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Flash S500 to W580

Welome To The Tutorial !! We Now Flash Sony Ericsson S500i To Sony Ericsson W580i !!!!
By flashing s500 You Get Most of the features of w580
The Best being Walkman 2 Player !
You will then have a Very Cool Phone !

With a Walkman 2 Player !!!!! Superb Music !!


1. Terms of Agreement
2. Terms to Know
3. Plan of action
5. Backup of GDFS
6. Flashing Main
7. Safety Tips
8. CID53 Flashing.
9. Thanksgiving

Terms of agreement

By following this guide you recognize that SE-NSE or the XS++ Team or Me take no responsibility for any damage caused to your handset while doing so, having said that, it is very unlikely that you will. Rarely a phone gets damaged during flashing. But if you do not agree to these terms leave this page now.

Terms to know

Firmware: The software that makes up the entirety of your phone. The firmware consists of:

MAIN: The Operating System (OS) of your phone. Without this, the phone will not run, and will not turn on. After a MAIN file has been flashed, the phone does not need to be customized.

FS ( FileSystem ): This firmware file contains all the files that run your phone (Sound files, menu files, etc.) Every time you flash a new FS onto your phone, you will need to customize
the phone, or you will experience an error.

Custompack/CDA ( Customization, Custompack ): This is usually a directory that contains files the initialize, or activate, the phones FS. If you flash FS then you must even flash a CDA/Custompack else you will get Configuration Error.

XS++: A program that is very useful and easy to flash your phone with. I personally prefer this over SETool 2 Lite, because as many people say, SETool 2 Lite is a GUI minefield, in the sense that all the buttons are crammed together, and if youโ€™re not careful, pressing the wrong button will kill your phone. XS++ is the prime tool for flashing and customizing your phone, because you can flash a FS, MAIN, and Custompack in one flashing session. This guide is now using XS++2.x/3.x, with updated loaders, which now results in fast customization.

MyPhoneExplorer : Use This to backup all Contacts !

Plan Of Action

First backup GDFS and Then We Flash in a W580 Main and FS and Customization pack !!!

Downloads :

1. USB Flash Drivers
2. XS++ 2.2 or 3.1: Click here !
3. W580 Main …. Thanks to mirko750 … Download here
5. w580i FS download one from here or From here.
6. w580i Cust pack download one

Guide Starts :

1. Backup GDFS !! Instructions here

Backing up the GDFS is something which necessarily has to be done when flashing firmware, it is a very good way to ensure you don’t damage your phone beyond repair.

Flashing The Main and FS !

Note: Please use R8BE001 firmwares from the ESNIPS mirko750 folder. R6BC002 don’t work properly with the new S500 and w580.

You can find firmwares at SliderWithStyle Too.

Now the real flashing
Turn off your phone. Start XS++ . Select USB…Reinsert battery.
Click on connect in XS++ and then holding C ( as in SEUS update ) connect your phone to

the USB cable ( with in 30 seconds )
it gets detected then release the C key
The left screen will display your phone details including your firmware version

EROM CID should be CID52. OTP CID should be 51 or 52 . ( Your Phone Must satisfy this condition for flashing ). For CID52 phones you need RED52 Firmwares, keep a note of that.

Click ‘ .โ€ฆโ€™ and select the firmware file W580_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn

Check FS option and select appropriate FS again… (Download FS First.Its the FBN File)

( keep other options unchecked)

hit the flash button and relax !! it will show finished after loading
when done Exit XS++ and disconnect phone……!!

Don’t try to start your phone , we are not yet done ! Customization is Must

Note : Download a FS that has your language ! See Language and FS list here

Customization or CDA Installation
First download the cust pack uploaded my mirko750 at his esinps folder

connect phone

unzip the customization pack ( use the cust pack which goes with the FS of your choice or create one which is very easy )
you will find a folder named “tpa” in it
now in xs++ directory on PC, in the directory where u have xs++.exe create a new folder named “own_custpack”

copy the “tpa” folder into this “own_custpack” folder the path of custom files should be like own_custpack/tpa/preset/custom…

open xs++ and connect fone check only customize file system

now under phone model select ‘Own Custpack’
under CDA and Region, select ‘/own_custpack’

now hit flash…
now in few seconds custom files will be added to your phone and done
Reinsert battery and Start your phone !! Wait for some time !!

Enjoy your w580i

Information :

Radio won’t work because the phone does not have a radio tuner.. the phone just searches for stations !
Even the shake feature won’t work .. !
Rest everything should work..!

Safety Tips

Keep the battery at 90-100 % charge…!! This is necessary…
While using XS++ don’t load your computers processor !! Your Computer should not hang in between !!
And also Power should not shutdown !! ( i mean computer must not shutdown )
GDFS backup is a must !! Don’t forget it.

CID53 Flashing

Now all new phones are not CID52, this tutorial is only for CID52, to flash CID53 phones, you need CID53 Firmwares. They are named as RED53. So download R8BE001 RED53 firmwares and flash it with JDfalsher. We have JDflasher Flashing Tutorial. Check it out. All you need to do is, flash S500 With W580 RED53 Firmwares with Jdflasher. And no need for GDFS backup in case of CID53.

Thanks to :

1) mirko750 for confirming that s500 can be flashed to w580
2) Rekoil for his pictures.
3) Wally_dog for the Terms and conditions !!

And Thanks to The Creators of XS++ with which this would have not been possible !!

That’s all folks
Regards !
Akshay !!

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495 Responses

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  1. manan says

    done the flashing of phone to w580, unlocked it from the operator code(i was bound to use virgin sim card only, but not now ;), and loving the walkman2.0!
    thanks akshay!!

  2. Akshay says

    congrats dude, as said you can always relay on my tutorials

  3. Sunny says

    i followed your tutorial at
    it works fine but i can’t get rid of the pedometer counter.
    I found a solution of: get w580’s then go to:
    menu>fitness>settings>step count>off
    but i can’t extract it using the far or sefstool =( can someone extract the for me or is there another way to get rid of this counter?

  4. Akshay says

    Yes sure .. right at my site there is a tutorial on how to extract an FS ..!! Please follow it ! you can extract your FS following the tutorial

    regards.. it should work..!!

  5. Inger-Marie says

    Hi!… How can I change my phone back to S500i?

  6. Akshay says

    to change your phone back to S500. you must reflash with s500 Main and FS

  7. Inger-Marie says

    Where can I find S500 Main and FS? Can you please send me the direct links…? And btw, I live in Europe, if that helps any. Thanks!

  8. Akshay says

    what language do u need ? that’s important

  9. Inger-Marie says

    Yeah… I noticed… I can’t use T9 on english. I am Norwegian

  10. Akshay says

    you need a Europe 4 FS
    Generic Main is same for all countries

    contact mirko750 .. he can get u an Europe 4 FS hopefully

    here is w580 Europe 4 FS ..

  11. Inger-Marie says

    I don’t understand.. Cuz the Generic Main sais that its for W580i…? (W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn).
    And i’m suppose to change W580_R8BA024_FS_EUROPE_1_RED52.fbn to the file mirko750 provides me?

  12. Akshay says

    no no .. mirko750 has a collection of many FS at ensips.
    GENERIC MAIN Is SAME for all Languages and regions.
    but FS if you want Norwegian then use EUROPE 4
    here EUROPE 1 is just an example man .
    get FS from here ..!!

    but i hv already given you Europe 4 FS link. use it.
    use it with Europe 4 cust pack. download cust pack from Se-nse download area.

  13. Akshay says

    well actually europe 4 cust pack is available at mirko750 esnips folder in cust pack section.. plzz see it

  14. Inger-Marie says

    Sorry that i’m using your time.. But I really don’t want to damage my phone… But is this the right files?
    And I don’t know what cuztom file im suppose to download…
    Sorry, for me being so stupid.. ๐Ÿ™

  15. Akshay says

    hmm both FS … where is main.. what do u want to do ??
    to flash phone to w580 . use any w580 main and w580 europe 4 FS

  16. Inger-Marie says

    I want to flash it back to S500i

  17. Akshay says

    for that you will need S500 Main and S500 Europe 4 FS. ๐Ÿ™ try to search for it in mirko750 folder.

  18. Inger-Marie says

    ok… So, you think its difficult to get it back to S500?
    Is it possible for you to find the files for me, cuz i’m not 100% sure, what i’m looking for… ๐Ÿ™
    Sorry for spamming your whole comment box…

  19. Akshay says

    add me on MSN.. my id is [email protected]

  20. jam says

    “Backup GDFS !! Instructions here” link does’nt work )= what should i do ?

    best regards

  21. Akshay says

    fixed .. thanks for info
    its actually there in tutorial section
    check out entire site for more cool stuff

  22. jam says

    nice ๐Ÿ˜€ thx m8

  23. wtfizzle says

    hey i successfully flashed my s500i with w580i main and fs but i have one problem. when i start my camera it says “Another application is running. Close it, and then start the camera. I dont know how to fix it can anyone help please.

  24. Akshay says

    hey there .. do a full reflash of FS and Main again with custpack also correct one.
    btw which region ?? it shld work
    also try master reset

  25. Akshay says

    btw S500 flashed to W580 works flawlessly …! many have flashed it ๐Ÿ˜‰ with success

  26. jam says

    do u know were i can find “S500 FS europe 4 ?”
    i have looked everywere
    Best Regards

  27. wtfizzle says

    i live in the u.s. so i picked the american FS. should i reflash with another region?

  28. Akshay says

    hey man since you use english .. any fs will do.
    coz all fs hv english

    jam .. man i don’t kno whr to get s500 europe FS 4 for free…but u can get w580 europe 4 fs..!!
    if u need it badly then plzz get it from topsony for 2 euro..! or else wait..!! may be feb 1st .. i will ask mirko750 to get it..!! or if its availble at mirko750 ensips then great.. just search for it..

  29. jam says

    hehe thx for the answer..
    i found it ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. mundix says

    hello akshay.. thanks to you for helping me pimp my phone!

    anyway, do you have the original k550 APAC FS? specifically this? K550_R6BC002_FS_APAC_RED52..

    i might need it if i am going to revert this to k550 so as not to void my warranty..

  31. Akshay says

    you posted at wrong place. yeah that fs i will see.. get back later..! i don’t have it now.. its hard to get uncommon fs for uncommon phone
    coz all k550 are flashed to w610 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. joanna says

    I followed directions and everything went fine until I put my sim in. It gives me “configuration error please contact network operator”

    Oh oh…
    Please help me ๐Ÿ™

  33. joanna says

    ^ YAY!! I fixed it!!
    I had to do it all again and it WORKED!!

    Thank you AKSHAY..

    Just to let you know guys, those who are paranoid about their phones not working blah blah this tutorial works!!!

    PLUS I’m a girl and reallllly bad with computers yet I was able to flash my phone by following the tutorial promptly.. Piece of cake!!
    Enjoying the new w580i themes now!!

    Thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Akshay says

    yeah right … !! thanks for your comments nice to know !! enjoy the new features ..!!
    you can install even the old themes back again

  35. pratik says

    @ joanna
    u forgot to customize ur fs.
    in d downloads section above u’ll get w580 custom pack.
    upload its contents to tpa/preset/custom.
    then u’ll get a new w580i

  36. joanna says

    Thank you pratik!!
    Will do right now!

  37. kerry says

    hey akshay im getting an error which says โ€œconfiguration error.please check network operator or service centre.โ€ i tried to flash it again but it still gives me the same worked for me the first time but only flight mode was available,and the icons had the wrong words attached to them.need help not sure wat to do.

  38. Akshay says

    if you don’t follow tutorail properly that’s what happens ๐Ÿ˜‰
    you forgot customization part .. its after flashing main and fs

  39. kerry says

    i did the customization part and i am still getting the same comes up just after i select normal mode or flight mode.

  40. Akshay says

    oh ok then do a full reflash of fs main and custpack again .. it shld fix it

  41. kerry says

    i tried that also and still the same thing comes up.anymore suggestions as to what to do or should i just take it to the service providers?….by the way my bro did it to his s500i yesterday and it is working perfectly.

  42. Akshay says

    no idea .. after a full reflash of FS and MAIN and CUSTPACK it should be fixed
    choose your firmwares properly
    also the CDA or Custpack..

    if that’s not working do a gdfs write … see this

  43. igniz77 says

    hi there….
    how to convert z610i to z750i?
    and thanx to akshayy for convert s500 to w580…..thanx master….!!

