

    08:48:35| Firmware Version: R6BC002

    08:48:35| EROM: R3A022

    08:48:35| Ready for operation!

    08:49:19| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    08:49:31| Shutting down…

    what should i do for now coz i want w610 on my k550? would you plz give me a suggest or advice or i call it help, :)…??

  572. Daniel says

    I’ve sucessfully flashed my k550i to a w610i its simply awesome, i’ve even put the extra bass and volume driver and my phone horendously LOUD!!!

  573. SE k550i says

    Please vote 10,10,10 or post your opinion to our beloved k550i at gsmarena.
    Gsmarena site:

    thank you very much

  574. Akshay says

    can you wait for some time ??
    or else you use Jdflasher.
    your phone is CID53, so we cant do it this way.
    you need other programs

    Daniel !! Congrats !!

  575. snakeboy says

    i have an problem my phone EROM CID is not CID52.,it’s 53 can you help me

  576. bambu_men says

    ya, i can wait, but i hope not for long? so with jdflasher I could flashing k550 to w610 or only replace of camdriver and acoustic then? thx b4 akshay.

  577. Akshay says

    yeah go ahead with jdflahser.
    you can flash with jdflasher

    SnakeBoy !

    Use Jdflasher and CID53 firmware.

  578. bambu_men says

    so akshay, how to flashing k550 to w610 using jdflasher, can you give me a link about it? if just replacing camdvriver and acoustic, i can do that. but flasing, i think i can’t, need more tutor. and once more, can you give me link for jdflasher and its cid53 firmware 🙂 plz

  579. Dani wrote (gsmarena) says

    I think those websites with Sony splitting with Ericsson are FAKE! i mean if they really were officially splitting.. then it would be on the news and on BBC etc etc
    so those websites with that news on are clearly FAKING IT! its false news!
    all SE fans will agree with me.
    Nokia fans will deny it because they know theyv faked the news…

  580. Akshay says

    yeah see jdflasher tutorial. link is on right side of this website on the sidebar links 😉

  581. bambu_men says

    oh, i see. thx again akshay. i’ll try it as soon as i understand its tutorial. and plz don’t get mad if i ask you a lot of question then :). you’r the best

  582. Adam says

    I live in Australia and have bought a K550i just yesterday. i was wondering would this be fine in australia and noting it is still sim locked the information of myphone is as follows(without SIM inserted)
    prgCXC1250669_GENERIC_LI R6BC002


    Please get bak to me a soon as possible
    thnx Adam

  583. Akshay says

    well this info is crap. not much
    you use XS++ to find out CID.
    if its 52 great. if its 53, then bad news i suppose.

  584. Adam says

    will this work if i use the central Europe FS because at the moment my phone is on Europe 2??

  585. Adam says

    thnx thnx thnx alot bro man this worked perfect ur a legend thnx a whole heap im gonna spread the gud word man ur a god!!!!!!
    thnx a whole load man tnx alot phone didnt brickout or anything complete sucess!!
    tnx a heap adam

  586. Akshay says

    cool then 😉

  587. Klai says

    HOw do i no if my fone version is under CID53???

  588. Klai says

    i think its R6BC002

  589. Klai says

    it doesnt say anything like CID52

  590. Klai says

    do u have any idea wen the new XS version wil come out for windows????

  591. Akshay says

    Klai !!!
    sorry !! for late reply
    just connect the phone to XS++ and it will show it in the side window.

  592. Klai says


  593. Klai says

    is it absolutly neccesary to extract the FS????

  594. Klai says

    do u have to back up the fone fs aswell??

  595. KillahK says

    thnks for all da help u gave me

  596. KillahK says

    hopefully i’ll be flashing quite soon 😀

    after im confident enough.


  597. KillahK says

    can we do the menu icons later???

  598. Peti says

    So many posts.
    You don’t need to extract it, backup contacts with myphoneexplorer, menu icons an be done any time.

  599. Shank says

    Hii akshay,

    nice tute but i have a few questions–:

    1- my phone is already cid52 and opt is 51 so do i need to update.
    2-while installing acoustic using fsx , i’ll have to delete all the old files or simply drag drop will replace those old files in acoustics.

