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SE Theme Tools !

Flash Menus !

As you all know flash menus have two parts
>> The Theme .THM file
>> And Flash .SWF file

For a flash menu to work both the .THM file should be configured to use the .swf file in the phone FS, this can be done by extracting the .thm file and editing the theme xml database.

Or you can use SE Theme Tool software to couple a theme and swf file, so that you can use the flash menu with the theme that you want !

Instructions on how to use it !

  1. Copy the Theme .THM file into SETheme Tools folder
  2. Start SE-Theme Tools 1.0.exe and wait for few seconds
  3. Then select 1
  4. Type the name of the Flash Menu .swf which you wan to use
  5. Wait for processing
  6. Exit !

You can download SETheme Tools from here ! Also at its official thread at se-nse !

Regards !

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