  44. Akshay says

    i am not sure about it .. i will see what phone z610i can be flashed to
    mostly it can be flashed to w710

  45. kerry says

    hey akshay i got the problem resolved..when creating the customization folder i was spelling it “cust_pak” instead of “cust_pack.”i jus had to follow the tutorial properly..thnx for ur speedy responses to my previous w580 is so cool..cheers mate

  46. shinigamiboi says

    thanks all works well

  47. shinji says

    how come there no custom pack for ANZ (australia and NZ?) is it easy to create my own?

  48. Akshay says

    use any … as far as i know in AUS and NZ ppl use only english language !! right ?

  49. Sarge says

    hey just did this and its working awsome, but now i want to change back to a normal s500i could i get a ANZ firmware link plz,

    need FS and Main ANZ


  50. Sarge101 says

    I need an Aust. version of the firmware, and Fs..

    also if i keep the w580 flashed on my phone how do i remove the pedometer? its stuck at 0 and i dont know how to turn it off.

    tnx in advance

  51. Sarge says

    just posted, dont know y it went above your comments

  52. Akshay says

    ^^ in a few days .. !! now sorry !! i am not well damn .. also exams are on

  53. Akshay says

    which language did you want actually ?

  54. Akshay says

    ok i you are the only guy who is having this problem

    to fix it .. reflash FS and MAIN and also Custpack ..
    this time another one

    i think you need english .. in AUS ! use any FS and its custpack !!

    its should get fixed !

    the phone is better as a W580 !! Not as a S500 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. Antony says

    “another application is running. Close it, and then start the camera” – This comment is shown on the display when i try to use my Sony Ericsson k810i camera. Any solution please.

  56. ah waey says

    juz have a few questions here..
    i juz bought my se s500i last month..
    i’m from malaysia..
    which fs is suitable for me to flash with my fone to se w580i?
    n what about the custom pack?
    plz…recommend me anything.. (~.~)

  57. eiy says

    do u have the original of se s500i?
    i need it badly..
    where can i download it for free..?
    plz do help me..

  58. Akshay says

    get the menu ml in an FS of S500
    downlaod S500 FS from MIRKO750 Esnips folder
    search in there you should get it

    then extract the FS .. to get menu ml

    in malayisia i don’t have idea which language you use to sms
    you use any fs that has all languages you want

  59. majid says

    well how to install the seus file?????????

    can some one send me step by step procedure? [email protected]

  60. pratik says

    from the official sony website .

  61. pratik says

    after downloading just follow the instructions …
    & ur phone will be updated.

  62. Peti says

    Of course from the official website but then it may not work, it has never worked just like that for me, I also had to install flash player, and still it didn’t (btw I installed in Internet Explorer so it should have worked), but one thing worked for me, installing this one:

  63. majid says

    ok i did the install seus it did update(may be).now after installing XS++ i have W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52(.rar file). i do have win rar in my computer and when i try opening it frm with winrar it changed to W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn
    and its still an unknown file. the file that i have downloaded is correct?how shud make this working if it is correct?

  64. majid says

    i live in hyderabad (INDIA).any one frm india can help me with this i can call u. if u dont mind!

  65. majid921 says

    i am not able to sign up in wtf? i tired like 100 times still not gettting in? what shud i do i need to do fs now and i cant sign up with to download the file!

  66. Akshay says

    did you try out the other link that i had given ?

    if this is not working ! then let me know !
    btw use any FS man , since you are in INDIA you need english which is present in all FS !

  67. majid says

    ok i did flash how ever i think i havent done it correctly or i have done it completely cos i have walk man icon in the menu now! but its still 500i

    I HAVE:-
    >updated my phone with seus
    >xs++ (W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn) i have flashed it!

    wat shud i do next?please give me the link so that i can follow it akshay?
    i did try doing the custom pack but i cant :(!

  68. Akshay says

    you again flashed main
    flash an FS .. a file which has the word “FS” in its long name

  69. majid says

    i went in XS++ i flashed i my cell phone with W580_R8BA024_FS_EUROPE_1_RED52.fbn and it flashed successfully now when i turn my cell on i am getting error message saying, “configuration error.please contact your network operator or service centre” :(. what should i do now? ๐Ÿ™

  70. majid says

    as usuall i dont have patience to wait for u to give a reply i flashed my cell phone W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn
    and i have the same error message saying “configuration error.please contact your network operator or service centre”. :(( what should i do akshay? please help ๐Ÿ™ and plz letme know when ull be online

  71. login_raj says

    Hi majid,

    You need to remove your sim card before start flashing. pls let me know any error if displayed. I am sure ur phone will work.


  72. Akshay says

    MAJID you have not read tutorial properly
    now flash FS also and then Flash Cust pack phone will start

    in tutorial its clearly mentioned About Configuration error !! read it ๐Ÿ˜‰
    now just flash FS also and then CUSTPACK
    use the FS which has your language

  73. majid says

    hey its flashed ****580i****…………. thankz man i neva thaught i ll do it or not!

    is there any thing else that i have to do ? how can i get walk man themes? any idea? …..but still thankx!

  74. majid says

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ @}:- ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ 580i ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ @}:- ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. Peti says has many themes, besides you can use google. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. Akshay says

    you can follow out other tutorials here !

  77. majid says

    hey! hmmmmm wheres the link? plz provide me the links please !!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks waitting for ur reply!

  78. majid says

    i went in some russian site and i saw wow themes in there how do i get those theme and i saw in some phone when u play song in walk man ull c dancing girl…… extar themes….

    please provide me with the link!

  79. Akshay says

    hey majid ! Topse Russia is our affilate
    you see our download page to get the English Registartion page
    then register and download

    there is no other way ! even we don’t know russian !
    you can use google translator . register , login and then download !
    its very easy ! you just need to be patient

  80. kc says

    thanks man ! thank you so much.. I just converted my s500i to w580.. cool. … its really really nice.. thanks.. thanks a lot. without you and your tutorial its not possible for me to do this. you deserve a lot.
    keep rocking !!!

  81. kc says

    oh my god ! everchanging theme is not working … i really like this theme. can you please tell me how to make everchanging theme work on w580i eralier s500i.
    plz.. tell me soon i read it somewhare on internet that it can be done. So, plz help me.
    I knw you will … thanks

  82. Peti says

    Is that a walkman skin name?
    If so, are other skins working?

  83. Peti says

    Or flash menu, are others ok?

  84. Akshay says

    that’s a flash menu
    its crap … but still many like it

    download the flash menu and upload it using XS++ FSX or Far manager .. it should work !

  85. Nikunj says

    hi akshay i wanted to ask tht can i cross flash my k810i n if yes wit which phone i can do it so tht everything on the phone works fine

  86. Peti says

    Only K800, but that isn’t worth doing, K810 is better.

  87. majid says

    hey akshey and peti how r u guys? hey how should i change the icons of the main menu?please help!

  88. Rudhra says

    Besides Walkman 2.0, what are the other benefits of flashing to W580?

    I read you loose the pretty Ever-Changing-Theme, unique on the S500i, is this correct? It’s a design phone and my girl doesn’t want to loose this theme…

  89. Peti says

    @majid: there you can find the info you need.
    @Rudhra: I never had an S500@W580, so I don’t really know, but I think that the Ever-changing theme can be reacquired from the internet.
    As for other benefits, I can say patching. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. farhia says

    when i convert s500i to w580i will i lose my pictures and songs??

  91. Naeem says

    can i revert back to s500

  92. Naeem says

    can radio tuner work

    receiver is in audio attachment

  93. Akshay says

    farhia .. yes… so back them up

    naeem .. yes you can.. but there is no reason to do so.
    yes for radio thing.. but your phone can’t control it

  94. Stanislav says

    i tried to flash my S500 and all seems good but when i tried to switch my phone say “configuration error. please contact your network operator or srvice centre.” PLEASE HELP!!!

  95. Peti says

    You should have searched first.-.-

  96. Akshay says

    Stan. you should have read the tutorial properly

  97. karan says

    need help.. want to flah s500i to w580i but i see CID 53.. i.e. my phone is not recognised in xs++ 3.0. can any one out there help me in this type !
    thanks in advance !

  98. Akshay says

    sorry wait for jd flasher cid53 tutorial.
    xs++ can’t flash cid53

  99. kerin says

    hey mate my s500i is dead i think its a software problem cn u help me ? contact me on [email protected]

  100. Akshay says

    you tell your problem here. we will see.
    use the contact form/page to mail us.

  101. Michael says

    Hi, this is a really urgent comment.
    I am really scared that i cannot get my phone back to normal.

    I keep having this Message coming up everytime i turn on my phone โ€œconfiguration error. please contact your network operator or srvice centre”

    and it is really scaring me. can you please reply or add me on msn as soon a possible [email protected]

  102. Michael says

    i think i know my problem, i am getting confused at the cust pack part.

    where is the XS++ directory in pc.
    what does that mean.
    where do i create my own_custpack folder?

  103. kerin says

    wen u turn the ph on it vibratz twice , no light on screen or keypad , wat should i do , cn u giv me step by step tutorial

  104. Akshay says

    kerin reflash main and fs and cda. follow this tutorial. and better use w580 main and fs because it will then be a w580 instead of boring s500

  105. Akshay says

    Micheal yours is a classic case of not following tutorial properly. flash cda/custpack to get rid of config error.

  106. Michael says

    Can you tell me how to flash my custpack.
    i do know here to create my own_custpack folder.
    Where is the XS++ directory??

  107. Akshay says

    how will i know where is your XS++ directory
    i have XS++.exe in C:\ then create own_custpack folder in C:\

    if XS++.exe is on desktop then create own_custpack folder in desktop. simple man. basics of using a computer with windows xp.

  108. sony lover says

    where ever ur xs++ is there ull have ur own_custpak.

  109. Peti says

    It isn’t you’ll have, it is you must have. So the program won’t create the custpack itself, you just have to put it there.

  110. Akshay says

    sony lover.. that’s lot of confusion
    for everything use FarManager its the best.

  111. sony lover says

    i did flash my s500i to w580i……
    i did flash some of the fine skins for walkman…..
    i am not able to flash cool fonts for my cell phone….
    iam not able to change the fonts of my cell phone…..

    not able to understan how to download the regular fonts please provide me any link to download the regular and bold fonts….

    i did flash thru xs++ nothing happ i downloaded frm…..

    i did flash Red_Style_Pack_W580i_by_BossX3 (i have no idea wat it is ;))

    i did flash Crystal_W580i where u have awsome icons with however nothing happ!

    plz correct me…


  112. sony lover says

    i am just not gud with xs++ and thinking of far manager is very far…..

    i am just working on site and i am getting all with icons and i have other theme as well and i am just confused how to get that menu thing working…

    i have already worked on far manager its kinda confusing…

  113. sony lover says

    i dont think its so easy with this link… sorry lot of confusion…..

    1:- wats SE Menu ?
    2:-In the File System (FS) of any SE firmware you will find a MENU.ML file at FS\TPA\PRESET\SYSTEM\MENU\**MENU ML HERE** are u talking about the file im computer where i have xs++…
    3:-Just flash in the Menu ml to its location along with the icons that came with it. when y say flash is it xs++ and how am i flashing? is it own cutom?
    4:-Thatโ€™s it .. Restart your phone and the new menu will greet you….i wish it could happ cos i flashed it 4 to 5 times! ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. Peti says

    Try a different, or modify it for yourself. has to be uploaded to its right place, to tpa/preset/system/menu.
    FAR Manager is easy to use, so it is confusing, then I don’t know what to do.

  115. Kenny says

    I am planning to get a i500 but i heard the keypad crack easily, did sony fixed this problem yeT?

  116. sony lover says

    after that when i restarted my cell phone i have an error message saying โ€œError occur in the This may render the menu unusable.โ€ and i have an option to click ok. i get the menu and after that i dont get the error message its only when i restart my cell.i did flash fx now with a different and now it says configuration error please contact your network operator or service centre. wat should i do now sir? i did not flash with sim in cell.i have searched every where to fix this problem and i am not able to do soโ€ฆ.please some one help meโ€ฆ. if any one knows this problem plz contact me right away i will be available on my yahoo messangerโ€ฆ

    [email protected]

    i will be available 24 hours frm now!

  117. sony lover says

    configuration error please contact your network operator or service centre.

  118. Akshay says

    Sony Lover
    just reflash FS …… and CDA.

    that’s all phone will get back to normal then do whatever you want.