  600. KillahK says

    ty peti

  601. Shank says

    Hii akshay

    i want to revert back to k550i, but the above links for k550i main ad fs are not working can u plz give me working link for k550i main fs and custpack…………

  602. jerrys9 says

    thanks i now have one sweet phone

  603. sparshith p says

    i have a cid 53 phone……..can i flash??????

  604. famin says

    hye dude…wanna ask…can flash my k550i CID53 into w610i?? do reply a.s.a.p..tens!

  605. Roshan says

    Hey..thanxx..i successfully converted my K550i t0
    w610i…thanx a lot…akshay and peti…..but i am unable to change icons i tried 2 times but it doesn’t
    work….can you tell me in short and simple way..plz plz
    and thanxxxxx very much

  606. KillahK says

    i am starting to flash…

  607. KillahK says

    help!!!far manager wont pick up my fone

  608. KillahK says

    problem sorted how do u upload walkman 2 skinz???

  609. KillahK says

    i upload dem but once itz finished copying FarManager closes down

  610. KillahK says

    oops sorry i found out how to do it hehehe

  611. KillahK says

    just out of interest why do u need ur fone to be 100% to 90% battery power i did it wiiiv 76% and it still worked

  612. KillahK says

    i have finnallly did it thankz alot to all da pple hu helpped C:

  613. KillahK says

    um by the way the camerea driver doesnt work. the link on estato is dead. do u have anotherlink and also if u want to translate dis page on google type in babaelfish its brilliant

  614. KillahK says

    if deres anytiink i can do tu hellppp let mee knoowww 😀

  615. EmiG says

    Great Tutorial, I have a fully modded k550i now!! 🙂

  616. Akshay says

    sorry for all late replies.
    please post query again here.
    join us at our forum where we supporrt ever day.

  617. KillahK says

    how do u get bak ur contacts from myfonexplorer???

  618. ICEKIIIID says

    how are u actually supoosed to view the .swf files?? it dusnt wrk

  619. Akshay says

    ICEKIIID. it does in a w610. just open them.

    Kilahk. see myphonexplorer website. there is an option to backup everythin.g

  620. Tim says

    Is this compatible with Windows XP SP3?

  621. diego says

    i cant find the TPA dkvlm fxdnnklgblksdrlrshklrsghlrdsh

  622. Arshad says

    hey Akshay ,

    yar im from Karachi Pak. i really need ur helpp .
    here confusion is which filez i download Eroupe , Asia Levan , Central Asia ?

    kindly send me da 3 w610 filez Donwload “linK” in view of my country .. plz ..

    regards ,

  623. shredder says

    Can you give explanation how to crossflash K550 to w610 with CID 53 using FarManager+JDFlasher

  624. Achal says

    i flashed my k550 to w610i it worked but now when i flashed it back to k550 it is not detecting ne simcard nd den again i flashed to w610 to see whether the problem persists it is just shoeing the start up logo nd getting off plzzzzzzzz help

  625. Achal says

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  626. miku says

    is there anyway to flash the mobile using macintosh?

  627. KillahK says

    i put them on the fone but it just shows a pic. wen i flash the .swf it dusnt show dem anywhere

  628. ICYZ says

    if i flash my fone dus dat mean also dat s500 themes will work aswell

  629. ICYZ says

    i cant seem to find where all my contacts have gone ater i backed them up

  630. Kiccho says

    Hi akshayy,

    I have a question. I would like to flash my k550 to w610 but my erom id is erom id 51. Your tutorial mentions erom id to be 52. i have tried seus to update my erom id to erom id 52 but it can’t connect to its server or something. Can you please send the files to [email protected] please

  631. Arshad says

    hey Akshay ,

    yar im from Karachi Pak. i really need ur helpp .
    here confusion is which filez i download Eroupe , Asia Levan , Central Asia ?

    kindly send me da 3 w610 filez Donwload “linK” in view of my country .. plz ..

    regards ,

  632. janjay says

    hi there akshay.. can u pls. make a video on how to these whole thing.. flashing, customization, just how these whole things happens in one video tutorial.. thanks i know you can do that.. and one more thing do you have a yahoo messenger?? add me up [email protected] if ever i got a problem. and i can reach you.. thanks a lot..

