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SE Theme Tools !

Flash Menus !

As you all know flash menus have two parts
>> The Theme .THM file
>> And Flash .SWF file

For a flash menu to work both the .THM file should be configured to use the .swf file in the phone FS, this can be done by extracting the .thm file and editing the theme xml database.

Or you can use SE Theme Tool software to couple a theme and swf file, so that you can use the flash menu with the theme that you want !

Instructions on how to use it !

  1. Copy the Theme .THM file into SETheme Tools folder
  2. Start SE-Theme Tools 1.0.exe and wait for few seconds
  3. Then select 1
  4. Type the name of the Flash Menu .swf which you wan to use
  5. Wait for processing
  6. Exit !

You can download SETheme Tools from here ! Also at its official thread at se-nse !

Regards !

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28 Responses

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  1. Manojr Tiwari says

    Its good and great work for SE.
    Tell me where I found updates for SEW700i


  2. Peti says


  3. Subrata says

    Is this official Themes Maker of Sony Ericsson ?

    Cause you mention SE Themes Tools 1.0


    Themes Creator 3.27 – Windows (7.6 MB) April 25, 2008

    This is available at official download section of Sony Ericsson πŸ˜€

  4. Subrata says

    Opsss !

    Sorry guyz, its a simple & different tools.

    This is not Sony Ericsson theme maker πŸ˜€

    But thanks for this bro πŸ™‚

  5. Peti says

    This is some unofficial thing, besides never worked for me, I always use TC and Notepad++ to couple them. πŸ˜€

  6. Ryan says

    do these work on the S500i and how do use note pad to do it, sound interesting and easier

  7. Peti says

    Not on S500, I think, do you have flash menus on it? Dunno, huh? Crossflash to W580, it will have them then.

  8. duan says

    how about i only have swf? where can i find thm?
    or i can choose any thm files?

  9. Peti says

    Use any thm file.

  10. duan says

    ex: i have carbon.swf, and theme batman.thm. it is i just rename the thm files to carbon.thm too.?

  11. Peti says

    It isn’t necessary, but I’d rename it.

  12. Maxxxx says

    hey man… I own a K770i & can’t make the flash menus work… followed this guide as well as a few others .xml editing… etc… to call on the .swf file. but it won’t work.

    Can someone throw me a bone?

  13. Akshay says

    hmmmmm !!
    does k770 support flash menus >??? does it have some working flash menus pre-installed ?

    if so then you need to first upload the flash menus swf to phone’s fs using far manage or XS++ then it will work.

  14. dsads says

    where this file ????? after couple it????

  15. HejBabi says

    A litle hard to understand… But after searching in some forums i understod. Thanks bro.

  16. hani says

    hi, i have a w760 and the theme tool is for 32 bit computers and mine is a 64, i was wondering if any1 can provide step by step instructions to make it or i can email the files i want.

  17. bhuvan says

    @ hani
    no idea!

  18. xyzclanz says

    why this app doesnt work for me,
    is there other way to couple flash menu instead of using this software?

  19. bhuvan says

    no other way

  20. King says

    this is awsome work man..!!
    but is it possible to make your own flash menu files in .swf format?? the ones which are circulating on the web.
    pls post a guide/tutorial if possible on HOW 2 create your own .swf flash menu file….{cuz i googled it and it didnt return satisfying results πŸ™ }
    pls PM me if u do update on this issue! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  21. partho says

    hi……guys can i use flash menu’s wid my z530i………either by any patchin or some other thins……thanx

  22. bhuvan says

    its only for w series or few of k series

  23. partho says

    thanx Bhuvan for letin me know………………….

  24. Ivan says

    I’ve tried using XS++ but it didn’t work because my k770’s CID is 53.. πŸ™ So I tried using JDFlasher, but it didn’t work too… >:-[
    Someone, please help me! >.<

  25. Akshay says

    ivan, jdflasher works, do it right.

  26. Kayleb says

    where does the SWF file go do..cant find!!!!

  27. manigp22 says

    thanks this the best site for me i love it plz send me the new
    flash theme and flash menu thnx

  28. bhuvan says

    great to have u happy! πŸ™‚
    look into our filebase for downloads

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