  119. Shaba says

    Hi I’m from Mexico, I bought my S500i a few weeks ago, then i found out by googling that I can flash my phone to W850i… Now here’s my question: Which Main,FS and Cust Pack do I need to flash my phone? I think that they must be those that say america… I’m right???

  120. Akshay says

    what language you wanted ?
    find out which FS Region from here

    i think you want mexican. or is it ?
    AMERICA_1 US English – Canadian French – Latin American Spanish

    AMERICA_2 US English – Brazilian Portuguese – Latin American Spanish

    choose one.

  121. Shaba says

    Thanks Akshay… It is AMERICA_2 for the FS and the Cust Pack…

    I just had to search in my phone configuration and found this three languages: portuguese,spanish and english..

    The MAIN is the only one that comes in the link
    you posted…

    Thnxs for the help!!!!!

    Let’s see what happens…

  122. Shibby!! says

    Hey akshay love ya work!!
    just wondering if youd be able to write a guide on how to flash a s500i phone which is cid 53 and with links to firmware?? that would be much appriciated!!! :):)

    or even help me on how i could do this with my s500i phone

  123. Akshay says

    this is the tutorial
    flashing CID53 with jdflasher tutorial is out there.
    now use that to flash the firmwares.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    lets see what else i can do.

  124. shibby!! says

    akshay i was wondering with your vast knowlage, how could i either extract a main and fs from a s500i phone or where would be a place to find such files, ie sites (cid 53) ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. Akshay says

    you can find them at
    and also a few at !

  126. oden says

    Hi thanx 4 the tut.
    I have few quistions
    1-I have these files Main and FS and custpack you gave the links for above but before I do this
    Will I be able to write arabic and eng using this
    I cant then what do I need to cange FS or custpack ?? can you give me the appropriate one 4 arabic and english ??

    2-when I want to flash it back to S500 when I do restore GFDS do it or I have to flash it back and can you give me main and fs for original R8BA024

    thanx in advance

  127. Akshay says

    no restoring gdfs.. who has told that ??
    if FS has arabic language and cda has the same kind of name as FS you will get arabic and english both in all combinations.

    that’s it !!!
    arabic langauge FS+ arabic language customize.xml/CDA/Custpack.

  128. oden says

    OK can you please give me the link for FS


    it contain both arabic and english or any one cantain them both for w580

    and main & FS for S500 plz

  129. oden says

    one more thing do I have to get another custpack to make it support arabic

    thanx again for your help

  130. Peti says

    get files from topse, mobilefree,…
    fs and cda must be same region

  131. weezer says

    yippeee! managed to crossflash my s500i to w580i. hehe! great walkman player, i think the walkman 2 works better than walkman 3. anyway thanx to akshay coz without this guide, i wouldnt even know s500 can be flashed to w580. initially i heard it as a rumors, but here im holding my new s500 crossflash to w580. i did another crossflash phone k530–>w660 too. so now looking forward to do the hybrid flash k550+w610. lol!

  132. karan says

    hi akshay
    i have s500 with cid 53. I want it to flash with w580 firmware. But when i try i get this error(see log)

    01:01:51| XS++ v3.2 Dev1 (Crystal) Ready !
    01:01:51| Executed on Microsoft Windows Vista
    01:01:59| Attempting to open the interface…
    01:01:59| TURN OFF PHONE!
    01:01:59| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    01:01:59| You have 30 seconds…
    01:02:07| Baseband ID: 9900
    01:02:07| Protocol Version: 3.1
    01:02:07| Phone name detected!
    01:02:07| Profiling SEMC phone…
    01:02:07| Platform: DB2020
    01:02:07| OTP CID: 51
    01:02:07| EROM CID: 53
    01:02:07| EROM Color: Red
    01:02:07| IMEI: 35908501xxxxxx
    01:02:07| Phone ID: S500
    01:02:07| Region: S_ASIA_LEVAN
    01:02:07| CDA: CDA102568/110 R8A
    01:02:07| Firmware Version: R8BE001
    01:02:07| EROM: R3A022
    01:02:07| Ready for operation!
    01:04:32| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    01:04:32| Error: Cannot send flash loader
    01:04:32| Error: Flashing failed
    01:04:34| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    Can you plz tell me any other way getting walkman of w580i..
    plz .. need help

  133. Peti says

    For CID 53 you must use JDFlasher.

  134. ali says

    hi, i flashed mine so easy but it was hard to install usb drivers for vista, so it was a bit frustrating. once i got it installed it was so easy thanks to this tut. i got flash menus from the net and walman skins too. very nice. although once during flashing i did break my phone. it would just turn on vibrate n turn off. but somehow i fixed that too. thanks alot bro.. good tut. anythingelse yus think wud be cool to have on the s500i?

  135. Peti says

    Hmm. Uploading Walkman skins to ๐Ÿ˜€

  136. w960d2 says

    gracias muy buen aporte esta esto traducido al espaรฑol gracias de antemano

  137. Akshay says

    Sure you are welcome.
    To the LEFT sidebar in this website we have a Google Translator WIDGET.

  138. Peti says

    Using espanol in an english site, amigo? ๐Ÿ˜€

  139. corvus says

    hi i cant flash my s500i please help me
    i use the files:
    im in mexico and also try mi own custum fily system i download the telcel mexico one.
    everything works until it has to flash mi file system
    here is the log:
    16:23:25| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    16:23:25| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    16:23:59| Attempting to open the interface…
    16:23:59| TURN OFF PHONE!
    16:23:59| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    16:23:59| You have 30 seconds…
    16:24:04| Baseband ID: 9900
    16:24:04| Protocol Version: 3.1
    16:24:04| Phone name detected!
    16:24:04| Profiling SEMC phone…
    16:24:04| Platform: DB2020
    16:24:04| OTP CID: 51
    16:24:04| EROM CID: 52
    16:24:04| EROM Color: Red
    16:24:04| IMEI: 35683301xxxxxx
    16:24:04| Phone ID: S500
    16:24:04| Region: AMERICA_2
    16:24:04| CDA: CDA102765/76 R8A
    16:24:04| Firmware Version: R6BC002
    16:24:04| EROM: R3A022
    16:24:04| Ready for operation!
    16:24:45| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…
    16:24:45| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J
    16:24:45| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    16:24:45| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid52_r2a006.bin…
    16:24:46| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0
    16:24:46| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
    16:24:46| Sending db2020_red52_cs_r3a009.bin…
    16:24:47| Applet ID: 070410 1557 HANCXC1250562_DB2020_CSLOADER_R3A009
    16:24:47| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    16:24:47| Activating loader…
    16:24:47| Activating GDFS…
    16:25:02| This loader is UNLOCKED
    16:25:02| Backing up the GDFS…
    16:25:04| Stated variables: 1410
    16:25:08| Variables found: 869
    16:25:10| Variables found: 439
    16:25:10| Variables found: 102
    16:25:10| Wrote backup to .\Backup\S500_35683301xxxxxx_GDFS_BACKUP.bin
    16:25:10| GDFS was backed up successfully!
    16:25:10| GDFS operation was successful
    16:25:12| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    16:26:04| Shutting down…
    16:26:13| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    16:26:13| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    16:26:44| Attempting to open the interface…
    16:26:44| TURN OFF PHONE!
    16:26:44| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    16:26:44| You have 30 seconds…
    16:26:51| Baseband ID: 9900
    16:26:51| Protocol Version: 3.1
    16:26:51| Phone name detected!
    16:26:51| Profiling SEMC phone…
    16:26:51| Platform: DB2020
    16:26:51| OTP CID: 51
    16:26:51| EROM CID: 52
    16:26:51| EROM Color: Red
    16:26:51| IMEI: 35683301xxxxxx
    16:26:51| Phone ID: S500
    16:26:51| Region: AMERICA_2
    16:26:51| CDA: CDA102765/76 R8A
    16:26:51| Firmware Version: R6BC002
    16:26:51| EROM: R3A022
    16:26:51| Ready for operation!
    16:34:58| After making any changes with FSX
    16:34:58| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button
    16:35:08| After making any changes with FSX
    16:35:08| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button
    16:44:25| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…
    16:44:25| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J
    16:44:25| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    16:44:25| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid52_r2a006.bin…
    16:44:26| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0
    16:44:26| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
    16:44:26| Sending db2020_cid52red_flash_r2a005.bin…
    16:44:26| Applet ID: 061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
    16:44:26| This is a FLASH loader
    16:44:26| Now flashing firmware main…
    16:44:26| Flashing c:\documents and settings\corvus\escritorio\w580_r6bc002_main_generic_la_red52\w580_r6bc002_main_generic_la_red52.mbn
    16:44:26| Header type: BABE
    16:44:26| 460 flashblocks
    16:48:12| Finishing flash
    16:48:12| Done flashing
    16:48:12| Now flashing filesystem…
    16:48:13| Flashing c:\documents and settings\corvus\escritorio\w580_r6bc002_fs_america_2_red53\w580_r6bc002_fs_america_2_red53.fbn
    16:48:13| Header type: BABE
    16:48:13| 209 flashblocks
    16:48:13| Binary acknowledge failed with: 89
    16:48:13| Failed
    16:48:13| Binary acknowledge failed with: 68
    16:48:13| Command: Error 0x68
    16:48:13| Failed sending flashblock 1. Returnvalue 0x1CAE80C
    16:48:13| Finishing flash
    16:48:13| Binary acknowledge failed with: 02
    16:48:13| Failed
    16:48:13| Failed
    16:53:43| Error: Flashing failed
    16:53:43| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

  140. Akshay says

    CORVUS. See clearly what you are using

    RED53 FS ?
    No dude use RED52 AMERICA 2 FS.
    And use America 2 CDA/Custpack.
    Later you can download settings from sony ericsson website.

  141. Budulis says

    Hello Akshay,

    I am interested in turning my s500 to w580 but i have a couple of questions.

    First- Will all files from phone memory disappear?
    Second- What FS should i download for example if i am living in Lithuania, Europe? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you

  142. Budulis says

    I am sorry, i just noticed a link to the list of languages, forgive me for second question ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Akshay says

    only personal stuff goes.
    sony ericsson stuff is put back again.
    all s500 stuff will go.
    w580 stuff will be put in..

    make copy of m2 and phone memory…

  144. Peti says

    And backup contacts with MyPhoneExplorer.

  145. Ram says

    I need sum help… Which custpack should i choose.. I want to b able to put lotsa elves, patches, flash menus without needing to debrand again…

  146. Ram says

    Im using R6BC002 main n FS. So i should use R6B custpack also right? And my language option is APAC

  147. Ram says

    Im really sorry for askin too many questions.. But i want to make sure everything will go fine… Ive seen loads of cool patches for R8BA024. Now im bout to flash to R6BC002. That means i obviously cant use all those patches on my R6 rite? And if after flashing and all, if i update via seus it will be updated to R8? Please help….. 10x aloot mate…

  148. Peti says

    You must use R8 to have elves on w580. CDA is not fw version dependent. You can’t use r8 patches on r6. SEUS updates the phone to cid53, you mustn’t use it!!

  149. Ram says

    So if i flash my hp to R8 w580i, ill b able to use all R8 patches n elfs rite? Where can i get the R8 main?

  150. Peti says

    All W580 – R8BA024 patches. Download main from

  151. Ram says

    Ok. Great.. 10x aloot.. One more question.. For the custpack it says R8A. But FS and Main are R8B.. Is it ok?

  152. BenBen says

    Hi there,
    Everything worked perfectly but only when i start my phone the screen in blurry everything seems to be out of place…
    What can i do?
    I really dont want to damage my phone…

  153. Akshay says

    reflash main and fs and cda again.
    this time download main and fs from else where.
    if problem presists then your original hardware was fautly…

    this is 1st of its kind problem. we have never come across any such problem with any phone in years.

  154. Peti says

    You can try installing different drivers, but the default ones should also work. Strange. I would now try to restore the phone to the one it was. Flash S500 fw back on it to see if it works that way. If not, probably hardware problem… ๐Ÿ™

  155. BenBen says

    ok.. thankyou very much for the help… ill give it a try now… =]

  156. BenBen says

    where else can i get a different MAIN? because the link above only provides me with one main… =S

  157. BenBen says

    no.. =[ same happened again.. any ways i can restore back to the s500i again? =[

  158. BenBen says

    Nevermind its fine now =] it was the MAIN for some wierd reason downloaded one from different site and now its work perfectly! =] Thanks alot! This Flashing rocks! =]

    Take Care!