  633. ICYZ says

    wen i try to put on walkman 2 skins it just makes copies of one skin and if you put on a theme and try and change it it dosent change

  634. ICYZ says

    if i put walkamn 2 skins on it dusnt work. it just makes copies of the same thme and wen u click on a theme u cant change the theme to suntinnkkk diiiferent.

    Also how do you apply flash themes after you flshed the fone???

  635. Akshay says

    ICYZ !
    Try out things carefuly .. btw flash themes need to be parited with thm file

    arshad,, use any man, i know there its english only.

  636. ICYZ says

    so basically if i have for example
    Vista (Shockwave File) i will also need a theme datz called Vista to work??

    should i do it one by one or can u do it all in one go?

  637. ICYZ says

    in the camera driver file these only one file dat is a movie on Nero .

    Is this correct???

  638. shredder says

    I already flash my k550 into w610 with these
    cust pack
    But i also have cust pack like these
    which one is correct?
    Should i make flash folder after crossflash? Because some themes can’t work properly?
    where i can get firmware K550 cid53 free? in case i wan to get back to k550.
    thank you.

  639. Joshua says



    LA or NA???

  640. ICYZ says

    and which one should i use??

    Peti made a Number1 2.9 cam driver
    chris made a v2.4 cam driver
    which is best????

  641. ICYZ says

    is it alrite to upgrade the display driver on k550+w610?????

  642. ICYZ says

    what are display drivers anywaiiiz????

  643. ICYZ says

    why wont my pc pick up my fone anymore
    xs++ does but my pc dusnt

  644. Serajur says

    Successfully flashed my K550 to W610 getting no trouble at all. Thanks a lot ‘AKSHAY’. Cheers !!!

  645. ICYZ says

    soz evrytiiink wrks
    flash complete…

  646. andyc says

    where can i find out how to put a display driver on my se fone?

  647. aravind says

    hi akshay………pls tell me where to add n use flash wallpapers on my k550….anothr thing….my frnd needs louder aoustic for pnx5230 phones…..wher can i find it???pls reply soon..

  648. ryan says

    i have already updated to CID53, is that a problem? If it is is there anything i can do to get it to work?

  649. sagar says

    thanx akshya ……i flashed my k550i…..the music quality is superb…….it works nice….now i think myself to be owner of cybershot walkman

  650. fizyanee says

    good flashing is succeed..

  651. sasikumar says

    i wanna covert my CID to 52 and 51…so that i can flash my mobile and add some flash themes…. so cud any any one help me flashing my k550i mobile… plz
    in the tutorial they said that
    EROM CID should be CID52. OTP CID should be 51

    but my is 51 and 53… so plz help me to convert it to 51 and 52 plz

  652. Akshay says

    you have to use jdflasher and cid53 firwmares.
    or you can wait for next version of XS++
    will come soon.

  653. daaviid says

    hi akshay i flashed my phone k550i/w610i succsesfuly but know when i try to use flash wallpappers i wont work can you help me please

  654. bhuvan says

    hi!u need to add support for it to your phone…its desribed above!

    Flash Menus:Inside the own_custpack folder create a new folder named flash
    here exactly tpa/preset/system/desktop/
    so that u hv own_custpack/tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash/**** .swf files here****
    inside this ‘flash’ folder copy the swf files only
    then open XS++ and upload the files using own_custpack method. That is the same way as you uploaded customization files.
    Then Copy the .thm files as usually u do in file transfer mode when phone is woking in normal conditions.

  655. daaviid says

    thanks bhuvan it works know but when i flashed i didn’t put in the right language i want to put in a language can i just reflash the FS?

  656. bhuvan says

    ya…you can!

  657. daaviid says


  658. daaviid says

    i don’t need to reflash main and custpack then?

  659. akhil.p.sivan says

    I would like my k550i to w610i, but i cudn’t do it. Wil u pls help me? you suggested that the EROM CID should be CID52, but mine is CID53,though OTP CID matches. Does it matters? Still, can I do it? Pls giv me a solution…..pls help me…

  660. bhuvan says

    no…cuz language is part of fs only!
    if still the things dont go way right…den you should go for flashing main!

  661. bhuvan says

    ya….you can do so…cuz this procedure only requires flashing of fs,main and custpack!which can be done through jd flasher which supports cid:53!
    but you wont be able to patch it!

