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A2 Patching, JJPatcher(A2 Run Time Patcher) Tutorial/Guide

Note: There is an updated method for patching permanently. Still you can remove patches by reflashign firmware, just in case. A2 Permanent Patching .

A2 Phones also can be patched now, Thanks to JJPatcher by den_po.
Here is a list of current A2 platform Sony Ericsson phones; K630, K660,  Z750, Z770, Z780, w595, W890, W910, W980, C702, C902, C905 etc.

You can verify your phone platform from the Phone Database.

Required Downloads:

USB Flash Drivers.

Install USB Drivers via ggsetup.
Copy Patcher.jar and Patcher.jad to phone.
Install Patcher.Jar
Move the application from memory card to phone memory.

Shutdown phone, Re-insert battery.
Start A2Uploader, Click Identify.
Connect phone holding C to USB Cable.
Read your phone information. Just to  know more.
Disconnect, Unplug the phone. Re-Insert Battery.

Start A2uploader, click FileSystem Tool
Connect phone holding C.
Navigate to /tpa/preset/system/ams/
There you will find a file with name jab3b4ded00cb34b3cc77a6699f87ac10753fa701.b
Copy this JAB file to your computer, Just drag and drop to desktop or computer folder.

You may now disconnect by pressing  Shutdown in A2uploader.

Now drag and drop the JAB file on bpatch.exe ! It will be patched by bpatch.
If drag or drop does not work, Patch it using command line (DOS).

Upload back this patched file back to phone, back to /tpa/preset/system/ams/
Use A2uploader, connect phone via FileSystem holding C and navigate and upload using drag and drop to phone.
Close A2Uploader correctly. Via Shutdown/Close function.

Then Re-Insert battery, start your phone, Go to File Manager And then Others.
In other folder in the memory card, create a folder with name patches. card\other\patches\

Then place the patches in patches folder in Memory card. Find VKP patches for your phone, copy to notepad and save them as .vkp file

You can find lots of VKP patches at mobilefree Russia, You can use Google translator if you have problems.

You must note that this is Run Time Patching. Patches are applied dynamically during run time. If you restart your phone all patches are erased. After re-starting your phone you should run JJpatcher again from Applications. So some patches may not work properly.

Notes for w980 users and phones with no memory card slot :
The application will be installed in phone memory, you can’t have a memory card and also create the patches folder in phone\other\memory. Also The patcher given above does not work for w980. So you should use a different Patcher.jar. Download ! Thanks to Karlingen for the modified patcher.jar.

Thanks to den_po for making this possible once again.

For more guidance download the video tutorial.



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