  159. sadas says

    same problem as BenBen. I tryed different main, FS and CDA files but everyone makes my screen blurry. Can you please tell me what files to use? Tnx

  160. Akshay says

    hmmmmm what’s up with all the phones then…
    hmmm !!

    well you can download fresh ones from this website.
    register there first…

  161. sadas says

    i have fixed it now ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried like 100 different combinations to make it work.

    Can the next one pls write here what MAIN, FS and CDA file he used

  162. sadas says

    if somebody will have the same problem as I, the files that worked for me:
    MAIN: W580_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn
    FS: W580_R8BE001_FS_EUROPE_5_RED52.fbn
    CDA: CDA102568/207

    Does somebody have the files to downgrade it back to s500?

  163. ali says

    hi. i flashed my phone a while ago but now when i turn on my phone the phone turns on but the screen doesnt. i can still play the music player and the sound works fine. i just cant see anything on the screen as it does not turn on. my phone is s500i flashed to w580i. thanks alot bye.

  164. Akshay says

    sadas, you can get those files again in share2flash or sesuers etc.

    ALI. May be your screen is now dead. And screen needs replacement.
    Try to reflash back to S500 by reflashing main and fs and cda.

    Then if all ok reflash back to w580

  165. Ram says

    Hey there i’ce successfully flashed my s500i to w580i.. Lol… Im gona apply more patches later.. 10x aloot for yer tuts…

  166. Ram says

    BTW i have one small problem… I used china FS and custom pack.. Some of the files life light effects, walkman skins are in chinese. And ive replaced my fonts wif SE font.. So now these are blank.. How can i rename em ?

  167. ali says

    hi. i took it to the Sony ericsson repair center but i dont know if they are going to fix it because i think i void the warrantly because of the flash. also do you have the 5500i main n fs n cust pack. thanks alot for the reply

  168. sadas says

    share2flash is not working? Can somebody confirm?

  169. Akshay says

    RAM.I got better idea.
    Reflash phone with generic FS such as ASIA LEVAN or CENT EUROPE and use GENRIC MAIN. and any god given cda/custpack ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ali. Chill. its free.

    sadas. try here. sure will get.

    if its only english language that you want, then get it from here only.

    also why is not ensips mirko folder not working ?

  170. Ram says

    Hey there, i cant find any Central europe R6 CDA…. Help plss.

  171. Akshay says

    RAM use any CDA. As you use english.
    FS and CDA should not matter for us English users.

    well i don’t care at all, we guys always use some FS and CDA. LOL !!

    but for non-english people it matters.

    use any CENT_EUROPE cda. nothing like R6 or R8.
    does not matter.

  172. Teet says

    Anyone tried flashing w580 to w910?

  173. Akshay says

    its not possible.
    as they are different platform.
    different hardware.

  174. Teet says

    Oh right!
    Found it now…
    DB 2020 and DB 3150.
    Stupid question.
    Here’s 1 more: Is there anyway to add walkman 3.0 on w580?

  175. Akshay says

    Theoretically its possible.
    but it will take lot of time to create such a babe flash. lots of ARM programming..
    its a waste of time to do.

    but people have make babe flash for Converting music player to Walkman 1.4
    Walkman 3.0 is a long long way.

  176. saeed says

    the program is not working ๐Ÿ˜›

  177. Peti says

    First install USB Flash drivers, and better use Wundows XP.

  178. bhuvan says

    heyyy….is there ne way out of crossflashing 2mp cyber shot to walkman cybershot fon???????

  179. Peti says

    2mp Cyber-shot… well K550 can be crossflashed to W610, though it is not a pretty good camera phone, cyber-shot was only a marketing idea. There are no other cyber-shot -> walkman conversions AFAIK.

  180. richard says

    Ive just flashed my sons s500i to w580 but its still locked to o2 no other sim works any ideas much appreciated.

  181. richard says

    forgot to say apart from being locked everything else works perfect thanks

  182. Akshay says

    good then
    now unlock the phone.
    we have a tutorial to unlock phones.. check out.
    it will start after unlocking.

  183. Paul says

    Great s500 to w580 works ! To get rid of Radio and Fitness apps easily just flash the s500 (easier than modding the w580 menu). Then use SETool Lite to get rid of the extra java apps.

    Does anyone know why after the flash fast forward and pause is not working when playing videos ? This is before any patches are applied.

  184. Akshay says

    yeah good idea.
    is it ? try to reflash again.
    everything should work well actually.

  185. karan says

    hi Aksyay,
    i have s500 cid53, i want walkman of w580i on my phone. please help me, what can i do ?
    i am having no idea. I’ll be so thankful to you if you provid me the link for the files required in the process.
    And i don’t know where to download jdflasher and how to use that.
    please help me. reply .

  186. karan says

    sorry for the misspelled name.. Akshay

  187. Peti says

    You can do it, but this tutorial won’t work. First download FAR Manager, then install JDFlasher in it. Find everything at Get CID53 firmwares from or Check them with babeck.
    If everything is ok, start FAR Manager. Press Alt+F1, select just da flasher.Select DB2020 script, DCU-60 cable, and the highest speed. Hit enter. Then Go into oflash. On the other panel, select your mbn and fbn files and copy them over. Then you can go up (..) and disconnect the phone, reinsert battery. Get a custpack from the internet, and upload it to the phone in ofs mode.
    That’s the trick. ๐Ÿ˜€

  188. Brennan says

    Heey, I’ve flashed my S500 to the W580. But now the whole screen is strechted out, I can hardly read anything. How can I fix this?
    Thank you!

  189. karan says

    Peti, thanks for the help. I did as you suggested and downloaded main and fs files cid53, CDA and
    FAR manager+JD Flasher.
    Every thing was going fine except when i click copy files and click “yeah ! flash it” It gives an error

    “Put Files(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 1B)))))”

    i don’t understand, what to do now ! please help me .. screenshot please check here

  190. Peti says

    @Brennan: use a different firmware, R8BB or BE or something.

  191. Peti says

    @karan: That means the firmware you have is bad. Try a different one.

  192. Brennan says

    Alright, thank you very much! My phone is now flashed to w580 and it’s not blurry anymore. But now I have another serious problem. My S500 was simlock free, but now I flashed it to the w580, my cellphone is now simlocked. I followed the tutorial TWICE! And it toke much time. But it didn’t work… PLEASE how can I remove the simlock!!??

  193. karan says

    thanks peti. I’ll try different firware. .. reply soon

  194. karan says

    Dear peti,
    Thanks for helping me but another failure ! I downloaded new firmware ie.
    W580_R8BE001_FS_APAC_RED53.fbn &
    I downloaded FAR+jdflahser from the link mention in the akshay post of jdflahser(flashing).
    The same error occurring. tried restarting system but no success. I am giving here the steps which i followed :
    1-> Start FAR
    2-> press Alt+F1
    3-> click Just Da Flasher
    4->script=db2020, port= DCU60,speed=921600
    5-> click Jump down into a large rabit-hole.
    6-> shutdown phone, press c button connected phone.
    7-> Far recognize my phone and gives two optoin ie,
    8->enter oflash by double clicking.
    9->On the right hand side browse the firmware
    10-> Selected the main.mbn or FS.fbn and pressed F5 then click yeh flash it.
    11-> The error comes on red box โ€œPut Files(putfile(putfile_flash(flashbabe(header(send header error 1B)))))โ€

    Peti, i couldn’t found R8BB firmware but i able to new firmware R8BE which didn’t worked for me.
    Please help me…
    Thanks again.

  195. Peti says

    Pretty bad. :S
    Try this:
    And get the newest JDFlasher from

  196. ali says

    hi. me again lol. i flashed my s500i here b4. b4 i broke it lol aye if any1 can do me a favour n tell me where to get a firmware for hong kong language for my new phone,,,ittt would beee great guys or girls. thanks My model is : LG ku990 or also knows as Viewty

  197. Peti says

    This is a Sony Ericsson Flashing page. LG is not really supported here. Besides only has FW’s for LG U series.

  198. Kelvin says

    Hello Akshay ….

    hope u remember me … well lifez busy nowadays … especially after getting the job …

    How r u buddy ??

    Well need ur help …

    I cross flashed my friends S500i to W580i and it was a success. Then i changed the acoustics to w880i drivers. Since then , the sound is not working properly.

    Here are the errors

    ## once when the phone is flipped up , the sound sometimes play … ( can be heard outside)
    ## when calls come, no ringing sound ..
    ## sometimes even the speaker is not working …

    I don know y … u have the stock w580i drivers ??

    Or what may be the error??

    My friend wants me to revert it back to s500I ..

    Can u provide the links for s500i FS and MAIN and also CUSTPACK . ??

    Please do reply …

    thanks n regards


  199. Brennan says

    My phone language is now English but I prefer the language Dutch (country: Netherlands). Where can I find this main and fs? And do I have to flash it again to get that language?

    thank you~!

  200. Akshay says

    Kelvin .. yeah
    tomorrow i will
    till then check out download page at this site.
    it has links.

    Brennan, download FS that has your language.
    see this list here

    then download it from ESINPS or

  201. Kelvin says

    hello Akshay ..

    thanks a lot for the prompt reply ..

    I have the following FS,MAIN and cust_pack

    (could not find GENERIC_LA .mbn file )
    HB1-06_Gen_CDA102568_2_R8A_GENERIC_CENT_EUROPE (cust pack)

    Are these Ok ???

    I also want the orginal W80i sound drivers …

    just wanna try them … as the w880i drivers only caused the problems I mentioned ..

    I think since w880i is a candy bar phone and s50i is a flip model, the way the sound files work could be different … just a wild guess ….
    ( since sometimes by flipping the phone, sound started to come out .. of the speakers .. also the same for calls and ring tones)

    Could u pls giv me the link to w580 org sound files ..??

    and r the above files OK ?? so that I can try a revert back to s500i …



  202. Kelvin says

    sorry buddy …

    in the above post ..

    w80i >>> i meant w580i ..

    s50i >>> i meant s500i …

    silly typing mistakes …

    sorry ..

    hi hi



  203. Peti says

    If you reflash FS, they will be the original drivers. If I were you, I’d just reflash a W580 FS to have its drivers. By the way, you can get all files, including drivers from – downloading – directory files.
    The candy bar vs flip is not a wild guess, by the way, though I never checked the differences in their files, never needed a flip model.
    Besides having a W580 has the advantage of elves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  204. Kelvin says

    hai Peti

    thanks a lot for the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well my friend was telling me that he wanted the S500i files instead of W580i … thats y i am lookin 4 s500i FS and MAIN …

    Will be above files which I have mentioned in the 2nd last post be fine ???

  205. Peti says

    They are fine, but still it is stoopid to crossflash a W580 to S500, lose many functions.

  206. Kelvin says

    hai Peti

    waz the difference between a




    what does LA & LY stand for ??

    Whats difference is there in these two files ???



  207. Peti says

    I don’t know. XD
    But they are generic, can be used in any region. ๐Ÿ˜€

  208. Brennan says

    How can I remove the simlock of my Sony Ericsson W580? It was a S500 but I had flashed it to the W580. My S500 had no simlock but now I flashed the phone and now it has a simlock.. I’ve followed the tutorial on this site TWICE, but it didn;t work:(

  209. Akshay says

    here follow this to unlock, remove sim lock

  210. fitzy2005 says

    well i followed the steps

    Jun 30 at 11:20

    and all worked sucessfully, no probs at all

    Thanks heaps ๐Ÿ˜€

  211. Brennan says

    I’ve already done that 2 times… but it doesn’t work..

  212. Peti says

    @Brennan: now why not tell what you did exactly?

  213. Jan says


  214. Aswin Francis says

    I have doubts regarding FS and custompack. i have choosen these two for FS and custompack.

    I am from India and i want english language. Hope these two are good. How can one select the custompack? I know FS is selected on the basis of language. But wat abt custompacks. Which is the best one in both FS and custompack? Hope to get reply from soon

  215. Akshay says

    yeah its ok
    any combo will do for english.

  216. bhuvan says

    heyyy…..can i increase the message memory of my w580i?????
    any way??????????
    remember i am having CID:53

  217. Akshay says

    that’s not possible.
    as its physical capacity.

  218. bhuvan says

    thnkss akshay nw i wont ask dis ne mor cuz i got the ans from the master!!!