  662. KillahK says

    Hi Akshayy,

    i weas browsing along the new site Se-Lifestyle and came across so many bricked k550i, do u no why it happend to them and will it happen to me.

    they say one day suddenly it refuses to start and the IR flashes.

    I followed ur rules 100%

  663. KillahK says


    the MENU.ML U putin ur esnips folder, will it work with any other icon pack???

  664. bhuvan says

    look…if go on the way the tutorials are given…nothing will happen!
    and even if ir flashes…you can repair it through se tool!

    because changing the will change the file names too which should be used!
    so…the is provided…go for that!

  665. antiBioticzz says

    why my k550 suddenly shut down and the IR blinking, and it wont on/ when i press the on button

  666. bhuvan says

    firstly try charging your phone!
    still do not work…then go for erom repair…check out in more guides here!

  667. iggoz says

    hey man.. please help me! i just follow your tutorial step by step and I’m sure that I do correctly.. but when I flash main firmware.. ‘sorry your phone is not supported’ ‘flashing failed’.. my k550i is cid 53. i don’t know what it mean.. so please help me.. send me an email.. [email protected]

  668. bhuvan says

    try jd flasher!
    xs++ do not support cid:53

  669. iggoz says

    and where i can get jd flasher?
    would you like you guide me to flash my k550i to w610i use jd flasher?
    or send me an email [email protected]

  670. iggoz says

    hey man.. i think you should write about flashing k550i to w610i tutorial using jd flasher…

  671. bhuvan says

    jd flasher…look in our file base
    and regarding tutorial
    just look in flashing through jd flasher…its same!
    u just need to use other phone’s firmware rather your own’s

  672. iggoz says

    okay I’m starting now……
    hey, where i can get Fs for my language(indonesian)

  673. iggoz says

    failed man..
    i still don’t understand when i copy ‘W610_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn’ and then hit ‘yeah flash it’.. failed..
    i don’t understand..
    maybe i need tutorial with short and simple step…
    please some one help meeeeee…..

  674. iggoz says


  675. vicky says

    hey is there any modded display driver for the k550i R6BC002?? also require the org display driver…thanx in advnce

  676. howard says

    who can teach me how to change sony ericsson K800i font n main menu icons???please..!!

  677. bhuvan says

    look for the cid:53 fs only!!!
    u can find it in topse

  678. bhuvan says

    look in our filebase or topse…ull get it there

  679. Tarun says

    17:09:04| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    17:09:04| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    17:09:29| Attempting to open the interface…
    17:09:29| TURN OFF PHONE!
    17:09:29| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    17:09:29| You have 30 seconds…
    17:09:35| Baseband ID: 9900
    17:09:35| Protocol Version: 3.1
    17:09:35| Phone name detected!
    17:09:35| Profiling SEMC phone…
    17:09:35| Platform: DB2020
    17:09:35| OTP CID: 51
    17:09:35| EROM CID: 53
    17:09:35| EROM Color: Red
    17:09:35| IMEI: 35851601xxxxxx
    17:09:35| Phone ID: K550
    17:09:35| Region: APAC
    17:09:35| CDA: CDA102743/118 R4A
    17:09:35| Firmware Version: R6BC002
    17:09:35| EROM: R3A022
    17:09:35| Ready for operation!
    17:09:42| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    17:09:42| Error: Failed to send CSLoader!
    17:09:42| FSX Shutdown!
    17:09:44| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    17:14:05| Shutting down…

    hey man plz help..

  680. bulan says

    hye me…i have upload k550 costum menu,the file to tpa/preset/system/menu..but when i open the phone,i lost the icon…now i have only name without the icon in my menu…how to get the icon in the me..

  681. warrior says

    can i flash my k550i to a w660? isnt the w660 better than the w610? will it have plenty bugs what are d benifits/ not benefits? i think it is possible as they have similar specs etc but im not sure……so is it possible?

  682. ahad says

    thanks man i used it and now my phone is w610i and it has a very new and nice look thanks once agian.

  683. HuNteR says

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I just have one question, why doesent the camera open when I open that thingi cover or what ever?

  684. Akshay says

    That’s because w610 firmware is not programmed to do so.

  685. Adrian says

    i need help to flash my k550i phone??? i have icq or just email me at [email protected] thx

  686. bhuvan says

    so what should i mail u??
    evrything is here!

