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Flash S500 to W580

Welome To The Tutorial !! We Now Flash Sony Ericsson S500i To Sony Ericsson W580i !!!!
By flashing s500 You Get Most of the features of w580
The Best being Walkman 2 Player !
You will then have a Very Cool Phone !

With a Walkman 2 Player !!!!! Superb Music !!


1. Terms of Agreement
2. Terms to Know
3. Plan of action
5. Backup of GDFS
6. Flashing Main
7. Safety Tips
8. CID53 Flashing.
9. Thanksgiving

Terms of agreement

By following this guide you recognize that SE-NSE or the XS++ Team or Me take no responsibility for any damage caused to your handset while doing so, having said that, it is very unlikely that you will. Rarely a phone gets damaged during flashing. But if you do not agree to these terms leave this page now.

Terms to know

Firmware: The software that makes up the entirety of your phone. The firmware consists of:

MAIN: The Operating System (OS) of your phone. Without this, the phone will not run, and will not turn on. After a MAIN file has been flashed, the phone does not need to be customized.

FS ( FileSystem ): This firmware file contains all the files that run your phone (Sound files, menu files, etc.) Every time you flash a new FS onto your phone, you will need to customize
the phone, or you will experience an error.

Custompack/CDA ( Customization, Custompack ): This is usually a directory that contains files the initialize, or activate, the phones FS. If you flash FS then you must even flash a CDA/Custompack else you will get Configuration Error.

XS++: A program that is very useful and easy to flash your phone with. I personally prefer this over SETool 2 Lite, because as many people say, SETool 2 Lite is a GUI minefield, in the sense that all the buttons are crammed together, and if you’re not careful, pressing the wrong button will kill your phone. XS++ is the prime tool for flashing and customizing your phone, because you can flash a FS, MAIN, and Custompack in one flashing session. This guide is now using XS++2.x/3.x, with updated loaders, which now results in fast customization.

MyPhoneExplorer : Use This to backup all Contacts !

Plan Of Action

First backup GDFS and Then We Flash in a W580 Main and FS and Customization pack !!!

Downloads :

1. USB Flash Drivers
2. XS++ 2.2 or 3.1: Click here !
3. W580 Main …. Thanks to mirko750 … Download here
5. w580i FS download one from here or From here.
6. w580i Cust pack download one

Guide Starts :

1. Backup GDFS !! Instructions here

Backing up the GDFS is something which necessarily has to be done when flashing firmware, it is a very good way to ensure you don’t damage your phone beyond repair.

Flashing The Main and FS !

Note: Please use R8BE001 firmwares from the ESNIPS mirko750 folder. R6BC002 don’t work properly with the new S500 and w580.

You can find firmwares at SliderWithStyle Too.

Now the real flashing
Turn off your phone. Start XS++ . Select USB…Reinsert battery.
Click on connect in XS++ and then holding C ( as in SEUS update ) connect your phone to

the USB cable ( with in 30 seconds )
it gets detected then release the C key
The left screen will display your phone details including your firmware version

EROM CID should be CID52. OTP CID should be 51 or 52 . ( Your Phone Must satisfy this condition for flashing ). For CID52 phones you need RED52 Firmwares, keep a note of that.

Click ‘ .…’ and select the firmware file W580_R8BE001_MAIN_GENERIC_LA_RED52.mbn

Check FS option and select appropriate FS again… (Download FS First.Its the FBN File)

( keep other options unchecked)

hit the flash button and relax !! it will show finished after loading
when done Exit XS++ and disconnect phone……!!

Don’t try to start your phone , we are not yet done ! Customization is Must

Note : Download a FS that has your language ! See Language and FS list here

Customization or CDA Installation
First download the cust pack uploaded my mirko750 at his esinps folder

connect phone

unzip the customization pack ( use the cust pack which goes with the FS of your choice or create one which is very easy )
you will find a folder named “tpa” in it
now in xs++ directory on PC, in the directory where u have xs++.exe create a new folder named “own_custpack”

copy the “tpa” folder into this “own_custpack” folder the path of custom files should be like own_custpack/tpa/preset/custom…

open xs++ and connect fone check only customize file system

now under phone model select ‘Own Custpack’
under CDA and Region, select ‘/own_custpack’

now hit flash…
now in few seconds custom files will be added to your phone and done
Reinsert battery and Start your phone !! Wait for some time !!

Enjoy your w580i

Information :

Radio won’t work because the phone does not have a radio tuner.. the phone just searches for stations !
Even the shake feature won’t work .. !
Rest everything should work..!

Safety Tips

Keep the battery at 90-100 % charge…!! This is necessary…
While using XS++ don’t load your computers processor !! Your Computer should not hang in between !!
And also Power should not shutdown !! ( i mean computer must not shutdown )
GDFS backup is a must !! Don’t forget it.

CID53 Flashing

Now all new phones are not CID52, this tutorial is only for CID52, to flash CID53 phones, you need CID53 Firmwares. They are named as RED53. So download R8BE001 RED53 firmwares and flash it with JDfalsher. We have JDflasher Flashing Tutorial. Check it out. All you need to do is, flash S500 With W580 RED53 Firmwares with Jdflasher. And no need for GDFS backup in case of CID53.

Thanks to :

1) mirko750 for confirming that s500 can be flashed to w580
2) Rekoil for his pictures.
3) Wally_dog for the Terms and conditions !!

And Thanks to The Creators of XS++ with which this would have not been possible !!

That’s all folks
Regards !
Akshay !!

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