  219. sagar says

    22:01:01| OTP CID: 51
    22:01:01| EROM CID: 53
    My cid is 53 not 51 or 52 so it obvi doesnt work because it says phone not supported wot do i do ?

  220. Peti says

    Use JDFlasher to flash CID 53 firmwares on.

  221. bhuvan says

    heyy…still theres no way out for patching w580i????
    like i wanna apply elves….any way out??

  222. bhuvan says

    oops….i for got to mention…w580i wid CID:53

  223. Peti says

    Not yet, CID 53 is still not patchable. (waiting for den_po. XD)

  224. sagar says

    i have no idea where to download jd flasher and wot to do is there any tutorials or anything

  225. jane says

    does this flashing switch off the side LED ‘s ? if not how can i swtch off the LED’s on the side ?

  226. Peti says

    @sagar: There are tutorials on this site… -.-
    @jane: it shouldn’t. Change lighteffects to do it. I don’t know how to, never had such a phone. ๐Ÿ˜€

  227. eustahije says

    Hello all!

    I’ve done everything here described but my phone has still locked sim-card. Please help!

  228. Peti says

    Look for “Free Unlock” on the site.

  229. Daan says

    Hey all, I need a little help…
    I live in the Netherlands (Europe_3) and I know have the following files:
    FS: W580_R8BE001_FS_EUROPE_3_RED52
    CUST: That’s my problem, wich one should I use?
    And are the MAIN and FS correct?

  230. Daan says

    Sorry, now I have:
    FS: W580_R6BC002_FS_EUROPE_3_RED52
    CUST: Still dont have a clue wich one I need.

  231. Peti says

    Try this:
    Look for a EUROPE_3 custpack.

  232. Daan says

    But I already checked that one, but the only Europe file in there is this one: W580i_CDA102568_2_R8A_GENERIC_CENT_EUROPE
    And I need a Europe_3 right?

  233. Daan says

    And I can’t use this one, because it’s not for a W580i?

  234. Peti says

    The second should work, any DB2020 custpack will do.

  235. Daan says

    Alright thanks alot!
    I’m going to try flashing it now than, wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚
    FS: W580_R6BC002_FS_EUROPE_3_RED52
    CUST: HB1-06_Gen_CDA102568_12_R8A_GENERIC_EUROPE_3

  236. Daan says

    Btw, just wondering, how can you see that a custpack is a DB2020 pack? Because it’s not in the name?
    I hope that’s not a stupid question ^^

  237. Peti says

    You got me there. XD
    Hmm. When you download it, you should see.

  238. Daan says

    It worked like a charm mate!

  239. Peti says

    It always does. ๐Ÿ˜€

  240. Luke says

    hi, im really scared ive broke my phone im using: W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn
    W580_R8BE001_FS_S_E_EUROPE_RED52.fbn and custom pack HB1-06_Gen_CDA102568_3_R9A_GENERIC_S_E_EUROPE for so reason i get configuration error please, contact your network operator or service centre. Ive followed the tutorial. I have no idea whats wrong. Please someone help!!

  241. Peti says

    It’s because you didn’t customize it all right. Extraxt the custpack (zip or rar file), and upload its content to the phone’s FS, tpa in custpack -> tpa on phone. (Or use the own custpack method in the tutorial.)
    Does your custpack have customize.xml?

  242. Luke says

    i dont know i downloaded it from the link above. Should i find another from somewhere else and try?

  243. Luke says

    Will this work if i have xs++ on my desktop and the own_custpack file on the desktop with the tpa>preset>custom. Just noticed yes it does have customize.xml

  244. Luke says

    ignor about the walkmans one dont think its the right thing

  245. Luke says

    ive just noticed when i flash the firmwares xs++ says it cannot open the files, i hadnt noticed before because it says Flashing successful underneath. Also flashing only took 20 secs if that

  246. Peti says

    So many comments.
    That walkmans thing is a walkman skin (and menu IIRC), no custpack; did you extract the firmwares or tried to flash RAR or ZIP files? :O

  247. Luke says

    i extracted them using win rar

  248. Peti says

    Was the mbn the main and the fbn the fs? Are the CID numbers correct?

  249. Luke says

    How do i know what the CID numbers are?

  250. Peti says

    When you connect to XS++, it writes EROM CID: … there, that must match the one in the file name, like “RED52”.

  251. Luke says

    Yeh my EROM CID is RED52 and the Main and FS firmwares im trying to use end in RED52.

    I was just wondering, due to the fact the flashing hasnt worked but i think the customizing pack has, could you give me a link to a S500i customizing pack i can use? i dont know if this will work or even makes sense to experienced er.. “flashers” though. Im in England, Uk and on the orange network. Thanks

  252. Luke says

    * i thought using w580i custom pack when the phone still thinks its a s500i my be why im getting that config. error msg

  253. Peti says

    Any DB2020 phone’s custpack will do. ๐Ÿ˜‰ so it isn’t that. :S

  254. Luke says

    damn it! I really need to fix my phone but i dont know why it wont work?

  255. Peti says

    Customize it with XS++, and select K800 in it.

  256. ryan says

    i downloaded the america FS, wil it work in australia?

  257. Peti says

    Any FS works anywhere. The point of regions is having languages. In Australia you use English, so then you can use any fs, as that is included in all of them.

  258. Luke says

    It has sort of worked, when it comes on, i thought it had worked but when i select menu it says config. error etc

  259. Peti says

    Didn’t you delete your / layout.xml / customize.xml by any chance?

  260. Luke says

    i tried to change the menu and something happened to the i think

  261. Luke says

    i followed a tuturial on youtube and went to fsx on xs++ and went to menu and add other files. but it didnt work it came up with the error msg so i deleted them againg leaving the but it was still showing me the msg

  262. Peti says

    Backup your contacts, reflash fs, add custpack.

  263. Luke says

    remember when i flash it cant find files, (about 18 comments up)

  264. Luke says

    This is what i get:

    18:58:04| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    18:58:04| Executed on Microsoft Windows Vista
    18:59:27| Attempting to open the interface…
    18:59:27| TURN OFF PHONE!
    18:59:27| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    18:59:27| You have 30 seconds…
    18:59:31| Baseband ID: 9900
    18:59:31| Protocol Version: 3.1
    18:59:31| Phone name detected!
    18:59:31| Profiling SEMC phone…
    18:59:31| Platform: DB2020
    18:59:31| OTP CID: 51
    18:59:31| EROM CID: 52
    18:59:31| EROM Color: Red
    18:59:31| IMEI: 35908501xxxxxx
    18:59:31| Phone ID: S500
    18:59:31| Region: APAC
    18:59:31| CDA: CDA102765/85 R4A
    18:59:31| Firmware Version: R8BA024
    18:59:31| EROM: R3A022
    18:59:31| Ready for operation!
    18:59:58| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…
    18:59:58| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J
    18:59:58| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    18:59:58| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid52_r2a006.bin…
    18:59:58| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0
    18:59:58| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
    18:59:58| Sending db2020_cid52red_flash_r2a005.bin…
    18:59:59| Applet ID: 061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
    18:59:59| This is a FLASH loader
    18:59:59| Now flashing filesystem…
    18:59:59| Cannot open c:\users\luke\desktop\xs++\s500_r8ba024_fs_anz_red52.fbn
    18:59:59| Finishing flash
    18:59:59| Done flashing
    18:59:59| Flashing was successful
    19:00:01| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    I used an s500 fs cuz i just want my phone back!! but it does it with all fs and main but not for custom

  265. Peti says

    I’m not totally sure, but almost, that it’s because of Windows Vista, you forgot to tell, didn’t you?…
    I think it is probably a security restriction, maybe running XS++ as admin (right click on it and so…) will fix the prob. If not, I can only suggest WinXP SP3.

  266. ryan says

    how do you load the flash drivers onto computer cos mine comes up with a error

  267. ryan says

    what custom pack to i download for australian virgin moble

  268. Peti says

    1. there’s a tutorial for that on the site.
    2. practically any region is ok, you only use English, which is integrated in all of them.

  269. damnedburger says

    I tried to follow the first step, by backing up my GDFS, i tried to connect it onto XS++ but it kept on saying “Error: Cannot open phone communication port” .. I want to back it up first before I continue with the flashing and customization. So, what should I do? I’m still noob at this, sorry yea. XPP

  270. Luke says

    Thanks, Finally worked youve been a great help, so simple yet i probably would never have thought of it. Thanks

  271. Peti says

    @burger: installed flash drivers?

  272. justin says

    while i was flashing it came around to do the file system and it said FAILED! and it has just stopped how can i get my phone back to it’s original because i just got it and i don’t want to be not able to use it, please please help me some one. HELP!

  273. justin says

    can i still get it back?!!!

  274. Emen says

    First off I wanna say thank you for this post it is incredibly useful and very appreciated. I have a problem though when I want to back up my GDF files, I notice you said my phone should say on XS++ CID 52 or 51 but mine says 53. What do you recommend I do? Thank You

  275. Ryan says

    Ive crossflashed it successfully (thanx Peti) how do you turn the step counter off cos i looked everywhere and cant find it + My flash menus dont come up with the themes they were paired with.

  276. Ryan says

    Soz forgot also that my model still says S500 and there is only radio in the service menu

  277. Peti says

    @justin: you mean it’s not starting? Try accessing FS again, then try reflashing main.
    @Emen: you can’t backup GDFS then, have to risk it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Besides you’ll have to use JDFlasher to flash it.
    @Ryan: ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t know about the step counter, never had such a phone. Themes… I’ll write a tutorial. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If it is still S500, it means you haven’t flashed FS. ๐Ÿ˜›

  278. Ryan says

    i i flashed the main and the american fs which i attempted to add but when i tried to start phone it wouldnt so i re-flashed the main only and customized the “custpack” with W2 skins, a folder with 2 XMLs and about 10 .itm files i think + the flash desktop folder with a flash menu which doesnt show up anyway

  279. Ryan says

    Also can you provide me with a link for a vid tutorial on how to flash main, fs and custpack

  280. Peti says

    There is such a video in the directory.

  281. ryan says

    WTF the whole screen is fucked it is all out of shape and the colour is retarded pplease help or send me link for s500 main and fs again

  282. ryan says


  283. Peti says

    Ever heard of a function called search? Use R8BE001 main to avoid that problem.

  284. ryan says

    No offence but i am about to die do u hav a link for it

  285. ryan says

    wold it work cos could not find a R8 ANZ FS

  286. ryan says

    it didnt work it still comes up retarded

  287. ryan says


  288. KrX says


    Get a S500i MAIN and FS and CustPack and flash it in like you did with the W580 procedure, except use those files in your selection.

    Get your MAIN & FS here

  289. Yogesh says

    hey ryan, first download the main, fs and custpack for s500. U can check out the download section. Akshayy has specified a few links for your firmwares. And follow the same procedure as said above, just use s500 files instead of 580.