  687. dean says

    Hey, I followed the instructions, but now it says when I power the phone it says “configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service centre.” I bought this as an unlocked phone for NA and used what you had in the tutorial, did I do something wrong? Thanks.

  688. dean says

    Please let me know if I need to flash back and then flash forward. Thanks.

  689. dean says

    I flashed to what you had above, but now when I power up my phone it says I need to contact the network manager or phone operator? Did I do something wrong? I have an unlocked K550i. Thanks.

  690. dean says

    hey, I need help, I flashed my phone, but when I power it on now, it says that there’s a network problem and I have to check with my administrator . . . . should I flash back to the k550 and flash again? I used the exact files above. The flashing worked, but when I turned it on, it had that strange message. Any help would be appreciated. [email protected]

  691. bhuvan says

    u havent uploaded ca files…the custpack…
    download one for ur region

  692. bhuvan says

    u gng way right…
    only need of uploading the right cust pack…the one fr ur region!

  693. bhuvan says

    u better comment for once!
    whenever i come here…i have to approve them and then they will come…and ill answer!
    so plz b patient…

  694. dean says

    Sorry for the many emails, I didn’t know if it went through. Thanks so much . . . this is just awesome, thanks again!!

  695. Bhupinder Singh says

    Hi Akshay,
    Thanx for Your help and this tutorial. As You said, I uploaded the acoustic files of W880 on my K550i and the cell rocks!
    Thanx a ton Man for the help.

    One more request!
    Well, my bro. has a K810i. Can we change the acoustics of this phone to something better or can we altogether change the K810i to something W-Series like we update K550i to W610i?
    If yes then from where? I have searched the whole web and haven’t found the link! What are the files that are neede to be uploaded to K810i-ZAPF files?

    Thanx for Your time,
    GOD Bless.

  696. bhuvan says

    @ Bhupinder Singh
    nope…u cant crossflash it to any other!
    yup…it is db2020 so zapf acoustics will work!like w880 one which u uploaded in ur k550!

  697. ANUP KUMAR says

    hey, i flashe my k550i to w610. at first mobile says insert the sim card but sim card is inserted. I reinsert the battery and on the phone but at this time it says no netw. coverage . Please anyone help me out urgently

  698. bhuvan says

    better post for once only!
    now ur query…upload the right cda files!

  699. anup kumar says

    where can i found one. my w610i@k550i region is AMERICA

  700. ivan wu says

    pliz flasH my sek610i db2020..prgCXC1250540_CHINA_TH R1GB001..MY IMEI:35463701226227620..

  701. Bruce says

    Hi, I just wanna get some advice on sumtin. I connected my k550i to the charger without the battery. The phone came on with a blank screen twice and then it’s not coming on again…solutions?

  702. Akshay says

    tell more, any red light blinking ? no response to XS++ ? setool 2 lite ?

  703. bruce says

    No red light. Responds to XS++

  704. Bruce says

    No red light. It responds to XS++

  705. Vedzitux says

    Guys, please help me. Something wrong happened. My phone does turn on, but when I enter my pin code It shows that It has a Config problem and can’t turn on. While flashing i accidently hitted something whit updating:
    EROM CID should be CID52. OTP CID should be 51 or 52 . ( Your Phone Must satisfy this condition for flashing )
    This stuff from CID51 to CID52. Is there any way to convert it back to CID51?

  706. bhuvan says

    no way of downgrading cid[erom]
    2 the error is coming because you have’nt uploaded the cda files![custpack]

  707. Vedzitux says

    I fixed it. It’s awesome <3 I love it

  708. sahil says

    can i update the xaero ma loud acoustics to my k550i without flashing my k550i to w610i

  709. sahil says

    nd if yes plz tellme how to do this

  710. Akshay says

    yes sure.

  711. siddharth says

    hey bro…while flashing k550i. .. i DONT want to get rid of SE WAP links… den do i need to delete .itm files…?????

  712. siddharth says

    plzz replyy…

  713. Akshay says

    then don’t delete

  714. sahil says

    i am pleased to know that xaero ma loud can b updated to k550i without flashing it to w610i but i want to know how to do it and if i need to update my phone to to cid 52 and also as u said SEUS will update it to cid 53 then what should i do in this case and i also need to know that will i hve to use xs++