  290. ryan says

    k i used R6BE001 main and fs(ANZ) with a ANZ own_custpack and fine except the screen colours and size. I could not use the R8BE001 cos could not find an ANZ FS for R8B so hav u got any other ideas. (I appreciate the time u spend writing back thank u)

  291. Yogesh says

    hey ryan pls check out sek750extra site. The link is in download section. Ur specified firmware and main is availablee

  292. Peti says

    Just the main should be R8BE001. FS can be else.
    How many comments. …

  293. Ryan says

    I tried that. I flashed a s500anz fs and main and it still came up with retatrded sized screen

  294. Peti says

    Use a different firmware, try till it’s ok…

  295. Phil Hozier says

    OMG!!!HELPPPP=( peti: i tried flashing R8BA024 version of main and fs, everything is still majorly screwed. the screen appears still strecthed with black lines running thru,. I also forgot to mention that im running xs++ on vista.. i tried running as admin and even changed compatiilty to xp sp2. and re-flashed. No Luck whatsoever, Please help me, i need to fix this, i just neeed a working phone , By the way, the phone still says config error, thanks again

  296. Phil Hozier says

    latest modding code:

    22:36:41| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    22:36:41| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    22:36:49| Attempting to open the interface…
    22:36:49| TURN OFF PHONE!
    22:36:49| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    22:36:49| You have 30 seconds…
    22:36:55| Baseband ID: 9900
    22:36:55| Protocol Version: 3.1
    22:36:55| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:W580)
    22:36:55| …using GDFS name
    22:36:55| Profiling SEMC phone…
    22:36:55| Platform: DB2020
    22:36:55| OTP CID: 51
    22:36:55| EROM CID: 52
    22:36:55| EROM Color: Red
    22:36:55| IMEI: 35344702xxxxxx
    22:36:55| Phone ID: W580
    22:36:55| Region: APAC
    22:36:55| CDA: CDA102765/85 R4A
    22:36:55| Firmware Version: R8BE001
    22:36:55| EROM: R3A022
    22:36:55| Ready for operation!
    22:37:03| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~
    22:37:03| Custpack: AMERICA_2 (CDA102460/101) (K510)
    22:37:03| Generic(non-branded) custpack: Yes
    22:37:03| Allowed languages: en, pb, xl,
    22:37:03| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    22:37:27| ~~~~~~~~~~ Custpack information ~~~~~~~~~~
    22:37:27| Custpack: THAI (CDA102418/102) (W900)
    22:37:27| Generic(non-branded) custpack: Yes
    22:37:27| Allowed languages: en, th,
    22:37:27| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    22:37:47| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…
    22:37:47| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J
    22:37:47| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    22:37:47| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid52_r2a006.bin…
    22:37:48| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0
    22:37:48| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
    22:37:48| Sending db2020_cid52red_flash_r2a005.bin…
    22:37:48| Applet ID: 061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
    22:37:48| This is a FLASH loader
    22:37:48| Now flashing firmware main…
    22:37:48| Flashing c:\users\sheron\desktop\3rdflashr8ba024\w580_r8ba024_main_generic_la_red52.mbn
    22:37:48| Header type: BABE
    22:37:48| 460 flashblocks
    22:41:37| Finishing flash
    22:41:37| Done flashing
    22:41:37| Now flashing filesystem…
    22:41:37| Flashing c:\users\sheron\desktop\3rdflashr8ba024\w580_r8ba024_fs_america_1_red52.fbn
    22:41:37| Header type: BABE
    22:41:37| 209 flashblocks
    22:43:22| Finishing flash
    22:43:22| Done flashing
    22:43:22| Sending db2020_red52_cs_r3a009.bin…
    22:43:24| Applet ID: 070410 1557 HANCXC1250562_DB2020_CSLOADER_R3A009
    22:43:24| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    22:43:24| Activating loader…
    22:43:24| Activating GDFS…
    22:44:02| This loader is UNLOCKED
    22:44:02| Success! CS-loader has been unlocked!
    22:44:02| Uploading customization files to phone…
    22:44:02| Uploading /files_to_upload to phone…
    22:44:02| Sending shutdown command to phone…
    22:44:02| Customizing was SUCCESSFUL!
    22:44:03| Disconnecting phone…
    22:44:03| You may now unplug your phone.
    22:44:03| Flashing was successful
    22:44:05| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

  297. Ryan says

    Soz every body I used R8BA024 instead of R8BE001 but where can i find the fs and main for ANZ

  298. Peti says

    @Phil: Vista is bad. It’s strange that your IMEI phone name is Null. Imei doesn’t change while flashing. Use R8BE something to flash MAIN and FS too.
    @Ryan: topse, seusers, topsony, 4shared, google.

  299. creston says

    i hv a question2 ask …b4 my question thx4 givin tutorials…i successfully flashed my whole w580i…n change it 2 vista…n nw i 1 2 put elfpack to it…prob is i don knw really how…can u make a tutorial on tat ? o can u teach me here?

  300. creston says

    by the way…if can,try nake a tutorial by using xs++ , o setool…i hate FAR manager…cos it makes me flashed my phone twice…

  301. Hetyu says


    First of all tnx for the awesome guide!!! It was really easy for a noob like me to flash my s500 to w580 ๐Ÿ™‚
    However i still have 1 thing that i dont know:
    at cust pack part i made my mind to add some flash lite themes (like the popular ones on the youtube: lava, breakbeat, walkwomen, grouped) and when i change the themes settings to one of these, everything applying perfectly, only the cell phone’s menu remain as it was. Nothing like icons in 1 row, or a dancing girl on the screen at the menu screen ๐Ÿ™
    Can you give me any solution/hint for this very tiny problem plz?:)
    (Tรฉnyleg kรถszi ๐Ÿ˜‰

  302. Peti says

    Do you upload swf files? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    (nincs mit. ๐Ÿ˜› )

  303. steven says

    when it says this wat do i do pz help..!!!!

    14:53:37| Header type: Unknown/damaged
    14:53:37| 5 flashblocks
    14:53:37| Binary acknowledge failed with: 89
    14:53:37| Failed
    14:53:37| Binary acknowledge failed with: 68
    14:53:37| Command: Error 0x68
    14:53:37| Failed sending flashblock 1. Returnvalue 0x159E80C
    14:53:37| Finishing flash
    14:53:38| Binary acknowledge failed with: 02
    14:53:38| Failed
    14:53:38| Failed

  304. Akshay says

    please try other firmware.
    download from else where.
    seems the firmware is corrupt .

  305. Luke says

    Hi, im not getting a new phone yet, but when i get a new one is it legal to sell my s500i flashed to a w580i phone on eBay or any other sites like that? Thanks

  306. Luke says

    Yes or No? ๐Ÿ™‚

  307. good guy says

    hi, i just attempted to flash my phone and its really weird. it starts up and the picture is all strethes. i was wondering how i can get back to the original form s500i. im really scared.

  308. good guy says

    hi, i just attempted to flash my phone and its really weird. it starts up and the picture is all strethed. i was wondering how i can get back to the original form s500i. im really scared.

  309. good guy says

    posted twice sorry.

  310. good guy says

    I have S500_R8BA024_FS_ANZ_RED52 and

    If i flashed these two would my phone be back to s500i? or do i need something else?

  311. Akshay says

    good guy !
    use R8BExxx something R6BC002 is bad.
    Search for R8BE001 and R8BE002 on ESNIPS or 4ShARED using search in websites.

  312. Akshay says

    Luke its legal.

  313. good guy says

    okay. thank you!

  314. good guy says

    what about R8BA024? Is that good?

    thnx good guy

  315. Akshay says

    no ! that too won’t work

  316. good guy says

    yay its back to s500i now thanks akshay ๐Ÿ™‚ but my phone was locked to virgin now that ive flashed it , its unlocked now?

  317. Akshay says

    no its not
    flash back agian to w580
    use R8BE001 then unlock it using unlock tutorial

  318. Luke says

    Thanks Akshay!

  319. destroyer says

    Arkshay need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plaz urgent! i dunno what to do i just used the w580_r6bc002_main_ generic_la_red52 and the fs w580_r6bc002_fs_america_1_red52 but i dunno what is the custom pack i am supposed to use! plz plz help i get a config error saying to locate my service provider, i have tried many times but i just canยดt do it! im about to take some bunch of hair out of my head! plz help me dude ๐Ÿ˜‰

  320. dave says

    hi there..i have a question b4 i start to flash my phone,..
    the line of the phone, it will affect?..

  321. shame_on_you says

    23:07:37| Sending db2020_cid01_prodid_p3j.bin…
    23:07:37| Applet ID: 070129 0950 NGUCXC1250330_DB2020_PRODUCTIONIDLOADER_P3J
    23:07:37| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
    23:07:37| Sending db2020_mem_patcher_cid52_r2a006.bin…
    23:07:38| Applet ID: 061205 1523 HANCXC9876543210_DB2020_MEM_PATCHER_R2A006 0
    23:07:38| This is a MEM_PATCHER loader
    23:07:38| Sending db2020_cid52red_flash_r2a005.bin…
    23:07:38| Applet ID: 061201 1314 HANCXC1329129_DB2020_FLASHLOADER_R2A005
    23:07:38| This is a FLASH loader
    23:07:38| Now flashing firmware main…
    23:07:39| Flashing c:\documents and settings\dave\desktop\w580_r6bc002_main_generic_la_red52\w580_r6bc002_main_generic_la_red52.mbn
    23:07:39| Header type: BABE
    23:07:39| 460 flashblocks
    23:08:52| Binary acknowledge failed with: 89
    23:08:52| Failed
    23:08:53| Binary acknowledge failed with: 68
    23:08:53| Command: Error 0x68
    23:08:53| Failed sending flashblock 149. Returnvalue 0x0
    23:08:53| Finishing flash
    23:08:54| Binary acknowledge failed with: 02
    23:08:54| Failed
    23:08:54| Failed

    im just stuck on that part..nothing follows..what should i do? trying to push the “STOP” button and it says “ may damage ur phone..”
    is it ok to stop that and try ur tutorial procedure again?..HELP!HELP!HELP!. im scared to damage my fon..

  322. Akshay says

    find CDA here

    what’s the prob… do things properly man.. read things again
    you forgot to post if your phone is CID53.

  323. MnMChocolate says

    My screen resolution is screwed up, its kinda stretched upwards, ANy way to fix it?

  324. marko says

    I need w580 fs for croatia i don t know what do i download europ 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 help please

  325. karan!! says

    hi Akshay,
    i have successfully flashed CID 53 s500 to w580i using your and peti’s great help.

    Now, i was thinking if i can do some more modification in phone(w580i flashed) , things like changing themes , flash menus or anything new..
    Really appreciate your efforts.. Great !! God bless you

  326. Ryan says

    Hey Akshayy im back lol

    can u get powerdown and normal light effects and moving walkman skins on a S500@W580 since the keypad lights are different

  327. Ryan says

    U should not hav used the CID 53. To upload stuff to phone. U must use JD FLASHER

  328. sherry says

    Is it worth it flashing your phone to w580i? or would it be better to just keep it at s500i

  329. bhuvan says

    flashing to w580 is much better!
    well thats according to me!
    but frankly u will be getting walkman thing!
    nothing else!

  330. sherry says

    hahha ok thanks bhuvan

    im flashing mine right now.. but the custpack thing..its really o_O’ slow
    mines just stopped T_T
    and im really worried and im not sure if i can stop it without anything happeningg

  331. sherry says

    OMG thx so much akshayy for doing this
    i sucessfully flashed my phone and i love it!!!

    thankyou guys so muchh!!

  332. Hezza says

    argh! help!

    when trying to back up my s500i it says this:

    16:26:35| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    16:26:35| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    16:27:58| Attempting to open the interface…


    16:27:58| TURN OFF PHONE!

    16:27:58| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    16:27:58| You have 30 seconds…


    16:28:08| Did not receive 0x5a. Continuing

    And then XS++ crashes :/

  333. bhuvan says

    bt u are trying to backup gdfs…then try se tool!
    does ur pc connects to SEMC FLASH DEVICE???
    installed driver?

  334. bhuvan says

    u liked w580???

  335. Hezza says

    Yes im trying to backup gdfs im really new with all this flashing stuff. Yep it connects to semc flash device and the driver is installed BUT IT KEEPS COMING UP WITH: ‘Did not receive 0ร—5a. Continuing’ Please Help!

  336. bhuvan says

    dont worry
    try se tool!

  337. Hezza says

    can you link me to it? i cant find the right one.

  338. help please says

    please help i flash my se s500i to w580i and when I turn it on it says ‘inser correct SIM card’

    please help!!!!!

  339. bhuvan says

    look in our file base…simple!

  340. bhuvan says

    @help please
    uploded the right region cust pack???
    search the right one on google

  341. PETER says

    hey my phone can’t detected by x++ please help me w700

  342. PETER says

    hey my phone can’t detected by x++ please help me w700

    21:44:21| Attempting to open the interface…


    21:44:21| TURN OFF PHONE!

    21:44:21| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    21:44:21| You have 30 seconds…


    21:44:51| Error: Cannot open phone communication port

    21:44:53| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    21:45:09| Shutting down…

    21:48:33| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    21:48:33| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    21:48:44| Attempting to open the interface…


    21:48:44| TURN OFF PHONE!

    21:48:44| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    21:48:44| You have 30 seconds…


    21:49:14| Error: Cannot open phone communication port

    21:49:16| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

  343. ryan says


    can u get powerdown and normal light effects and moving walkman skins on a S500@W580 since the keypad lights are different

  344. Akshay says

    i did not understand your request. i don’t have a S500i, so i would have have that much. You would do much better asking a forum like se-nse.

  345. matt says

    hey im using _tmp_W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.
    im afraid that it will not work.
    the red 52 and 53 stuff what is that mean.
    i looked and read every single comment to figure out which should i use and notice that every one use the same red 52 for main and so the next one.
    so is it safe?

  346. Akshay says

    dude, what’s your phone’s CID ??
    If your phone is CID52 then use both FS and MAIN 52.
    If your phone is CID53 then use 53 firmwares.
    Bec careful, else phone will crash.
    You can get firmwares from mirko750 folder.
    you should google search that folder name in

  347. TenZ says

    Hi Akshay,i m from Malaysia and i hav no idea to chose main,fs and CDA. Wats combination to hav chinese and english languages for sms?

  348. Akshay says

    you should use chinese fs and chinese main. then. for china complete support.

  349. TenZ says

    but y i cant chose chinese as phone language?
    i m using

    Soli bcoz me noob…
    Plz Help…

  350. TenZ says

    soli,another q again
    if i use
    can o nt?

  351. TenZ says

    phone language only shows ‘according to SIM’ and ‘english’

  352. bhuvan says

    get the correct cda for ur language

  353. matt says

    my fone cid is 52.
    i tried to find the correct language for my phone.
    so i use red52 for main generic but the secong one i use 53.
    but i didnt flash my phone yet in case it didnt work.
    so i asking for ur opinion.

  354. matt says

    i think my pfone use R8BE001 software version.
    but i downloaded W580_R6BC002_FS_APAC_RED52.rar for the languade.
    can it works?

  355. bhuvan says

    use together cid:52…dont go for cid:53….as ull not be able to patch ur fone!

  356. bhuvan says

    yup…language thing will work…give a try….other wise…go for the suiting one

  357. matt says

    and one more thing.
    can i use different software version?
    say my phone software version is R8BE001
    but i use R6BC002 for the language.
    should i download main and fs with the same version or what?

  358. bhuvan says

    @matt….ull have to use to same version together!

  359. bhuvan says

    bt ya….u can use other version fies as backup!

  360. matt says

    but im still afraid to flash my fone and btw i use asia for the custpack/
    im live in us but im boring with the same thing on my phone so i thought i wanna use something new.
    so asia would work huh?

  361. bhuvan says

    cda makes up network settings!lol
    so go for us one only
    secondly if u follow the tutorials given here correctly….then nothing wud happen!
    at a time i was too noob like u!

  362. dillanmac3 says

    can i do a cross flash on far manger?

  363. Mรฉszรกros Kitti says

    Hi Akshay
    I am from Hungary and i have a problem with my SE K550i
    I want to flash it because i want flash theme.
    I tried XS++ or Far manager
    but I cant do it.
    my phone is CID53 ๐Ÿ™
    I know I have to try the K550i softwer to W610i
    Please help me if you know

    and sorry my poor English =]=]

    write back =]


  364. bhuvan says

    yup…its simply like re flashing ur fone wid some other firmware

  365. bhuvan says

    @Mรฉszรกros Kitti
    dont worry….crossflash using jd flasher!

  366. Luke H says


    i hav three queries:

    1. My phone is CID 53. Will XS++ flash it still?

    2. My MAIN and FS files are:


    are these still ok to use?

    3. I have never heard of Customisation packs ๐Ÿ˜› but i do have a TPA file i hav. is that a customization pack ? ๐Ÿ˜›

    thanks. merry Christmas evry1. =]

  367. LH says

    if i hav RED53 files, can i flash my s500 (CID53) in SE2Tool lite? or MUST i use a JDflasher/FARmanager tutorial?

  368. matt says


    is this correct??
    can i flash my phone now???

  369. miku says

    hey guys i was wondering.. once you’ve flashed the phone OS to W580 does the phone lose the settings for the light effects?

  370. bhuvan says

    @Luke H
    1…no…use jd flasher as substitute!
    2…yup…d combination is ok…but choose acc to ur region
    secondly…its not the latest…latest is rb6c001…rest up to u!
    cust pack…ull have to find one acc to ur region…search on google!

  371. bhuvan says

    which e rom u gt???is that cid:53???
    well…in crossflashing…use xs++[cid:53 not supported] or jd flasher which supports all!

  372. bhuvan says

    yup…choose cda files too which suits ur region

  373. bhuvan says


  374. ryan says

    hey i flashed mine and it came up with a few flaws.

    1. Says no sim in phone, happens rarely
    2. the LEDs Always stay yellow after exiting Walkman
    3. The walkman visulaser goes mental over the screen
    4. and Some times my walkman screen comes up as my write message so i write on my walkman skin

    How can i fix?

  375. faya_daus says

    hey can anyone help me with my s500i
    it started to get weird yesterday it wont turn on but i have full battery and it flashes like 6 times when i press the on button. and i cant use xs++ and setool2 lite 1.08 does anyone have solution for me where my computer can recognize my s500i.
    and i already tried the hold 2 and 5 button and connect doesnt respond
    it does make a sound when i put the usb cable in but i dont see anything about new hardware fund or something like that?

    so can anyone plz plz help me
    thnx in advance

  376. bhuvan says

    dat sim thing is hardware fault!
    leds light…its all the programming of the flash diles which controls the light effect with coordination of themes!so not related to flasheng…using other themes…will not let i go dis way
    walkman visualizr goes mental???im nt gtting u!
    the last query…yup..many tymes happens wid me too!i too gt w580…better restart the will be solved!

  377. bhuvan says

    get the gordons gate driver from our file base…install it…and den connect ur device!pc will definately say”new hardware found”
    and no need of 2+5 thing…cuz its for e rom repairing…u dont need it…cuz no red light blinking!u only need re flashing

  378. ryan says

    wHAT is the gordon gate driver cos i hav the same problem with my K800 and is doesnt connect to setool and yes i has other installed drivers

  379. bhuvan says

    its the step to step installation program of flash drivers!
    get it from file base

  380. matt says

    what is cda??
    where can i get one?
    and i thik i have everything i needed to flash my phone.
    i download 3 of em.

  381. Akshay says

    CDA contains customization information, relates to region and settings forced by operator. In generic CDA nothing is forced, all options are open, all features are enabled.

  382. Michael says

    I tried flashing my phone i did all the right things but when i start it says my phones not compatible… i have the s500i?? can some one help??
    email me plz
    [email protected]

  383. Woodie says

    Strangely when i use the custom packs the screen resolution seems to be stretched, is there any way to fix that?

  384. Akshay says

    Micheal, can you try to re-flash again ??? the main and fs and cda.

  385. Akshay says

    Woodie, you should use R8BE001 firmware to get rid of that problem.

  386. Woodie says

    EUREKA! Thanks a whole lot it works.

  387. Ryan says

    Hey any1 lol. i hav another problem with my w580@s500. when it is in stand by, A green light on the left side shows up. even wen the phone is off but the battery is in it, it still lights up … EVEN WHEN ITS OFF??. so is it somethin i should b worried about or somethin wrong withit. I appreciate ur time, Thanx

  388. bhuvan says

    well nothing is wrong!
    but this is something unusual….reflash with other fs and main

  389. Ryan says

    kk but its bin flashed 4 like 8 months and it just started doin it

  390. Akshay says

    may be some settings changed in the phone due to some action/trigger.

  391. Ryan says

    that is wat i was thinking because i went 2 da beach and i thought i got a piece of sand in it so i tried gettin it out with needle but after i pushed it i realised that it was some sort of button. it was just above the “2” key inside the phone.


  392. bhuvan says

    even i got w580/…but hearing that first time!!! it sorted out now?

  393. Ryan says

    Ye actually it was green last night and i turned my phone off and this mornin it was fine so i must go away after 36 hours or somethin. by the way do u has msn

  394. Ryan says

    ps does XS++ run on Windows 7 BETA

  395. bhuvan says

    @ Ryan
    dont kno…it should
    as windows 7 is not yet officially announced

  396. Ryan says

    Hey It came back then iit left again … WTF

  397. bhuvan says

    what came back???what left again?

  398. siddharth says

    i m having a w660i.. i want to change its ACOUSTICS to w880.. . In order to do dat is it necessary to backup gdfs… ????

  399. bhuvan says

    well no!
    but gdfs backup makes sure that even if u brick your phone u dont need to worry

  400. Ryan says

    The green light lol

  401. Michael says

    erm…i want to change my phone back to the way it was…i regret wat i did and i just wana change it…It was opened to all phones before now it has t-mobile on it…how do i change this

  402. bhuvan says

    well reflash with a simple firmware
    download from 4shared
    search it

  403. npc221 says

    i have cid 53 what to do?
    btw great tutorial

  404. bhuvan says

    @ npc221
    use jdflasher

  405. Sid says

    Bhuvan wats ur yhaoo id?

  406. bhuvan says

    whats the matter?

  407. Adam says

    Hi, i think i may need the original fonts.xml file for the w580 as i tried to change the font but it didnt work! I still have the original .ttf files in the system/fonts folder. Could anyone send me the fonts.xml please? Thanks.

  408. bhuvan says

    search at 4shared

  409. Ryan says

    or @ SE-NSE

  410. robin says

    i flashed my sony ericsson s500i to w580 but i still have a problem when i put a simcard it says sim-inactived Can anyone help me?

  411. bhuvan says

    was ur phone branded one earlier?

  412. Ryan says

    or did u activate ur SIM

  413. steve winter says

    Hi would flashing the fs on my w580i back to factory settings fix the camera and mem card problems i’m having ? camera won’t start just alerts saying close other app’s and restart camera ? but there are no other app’s running ? and it won’t accept a 1 gig m2 card either ??


  414. bhuvan says

    steve winter
    yup…it will…is there is no hardware prob
    reflash main and fs both

  415. steve winter says

    Thanks for reply, No other hardware probs games run fine music player is ok and it makes and gets calls ok too. thanks for advise


  416. steve winter says

    That didn’t work mate thanks any way

  417. Shahzad Iqbal says

    hay please …i am facing this problem ……

    15:11:59| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !

    15:11:59| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


    15:12:05| Attempting to open the interface…


    15:12:05| TURN OFF PHONE!

    15:12:05| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.

    15:12:05| You have 30 seconds…


    15:12:09| Baseband ID: 9900

    15:12:09| Protocol Version: 3.1

    15:12:09| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:W580)

    15:12:09| …using GDFS name


    15:12:09| Profiling SEMC phone…

    15:12:09| Platform: DB2020

    15:12:09| OTP CID: 51

    15:12:09| EROM CID: 53

    15:12:09| EROM Color: Red

    15:12:09| IMEI: 35988601xxxxxx

    15:12:09| Phone ID: W580

    15:12:09| Region: APAC

    15:12:09| CDA: CDA102568/101 R8A

    15:12:09| Firmware Version: R8BE001

    15:12:09| EROM: R3A022

    15:12:09| Ready for operation!

    15:13:06| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED

    15:13:06| Error: Cannot send flash loader

    15:13:06| Error: Flashing failed

    15:13:08| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    i am trying to do this for a long time …now i have found a good help butr i cant get through this…..

  418. Shahzad Iqbal says

    hay and i live in Pakistan Lahore……

  419. Ryan says

    @ Shahzad – its because ur phone is CID 53 which XS does not support. to flash or mod, u must use JD Flasher

  420. Shahzad Iqbal says

    thanks buddy i will try…

  421. est silver says

    i will try it now hop i dont mess up ๐Ÿ™‚

  422. est silver says

    19:43:42| Baseband ID: 9900
    19:43:42| Protocol Version: 3.1
    19:43:43| Phone name detected!
    19:43:43| Profiling SEMC phone…
    19:43:43| Platform: DB2020
    19:43:43| OTP CID: 51
    19:43:43| EROM CID: 53
    19:43:43| EROM Color: Red
    19:43:43| IMEI: 35908501xxxxxx
    19:43:43| Phone ID: S500
    19:43:43| Region: BALTIC
    19:43:43| CDA: CDA102568/1 R8A
    19:43:43| Firmware Version: R8BE001
    19:43:43| EROM: R3A022
    19:43:43| Ready for operation!
    can i flash it???

  423. bhuvan says

    est silver
    use jdflasher
    download from filebase

  424. Venkatesh says

    HI.Great site bro.Could u help me by telling me the procedure for flashing my SE W700i to either W660 or W830 please…inform me my mail if possible…thanking you in advance

  425. Akshay says

    Venkatest, sorry, no crossflashign that phone.

  426. niazi says

    i have ERMO CID 53 can i still do it plz tell me…
    and where can i find .fbn file any where.
    plz help me ๐Ÿ™

  427. niazi says

    20:46:30| Baseband ID: 9900
    20:46:30| Protocol Version: 3.1
    20:46:30| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:S500)
    20:46:30| …using GDFS name
    20:46:30| Profiling SEMC phone…
    20:46:30| Platform: DB2020
    20:46:30| OTP CID: 51
    20:46:30| EROM CID: 53
    20:46:30| EROM Color: Red
    20:46:30| IMEI: 35297202xxxxxx
    20:46:30| Phone ID: S500
    20:46:30| Region: M_EAST_N_AFR
    20:46:30| CDA: CDA102568/109 R8A
    20:46:30| Firmware Version: R8BE001
    20:46:30| EROM: R3A022
    20:46:30| Ready for operation!

    plz help me!!!!

  428. bhuvan says

    or search at 4shared

  429. bhuvan says

    its because u have cid:53 phone
    use jdflasher

  430. w580i says

    Did everything step-by-step, but when i turned on my w580i phone i got this message….”configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service center.” Please I need help on how to fix this. Can’t use my phone at all. Thanks!!!

  431. bhuvan says

    listen….upload custpack!!!!
    search like this
    cda w580 [area or region name] firmware name

    w580 cda asia r8be001

  432. Artis says

    I have a problem..
    first time when I flashed my W580i I didn’t make a bavkup of GDFS…
    but I didn’t flash Main Firmware and File System…
    I just pushed on FSX(tm) button and mooved on…
    but now I updated My W580i and I can’t do it any more
    (see following……)
    16:14:41| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    16:14:41| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    16:14:45| Attempting to open the interface…
    16:14:45| TURN OFF PHONE!
    16:14:45| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    16:14:45| You have 30 seconds…
    16:15:03| Baseband ID: 9900
    16:15:03| Protocol Version: 3.1
    16:15:03| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:W580)
    16:15:03| …using GDFS name
    16:15:03| Profiling SEMC phone…
    16:15:03| Platform: DB2020
    16:15:03| OTP CID: 51
    16:15:03| EROM CID: 53
    16:15:03| EROM Color: Red
    16:15:03| IMEI: 35243002xxxxxx
    16:15:03| Phone ID: W580
    16:15:03| Region: BALTIC
    16:15:03| CDA: CDA102568/1 R8A
    16:15:03| Firmware Version: R8BE001
    16:15:03| EROM: R3A022
    16:15:03| Ready for operation!
    16:16:37| After making any changes with FSX
    16:16:37| you must press the ‘Shutdown’ button
    16:16:48| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    16:16:48| Error: FSX failed.
    16:16:48| FSX Shutdown!
    16:16:50| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    …and if I am trying to do something else in XS++ (for example) create a backup of GDFS or flash Main firmware or File System… XS++ shows the same…

    …. Please can someone help me!!!!

  433. Artis says

    …sorry for mistakes!!!
    I’m from Latvia.

  434. bhuvan says

    setool do not support cid:53 phones
    16:15:03| EROM CID: 53

  435. Artis says

    …but use to I was able to add flash themes and do anything else, but now I cant do it any more…
    maybe it’s because I updated my W580i software…
    is it posible that EROM CID changed from 52 to 53 from then…

  436. bhuvan says

    updating software gets u cid:53
    use jdflasher

  437. Artis says

    o.. thanks bhuvan!!
    I will try that..

  438. Filpas says

    i have a question i flash phone FS and main… But now i flash custom packs and i am waiting for 2 hours and XS++ hasn’t finished. Is it normal?? And how long it takes to costomize???

  439. Filpas says

    Ok i’ve done it… Now its allright. I was using wrong custom pack

  440. bhuvan says

    it takes max 10 minutes
    plug it again n then try

  441. andre316 says

    hi there i got a sony erisson s500i that i want 2 flash 2 a w580i but every time i do connect it told me this
    20:53:28] SX++v3.1(Darwin) Ready!
    20:53:28] Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    20:53:59] Attempting to open interface…
    20:53:59] TURN OFF PHONE!
    20:53:59] Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    20:53:59] you have 30 seconds…
    20:54:31] Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    20:54:33] Disconnect… Unplug the phone
    over and over again i’v having this Error and i really want to flash my phone and get those kool themes off the w580i phone can some one help me plz i would be great full thanks

  442. bhuvan says

    whats ur pc prompting ?
    install usb flash drivers

  443. andre316 says

    i download it and install it but my computer say no drive found for device and now all my usb drives on my computer or all gone when ever i used my usb drive windows dose not recognize it

  444. bhuvan says

    thats not at all possible
    try again
    install drivers

  445. SynonZawp says

    Thanks This tuto work 100% but Radio not work why i dont know plz help me

  446. bhuvan says

    s500 do not support that hardware

  447. suba praveen says

    recently i bought sony ericsson s312, it had so may demerits…..
    actually i had used w200i earlier,
    compare to w200i, s312 had many incompactibility…..

    1.i cant install themes…is there any way to install tham by flashin or editing os of phone? had no megabass… is there any way to include megabass in media player ,or is there any way to chage media player to walkman player?

    3.the messaging options s really bad, it looks like nokia phones, that is delivery reports are coming as text message , and after sending message balance report comming with the same message alert tone, s there any way to chage these options ?

    plz help me…. plzz
    am very thankfull

  448. bhuvan says

    suba praveen
    sorry man but u can actually do nothing with ur phone as its SAGEM platform which is really bad and do not supports flashing

  449. Jok3r says

    how long does it take to flash fs and main??

  450. Jok3r says

    i followed all of the steps and did everything but when i start my phone it says:insert correct sim card. plz help.

  451. bhuvan says

    is ur phone branded??
    tried other sim?

  452. bhuvan says

    for db2020 together maximum 25 to 30 minutes

  453. Bread says

    I cant statup my phone
    It says insert correct sim card
    Help plz

  454. Bread says

    I cant startup my fone after flashing
    Help PLZ

  455. bhuvan says

    what have u done?
    is ur phone locked?

  456. bhuvan says

    which firmware are u using?
    or some branded one?
    tried other sim?

  457. Tyo says

    i did it perfectly, just make sure your custpack and your fs has the same language, i used APAC, coz im indonesian,,,,,,,,thanx dude “thumbs up”

  458. adeola says

    i have a sony ericsson k510i that wont charge but when i tested the battery connector with the charger, it was ok. do i need to flash my phone?

  459. bhuvan says

    thats what u can try!
    or try some other battery too!
    clean the conducting ports also

  460. Milan says

    I flashed succesfully but now I want to know if I can make my phone like it was before. Is there some kind of firmware for this? plz answer.

  461. bhuvan says

    u want old firmware back???like u flashed ur s500 to w580
    so u want s500 back?
    flash s500 firmware!

  462. Adrian says

    Hello, Followed all the steps, but got a big Problem, when I turn on my phone the screen looks bigger so, it does not fix the screen, it appears with enourmous letters, so it looks horrible, and it is hard to use it.

  463. bhuvan says

    thats not at all possible!
    try some other fs
    i mean get it from different source

  464. Adrian says


    Was using the FS with termination 002 instead of 001.

    Thanks, problem solved, and thanks for the tutoral

  465. bhuvan says

    good anyways

  466. Glyzeris says

    Hy, i’m from Latvia (Baltic) and i have messed all up. When i start phone, it says “insert a correct sim card”, i have s500i, but which FS i must use? i have used W580_R8BE001_FS_BALTIC_RED52.fbn

  467. bhuvan says

    u are using right one!
    well was ur phone branded?

  468. Glyzeris says

    Yep, it is branded.
    What does the R8BE001 really matter? Maybe i choose a invalid version?

  469. dzbaan says

    This tutorial really help me.

  470. bhuvan says


  471. Matt says


    can i flash my phone now. ?

  472. Matt says

    19:00:12| Baseband ID: 9900

    19:00:12| Protocol Version: 3.1

    19:00:12| Warning: IMEI name does not match GDFS name (IMEI:NULL GDFS:S500)

    19:00:12| …using GDFS name


    19:00:12| Profiling SEMC phone…

    19:00:12| Platform: DB2020

    19:00:12| OTP CID: 51

    19:00:12| EROM CID: 52

    19:00:12| EROM Color: Red

    19:00:12| IMEI: 35297202xxxxxx

    19:00:12| Phone ID: S500

    19:00:12| Region: APAC

    19:00:12| CDA: CDA12345678/123 R2A

    19:00:12| Firmware Version: R8BE001

    19:00:12| EROM: R3A022

    i use this

    can i flash my phone now??

  473. Matt says

    Do i need to use the firmware which goes with my phone firmware? i mean my phone fimware is R8BE001.Do i need to use the same firmware version for main and fs or should i just go with the previous MAIN and FS i’d downloaded which was R8BA024.
    will it work?

  474. Matt says

    heyy, now i have
    W580_R8BE001_FS_APAC_RED52 for FS
    HB1-06_Gen_CDA102568_101_R8A_GENERIC_APAC for custpack

    im preety confident,can i flash my phone now ??

  475. wannabag says

    Thanks for the tutorial. Easy to do and no issues for me!

    One thing though, in the packages, even though I’m installing EUROPE_3, I cannot get danish language to appear on the phone. I tried to digg into the problem and it seems that the customization xml for EUROPE_3 does not include danish language…

    Could you please inform me if you know how to get it to work?

    For info, i’m flashing a s500i CID52 into w580i using GEN package for firmware and EUROPE_3 for both FS and cust.


  476. rexa says

    AKShAY…. how to solve the problem which is insert correct sim card?

  477. rexa says

    i want to know how….. to solve insert correct sim card……… please hurry….. reply it….. akshay or anyone….

  478. Ryan says

    hey i was just wondering can you reverse this like change back to s500i firmware

  479. Tara says

    HI, i want to attempt this, which FS do i need? Europe 1 or 2? Im in Wales in UK?

  480. Ashar says

    @Ryan and all other with problems.
    I was flashing to w580i when an error occurred in JDflash(My phone is CID53) and my phone fell dead. So i connected my handset (more like “Paperweight” ๐Ÿ˜› ) using the USB cable and used the SE PC Suite to repair my phone.. and as i had backed up my contacts months ago.. i regained almost all contacts.. hence my advise to all who wish to flash their phones is to back everything up on your PC ๐Ÿ™‚

  481. Waqar says

    I want to flash my s500i to w580 but having problem to find the right FS and Cust pack for my phone? I have W580_R6BC002_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52. I live in Pakistan so I don’t know which FS and cust pack I should use to flash my phone. Can you please paste the direct links to FS and Cust pack here?

  482. Aleลก says

    lease tell me how the phone back to sony ericsson with 500 i


  483. Shazz says

    hey akshay brother i need your help
    i flashed my s500i to w580 it worked like a charm for the first 24 hours or so but from the last few hours it is acting really strange The ok/menu button keeps auto clicking over and over about once a second,and after some time it calms down back to normal .but then restart doing the autoclicking thing.i am in pakistan so i used the asia FS i have baked up the GDFS but its is only 108 kbs in size tell me wat to do should i restore the GDFS usins Xs++ or should i try to reflash ..
    waiting for ur reply

  484. Azit says

    I have a query, my phone doesn’t start at the first place and hence it is not detected by computer even when connected.

  485. bhuvan says

    when is not starting? what? i am not getting!

  486. Isaac says

    Thanks!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  487. sanjeev says

    hi akshayy ! my sony ericsson w580i mobile phone is dead condition.please u help me akshayy. the problem is flashing the please u help me.

  488. razans says

    Hi. I flashed my S500 to W580. Everything went right, but when i turned on the phone the screen was streched, and i cannot connect no more with my usb cabel. Pc shows that the device is not recognized. Can somone help me plzz. my email [email protected] or post a messege here.

  489. hx_unbanned says

    USB Flash and Device Drivers installed correctly? Please see Device Manager in Windows. If you see any warnings or red X siggn, reinstall driver with Wizard or manually install them.

    Other option is to install SEUS ( SE Update Service ).

  490. Kristaps says

    Fuck you my phone said that i have wrong configurations of network

  491. arpit jain says

    hiiiiiiiiiiii ……my sony ericsson phone w550i is showing white blank screen what can i do plz rlpyyyyyyyyy.the shopkeeper told that it is a software problem n it will charge 300 rs …plz dude tell me i am waitin

  492. piyush says

    hi !!
    i flashed my w580i to w580 ..when it turned on …
    insert correct sim is displaying on it …

  493. shebin says

    i’m using w580i phone i did wat all u said 2 do in totorail but my phone is not getting flashed and i’m not able 2 install any themes…can u pls help me out 2 find a solution for it.

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